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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 15, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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olds. it has already made the same request in the us starting november 8th foreign travelers will need proof. they are fully vaccinated in order to enter the us the other big news a slight easing of mass rules abc 7 news reporter corn. our joins his life from san rafael with the big step forward today and perhaps an even bigger step in the near future cornell. yeah, you're right kristen. it is a milestone for sure in marin county and in san francisco masks no longer required for certain. indoor settings like gyms. we're here at f45 training in san rafael where masks are coming off office workers are also ditching the masks as well. the signs are coming down at the headquarters of san francisco tech firm fast. this is a milestone for us today face masks are no longer required for employees. it's a nice feeling that the city decides. it's safe for us to take our mass up again, and it's just a
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nice a feeling to connect with colleagues on that level people in. cisco can now unmas i some indoor settings like small offices were fully vaccinated people gather it manager. matthew anderson says, it's a new day at work. you know, it's really nice to get back to some kind of normal condition. the rules are also changing in marin county or f-45 training san rafael. no longer requires masks for vaccinated members. we're thrilled. it's been a long haul of mask wearing owners. kyle macbeth and michael perry plan to offer separate classes from members who still want to wear a mask or maybe unvaccinated. it's great to be able to offer also a class where people are still a little bit unsure and whether they're back. not they can keep a mask on and feel safe. no mask is a game changer for holly casey. it means that i don't have to sweat as much on my face that i can breathe and not feel like
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i'm going to pass out marin county public health officer, dr. matt willis appeared on our 3 pm show getting answers telling kristen z when the mask mandate could be lifted across the board. we stay in the yellow tier now we have three days under our belt on the yellow. it's here. we stay in the yellow here for three total. on november 3rd, we would be able to lift the mask mandate as a county and in that case we've been falling back to the state mask mandate importantly. we're only talking about the local mandate the state would still require that people who are unvaccinated in public places. in order settings to continue to cover their face. yeah, so for now november novemr the target date at least here in marin county and dr. willis says other state agencies as he mentioned will have the final say if the mandate is lifted completely for masks in offices larger offices and other spots bottom line. don't ditch the masks just yet. we're live in san rafael cornell barnard abc 7.
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yes. hoping for that for november 3rd for marin county of all goes well, but for today cornell this easing that we have today. a this all depends on stable cohorts of vaccinated people. so is that just on the honor system? no, it's not actually in in in setting starting today proof of vaccination required if you want to work out and take your mask off that same rule has been on the books for quite a while in san francisco. so it's a small step. word plus as one person said to me today, it's so nice to see. people smiling faces. once again, it's been a while, right? it has been a while. all right cornell thank you covid transmission is dropping in the bay area currently marin and san mateo counties. are in the yellow tier which means moderate transmission napa is the only local county still in the red tier with high transmission all others in the bay area are orange which means substantial by the cdc's definition new vaccination requirement went into effect
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today for berkeley workers at indoor businesses including restaurants bars gyms and child care facilities are among those mandated to be vaccinated now if they aren't they need to get tested for covid weekly all berkeley city. have to be vaccinated by november 15th bart employees will also be required to get fully vaccinated that new policy goes into effect in mid-december. what's unclear right now is whether there's going to be a testing option and what will happen to those who refuse to get the shots abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has a closer look at that decision. bard is now going the way of many other public agencies and private companies with a decision to require its nearly 4,000 employees to get. native as it is now about 80% of our employees are fully vaccinated, but that leaves 833 who are not or their vaccine status is unknown still 20% more than 800 employees. that's a lot of people. yeah it is and that's why it's so important because we need to
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protect the health and safety of bart workers and bart riders bart's board voted to require vaccines, but let the details to the general manager and administration to work out with each of the transit districts many unions employ. will have until december 13th to get fully vaccinated unless they have a narrowly defined religious or health exemption in public comments that the board meeting at least one member of the bart police officers association voiced his objections to a covid vaccine mandate. this is a medical decision for individuals to make and shouldn't be a condition for continued employment or any other healthcare. question we're encouraged to get a second opinion. even the biden administration's proposal that's working through ocean now has a testing option. so does the state worker proposal has a testing option? i think that was a very good that would have been the next step the boards vote on thursdays a policy decision that now has to be worked out with parts of various unions. what's still unclear is what
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happens to those employees who don't have an exemption but still refused to get vaccinated. so the the management an t r will beorwhat would be the res for those who aren't vaccinated. so that hasn't been determined yet. besides bart muni is the only other major transit agency in the bay area to make employee vaccines. mandatory. laurie anthony abc 7 news. the cdc is out today with its guidance on how best be safe during the upcoming holidays first and foremost get vaccinated. the cdc says vaccines will protect those not yet eligible to get a shot. especially young children. we're welping masks over your nose and mouth if you're in public indoor settings if you're not fully vaccinated also avoid crowded poorly ventilated spaces and stay home if you're not feeling well. bay area health officials are offering their own guidelines and recommendations for halloween this year abc
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reporter dustin dorsey explains what you should keep in mind get to keep yourself and others safe. in two weeks time witches monsters and ghosts will take over the bay area on halloween night. i guess it's a good thing this little one will dress up as a superhero. she goes out trick-or-treating for the very first time. are you excited for halloween? yeah, just definitely being able to take her out so she can have the full experience dressing her up. obviously. yeah getting candy, but at the end of the day is more about her experience like getting to see what you know, what most kids have been able to do while some people enjoyed a new way to holiday last year halloween is getting the safety seal of approval for medical experts in 2021 with precautions in mind. we know families really look forward to halloween. fun time but covid is still out there in our communities and there are things that people can do to reduce the risk. so these are just some simple rules that families can follow to try to keep each other safe
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almost across the board in the bay area health officers are offering the same. safety advice to families celebrating halloween and dia de los muertos this year if you can give vaccinated don't go out if you're sick if you get together gather outdoors and in small groups wash your hands and wear a mask. i mean, i love those scary masks, but when we're talking about masking for covid. yeah, it's either those medical masks or even a good two-layer fabric mask that fits close around the nose and mouth that can help as well. as dr. moss said covid is still out there and families may still have concerns about enjoying the festivities safely. but ucsf epidemiologist, dr. george rutherford says if you follow the guidelines you can have a fun and safe time on halloween night first and foremost. everybody should enjoy halloween. it's like the it's the best day of the kid year after christmas, right? i completely agree with the recommendations and it's going to be quite safe with with some
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common sense precautions. so be safe and have a scary good. dustin dorsey abc 7 news well, we may not know exactly what the weather's going to be like on halloween because we're still a couple of weeks. way we do know however some rain is finally thankfully on the way abc 7 news meteorologist sandy patel here were the first look of the forecast i send hi there. yeah and larry that rain is coming in the second half of your weekend right now. i want to show you what it looks like from our south beach camera. just blue skies out there. it is warm. the coast is clear as you look one for this weekend a light storm. and as we take a look at the timeline sunday morning a little bit of drizzle not out of the question. we head into 4 pm the north bay starts to pick up some moderate pockets of rain 7 pm that rain line is starting to shift into the east bay down across the south bay and the santa cruz mountains. i'll let you know how long this is going to last and when we might see another opportunity for rain coming right up larry. all right, sandy. see you in a few minutes the
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restaurant week is back for the second time this year more than 160 restaurants participating ing now is lor wit theant asciio freque the program. hi, laurie. hi, what's restaurant week? all of i'm doing good. what's restaurant week all about in terms of the concept? yeah, well the concept's been around for a while. this is the second year. we've done it in the spring and the fall and it's been super well received. it's basically a 10 days of go out and dine and take advantage of some discounted special menus that you're restaurants are offering either at lunch and/or dinner and we have over a hundred and sixty participating restaurants for this year's ten day event. so how is it different from the restaurant week? well, it's not it's just different. there are some different restaurants of participate. we don't you know, we don't dictate you have to be in both. so it's basically the same event, but people do change up
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their menus. they offer more seasonal opportunities. like i say, i haven't, you know fact-checked which ones are in from spring and which ones from fall but we definitely added a lot more restaurants in the bayview for example, and we really continued our outreach to chinatown chinatown and to the mission district and trying to get them as broad a representation as possible. so it sounds like you had restaurants all over town. do you want to name? drop it all? oh, well, you know they're hard tons of them. i mean i can i can pull up ones from different areas. the cool thing is if you go to sf restaurant you can sort on our site you can see by neighborhood you can see by you know by cuisine type. you can see by do you want takeout or dine in or outdoor dining? you can sort and all that and go and look at the menus, you know, we we're very excited to have many of the la cocina restaurants estralita. acts i can't pronounce it. i think it's bog collie and a lot of a lot of their
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restaurants as well as so many in chinatown and all throughout, you know, the city awesome in this case restaurant week actually runs longer than one week, doesn't it? you just had up there as a restaurant to come if you click on the fall. it takes you through and you can actually look at the menus and you can make reservations. open table is one of ours is our lead sponsor for this event for a reservations if they don't have open table the restaurant will take you right to their website to make the reservation, but if you go to the top there's a really cool sorting feature. you can check it out by neighborhood cuisine type the dining type. so like either take out or dining indoor dining. and then the price point because we have three price points at each meal period so lunch there's a $10 a $15 or $25
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option all really great values and a dinner 2540 and 65 65 dollars, which again are really good values and i have my two restaurants for example at shared. so we're offering the highest end one, but that includes wine pairings for all courses. so there's a really good opportunity to get out there and and get a really great a really great deal. we we consciously have not raised these price points for two years now. we wanted to push everybody to the restaurants. well, whoever did your website did a great job because that looks really easy to navigate. we all know very easy difficult. it's been for restaurants during the pandemic. how much do you hope restaurant week? we'll give everybody that that push that we're kind of almost not quite back to normal yet, but heading there. yeah, so we that's really why we wanted to do it again and just the response we've gotten has so great and i it is really critical people might say wow. it's busy at seven o'clock on a friday.
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but remember we were closed many of us for seven to 12 months. some of my friends still don't have their places open yet particularly in downtown and by the moscone center, they're still struggling to get enough business. so it's really it's really great if the public can go out and and you know eat where they're comfortable. outdoor dining because i've shared spaces there's indoor dining and and all of the proceeds go to the restaurants. we were just promoting the restaurants. the restaurants are the charity. that was a big change we made in 2020. no, no other charity the restaurants keep all of the proceeds themselves awesome. thanks so much for your time. lori. really? appreciate it. hope everything goes great lori thomas with the golden gate restaurant association. have a great weekend. all right having you too. thank you. all right speaking of have a great weekend. how does the weather look this weekend? we got some exciting news on the horizon. let's check in with sandia. yeah. we definitely have some exciting news and that includes rain the second half of your weekend kristen. let me show you a live picture right now. it is just absolutely gorgeous
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at pier 39 right now. looks like everyone's enjoying the sunshine from the visitors to the sea lions there. we will have plenty of sun this weekend at least the first half but the second half will be changing santa rosa 85 degrees. it is warm. their napa 81 currently in the low to mid 80s from concord to livermore as we look at a live picture from our golden gate bridge camera. i mean, it's chamber of commerce weather, san francisco, oakland 77 san jose 83 degrees. and pacifica is showing youo t'' come sdape mes.rxcepfoa w lea we lookowds t any and crisp overnight sunny and warmer tomorrow. we're looking at much cooler weather on sunday with some rain coming through so your morning temperature is anywhere from the mid 40s to the low 50s. the chill will be in the air occasional high clouds is all we're going to find tomorrow morning tomorrow afternoon. it's going to be a warm day.
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a try 88 in fairfield 87 in concord, even at the coast half moon bay 74 degrees 78 in the city 80 in oakland 86 say san rafael's santa rosa area and here's a look at our storm impact scale exclusive to abc 7. it's a level one sunday afternoon evening. we're at light to moderate showers about a hundredth to a tenth of an inch. there could be some higher totals in the north bay and isolated spots breezy and much cooler weather is expected. so it's time it out for you. morning is fine. there might be a little drizzle, but by noon time you start to notice some moisture moving in and as it starts to approach and then move in on sunday, make sure you have your umbrellas at 4 pm the rains in the north bay by the time we head into 5 pm. it's moving into the east bay down towards the peninsula and south bay and then really by the time dinner arrives. we're looking at quieter weather still a few showers though late sunday night going into early monday morning. all right, rainfall totals not a lot a couple hundreds of an inch in places like san jose ben
4:20 pm
lomond all the way to about 12 hundredths of an inch at clear lake could pick up a few more hundreds of an inch in the far northern end of our viewing areas. so your accuweather 7-day forecast is a combination of warm fall weather for your saturday much cooler sunday level 1 system bringing us the afternoon evening rain and then it's dry and sunny for monday afternoon early morning showers are not out of the question. there's a chance of some more. weather tuesday night going into wednesday with a level 1 storm and then we're back to dry only for a day looks like late next week into the following weekend. we may have some more unsettled weather kristen sandy. thank you celebrating 40 years of the wave hear from the man who says he created the iconic sporting event pastime. i'm 7 on your side, it's michael finney a new website to help you track down scams. i've ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music)
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consumer news 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with a look at the headlines starting with your turkey michael. yeah more than 14,000 pounds of butterball ground turkey products are being recalled after some customers found bits of blue plastic in their meat affected products include farm to families two and a half pound tray of all natural ground turkey and krogers. that's a store back east three pound tray of ground. turkey health officials say any of the affected ground turkey products what the sell-by date before october 17th should be returned to the store or thrown away. the better business bureau is
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launching a new website to help consumers spot scammers. the news site spot a scam educates consumers on scam trims. ends and how to keep their personal information safe and also provides helpful tips on spotting look-alike websites phony techs and red flags for potential fraud consumers can also sign up for the bureau's weekly scan alerts on the spot scam website. new car prices have hit an all-time high last month the average new car price reached over 45,000 according to reports. it's the sixth month in a row that the industry has seen record-breaking prices experts. say the reason for the increased prices may have to do with a global microchip shortage that come more expensive as more car shoppers have decided to purchase. of trucks and suvs there have
4:25 pm
also been other parts that are in short supply. so it's just very difficult pulling everything together to actually make a vehicle these days. is a time when 45,000 seemed like a lot to spend on a car and now it's the average the average and are you ready for this? the average used car 26,000. they're going up also, right? yeah, we're gonna be talking about that how you can profit from that coming coming up at six clock tonight. i can profit you are now now. i'm in now. i'm in i'll see you at 6 michael. thank you. and innovative new campus at santa clara university is working to build a better bay area by bringing together the worlds of engineering math science and the humanities abc 7 news reporter david louie gives us an inside. look at preparing students for the needs of a fast-changing world a new 300 million dollar complex has students excited because it's taking a new approach to stem education the sobranto campus for discovery and innovation eliminates the academic walls that tend to isolate science technology and
4:26 pm
math to encourage and interdisciplinary approach engineer has to talk to a biologist or biologists have to talk to an engineer. how to do it because alltaed to. means a biologiht be working alo angist as a study ps prod. founda for a new stronger material one of the key featuref glass that means laboratories such as this robotics lab as well as teaching and research labs are visible to faculty students and visitors to encourage collaboration. undergraduates will be welcome in the state of the art labs not just graduates researchers so they can dive into technology earlier in their studies. it's a building that welcomes non-stem students. that are doing digital humanities students that are are looking for how the story is told with technology and with women making up nearly 40. percent of the engineering faculty the open design may inspire more women to enter stem
4:27 pm
careers. they can see them working in the labs and undergraduates students can see well, that could be me university trustee. john sobrato and his wife susan who contributed 100 million dollars toward the campus. hope this approach will lead to a tech workforce with broader and more ethical perspectives. what's unique about the santa clara program is that undergraduates graduate students and faculty can all come together to work on the world's pressing problems in santa clara david louie abc 7 news. keeping traditions alive. it's more than just a family focused. it's keeping a cultural alive. and today we wrap up hispanic heritage month with a group. that ♪ ♪ dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy? inflammation in your eye might be to blame. [inflammation] let's kick ken's ache and burn into gear! over the counter eye drops typically work by lubricating your eyes and may provide temporary relief. those drops will probably pass right by me.
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better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. now to the latest on former president bill clinton who is hospitalized for a third day in southern california doctors. treating him abc news reporter arena roy reports hospital officials. say the former president is on the mend. overnigh center in orange, california seen leaving in a motorcade her husband former president bill clinton hospitalized there being treated for an infection in his blood called sepsis dr. imran ali isn't involved with his treatment but notes in general infections are important. treat sepsis can be as serious matter. we are concerned about a decrease in blood pressure. and we also need to monitor the heart doctor stressing. it is not related to covid and is not related to clinton's history of heart disease. they add their untouched with his medical team in new york. it's the latest health scare for
4:31 pm
the 75 year old since leaving office. he had quadruple bypass surgery in 2004 and a pair of stents implanted in 2010 in the past the former president. and has attributed his health problems to a bad diet a busy work schedule and ignoring warning signs, maybe if i'd stayed on a lower fat diet, you know, maybe if i had not eaten so many hamburgers and steaks. you know what i love maybe if i you know, had slightly less stress in my life. i worked his heart since i left office as i did when i was there. maybe it would have been different. he has since changed his diet and has been vegan for years now according to the hospital clinton was given an iv and is bonding well to antibiotics rena roy abc news, new york a key member of the biden administration is in san francisco today promoting provisions of the president's bill back better plan housing in urban development. secretary marsha fudge tour the hope sf housing community with house speaker nancy pelosi and
4:32 pm
mayor london breed secretary fudge called the buildback better plan the last best chance to solve america's housing issues. i'm here because i need for every s n thunderstand not only is homelessness a problem in this country, which it is a crisis, but the housing prices are a crisis in this country as well. according to secretary fudge mr. biden's plan will provide much needed funding for housing construction rehabilitation community revitalization and economic development as we reach the end of hispanic heritage month. we're introducing you to a group of latina djs committed to keeping traditions alive via music abc 7 news reporter luz pena has the story of the bay area chapter of chulita vinyl club. growing latinoinoinoinoinoino to a common beat on the weekends. i would just remember like waking up and my mom was already
4:33 pm
playing like los bukis or los temerarios, you know, and she was already cleaning. she was already cooking. it was just a part of everyday life at home. there's some chante on here every sunday when i was at my grandpa's house. it was like, okay like i'm a teacher dance merengue salsa. cumbia get all the steps down like, you know like sunday school for us was, you know teaching me how to dance the musica transports latinos to their childhood reminds them of home in playing these songs, i think. it feels like they're there feels like i'm at a carne asada or feels like i'm at a birthday party. señora for mariela mad and gitana these memories would shape their lives as daughters of mexican immigrants. they saw the need to preserve their parents' culture. it's it's a part of me like being able to share like musica en español or being able to share like that of my culture is it feels like an extension family is is very much a part of who we are as people you're a
4:34 pm
hundred percent proud chicana. absolutely. yeah, that's right when they put their falls on and spin vinyl they walk into their purpose. they are latinx dj's known as the chulita vinyl club with chapters in seven cities across the country where chicano or latino were brown and we're proud to you know, play these records and and hold it down, you know as women and be a force to to you know reckon with their parents introduced them to their first records and now their witnessing how their daughters are sharing their music with america. up from la and they saw me dj and i think they were just stunned we go to this one place and they know you they've been there for those moments. it's kind of funny and your parents are like, it's me hot. this is my dad. yeah a little bit and i'm just i mean it makes me proud that they feel so proud mars. mom is now buying vinyl for her shows maria las collection includes records passed on by her family. i would say there's definitely over 200 for sure. because i have some more in my
4:35 pm
room. he done has mom goes on stage with her. my mom comes to all my gigs almost all of them. even if she works the next day. she's my roadie like she's she knowan s setesh'ith me, bring her own records black cannot throw on on a few not like my like? wait, like i'm trying because i'm getting my groove too. and she dj's with you. yeah. yeah. she definitely does that times like it's awesome. and i think we bring a different vibe. also say that i think as mujeres like we just the party's better with us. until he la fiesta como esta con usted miracles exactly it starts with you and ends with you. it's just another energy. it's a beautiful feminine energy. also non-binary non-male identified as cholitas mission goes beyond spinning records. they're also ambassadors of the latino culture. what does it mean to you to keep these traditions and this music alive something sacred and also feel like a responsibility you play do you feel like you're
4:36 pm
also bringing your parents with you? yeah, i mean it really does because i personally do with every set try to sneak in kumia every single time where like amanda songs folks know the music they know the dances, you know, and so it's like we're continuing that tradition of the music and the dance and the culture for katana maria la amar music was la herencia or the legacy their parents passed on to them and now they've made it their goal to keep those beats alive. one record at a time a gift that they maybe didn't know that they were giving to me but that i really really treasure in san francisco luz pena abc 7 news. very cool to celebrate hispanic heritage month and the contributions of the latino community abc 7 has produced an hour-long special that's called our america todos unidos. you can stream it on abc 7 hulu and our abc 7. forever use stream some changes
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at fou' a newarin county residents starting today vaccinated people in those counties no longer have to wear their masks in certain indoor settings. this includes offices gyms indoor college classes and organize indoor settings like a religious. gathering as long as there are no more than a hundred people
4:40 pm
and they can verify that everyone there has been vaccin. contra costa county will adopt a similar policy november 1st. what do you think dan? well, i think it's a great ever hit these milestones. it's great to be in this place once again, and i think what's comforting about it. we always worry that we'll take a step backwards again, but with vaccine rates going up booster shots available. it seems like we really are coming out of the woods in a very real way. of course, it's always a challenge to police these things and it puts a lot of burden on these venues to keep track of who's vaccinated and how many people are there and all that. yeah. what about sandia if you're going into a place, would you be more comfortable, you know if it's you know mask optional now or still requiring it as a business which they can do. absolutely. i'm with dan. i mean, i think that if there's a high rate of vaccination which we've already seen in marin county san francisco county, i think it's okay as long as everyone's vaccinated.
4:41 pm
i feel like it's time to start moving towards as much normalcy as we possibly can because i'm sure with flu season around the corner things might change. so we just have to move forward baby steps we've been taking very big steps like the smallest baby around steps. anyway, a texas school district is apologizing after an official told teachers if they have a book on the holocaust they needed to include opposing. perspectives this came up during a training session as officials went over with teachers how to handle a new state law that requires them to provide multiple perspectives when discussing controversial issues teachers that expressed frustration and confusion over these new guidelines when the school official brought up the holocaust a teacher responded quote. how do you oppose the holocaust? i mean, there are some people who think it was a hoax clearly owvereal good. he no idea
4:42 pm
what is happening state anymore. i boionssue. they basically let anybody get a gun. no permitting. no, i mean and now you have this sort of thing going on in the schools. yeah. i i would just like to point. i mean at least the superintendent has apologized, you know, the school board member did say that i should never get to that point and and you know, i watched the control were secretly recorded or released audio of that. it was one person one administrator saying something that was clearly either just not thought out did really realize what she was saying or just plain stupid and ignorant. i mean, it's just a ridiculous perspective to take without common sense, but it is just one person there and it's as christian points out at least they sort of apologize quickly, you know, just hurtful institute. yeah, because there's no opposing view unless you want to get into the holocaust denier. yeah, that's another like come on. those people are right. it's in foil hats out if i go
4:43 pm
there but this is kind of part of a broader trend, you know, so that part we got to keep an eye on. okay, what topics are taboo to you according to a new survey? wait is the most controversial topic but debt is right up there too bank rate found that 59% gen z respondents in 62% of millennials believe. it's okay to talk about that but the older you get the less people want to discuss their money problems only 51% of gen xers 47% of boomers and 41% of the silent generation said they were willing to talk about the subject. so what topics are off limits to you boy around here. i feel like it's i mean not maybe not here but across the country, it feels like it's like, you know mandates. what do you think sandhya? die way, i mean does that have i don't know. what do you think larry? well, that was a quick response. i thought are you were you volunteering the number or i thought that was a question that i was supposed to answer. i'm asking you what's taboo as
4:44 pm
far as what's taboo for me is dan's frequent vacation? oh, that's a subject that affects me directly. so that's that's a taboo topic around here, but i don't know people. get very secretive about money issues and that's understandable. i mean i've had family members kind of, you know back away from the table when you start that conversation because i don't know if they're really loaded or if they're broke and it's true. the older folks tend to be my mother's generation parents generation even more weird about discussing money for me. i don't really have any i was going to joke and say the topic talking about what topic is off limits is my off limits topic i would say in this day and age politics with people just you know, don't give it. don't mix it up too much if people start to get into a food fight and half people get you get emotional about it. it's age. we're okay with that, right? yes. okay. just want to know ask me
4:45 pm
anything. when's your next vacation? i just got some approved today as a matter of factorial. we getting the memo. all right. next time you go back to hawaii. let me know. people across the country are shaking their heads over a wisconsin meat markets halloween inspired bratwurst. take a look at the spooked over fest brought that is now on sale. a jennifer street market in madison. it looks like your standard problem. look closely right there. those orange chunks dotting the sausage. those are pieces of candy corn. yes candy corn the halloween treat either love or hate or love to hate those who have tried the brats say, they're not scary at all. they're a combination of sweet and salty others say sausages. percent brats at their worst. let's taken pretty strong stand on the broad, but looks like a mistake like the two things made in the same factory got mixed up the whole thing. seems like a mistake, but you know, some people really love
4:46 pm
candy corn. i i'm not among them. but anybody here on this, you know, at this time of year. sure. i'll have some kids just stays in your teeth forever. i i mean, i'm not crazy about it, but i'll leave it this time sandy. it's candy corn. no two sugary. i don't like candy corn. my sister loves candy corn, but i'm a vegetarian so i would never try those. mm-hmm. i mean, what do you think kristen? i think it looks diseased and funny taste wise. i imagine it's not that big of a deal because i kind of like it when there's a little honey on my hand or maybe get a little maple syrup on my bacon. and so this is kind of like combining that right sweet and salty. yeah that sweet and salty. although it's interesting when you put it on the grill or heat it up. what does the candy corn just melt in there and must? yeah. no and it texture questionable. but yeah something that will not but yeah something that will not pass there for ♪ ♪ ♪ but yeah something that will not pass there for
4:47 pm
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crazy. george is still getting a rise out of sports fans. crazy george henderson, the self-proclaimed inventor of the wave which was first performed at an a's game, october 15th, 1981 and 40 years later. george is still going strong. i am crazy george. yes professional cheerleader and also when i'm not cheerleaded i'm a professional male model. well, nobody's ever paid me for that. did i get into cheerleading a friend brought a drum and a bugle to the game? i could play the goal, he handed
4:50 pm
me this drum and it started from there i cheer over 100 professional games in front of 25 million fans. how's the houston oilers the vikings the chiefs the edmonton oilers up in canada. i did hundreds and hundreds of different places. that's been fun. of course ask the big question was the big question who invented the way that's me. i invented the way. cover fifties 1981 at the at tht oakland a's new york yankee playoff game. that's where it started by introducing the world. nobody at the oakland a's game knew about the way. sections and i organize and this is the secret after i have to say. herehere why because people down there don't know it's coming. so i said if they don't yell back your boom. this is the secret it gets
4:51 pm
people mad. so i started the way with a three sections it went about seven sections and died. the fourth time even more energy. it's swept around the whole place it. like a freight team coming through it came to us kept going. oh, it was fun kept going and going it was great. what a day that was but the way that's where it was filmed that was born and i have video on it. the wave is now gone around the world. my favorite part is actually seeing the smiles on everybody's faces, but what really i love doing i get the fans involved in the game. that's what i've done. t' different for me i did everybody involved what's going on on the field. everybody thinks they're part of the day. i don't plan to stop. i plan on cheering for san jose statement. probably any other local bay
4:52 pm
area, too. i'll show up forever as long as i can walk and carry it around have drunk will travel. i will be there as it's fun and i love what i do and i think the fans still love what i someday george will come out of his show. someday gosh, that guy is just so shy his energy is remarkable. you got it in credit for that. crazy. george is going to be at cef. stadium at san jose state university tonight the spartans they have their homecoming game and no surprise he plans to mark the anniversary of the leading away, of course. all right coming up lifelong friends and oscar winners, matt damon and ben affleck team up again the historic movie making waves. i'm now hearing from vic from vm across the country their bank accounts were drained in seconds, but the banks should not refund their money until you
4:53 pm
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o'clock shark tank followed by 2020 at nine and then do not miss abc 7 news at 11. all right, let's talk about a movie years in the making and long delayed by the pandemic
4:56 pm
that is now in theaters abc news reporter sandy. kenyon has a look at the last duel. this is a true story set hundreds of years ago with some modern implications. story of of of of of of of of of from three different perspectives. one of us has lied. let us let god decide the two men who fight each other try to explain how it came to happen after one. nobleman sexually assaulted the wife of another then the real woman at the heart of the story gives us her version the scary thing when you watch this film is that you realize that we've we'e so far. and t w heeed to v little in a a lot of respects jody comer plays lady marguerite brilliantly jody really shows to her magnificent performance and embodiment of this character like the the humanity of our character the truth of what happened back in
4:57 pm
the 1380s women were considered a man's property the bravery that this woman had in that time to to kind of speak truth to power and to tell the story at great. yourself was like so heroic, matt damon and ben affleck enlisted the help of screenwriter nicole haloff center to bring the story to life matt stars with his pal ben taking a supporting role and both came to the manhattan premiere. why do you think that you and ben have stayed friends for as long as you have we became really close really young kind of through the formation of our character personalities. i mean, we you know, i don't it's it's more like i almost like a family member, you know, so i don't it's the thing. never questioned why. sandy kenyon 87 news 87 news 87s course is the parent company bo studios and abc 7. all right that is going to do it
4:58 pm
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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. was talking at first and then felt pretty discussing. a peninsula man is looking for accountability after he says a tire shop damaged his car, but that's not all he uncovered. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream the car owner says his dash cam video showed something far more serious than just a crack in the windshield abc 7 news. anchor dion limb has a story you'll see only on 7. they noticed this giant crack on the windshield. it's pretty clear from where i'm sitting bill noticed this crack in. his bmi are i went home and checked the dash
5:01 pm
cam footage to figure out what happened with my wds


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