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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 20, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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not believe she meets the relevant criteria to be able to accept. as for the magazine, they say they may offer the award again in the future. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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windy night ahead.
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it's not torrential but it's rain and boy do we need it. how northbay residents are reacting to the storm. >> a number of restaurants find and one location closed for not checking on their patrons proof of vaccination. i'll tell you where. >> the los gatos mom accused of throwing secret teen parties filled with alcohol and sex is back in the south bay. abc 7 news starts right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: rain coming down in the northbay tonight as the first of many storms role in this week. everywhere around the bay area, people are looking forward to days of rain. we sure do need it. think you for joining us. ama: we have team coverage. kate larsen is in the northbay tonight, but we begin with our meteorologist who is tracking the rain. sandhya: the rain is just the start of an unsettled partner --
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pattern. this is something we've waited for for so long. let's get you into street-level. we have some light steady rain from santa rosa to rohnert park, south santa rosa. as we look to the east bay, moderate pockets around emeryville. san francisco, richmond area getting some moderate pockets of rain. we tracked this next back, heading into san leandro. it is level one storm on our storm impact scale. the winds are already up, gusting to 47 on mount diablo right now. wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. there could be power outages. you will notice that the wet weather continues into the morning commute and even beyond that. i will be back to tell you about a stronger storm that hits, coming up in just a few minutes. ama: thank you. let's get to abc 7 news reporter kate larsen who's live in santa rosa. we can see the rain coming down.
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reporter: absolutely. it's really been raining consistently for the past three hours. for most of the night, it was just a sprinkle. in the past 30 minutes, it is real rain. it is coming down hard. it is so exciting. rain in the street, on the highway, in the lamplight. >> this is amazing. we feel better now that it's raining. reporter: they huddled under the sonoma county sprinkles. >> we planned this whole girls day just for the rain. just to go out tonight. we are watching a spooky movie after this because we are obsessed with the fall weather. reporter: for rain lovers, i don't see jackets or umbrellas. >> we like to feel it. the feeling when the rain hits your skin. it's a good feeling. reporter: there was raingear present in downtown santa rosa in anticipation of the storms. >> fingers crossed. we were hoping for it. >> i can turn off my spangler's. >> eliminate some of the fire danger. reporter: the rain made some
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romantic moments. >> the weather, we just want to snuggle up. it's rare that the rain comes. reporter: when the wind picked up right before the rain began to fall, business owners began to prepare. >> i put all the clothes that i had outside, put it in. reporter: a dry-cleaning business put her potted plants outside to catch the rainwater. >> i'm very cautious about how i save water. reporter: at this pumpkin patch, employees are getting ready to unplug the bound towns and take a pause. the pumpkins will be ok. >> the breed of pumpkin we get from half moon bay is resistant to water. they will absolutely survive the rainstorms. the only thing that takes its toll on them is time. reporter: so i have been in touch with the santa rosa fire department. they tell me if the rain
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forecast holds this week, this precipitation could push this area out of fire season. i'm kate larsen, abc 7 news. dan: thanks a lot. so nice to see the rain behind you. is tonight's rain causing anymore power outages? the pg&e outage map shows power is out in a few spots but most are not major outages or necessarily caused by rain. video provided by pg&e shows crews trying to prevent outages by power washing poles. the utility says light rain turns dirt on power lines from dry conditions into mud which conducts electricity and can start fires on the lines. pg&e says showers on sunday because transformers to blow all over the bay area, knocking power out for thousands of people. what happened in part of san leandro where power was restored earlier today is how that happened in this is why they're hosing down these lines and transformer boxes. ama: you can check live doppler 7 and the conditions where you live on our app.
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it is free to download. dan: while it's raining and it's great to see, there's a new indication tonight that we all need to do better at conserving water. governor newsom expanded the drought emergency to include all of california. he added san francisco and seven counties in southern california. the state can now ban certain uses of potable water. the governor issued a 15% voluntary cut in water use. state water officials say august data shows urban areas reduced water use by 5%. ama: new details about bay area restaurants find for not checking the vaccination status of indoor dining customers. in in-n-out burger in san francisco is forced to temporary close. j.r. stone has the strong reaction from the chain and other restaurant owners. reporter: in-n-out burger reps say, we refused to become the vaccination police for any government, in response to news that the san francisco department of public health temporarily shut down their city
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restaurant last week, saying that employees were not checking for proof of covid vaccinations. >> i think shutting down the restaurants is ludicrous personally. reporter: pam garza is getting in-n-out burger in concord when we spoke with her. a location that was fined $750 for not checking for customers proof of covid vaccination. the county supervisor says getting vaccinated and showing a card to prove it benefits the community. >> i've done that myself. it's really a small price to pay to protect our community and prevent the transmission of this virus. reporter: another restaurant being slapped with a fine, fuddruckers will have to pay $250 for not checking for proof of vaccination. in a phone, the owner echoed in-n-out, saying they aren't in the business of asking for people's personal health information. at least one customer there who is vaccinated agreed with that.
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>> i don't know about getting find. they're taking all our rights away. it should be freedom of rights. i feel like we are in communist city. reporter: those at in na -- in-n-out say this is clear government overreach. some we spoke with disagree, saying that it isn't that hard for employees to check for this. >> to hear large corporations like in-n-out and fuddruckers say that it's not their job to check people, well the small restaurants are doing it. reporter: abc 7 news. dan: tonight's other covid-19 headlines. tomorrow and thursday, the cdc will take up the topic of boosters from a dharna and johnson & johnson. it's expected to discuss possible guidance on mixing and matching the boosters. southwest airlines is backing off a plan to put unvaccinated workers on unplayed leave. southwest says if an employees were -- exempt and request isn't
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federal by just sambar, they will be able to keep working until it is. for the first time since the beginning of july, california's positivity rate is below 2%. state data today shows the 70 positivity rate at 1.9%. ama: 40 san francisco police officers are on leave because they haven't gotten the covid-19 vaccine, according to the president of the san francisco police officers association. the officers were placed on leave last thursday. officers and other city workers in high-risk settings had to show proof of vaccination by last wednesday. in a tweet today, the mayor said hearings are underway for the workers who did not comply and want exceptions. she said 93 members of sf pd have not shown proof of vaccination including 46 active-duty officers. across all city departments, more than 1400 employees are unvaccinated. the mayor said that there won't be an impact to services.
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>> this has been months in the making. we put in place system so that we can move forward rapidly to rehire if there are vacancies. ama: the police officers association said san francisco is experiencing a shooting and retail theft epidemic and newer officers will only make things worse. dan: the lost gateau's mom accused of throwing secret drunken sex parties for teenagers is back in the bay area. shannon o'connor arrived at san jose's airport this afternoon and is due in court tomorrow. there were others waiting her extradition today. reporter: no welcome home signs here for shannon o'connor, a woman who invited teens to her loss gatto's home, gave them alcohol and encourage them to take part in sex acts. sometimes nonconsensual and sometimes while she watched. at san jose international airport, sherry mullen with the message, lock corrupt. her teen daughter attended two events early on.
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>> she promised me that my kid was safe and she was going to be a responsible adult and parent. she knew how i felt about that. she did the exact opposite. reporter: her daughter cut ties with o'connor before the parties escalated to include nights of heavy vomiting, a broken bone, and abuse. disturbing accusations uncovered in court documents. on tuesday, another look at o'connor after she landed in san jose from idaho. escorted by sheriff's deputies come you see her in the wheelchair. >> we are working with con artist here. she was a professional. this wasn't anything low-key. reporter: she was considered a mom friend as their kids attended the same high school together. she says the community of parents and children who trusted her are feeling tricked and violated. >> i feel a lot of guilt for being fooled. i tell my kid, i'm very sorry.
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i'm sorry that i did not see the red flags. reporter: the teens were mostly 14 and 15-year-olds, including o'connor's own son. prosecutors say when o'connor was arrested in idaho, there were 12 teens in the home where she was staying. >> as we all found out, she continued her bad behavior reporter: onto another state. reporter:o'connor was taken from the airport and booked into jail. abc 7 news. ama: police now say a fan may have jumped to his death at a fish concert over the weekend. the san francisco chronicle reports the 47-year-old may have jumped from a balcony and died from the fall. a second incident involving a man falling from the second deck and injuring two people below is thought to be an accident. the venue is up to code with california regulations. a country duo is performing there tomorrow night. dan: san francisco announcing a new plan to tackle car
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break-ins. our camerons immediately can read by the -- captured by that's needed. ama: the mayor of los gatos. how the town council is trying to get protesters to back off. dan: this week's rain here is bringing snow to the tahoe area. the extra precautions near th
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protests outside of a person's home. the meeting was virtual because angry protesters shut down several recent public meetings. police had to respond to the
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mayor's home after protesters showed up outside trying to disrupt the online meeting. the mayor has become a target of a small group that is opposed to her vaccination policies and her support of the lgbtq community. she suggested the emergency order after a protesters target her at home this past weekend. council unanimously adopted the ordinance. >> i know that nobody should ever be terrorized in their own home, nobody's personal sense of safety and privacy should be invaded, and no one's family should be subjected to that. ama: during the meeting, the mayor received words of support from residents and several politicians including anna eshoo. dan: san francisco mayor london breed announced a new plan targeting the leaders of organized car break-ins. the city will offer 100 thousand dollar rewards for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the leaders of auto burglary rings. the program is funded by donations from tourism and hospitality business leaders.
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right after the mayor spoke, we ran into a seattle couple whose car was targeted just a few blocks away. >> we did not see it happen. we got in the car and noticed that the back was smashed. dan: leanne notified officers who had just been with the mayor to help the couple. sf pd does report a 37% drop in auto break-ins after adding 26 officers to fisherman's wharf in july. ama: a proposal to you sports betting to help end homelessness is getting support from the oakland mayor. she joins a group of california mayors backing a measure that would raise tax revenue from betting on sports games online. the funds would go towards a permanent housing and expand mental health and addiction treatment services. major sports betting platform's draft kings, fan tool, and when that are also backing the measure. dan: the eagle bar in san francisco was given landmark status today. the iconic lgbtq bar has been a
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staple in the south market neighborhood since it opened its doors in 1981. it's across the street from the newly constructed eagle plaza which bears its name state. the final hope was held by the board of supervisors today. on our website, we have a brand-new story on another local lgbtq landmark. you can find this story right on our homepage about two lesbian pioneers and the landmark home where they spent years organizing and fighting for equality. ama: a mountain lion captured yesterday in rohnert park has been diagnosed with a neurological issue. it was spotted near to schools, causing them to lock down. veterinarians at sonoma county wildlife rescue said the four-year-old mountain lions condition makes it difficult for it to walk. they are continuing to observe it to see if it's healthy enough to live in the wild. dan: wet weather has arrived and now the chp is warning drivers headed to lake tahoe to be very careful. a caltrans crew is working to
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clear trees and fix drainage systems along highway 50 in the area of the caldor fire burn scar. a loss of foliage from the fire creates the perfect conditions for mudslides. the chp says the best thing to do is to stay alert, drive slowly, and keep ample space between you and the cars ahead of you. of course, that advice is good all year long. take it easy out there. that advice goes around here to because it is slick up in the tahoe area but the rain causes problems here. ama: i'm wondering how well my windshield wipers are working right now. sandhya: you will definitely find out. hopefully those blames are nice and still working. around emeryville. street-level radar.
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san rafael, 4th street, getting some light showers from san francisco down the peninsula into birmingham. let's track this for you. that patch of moisture will be into the east bay. just about another 15 to 20 minutes. it's coming. it's a level 1. light to moderate rain, gusting winds, scattered showers. tomorrow morning, allow extra time. there are showers around at 5:00. still very scattered and light but by 5:00, you start to pick up some moderate showers and their going into 7:00. that trend will carry over into thursday as well. additional rainfall totals here. anywhere from 15 hundredths to a half an inch in the santa cruz mountains. so far, the totals have been a few hundredths of an inch. along the north bay coast, we've seen as high as a half half
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inch. you will notice the roads are slippery. as dan mentioned, definitely give yourself a little more space. 40's to 60's right now. most areas are mild with the south wind. as you look at those temperatures in the morning, 40's and 50's. don't forget the umbrellas. scattered showers continue for the afternoon with 50's, 60's for you. sunday, monday is what we are watching carefully. an atmospheric river is setting up. will it be aimed at northern california or sliding into our area? models are projecting there's potential for it to just dump rain on the bay area. you look at the rainfall totals from tomorrow night all the way through monday night, three to six inches. santa cruz mountains looking at over nine inches of rain. that would put an end to our fire season. in the mountains, the atmospheric river expected to deliver heavy snow. we are looking at anywhere from
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three to four feet of snow. for the walk to and alzheimer's, it should be nice weather in between storms. 50's, 60's. scattered showers for your wednesday. still showering on thursday. we have another system coming in friday that will bring us wet weather. a brief break saturday until saturday night and then a level two for sunday, monday. looks like a potent storm that would certainly help with our drought situation and put a dent in it. dan: the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. whether it's work work. works for me. school work it worked! or a workout. oh i'm working... they've got xfinity, which delivers wifi faster than a gig for all their devices. it's more than enough to keep everyone working.
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williams. dan: it documents his life. >> it was like being with the beatles or something. it was just, his stardom was
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huge. ama: it includes interviews with williams peers and archive interviews with william himself about his personal struggles prior to his death in 2014. dan: tune in tomorrow night at 10:00 to watch. stay tuned afterward for abc 7
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new season tonight in l.a. against the lakers. if the warriors can win, this team is going to be fun to watch. >> hello. dan: anthony davis inside, dominating. 33 points and 11 boards. how about lebron james? coming at you. he had 34. nice side for jordan poole. no fear, knocking down the three. warriors go up 86-85.
1:36 am
he tweaked his ankle. you see it as he attacks on the drive. scores but limbs off in the fourth quarter. only five of 15 but had his first triple-double since 2016. the money be lisa lisa lisa a terrific addition 15-11. great ball movement here to put it away. andrew wiggins in directing offense. 121-114. warriors shock l.a.. >> i've been telling you guys for a couple weeks now, i like this team. you still have to go out and prove it. larry: the a sharks visiting montreal. brent burns fires from the blue line. sharks up 1-0 in the first. logan couture with the shot. he scores. his first and second career goals. the new goalie with 21 saves.
1:37 am
the sharks with an impressive 5-0 victory. magic johnson watching his dodgers fight for their playoff life. game three. dodgers down 5-2. cody bellinger smashes the pitch from luke jackson and we are tied. mookie betts was an r.b.i. single. that turns out to be the game-winner. 6-5 l.a. dodgers trail 2-1. alcs game four. astros in boston. 2-1 red sox in the eighth. the melt out begins. jose altuve crushes this one over the green monster. seven runs in the ninth. castro valley's jason castro with the game-winning hit. they even the series at 2-2. sport sponsored by river
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the fbi isn't saying much about raids conducted at the home of a former vladimir putin ally. a spokesman stays they were related to 2018 sanctions against him. the husband of a woman from southern california who hasn't been seen in months is now charged with her murder. larry millete was taken into custody yesterday. megan tevrizian has the story. >> reporter: this morning a major development in the


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