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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 15, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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finally tonight, it's been a long time waiting, but here it is. ♪ myself to swim when i am drowning ♪ >> "easy on me." 15-time grammy winner adele's first new single in six years. ♪ so please help me baby ♪ >> dropping just hours ago. her new album "30" is due out in november. and that's "nightline" for this ev
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news.
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it's just a disappointing way to end. our red hot giantd- to a long time rival and it was a controversial call that sealed the dodgers two to one playoff win. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm ahmed jades we begin our team coverage with abc 7 news sports. anchor chris alvarez at oracle park chris. well after a franchise record 107 wins in the regular season leading to the nl west title, the giant season ends in the nlds game 5 here against the dodgers the final a check swing from wilmer flores just a tough way to end it. there there's no for especially right now. there's need to be angry about that. i just think it's it's just a disappointing way to end. there there are other reasons. we didn't win today's baseball game. so that was just the last call of the game and yeah, that's that's enough. i'm trying to sell it as much as
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i possibly can so it's baseball and it's baseball and ultimately we want a ball game at the time. i didn't know but he obviously been able to see the replay and had didn't look like he went obviously would have rather come out on other side, but a happy ended up being a tie game and coming down to the wire obviously a disappointing ending to the giants season, but a lot to build on for a team that wasn't expected to do much a lot of experts have them at 75 to 81 wins. the giants went way past that coming up a little bit later in sports. larry beale has more highlights and reaction from tonight's game set it back to you. thanks, chris. well now let's get right to abc 7 news reporter kate larsen live at oracle park. yeah, kate though a bitter ending. the season was certainly a fun. for fans oh you bet dan clearly. this is not the outcome the giantsn sanisco. all i can tell you it was an absolute
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blast until those very last indians when it got topped and i can say that it was a absolutely beautiful display of community at oracle tonight. don't your fans elated as they clinch the nlds on a cold giants did not agree with. that call all night long. yeah, aw. full car but giants fans still grateful for an historic rivalry series we will we will we will get them next year the giants most inclusive team in the league. we will get them next year. come on john the game tied until the last innings torture for fans. francisco los angeles battle this front and center with mayors eric garcetti and london breed. this is like the world series. let's be lnee thet me in year.
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i don't even know what the world series is gonna be better than what we're experiencing right now today like the mayors wer cy because i mean we dreamed about this we dream about this to play with the gets. and giants legend barry says he's still got it. i'm run over that wall. no problem. all right, and you know there is hope because i just ran into the morales family who drove all the way here from avenal in the central valley baby. nicholas is just one year old so he's got a lot of giants games left in him with his buster posey jersey. will you guys be back next year? yeah, definitely. all right. well, we can't wait and so let's wait for next year reminder. it's 2022 next year. that would be an even year live at oracle. i'm kate larson abc 7 news, but it's not like we're keeping tracks still or anything. thank you kate. okay, well fans wereopaefty prit
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could have been the most important game ever in the giants-dodgers the garage on townsend street. historical park charged fans, $180 giants and dodgers fans jockeyed though to get into another parking garage and cost a traffic jam to pay $170 to see tonight's game. i mean 10 bucks might get you a bottle of water. maybe. wow, that's what else. all right. well if you want to thank the giants for this really excellent season we posted this badge on our abc 7 news bay area facebook page you can share it and post it on your as well. while strong off when offshorefr winds didn't materialize today prompting pg&e to cancel the public safety power shutoff that was going to impact the north bay here with air conditions now is our spencer christian spencer. okay. we're all happy that those winds are stronger winds did not materialize so we don't have any red flag warnings for hi-fi danger right now. and of course no pg&e a power outages. so look at the calm winds right
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now all around the bay area wind speeds that are measurable are in the single digits under a ten miles per hour even in the higher elevations. we just have a couple of gusty locations and the wind speed wind gusts animation shows that going overnight into tomorrow winds will be at the mild to level, which is good news. however, we still have relatively low humidity. not so much near the coast in the bay but in our inland areas higher elevations tomorrow humidity is still going to be really really low and the vegetation is going to be very dry. so we'll still be watching for high fire risk, but at the moment things are looking pretty good. dananama. okay spencer. thanks very much now for people traveling down the coast this weekend highway. one is now reopened near the alisal fire burning their santa barbara the section of the highway from goleta to highway 1 has been closed for three days. the chp says while it is reopened emergency crews are still working nearby. so if you're heading that way you need to be careful. course the alisal fire has burned more than 16,000 acres
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and is 11% contained all of us. are fresh dressed in heart? tonight's students and s a shared their feelings at a special meeting about sexual misconduct allegations at oakland school of the arts and how the campus community has responded since abc 7 news reporter jr. stone has the details this is oakland school for the arts a charter middle and high school in oakland where recently 22-6 through 12th grade students anonymously said they have experienced some form of sexual violence at the school. i talked to my daughter about good touch and bad touch all the time so that she knows what's appropriate and not appropriate parents like leisha. allen are concerned a reason why the school held a special meeting thursday night to address the situation going forward after the students came forward. there was this walk out two weeks ago then just last week students say at least two fights broke out involving those who felt they were being accused of
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wrongdoing thursday night administrators addressed action taken after that. there were suspensions for harm harassment and for cyberbullying according to the executive director accusations have almost exclusively targeted black heterosexual males. it is unknown though. what action has been taken against any students or employees involved in possible sexual misconduct, but students say they want help. victims and measures put in place provide a safer environment. i just want to make sure that people who were touched are okay, and make sure it never happens again. yeah. i saw a lot of my friends crying at the walkout administrators say they are working to do better reviewing policies regarding campus security and safety. we need to come together now. repair where we can do better. and how we can move the school
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forward jr. stone abc 7 news. tomorrow mask rules will loosen for some venues in san francisco and marin counties if everyone is fully vaccinated and there aren't more than 100 people masks won't be required in offices gyms indoor college classes or religious gatherings participating businesses and organizations are responsible for vaccine verification. similar rules will take effect in contra, costa county on november. health officials say the changes are doable as covid transmission continues to decrease bart is telling its employees to get vaccinated or risk losing their jobs more than 800 bard employees remain unvaccinated despite repeated efforts to encourage them to get the shots bard's board of directors approve the new mandate today and directed bart leadership to work with its unions to determine what will happen to employees who refuse the vaccine board members say the policy is necessary to keep employees and writers safe. fda advisory panel voted
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unanimously for modernas booster shot today that puts it on a path to emergency authorization. the booster would be for people 65 years of age and and sno resto pteio panel takes up & johnson booster tomorrow the vaccine for children from 5 to 11 years old is still weeks away from being authorized but the federal government is already drawing up meticulous plans for a nationwide rollout. the plan includes advice to states to order doses in advance the vials containing doses for five to 11 year olds will come with different colored tops to avoid any confusion and doses for adults and children will not be distributed at the same time. you can always ask our vaccine team your questions. just go to abc 7 news com slash vaccine and click on that big. box bill clinton hospitalized with an infection will have the latest on his road to recovery.
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the first of its kind event for unhoused south bay residents a new effort to bring resources directly to them and the home with nearly a hundred rattlesn. oke what drew the rattlers to one north bay property first to look at what's coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live right after abc 7 news at 11 jimmy. thanks, dan. and alma. this is gonna be one of the best thursdays ever. who is this famous celebrity the guy who do the show long time start all you know, camille william shatner
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george stephanopoulos, michael strahan, come on. we could all use some good in our mornings. so join us. wake up with america's number one most watched morning show abc. good morning. oh how i love saying that. new tonight former president bill clinton is in the hospital being treated for a blood infection tonight mr. clinton was admitted to uc irvine medical center on tuesday after feeling fatigued at a private event. he was brought to the emergency room and diagnosed with sepsis doctors are treating him with antibiotics and he said to be on the mandan in good spirits. police department is hoping you'll recognize this car they say was involved in the killing of a 15 year old girl shamara young was shot during a road rage. incident on october 6th, the suspect's vehicle looks like a
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silver two-door honda accord from the early 2000s shemar's uncle was taking her home when another driver started taunting them and shot into their car in the south bay a first of its kind resource fair to help build a better bay area for unhoused residents in south san jose organizers. say the area is a resource desert a distance away from much needed services abc 7 news reporter amanda castillo has more on the behind today's fair a collective effort to take care of san jose residents experiencing homelessness on the city's south side. thursday's unhoused resource fair was the first for the all volunteer team unhoused response group or urged and along list of other advocates and agencies. we are definitely in a spot that within a quarter mile of us. there's a hundred on house people a spot sean cartwright describes as a resource desert a distance away from homeless services, which they say are located mainly near downtown but here along the guadalupe river
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of clothes we're gonna have food we have narcan we have the meth test strips to make sure there's no fentanyl in it. also dmv and social security andactis, ahower services of seetsay tackl he. itrobablyould te few there because our new ride a lot. i would always riding somewhere and there's a deeper connection driving cart right and her crew each have experienced homelessness at some point of their lives. i'm kind of overjoyed and overwhelmed right now. i was unhoused out here for approximately three and a half years. rj ramsey is now an advocate and volunteer with urge returning to his former campsite. yeah, i hear on the south side. you don't know about things like like ebt food stamps any programs. assist you we are you might as
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well be speaking another language out here after. gout services himself ramsey certain this fear will be the stuff of many in san jose, i'm a mess still yo abc 7 news federal law enforcement agencies have put out an alert for potential cyber threats aimed at disrupting our water and wastewater systems the alert warns of fishing campaigns ransomware attacks and even inside earth threats from current and former employees. the agencies say there have been reece cyber intrusions in the us so far this year contra costa santa clara valley and east bay mud tell abc 7. they are working to keep their systems secure. all right, if this story keeps you up tonight, i apologize the north bay homeowner. it was surprised to find more than a few rattlesnakes living under her home recently. in fact nearly 100 rattlesnakes. enter professional snake wrangler al wolf to the rescue. he's rounded up snakes from properties for 32 years, but even he was shocked when he saw the number. makes living beneath this property wolf says that the
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drought will cause snakes to go to areas where there's water looking for lizards and rodents. the snake wrangler has been bitten 13 times, but boy, he sure loves his job. i was tickled pink. i wish that happened every day to me. givee a 300. i mean as long as i got enough containers to put them in come back enough. i'll do it all day long. al is into this all the snakes are being released in rural sonoma county and with any luck, they will stay alma in a rural area. i guess you've got to be really into it if that's what you're gonna do. can you imagine he said in our interview? he said boy, i'd love to go under there and find 300s he's a brave dude. yes, definitely. all right spencer has our weather looking. yes on the weather dude, so he was looking what's going on right now. you may not find this graphic exciting, but it's such good news. after a short because the winds are basically calm and we haven't seen this kind of wind pattern in quite some time, especially in these days of high fire danger, but at the moment of clear skiesro sutow
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ngs deee hern 3acrossheaynd oakland mountain view 56 59 in san jose 55 and morgan hill and 60 at pacifica. so that's our warm spot right now and the view from the east bay hills camera a clear unobstructed view looking across the bay towards san so 49 degrees right now in santa rosa, so getting a little cool up north upper 40s also at novato and napa 49 at fairfield 57 at concord and livermore 55 degrees. and here's the view of the moon over san francisco from the exploratorium camera. these are our forecast features. it'll be clear overnight as it is right now lighter winds of course near summer like warmth will be with us tomorrow and saturday and we can expect a much cooler and unsettled weather pattern beginning on sunday. so for the overnight hours look for a few high clouds passing over. a generally we're calling it clear skies with low temperatures mainly in the upper 40s to low 50s, but a little bit chillier in the far northern locations of our viewing area some mid-40 showing up there and
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then tomorrow's highs will range from 73 to half moon bay to 77 here in san francisco and right around the bay shoreline most locations. will top out at about 80 81, maybe 82 degrees down on the south bay. we'll see a high temperature range of low to mid 80s mainly mid 80s and the inland east bay and we warm there and warm up with the north bay as well. where highs will the generally be in the mid 80s now on saturday at excite park in san jose. it's the walk to end alzheimer's certainly a worthy cause it's going to be a sunny day registration starts at 8 am the actual walk begins at 9:30. it's going to be a sunny day all day with temperature starting off in the morning hours in the mid-50s to low 60s and then later in the day upper 60s to mid 70s. so beautiful day for a walking certainly a terrific cause here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. we can expect almost summer like tomorrow and saturday, especially inland where high temperatures will be in the mid to upper 80s the next two days low 80s around the bayshore line and low 70s or even higher on the coast, but we get a sharp
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and sudden cool down onf cloudse picture. it's going to be a much cooler and unsettled pattern going into next week. you might even get some showers or light rain late next week. yeah, that would be nice.
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coming back for a second go-round this year. this event usually comes only once a year, but this year it happened in both the spring and fall more than 160 restaurants will participate each one will offer a prefix menu for lunch or dinner at a discount the golden gate restaurant association. think it will give local eateries a little boost in what's been a difficult year remember many of us and i have two restaurants myself. we're closed for seven plus months like hard stop closed and many of us are struggling to to come back to make up those losses hundreds of thousands of dollars of losses that people took san francisco restaurant
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week starts tomorrow and runs through october 24th. all right sport tractor, larry beil is here the giants game larry ended with disbelief yeah, give me a robot on give me expanded use of replay an awful way to end a brilliant season you make the call right here. i mean, is this a swing? how do you end an epic series on an umpire mistake? where are the robots what we who doesn't like more? and i mean, like, a lot more.
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rock casino good evening. the giant spectacular season came to an agonizing end at the hands of the dreaded dodgers game 5 of the national league division series filled night that ended on just aruca and dj jones lea t beat la chance, whoa game one winner logan webb tremendous again red bull coming at you a web west seven innings fans, seven no score until the sixth mookie bets a pest all night four for
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four stole second then cory seeger with a single to left bets scores and the dodgers get what felt like an enormous run one nothing la. all right bottom six. here it comes. there it goes dar. rough a bomb off jose orias who pitched four weddings of relief to the veggie garden 452 feet giants tie it up 1-1 42,000 going nuts the curry's stuff and aisha a bunch of warriors in the house to the ninth cody bellinger. he had a terrible regular season clutch here single off camilla duvall driving in justin turner dodgers up two to one bottom nine now, go two outs tying run on for wilmer flores against max scherz are trying for the first day of his career giants fans were hopeful florist checks ris them up horrendous strike three call florist did not go around a bad way to end a magnificent season as the dodgers advanced to the national league championship series 2-1
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logan webb already. look ahead. this won't be the last time we play them in. i'm shocked. it was the first but what a series for the first time and we don't plan on, you know, taking any steps backwards, and i know they don't so hopefully fun for years to come. i was hopeful at some point in my career. i was gonna get a chance to play the dodgers and the playoffs you hope to come out on other side of it, but it was the well played series and i don't think anybody on our side is gonna have any regrets. nfl tonight a feisty tom brady in the bucks visiting philly you want a piece of me? you through for 297 yards and two touchdowns right here to antonio brown leaping 14-7 bucks lead brown nine catches in the game. he's become brady's favorite receiver leonard. fournette two short touchdown runs. he's gonna toss it into the stands here the ball and the philly fan gives it to a happy tampa guy that's in philly of
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all places bucks a win 2822 and they are now five in one sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino. gotta say i mean, the end was really rough, but gabe kapler measured and more mature than many of us when said that one call did not cost us the game. we had plenty of chances and the giants are loaded for the future. the minor leagues well stocked. this is just the beginning. it's not the
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our newscasts live and on demand through the abc 7 bay area connected tv app. it's available. for apple tv android tv amazon fire tv and roku download the app now and start streaming. alright. thank you so much for watching tonight. i'm on dates and i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time for spencer christian. larry beale. have a great night right now on jimmy kimmel jimmy kimmel salma hayek. good night.
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