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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 15, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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this weekend. yes and a welcome change the sehow you live aelne sthat ison e rreypafiorwehat will change come sunday. so let's time it out for you a lot of clouds in the morning a little drizzle not out of the question as we go into 2 pm notice the rain is moving into the north bay. it'll be light to moderate and intensity sliding south and east by 4 pm and then as we head into 7 pm most of that focus is in the south and the east bay, that's not our only opportunity for wet weather finally a change that we are looking forward to i'll have the complete look at the accuweather 7-day forecast which includes another level one storm ama. all right. thank you, sandhya. have breaking news now coming out of santa cruz county people throughout the south bay are seeing smoke from a wildfire in corralitos burning between watsonville and morgan hill cal fire says this 40 acre wildfire is under investigation. the smoke is coming from the
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same area where cal fire was conducting a controlled burn all day trying to get cal fire to confirm whether that controlled burn. is this fire now out of control evacuations are underway in the pajaro area sky 7 is on the way and we will bring you updates when the helicopter gets there and breaking news in the east bay and ac transit bus crashed into a home near 10th and market streets this afternoon ac transit says a car ran a red light and hit the bus at about 3:15. chp officials. tell us vehicle was stolen and led police on a chase through parts of contra costa county, but they say they stopped chasing it before it crashed into the bus. the chp says one person in the car has major injuries three other people who were in the car were arrested the bus driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital. they have minor injuries when it comes fighting coronavirus in the pandemic our best tools are vaccines and masks. that's why they are required in certain situations. that's why we pay close attention to changes. to those requirements and that's why we have team coverage for
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you tonight because there are new developments to share with you abc 7 news reporter. tim johns has the latest news about whether it's okay to mix vaccines. you've heard a lot about that. but first, let's hear from abc 7 news reporter. bernard about the places cornell where masks are now optional. yeah, dan, it is a big day here in marin and in san francisco where masks no longer required in some indoor settings like gyms. you can hear from the owners of this studio in a moment but smaller offices can also say farewell to face coverings. the signs are coming down at the headquarters of san francisco tech firm fast. this is the milestone for us today. face masks are no longer required for employees. it's feeling that the city decides it's safe for us to take our mass off again, and it's just a nice a feeling to connect with colleagues on that level people in san francisco can now unmask in some indoor settings like small offices were fully vaccinated people i
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manager matthew anderson says, it's a new day at work. you know, it's really nice to get back to some kind of normal condition. the rules are also changing in marin county for f-45 training san rafael. no longer requires masks for vaccinated members. we're thrilled. it's been a long haul of mask wearing owners. kyle macbeth and michael perry plan to offer separate classes from members who still wear a mask or maybe on vaccinated. it's great to be able to offer also a class where people are still a little bit unsure and whether they're backs not. they can. keep a mask on and feel safe. no mask is a game changer for holly casey. it means that i don't have to sweat as much on my face that i can breathe and not feel like i'm going to pass out marin county public health officer, dr. matt willis appeared on our 3 pm show getting answers. and kristen c when the masked mandate could be lifted across
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the board. we stay in the yellow tier now we have three days under our belt in the yellow. it's here. we stay in the yellow tier for three total weeks. on november 3rd, we would be able to lift the mask mataid as a county and in that case we've been falling back to the state mask mandate importantly. we're only talking about the local mandate the state would still require the people who are unvaccinated in public places public indoor settings to continue to cover their face. yeah, so november 3rd is the target data according to dr. willis meantime jim's here in marin county now required to ask for proof of vaccination from members. we're live in san rafael cornell bernard abc 7 news. cornell you said that some rules changed today others don't change until november third walk us through the difference, please. yeah, it's today. it is really a smaller scope small indoor places where folks gather regular folks gather like college classes and yoga classes groups under 100 now if it
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happens if dr. willis says november 3rd is the date. it will be a much bigger deal a much bigger picture like restaurants retail grocery store don't have to wear a masks after that certain date, but of course you have to be vaccinated and here in marin county 98% of folks are vaccinated. so we'll see what happens impressive figure. all right cornell. thanks. let's talk more about that broader plan to lift indoor mask mandates in most public settings in most bay area counties. in fact in every local county except solano. there are multiple benchmarks that have to be reached before masks can come off first accounting must reach the cdc's yellow tier for moderate covid transmission and stay at that level for three weeks. both marin and san mateo counties are there. in fact napa is the only local county still in the red tier with high transmission rates all others are orange, which means substantial also covid
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hospitalizations must be low and remain stable and 80% of the total population in the county must be fully vaccinated or eight weeks must have passed since fda authorization of a vaccine for children ages 5 through 11 now as you heard from dr. matt willis, marin county could reach these goals and lift the indoor mask mandate on november 3rd. we told you there was news about both masks and vaccines. so let's turn to vaccine watch people who work at certain berkeley businesses like jim's restaurants and bars now have to show proof of full vaccination customers have had to do that since last month and bart is now requiring vaccines for all staff today in fda advisory panel unanimously voted to endorse booster shots of johnson & johnson's single shot covid-19 vaccine. it's a day after a panel endorse booster shots of moderna's vaccine pfizer booster. are already underway. so do you have to stick with the brand that you originally got abc 7 news reporter. tim johns looked into that today and tim. you find out.
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you know, i'm in a word no, in fact, one of the things that the fda panel did today was look at a new study released by the nih which showed that mixing and matching mixing and matching vaccines leads to similar. immune system responses with the fda's advisory panel voting thursday to recommend boosters of the moderna vaccine for the elderly and those with medical conditions big news. also came friday when the panel recommended another shot for those 18 and older who received the one dose johnson and johnson, but essentially what the fda panel said, this is not a one dose vaccine this needs to be a two dose vaccine, dr. monica. gandhi is an infectious disease expert at ucsf. she says the panel's goal with recommending a second. j&j jab two months after the first is to get the effectiveness level up to that of the pfizer and moderna shots, but doesn't necessarily mean those who got johnson & johnson have to get the same vaccine also discussed at friday's meeting with results of a new
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study showing that mixing and matching vaccines is safe and effective those who got one dose that johnson & johnson and were boosted. 12 weeks or later with an mrna vaccine had higher antibody levels. those who got a johnson & johnson as their second dose, but while boosters are recommended for eligible populations physicians say it's even more important to get those who haven't received any dose vaccinated. there is no question that the single most important thing we can do as a society. get on with our lives. to get everybody vaccinated wasserman says well, it's true that antibodies will wane over time. there's more to the equation, but not a marker for how effectively you will ultimately fight the virus. he says mrna vaccines like pfizer and moderna teach the body cells to create antib.
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far after immunity starts to wane therefore if you were to come into contact with the virus. tibody production once again far more so than those who are unvaccinated. now the fda panel says more time and research is needed to better understand the effects of combining vaccines fully but it is something they will continue to look at very closely in the coming days and weeks. and tim just a follow-up for you the advisories vote today. that doesn't mean moderna and johnson & johnson's boosters will be rolled out immediately. is that correct? yeah, that's exactly right. vote was just a recommendation the issue now has to get full approval by the fda and then get the thumbs up by the cdc as well before. or being implemented right. thank you so much, tim. and you can ask our vaccine team your questions. just go to abc 7 news com slash vaccine and click on the big blue box. you heard us talk about the rain in this weekend's forecast a few minutes ago next. we'll give you a big picture perspective on what this winter's weather will mean for
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get started with xfinity internet for $19.99 a month for 12 months and add a flex 4k streaming box for free. click, call, or visit a store today. is getting close now to that 40 acre wildfire. burning in santa cruz county people throughout the south bay are seeing smoke from the fire in corralitos evacuations are underway in the pajaro area. this smoke is coming from the same area where cal fire was conducting a troll controlled burn all day long. we are trying to get cal fire to confirm whether that controlled burn. is this fire which is now out of control.
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in santa barbara county because of the alisal fire some roads and trails in the los padres national forest will close tomorrow right now. firefighters are up to 41% containment on the fire which has burned about 17,000 acres since monday some evacuations were lifted today highway 101 and amtrak train tracks reopened yesterday wildfires are a huge concern for all of us in california, obviously because of this persistent and deep drought we have hardly had any rain but some upcoming weather could come wild. are concerns and maybe even affect fires next year abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has that story? in california, there's no such thing as fire season fire is a year-round problem largely driven by the weather according to dwight. good cal fire santa clara assistant chief weather matters to firefighting like weather matters to a farmer we could see some relief soon. there's rain in the forecast once we get closer to the event will really be able to nail down where this rainfall will happen
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and how much will occur right now. there's just a potential for a pretty healthy rainstorm but abc 7 neurologist mike nicco says, we don't want too much of a good thing the too much rain falls on. burn scars, then we could add the potential for flooding. nico says more likely than not will be looking at another dry winter. la nina is about 75% of the time come back to back. so if you just take last year and extrapolate or move it forward to this winter. it is not looking. well we could be looking at a whole year of heightened fire danger. once again, that's not the news we would hope for i don't know how much drier it can get. we're we're frankly off the charts on fire behavior. ever seen conditions like this good encourages homeowners to remove dead down dry materials from around their property and to cut the grass melanie woodrow abc 7 news. and we are gonna get some rain this weekend. it sounds like dan which is really nice alma. i don't know cindy if it's much
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but any anything will help anything will help. absolutely dananama, but not enough to end our fire season because the months will be really light. there is more wet weather in the accuatas eou. i want to show you the temperatures from today just around everyone in the 70s and ease, how about 78 in the san francisco 77 in half moon bay mid-80s from kentfield to san jose conquered livermore 82 degrees, som sun dad righ w lk along the embarcadero, really no wind to speak of it's still warm outside if you're stepping out santa rosa 79 currently 78 napa in the low 80s from concord to fairfield and here's a lovely view from our mount tam cam. the coast is pretty much clear 73 in san francisco 77, san jose oakland and morgan hill, is that 84 degrees? all right. some changes are coming right now. the pacific northwest is getting part of the system that's bringing them some rain. we're going to see a front slide through here sunday and that's going to bring us some wet
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weather. so start looking for those umbrellas if you don't know where they are from our golden gate bridge camera, you will notice bright skies mainly clear and crisp overnight sunny and warm tomorrow much cooler weather sunday with that rain coming through morning temperatures will be in the mid 40s to the low 50s. there will be a chill in the air just a few passing high clouds to start off the day and then for the afternoon another warm day just like today. above average for this time of year 78 in san francisco 86 san rafael santa rosa 84 in vallejo 80 in oakland 86, san jose 88 livermore 82 in palo alto level one storm comes in sunday afternoon evening. it's going to bring us light to moderate showers. now while we are not expecting a lot under a tenth of an inch for most areas. there will be isolated higher totals breezy and much cooler weather is what you are going to notice cloud sunday morning. so if you have early plans you're good to go noontime. there there might be a little drizzle and then as we head into 4 pm. showers move into the north bay start to slide across the east bay the peninsula by 5 pm and
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then as we go into the evening hours things start to wipe down wind down but an isolated shower too can't be ruled out through late sunday night rainfall totals. well, it'll be about a couple hundredths of an inch in the southern end of our viewing area to about 1200 so that clear lake nevada could pick up 1300 of an inch certainly is going to be windy in the high country snow level around 7,000 feet dropping to lake level on sunday and into monday so a couple of inches of snow expected travel could be an issue sunday night going into monday. so keep that in mind the accuweather 7-day forecast warm fall weather for the first half of your weekend notice the sharp drop-in temperatures with the level one storm on sunday. it's going to be sweaters and umbrellas by then monday and tuesday. we have temperatures below average for this time of year as we head into tuesday night. wednesday that level one system with another opportunity for rain and could see one more chance late next week into the
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following weekend ama. all right. nice to see those storms come and thank you. sandia academic silos are disappearing in a wor in which innovation requires specialists in engineering math science and even the humanities to work together a new campus at santa clara university has opened that replaces solid walls with glass to foster collaboration abc 7 news reporter david louie gives us side look at how it's preparing students for the needs of a fast-changing world a new 300 million dollar complex has students excited because it's taking a new approach to stem education the soprano campus for discovery and innovation eliminates the academic walls that tend to isolate science technology and math to encourage and interdisciplinary approach engineer has to talk to a biologist or biologist has to talk to an engineer. they don't know how to do it because all they talk to us biologists. so biologists might be working alongside an entomologist as a study proteins produced by an insect. that could be the foundation for a new stronger material one of
6:19 pm
the key features of this new facility is a lot of glass that means laboratories such as this robotics lab as well as teaching and research labs are visible to faculty students and visitors to encourage collaboration. undergraduates will be welcome in the state of the art labs not just graduates researchers so they can into technology earlier in their studies. it's a building that welcomes non-stem students students that are doing digital humanities students that are are looking for how the story is told. technology and with women making up nearly 40% of the engineering faculty the open design may inspire more women to enter stem careers. they can see them working in the labs and undergraduates students. say well, that could be me university trustee. john sobrato and his wife susan who contributed 100 million dollars toward the campus. hope this approach will lead to a tech workforce with broader and more ethical perspectives. what's unique about the santa
6:20 pm
clara program is that undergraduates graduate students and faculty can all come together to work on the world's pressing problems. santa clara david louie abc 7 news halloween can be spooky of course and scary but let's keep it safe tonight advice on how to prevent it from becoming a sup ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology.
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we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together.
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health officials are offering recoons for hdelines th year. lrdy heard fromch ssaccinated where a mask can avoid indoor crowds when possible abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains what you should keep in mind to keep yourself and of course others safe. in two weeks time witches monsters and ghosts will take over the bay area on halloween. i guess it's a good thing this little one will dress up as a superhero as she goes out trick-or-treating for the very first time. are you excited for halloween? yeah, we being able. to chicken have the full experience dressing her up, obviously. are getting candy, but at the end of the day is more about her experience like getting to see what you know, what most kids have been able to do while some people enjoyed a new way to holiday last year halloween is getting the safety seal of approval for medical experts in 2021 with precautions in mind. we know family is really look forward to halloween.
6:24 pm
it's a fun time of a covid is still out there in our communities and there are things that people can do to reduce the so these are just some rules that families can follow to try to keep each other safe almost across the board in the bay area health officers are offering the same safety advice to families celebrating halloween a diae los i y vaccinated don't go ouf you're sick if you get together gather outdoors and in small groups wash your hands and wear a mask. i mean, i love those scary masks, but when we're talking about masking for covid, yeah, it's either those medical or even a good two-layer fabric mask that fits close around the nose and mouth that can help as well as dr. moss said covid is still out there and families may still have concerns about enjoying the festivities safely. but ucsf epidemiologist, dr. george. heard says if you follow the guidelines you can have a fun
6:25 pm
and safe time on halloween night first and foremost. everybody should enjoy halloween. it's like the it's the best day of the kid year after christmas, right? i completely agree with the recommendations and it's going to be quite safith some. beafnd have a scary good time dustin dorsey abc 7 news. scary good time. yeah, everyone deserves it. right? absolutely and we can do it safely this year and as they said in common sense, take common sense precautions. all right coming up next on abc 7 news at 6 a store. you'll see only on seven was chalking at first and then it felt pretty discussing. his car was damaged and it wasn't the only casualty other wounds went much deeper. if you leave your car you now have a valuable financial asset. i'm michael finney and i'll show you how to turn
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it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan toecegnant, or. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. >> now from abc 7, like breaking news. dan: that is in santa cruz county. at last check, this fire was up
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to about 40 acres. you can see plumes of smoke rising into the air. it is visible throughout the south bay. ama: we have seen helicopters making water drops to makeama: -- bring it under control. ama: the wildfire is in an area where cal fire was doing a controlled burn today. it is yet to be confirmed. let's bring in our meteorologist to talk about this fire. dan: what is the wind like? sandhya: the wind is not strong right now, i want to show you conditions near the fire, it is 80 degrees, what is concerning is the humidity, 15%, winds are light, northwesterly at three miles an hour. when you combine that with an awful situation in terms of our drought, you notice it is extreme drop across that region, that is a -- cause for concern. any fires that develop are going to rapidly spread because of the fact it is so tinder dry. dan: now to a story you will see
6:30 pm
only on seven. >> they are not treating me as a victim of racism, but apr net mayor -- pr nightmare. dan: he says what his -- cam uncovered was much more serious that cracked windshield and it came. ama: we have the story will see only on seven. >> a nice this giant track on the windshield. reporter: phil noticed this crack in his bmw after a trick to -- trip to america at's tire to have a flat tire replaced. >> i went home and checked the dashcam footage and found out what they were doing with my car and how they were disrespecting me and my vehicle. reporter: what bill, who only wants to go by this nickname found, was that the two employees who took his car in -- [laughter] going on joyride.
6:31 pm
this is what he said may have accounted for the scratch on hood. >> [indiscernible] >> the customers not here. reporter: what is most distressing is what is said next. >> [indiscernible] reporter: the workers can be heard mocking using some kind of asian accent. >> latent racism. reporter: what was your reaction? after he alerted the company about the damage and sent them the dashcam video, they offered to reimburse -- showing the workers behavior. >> that is when things start escalating. reporter: bill says he got a call from the assistant to the vice president. >> they were blaming their employees about what happened. reporter: i went to america's tire to inquire what happened to those employees.
6:32 pm
>> reporter: >> >> they are not working anymore. reporter: it reads in part we were moved swiftly to investigate and the two employees are no longer employed by america's tire. the customer has been contacted and vehicle damage claimed as being addressed. our policy is to treat all customers with respect they deserve. they offered to give him new tires if his friend ticked on the video. >> they're not treating me as a victim of racism but as a pr nightmare. reporter: my question was not answered in time for deadline. in santa clara, abc 7 news. dan: we will stay on top of that. let's move on, the department of labor's consumer price index shows that use price -- used car prices dropped last month, but kelly blue book disagrees.
6:33 pm
it says used cars cost 25% more than they did a year ago and 35% more than before the pandemic began. that sounds like bad news for consumers, 7 on your side's michael finney is here to explain why that is not necessarily the case. reporter: it depends on if you have the car or need the car, but with leases. covid has had a domino effect on car prices because of auto parts shortages, there are fewer new cars to buy, making them cost more. that has driven up the cost of used cars, this is reflected in the residual value of the leased cars. those who leased a couple years back or sitting pretty. more than a quarter of all new cars are leased, every lease includes the cars residual value. that is a fancy way of saying how much the car is expected to be worth when the lease ends. deciding on that figure was one straightforward, things have changed. >> the used car market is
6:34 pm
extremely expensive right now. reporter: that is michelle of -- the car she lease three years ago is with -- worth way more today than expected. you found yourself in the unique situation that you got police and now you're going to make money off of it. >> correct. if i just wanted to turn in the car right now, the dealership has offered me about a $6,000 credit to swap the car right now , before my lease is over. reporter: she is not alone, listen to's edmund. >> your vehicle is worth more than you think. reporter: he says all dealerships want your car, they need your car to sell. >> if it is one to three years old, it is a hot commodity right now. reporter: he says figure out what your car is worth versus residual value, subtract fees,
6:35 pm
see where you stand. that is what michelle has done, she thinks she can net $10,000. >> i'm definitely looking at outright purchasing the car and turning around and making a private sale. then using that capital that i gained from it. reporter: the average used car is now listed at $26,000. there can be a lot of money there, especially -- i know that is not how the world works. dan: when was the last time he could make ■myon cars likethis like a house? ama: a family tradition goes far beyond moms, dads and daughters. it is a celebration of a whole culture, which we are sharing tonight as part of hispanic heritage month. also i had. -- also ahead. dan: crazy george is celebrating today, it is 40 years since he
6:36 pm
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ama: as we reach the end of hispanic heritage month, we are introducing you to a group of latina djs.
6:39 pm
our reporter has the story o sto the bay area chapter of the vinyl pub. reporter: growing up latino means growing up to a common beach. >> on the weekends i would remember waking up, my mom was already playing music. she was already cooking. it was a part of everyday life at home. >> every sunday when i was at my grandpa's house, i am going to teach you how to dance merengue, salsa, all the steps. like sunday school for us was teaching me how to dance. reporter: music report -- transports them to their childhood, reminds among of home. >> feels like i met party or can sierra. --quincen
6:40 pm
reporter: they saw preserve their >> parent's culture. > their headphones on and spin vinyl, walk into the purpose. there lots and asked djs -- they are latinx >> we are proud to play these records and hold it down as women, be a force to be reckoned with. reporter: their parents introduce them to their first records, that now they are witnessing how their daughters are sharing their music with america. >> we came up from l.a., they were stunned. we go to this one place and they know you. they have been there for those
6:41 pm
moments. reporter: and your parents are like this is my daughter. >> it makes me proud that they feel so proud. reporter: her mom is buying vinyl for her shelves. it includes records passed on by her family. >> there is definitely over 200, for sure. reporter: her mom goes on stage with her. >> my mom comes to almost all of my gates, even if she works the next day, she is my roadie. she wants to be there with me. sometimes she will bring her on records, can i throw on a few? mom, wait a second. >> she djs with may. -- she djs with you? >> we bring a competitive, the party is better with us. >> you. >> it is a beautiful feminine
6:42 pm
energy, non-binary. reporter: permission goes beyond spinning records. they are also ambassadors of the latino culture. what does it mean to you to keep these traditions and music alive? >> i feel like it is a responsibility. reporter: do you feel like you're bringing your parents with you? >> it really does. [indiscernible] >> folks know the music, t know the dances. we are continuing the tradition of the music in the dance in the culture. reporter: for them, music was the legacy, their parents passed on to them and now they have made it their goal to keep those beats alive, one record at a time. >> i gift they did not know they were giving to me, but that i treasured.
6:43 pm
ama: heritage month, the latino community abc seven has produced all hour long special, are america, you can stream it on abc, hulu and wherever you stream. dan: ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ just two pills for all day pain relief. aleve it, and see what's possible.
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dan: let's update you now on that breaking news we are following in santa cruz county. sky seven over wildfire forcing evacuations. the red cross is setting up an evacuation center and the poorly does center. we have seen trees in flames, people can see the smoke in gilroy and back to bill. calfire has pulled in -- called in air support. last we heard the fire had burned 40 acres, still spreading. calfire was doing a controlled burn in the area. we asked whether that controlled burn is this fire, and is now out of control. we are still waiting to get more information on that. we watch the weather and the wind closely. sandhya: let's look at the visible satellite pictures, smoke from that fire can be seen
6:47 pm
moving toward morgan hill and gilroy across highway 101 right now. conditions, 76 degrees, relative humidity down to 2%. winds are now gusting eight miles an hour. hopefully crews can get that under control before continues to spread. right now, high temperatures for tomorrow, another warm day, mid 70's to upper 80's as we check out the walk to end alzheimer's in san jose, nice weather tonight tomorrow. from the 50's to the 60's by noon, for sunday, a light system coming in, that is going to bring us rain. as you look at the timeline, morning is fine, i knew new season drizzle, 4:00, showers moving in, by 6:00, moving south and east. isolated showers late night. seven-day forecast, level 1 for sunday, short break, another system coming in on wednesday. ama: after four years, crazy
6:48 pm
george -- 40 years, crazy george henderson is still getting reaction from fans. he is the self-proclaimed inventor of the wave. 40 years later, he is still going strong. >> who invented the wave? it's me, i invented the wave wae october 15, 1981 at the oakland a's, you up ash new york yankee playoff game. that is where it started. nobody at the oakland a's game about the wave. -- new about the wave. [indiscernible] >> and died. >>
6:49 pm
>> and swept her on the whole place, it was like at -- it was fun. it kept going and going, it was great. [laughter] ama: crazy george will be celebrating the 40th anniversary at san jose state when that football team play san diego state in a homecoming game tonight. dan: he started something, i like his energy. reporter: logan webb, the pitcher was talking about three red bulls before every game. whatever he's drinking, i want some. we'll take a look -- the giants we'll take a look -- the giants season don't worry, ma. we'll be there soon. “we?!” is this “the one.” well...let's say i found the one who takes me to another level. always stays calm under pressure. most importantly... the one that helps me discover the coolest places.
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>> now, abc 7 sports with larry beil. larry: giants fans going through the seven stages of grief today after the heartbreaking season and the loss to the dodgers last night in the division series. eventually we get to acceptance and hope. right now, many of us are stuck on anger and rage. pretty much where i live. the giants, where this close to winning game five, bottom ninth, for a split second, we thought was gone. then you see it going far. would've been a walkoff homer, that sets up a terrible dutch horrible check swing call to end the game. he kind of admitted that after
6:53 pm
the game. mlb has to be able to rebought -- review a call like that in the playoffs. this is a brand is the giants are, they have confidence they will face the dodgers many postseasons to come. >> this will be the last time we play them in the playoffs. >> i'm shocked it was the first. a series for the first time, we don't plan on taking steps backward, i know they don't. hopefully fun for years to come. >> i was hopeful at some point in my career i was going to get a chance to play the dodgers in the playoffs. you up to come out on the others debate, it was a well played series. i don't think anybody on our side is going to have any regrets. larry: what a season they have. just down the street from oracle, the warriors with their final preseason game tonight against the trail blazers, season opener is to stay in l.a.. klay thompson has the whole team into boating lately, they were out on the bay yesterday, team bonding event.
6:54 pm
want toscano-anderson enjoyed being out on the water with his teammates. >> the boat was beautiful. that was my first time being out there, not on the ferry. it was a rest day, for real. a lot of fun, peaceful. mindful day. sometimes it is good to step away and take a break. it was a very relaxing. larry: the san jose sharks will be the last team in the nhl to open the season, hosting winnipeg at the tank tomorrow night. if two new goalies this year, in hill and james reimer, hill will start the opener, both will play this year. reporter: of bright spot >> bright spot for braces and games. it was going to be at competition for both those guys, they push each other, gives the rest of the team juice. larry: 49 a bye this week, there division rival seahawks are going to be without their
6:55 pm
quarterback russell wilson for a while. he had surgery on his finger last week. out a minimum of three games, his streak of starts will end on sunday. went from mott montevista high school to stamford to drafted by the eagles in 2013. gives arizona another dynamic receiver for kyler murray and the cardinals. circling back to the giants, fantastic season, they got a fixed replay, make that call so you can review it. if you play a five-game series against the dodgers and's or a total of 10 runs as the giant state, it is going to be hard to win that series. ama: coming up tonight on abc 7, at eight :00, shark tank followed by 2020 at 9:00, tonight's episode focuses on the coronavirus pandemic.
6:56 pm
don't miss abc 7 news at 11:00. dan: a few thoughts about what really matters. yes the giants series against the dodgers did not turn out the way we hoped, but wasn't it wonderful anyway? fans on both ends of the state united in their enjoyment of a great rivalry. better, united in person, each stadium filled with fans sharing the experience together. real progress against the pandemic making that possible. even though the giants dodgers rivalry is intense, most fans kept it light and fun, as it should be. as for the bag call larry this talking about -- bad call larry was talking about, giants manager gabe kapler handled it with generosity and grace. he told the media after the game the umpires work hard to make the right calls, going on to say there's no need to be angry about that call, especially now, and there are other reasons the giants did not win last night. larry pointed out the number of
6:57 pm
runs, it was a moment of great sportsmanship. what really matters in this often tends a divisive time, leadership. i always love to hear from you, let me know a thing, follow me on twitter and facebook. ama: that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. think you for joining us. >> dan: we appreciate your time, hope you have a nice evening. we will see you tonight at 11:00.
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