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tv   America This Morning  ABC  October 19, 2021 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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right now on "america this morning," breaking news in the effort to bring 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti. several children among them. the demands now being reported. the new decision expected from the fda when it comes to covid vaccine booster shots and whether you can mix and match vaccines. and the sub variant of the coronavirus and new fallout from vaccine mandates. several college football coaches now being fired. celebrating the life and legacy of colin powell. what he said during one of his final interviews about his health battles, about war and about the importance of civility. the importance of removing the thomas jefferson statue because of his ties to slavery.
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both sides weighing in. the woman caught on camera, what she allegedly refused to do. and a decision about the hooters uniforms at restaurants. and punishing children for bad behavior. to a 900-year-old weapon found at sea. today is tuesday, october 19th. good tuesday morning, everyone. we begin with breaking news about the american missionaries and children kidnapped in haiti. >> we learning about a possible ransom demand. the gang that kidnapped the group is demanding $17 million, o $1 million for each captive. it's 16 americans and a canadian working with an ohio-based aid group. marcus moore is in haiti. >> reporter: the white house says president biden has been receiving constant updates on the situation here. and officials confirm to abc
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news that the fbi has made contact with the gang, the 400ma 400marussu gang. the implications are unclear. this is a delicate situation. >> the names of the victims have not been released. they reportedly include five members from a family in michigan. north korea has tested another ballistic missile. this time south korea says the missile was fired from a submarine into the sea of japan. it comes as u.s. intelligence officials reportedly meet in seoul to discuss north korea's nuclear program. the fda moving closer to a decision on whether it's safe to mix covid vaccines when you get the booster shot. the decision expected soon could speed up the race to protect more americans, just as scientists track a new delta sub variant. alex presha is here with more. >> reporter: good morning, andrew. expecting major news from the
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fda on booster shots. this morning, fda is deciding if americans should mix and match the booster shots. the fda is recommending that people get boosters that match the original doses. but it could allow a shot from a different brand. >> i think mixing and matching would reduce supply chain complexi complexity quite a bit. that would mean more boosters in more arms. >> reporter: coronavirus cases are falling across the country, down 50% since the beginning of september. meanwhile, thousands gathered across california monday, opposed to the vaccine mandate for students. these parents protesting outside of the state capitol. >> the harder they push, the louder we'll get. >> reporter: california teachers are required to get the shot. all students will follow once the vaccine is approved fir their age groups. a vaccine requirement is nothing new. this is added to ten others for school. >> i am not a parent that wants
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my child to be controlled by the government. i want my child to not be vaccinated. >> reporter: in chicago, 35% of the police rerted t vaccination and risk losing their job. in the sports world, the nhl has suspended evander kane for submitting a fake vaccination card. he will forfeit millions this season. and head coach nick rollovich and assistants that he will be fired for not getting a vaccine. >> his team, they don't deserve this. that is a real point of heartbreak. >> reporter: at midnight, a vaccine mandate went in place in seattle. the city reporting that 99% of its 11,000 employees have complied. mona and andrew? >> alex, thank you. former president trump filed a lawsuit to block release of the documents on the january
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attack on the u.s. capitol. the national archives is set to turnover files set for trump's actions before and after the riot. he is trying to evoke executive privilege. in washington, a sign of infrastructure talks. joe manchin and bernie sanders, after what they described as a good meeting. the two traded barbs over the weekend, after sanders wrote an op-ed, calling out the spending plan. jury selection resumes today after the three white men accused of murdering a man in georgia. some of the questions focused on race, if they considered a confederate flag to be a racist symbol. the flag was visible on the truck that the suspects usedarb. his mother says she cannot watch that video.
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>> i plan to be in court every day. probably not all day. but every day. as far as the video goes, i'll have to face that whenever that time comes. i'm not sure how it will a me at this time. >> jury selection is expected to take two weeks. now, to the life and legacy of colin powell, following his death at 84. we are hearing one of his final interviews that he spoke about health battles and his self-description of a reluctant warrior. this morning, the late colon colin powell in his own words. >> whenever that ask of me, i am a reluctant warrior. i don't like wars. i don't want to be a warrior. the other thing that is well-known about me. that is we go to war and i will do everything i can to beat the crap out of somebody.
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>> reporter: he spoke to journalist bob woodward in july, in his final interview, opening up about his health struggles. >> i've got multiple cancer. >> don't feel sorry. i'm 84 years old. i haven't lost a day of life fighting two diseases. i'm in good shape. >> reporter: the blood cancer and parkinson's weakened his immune system, making him more ough he was vaccinated.ven he was the first black man to hold the positions of joint chief of staff and secretary of state. he was criticized for his u.n. speech to justify the invasion of iraq. >> there can be no doubt that saddam hussein has biological weapons. >> reporter: the weapons were never found. powell called it an intelligence
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failure. >> i'm the one that announced it to the world. and it will be part of my record. >> reporter: a long-time republican, the party wanted powell to run for president in 1996 and he declined. powell drifted away from the republican party when barack obama ran for president, saying this about senator obama. >> i'm troubled not by what senator mccain says but what members of the party say, and it is permitted to be said. such things that you know that mr. obama is a muslim. the correct answer is, he is not a muslim. he's a christian. always been a christian. but the right answer is what if he is? is there something wrong with being a muslim in this country? answer is no. that's not america. >> reporter: powell was active on social media, once posting this selfie from the 1950s. he went viral in 2019, after a disabled veteran pulled over to help him change a flat tire on the highway. powell posted pictures along with the caption, let's stop screaming at each other.
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powell leaves behind his wife of 58 years. she was infected with covid and is recovering at home. time, now, fora look at your tuesday weather. a new report confirms california just had its driest year since 1924, receiving only half the average rain and snow. conditions in the coming months could make things worse. overseas, the opposite problem. too much rain in southern india swept away this home. 35 people have died from the flooding. more heavy snow for the rockies today. some much-needed rain for parts of california and the plains. checking today's high temperatures, 70s in the midwest, and 70s for much of the south, as well. coming up, why we're getting more unwanted text messages than ever. and what's being done about it. also ahead, did jeff bezos lie to congress? the accusations and the company
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just ask your asthma specialist about dupixent. a massive cocaine bust off the coast of europe. seized more than five dozens of drugs. street value? $230 million. the drugs allegedly belonged to an international drug gang. new details this morning about the shipping delays blamed for shortages at supermarkets, clothing stores, and car dealerships. a new record was just set and is not good news. set and it
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is not good news. the waiting line of cargo ships off the california coast is getting longer, a record 100 ships are waiting to enter the ports of long beach and los angeles. for comparison, an average of only 17 would typically be waiting. and 45 more ships are due to arrive by thursday. adding to the supply chain backlog that is leading to empty store shelves across the country and higher prices everywhere. >> we have trouble with logistics internally getting product to market. we have some loads that have been actually on the truck for almost a week. >> reporter: the ceo of one toy-making company says the cost of shipping supplies like cardboard and plastic have recently increased by 300%. he expects toy prices to double by next year. >> you have to go back to retailers and offer them an item that used to retail for 20 or $25 and now it is retailing for $30, $35, maybe $40. >> reporter: the biden administration has taken steps to alleviate the logjam, announcing the port of los angeles will operate 24/7. but a trade group representing
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clothing manufacturers is demanding more action, suggesting, quote, the use of the national guard or using naval ports to help unload cargo. ports in florida are now inviting cargo ships to that state tweeting, let's save christmas. meanwhile, employers say they're alarmed by the shortage of workers. >> we have full medical and profit sharing plan and 401(k), i mean, we really have a nice package for employees but it has been very difficult to, again, just to hire and maintain. >> reporter: some companies are now offering bonuses to employees just for showing up to work. the census data reveals 5 million americans were not working because of pandemic disrupted child care reliability and 4 million said they couldn't work because they were caring for a covid patient or had the virus themselves. with the holidays approaching, amazon is trying to hire 150,000 seasonal workers to handle higher consumer demand this year. >> amazon is also facing accusations that former ceo jeff
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bezos lied to congress. members of the senate judiciary committee believe bezos and other executives misled the panel about the company's business practices. amazon denies it. the committee is considering referring the issue to the justice department. the fcc is cracking down on unwanted text messages flooding our phones. they're considering a proposal that would require wireless companies to block illegal robo texts. it would expand on the rules already in place to curb robocalls. coming up, the weapon found overseas that dates back 900 years. what it reveals. the debate over removing a thomas jefferson statue in new york because of its ties to slavery. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment for adults who are undetectable. cabenuva helps keep me undetectable. it's two injections, given by a healthcare provider once a month. hiv pills aren't on my mind. i love being able to pick up and go.
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to create authentic seasonal scents that fill your home with holiday spirit all season long. connect to nature this season. back, now, with recovery of a very old weapon. this 900-year-old sword was found on the floor of the mediterranean sea. it was believed to belong to a crusader. the weight of the sword proves that people were in shape. social justice is taking center stage in new york, over a debate over a statue of thopmas jefferson that dates back 200 years. >> reporter: this morning, a new move to expel a statue of a u.s. historical figure tied to slavery. the statue of thomas jefferson, presiding over the chamber of the new york city council for
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180 years is soon to be removed. the public design commission voted to relocate it, citing jefferson's ownership of hundreds of slaves. the city's black, latino and asian caucus, saying, the individuals memorialized in the confines of our people's house, should be reflective of the city's history and diversity of unquestionable character. opponents say it ignores jefferson's role as a founding father and proponent of the bill of rights. >> the majority of new yorkers could disagree with this. i think the bill of rights, for example, has worked out pretty well for new yorkers over the past 225 years. >> reporter: the decision in new york comes just weeks after richmond, virginia, removed a 130-year-old statue of robert e. lee. and now, during this time of social reckoning, superman is in the spotlight. d.c. comics announcing it will
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drop "the american way" from the superheros' motto. instead of truth, justice and the american way, it will be truth, justice and a better tomorrow. d.c. comics saying the change was made to better reflect the storylines that we are telling across d.c., and to honor the incredible legacy of 80 years of building a better world. the critics say the change is grandstanding. as for the thomas jefferson statue in new york, it could end up in a museum or library. a decision is expected by the end of the year. >> andrea, thank you. in sports, a boston blowout. the red sox hit their third grand slam of the series against the astros. they won 12-3, and lead the series, 2-1 games. football came down to an impressive stand by the titans. they stopped the bills by inches. a field goal would have meant
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your dry skin story changes from one day to the next. try eucerin advanced repair and switch. it doubles your skin's moisture and repairs dry skin over time. so tomorrow can be a different story. eucerin — recommended and used by dermatologists. ♪ time to check with "the pulse" and a policy reversal at booter hooters. >> the chain introduced new short-shorts that were shorter than the old style. >> several posted videos criticizing the new shorts. the message made it to the ceo, who has issued a new policy, that allows employees to wear the new shorts or the old shorts. y the price their children
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misbehave. >> chinese lawmakers are considering a law that would punish moms and dads when their kids commit a crime or very bad behavior. they would be forced to go through family education programs. and next, the new list of best places to retire in america. >> eight out of the top ten locations are in florida. the list from u.s. news ranks daytona beach at number three. >> we head over to the gulf coast for number two, naples, florida. and number one, sarasota. low taxes are one reason that florida is a favorite. >> lancaster, pennsylvania, came in number five, thanks to high-quality health care. finally, a big fish story in north carolina. >> this is the one that didn't get away. check out this massive hammerhead shark. 13 feet long and 500 pounds. >> a paramedic made the big catch saying it was like being hooked to a big car. he returned it to the water.
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checking the top stories, a ransom demand has reportedly been made for the americans kidnapped in haiti. the wall street journal says o missionaries and their children is demanding $17 million to release all 17 captives. the fbi is communicating with the gang. the fda is planning to allow a mix and match approach for covid booster shots. the upcoming recommendation is likely to suggest recipients get boosters matching their original vaccines, but it will also allow provid providers discretion to offer different brands. the house committee investigating the attack on the u.s. capitol is set to vote today on holding steve bannen in contempt for defying a subpoena. it would be up to the justice department to decide if bannon faces criminal charges. gas prices nationwide rose again last week. up five cents.
4:28 am
that's a 13-spent rise this month alone. the average now stands at $3.32 a gaon. toy'weather, rn along northern plains. heavy snow in the rockies. sunny for the eastern half of the country. and finally,im kardashian helping authorities solve the case of a stolen egyptian coffin. >> will ganss has the story. >> reporter: with more than 259 million followers, each post is bound to be at least a little important. but solving an international smuggling scheme, the like button on instagram doesn't cover that. this photo of kim from the 2018 met gala posing next to the coff coffin, leading to a years long criminal case. >> we're fortunate to have the coffin. >> reporter: half a million people coming to see the coffin. the metropolitan museum of new york receiving a tip.
4:29 am
after this went viral. the museum discovering it was stolen and closing that show early. the manhattan district attorney was emailed a photo by an anonymous informant in the middle east saying he recognized the coffin and knew it had been looted. museum officials saying they bought it for $4 million from an art dealer in paris, in 2017, but were fooled by fake papers saying it was legitimately exported decades ago. the coffin was made in egypt between 150 and 50 bc and remained buried more than 2,000 years. but the kim k. picture is the glue that broke the case wide open. the met returned the coffin to egypt where it was put on display at the grand egyptian museum in cairo. >> following the incident, the met vowed to review and revise its acquisitions process. andrew, mona? >> kim k. was married to a wrap star. >> get it, mummies, wraps?
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they're not messing with no gold digger right now on "america this morning," breaking news in the effort to bring 17 missionaries kidnapped in haiti. several children among them. the demands now being reported. the new decision expected from the fda when it comes to covid vaccine booster shots and whether you can mix and match vaccines. and the sub variant of the coronavirus and new fallout from vaccine mandates. several college football coaches now being fired. celebrating the life and legacy of colin powell. what he said during one of his final interviews about his health battles, about war and about the importance of civility. the importance of removing the thomas


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