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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 17, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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that's all the time we have for this edition of abc 7 news at five. i'm dion limb. i'll see you right back a major developing story tonight as we come on the air. a group of 17 missionaries, including 5 children, kidnapped overnight by a gang in haiti. the missionaries, part of ohio-based christian aid ministries, abducted on their way back from visiting an orphanage. haiti is struggling with an alarming spike in gang-related kidnappings. the country still reeling from those twin tragedies, the assassination of its president and the devastating 7.2-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 2,000 people. tonight, what we're learning about the people allegedly responsible for the kidnapping. today dr. fauci reveals the single-dose johnson & johnson vaccine should have been a two-dose vaccine based on the data presented. just days after an fda advisory panel recommended all j&j vaccine recipients 18 years and
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older get a booster of the vaccine as early as two months after their first dose. but there's pushback across the country tonight as covid-19 vaccine mandates go into effect. california now just hours away from a statewide school walkout. and chicago's police union chief warned to stop urging officers to defy the mandate there. as their clash with city officials moves to the courts. former president bill clinton released today from a southern california hospital with hillary clinton on his arm, shaking hands with doctors and nurses and offering a thumbs-up, six days after first receiving treatment for a urologic infection that spread. what his doctors are saying tonight. how common is the condition? and what to look out for. also developing tonight, an urgent manhunt under way in texas after a gunman ambushed three deputies, killing one and injuring two others as they worked extra security jobs at a houston nightclub. the three officers were reportedly close friends. the latest in the case tonight.
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and the supply chain warnings, ahead of the holidays. the shipping backlogs that could last until next holiday season. and what it means for you and your pockets. jury selection begins tomorrow in the murder trial of three white georgia men for the fatal shooting of ahmaud arbery. lift-off. >> and lucy in the sky with diamonds, where nasa's newly launched spacecraft is heading. good evening, everyone. thank you so much for joining us on this sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin with the desperate concerns for the kidnapped american aid workers in haiti. we're learning more about the men and women, as well as the notorious gang believed to be holding them hostage. the 16 americans and a canadian are all part of an ohio-based christian aid organization on a trip to visit an orphanage. among those taken, five are children.t on
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of the region in the wake of the country's recent unrest following the assassination of haiti's president. the nation is also still struggling after the massive earthquake in august that killed thousands. here's phil lipof. >> reporter: tonight, haitian authorities telling abc news that 17 missionaries were kidnapped overnight by a gang in haiti. the haitian government saying they suspect the 400 mawozo gang is responsible. ohio-based christian aid ministries confirming that among the missionaries were 16 americans and 1 canadian. five of them children. all on their way back from a visit to an orphanage. the state department saying it's aware of the kidnapping reports and that the welfare and safety of u.s. citizens abroad is one of the highest priorities of the department of state. >> the first few hours are very critical in any hostage taking. >> reporter: former fbi agent and crisis management expert richard frankel was involved in negotiating the release of a u.s. missionary from haiti in 2005. >> haitian gangs have been
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kidnapping since the early 2000s, if not before that. their intent is to make money. they are doing these kidnappings for ransom, for money, no politics are involved. it's not terrorism. their goal is to make as much money as they can from the hostage taking. >> reporter: haiti has faced a number of crises in recent months. the president there assassinated in july. in august, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake killed more than 2,200 people and destroyed more than 50,000 homes, all contributing to a rise in gang violence now plaguing the country. by some estimates, gangs now control roughly half of the capital city of port-au-prince. >> phil joins us from outside the haitian consulate. it feels like there's a correlation between more gangs in haiti and the surge in kidnappings. >> reporter: yes, a haitian human rights organization tells us there's been a sharp increase in kidnappings this year.
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more than 600 so far, 117 last month alone. and a haitian presidential source tells us there's been no demands made by the suspected gang. but tonight the whereabouts of the 17 kidnapped remain unknown. >> phil, thank you. and now to the pandemic. just today, dr. fauci saying those who got the one-shot j&j vaccine should feel good about the fda panel's recommendation on boosters. according to the panel, everyone 18 and older who got the j&j vaccine should get another shot at least two months after the single dose. but there's increasing pushback on mandates. chicago police unions and the city are at odds over the requirement for police officers to report their vaccination status. here's janai norman. >> reporter: tonight, dr. anthony fauci hoping to ease concerns about the johnson & johnson vaccine after an fda panel recommended a booster for the single shot. >> i think that they should feel good about it, because what the
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advisers to the fda felt is that given the data that they saw, very likely this should have been a two-dose vaccine to begin with. >> reporter: but johnson & johnson telling abc news there was value in having a single-dose vaccine that could be easily distributed. >> in a pandemic situation, the best thing you can do is get out there and vaccinate as much of the population as quickly as possible with one shot. >> reporter: unlike pfizer and moderna boosters, limited to older adults or those at high risk, the fda panel voting in favor of the the j&j booster for anyone 18 and older, at least two months after getting the single shot vaccine. as boosters roll out across the country, tonight vaccine mandates facing fierce pushback. a statewide school walkout now just hours away in california, as parents plan protests against vaccine requirements for staff and students. and mandates leading to clashes between cities and their police unns.police union estimated last week that half of
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its officers were still unvaccinated. the city now fighting it out in court, as all city workers, including officers, are required to report their vaccination status or face disciplinary action. >> this should've been a very simple issue for us. get vaccinated, let us know, so that we can move forward. but instead, it's become a battle of wits. >> reporter: the stakes high for all americans, from law enforcement to health care workers. like mechelle webb, who's been treating covid patients, but was hesitant about getting the shot herself. she decided to get the vaccine after attending educational sessions. >> without that education, i think i would have been really questioning myself. did i make the right choice? >> reporter: those mandate showdowns erupting as the cdc released data from august showing the unvaccinated had an 11-fold higher risk of dying from covid during this surge of the delta variant than those who got the shot.
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>> the unvaccinated, 11 times more likely to die. janai joins us tonight. the cdc and fda will weigh in on those boosters this week, and then all eyes will turn to the fda panel reviewing pfizer's vaccine for kids 5 to 11. what is the white house saying to do right now? >> reporter: they're telling states to preorder doses for 5 to 11-year-olds in hopes of a seamless rollout that could start in about 2 1/2 weeks. the fda already reviewing pfizer's vaccine for kids. the cdc will meet the first week of november. linsey? >> janai, thank you. earlier today, former president bill clinton walked out of a california hospital six days after being admitted for an infection. the 75-year-old and his wife, hillary clinton, thanking doctors and staff at uc irvine medical center. his condition is not uncommon for men his age. and there are warning signs. marcus moore is there. >> reporter: six days after he arrived at this southern
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california hospital fighting an infection, former president bill clinton walked out on his own with a show of gratitude. the doctors and nurses who treated him lining up outside as clinton left with his wife, former secretary of state hillary clinton, sunday morning. >> how are you feeling? >> reporter: giving a thumbs-up when asked how he was feeling. his motorcade heading straight to the airport where the former president would fly to his new york home. aides said the 75-year-old was overly fatigued when he was admitted to the hospital on tuesday. his wife and daughter chelsea, visiting the former president during his stay. doctors found he was suffering from a urological infection that spread. the team treating clinton with i.v. antibiotics and maintained throughout his stay that the former president was responding well to treatment. medical experts say that type of infection can be common in older men. the symptoms include flank pain, nausea, vomiting, high fever, and an elevated white blood cell count. >> as we get older, men can be susceptible to severe urinary tract infections. the key elements to managing a
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severe urinary tract infection are early recognition, aggressive intravenous antibiotics, and fluids. all of this appears to have been done in this case. >> reporter: clinton has had a history of health scares in his post-presidency life, including quadruple bypass surgery in 2004, and a 2010 procedure to implant a pair of stents in a coronary artery. the former president's medical team here says he will continue that course of antibiotics as he recovers in new york, and they will continue to monitor his progress. >> marcus, thank you. we turn to the urgent manhunt in houston. new details about the suspect in the shooting of three deputies, one of them killed. he was a 30-year-old father of two who had just returned from paternity leave. fellow officers saluted as his remains left the hospital. the fiancee of one of the wounded says the men were close friends, like brothers. here's ike ejiochi. >> we have three officers down.
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three officers down. >> reporter: tonight, the manhunt growing for the gunman who ambushed three deputies at a nightclub in houston, killing one of them. >> what happened tonight was evil. >> reporter: authorities are looking for a man in his 20s, heavy set with a beard, who at the time of the shooting was wearing a white t-shirt with blue jeans. authorities say two of the deputies were trying to make an arrest early saturday morning, when the gunman opened fire with an ar-15 style assault rifle. 30-year-old deputy kareem atkins was killed. he'd just returned from paternity leave, leaving behind a wife and two children, including a 2-month-old. 28-year-old deputy darryl garrett was shot in the back. he is in the icu after emergency surgery. his fiancee, unable to tell him his fellow deputy didn't make it. >> when the nurse spoke with him, he asked if he could understand. he asked them to squeeze my hand if you can understand me and darryl squeezed his hand a little bit. >> reporter: a third deputy,
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26-year-old juqaim barthen, ran to assist. he was shot in the foot. tonight, we're learning all three men were close friends. >> i was in a room with one of them, and he didn't know that the one deputy had passed. he found out laying, bleeding out on a gurney that his buddy he had just been with was deceased. >> reporter: officers standing at attention while deputy atkins' body was taken from the hospital to the medical examiner's office. police say one person is in custody. but they don't believe that to be the shooter. the shooting happening nearly a month after a houston police officer was killed, and another was hurt in a shooting in harris county. >> ike, thank you. just ahead of the holiday season, the global supply chain crisis is having a major impact on stores nationwide. everything from furniture to toys. and it could last well into the new year. here's deirdre bolton. >> reporter: worried parents already shopping at pixie toys in long beach, california. hoping to get those presents before it's too late..
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but not far from her shop, dozens of massive cargo ships are waiting to enter port. carrying toys, furniture, cars. and more are on the way, as tonight, warnings the supply chain problems created by the pandemic will have far-reaching effects. not just this holiday season but maybe next year's, too. >> the best estimates that i've heard, this could be something that will be well into next christmas, to be honest with you. >> reporter: the port of los angeles seeing a 17% increase in traffic since 2020, and it's taking three times longer to clear the ports. one reason, a lack of truck drivers. >> so even when stuff gets to port, even once it is lucky enough to get off the ship, then sometimes there is difficulties getting it to the next location. >> reporter: secretary of transportation pete buttigieg saying today his department is working with state dmvs to speed up issuing commercial drivers' licenses to get more truckers on the road. but acknowledging a big problem
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may not have a quick fix. >> we need to deal with the long-term issues that have made us vulnerable to these kinds of bottlenecks when there are demand fluctuations, shocks, and disruptions like the ones that have been caused by the pandemic. >> reporter: as many economists note, it is much easier to shut down a global economy than it is to ramp one back up. and also agree that the price of most products on shelves will increase, so it's best to plan ahead. linsey? >> deirdre, thank you. there are new concerns tonight about china's nuclear weapons capability after a reported secret missile launch in august. reports say the missile circled the earth and space, missing its target by about 24 miles. pentagon spokesman john kirby says the u.s. will not comment on the reports, which have not been independently confirmed by abc news. residents of benton harbor, da oicials dtributnding answerss
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helping to get the message out that the town's water is not safe to drink, and it will not be for at least 18 months. zachary kiesch is there tonight. >> reporter: tonight, benton harbor's lead levels are shining a grim spotlight on our country's failing infrastructure. the line wraps around the block at distribution sites like this. the tap water is no good. you wouldn't want your dog to be drinking this water. >> absolutely not. >> reporter: michigan governor gretchen whitmer now saying the issue will be fixed in the next 18 months. >> we've really been living off of the investments of our grandparents and our great grandparents, who built the water treatment plants and who put the pipes in. they are failing. >> reporter: the lead levels are comparable to flint. but in benton harbor, some 6,000 failing pipes that run in and out of people's homes will need to be replaced. sounds to me like the trust has been -- >> it's been broken. >> reporter: according to the abc equity report released last month, benton harbor is not unlike other poorer, majority
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non-white cities when it comes to disparities in clean water access. emma kinnard has been hammering mayor muhammad for answers about the amber colored water at her house since 2018. >> it was sizzling, sort of like alka-seltzer. >> reporter: at night, she says her skin itches so bad she needs benadryl to sleep. >> just say the water is unsafe to drink, brush your teeth, cook with, bathe in, to make baby formula. that's what you need to say. and if you say that, it will send a message to the people that we have a problem. >> reporter: organizers say pallets of water have been stolen last night. a real example of the dire need out here. in addition to water, they're also handing out pre-mixed baby formula. a real example of trying to address the most vulnerable, but also the most susceptible to the long term impacts of lead exposure. >> zachary, thank you.
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and there's much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. jury selection starts tomorrow in the murder trial of three men for the fatal shooting of ahmaud arbery. and a collision caught on camera. the terrifying moment a train and semi truck collide. . people with moderate to severe psoriasis, or psoriatic arthritis, are rethinking the choices they make like the splash they create the way they exaggerate the surprises they initiate. otezla. it's a choice you can make. otezla is not an injection or a cream it's a pill that treats differently. for psoriasis, 75% clearer skin is achievable, with reduced redness, thickness, . . . tis, otezla is proven to reduce joint swelling, tenderness, and pain. and the otezla prescribing information has no requirement for routine lab monitoring. don't use if you're allergic to otezla. it may cause severe diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting. otezla is associated with an increased risk of depression. tell your doctor if you have a history of depression
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arbery's family says he was out for a jog when he was followed and shot. the men have all pleaded not guilty. the coast guard has identified a cargo ship that could be tied to the pipeline rupture which caused that california oil spill earlier this month month. saying the ship dragged anchor in january. officials believe close to 25,000 gallons of oil spilled. and when we come back, robert durst in the hospital with covid just days after receiving a life sentence. and lucy in the sky with diamonds, where nasa's latest spacecraft is heading.
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that was hauling several cars stuck on the train tracks. and the train, unable to stop, crashing into it. the collision sending debris flying, and five train passengers to the hospital, all with minor injuries. robert durst, sentenced just days ago to life in prison for murder, has been hospitalized after contracting covid-19. lawyers say the 78-year-old is currently on a ventilator in a los angeles hospital. he has several medical issues. and nasa has rocketed a spacecraft named lucy into the sky, yes, with diamonds. beginning a 12-year mission exploring eight asteroids. seven of which share jupiter's orbit. nasa sent lucy soaring with a plaque imprinted with lyrics from the iconic beatles song "lucy in the sky with diamonds," along with a disc of lab-grown diamonds. when we come back, how a freshman football player with special needs brought an entire community together. ♪ ♪
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finally tonight, a heartwarming moment on the gridiron. it wasn't just the touchdown, but the play itself, and more importantly the player, that thrilled the crowd. it started out like any given friday night of football. the high school players for the veritas prep falcons in phoenix arriving at the field. but pay attention to number 40 right there, wesley jackson. the freshman player wasn't put in the game until the fourth quarter. where he made the final play, which brought fans on both sides at this homecoming game to their feet. what was supposed to be a
5:58 pm
five-yard play turned into a 70-yard run for the touchdown. >> wes jackson on a run to the left-hand side. touchdown, veritas! >> reporter: both teams ran over to congratulate him. the moment all the more meaningful because wes has down syndrome. >> wes, go! wes, go! >> if you come to practice every day, and you're there, and you put in the work, we're going to find a spot for you on the field. >> he loved it, so it was something i'll never forget. >> at that point, i wasn't a football coach. i was a person watching something special happen. >> love to see that embrace. thank you so much for watching. "gma" in the morning. david muir will be right back here tomorrow night. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night. evening. good night 679.
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news at 6 just what we need you see the rain here from our mountain cam the latest on exactly how long you'll need that umbrella. everything here is about improving the quality of life the health and the prosperity for residents of oakland. a community fair in the east bay designed to improve people's lives and it's offering one possible solution to our housing shortage. and the pandemic had led to a street concept that could become permanent in the tenderloin abc 7 news at 6 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. boy, check it out dark clouds rolling in and the rain wasn't far behind. it is so desperately needed starting in the north bay and now heading south and east
6:00 pm
though the first round won't be much it is just a start in what will be a series of rainmakers. thanks so much for joining us. i'm dion limb that rain is moving through the bay area as we speak abc 7 news meteorologist. francis takes a look at how long those showers will last francis. yeah dion they're going to last for the next few hours until about 9 o'clock in the bay area and then we'll start to clear out on our storm impact scale. it's a one out of five. it's a light storm scattered showers expected over the next few hours generally less than a tenth of an inch for most areas, but maybe up to a quarter or more especially in the mountains and along the coast breezy at times as well. here's a look at the live doppler satellite radar system. so you notice over the last few hours. the rain is mainly fallen in the north bay, but it is starting to slide south and east right now. in fact, we're getting some light rain falling through santa rosa. luma already got about 400 of an inch just in the past hour. so and here's our forecast animation at six o'clock. you'll notice the rain starts to move on to the peninsula parts to the east bay 7 o'clock this
6:01 pm