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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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the busy holiday shopping season. what it's doing to make sure you can find things you want to buy. kumasi: covert protection for kids. the latest details and logistics on shots rolling out to the elementary ages. reggie: a do or die game five when the giant return home. their final chance to secure a spot in the next series. good morning on this wednesday, october 13. kumasi: we want to start with a check of a forecast with mike. mike: here is a look at live doppler 7. it's been reactive this morning with some showers off to our north and some of it's been measurable around places like eureka and crescent city. not so much towards reading and chico. here is a look at the exploratory him. it required outside. we will have a lot of cloud
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cover the morning hours is that cold front moved through. any shower likely over the ocean. the benefit of this cold front cooler than average temperatures in the 50's and 60's. now we do have a marginal fire threat for most of us on the backside of this cold front as some dried breezes develop. the biggest concern will be tomorrow from 10:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the evening with heightened fire danger over solano county. >> because of high fire danger, a new round of public safety power shutoffs could begin as soon as midnight tonight. pg&e's warning applies to 7100 area customers in the map you are seeing here shows specific areas and includes 3750 customers. nearly 1600 and solano county. within 1500 and sonoma county gg in napa county,cotaounty.
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firefighters making sure the fire stays put. it's now 100% contained. the napa county sheriffs is a 26 rolled man was spotted near the fire and try to get away from deputies, he was detained as a person of interest and is now in the hospital recovering from burns. holmes, ranches and oil facilities regresses the wildfires and santa barbara county expands. the fire has grown to more than 13,000 acres with just 5% containment. the fires are 20 miles northwest of santa barbara. a stretch of highway 101 remains closed in both directions. county officials declared a state of emergency. keeping track real-time weather wherever you live anytime you want. our tool shows you everything. you can find it by downloading the bay area app from your streaming device. president biden will meet with
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ceos and leaders of the nation's biggest ports today is the u.s. continue to grapple with major issues in the supply chain. the white house is already warning about higher prices and shipping delays this holiday season. jobina is at the live desk with the things to come. >> white house officials are cautioning you could take several months for these supply chain problems to get worked out. it sent to start holiday shopping right now. president biden will meet with the ceos of walmart and ubs who are expected to commit to shifting to 24/7 operations. biden will meet with leaders from the two busiest ports in the u.s.. senior administration officials say the port of l.a. will commit to operating 24/7, something long beach has already been doing for weeks. >> happens with the railroads across the country affects the number of ships in the harbor. >> strong consumer demand
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combined with shortages across the supply chain means americans aren't finding the things they want on store shelves. it's a logistical headache, business's warning will get worse during the holiday shopping season, the white house has launched a task force to examine the supply chain issues. the big concern is that delays at higher prices will stifle consumer spending which is critical to the already fragile economy. kumasi: the u.s. is reopening its borders with canada and mexico to non-essential travel. homeland security's is the travel change will come sometime next month after a 19 month freeze from the pandemic. fully vaccinated citizens will be able to enter the u.s. by car , a rail or fairy for any reason. new details on the push to get kids ages five to 11 vaccinated against covid-19. president biden says the government purchased 65 million doses with the goal of starting vaccinations in november. even though shots haven't been authorized for anyone under 12 just yet. this is according to the
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chronicle. california will open more than 100 clinics at schools in the coming months. governor newsom is issued a mac -- a vaccine mandate. state officials say will kick in when the vaccine gets approval. the white house is sending two pediatricians, hospitals and emergencies to make sure it's an easy get. reggie: the fate of $100 million slated for new school in san francisco. -- is up in the air. they voted to fund initial construction of the school of the arts. the district did not secure enough initial money so it's now switching the funding to other school improvements. some can remember say that's deceptive. >> i left my house and sat on phone banks for decades to raise that money for these children to have a platform for education
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that would send a message that san francisco values for education and you're taking away -- reggie: other support reallocating funds. >> it's what many experts and fans expected, the giants and dodgers are playing a do or die game five tomorrow night. >> they can do it again folks, dodgers and giants won game for a trip to the nlcs. >> last night the dodgers beat the giants 7-2. it all comes down to tomorrow night. >> this is why you play is to get -- it boils down to competing an execution, its pre-much as simple as that. >> the giants will send their ace to the mound for game five.
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the first pitch is 6:07 and the winner will go to the national league championship series. >> giants fans will show. . they packed the san francisco athletic club, a diehard fans looking forward to the final game of the series. >> unfortunately am going to be in enemy territory. it's good to be a good time. number of tickets on sale for tomorrow night's big game. they started around $250 a piece and you can find out on the team's website. mike: it's going to be a good day for baseball, temperatures will start in the low 60's and fall to the mid 50's 50's, not too breezy. no threat of wet weather whatsoever. pristine conditions for the fall classic. outside it's in the 40's. 42 in danville, double in pleasanton.
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blackhawk, lafayette, 48. 48 brentwood. let's check out some of her other neighborhoods. 42 in napa. low to upper 40's throughout the north bay. forget in hayward. 47 in san jose. 55 in oakland is about as mild as it gets with temperatures up to 12 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. you can think that dry air, a partly cloudy sky and wins that have backed off significantly. it is not bouncing whatsoever. the air is super clean. we are good everywhere. starting tomorrow, we will change that a little bit with that fire threat. today here at home it's a chilly morning. your comfortable this afternoon. we would take a look at that heightened fire threat which
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offer some pretty warm temperatures coming up next. jobina: we will start with a live look at the san mateo bridge, a wind advisory for the bridge, dumbarton bridge, antioch bridge and through the altamont pass, a number of those advisories coming in but we are not seeing pressure at the moment. live picture showing off emeryville. you know which direction you are looking at and then overall view of the bay area to start the usual slowdown of tracy. >> the dose of winter can't wait to explore it >> resignation of raiders coach jon gruden. >> secret teen parties with alcohol and sex. a local mom charged with facilitating. we are detailing the allegations. kumasi: a live look
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reggie: a 47-year-old mother is in serious trouble charged with facilitating secret teenage parties filled with alcohol and sex in three cities pre-prosecutors say she encouraged kids to partake in illegal behavior. we have the details on the allegations. >> this is 47 roach and and o'connor. she is accused of throwing drunken parties which encourage young teenagers to participate in sex acts. sometimes nonconsensual and sometimes while she watched. the teenagers included her own son. according to the district attorneys office, o'connor would you snap chat or text to invite them to their home warning them to keep silent or she should go to jail for she could go to jail. from felony child endangerment and sexual assault to multiple misdemeanor charges of travel and providing alcohol to minors. >> this is someone who appearsop
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to have premeditated these events for some particular person -- purpose and i think the das office is at the tip of the iceberg with these charges. ark the party spanned from june 2022 may of 2021 and often involved o'connor pushing teenagers to drink. the das office is some of the assaults that happened while they were drunk. >> the miners that are involved may have also engaged in criminal behavior. >> documents show teens also said finger and show hot tub. the da said it took a lodren tcd and to untangle this deeply disturbing case. >> in another case the da said o'connor left -- let a teenager drive her suv in a parking lot.
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the union high school schooll sl district declined to comment on the case but said in a statement it worked closely with law enforcement to support investigations into matters that take place outside of school. the district adding parents and families play a crucial role in setting clear expectations for the behavior of our young people and in monitoring their activities. o'connor is awaiting extradition from idaho. >> protester protester protester against abortion or overwhelming a bay area planned parenthood clinic. walnut creek says confrontations have escalated outside of the clinic. local officials say they've been getting feedback about the sidewalk protests. they say they've been intensifying with people blocking the sidewalk with the driveway and others of crating a buffer zone. >> texas has encouraged people who are anti-choice,
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anti-planned parenthood, anti-health care and they come out and they are more vocal and animated and it's just gotten more aggressive. >> we will never harass a woman, sometimes there two distinct groups that are out here. >> the city's drafting of new regulations to control access to the clinic. public discussion should begin next month. >> the san francisco mayor wants to make it easier for housing to get to property that's easily gotten to buy cars. it would allow developers to skip the rezoning process which could take up to a year and a half. that would make it possible for developer to build housing typically zoned for a gas station, a parking lot or carwash. the mayor sees it as a way to cut down on greenhouse gas and provide more housing. >> it's really cold in flagstaff any four-legged residents
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enjoying every moment. >> this is oliver the cat just checking out the snow using his paw to investigate and his owner says he loves fresh snow. this caught the attention of whether nation. >> please take a pauseauseauseae knocking to support my jokes? mike: i didn't know my mike was on. >> >> i'm glad glad glad we missed you. >> quite the female power. >> you were living it up. >> look at what was left me.
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pumpkin receives. a nice little note. welcoming me back. i hope the cafeteria treated you well. >> it did. [laughter] mike: let's see if the weather will treat us as well. that's so sweet. we will open up with the weather window showing just how quiet it is compared to those breezes, the aggressive breezes we had in the hot fire danger. now we have our coolest ties today, a slight chance of some showers of the ocean. we will be in and out of some cloud cover today. still one where you will definitely have the sunglasses. the fire danger returns tomorrow behind today's cold front and then warmer than average temperatures all the way through the weekend. let's take a look at was going on as far as our highs today. 62 at san francisco.
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pretty much mid 60's all the way around the bay and down into the southbay were we could jump to 67. if you 70's are possible we see more sunshine. inland east bay. our warmest temperatures 72 degrees today in santa rosa. you can see the wind blowing off shore once again. in the green you see those of the 50's on her and cost the rest of us will be -- on the hills and mountaintops. showers moving just to the north of us and off to the east. our best chance you can see is a long the east coast. up until lunch right along the peninsula. and then into the evening hours, that's it. we have clearing conditions and a sunny sky as it starts to set. the chance for precipitation, let's talk about the forecast. highs 50's, 60's and 70's. 80's return inland. we don't even get close on friday and saturday.
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70's returned to the coast and you can see monday and tuesday research to cool down just a little bit into the 50's, 60's and 70's. a pretty dry forecast. kumasi: new sudden resignation of jon gruden. it comes after email show he reportedly used racist, sexist and homophobic language he lost his sponsorship deal with sketchers. he coached them to win super bowl 37 and the story could be far from over. the nfl players association is asking the league to release all 650,000 emails from the washington football team. it was that workplace misconduct investigation that uncovered the emails which released the media. the nfl says it has no plans to release more citing privacy concerns. reggie: california's hall of fame has six new members coming from all walks of life. the governor issued the new
5:20 am
plaques. jerry garcia was inducted as well as gay rights activist phyllis lyon. they were married in the first same-sex wedding in 2004. richie fallon's and -- labor leader rounded out the class. >> coming up, the second things to know this morning. >> the netflix show everybody can stop talking about. >> in these halloweene halloweel pretty hard to find. the issues causing a supply. >>
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kumasi: here are the seven things to know this morning. president biden is meeting with the ceos and leaders of the nation's biggest ports to resolve our supply chain issue. waart,edupall the white house preparing to vaccinate children ages five to 11. the government purchased 65 million doses with the goal of
5:23 am
starting vaccinations in november. kumasi: walgreens is closing five more stores in san francisco due to theft. those are your stones town, the richmond district and cesar chavez true three. reggie: pg&e says a number of shutoffs could begin as soon as midnight. pg&e is warning applies to 7100 bay area customers in sonoma and contra costa counties. >> even though we are between fire threats we still have to worry about that and prepare for what could be critical fire conditions in those areas with most creek fire conditions in solano county starting at 10:00 tomorrow morning through 8:00 tomorrow evening. >> this is a little bit outside of our primary commute corridor but i want to know about this alert pretty jackknife big rig has turned over, everything is shut down on northbound 101
5:24 am
between state road 25 and 129. kumasi: star trek star william shatner set to fly to space this morning. take office set for >> extreme weather weather wea issues we've talked about have caused a pumpkin shortage in some parts of the country. >> in this morning's gma hard halloween, the ghoulish gourds, of the elusive icon of charlie brown and linus is all hallows eve. but this year in some parts of the country, some pumpkins are proving hard to find. >> certain areas have had bad weathecoitions. >> experts say another -- a number of issues are to blame,
5:25 am
of the pandemic, a lack of workers and shipping delays contributed to the smaller supply. some farms had to lay off workers are simply no longer around. we will have what you need to know to avoid this potential halloween scare coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> there's been a there's been'a in iphone production. apple may slash iphone 13's made this year. the problem is reportedly continued ship shortages because of pandemic supply chain issues. "quit again" -- -- -- -- -- -- - netflix's biggest launch ever. netflix says its success shows there is a global market for foreign-language productions. >> it gave us more confidence
5:26 am
are global strategy is going towards the right direction. the great stories can come from anywhere and can be loved by anyone. kumasi: it is number one on the netflix 10 -- top 10 list in 94 countries. it's the first ever korean series to reach number one in the u.s.. reggie: have you seen it? kumasi: are you watching? jobina: finished it, loved it. it's too much for me. it's violent. reggie: i'm good. i will look for all halloween costumes i don't understand. coming up, a tiktok challenge causing concern. the workout trend. kumasi: a new start for the theater that houchin -- posted. >> crews are now testing testins >> taking a live look outside,
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5:30 am
a live look at vanhorn, texas where william shatner and two others with bay area ties are about to blast off into space. who knew that's what 2021 would bring. good morning. we are alive right now on abc 7, hulu live in whatever -- wherever you are streaming. mike: i sure hope they play the star trek theme. reggie: they have got to. mike: space, the final frontier. here's a look at what's going on with your live doppler 7. active showers are underneath really drive. so if you get a sprinkle or two, consider yourself lucky. the farther south i saw some measurable rain was mendocino pass. most of this moving off to the east. we have a slight chance of some showers in the ocean and that's about it. we're going cap to increasing
5:31 am
clouds. temp is no and the low 40's to 50's. hanging out in the upper 50's to mid 60's during your lunch hour. you can see the increasing sunshine by 4:00 still hanging out in the 50's and 60's. if you're out there by 7:00, upper 50's to low 60's. grab the code once at sunsets. take a look at future radar and some really warm temperatures. the high fire danger coming up. kumasi: william shatner and the rest of the lord in croup caring for blastoff. the new rocket will head to space in less than two hours. jobina: space will soon be a reality for william shatner, best known as star trek's original captain kirk. at 90 years old he will become the oldest person to reach the edge of space. we are bringing you a live look at blue origins launch facility in west texas. this triple last about 11 minutes and go about 16 mile --
5:32 am
60 miles above earth's surface. the new crew include shatner and three other civilian passengers, two of them are people with bay area ties. one is a former nasa ames employee whose current company is headquartered in san francisco and audrey powers is a blue origin employee who graduated from santa clara university. >> i plan to be looking out the window with my nose pressed against the wind though -- against the window. jobina: today's trip will be bee second launch of an all civilian crew. the first included jeff bezos paid the new shepard was originally scheduled to leave yesterday. but that trip was delayed by weather. everything is good to go and clear for 7:00 a.m. for that launch. reggie: developing news, a bill to allow the treasured farming to pay the country's debts until
5:33 am
early december arrives on the president's desk for signature today. yesterday the house approved that short-term hike to the nations debt limit. lifting the ceiling by $480 billion. the senate passed the bill last week. the temporary extension is a short-term fix and sets up a potential fiscal crisis later this year when it runs out. covid vaccines aren't approved for young kids. why the government isn't waiting to get prepared. the biden administration bought hundreds of millions of doses for children and california is ramping up its number of vaccine clinics. >> california is ready to take the vaccine to where the kids are, to their schools. according to the san francisco chronicle, the state is preparing to open 100 vaccine clinics at elementary schools across california. the white house is signaling for states to be ready to go by the beginning of next month.
5:34 am
that's 2.5 weeks away. the shots of not been approved for kids under the age of 12 but the white house has purchased 65 million pediatric doses indicating that approval is coming soon. governor newsom has issued a vaccine mandate for schoolchildren and state officials anticipate that will kick in as soon as the vaccine for children has full fda approval. the white house will send pediatric vaccine to several locations, it won't just be at schools in california. it will be a pediatricians offices, they want to make sure it's easy to get and that vaccine will be free. >> new development in the pandemic, the white house announced a major new policy when it comes to travel and we are learning the pandemic is receiving the american workplace with a lot of people quitting their jobs. >> a major step forward in the pandemic.
5:35 am
the united states will reopen its borders with canada and mexico for non-essential travel next month. lifting a travel ban imposed back in march of 2020. foreign travelers will have to show proof of vaccination. new york senator kiersten jell-o brand calling it good news to countless businesses, families and loved ones that depend on travel across the border. it comes as the battle for vaccine mandates in the workplace heats up. the occupational safety and health administration submitted the text of a new rule that will soon require businesses with more than 100 employees to adopt covid vaccine mandate or require weekly testing. just hours earlier, the white house accused the texas governor of putting politics ahead of public health when he announced he is banning vaccine mandates in his state. >> every leader should be focused on supporting efforts to save lives and end the pandemic. why would you take steps to
5:36 am
prevent the saving of lives. >> abbott calls mandates and overreach by the feds. texas-based american and southwest airlines responded saying they will keep their mandates in place, adding federal policy supersedes state policy. the up people in the american workplace goes foot -- workplace goes far beyond vaccine mandates. new figures show more americans are quitting their jobs. 4.3 million quitting in august alone. the highest number since 2000. after coming through the darkest months of the pandemic, experts say workers are looking for better opportunities that are ours and more perks. others quit because of a lack of child care. arc of the pandemic is having a disproportionate effect on enrollment in california's community colleges paid the report a 16% decrease of students attending the fall semester when compared to 2019.
5:37 am
according to a survey of community college students, they reported economic hardship, forcing them to choose between work and school. race is also playing a factor. there was an 11% decrease of latino students. >> a new beginning for san francisco's club. it was hoping -- it was home to beat up like it babylon and now it's back open, new show, highflying love story is being described as a cirque du soleil and shows are held wednesday through sunday. >> it's incidents like this is forcing walgreens to close five more stores in san francisco. and 80 five rd woman explains why she died -- why she cried when she heard the news. >> it engineers are saying. but first a check of the weather. mike: check out these
5:38 am
temperatures in the north bay. 43 and pat aloma. american canyon, 44 degrees. a chilly shop where you'll need to grab the jacket for you head outside. fairfield, 51 along with tiburot and bodega bay at about 54 degrees. elsewhere we have 44 degrees. san ramon, 42. tracy, 46. so let's talk about your commute. no fog out there whatsoever. a slight chance of a shower near the ocean today. abbott calmer conditions on the water. that was so aggressive. it's definitely colder. let's talk about what's going on as far as the air quality. temperatures start to soar above
5:39 am
average thursday and friday but thankfully they are quality will remain healthy. we are waking up to critical fire conditions which are marginal for most. especially used into napa, eastern contra costa and alameda counties, the highest threat the fire danger will be in solano county. by 6:00 that window is pretty much closing. we have a window of about 10 hours in solano county were the most critical fire conditions all come together in the form of fire being able to spread rapidly after starting things to low humidity levels. we need to be vigilant around this area once again. jobina: good morning. things really escalated on the traffic front in the last few minutes. a major crash we are following involving a motorcyclist. this is westbound 80, a sig alert. i was just watching the caltrans
5:40 am
camera live in that area and traffic is coming to a must to complete stop. that just happened in the last few minutes. we've been following this throughout the morning in gilroy. this is further out and could impact people in the southbay. between state route 25 and 129 is shut down. that's why you see we have zero miles per hour. a rig was carrying 70,000 pounds of grapes and now all those grapes are in the roadways. the purple is a sensor that shows this is closed people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers blood sugar in three ways. increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7.
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5:43 am
in the final moments before the crash, no traffic controller told a pilot with a half-dozen times he needed to gain altitude . clouds and windy weather may have been a factor. investigators will look at her the pilot may have experienced a medical emergency. kumasi: walgreens is closing five more san francisco stores because of rampant theft. monitoring the economic impact is key as we try to find solutions. kate larsen found out for some neighborhoods this impact will go far beyond financial. >> neighborhoods will soon be dealt another blow as five more walgreens get ready to close because of organized retail theft. ocean avenue near stone staff, clement street in the richmond district. cesar chavez street in the mission district. one abc reportee abc reportee ac over the summer. >> they were scheduled to close in one months since we've been here, businesses been very brisk.
5:44 am
most peoplstdin line f>> the chr the elderly community. it be diicult for you elsewhere? >> yes it leaves me in a way bad and upset. >> william has been shopping here since 1971. she's 85 and no longer drives. >> somebody told i said i cannot do anything. >> she showed us what she sees them doing in the store. >> this is a really bad day for san francisco and we need to turn this around. >> the san francisco supervisor has prioritized retail theft. in on-duty officers stationed i the store. but he says there aren't enough cops to go around so he's
5:45 am
introduced legislation that would allow stephanie's contract with businesses for overtime work at no cost to the city. >> there needs to be more presence in the city is a major deterrent. >> try and stop the millennium tower from sinking anymore. yesterday cruz installed a 36 inch steel cylinder, within 100 feet into the ground on the fremont side of the building. this test will help engineers determine whether a different repair method will produce -- reduce vibration in the month of soil being removed. >> it's not uncommon for a project hit pause to provide installation procedures. >> yesterday's test comes after a retrofit in may. that because the tower to sink even more.
5:46 am
the towers been sinking since it opened in 2009 resulting in a settlement including a $100 million repair, engineers say the towers structurally safe. doctors and parents are concerned about a new tiktok trend which involves ingesting pre-workout powder with little to no liquid and experts say you should not do this because you could end up in the hospital or even worse. a new study says it can be cap -- deadly metric is the powder contains so much caffeine and other additives it's not suitable for kids. some of the video show users mixing it with additional energy transfer alcohol. researchers presented these findings of the american academy of pediatrics national conference. dressing in costumes from scary movies.
5:47 am
one. anna took this video that shows her dogs as characters from it, friday the 13th, halloween and nightmare announced street. she calls in the rescue boys. if these dogs look familiar it's because they did the same thing last year. >> what is the deal with their faces. >> they are seriously in character. the most serious face dogs have seen in my life. >> they dressed up as the teenager ninja turtles last year. this year they took a dark turn. reference. mike: it's jason behind him.
5:48 am
>> is there a frog in that. kumasi: they are so still with it. reggie: are these dogs having a good time? i don't know. mike: they are definitely in character. and they stay in character. maybe that's just who they are. let's talk quote's tal weatherwise. it's pretty clear out so far this morning. if you passing high clouds. as a cold front is bearing down on us and bringing her coolest ties for the rest of this forecast cycle. and a chance of showers but mainly close to the ocean which means out on that much-needed rain. usually this heightens our fire danger. that is the case tomorrow. warmer than average temperatures without offshore breeze.
5:49 am
let's take a look at the highs, a sprinkling of 70's. places like concord, antioch heading toward san rafael, santa rosa pre-much in the mid to upper 60's till you get near the coast. san francisco, 62. look how quickly we clear tonight with temperatures in the 40's and going to be chilly tomorrow morning. the green you see in the elevations. the breezes will start to kick in starting at the beginning -- signifying the beginning of fire danger. the dry cold front bringing in much-needed rain north of us and then as you look at future radar right along the coast into the early afternoon hours. clearing in the sunset. desperate much negligible. check out the
5:50 am
near 70. near 80 on saturday. 80 inland tomorrow to 84 by saturday. we cool off as the wind starts to return for monday and tuesday. kumasi: between the rock john still thinking about running for president. he told vanity fair he's gathered some data on a 2024 or 2028 campaign. he says indicators are positive. while he is not ruling it out, he admits he doesn't of the first thing about politics or policy. reggie: ok. he is being transparent. kumasi: he has other talents. reggie: we will be watching. a new challenger in the halloween decoration wars. the homemade creation one neighbor came up with for his house party. >> a walmart recall to tell you about.
5:51 am
the baby food the chain is pulling from a shelf. >> is surprise i drop off and pick up my kids from school so, i can't work early. or late. and i need to make enough to make it worthwhile. i can only work two days a week. and it can't interfere with my other job. i can do full-time. just not daytime. and i need benefits. good ones.
5:52 am
and you know, it would be nice if you paid for my tuition. like all of it. ♪ ♪ ♪ alright, here we go, miller in motion. wha — wait, wait, is that a... baby on the field?? it looks like it, craig. and the defensive linemen are playing peek-a-boo. i've never seen anything like that before. harris now appears to be burping the baby. that's a great moment right there. the ref going to the rule book here.
5:53 am
what, wait a minute! harris is off to the races! we don't need any more trick plays. touchdown!! but we could all use more ways to save. are you kidding me?? it's going to be a long bus ride home for the defense. switch to geico for more ways to save. >> walmart is recalling this serial. this is a voluntary recall and for the fda found high levels of naturally occurring arsenic in the testing grade there are no reports of any babies getting sick, but if you have it you can return her to walmart and get a refund. the fda authorized e-cigarette products for the first time ever. it does not mean they are fda approved. r.j. reynolds is permission to sell three of its tobacco flavored themed products per the agency denied permission for 10 of the other flavored products. the fda believes tobacco flavor is less likely to appeal to kids
5:54 am
the agency says these four help adults who are already at that appealed to smoking. >> a local boy celebrated beating cancer for a second time. he got a special cyst -- surprise from a w w e superstar. >> he loves wwe pro like so many other kids. unlike many of those kids, tony has battled cancer not just once, but twice. after seven years of chemotherapy, a 15 blood transfusions and 34 spinal taps, tony is now cancer free as of this past august. the wwe in town, we reached out -- he reached out to tony's favorite, sasha banks, who sent tony items when he was in the hospital. she responded with tickets, ringside for the little warrior and three others. >> i screamed out loud. >> tony's great uncle took him
5:55 am
with his two cousins. a night to remember for a boy who spent most of his life battling in a hospital. sasha banks did not win her fight monday but tony says she is still the boss. >> are you going to be yelling for her tonight? >> i will just say i love you. >> is not thinking about the cancer, he's thinking about living and that nothing sky stop him. >> especially not on this night in his element with other warriors. mike: we we that is amazing. the fire danger has heightened over solano county. it goes through 8:00 thursday. i talked about how we are under a high risk of some heavy rain
5:56 am
next week. you can see up around sonoma, mendocino, lake, north and napa. this is more than a week away, but it is something we are watching, unfortunately most of the moisture will be to our north peered we take any we can get even if we can get that third of an engine san francisco to 2/10 of an inch in oakland to more than an inch in santa rosa. that gives us something to look forward to next week. kumasi: the northern lights closer than ever. the new video in the states where they will be shimmering tonight. reggie: a new round of red flag conditions. it's pg indies second wind this week. kumasi: covid sniffing dogs could be in the classroom. reggie: first, a live look outside
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
i had no idea how much i wamy case was worth. c call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> building a better bay area. moving forward. this is abc 7 news. >> are's top stories right now at 6:00. a covid vaccine for kids. the white house is telling governors to get ready. a vaccine rollout for schools. >> supply chain struggled across the country and around the globe. causing empty shelves and higher prices when you had to the store. the biden administration is a
6:00 am
big plan of attack to get you what you need for the holidays. >> the dodgers and the giants of, one game for a trip to the nlcs. >> it all comes down to tomorrow night. the dodgers giving the giants all they can command all -- can handle. which team season will be our? it is not the giants. >> i will wear orange tomorrow. >> i will have address picked up. >> i think we need to do it. >> up we will be ready. >> jump on the bandwagon. >> annexed a little push. >> good morning on wednesday. you are watching abc 7 live wherever you stream. we are going to start with the forecast. good morning. there is so much outside. it is a better day for outdoor activity. not having to worry about the fire activity in danger.


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