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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 13, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news inflation matches a 13-year high as supply chain issues continue to affect consumers. and now the white house is trying to fix the problem. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm kristen z. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. one place you will notice the sharp increase in inflation is the grocery store the prices of beef and chicken especially have created distress for people. just trying to keep food on the table abc 7 news reporter david louie is tracking the economy as part of our focus on building a better bay area. no, i've never seen it like this. bob's true penny has been a butcher for 44 years the meat manager of piazza's in san mateo.
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he has seen beef prices jump three to four dollars per pound recent. a 12% increase in meat prices this year is a key reason why inflation is heating up. i noticed some of the trends of hamburgers and little lower cut meats are selling a little more than usual, but that's understandable. used to be a good budget stretcher, but not anymore abc 7's liz kreutz found this package of chicken and marin county priced it over $20 or 11.79 per pound francisco. ayala is the owner of chico's taqueria in san mateo. chicken used to be his number one seller but his prices inched up customers have switched to beef. the chicken has never been overpriced now. we're paying 100 bucks up a case. well, we used to pay 40 dollars 50 bucks now. it's 100 dollars a case. however prices have also soared doubling from 200 to 400 dollars to make a pot of his customer favorite. birria consumers such as nancy graham are shocked how grocery bills have skyrocketed double
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from last two weeks. does it hurt? yes, and it changes some of my menu. if that's what i thought i was going to buy and then i look at it and i think it was 12 dollars and now it's 24 shipping causes part of the reason they've gone i've anywhere from 7,000 to 15,000 for for the same container to ship things over from overseas concerns have also been raised about consolidation in processing plants and other parts of the country that has reduced price competition david louie abc 7 news. the biden administration is taking action to try to fix global supply chain issues today the president announced the port of los angeles will stay open around the clock seven days a week to help get good. out to us retailers in addition companies like walmart fedex and ups have agreed to pitch in in hopes ofpre hikes during the upg holiday season.
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their commitment to go all i i i 24/7 operations means that businesses of all sizes will get their goods on shelves faster and more reliably. los angeles now joins the port of long beach which went to 24/7 operations last month the two ports handle about 40% of all us container traffic in addition mr. biden says union members who work the docs have committed to work extra shifts to help ease the crunch now, let's bring in 7 it's michael finney to talk a little more about this because inflation is affecting consumers michael in all sorts of ways. yeah, that's right including at home with your heating bill. this winter is going to be rough the government said today it expects households to see heating bills jump as much as 54% compared to last winter homes use natural gas for heat, which is nearly half of the homes in the us could pay an average of 746. that's up 30% from a year ago. if you live in a home with an
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electric heating source, you'll see a 6% increase to more than 1200 dollars propane users now. they only make up five percent of the american households. not many of them here in the bay area, but they our projected to see the biggest increases millions of retirees on social security will get a big boost next year because of inflation nearly six percent five point nine. it's the biggest cost of living adjustment in 39 years the social security administration estimates. he average retired worker will get an extra 92 dollars a month. so the top will get nearly $250. it will help make up for rising costs of food gas and other goods and services, i got to tell you those on a fixed income really need this help. yeah for sure. thanks michael. well today is the deadline workers at certain businesses including restaurants gyms and bars in san francisco are now required to have the covid vaccine to remain employed the order covers people working at
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recreation facilities or gyms and employees at businesses that serve food and drinks. san francisco has required customers to show proof of vaccination since august some restaurant customers. say they appreci gate, that workers have the same standard. definitely makes me feel safer, you know people on handling my food and stuff. i didn't even know it was a deadline to be honest because all of our employees have been vaccinated as soon they were able. all four businesses abc 7 spoke with say their employees were vaccinated before the deadline as that gentleman just suggested. the next deadline is november 30th when san francisco city and county workers must be vaccinated or face termination. emergency authorization of the pfizer vaccine for kids ag to 11 could happen as early as next month abc 7 news reporter. tim johns shows us how bay area counties are getting ready and why health experts say getting kids inoculated is key. as health officials prepare to start vaccinating children against covid-19.
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some things will look the same but others a little different. so the dose for adults is 30 micrograms. this is a 10 microgram dose dr. monica. gandhi is an infectious disease expert at ucsf. she says parents can rest assured that clinical trials have shown visors covid-19 vac. is extremely safe for children? there were no major adverse effects in those who got the 10 microgram dose. well, there was a surge of demand when adults became eligible to be vaccinated last winter. gandhi says this time there's enough supply to keep up but it's not just the state that is getting ready local counties here in the bay area too. say they are preparing from santa clara once the federal government has finished the approval process. we are ready to roll with as much access. as is possible including large healthcare systems commercial pharmacies our county operated mass vaccination sites as well as private individual pediatrician offices to san
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mateo. there's a lot of work. on for the last several months really to prepare for this and around the bay area all of whose health officials say they're ready to get kids vaccinated either by site set up at schools at their pediatricians office or other ways and with the vaccine still are most effective tool to ending the pandemic they're urging parents to get their kids jabbed, even if they've already had the virus it actually matures your t cells. why is that important? you actually want a long-lasting durable resp? especially if you're a child because if your child you have a long time ahead of you in san francisco tim johns abc 7 news and people got their booster shots today at the solano county fairgrounds in vallejo a first and second shots were also available today was opening day of the mass vaccination site there. the clinic will be open through the middle of december clinic organizers say they will also offer the johnson & johnson and moderna booster shots once they
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are authorized. all right the national league vision series is coming back to san francisco after the dodgers won last night to force a game five. yeah, it's been a good series actually abc 7 sports director. larry beil is here with a look ahead to tomorrow night and the stressler. there will be some stress giants and dodgers head into a winner-take-all game five of their division playoff series again tomorrow night at oracle park. they didn't really appear to be feeling much pressure this afternoon right now. they're they're taking part in a calm workout oracle park. there's logan webb will be starting he was great for the giants in game one seven and two thirds scoreless against jose orias who pitched very well for the dodgers and game too. it's a huge matchup now if you count regular season and playoffs the giants and dodgers both of 109 games this season, 110 will decide who moves on to the league championship series, so it's history on the line here. i think our players understand the magnitude of the game five in a ds at home against the dodgers first time playing the
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dodgers in a postseason series all of the dramatics that have happened in game fives along the way and some of the the cool things that have happened for for giant the giants players and giants fans. i think our players are well aware of that. hear them talk about it, it fires me up a little bit. it's the crowd is the you know, what we're doing on offense. i just everything it's like a sick play that cr. later, if you i feel like you just feed off of that. it just keeps going we're gonna be the only show in town. so if you have a pulse or your sports fan, you better be watching dodgers giants, so it's gonna be a great one. i hope to have a pulse when the game is over as well because going through nine innings is going to be challenging but dan logan webb revealed something today that i think is similar to your pre-show preparation. he said before every start he drinks three red bulls. how does he keep that hand?
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so steady to throw all those no way. i don't know. but we'll see tomorrow night. see if it works. all right. well in the north bay notices began going out this morning from pg&e about possible public safety power shutoffs tomorrow about 16,000 customers are under psps watch in portions of 12 counties. that is scaled down in the bay area the notice covers just more than 4,800 customers in three counties all in the north bay, napa. and solano counties for now pg&e has removed contra costa county from that list a gusty winds tomorrow could increase the risk of a wildfires, of course, so let's bring in meteorologist sandy patel with more on these windsandia. yeah, the winds are going to ramp up as we head into later on tonight and tomorrow so dan and kristen. let me show you the red flag warning for the carquinas strait and delta. it's 10 am to 8 pm wins 25 to 35 or higher. those are gus humidity will be 10 to 20% so any fires that break out are going to rapidly
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move right now. the winds are well about 15 miles an hour san francisco sfo 14 at fairfield but watch right around solano county as we head into tomorrow morning 22 in fairfield and that combined with the drier air mass is really going to take our fire danger up especially in parts of the north bay and even in parts of the east bay, i'll be back with a closer look at the forecast plus a look at when we'll turn things around in terms of the temperatures coming up dan and kristen. okay. thanks very much sandia confusion over an appointment booking app now a social a local salon wants to make other small businesses aware of this problem plus action over potential school closure in hayward why they say losing it would be a
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ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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against the potential closure of elementary schools in hayward, including a small school that serves a large immigrant population abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has that story. change the most young students at glassbrook elementary school a for the hayward unified school board poised to decide whether to close their school and four others due to a looming budget deficit closing to school is going to be like a displacement for them. we have a high population of immigrants, especially from central america and from afghanistan. we support families not only in education but also in the socio in socio and emotional state just as well if it closes next summer glass works 470 students would be absorbed. to a larger school in a neighboring community. the district is facing really long-term challenges that include declining enrollment and
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even after passing three bond measures we still have over 900 million dollars of facilities improvement needs. thank you still parents say closing glassbrook would be a huge blow to this community. everybody here is like family. i feel like my daughter comes home. you know talking about you know how greater day is and you know, i've never i have other kids in other schools and they don't they don't feel like that the district will begin holding town halls on the potential closures next week with the school board set to vote on november 17th. is it a done deal? it's definitely not a done deal these families. certainly. hope glass brook gets a reprieve. hello. in hayward, laurie anthony abc 7 news two birds covered in oil during that spill and huntington beach are all cleaned up and back in the wild when they came
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in. they were both heavily coated with fairly fresh product. but because we were able to get out there quickly get those animals back into our purpose built facilities and get the rehabilitation going we were able to turn them down turn them around and return them healthy back into the environment. wildlife officials released the birds today the oiled wildlife care network reports 28 oiled birds since the spill began on october 2nd 45 birds have been found dead though. not all were visibly oiled the cause of the pipeline. is not yet known investigators believe the pipeline was damaged earlier by a ship's anchor. los altos hair salon says a platform called claspass concierge is booking clients for businesses without their knowledge or their consent. the company says it's a way for their members to learn about new local businesses, but as abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz explains the owner of pursuit salon says, it's led to upset clients and a
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lot of confusion the owners of suit salon in los altos had an unusual encounter with a client this week who came in saying she had an appointment even though they had no record of it. someone came in and said they had an appointment book. on class pass and i told her we didn't have class pass the woman had used class pass concierge a beta program that allows members to book beauty services at local businesses. it's an expansion of the more well-known class pass app for fitness classes and gyms the problem for owners claire and whitney. they had never heard of class pass concierge and never consented to their business being on it. they took some lingo from our website and took some photos from our website and then uploaded some stock images. that we didn't even do the hair for so it was kind of alarming their profile also showed they had several openings for appointments that were not actually available class pass confirmed to us that they do list businesses that have not partnered with them the way it works is that classpass members
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can book beauty services on the platform with local businesses class pass will then contact that business to confirm if the appointment is available class pass says they did call pursuit salon to confirm the appointment. and then contacted the client to say the appointment was not available, but claire and whitney say they never got a call and that the woman you showed up said she had confirmation the woman was so upset. they ultimately offered her a free treatment class. to be doing that she showed up through something. we didn't even know about. per claire and whitney's request class pass has since removed pursuit salon from their platform as well as a nearby salon owned by a friend class pass told abc 7 news in a statement. they do not make any revenue off concierge services and that the platform is a way for their members to discover local businesses claire and whitney hopes sharing their experience will bring awareness to other small business owners like doordash signing restaurant up and asking for food delivery. that's not available, you know, it's it doesn't make sense to us in los altos list freud's abc 7
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news. downtown san francisco has a new outdoor recreation space the crossing at eastcut had its grand opening today. it's located at the old temporary translate terminal site at howard and main it has public street soccer and pickleball courts as well as an outdoor cinema and food trucks mayor london breed boasted the cities high vaccination rate will create more opportunities for root activities plays will play an important role in our economic recovery, but more importantly it will play an important role of continuing to bring people together. the crossing will host a free block party tomorrow starting at 4 pm to show off. space with food trucks games and sports live look outside where it's very pretty but definitely breezy. yeah still the wind is up and the fire danger will pick up for parts of the bay area meteorologist. sandhya patel will
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out danger out there because it's still dry kristen and the wind is still up there is that but there's also very exciting giants dodgers game five at oracle park tomorrow. so let's get the latest from sandia on all that. yeah, it's gonna be do or die kristen and dan as you both know. so let me show you the game time forecast at oracle park when the giants take on the dodgers. it's gonna be 60 degrees at first pitch plenty of sun out there a few high clouds last pitch 56 degrees and a little breezy. so take the if you're going to the game also, we have the walk to end alzheimer's for a silicon valley this saturday and excite park in san jose and right around the time the walk begins. it'll be sunny comfortable 62 degrees mild and sunny at 11 am and warm sunshine expected at noon time in the 70s with temperatures peaking in the low 80s later in the afternoon. well today was anything but warm it was a cooler day almost felt like we went to winter. we didn't get a lot of rain
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obviously but a few sprinkles did pass through as you look at live doppler 7. i'm talking about the chill like we went to winter a few sprinkles a little drizzle here a few snow showers in the sierra, nevada did not measure but we did need those wipers for some parts of the bay area right now over the higher. terrain. we have spring valley at 22 miles an hour. those winds are going to remain breezy along the coast and picking up over parts of solano as we head into tomorrow, which is why that red flag warning goes up tomorrow for the carquinas strait and delta and then it'll get dropped later on but the humidity values will be plunging as we go into tomorrow live look from our santa cruz camera. just absolutely gorgeous out there 56 in the city oakland 60 degrees low 60s around san jose 53 in pacifica and from our golden gate bridge camera. look at this. just nothing but blue skies a sign of what's to come mid to upper 60s from santa rosa to napa and even into novato. field 78 concord 68 some people are enjoying the sea lions up here at 39. it looks like they're enjoying the sun.
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that's for sure increasing winds and fire danger tomorrow clear and chilly especially and linda the morning and warmer days are expected through saturday tonight temperatures plunging tomorrow morning. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories for parts of lake and mendocino counties. it's going to be near to below freezing. so make sure you protect any tender plants. don't forget about the pets. temperatures in the 30s to 40s for most of you a few low 50s around antioch and san francisco afternoon highs coming up it's going to be noticeably warmer mid-60s to the low 80s. your thursday and as you check out the extended forecast for next week rain showers. yeah wetter than average at least a good 60 to 80% chance per climate prediction center of above average precip. we'll see accuweather 7-day forecast fire danger gusty areas tomorrow. we are looking at the winds easing warmer weather going into the weekend but cooler the second half and it's gonna be a slight chance of a few showers on wednesday. we'll keep you posted in case things changed and kristen. all right. great.
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thank you, sandhya. all right, a police chief with pink hair the north bay leader tryingomhing new for a
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breast cancer awareness month, of course in a local police.
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chief has made good on his vow to help the cause sebastopol police chief. kevin kilgore normally looks like this. well, not anymore last night. he died his hair pink after the community met his challenge to raise $2,500 for the north bay cancer alliance the chief hail the work the alliance does on our three o'clock program getting answers. supports all of the north bay area providing support research and a bunch of resources to those who have been stricken with this horrible disease and those who are survivor heroes and those who we've lost. chief kilgore says people could still donate by going to the department's facebook or instagram pages. what a nice powerful thing that he's done chris. i think he ought to keep the hair looks good. well, he's keeping at least through october. but yes, he told me he's getting a lot of compliments. yeah looks good. well, that's fantastic. right? well used to know david muir's next. i'm just and i'm dan ashley for
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sandhya patel all of us. we appreciate your time. we'll see you again here in half an hour before abc 7 news at 6. an hour before abc 7 news at 6. the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball? that's a sports injury. at kaiser permanente, we make getting care easy so you can get back on the court quicker.
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tonight, breaking the supply ch tonight, breaking the supply chain gridlock. and its growing economic toll. shortages on store shelves across america. cargo ships bottlenecked off the u.s. coast, unable to unload on the docks. president biden vowing to tackle the massive disruption, saying the port of los angeles will begin working around the clock, 24/7. and once on land, the struggle to find truck drivers to deliver the products. why americans are paying more for many hard to find items. and how this could impact your holiday shopping. news on a new study tonight about mixing and matching covid booster shots. preliminary results finding it's likely effective. saying no matter which vaccine booster, everyone saw an uptick in antibodies.


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