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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 15, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. was talking at first and then felt pretty discussing. a peninsula man is looking for accountability after he says a tire shop damaged his car, but that's not all he uncovered. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream the car owner says his dash cam video showed something far more serious than just a crack in the windshield abc 7 news. anchor dion limb has a story you'll see only on 7. they noticed this giant crack on the windshield. it's pretty clear from where i'm sitting bill noticed this crack in. his bmi are i went home and checked the dash cam footage to figure out what happened with my windshield and
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i found out what they were doing with my car and how they were distract disrespecting me and vehal who only wants to go buy this nickname found was the employees who took his car in going on a joyride. this is what bill says may have accounted for the scratch on the hood. i have throwing valve stems on me. i guess customers not here. but what is perhaps most distressing is what said next? years can a puck over here using some kind of asian accent only racism. what was your reaction when you all the dash cam video. i was pretty horrified bill says after he alerted america's tire about the damage and sent the company the dash cam video. they offered to file a to repair his bmw, but it wasn't until a car enthusiast friend of bills with nearly a quarter million following on instagram posted the video showing the workers
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behavior. why are you so mean to him? i get that's when things really started getting escalated bill says he got a call from the assistant to the vice president of the company they were blaming their employees for what happened. i went to america's tire to inquire about what happened with the two employees. hi. i'm deon with abc 7 news. they're not working anymore. they're not so they've been fired. yeah. i followed up with america's tire pr who sent me the statement which in part we moved. lead to investigate and the two employees are no longer employed by america's tire. the customer has been contacted and the vehicle damage claimed is being addressed. our policy is to treat all customers with the respect. they deserve bill says the company did offer to give him a new set of tires and $5,000 if his friend took down the video but to him it's not enough. yeah, io're me as a victim of racism. they're treating me as a pr nightmare. i asked america's tire in response to their and what they would do to address the racist mocking my question was not
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answered in time for deadline in santa clara dion limb abc 7 news a third suspect in a south bay elder abuse case from last july is finally in custody police say they arrested 41 year old foo kyun after locating him in san jose on october 6th. he went into others are accused of stealing 140,000 from a 75 year old man by the time san jose. investigators became aware of the situation officers arrested the other two men in july, all three suspects are facing felony charges of elder fraud conspiracy two counts of grand theft and one count of attempted grand theft. now to the latest developments with coronavir. vaccines today an fda advisory panel unanimously voted to endorse booster shots of johnson & johnson's single shot vaccine. the panel said the booster should be offered at least two months after initial immunization. the fda will now consider the committee's advice and then the cdc will take up the issue johnson & johnson studies have shown a booster shot at two or six months can increase
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effectiveness up to 94% abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns has been following all of the developments from the fda advisory meeting and has latest with the fda's advisory panel voting thursday to recommend boosters of the moderna vaccine for the elderly and those wit fl recommended another shot for those 18 and older who received the one dose johnson and johnson, but essentially what the fda all said this is not a one dose vaccine. this needs to be a two dose vaccine dr. monica. gandhi is an infectious disease expert at ucsf. she says the panel's goal with recommending a second j&j jab two months after the first is to get the effectiveness level up to that of the pfizer and modern shots, but that doesn't necessarily mean those who got johnson & johnson have to get the same vaccine also discussed at friday's meeting with the results of a new study showing that mixing and match vaccines
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is safe and effective those who got one dose that johnson & johnson and were boosted. 12 weeks or later with an mrna vaccine had higher antibody levels. and those who got a johnson & johnson as their second dose, but while boosters are recommended for eligible populations physicians say it's even more important to get those who haven't received any dose vaccinated. there is no question that the single most important thing we can do as a society. get on with our lives. to get everybody vaccinated wasserman says well, it's true that antibodies will wane over time. there's more to the equation, but they're not. or how how how h ultimately. fight the virus. he says mrna vaccines like pfizer and moderna teach the body cells to create antibodies far after immunity starts to wane therefore if you were to
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come into contact with the virus your body could quickly ramp up antibody production once again far more so than those who are unvaccinated. now the fda panel says more time and research is needed to better understand the effects of combining vaccines but is something they will continue to look at very very closely in the coming weeks. tim let's talk a little bit more about mixing and matching or combining these vaccines walk us through the conventional thinking of this moment on whether say someone who said two visor or two modern vaccines needs to do now with the booster shot. right dan. so a lot of the focus today was on the johnson & johnson at folks guy johnson and johnson dose. can they get a second johnson or the single johnson & johnson and then one of the two mrna vaccines, but theoretically if you got a pfizer or moderna originally you can then turn around and get one of the other ones. pfizer for your first two jabs get the madarna booster or vice versa that study that the fda panel looked at today did come to the conclusion that mits and imagining the vaccines leads to similar immune.
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responses, so some really interesting facts there to consider going forward. yeah, really very interesting. okay tim. thanks very much. bart employees will be required to get fully vaccinated. the new policy goes into effect in mid-december, but what's unclear is whether there will be a testing option and what will happen to those who refuse to get the shots abc 7 news reporter laura anthony has a closer look at the decision. bard is now going the way of many other public agencies and private companies with a decision to require its nearly 4,000 employees to get vaccinated as it is now about 80% of bart employees are fully vaccinated, but that leaves 833 who are not or their vaccine status is unknown still 20% more than 800 employees. that's a lot of people. yeah it is and that's why it's so important because we need to protect the health and safety of bart workers and bart riders. lord voted a require vaccines but left the details to the general manager and administration to work out with each of the transit districts many unions employees will have until december.
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13th to get fully vaccinated unless they have a narrowly defined religious or health exemption in public comments that the board meeting at least one member of the bart police officers association voiced his objections to a covid vaccine mandate. this is a medical decision for individuals to make be a condition for continued employment for any other healthcare question. we are encouraged to get a second opinion. even the biden administration's proposal that's working through ocean now has a testing option. so does the state worker proposal has a testing option? i think that was a very good that would have been the next step the boards vote on thursday is a policy decision that now has to be worked out with bart's various unions. what's still unclear is what happens to those employees who don't have an exemption but still refuse to get vaccinated. so the the management and the labor unions will be working on. what would be the repercussions for those who aren't vaccinated
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so that hasn't been determined yet. besides bart muni is the only other transit agency in the bay area to make employee vaccines mandatory lori anthony abc 7 news today san francisco and marin county's dropped the mask mandate for some indoor situations at fitness sf in the castro. we spotted people working out mask free this morning according to the new rules if everyone is fully vaccinated and there aren't more than a hundred people masks won't be required in offices or gyms at religious. gatherings or for indoor college classes. however, you are still required to wear a mask in retail stores and in common areas of the building like elevators and restrooms. and now two bay area counties born in san mateo are now in the moderate transmission tier according to the centers for disease control and prevention if they stay there for three weeks. they meet one of the metrics required to drop the indoor mask mandate hospitalizations also have to remain low and stable 80% of the total population must be fully vaccinated or eight
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weeks have to pass after a vaccine for kids ages 5 to 11 receives emergency use authorization now today on our 3pm show getting answers marin county health dr. matt willis told us that his county could lift its indoor mask mandate as soon as november 3rd, but that doesn't mean you should stop carrying a mask. we've been falling back to the state mask mandate importantly. we're only talking about the local mandate the state would still require that people who are unvaccinated in public places public indoor settings to continue. a face and in schools the state requires that everyone regardless of vaccination status continue to cover their face and then calosha, which the occupational regulations would require that people who are unvaccinated in workplaces continued to cover their faces. so masks will be with us for a long time and remain a critical tool for us. dr. willis says we've had a lot of success as a region through our common approach but every county is still at different stages in this tricky process.
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all right moving to some breaking news out of west oakland from sky 7. you can see an mc an ac transit bus. hit the wall of a he0tand market says a car ran a red light and hit the bus. this was about 3:15 this afternoon the driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. you can see the bus just went right into the corner of that home will bring you any new developments just as soon as they come into the newsroom. a busy seven hours for firefighters in the south bay after responding to several house fires and a fire at an elementary school and at one person has been detained. sunshine and showers for your weekend. i'll let you know when you can expect what co
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when they're sick, they get comfortable anywhere and spread germs everywhere. nothing kills more viruses, including the covid-19 virus, on more surfaces than lysol disinfectant spray. lysol. what it takes to protect. foundation on the millennium towers appears to be working. the 58-story tower has sunk about 18 inches since its completion in 2008 this week cruise drove 36 inch pilot casings.
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over 100 feet below ground building inspectors. say the installation caused negligible settlement and that work on. can resume that work has was halted in august when the intended pile upgrades caused even further settlement and tilt of the building firefighters in the south bay responded to three fires within seven hours last night in this morning. the first one was on east side drive near white road hours later a home on. johnson place caught fire and a few hours after that firefighters responded to a fire at cornerstone academy on the grounds of kennedy elementary school, san jose police. say the fires are not believed to be connected. this is the mess left behind at cornerstone academy. the fire started just outside the office the principal got a call about the fire at 6 am and decided to hold classes today. the kids are safe in classes are going on and the wi-fi's up. so yeah wasn't really what we anticipated our friday morning to be but there's been a lot of challenges this year and this is just another one that we're
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gonna have to deal with. in the hours prior to the fire at the school officials. say some small trash fires were set in the area and they detained a person of interest related to those incidents. drifting winds carried smoke from the alisol fire in santa barbara into you may have noticed noticed it the smoke will mean at higher elevations and there is no air quality advisory at the moment. the hazy conditions are expected to linger through saturday, but an expected cold front on sunday. that should push the smoke out the allus all fire has burned more than 16,000 acres in the santa inez mountains as of this morning. was a 41% contained. all right. well smoke may be going out but maybe some rain coming in dance. yeah rain, and i'm a little cold too sandy. yeah, it's definitely gonna be much cooler on sunday with the wet weather coming in. dananama. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now tracking the system which at this hour is really taking all the rain into the pacific northwest that's going to change as we head into the second half of your weekend
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bright skies from our emeryville camera as we look back towards the golden gate bridge it is for in the city low 80s from oakland to san jose 70 degrees in pacifica. this is warm fall weather sutro tower camera showing you clear skies over the city 84 in santa rosa is currently 84 in fairfield and 80 in concord if you're getting away this weekend, here's your travel forecast warm sunshine light breeze low to mid 80s. basically if you're going to honolulu some showers 82 new york city some wet weather as well chicago 60 and sunny los angeles really hot 90 degrees with sunshine and there's any of it at the beach? it's great beach weather in santa cruz, mainly clear and chris overnight sunny and warm tomorrow and we're looking at much cooler weather. for your sunday with that rain tomorrow morning other than a few high clouds is going to be layers, so temperatures are going to plunge into the mid-40s inland around the north bay as well all the way to the low 50s right around the bay and along the coast afternoon highs still warm tomorrow. so you have that first half of your weekend to enjoy the sun if you didn't get a chance.
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do today mid-70s along the coast to the upper 80s inland. we're going to fast-forward to the weekend in just a moment the second half of your weekend, but first the walk to end alzheimer's in san jose when the walk begins tomorrow morning. it's going to be comfortable whether you need to make sure you have your sunscreen bright and mild and then at noontime warm sunshine 77 degrees level one storm coming in sunday afternoon evening light to moderate showers a few hundreds to a tenth of an inch isolated higher totals in the north bay, and it is going to be breezy with that cold front so sunday at noon time a little drizzle can't be ruled out by the time we head into 4 pm wet weather moves. to the north bay may see some pockets that are moderate 5pm in the east bay down towards the south bay and the santa cruz mountains and really by the time we head into to 7 pm most of it is gone could be a few. isolated showers late sunday night sierra a few inches of snow by the way and with gusty conditions, there could be some travel issues. so keep that in mind now rainfall totals here in the bay
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area. you will notice most are side accuweath level 1 system g us wet weather sunday afternoon eveniture drop. i mean you're going from 88 to 72 you'll notice dry and sunny for your monday afternoon some more unsettled weather with a level 1 system midweek and the possibility on friday night going into the following saturday. so stay tuned amanda dan exactly what we want to see which is level one storms coming in. definitely. thank you, sandia. well, these anticipated systems could certainly calm wild. fire concerns and possibly affect next year as well abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that story? in california, there's no such thing as fire season fire is a year-round problem largely driven by the weather according to dwight. good cal fire santa clara assistant chief weather matters to firefighting like weather matters to a farmer we could see some relief soon. there's rain in the forecast
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once we getvent will really be able to nail down where rainfall will happen and how much will occur right now. there's just a potential for a pretty healthy rainstorm. but abc 7 meteorologist, mike. nicco says, we don't want too much of a good thing the too much rain falls on those burn scars, then we could have the potential for flooding. nico says more likely than not will be looking at another dry winter. la nina is about 75% of the time come back to back. so if you just take last year and extrapolate or move it forward to this winter. it is not looking well we could be looking at. whole year of heightened fire danger. once again, that's not the news we would hope for i don't know how much drier it can get. we're frankly off the charts on fire behavior. no one's ever seen conditions like this good encourages homeowners to remove dead down dry materials from around their property and to cut the grass melanie woodrow abc 7 news. people living in san jose and
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surrounding communities could soon be hit with the toughest water. seions ofor sco isng to impose a 15% water reduction for all households compared to 2019 water. use those who don't meet that threshold will be hit with surcharges based on consumption levels according a chronicle the new rules would take effect next month if approved by the state puc, san jose recorded its lowest rainfall total ever last year. police in fairfield say illegal marijuana growhouses are becoming an increasingly serious problem across the city over the past six months 9,000 marijuana plants have been seized. they say a total of 10 illegal grow house operations were discovered including two that were found because of fires seven of the locations had to be red tagged. say the illegal operations are dangerous obviously because of the chemicals used and the structural and electrical modification made to those homes by growers. extending bart to next steps beg
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taken as the transit agency gets closer to digging out the six mile extension into the hea
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human services secretary is in san francisco today promoting provisions of the president's bill back better plan secretary. marsha fudge toured the hope sf housing community with house speaker nancy pelosi and mayor london breed fudge called the buildback better plan the last best chance to solve america's housing issues. i'm here because i need for every single person in this nation to understand not only is homelessness a problem in this country, which it is a crisis. what the housing prices are a crisis in this country as well. according to secretary fudge president biden's plan will provide much needed funding for housing construction rehabilitation community revitalization and economic development bart officials. y two bart's extension into the south bay will be issued. next summer. the work is part of phase two of
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bart's extension into santa clara county. it will include construction of underground transit stations in san jose and a station and rail yard in santa clara. bart and vta officials christened the first phase of the south bay extension in june of 2020 as we reported at the time. the project is expected to cost about 6.8 billion dollars. are looking for something to do this weekend? we have some safe and fun ideas. we'll your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management.
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the excitement of fleet week is over certainly but there are still plenty of events in the bay area this weekend. yes abc 7 news. anchor. jobina fortson has some safe and fun options for you. organizers say it's part street food fair parts local shopping bazaar and part music festival, whatever you're into the noise pops 20th street. party in the mission is sure to be a good time. the free community-wide event host partnered with local non-profits benefiting students and female and minority business owners. so you have fun and support a good cause there's a new art experience in town. nocturne x is a collaboration between great area and the newly formed bay area based artist collective lumina studio
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visitors will experience the galactic ecosystem of what creators call planet nocturne x rest filled with hidden puzzles stories and plants that respond to touch movement and sound the exploratorium. urban alchemy and the san francisco. recon parks department celebrated the opening of eight. experiences at albert lake and golden gate park, you can go see them now the exploratorium designed and built the installations greet others along the high five highway or see the algae that thrives in the lake of close and personal. and if you head over to our website right now, that's abc 7 we have a whole list of covid friendly events for you your family friends. anyone, that's again abc jobina fortson abc 7 news great stuff. thanks for being an awesome. world news tonight with david mu's next. ' and i'm on a dates for
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tonight, breaking news as we come on the air. what we've just learned about former president bill clinton. and for a second straight night here, a major new decision on boosters. that key fda panel now voting on the johnson & johnson booster today. unanimously voting yes on a second shot. when to get this shot, and this time a major difference when it comes to who should get it. and the question asked today in that room -- should the johnson & johnson shot have been two shots to begin with? we'll break it all down for you. what you need to know tonight. also tonight, news on former president bill clinton. in the hospital for several days in california. what we now know about his condition. hillary clinton visiting him in the hospital, and matt gutman is ther


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