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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 11, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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here with breaking news fire. barbara county, this is a still image taken just moments ago. just coming into the newsroom of what's being called the elisal fire highway 101 is shut down in both. elections near highway 1 and evacuation orders are in effect. again. this is in santa barbara county. it is windy in southern california as well as it is here, although spencer tells us not quite as windy as we are experiencing, but certainly the very dry conditions the low humidity and the wind effector in this fire in santa barbara county as well. we'll get a sense of how big this fire is and we'll let you know more just as soon as it comes in now in san jose as we come back to the bay area flames burned burned right up to some backyards. behind a blackened hillside cal fire brought in some aerial support with a helicopter doing some water drops. this fire started about 3:30 this afternoon. and a half hours ago near sierra road and varner court and burned about eight acres before firefighters did get it under
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control as we speak. there's a public safety power shutoff in action because of the red flag conditions in the bay area wind gusts are approaching 50 miles per hour pg&e shut off power to 25,000 customers across northern california. 8,000 of those customers are in the bay area mostly in parts of solano sonoma and napa counties. the power shutoffs are intended to keep the utilities equipment from sparking. with the high winds and and the guts that we have like we have today any spark it brings low humidity with it. also, which spreads a fire very very quickly. pg&e anticipates power will be restored by 10 tomorrow night and we have a team of weather experts tracking conditions or around the bay area right now before we get to abc 7 news whether anchor spencer we'll hear from abc 7. meteorologist drew tuma with more on the conditions out there drew. yeah, dan and alma it is a windy evening. we have low humidity out there and this time of the year. we know that means we have high fire danger. in fact that red flag warning it
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does continue for almost the next 24 hours not expiring until five pm tomorrow evening for all aries shaded and red. that's a north bay. the east bay hills the inland east bay and the santa cruz mountains for those gusty winds. you've probably felt them where you are right now and they will continue stay pretty strong overnight tonight. it's for that fact, we have a wind advisory across the entire bay area because those winds are not only in our hills with this wind. they have reached the surface those winds have been gusting well over 30 miles per hour at times creating blowing debris even. believe downed tree limbs and isolated power outages that wind advisory for most of us. it does expire at apm later tonight, but as i bring in weather anchor spencer christian spencer, those wins are very gusty and they'll be lasting through much the evening. yeah, they will be drew as a matter of fact, here's why we have this windy pattern right now. this is a low pressure system. dropping down just to our northeast right now. we call an inside slider producing those strong dry gusts that are down sloping over the hills right now.
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we have surface wind gusts up to 30 miles per hour and even strong. some locations and it's in the hills, of course where we also have high fire concerns and the strongest winds above a thousand feet right now are 30 mile per hour gusted mount hood and we had 40 mile power adjusted earlier up near mount saint helena, you can see right around the 30 mile per hour market most locations. now as we look at the wind forecast, you can see that winds going to be over 45 miles per hour along the coast at times this evening and all through the evening. the wind gusts are going to remain quite strong. they may diminish just a little bit during the overnight hours, but they'll come right back in full force during the daytime tomorrow and into the afternoon tomorrow finally in the late afternoon early evening tomorrow night. we'll see the winds tapering off at that point, of course the red flag warning will have her spot. we'll have expired ama. all right. thank you spencer and as we've reported jeannie has already turned off the power. of customers to try to prevent a wildfire in these conditions this map shows where public safety power outages underway. it's the area's colored in pink 2300 affected customers are in
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vacaville with almost 700 in fairfield. the other shutoffs are in rural areas of solano sonoma, napa, alameda and contra costa counties now, we've been dealing with these deliberate pg&e power shutoffs for three years. are we stuck with them for the future and what's being to minimize the fire risk abc many side team reporter stephanie. sierra is digging into promises made by pg&e to address the problem and if they are being followed, she's in the newsroom stephanie. yes, dan. well, this year p g&e would be implemented specifically to reduce the threat of wildfires enrolling blackouts one of which is plans to underground 10,000 miles of power lines, but experts say that won't be the most cost-effective solution. as the bay area faces yet another threat of rolling blackouts for the past three years. it feels like deja vu again and again, so what's being done to prevent it? it's job one for all of california's utilities to get better at this ralph. cavana is the co-director of the
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natural resources defense councils energy program and international environmental. advocacy group. he's advised the leadership at north american utility companies for decades. no one wants to be without power for any length of time. says over the past three years utility companies like pg&e are prioritizing two goals to reduce the risk of rolling blackouts how to limit the areas that are affected by these shut-offs and how to restore power more quickly according to research conducted by kavana over the past three years. pg&e has made progress getting control of the power grit to blackout areas only deem necessary to prevent fire risk as well as its system inspections to be able to restore power faster in other words that all means in the long run over time the severity of these incidents diminishes in july the utility company announced plans to underground 10,000 miles of power lines to minimize wildfire risk abc 7 asked pg&e where that goal stands today.
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well pg actually just finished up an underground. project here in santa rosa where i am right now in the rincon valley neighborhood. it was one area where these customers kept getting impacted by psps events. 11,000 customers are now not going to be impacted by these psps events because they're in a far thread area and because we put those lines underground but kavana worries long-term. that won't be the most cost-effective solution undergrounding by most estimates is two to five times the cost of having lines. ground, i still want to see. whether there are other solutions in parts of the system that can deliver equivalent benefit at lower cost. pg& e said planning to the dixie fire happen, but dan the company did admit it created a sense of urgency to accelerate their progress and it certainly showed with their current progress. all right, steph. give us a sense of what you're hearing about or walk us through p.
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plan to prioritize which and what power lines to bury. hey in priorities will be protect. ed fire station while also looking at a variety of factors like constructability in existing infrastructure to see where logistically it makes the most sense to move power lines underground, but it's still unclear how many miles of power lines have been installed to date 10,000 miles is certainly an ambitious goal and they tell us there's still processing. that total. okay steph. thank you very much. you at six in east bay school district is looking into exactly what happened after video showing repeated hard hits during high school football practice went viral. abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz has been working on this story for days and got new information from the district today liz. yes, so the two students we spoke to who were there tell us that this happened at el cerrito high school in the east bay and one student told us that it happened back in 2019. although it was just shared online. you can see the players in the
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video doing football drills a coach. is there off to the side this was posted by a student and then the video was shared more widely by an account called. football tweets a spokesperson for west contra costa county unified school district told us that the district is aware of this video and this incident in a statement. they wrote this behavior is unacceptable and inconsistent with wcc usd's values the safety of our students and staff are our top priority and we take these matters very seriously. the district is currently conducting a full investigation and we will take the appropriate steps pending the investigations results and many people online have reacted. this video expressing concerns over youth football safety and cte former nfl coach jim mora tweeted. this is so far out of line. it's horrible and former 49. adam snyder wrote fire these coaches on the spot. we'll keep you posted as we learn more about this investigation ama. all right, liz. thank you. all right. we want to get you caught up now
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on the latest in the coronavirus pandemic because looking out for your health is a major part of building a better bay area pharmaceutical companies merck and ridgeback have jointly applied for emergency youth authorization for an antiviral drug. that's a pill that could treat covid-19. although the treatments have to be administered to iv or an injection, this is a pill abc 7 news reporter luz pena is a member of our abc 7 vaccine team and spent the day talking with experts about it. merck's covid-19 pill is the new weapon added to the arsenal to end this pandemic the drug looks quite promising. it's actually a repurposed drug. it was initially made to fight influenza according to the pharmaceutical trials involving 775 patients the antiviral pill decreases hospitalizations and deaths by 50% among patients with early covid-19 symptoms. meaning you would need to take this pill.
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in the first days of exposure you take it by mouth kind of like tamiflu. and it works to stop the virus from replicating in our bodies both dr. deepak survastava president of the director of the quad biosciences institute at ucsf have teams of scientists researching a stronger outcome than 50% protection. i think in the future what we're going to need is a cocktail of drugs where you'd have two or three that you're taking at once just like hiv this was the big breakthrough three hiv you had for drugs on a cocktail at both labs scientists are mixing drugs previously approved for other diseases, but they both agree. this pill is not a substitute to the vaccine vaccinations will reduce your risk for hospitalization and death by 95% this pill will only do that at the rate of 50% you're flipping a coin. the fda is examining merck's data if authorized a decision could come in a matter of weeks
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dr. survastava says there's a concern the fda will be tracking closely. there is a similar drug that has is known to cause mutations in our dna. and merck has studied that with their drug, and it doesn't appear that they're seeing a signal of that, but it's something the fda will be considering in san francisco. our abc 7 news for the first time since the pandemic started cruise ships are back in san francisco tonight. we're live to explain the safety precautions in place and the economic benefit for the city. two of them started out small at a very small crew. it's not where you start but where you finish they started small, but that was 75 years ago tonight the enduring legacy of a couple of navy buddies and what they
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just coming in delays on bart heading into san francisco because a train it a person on the platform at the west oakland station sky 7 is live over the scene. this happened less than an hour ago. bart says a train was heading eastbound, and it was stopped has stopped running trains in that direction. the person was knocked unconscious and taken to the hospital trains are now operating in both directions through the station, but with delays, here's another look at that fire. that's burning through santa barbara county near the los padres national forest. this is the time lapse view. it's shut down. one in both directions the santa barbara county sheriff's office quickly issued situation orders in that area the fire has quickly grown to at least 50
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acres driven by those gusty winds at least two people are dead including a ups driver after a plane crashed into a house this afternoon northeast of downtown san diego. you can see the fiery aftermath as the bowl of fire engulfed houses and cars two other people were taking to the hospital the plane had taken off from yuma, arizona and was heading to an airport just north of san diego another problems for southwest airlines the airline canceled 337 more flights today the cancellations come after a weekend of disruption southwest canceled some 2000 flights stranding passengers. unfortunate i mean, you know people got places to be i don't get too much vacation time. so it's my first vacation in three years was nice to get out here. be nice to get home. in addition to cancellations there were hundreds of delays. the carrier has apologized blaming the situation on whether and air traffic control issues. however, the faa says there have
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been no air traffic staffing shortages before dawn today the first cruise ship to dock in san francisco since the pandemic started came into port sky 7 was overhead as the majestic princess arrived abc news reporter ryan curry is live along the embarcadero tonight officials are hoping obviously ryan that this brings tourism back. well, that's certainly is the plan the city says local economy gained around 27 million dollars in 2019 from the cruise ship industry. that's obviously money. they did not gain during the pandemic, but now they're hoping with this cruise ship now in town that it is turning a corner from the pandemic. are thank you this? video taken from a passenger as they boarded the majestic princess this ship now docked a pier 27 is the first one to sane that infamous grand princess ship in march of last year. that ship got the world's attention when thousands of passengers were stranded off the coast for days before docking
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oakland because of a massive coronavirus outbreak, 19 months later passengers are thrilled to be back on the water again, we're happy that we're able to be a part of something. historic, so to speak, you know that we're back aboard and cruising robert disputo and his wife have been on seven cruises. he says this is the first one he's been on since the start of the pandemic and says, it's good just to start traveling again. we love cruising and and this is this is our escape and it's it's nice to get back on the on the ships. cruise ship has strict covid-19. protocols according to passengers. everyone has to have a full covid vaccination and a negative test two days before boarding and while on board they say masks are required in those circumstances if you're close to other people like in the elevator you do need to wear a mask where there's gatherings you do city. will say this boost for tourism taylor staffordayt revenue comes from tourism. he says not having visitors dramatically hurt business in
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2020. we were closed for 91 days and reopened in july of in june of 2020 and we were running about 30% of normal for most of 2020. it was quite a difficult year. he hopes as more cruises come to san francisco the tourism income will bounce back every lever that the city turn to get tourism and people back to the city and enjoying the sights and sounds and experiences that we have here are really important to our recovery. now according to the city that recovery could come soon. they say they have calls for 21 more cruises this year and over 120 for next year live in san francisco ran curry abc 7 news encouraging sign ryan. thanks very much. it was kind of nice seeing the ship there. it's just feels good feel exciting it does and i know there are all those. focus on board are excited to disembark for a time here spencer, but they've got some windy weather. that's true bundle up if you're going to be walking around the streets to san francisco anywhere the bay area right now. we've got a red flag warning in
6:19 pm
effect for high fire danger. so five o'clock tomorrow afternoon for the hills and mountains of the bay area and the east bay valleys. the winds will be gusting the strongest guts 40 to 50 miles per hour dangerously low relative humidity is a problem raising that concern about fires and we have a wind advisory. until 8 o'clock tonight for virtually all of the bay area the concern here is that the winds are so strong there could be blowing debris or downed tree limbs or power lines. maybe even power outages. here's a look at current surface winds up to about 30 31 miles per hour in the gustiest places and some of the higher elevations even stronger gusts 42 miles per hour right now at mount saint helena, but we expect those winter taper off tomorrow night right now. we're looking crossing embarcadero from the rooftop camera current temperature readings. in san francisco 61 at mountain view mid-60s in oakland, san jose and morgan hill 55 at half moon bay and the shaky emeryville camera looking toward the golden gate we have other temperature readings right now in the mid-60-65 at santa rosa and more and upper 60s in novato, napa fairfield and
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concord and these are our forecast features as we look at windy conditions in san rafael gusty winds continue overnight and tomorrow high fire danger through tomorrow afternoon and into the evening winds will ease on wednesday and we expect warmer weather on thursday doing the overnight hours with the wind and clear skies. it's going to get really chilly and parts of the north bay with low temperatures dropping into the upper 30s at santa rosa, cloverdale ukiah and lakeport. we'll see mainly midtown for 40s elsewhere and oakland and san francisco. low temperatures probably not dropping below 50 degrees highs tomorrow under continued windy conditions about 60 at the coast upper 60s to low 70s right around the bay shore line. inland areas will probably not warm up beyond about 72 to 74 degrees. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. the winds will be lighter on wednesday, but it's not going to warm up. in fact, maybe a little bit cooler wednesday and some locations. they would get into thursday as a warmer pattern begins and that warming will continue through the weekend mid 80s inland over the weekend upper 70s around the bay shoreline and then turn breezy again and cooler next
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monday dan. okay spencer. thanks very much. well coming up next some breaking news involving raiders coach john gruden. we're back in the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker. hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant so you can get back to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going
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i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here. what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. tell you about now. john gruden is out as the raiders head coach. let's get to abc 7 news sports. anchor chris alvarez in the newsroom chris. just broke. what do we know? yeah. i'm still gathering details right now. but espn nfl insider adam
6:24 pm
schefter says john grew the las vegas raiders head coach is now out. let's go to some video and kind of give you the backstory of what is going on right here over. weekend the nfl found some somem misogynistic and homophobic language gruden had used an emails in a report from the new york times. he had denounced the emergence of women referees attraction of a gay player and the tolerance of protests during the national anthem. so this was coming out over the last couple of days. raiders owner mark davis according to adam schefter went to the team facility the two men met and now john gruden is no longer the head coach of the las vegas raiders and other source from the nfl also saying it is now over gruden is out in las vegas the raiders have yet to make an official statement, but i'm sure in the next couple of minutes or hours. we'll see something from them. but as of now john grud, out after some of those emails had surfaced from various media sources ama. all right. well, we will check back with you. thank you chris major development there. well, you see berkeley professor got a phone call that he never expected this morning professor
6:25 pm
david card. thought he had gotten a prank call when he was notified overnight that he had been awarded the nobel prize in economics in the 1990s card went beyond the theoretical and studied the real world impact of immigration and minimum wage increases on the economies of various cities. found neither hurt job growth. the result went against the prevailing thought of economics and economists. his research has been influential actually in determining labor policy. if you keep the minimum wage increase relatively modest compared to the level of wages in the area. then there's unlikely to be very large employment effects. card shares the prize this year with two other economists including guido mbenz of stanford. governor newsom took it right up to the deadline to sign bills into law tonight to look at what's changing in california as well as what's not also ahead. none of our kids are immune to this and you know as a parent it's scary.
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extra mental health help is coming to california's public schools. that story
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live breaking news and we have an update now on the elisa fire that is rapidly burning and expanding near santa barbara in the los padres national forest. you're looking at timelapse video here. the fire has closed highway 101 and is burning toward the ocean the santa barbara sheriff's department has issued mandatory evacuation orders all the way down to the beach. it has burned from 50 to as many as a hundred. so far fueled by dry conditions we've been talking about here and winds gusting to 35 miles an hour. the forest service says it has initiated a full response including air support and right now we're keeping an eye on pg&e's public safety power shutoff this map shows whose impacted all those pink triangles are where pg&e turned off the the power preemptively. we're under a reg that flag warning and pg&e is trying to avoid having its equipment spark fires governor newsom waited until the final hour to make a decision on hundreds of potential new laws that deadline was yesterday. alyssa his list of approvals and
6:30 pm
vetoes means there are some changes coming soon to california abc 7 news. anchor liz kreutz gives you look, there's a long long list of new laws coming to california according to cal matters in total governor newsom signed 770 bills into lot. that's 92% of all the bills that came to his desk this year among them is a bill that will require large department stores that sell kids products to maintain a gender-neutral section of toys and childcare items supporters. say it will increase freedom of expression for children and their parents those against it say, it's not the state's role to mandate. how stores market their products the governor also. just a law making ethnic studies a requirement in order to graduate proponents say it will help students think critically about the country's complex history, but there are many people against it. nobody's saying that america is perfect, but it pits students against other students another new law has made it illegal to remove a condom without consent during sexual intercourse. there's also a new law that will require california's public schools provide free -- products
6:31 pm
on campus and big win for criminal justice reform advocates, the governor also signed a bill that will create a process for decertifying bad acting police officers and prevent them from moving between agencies. i'm glad that this is done and over with california was one of only four states without a statewide desertification scheme despite this win birch is disappointed by the governor's decision to veto criminalize jaywalking which advocates say often disproportionately impacts people of color assembly member filting? the bill i'll obviously wear a very disappointed that he vetailed the freedom to walk bill. we think that everybody has the freedom to cross the street without being worried about getting excited the governor wrote in a statement that he has committed to addressing the unequal enforcement of the law, but in a manner that does not risk worsening california's pedestrian safety assembly member ting said he hopes to find a compromise in the future liz kroit's abc 7 news two of the new senate bills signed by
6:32 pm
the governor are designed to students struggling with their mental health during the pandemic health is one of the key pillar. abc 7's ongoing commitment to building a better bay area an abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains how the changes can help everyone for years to come. lockdowns loss of social interaction fear of the unknown the effects from what we all had to live through in 2020 still impact us mentally every day, especially children. none of our kids are immune to this and you know as a parent it's scary. the state says one in three high school students felt sad or hopeless nearly every day and ucsf says they saw double the amount of suicide attempts and children but new legislation in california will bring help to where it's needed most in school, there's been a lot of trauma and it's important that we recognize that and that this bill goes a long way to accepting that recognizing it and helping them get the right treatment senate bills 14 and 224 are a way to destigmatize
6:33 pm
mental health and provide aid to students who are struggling this includes mental health days to be counted as sick days and mental health education as part of the curriculum. it's gonna set these kids up for success in recognizing symptoms. the appropriate treatment then they'll pay that forward to their children and hopefully, you know moving forward this is going to be a lot better than it was 30 years ago, san jose unified school board president, brian. wheatley says, he's most excited about the grand opportunities. will help train and fill so many empty mental health positions in schools. i'm thrilled that there's a recognition in sacramento that part of this money is going to go towards training people to join the profession because it's so important schools will always be a place for learning and parents say these lessons will make a major impact life is gonna continue to happen, right? and so it's important that kids get these resources these services this knowledge early on just does it's just as important
6:34 pm
as math and reading so like hundreds of year of the same routine same curriculum same process. nobody thinking that way so that's a good start just a start but a step in the right direction in the south bay dustin dorsey abc 7 news. remember anyone can look for mental health help and support if you don't know where to start try abc 7 slash take action. we've put together a list of local resources some you you can text to get in touch. in the south bay an arrest decades in the making the san jose police department says it is arrested three people in a 20 year old homicide cold case now. it's asking for help locating the victim's family to share the news abc 7 news item reporter melanie. woodrow has the story. the san jose police department says they've cracked a 20 year old homicide cold case the victim 22 year old ninfi. ha investigators say he was in front of his apartment complex on avaloni avenue just before 8pm on october 31st 2001 when
6:35 pm
someone stamped him and current this victim had just arrived at his apartment was exiting a vehicle when he was randomly attacked a friend survived while hart died from his injuries sjpd says two suspects took off in an suv with a third getaway driver for two decades several detectives worked the case it were leads but no arrests until now really demonstrates the tenacity in relentlessness of our homicide detectors. this past august sjpd says the case was assigned to an sjpd and district attorney's office. case team who brought new life to the investigation some of the same witnesses that were interviewed 20 years ago where we interviewed recently for whatever reasons they decided to be more forthcoming provide more information, which really sealed the case last week members of the police department's covert response team located three suspects. we're all booked into santa clara county jail for homicide assault with the deadly weapon and gang enhancements the police. it has notified the other victim who survived the stabbing but
6:36 pm
has not been able to locate haas family to notify them really want to find this victim's family and let them know that there has been a resolution and conclusion to this case. they're asking for anyone with information about how to get in touch with haas family to contact them in san jose for the it melanie woodrow abc 7 news. in southern california, some beaches are now reopening following that massive oil spill and reporter jessica de nova with our sister station in los angeles. explains that this comes as the investigation into what caused that that disaster really picks up steam. just more than a week after an oil spill was discovered off the coast of orange county surfers are excited to hear they can hit the water again monday in huntington and newport beaches pd. romanook says closing them was the right call. i think it was right decision because the water was super oily and it was like you could smell how bad it was out there according to federal and state investigators anywhere between
6:37 pm
$25,000 to 144,000 gallons of oil leaked into the ocean. they're working theory sometime after october 2020 and amplify energy pipeline was struck by the anchor of a large vessel breaking off. the pipe's concrete casing and bending the steel which eventually cracked state wildlife officials say as of monday morning the total for live oiled birds recovered was 27 and 38 dead alongside senator, alex, padilla, california attorney general rob bonta flew over the affected area monday and announced the department of justice is investigating the cause of the spill whether criminal charges are filed depends on what is uncovered my minute to devoting the people and the resources necessary to ensure this environmental disaster is fully investigated and we will follow the facts wherever they lead, you know, many of us myself include have been calling for a ban on offshore oil drilling in federal waters for a long time. now, this is just the most
6:38 pm
recent reminder of why it's necessary and whites urgent and we have a prime opportunity to accomplish exactly that through this budget reconciliation bill in the the next couple of weeks, jessica. no abc 7 news berkeley business is about to celebrate its 75th anniversary and with its history. are plenty of reasons to believe it's going to be around for years to come? families may have trouble finding the turkeys. they need this thanksgiving. i'm michael finney coming up 7 in business, setbacks change everything.
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holidays are coming up and a major producer is warning that some turkeys may be in short supply this thanksgiving 7 on your side's michael. finney has some turkey talk forest. yeah, i've got to tell you know, this happened. sure, you know they were talking about the do you remember that people were showing up and going where the turkeys? it's a pattern you've experienced. so this year once again, the pandemic is being blamed for a shortage of smaller sized turkeys. covid changed the way many of us celebrate thanksgiving the large family gatherings and parties have given way to more intimate get-togethers. angela wilson owns avonado's holly park market in san francisco. i mean last year there was a lot more smaller turkey demand
6:42 pm
because of covid that led to a shortage of smaller turkeys many. ways were either forced or forego the turkey or by a larger one and eat lots of leftovers. a recent survey by butterball found that pattern is not likely to change this year. we did see that about a third of consum. hours are planning to have a smaller gathering this year due to concerns about covid-19 and the delta variant. that means if you're likely to need. our turkey this year she thinks it's best to put in your order early, we do see that if there is a big shift towards people wanting to celebrate in smaller groups that smaller turkeys may be harder to come by however retailers. we reached aren't ready to acknowledge a turkey shortage just yet save mart, which also owns lucky told us. it has already secured the turkeys to ensure customers find everything. they need albertsons, which also owns safeway did not get back to us and costco bluntly stated management has no comment at this time local butchers.
6:43 pm
actually, thank the shortage may hit the larger chains harder, but independent markets would have just fine guerrera quality meets in san francisco will begin taking orders for fresh turkeys on november 1st. it anticipates getting its but in a week before thanksgiving from a small, california supplier east old turkey rem. there are family run operation much like we are and we've been dealing with them for over 30 years and we have no problems getting our turkeys this year avonados well began taking orders, november 1st and like guerrera anticipates. no problem meeting. a man, we have size ranges. they go from like eight to ten and twelve twelve the 14 16 to 18. and once those are sold that's it. other reasons cited for a possible turkey shortage include a lack of truck drivers and a labor shortage due to covid we've been hearing a lot about that a lot of labor shortages and truck drivers. that is a big issue a big. right. thanks, michael. it doesn't feel like thanksgiving weather outside
6:44 pm
spencer is keeping an eye on our win. our temperatures because they're adding up to a red flag warning to the updated 7-day forecast wanna help kids get their homework done? well, an internet connection's a good start. but kids also need computers. and sometimes the hardest thing about homework is finding a place to do it. so why not hook community centers up with wifi? for kids like us, and all the amazing things we're gonna learn. over the next 10 years, comcast is committing $1 billion to reach 50 million low-income americans with the tools and resources they need to be ready for anything. i hope you're ready.
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the owners of a berkeley lumber yard started by two navy veterans after world war two. future is now in the hands of a third generation as truitt and white celebrates its 75th anniversary in business abc 7 news reporter david louie shares the enduring legacy of two navy buddies world war two brought people from different walks of life together george truitt from, texas. self working with a young bob white in the navy at the oakland supply depot. they ran an operated this facility that brought in all the wood and put it all together in the right order and quantity and prepared it for shipment. across the pacific that was a critical military mission as the navy was building barracks and aircraft hangers and newly established bases across the pacific it also forged. if that only deepened after the war when they married settle down in the bay area and decided to create a lumberyard together in berkeley in 1946, the two of them started out small.
6:48 pm
had a very small crew and it was initially it was difficult to get material. everything was still in short supply and rationed and all that many of their customers were fell. av veterans one of them retired admiral chester nimitz who also settled in berkeley after commanding the allied air land and sea forces in the pacific. he autographed this photo of him aboard the missouri when japan's surrendered he learned that both my dad and mr. truitt were navy men and so after that he'd started coming in and talk. he'd sit down and their office and talked him over a cup of coffee about obviously war and life and all those kind of things but and white have passed but the blumber business has grown many family businesses run into a problem in the generation doesn't want to be part of the business, but the white family is very fortunate because they want to continue this legend that started in the navy dan and warren's sons. brian zach and jake have stepped in building on a foundation
6:49 pm
created by two navy buddies in berkeley david louie abc 7 news. we have a new fire to tell you about this one is burning in napa county. cal fire is responding to this. this is a time-lapse view keep that in mind. it's burning near newell road north of the high school. so it's far from the intersection of american canyon road and broadway cal fire is urging people traveling in the area to use caution and give way to emergency vehicles. always you need to do that and you can take a live look now, you can see some of that smoke in the center of your screen. this is a live view from our east bay hills tower camera, of course, this is something we were concerned about all day and of course our weather team dan has been keeping track of the conditions. that's right this with this gusty wind and really low humidity spencer a little fires popping up. that's what we're worried about. you're right and those are the two main ingredients associated with this fire right now in napa county the gusts arranging from 20 to 25 miles per hour and relative humidity in that area.
6:50 pm
it's only 12% so we got the very dangerously low here the strong gusty winds as you can see gusty all over the bay area. that's why we have this red flag warning and until five o'clock tomorrow afternoon for the hills the mountains of the bay area and the east bay valleys a winds will be gusting in the highest peaks between 40 and 50 miles per hour at their at their peak gusts and at the accuweather 7-day forecast it's going to be a windy again tomorrow. the winds will taper off on wednesday and we even cooler on wednesday is the winds die down then it starts to warm up at the end of the week and continues through the weekend. dananama. okay. thank you spencer very much. all right. so much to talk about in sports tonight with chris alvarez chris. hi. i'm a yes a very busy day. all eyes are in la if you're a giants fan giants and dodgers resume the nlds the scene shifting to dodger stadium momentum and more online
6:51 pm
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
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6:53 pm
chris alvarez giants and dodgers those two words and teams create all kinds of motions for fans of the two iconic franchises match them up in the posts and for the first time in history and the stakes. well, they've been raised the scene has now shifted to dodger stadiums for games three and four right now and tomorrow after splitting the first two in san francisco over the weekend dodgers are gonna get to play in front of their home crowd for the first time in a postseason game since 2019, of course, no fans last season during the pandemic and the 2020 postseason. that was all neutral sites. so both sides expecting an electric atmosphere tonight. la yeah, i think it's gonna be
6:54 pm
really loud the previous times that we've played here is always been a loud atmosphere. they really into the game. i don't expect anything less tonight if not a little bit more, you know, our fans have been waiting a long time essentia calendar year. to host a playoff game and have you know full capacity. so a lot of anticipation. i think the excitement is built all the way through the season and to have just a great rivalry and building of a great series, so it should be pretty electric tonight. other side of the national league braves and brewers game three top two of foul ball into the stands. and why do we show this? well, it's dropped by a fan, but that's no ordinary fan. that's third baseman hall of famer chipper jones the former brave he made so many plays like that but now in the stands i didn't bring his glove bottom five scoreless the braves palo alto the braves and he's palo alto's own jack peterson three-run shot. the former dodger comes through for the braves three, nothing atlanta. they take a 2-1 series lead the 49ers are hitting the week and the quarterback question has
6:55 pm
taken yet. another turn head coach. kyle shanahan said today that rookie trey lance sprained his left knee in yesterday's lost to arizona. so lance might not be able to play with the niners host the colts on october. north lance ran for 89 hardy yards. we don't know when he heard his left knee, but he did take some big hits you see them right there really unfortunate development considering trey afterwards said he felt good and his team. we're looking forward to seeing him do even more so really confident same thing. you know, i said earlier in the week. i felt really confident with the game plan felt really confident, you know going in to this opportunity and yeah, obviously, like i said just disappointed really would like to get the win, but we'll be better for it. we have all the confidence in the world in him. i thought i did a great job, you know, and you know on defense we just gotta get the ball back more to them because you know, he can do special things with it. and breaking news espn reporting that john gruden has resigned as raiders head coach after a new york times report over the weekend that said gruden used racist anti-gay and sexist language in numerous emails
6:56 pm
during a seven-year period have yet to make an official statement gruden was in the middle of a fifth season of a 10 year 100 million dollar deal and the nhl returns to espn tomorrow double header featuring the defending stanley cup champion tampa bay lightning and the newest team in the nhl the seattle crack in taking on las vegas in the nightcap seattle plays in the pacific division with the san jose sharks sharks season opener isn't until saturday night. host winnipeg a kraken by the way is a mythic giant sea monster in scandinavian. folklore felt like a little jump bit of a jeopardy host there with your trivia lot going on giants and dodgers are scolus right now in la we'll have highlights if the game is still going on or i mean it's over because sometimes these games go four five hours right? thanks, chris. all right coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 dancing with the stars followed by the good doctor at 10 and stay with us for abc abc 7 news at 11, but that is it for edition of abc 7 news things for joining us on amidate and i'm dan ashley for spencer christian chris alvarez all of us. we appreciate your time.
6:57 pm
we're going to leave you tonight from with some sky seven pictures live view of what fire burning in american canyon near newell road north of the high school. we're staying on top of this for you and these dangerous dry windy conditions. we'll update that for you all evening. and of course a full report on abc 7 news at 11.
6:58 pm
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