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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 15, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. for a second straight night here, a major new decision on boosters. that key fda panel now voting on the johnson & johnson booster today. unanimously voting yes on a second shot. when to get this shot and this time a major difference when it comes to who should get it. and a second question, should the johnson & johnson shot should have been two notes so begin with? what you need to know tonight. news on former president bill clinton in the hospital for several days in california. what we now know about his condition. hillary clinton visiting him in the hospital and matt gutman is there. tonight, the first capitol police officer charged with obstruction of justice in the
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riot. the officer accused of telling a rioter, i agree with your stance and what he toll the rioter to do. nikolas cruz and what his attorney says he's about to do. the british lawmaker stabbed and kills during a meeting with his constituents. ian pannell from london. back here at home tonight, storms from alabama to new york. damaging winds, large hail, possibledos an coming this weekend. chain.sply jurynstrucons six wks nit, keybacklog. and martha raddatz taking us out on the water, up close, the massive cargo ships waiting to be unloaded. tonight, adele, that song, 38 million views and what she's revealed about it. this evening, the clue. someone you met here.
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she stood up to overwhelming applause. applause. o tk?he's doneso good evening. and it's great to have you with us as we near the end of another week together. news just coming in on former president bill clinton. we'll get to that in just a moment here, but we are going to begin with the major headline in this pandemic. tonight the fda's vaccine advisory panel endorsed johnson & johnson's booster shot, too, suggesting you get it two months after the first shot. this time it's not just for 65 and older and for those at high risk. this particular booster is for everyone 18 years and older who got the johnson & johnson one-shot vaccine. they were unanimous. but one of the key questions in that room, should the johns johnson & johnson vaccine have been a two-dose vaccine a night long? the country moves forward with
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boosters for each of the vaccines. and today on the johnson & johnson shot, members of the panel saying the second dose, the booster, important because while the first dose effective, not as strong as they'd hoped. saying there's real urgency to their decision today. the other headline involves tourism, visitors to the u.s. the u.s. announcing foreign visitors who are fully welcome will be welcome beginning november 8th, about three weeks from now. we begin with the new booster it will panel saying yes, and abc's whit johnson leading us off. . tonight a fda advisory panel -- but unlike pfizer and moderna boosters limited to older adults or those at high risk, the panel recommending the j&j for anyone 18 and older at least two months after getting the first vaccine. >> the fda panel recognized
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serious urgency to support patients that have gotten the j&j vaccine, but ultimately we're not necessarily satisfied with all the options in front of them, so they went for a broader recommendation. >> reporter: data from johnson & johnson show a booster two months after the first shot shows an increased protection against symptomatic disease up to 94% and 100% against severe disease. in a more limited study showed a booster after six months produced up to 12 times as many antibodies compared to those who did not get the extra dose. >> the safety was very good with the booster dose. the safety was actually slightly better than for the first dose. and no new or unexpected safety events occurred. >> reporter: panel members want to see more long-term data but in the end recommended an earlier booster pointing to the low overall effectiveness of the j&j vaccine compared to moderna and phaser. >> what we're seeing ises this a group with lower overall
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efficacy than we have seen with the mrna vaccine so there is some urgency here. >> reporter: the advisers launching into a spirited debate over whether j&j should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with. the company defending the need for a single shot option in a pandemic. and today, a key question on mixing and matching vaccines, specifically whether it's safe and effective to boost johnson & johnson with an mrna shot. a small study shows that a johnson & johnson booster dose triggered a climb in antibody levels four fold but a boost we are pfizer sent those up 35 fold and with a moderna boost, they jumped 76 fold. panel members acknowledging the public needs guidance soon. >> in the real world the combinations are already happening. we can't hide from it. we need to give guidance to the public. >> really interesting discussion from the panel about whether the
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johnson & johnson vaccine should have been a two-shot vaccine from the start. but big picture here tonight, the panel saying yes to boosters from pfizer. that was weeks ago. the moderna booster they said yes to yesterday and tonight the johnson & johnson booster. so boosters for all vaccines. how soon would we see the new boosters rolling out? >> reporter: this moving on to a cdc panel meeting next wednesday and thursday on recommendations for the moderna and johnson & johnson booster shots. if authorized those shots could start rolling out by the end of next week. that panel could also weigh in on mixing and matching vaccines. today's experts seem supportive but right now there's still no time line for a decision. david? >> whit johnson leading us off on a friday night. thank you. we have just learned tonight that former president bill clinton will spend at least another night in a california hospital. his doctors are saying, he is, quote, on the mend after being hospitalized for an infection that put him in the icu.
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overnight, hillary clinton seen leaving after visiting her husband. and tonight here, what we've now learned about his condition so far. abc's chief national correspondent matt gutman outside the hospital in california tonight. >> reporter: tonight bill clinton battling infection at a southern california hospital and speaking on the phone with president biden who late today delivered an upbeat assessment. >> he's always been the comeback kid. he's getting out of the hospital, everything's going well. >> reporter: the 75-year-old clinton was admitted tuesday after feeling overly fatigued during his first west coast trip since the pandemic began. an aide telling abc news clinton was diagnosed with a urological infection, which then spread into a more general infection. overnight secretary hillary clinton seen leaving the hospital hours after her husband's condition was made public. doctors saying he is responding to antibiotics well. >> he obviously has gotten very aggressive care with intravenous antibiotics and fluids. he's turned around really
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quickly. >> reporter: a clinton aide telling abc news the former president has been up and about, reading, texting, and joking and charming the hospital staff. doctors at uc-irvine medical center underscored clinton does not have covid and that his condition is not related to his history of heart disease. clinton had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and a pair of stents implanted in 2010. since then he's gone vegan and adopted a more healthy lifestyle, something he told abc news he wished he'd done sooner. >> maybe if i had stayed on a lower fat diet, you know, maybe if i had not eaten so many hamburgers and steaks which i love, maybe if i had, you know, had slightly less stress in my life and not worked as hard as when i left office as i did when i was there, maybe it one of different. >> the president going to stay another night, diagnose with an infection that spread. but the doctors saying his
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prognosis is gd.usntgo his reiterating that the president is responding well to the intravenous treatment and critically his white blood cells are decreasing. could be a sign that his infection is getting better. they want to keep him here one more night just to be sure. >> thank you, matt. next tonight, the first capitol policeofficer charged with obstruction of justice in the january 6th riot. the officer accused of telling a rioter, i agree with your political stance and what authorities say he told that rioter to here's pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight a decorated capitol police officer is accused of helping a rioter evade justice for his alleged role in the january 6th insurrection that injured many of the officer's peers. a potentially stunning turnaround for michael riley, seen here in a 2011 video when a national law enforcement
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organization honored him as officer of the month for helping an injured colleague. >> i would have done it for any other officer. >> but in obstruction of justice charges announced today federal prosecutors describe riley as giving aid and comfort to a rioter. at one point riley allegedly messaged the man, identified by a source as jacob hiles, writing, i'm a capitol police officer who agrees with your political stance. according to charging documents, hiles posting images of himself at the riot to facebook. riley is accused of warning hiles to remove posts showing him inside the capitol. everyone who was in the building is going to be charged. just looking out. according to the fbi, riley did this even while acknowledging to hiles, we had over 50 officers hurt, some pretty bad. hiles was charged with a misdemeanor and pleaded guilty last month. david, more than 140 officers were injured that day. if convicted, riley faces up to 40 years in prison. david? >> pierre thomas live at the
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capitol for us. thank you, pierre. next this evening a major development after that horrific massacre at the marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida, nearly four years ago now. tonight, lawyers for accused gunman nikolas cruz on what their client plans to do. victor oquendo has been on this story from the start. >> reporter: nikolas cruz, the school shooter in parkland, florida, standing before a judge in court today. >> attempted aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer with a deadly weapon. how do you wish to plea? >> i plead guilty. >> reporter: pleading guilty to this assault of a prison guard in 2018. and in an unexpected development his lawyers telling the judge that he intends to plead guilty to killing 14 students and 3 staff members and another 17 counts of attempted murder. >> we're going to ask the court to sentence him on counts 18 to 34 to 17 consecutive life sentences. >> they believe it's in his best
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interest. >> reporter: the pleas come with no conditions and prosecutors still plan on seeking the death penalty, but this would spare families of the victims from enduring a likely lengthy trial. 17-year-old joaquin oliver was killed at marjory stoneman douglas high school. his father telling abc news whether cruz gets life or death, that won't change his pain. >> it's not even close to what the worst punishment this guy will receive. so i think that justice will be just ending the chapter, ending it. >> reporter: in the months following the massacre, surviving students compelling the nation, starting the massive march for our lives movement. but ultimately, in the near four years since the shooting, there's been no legislative action on gun control. >> the fact of the matter is there are going to be more shootings that continue to happen until we get comprehensive action and address not only how people get guns, but why they pick them up in the first place. >> reporter: next week nikolas cruz is expected plead
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then comes the sentencing where a jury decides if he'll get prison or the death penalty. that would have to be -- a member of british parliament was stabbed to death with a meet and greet with his constituents inside a church hall. ian pannell from london tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the shocking murder of a prominent british lawmaker stabbed to death inside a church hall. david amess was running a meet and greet with voters today in leigh on sea, about 40 miles from london. shortly after midday, an assailant rushed forward and stabbed him multiple times. an air ambulance was dispatched, but the man who'd served in public office for almost 40 years died soon after. police say a 25-year-old man has been assisted but hasn't been identified. >> it will be for investigators to determine whether or not this is a terrorist incident. >> reporter: the 69-year-old amess was outspoken in favor of
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brexit and an ardent animal rights activist. his death bringing back terrible memories of the shooting and stabbing to de. tonight tributes pouring in. >> the reason i think people are so shocked and saddens is above all he was the kindest, most gentle people in politics. >> reporter: amess leaves behind a wife and five children. tonight flags flying at half staff here in parliament in a country where politics, like in america, is becoming increasingly polarize. i think questions this evening about whether or not politicians are still safe to go about the most basic of duty, leading the people who elected them. >> ian, thank you. back here at home tonight we're monitoring the potential for severe weather from arkansas to new york. heavy rain, damaging winds, several possible tornadoes already. rob marciano tracking it all, and what we face this weekend. hey, rob. >> reporter: same system that
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brought several days of severe weather to the mains and running inseon hot air in the east. record setting in new york, pennsylvania, delaware. 80-plus temperature there is. that's the fuel. we've got a storm watch posted for memphis. that line of storms will be pushing over the ohio river valley, the appalachians overnight. that's when it could become then it.cross coos down. it will feel more like fall come sunday morning. >> great to have you. we turn to the crisis in the supply chain tonight. tonight, martha raddatz takes us out on the water. and another key part of this backlog, a major shortage of truck drivers to deliver the goods. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: with empty shelves in stores across the country, tonight a clear portrait of one of the major causes of the supply chain crisis, a critical shortage of truck drivers. >> the trucking industry, a lot
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of them have sought other opportunities in other sectors. >> reporter: american retailers depending on those trucks to deliver billions of dollars of good, now trapped on these massive cargo ships sitting idle in a floating log jam. our martha raddatz is in los angeles, where 25 more ships are expected in the coming days. >> reporter: right now in the port of long beach, there are more than 60 container ships anchored here. normally there wouldn't be any. and these are the ones we can see. out beyond here there are dozens more waiting to anchor. >> reporter: the cost of shipping a container from china to the u.s. skyrocketing from roughly $1,300 to more than 16,000, and it's taking nearly twice as long. what once took 41 days to arrive now taking 75. and with the holidays just around the corner, shortages from furniture to cars to electr electr electronics, including tablets and video games. ripple effects for big box
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retailers and mom and pop shops. this man owns a music store in tucson. he says ships companies are charging him five times as much for deliveries. >> it's strange for us calling not to get it in a couple days. frustrating and out of the norm. >> reporter: experts say the truck driver shortage is perhaps the weakest link in the supply chain, largely responsible for all that congestion we're seeing at the ports. disruptions are expected to get worse before better. >> you saw martha raddatz on the water. she'll have much more sunday on "this week". in the meantime, the texas law banning most abortions in that state is headed back to the u.s. supreme court. the biden administration says it will ask the justices to issue a pause on the nation's strictest anti-abortion law and its enforcement mechanism that empowers individuals to sue anyone enabling an unlawful abortion in that state. the law took effect last month after the supreme court declined to intervene then.
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mom still inspiring us. our person of the week. >> reporter: we have been reporting on yvonne giannis for years now, the san antonio mother of four was a teacher, a principal, and a freak accident changed her life forever. she was loading packages into the back of her suv when she was hit from behind, pinning her legs. both legs amputated above the knee. she would learn to use a wheelchair. >> i was just depressed, i was sad, and i wanted my life back. i wanted my legs back. >> reporter: after ten years in the wheelchair, that's when we heard about what she had done. it was a promise she made to her late father to stand again. her work began at the boot camp for amputees. >> i met a group of amazing amputees. they were up and they were walking. after months of hard work, yvonne on stage lifting herself
3:58 pm
out of her wheelchair. >> i have sat in that thing for nine years and seven months. i was going to get up, get on with life. >> reporter: and this week, yvonne back at that boot camp. we learned that during this pandemic, doctors told her she had stage two breast cancer. two surgeries. her boot camp family supporting her, wearing their yvonne strong t-shirts. tonight we can report she is now cancer free. a huge hug from her boot camp buddy amanda. >> i'm so happy you're okay. >> hi, david. it's yvonne. >> reporter: and tonight, this message from yvonne. >> life is going to through sta. do not let those aboobstacles g in your way. >> yvonne, you have inspired usa
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moving forward findingspired usa solutions. this is abc 7 news. we need to get the unvaccinated vaccinated what we're trying to do is bring your immunity up to the point when you were first vaccinated. a new boost for millions of americans were trying to keep from getting covid-19. it's time to unmask. two bay area counties new rules kick in today and a lot of signs are coming down. i'm cornell barnard that story coming up. and with that we say good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil and i'm kristen z. you're watching abc 7 news at four live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream some big news today when it comes to covid vaccine booster shots an fda advisory panel authorized a third shot of moderna for seniors and those who are at high risk or who have underlying conditions the same panel. also authorized johnson & johnson boosters for everybody 18 years and up. and visor has asked european regulators to approve its vaccine for five to 11 year olds. it has already made the same
4:00 pm
request in the us starting november 8th foreign travelers will need proof. they are fully vaccinated in order to enter the us the other big news a slight easing of mass rules abc 7 news reporter corn. our joins his life from san rafael with the big step forward today and perhaps an even bigger step in the near future cornell. yeah, you're right kristen. it is a milestone for sure in marin county and in san francisco masks no longer required for certain. indoor settings like gyms. we're here at f45 training in san rafael where masks are coming off office workers are also ditching the masks as well. the signs are coming down at the headquarters of san francisco tech firm fast. this is a milestone for us today face masks are no longer required for employees. it's a nice feeling that the city decides. it's safe for us to take our mass up again, and it's just a