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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 9, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. the dodgers come back strong against the giants tonight game two of the nlds turned into a route. now. the series is all tied up as it moves to southern, california. good evening. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. you're watching abc 7 news at 11 live here on abc 7. and wherever you stream there is an old saying in baseball momentum is only as good as tomorrow's pitcher logan webb was great last night giants won tonight, kevin gossman and the bullpen really labored out there abc 7's chris alvarez here were the story of game two. hi, chris. hey, larry, if anyone thought this series is gonna be easy. i'm here to tell you and everyone we've got a series at the dodgers lit up the score but 9-2 win over the giants giants all-star right hand or kevin gosman did settle down after giving up two runs in the second
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inning, but gabe kapler. old gossman in the sixth and the la offense exploded against the bullpen cody bellinger nearly hit a grand slam on the left center right off the wall instead of two rbi double off dominic leone la exploded for four runs in the sixth inning and in total. the giants use six pitchers in a 9-2 loss dodgers just swing the bats better than us made more pitches than us made more plays than us. so as we've done all season long. we'll turn the paging you're ready for an off day an off day of preparation. and get ready for game three, that's been the story of the year. they've never gone away. we've never gone away. you know, it's gonna be a battle all all the way to the end. gabe kepler announcing after the game that alex wood will start for the giants in game three monday in la the dodgers will counter with max scherzer tomorrow, of course an off day three and four in la a potential winner-take-all game five would be thursday right here in san francisco, but the dodgers and giants first have to play in la
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larry. all right. see you with all the highlights in just a few minutes. chris giants fans started the night filled with high hopes and expectations. they left sad, but still a stick that the team that won the most games in baseball this season 107 can come back abc 7 news reporter luz pena has the story. rivalry is more fired up than ever then it was playing but you know what? we took game one. that's all that matters. it's painful, but there's two more games to play in la throughout the game a sea of orange covered oracle park 40,000 fans packing and selling out the giant's home for two straight playoff games all of them with stories. i'm partner raisins. everything in the crowd henry and wilbur it's friends who witnessed baseball history together this weekend. you've been friends for 30 years.
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first and you've never brought him to a playoff game what happened here? oh, look, i'll be honest. i ain't never even brought into regular games. dirt who was left waiting with his fishing pole for a home run. i just cast us out like when a ball goes into the water this dodgers fan glad she drove 11 hours to be here for edema, it's all about respect to the dodgers and making zimmerman who kept score onto the very last minute hoping she could catch any mistakes. oh, this is the best part. what is it? evilevilevil fierro is now losing hope he's living room for another championship ring. we're gonna put rings all the way on the bottle. it's good, you know we're looking for here the the the
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now play the dodgers on monday. now this series is officially tied and they will need to win to the next three games in san francisco. francisco. usenia. abc 7 news. thank you lou san francisco city hall in the playoff spirit. this is a live look there tonight. you can see the dome is all lit up in orange for the giants the fleet week air show and the using blue angels return to the bay area weekend the legendary air show of course was canceled in 2020 because of the pandemic this year massive crowds have been converging on the city and waterfront businesses. say things are finally looking up. here's abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard. needed no introduction the amazing blue angels roared over san francisco the crowd of spectators looking up in amazement. pretty awesome. i mean ever since i was a little
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kid just watching him being on the playground. it's great to see him back. again lamar had a front row seat from this party at the aquarium of the bay and he stalls in his high up as he can right down. he measures every inch stunt planes open the show along with the navy's parachute team and check out this united jumbo jet barnstorming the bay. oh my goodness. my heart is gonna be for somebody francisco now another thing hard to miss all the people. thousands of people are expected in san francisco this week and by the looks of it. yep. they have arrived. the crowds are downright. pre-pandemic makes me a little nervous with the amount of people here, but past that i'm certain a lot of people are vaccinated and nice to see everybody out and about. i think it's so great to see everybody out here today, and i so happy to see that our world is getting back to normal and we're getting outside again. oh, this is a much bigger deal than fourth of july today was huge for the bay. business hornblower san
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francisco bell sold out 1,000 tickets for lunch and an air show watch party last year. there was no cruise and no air show. it's exciting then comes to be recovering from the pandemic and getting ourselves back in business and back out on the water the blue angels giving us a major finale a jet-powered trip on the road back to normal in san francisco cornell bernard abc 7 news. more fleet week performances from the comfort of your own home head to our website abc 7 and there you'll find highlights from the air show plus the parade of ships now if you'd prefer to see it all in person, we have the entire schedule of events posted on our website as well. abc 7 the many events in san francisco today brought an influx of people who were taking public transportation abc 7 news reporter ryan curry shows us just how busy afternoon was as the fleet week air show ended and the giants game began.
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it's amazing. what a difference a year makes at this point in 2020 bard and muni were relatively empty. that was not the case saturday as many flooded transit lines in san francisco. fleetwood was caught in we tried crowds back, but i think we're just barely in front of it. so, i don't know saturday's fleet week festivities ended about two hours before the first pitch of the giants game this made gates from bard and muni crowded as some headed home after the blue angels while others arrive. city to watch baseball this time everybody's headed into opposite direction going to the game and we're jumping on to go home. so i think it'd be great. despite. the busy stations passengers say it was the preferred way to get around town. it's the easiest and most efficient way to get here hassle free. no parking. no worries. bridget mccracken lives in the city and says she didn't want to bother driving to the game. she says traffic would be too packed and parking and rideshare costs would be too much. we had to buy a car because of covid but we would never drive
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it down here to give you an idea about how busy san francisco is. saturday evening. our station is located just in the heart of the embarcadero district up the road from oracle park just ordering a rideshare loan. looks like it's going to cost you at least $25, but even with the city being the busiest, it's been in months many are still happy to see san francisco holding events. again. it's barely there's room on embarcadero to walk or even sit down so, it's great. it's great for the city. it's great for the environment. it's great for everybody. in san francisco ryan curry abc the news it's been a perfect fall weekend weather wise. all the events bringing people into san francisco blue skies pretty mild temperatures mother nature on our side. let us check in with meteorologist drew tuma to see if we will have more of the same tomorrow crossing our fingers. yeah, we're gonna have two for two this week. i mean today just was really gorgeous nothing but sunshine temperatures in the 70s for most of us and do it again tomorrow. here's a picture from suture tower tonight. we are fog free clear from the coast to the band inland right
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now. so the lights are sparkling across the city at this hour tomorrow. that means nothing but sunshine from start to finish numbers right now upper 50s lower 60s 58 in the city, right 60 in oakland around 60 that current temperature in san jose if you're headed to fleet week tomorrow, it's gonna be great a lot of sunshine. no fog to contend within the city and the afternoon temperatures mainly topping out in the upper 60s. it will be a mild afternoon bit of a breeze picks up by about 5 pm about 10 to 20 miles per hour those winds though. they will strengthen as go later into the day tomorrow a fire weather watch will begin at 11 pm sunday lasting through 5 pm tuesday for all areas shaded and orange on your screen because these winds will turn gusty they will drop humidity levels and that will increase our fire danger. we'll take a closer look at these winds coming up in the full act of the forecast in a few minutes larry. all right, joe. we'll see you then. he was talking about the wind and that could lead pg&e to turn off power to 44,000 customers and effort to prevent wildfires.
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here are the five bay area counties that are on notice about possible public safety power shutoffs or psps as they're known on monday morning. that's when this might occur the alert covers a total ofa. a very small and although we're talking about 32 counties many of these counties have fewer than a hundred customers. that would be affected and in totally would be less than 1% of our customers. pg&e has meteorologists monitoring the weather in the psps plan could change the utility has sent notice to customers who might be impacted at a second notification will go out tomorrow. all right still ahead on abc 7 news 11 stranded flyers really really upset with southwest hundreds of flights canceled today why the reason given is raising even more questions plus pump and circumstance through the streets of santa clara the parade of champions is back the special.
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the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. scene at new york's laguardia airport this afternoon passengers had to deplane while they were still on the runway due to a potential. shoe, what is that guy had something of the truth? the american airlines flight was evacuated in response to reports of suspicious and erratic behavior by one of the passengers at plane made an emergency landing as it arrived from indianapolis and law enforcement meted on the runway that took the passenger into custody for questioning and nobody was hurt. hundreds of southwest flights were canceled coast to coast today leaving many stranded passengers wondering what is really going on air traffic
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control said that disruptive weather was the main of all the flight cancellations but a bloomberg report suggests that the airlines pilots may be boycotting. the company's vaccine mandate on friday the southwest airline pilots association asked the courtsu temporarily block the company from enforcing a vaccine mandate southwest set the deadline for all employees to be vaccinated by last monday. in tonight's coronavirus headlines. the white house says 7 million covid vaccine doses were administered just this past week. that is the highest number of vaccinations in a the beginning of july nearly 66% of americans who are eligible to get a shot are now fully vaccinated over 2.1 million people traveled yesterday this according to the tsa marking one of the busiest days at america's airports since the beginning of august. city of santa clara is honoring its frontline workers with the 52nd annual parade of champions today. the community showed up for
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multicultural events that featured custom floats and marching bands all to celebrate the dedication of the city's service workers during the pandemic. community and all the good that happened in the community this year. it's pretty the event first began in 1945 when the community welcomed home world war two veterans. it's one of the longest running events in santa clara's history and today was the first time the parade of champions was held since 2019. earlier today we were up on the roof drew and i and a bunch of others watching the blue angels soar through the sky. it was spectacular weather tomorrow. yeah, it's very similar larry. i mean visibility great we have tons of sunshine to finish out the weekend tomorrow and temperatures a little bit warmer to finish out the weekend by sunday afternoon tonight. we are fog free the east bay hills camera. it's a lovely view right now,
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really? wins, you can see pretty far to the western sky sutro tower blinking out there on the horizon. we remain fog free first thing tomorrow morning. so sunday is just totally filled with sunshine no matter where you live or no matter where you're going throughout the region right now. we're down to 51 in santa rosa, but still 59 in concord red 58 in san francisco 60 in oakland 57 in san ramon 55 that current temperature in palo alto under those clear skies and pretty calm winds. recipe for some chili valleys like santa rosa napa parts of the north bay will fall into the 40. so first thing tomorrow morning, you might want the winter jacket in spots. he definitely don't need to buy the afternoon. most of us will fall into the mid-50s around the bay shore line under plenty of stars. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite the story we're tracking. it is really quiet across california california high pressure is in control tonight. and remains in control for your sunday changes though will be coming monday morning or watching a storm system entering the pacific northwest. this is going to dive down into
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nevada and what that will do pick up our wins and usher in that fire weather watch starting late tomorrow night tomorrow though during the day. it's a really comfortable day winds remain pretty light through much of the light hours 68 in the city tomorrow 72 in oakland about 78 in santa rosa hit 70 in san mateo 75 in san jose concord one of the warmer spots coming in with the temperature of 80 degrees. by tomorrow night the winds begin to pick up that fire weather watch it does begin at 11pm it will last until 5 pm tuesday all areas shaded in orange. we're expecting not only some gusty winds but also low humidity levels and we know this time of the year that combination means if we do see any fires that start they could spread rapidly future track or wind gusts will start you out tomorrow morning here. you can see the winds across the region are generally light that begins to change first along the coast tomorrow afternoon by 4 pm. that wind begins to pick up then late tomorrow night into early monday the winds become even stronger. so by sunrise monday, we are
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seeing those wins along the coast gusting well over 40 miles per hour and many cities seeing those winds gusting 20 to 30 miles per hour and likely those when strengthened throughout the day on monday this wind event. we're tracking on monday looks to be more widespread than the previous few wind events. we've had this fall season. you can see area wide will likely see those winds gusting well over. miles per hour so it's for that fact much of the bay area will go under a wind advisory for those strong winds on monday. meaning we could see blowing debris. perhaps some down trees in also some isolated power outages because of those gusty winds. here's the accuweather 74 cast planet 7 days for you tomorrow. enjoy it. it's sunny during the day the winds pick up at night. monday is just a downright windy day with that wind advisory and the fire whether watch that fire weather watch continues into tuesday morning, but the winds relaxed by tuesday afternoon that will set. stage for a warm-up by thursday and friday larry calm winds temperatures. look at october warmth by friday temperatures in the 70s and in the 80s looks like another nice
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of race and social justice abc 7 is helping you find an ally in your community check out our list of resources at abc 7. slash take action. all right. chris is back with a look at sports a disappointing night for the giants. it was a disappointed night for the giants. larry giants dodgers game 2 and after shut out last night la and they broke out the bats in a big way highlights and reaction. this series is evened up as we head t
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river rock casino after a four-nothing giants win in a nice tidy two hours and 39 minutes game two feature plenty of offense and unfortunately for the giants it was the blue crew with their bats breaking out
11:28 pm
tonight another full house at oracle park plenty of a rally towels the giants fans. they were fired. once again a full house top two scoreless. the giants walked a man to get to pitcher julio urias and the pitcher helps his own cause dodgers score two in the ending off kevin gosman top six now elliot 2-1 dominic leone on and relief cody bellinger. it's really had a tough time against the giants this year, but just misses a grand slam instead of two run double dodgers double the lead. it's four to one aj pollock keeps the line moving hang. breaking ball into left field of two rbi knocks 6-1 dodgers leone leaves the mound frustrated bottom of the six giants trying to rally. how about your mvp candidate the area kid, brandon crawford. that falls rbi single look at mookie betts turns fires and throws a perfect baseball a third one more floors is out that ends the inning and the threat top of the eighth dodgers catcher will to exactly tell deep on the very first pitch la scores three in the eighth to
11:29 pm
seal the deal frustrating night for the giants and their fans dodgers win 9-2 even in the series at one all game three monday in los angeles. it's tough to to really get a handle on. why we're not we're not scoring more runs in these games and something for us to keep thinking about. i mean it was still feeling good about about ourself. i mean to 13 to 13 to 13 know, it's got to go out there and get him. it's a good feeling. it's interesting how that the narrative change changes from from game to game and right now like you said, it's a three-game series. we have home field advantage and we've got max on the mountains. so i like where we're at. you know, i thought kevin battled all night and really got a lot of momentum back in our dugout and i just you know again, there are tough team. they're never gonna go away just like we're not gonna go away and unfortunately things swung in their way tonight. football now the 49ers visit the undefeated forno, arizona card matters are going to be without
11:30 pm
tight end george kittle did turn it 28 today, but probably not celebrating suffered a calf injury and somehow came right back in the game last week after suffering that hit against seattle today the 49ers put kittle on the injured reserve with the expectation. he'll miss three games if kiddle. up playing that calf wasn't going to improve and the injury of course with linger now. george can come back strong for the second half of the season sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino. larry. alex wood is the game three starter for the giants going against max scherzer. and as you mentioned the momentum is as good as the next day starter, so we'll wait and see what happens monday in los angeles. yeah would former dodger himself pretty dramatic mood swing within 24 hours from game one to game two. thank you chris next on. c7 news at 11 new controversy surrounding that massive oil spill in southern california and why the cleanup is turning up questions that might be criminal also a new law involving vaccination sites the protection
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better bay area moving forward
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finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. welcome back. i'm larry beil and tonight's headlines the national league division series all tied up after the giants dropped game to the dodgers at oracle park. the final was nine two the teams will now head to los angeles for games three and four. that's monday and tuesday if a game five is necessary, the teams will be back at oracle park. that would be thursday fleet. week is coming to a close here in the bay area the final air show of this year's event will take place tomorrow with the blue angels closing it up closing the show at three o'clock ship tours on 30 32 and 35 will continue though through monday. dry winds could lead pg&e to turn off power to 44,000 customers on monday right now. five bay area counties are on notice about those possible public safety power shutoffs. pg&e has their own meteorologist monitoring the weather and the plans could change the utility has sent notice to customers who might be impacted. all right now to that massive
11:36 pm
oil spill in southern, california the investig. into that disaster is growing and it now seems damaged to the pipeline thatauhepilllilya chane investigators now saying displacement of the pip. that caused thousands of gallons of crude oil to spill into the pacific ocean may have happened much earlier. we're fairly certain that there was one at least initiating incident that occurred several months to a year ago of an anchor drag situation. well, the exact number is not known officials estimate at least. trousing gallons leaked into the ocean from a 13 inch split found in a section of a pipeline several. miles offshore owned by amplify energy ntsb investigators expected to review a section of the pipe to determine when and how the leak happened an investigators are now sifting through a year's worth of data
11:37 pm
in images from multiple sources to get a better picture of what went wrong that data will take some time to to review and we we already have several leads. meanwhile, that oil slick is moving south tar balls that county officials say are linked to the spill or washing up on san diego's beaches. if these tar balls are tied back to the oil spill in orange county at that point as a county we would declare a local state of emergency to better be able to access state and federal funds in orange county residents and visitors are being asked to avoid the ocean water as officials focus on the cleanup this weekend nearly 1500 people were expected to join the effort glad they're here preventive medicine is always the best policy. you know, i'm jen sullivan reporting. the la cumbre vieja volcano continues to erupt on the island of la palma and now a new river of lava has formed that is expected to create even more destruction on the spanish
11:38 pm
island so far over 1,000 buildings have been destroyed since the eruption began on september 19th about 6,000 people have been displaced the la palma airport has resumed operations after being closed for several days due to volcanic. ash we have some new developments with robert. he's expected to be charged in the death of his ex-wife durst's wife. kathy vanished in 1982. her body was never found last month. he was convicted of killing longtime friend susan berman, which prosecutors say was part of a cover-up new york investigators had reopened the case in 2000 and durst went to visit berman in los angeles prosecutors. say he shot her killed her right before she was supposed to talk to police berman told friends. she provided durst with an alibi. the murder cases were the focus of a 2015 hbo documentary. the nation just hit a record when it comes to getting people vaccinated but abc news reporter ty hernandez explains when it comes to the covid case rate
11:39 pm
whether it's spreading rapidly or slowing depends a lot on where you live. across the country the daily number of covid-19 cases and hospitalizations is on the decline, but some states are still dealing with a surge in cases including west virginia, alaska and montana. we're seeing the most we've ever seen in helena, and they're younger and they're closer to our age and it's it's just getting harder and harder to see all of this illness hospitals in utah. also feeling the strain we are still. maxed out with covid right now in our icu and it's extremely rare that we get a patient that isn't here for covid just 65% of americans are now fully vaccinated there. are there are some communities that are really well vaccinated and went really well protected and then there are pockets of places that have very little
11:40 pm
protection and the virus isn't stupid. it's going to go there the white house reporting 7 million doses administered in the past week the highest weekly total since early july health experts say increasing vaccinations would help. tech people from the virus as we head into the busy holiday travel season children under 12 are not yet eligible for the vaccine, but that could change pfizer has requested emergency use authorization of its vaccine for kids between five and 11 years old ty hernandez abc news, new york. blocking a vaccination site or harassing people. there is now against the law in california yesterday governor newsom signed a bill making it a misdemeanor for protesters who physically interfere with vaccination efforts or harass or intimidate people at clinics. the bill was in response to protesters briefly shutting down a mass vaccination site at dodger stadium that was back in january. this new law applies to all vaccination sites. not just those for covid-19
11:41 pm
another bill that would have decriminalized jaywalking did not get the governor's approval. he noted that the most populous state has the nation's highest number of pedestrian deaths with 63% involving pedestrians just ignoring traffic laws supporters of the bill say the crime is arbitrarily enforced most often against people of color governor newsom said he will work with lawmakers to come up with a law that addresses the unequal enforcement of jaywalking laws while keeping pedestrians safe. as abc 7 continues to strive towards building a better bay area this weekend 30 different organizations in the east bay our partnering up to do exactly the same thing and today volunteers participated in the sixth annual serve day event in danville where they got to choose from a number of community projects all of which help better. their community organizers are hoping to attract more than 2,000 participants for this two day. then if you're interested in taking part volunteers are meeting at the community presbyterian church in danville. that's tomorrow from 8:30 am to
11:42 pm
one oclock in the afternoon. there is more to come on abc 7 news at 11, but first take a look at this the san francisco bell. yes showing some love for the giants all lit up in orange the bell docked along the embarcadero right now, but tomorrow that cruising the bay for the final day of fleet week, and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. final day tomorrow fleet week shaping up to be beautiful a lot of sunshine, but then things go downhill tomorrow night. strong wind well detail the fire weather watch coming up in the ac wit
11:43 pm
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we're all ready for a real vacation. one where you can sip tropical drinks with fruity garnishes, without having to get up. a vacation where you don't have to sweat the small stuff, like rummaging for room keys. and a vacation where drinks and wi-fi
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that's fast and reliable, are all included. because when you're on a real vacation together where you don't have to think about anything, you can finally enjoy everything. come aboard a medallionclass cruise with princess plus. visit or call 1-800-princess. with pope francis today at the vatican the house speaker presented him with some gifts and appeared to get emotional at times during her visit pelosi arrived in rome earlier in the week for a summit president. biden is expected to meet with pope francis in the coming weeks as well. those meetings come with some controversy some conservative church leaders have said neither
11:46 pm
should receive communion. because of their views supporting abortion delay did not dampen a festival in fremont that celebrated india's independence day shopping food live entertainment, including 450 dancers all part of this annual festival. it's usually held in august to coincide with india's independence day after being cast last year and to push it back due to the pandemic. celebrating it along with another diwali and that festival of lights so event is essentially a microcosm of india. more than 100 volunteers came together to help organize and set up the fog festival of india and diwali organizers. say more than 30,000 people from all over the west coast typically attend. you can add a halloween decorations to the list of things that bears might snack on or in this instance steel surveillance video out of canada
11:47 pm
captured a bear after early munched on a couple of pumpkins then the bear decided to want to take out and tried to just walk off with another gourd. it couldn't really grab it with his paws. so plan b was to try to pick it up with its mouth that really didn't work very well either and eventually the bear gave up. leaving the pumpkin behind. i feel sorry for a little guy. you know, he's just hungry out there droach just pumpkin yeah, i mean he had a little snack. he was hungry. he got to love it looks like about it's beautiful tomorrow larry the end of the weekend really shaping up to be filled with sunshine warm temperatures in the afternoon, and then we'll track some concerns late tomorrow night with the winds overnight tonight. calm winds clear skies. no fog along the coastline 40s and our coldest spots in the a54 in the city in oakland tonight down 50 in san jose 48 that low in fairfield after the cool start. it's nice afternoon. it's really into the day a lot of sunshine upper 60s low 70s around the bay shore line warmest cities going into the
11:48 pm
upper 70s to near 80 degrees inland, but then the fire watch does begin at 11pm on sunday and it lasts until 5 pm tuesday. these northerly winds could gust well over 30 miles per hour and humidity could be pretty low so we could see any new fires that potentially start could spread quickly and not only the fire weather watch we do have a wind advisory for essentially all of the bay area you could see those winds on monday. really gusty out of the north over 30 miles per hour. so the accuweather 74 forecast tomorrow enjoy. it's sunny that wind picks up. night, it's a windy day on monday. we have that wildfire danger early tuesday. larry before things calm down mid-week, and then we'll warm it back up and the weekend again next week. i'm looking pretty all right. thank you drew. all right, let's get back to chris more sports and college football chris. larry coming up in sports. we've got a series giants dodgers. they're all evened up. plus saturday means college football the top team in the country goes down on the final play of the game and the fans are on the field sports is next. i want us all to reframe the way
11:49 pm
that we look at non-violence and protest was on this phone call happened fighting these neck as a physical manifestation of this out real conversations with you about equality or stepping up disparity. create change and building a better bay area matters to me. this is important. we cannot afford to be silent. please be a part of this conversation with that abc 7 listens watch the ongoing series wherever you stream on the (♪ ♪) 'my own garden is my own garden,' said the giant, so he built a high wall all round it. then one morning the giant
11:50 pm
heard some lovely music. (♪ ♪) through a little hole in the wall, the children had crept in. and the giant's heart melted... and they found the giant... all covered with blossoms. (♪ ♪)
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey google, turn up the heat. ♪ ♪ ♪
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sponsored by river rock casino well, it won't be a suite for the giants over the dodgers la broke out the bats in game two after being shut out in game one la wins. nine two even in the series game three starters alex wood for the giants max scherzer for the dodgers monday at dodgers stadium giants all-star right-hander, kevin gosman settled down after giving up two runs in the second inning, but gabe kapler pulled him in the
11:53 pm
six and the la offense exploded after that cody bellinger nearly hit a grand slam to left center off dominic leone instead a two rbi double. la exploded for four runs in the six and in total the giants use six pitchers in a 9-2 loss dodgers just swing the bats better than us made more pitches than us made more plays than us. so as we've done all season long. we'll turn the paging you're ready for an off day an off day of preparation and and get ready for game three. that's been the story of the year. they've never gone away. we've never gone away. it's going to be a battle all the way to the end. now 49ers quarterback jimmy garoppolo out due to a calf injury. rookie tre lancel make his first career start at arizona tomorrow, but the third overall pick will be without george kittel who was placed on injured reserve today with calf injury expect to be out at least three weeks lance came in at halftime last sunday, but taken reps with the starters this week, so that should help in his preparation
11:54 pm
what new plays will we see from kyle shanahan taking advantage of lance's speed mobility. that's what the forno cardinals have to be. wondering as you might expect tre. is ready to take the reins. i mean, i'm excited. i think i'd be excited regardless of what game it is. probably just excited for this one as i was week. one, two, three and four, but like i said, i'm not gonna make it bigger than what it is. it's football. i feel prepared was hoping jimmy would would be healthy for sure, but he's done an awesome job. help me out of time this week. so i'm excited for it for sure excited for the opportunity. college football san jose state taking on colorado state colorado state took its 75 yards on the opening drive cap with a jalen thomas one yard score seven. nothing home team, nick nash getting his second consecutive start in place of the injured nick starkel. the spartans were in rams territory, but nash picked off by jake howe right there. so the turnover led to a field goal second quarter now 13 nothing nash 18 yards that derek des down the sideline and in for the touchdown 13 oven but not
11:55 pm
much went well for sparty after that third quarter todd centeo deep to time mccullough 60 yards that made it 23 to 7 rams and then in the fourth quarter now 29-7 game nashua was 11 to 22 145 yards and two touchdowns had a pick and now a fumble and sparty drops a three and three 32 14 the final unranked, texas a&m giving number one, alabama all they can handlebama trail by as many as 14 mean, but take the lead in the fourth jameson williams. wide open for the go-ahead score bama up 7 after the two-point conversion, but the aggies battle back zach caldonata to anaya smith 25 yards, and we're tied at 38. oh my goodness and last play of the game still tied. aggies sets small comes up huge with a 28 yard game-winning field goal. alabama's first lost to an unranked team and 100 games since 2007 party's not gonna
11:56 pm
stop till dawn in college station to everybody on the field aggies win. 413 red river showdown number six oklahoma taking on number 21, texas at the cotton bowl fairgrounds sooners trail by 18 at the half big comeback fourth quarter caleb williams airing it out 52 yards to marvin mims pylon cam. hide it 41 texas would fumble the ensuing kickoff very next play. kennedy. brooks gets the direct snap 18 yards the house, oklahoma up 48-41 plenty of time for texas to answer casey thompson five touchdowns 31 yards to xavier worthy. it's tied up at 48 with 123 to go sooners would get inside field goal range, but with 10 seconds. brooks on the snap nearly gets tackled and he'll go for 33 yards and the score he ran for 217 and two scores. oklahoma wins 55-48 sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino, larry. all right. thank you chris saint paul. minnesota has a new way to celebrate olympic gold. medalist sunni lee her
11:57 pm
grandparents commissioned the black and white mural of their granddaughter kissing one of her gold medals. they say they want young people to look at suny as a role model and what it means to achieve the american dream at mural features a quote from lee that reads i made the country number one. i did it for my family and to inspire all the little kids in my community and you can catch her on dancing with the stars monday and tuesday. all right, that's it for tonight. i'm larry beil. have a great night and enjoy the rest of your weekend everybody.
11:58 pm
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