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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 20, 2021 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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in. >> i just checked. tes for our viewers in the west on this wednesday morning, one of former president trump's closest allies under fire. breaking overnight, the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection votes unanimously to hold steve bannon in criminal contempt. the latest on the capitol riot investigation showdown. turk up the pressure, president biden pushing for a deal on his massive social spending package. the president meeting with members behind closed doors. can he get everyone in his party on board? the high stakes right now. miracle in texas. this plane skidding off the runway during takeoff, bursting into flames. seconds after, everyone escaped. >> i do have visual of a plane that's fully engulfed.
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>> the private jet on its way to the mlb playoffs. this morning, the investigation. is this puff of smoke a clue as to what went wrong? weather whiplash, heavy know hitting the west hard overnight, as california braces for flash flooding, mudslides and more. ginger tracking the latest. the race to save the 17 hostages being held by a dangerous gang in haiti, the new details this morning about the cap tvs. as secretary blinken vows to do everything possible to secure their release. sticker shock. the big price hike loomling for razors, paper towels, diapers and more. prokter and gamble's announcement affecting households across the country, as gas prices hit a seven-year high. stampede. a herd of bisons storming down. forcing tourists to run for cover. ♪ my heart will go on and on ♪ celine dion the superstar
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singer putting her return to the stage in las vegas on hold. what we're learning about the severe muscle spasm preventing the grammy winner from performing. ♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ and meet the hero showing america what it really means to be stroj stronger. the resilient fighter undertaking a remarkable mission to instill a limitless mindset within his community and he's about to get a life-changing million-dollar surprise. a very special "tell t.j." all happening live on "gma." good morning, america. always exciting to have "tell t.j." get your tissues ready at home. always makes you shed a tear. a special someone that won't let any obstacle hold them back. i love this "tell t.j." story we have today. >> we can't wait to share that later.
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first two big headlines out of washington this morning. you're looking live at capitol hill. there's a possible break through for president biden's massive spending bill. the president meeting behind closed doors with democrats about possible concessions. we'll tell you what's at stake this morning from free community college to extended pay family leave. >> they're hoping to get that done this week. we'll begin though with the showdown over trump adviser steve bannon, the house investigating the january 6th attack on the capitol is now recommending contempt charges against him. jon karl has the latest. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the january 6th committee wants steve bannon to go to prison for refusing to cooperate with its investigation, as they referred criminal charges the committee's top republican made it clear this is about much more than steve bannon. overnight the january 6th committee said steve bannon must pay the price for defying a congressional subpoena.
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>> no one in this country, no matter how wealthy or powerful is above the law. >> reporter: the committee alleged, quote, the bannon had special knowledge about events planned for january 6th before they occurred. they pointed to his own words on january 5th, the day before the riot when he said on his podcast -- >> all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. just understand this, all hell is going to break loose tomorrow. it's going to be moving. it's going to be quick. there's going to be many moving pieces. >> reporter: bannon told trump supporters this is their moment in history. >> all i can say is strap in. you have made this happen and tomorrow it's game day. >> reporter: bannon could face up to a year behind bars if found guilty. his lawyer told the committee he's refusing to comply at the request of former president trump. as the vote to hold him in contempt moves to the full house, liz cheney had a message for her republican colleagues in congress. >> almost every one of my colleagues knows that in your hearts that what happened on january 6th was profoundly wrong. all of us who are elected
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officials must do our duty to prevent the dismantling of the rule of law and to ensure that nothing like that dark day in january ever happens again. >> reporter: cheney told republicans trump has been lying about the election and they know it. >> you all know that there's no evidence of widespread election fraud sufficient to have changed the results of the election. you know these claims are false. yet former president trump repeats them almost daily. >> reporter: the full house will vote on criminal charges on thursday. it will be up to the justice department to decide whether or not to prosecute bannon. as for cheney's message to fellow republicans it may be a tough sell. a new poll from quinnipiac found that 78% of republicans want donald trump to run for president again in 2024. >> that is something. jon karl, thanks very much.
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robin? we'll stay in washington with a possible break through on president biden's massive social weeks with democrats at odds - over what to include and how big the bill should be. rachel scott is on capitol hill with the latest for us. good morning, rachel. >> reporter: robin, good morning. the president has been working to break that stalemate in his party for weeks and this morning we're learning he's ramping up the pressure. sources tell me when the president met with democrats behind closed doors at the white house he told them they need to reach a deal on his economic agenda by the end of next week. that some pretty big concessions would need to be made, starting with tuition free community college. the president said that community college will likely need to be dropped from the final package and other priorities will need to be scaled back as well. the child tax credit democrats wanting to make that permanent,
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but the president sut significa suggesting it may only be extended for an additional year. also, whether to slash paid family leave from 12 weeks weeks. just under $2 trillion. climate change provisions continue to be the sticking point but democrats are under pressure to come together on that before the president heads off for a global summit on climate change. the white house making it clear in a statement overnight the window to strike a deal is now closing and i'm told the democrats want to reach a deal to give the president something to out to on the world stage. >> there's a vote set on the voting rights bill today. what's at stake there? >> reporter: democrats have been looking for a way to counter the wave of states that have enacted laws making it tougher to vote. they're looking for a key test vote on legislation that would make election day a federal holiday, would set a national standard for mail-in voting, but
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it's likely to fail. they need the support of ten republicans to move forward, and they just don't have it. robin? >> rachel scott, thank you. michael? we'll turn now to that plane crash in texas and the miraculous survival on everyone onboard. bursting into flames, somehow everyone got out alive. zohreen shah is on the scene in texas this morning. good morning, zohreen. >> reporter: good morning, michael. truly a miracle. one passenger telling the houston chronicle he was shaky and running for her life away from those flames. this morning, we're learning more about the ceo who owned the plane and was always onboard. overnight a terrifying scene in texas. >> i do have visual of a plane fully engulfed. >> reporter: this plane bursting into flames after skidding off the runway, but miraculously everyone on board escaping. >> no one is deceased and man that's an awesome feeling for us as first responders. >> reporter: the private jet owned by houston home builder jay allen kent was on its way to
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boston for the mlb playoffs, including his wife and 16 others. >> we were thinking that nobody was going to walk away. so that's miracle. >> when i saw the initial wreckage i was just floored. >> reporter: only two people suffering minor injuries. >> this is a good day. this is actually a day of celebration. >> reporter: officials say the pilot aborted takeoff but seconds before the md-87 taxiing with no obvious red flags. it's too soon to tell if this puff of smoke coming from the engine had anything to do with the crash. tire marks can be seen in the grass. one of the surviving passengers saying when the plane came to a stop, everyone screamed get out, get out. with crew assisting passengers, as she fled in her astros jersey without her shoes. >> this particular aircraft
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isn't flown by many u.s. airlines anymore, but when it was in service it had an excellent safety record. it was built very strongly. we can see it survived at least lodge enough for these people to get off the airplane safely. >> reporter: they luckily did. most airplane mishaps happen during take off or landing. those are the most critical moments. the big question now is why couldn't that plane stop fast enough. george? >> okay, zohreen, thanks very much. we turn to the fate of the 17 hostages kidnapped in haiti. we're learning more about them. the youngest just 18 months. haiti police official confirms the gang wants $1 million for each hostage marcus moore is in port-au-prince with the latest. good morning, marcus. >> reporter: good morning, george. negotiations under way as officials work to free those hostages. 17 people now held for five days as people here in haiti and the u.s. pray for their free release. this morning secretary of state
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blinken vowing to do everything possible to secure the release of the 17 hostages, the youngest 8 months old, the oldest child, 15. acknowledging the difficulties on the ground to secure the release of the 17 hostages. >> gangs dominate many parts of port-au-prince and other parts of haiti. the national police can't even operate in many areas. >> reporter: the 16 americans and 1 canadian were kidnapped saturday returning from this orphanage part of their missionary work with an ohio-based christian ministries. 400 mawozo reportedly demanding $17 million. $1 million ransom per hostage. the same gang is believed to have kidnapped ten priests and nuns in april. the group was released after 20 days, but it's unclear if a ransom was paid. this man was among that group and says the key to survival was
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never losing hope. >> the message i have for them is not to be impatient. i do think that one day all of them will be free. >> reporter: a message of hope as this crisis unfolds here in haiti. a haitian police official told abc news they believe the group is being held somewhere close to port-au-prince and negotiations were under way. robin? >> marcus, thank you. now to the coronavirus emergency. the fda expected to authorize the mixing and matching of vaccines for booster shots. this comes as the cdc panel is set to meet today on whether to recommend moderna and johnson & johnson boosters. whit johnson with more. good morning, whit. >> reporter: good morning, robin. by the end of the week the booster shot campaign in this country is likely to expand dramatically. any day now the fda is expected to give the green light to mix and match boosters shots and health experts are citing this new limited study that indicates a single shot of johnson &
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johnson followed by one dose of pfizer and moderna could offer more protection than another shot of johnson & johnson. according to the study antibodies were boosted by four times, but when boosted with pfizer they jumped 35 times and 36 times after a boost with moderna. a source saying that regulators will recommend people get the same brand for their boosters, but it won't be required giving patients and required more flexibility. robin? >> whit, talk more about the cdc panel meeting and about the boosters for moderna and j&j shot. >> reporter: the pfizer booster has been authorized for older americans. moderna and johnson & johnson are next in line. that's cdc advisory panel will meet today and tomorrow to review the data. they will also discuss mixing and matching vaccine booster shots as well.
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if they sign off, the final recommendation then goes to the cdc director. it is possible that millions more americans could be eligible for booster shots by this weekend. robin? >> all right, whit, thank you. michael? robin, now to that major announcement from a retail giant. procter and gamble raising prices on many common household items. this as gas prices sky rocket. we're covering all the angles. we'll start with kaylee hartung at the port of l.a. in california. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: this morning, razors, paper towels could be more expensive. the consume giant proctor & gamble announcing they're raising prices pro products. they're pointing to the shortage of truck drivers and the record backlogs at our ports like the one here in l.a. they're changing up some of their shipping routes and
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they're limiting how much products consumers can buy to prevent hoarding. in the last year the average price of ground beef has gone up about 24 cents a pound. one expert's telling us the increase in inflation is adding up to about $175 in additional costs per month. that's for the typical american family. michael? >> that's big jump. kaylee, thank you so much. now we're going to turn to gas prices at a seven-year high and expected to keep rising. let's bring in gio benitez. good morning, gio. >> reporter: michael, good morning. experts tell us relief at the pump is not coming any time soon, in fact prices are only going up from here. let's take look at the national average right now, $3.35 per gallon, a spike over a nickel in just the past week. aaa saying it will cost you $17
7:16 am
more to fill your vehicle. why is this all happening? the cost of crude oil is still very high over $80 a barrel, that natural gas shortage in europe having a lot to do with this. the most expensive states right now, california and hawaii, both seeing average prices well above $4 a gallon. it's looking like we'll see another spike of 5 to 10 cents per gallon. the bad news is, we may see these prices keep going all the way through thanksgiving. we're going to switch gears now to the nba, season opened last night. there was a celebration for the milwaukee bucks. they received their ring, raised their championship banner in front of a soldout crowd. and they picked up right where they left off. beating the brooklyn nets and a big night for giannis antetokounmpo. a triple-double to lead the warriors over lebron james and the lakers.
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but wait, there's more. there was a big party in chicago on tuesday for the sky, celebrating the team's first wnba title. fans lining michigan avenue for the parade, ending with a rally in millennium park. the team had a special guest last night on stage. that's the door that diana taurasi smashed after the victory on sunday. thought they would bring it to the parade. check out espn's first doubleheader of the season on nba wednesday. major rivals the celtics take on the knicks in the garden. all the action tonight tipping off the nba season on espn. a lot coming up on "gma" as well. the major development in the disappearance of the california mother of three. her husband has been arrested for her murder. we'll tell you the new details this morning. and celine dion delaying her return to stage in vegas due to severe muscle spasm. but first, let's go to
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ginger. >> good morning, michael, and everybody. you know that california has been dry, epically dry. sacramento had their longest stretch without rain. redding, northern california, we're moving the needle, we're going to see a parade of storms, the unfortunate part is it could come too quickly. they're preparing for mudslides and a lot of snow. we saw inches, we're talking feet even in utah. here's what's going to happen. the parade of storms goes all the way back to japan. sunday through monday is the biggest one. we'll be watching for potential impacts there, especially northern california. your local weather in 30 seconds. first the rainy cities sponsored by liberty mutual insurance.
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talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning. it looks like sonoma county could be the next county to lift some of its current indoor mask mandates for groups who are vaccinated. the idea was presented by the county health officer. offices, gyms, fitness centers, indoor worship and other cases where vaccinated groups regularly meet could be mask-free by the end of the year. the exemption could be issued by the end of this week. jobina has a look at your traffic. jobina: we have this look at the richmond san rafael bridge. droplets on the camera. the commute has been slick. things are starting to clear up as far as the weather. lights came on at 5:32 so you're
7:24 am
looking at a backup there. i want to jump to a car fire on westbound 37 at wilson avenue. >> the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails.
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>> we will take a live look at the golden gate bridge camera. we have drops on the lands and tracking light showers. that light rain, evening some light rain -- even some light rain on the san rafael bridge. castro valley, hayward, 580, doing some light showers. some might storms through the rest of the day. scattered showers and slick roads with winds 10 to 25 miles an hour. later on today, low to mid-60's. take the umbrella out the door. reggie: coming up, the expert advice for buying a thanksgiving turkey and why you may want to get it early. another update in 30 minutes.
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just so you know i'm not going to make a >> just so you know i'm not going to make a turkey this year. >> what? >> it doesn't seem to make a whole turkey for three people. it's a lot of work. >> but you've got to have turkey on thanksgiving. thanksgiving with no turkey is like fourth of july with no apple pie or friday with no two pizzas. >> welcome back to "gma." a classic "friends" thanksgiving episode. i thought we were going to use the one where joey had the turkey on his head. the count down to turkey day is on. coming up, why you might want to plan ahead to score the bird for the big day. >> giving people plenty of time. the breaking news overnight the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection has voted to hold one of former president trump's
7:31 am
closest allies steve bannon in criminal contempt. also north korea has launched a new ballistic missile from a submarine. the state department released photos from the launch. south korea confirms the launch came from a submarine. also queen elizabeth just cancelled her trip to ireland. the monarch accepting medical advice to rest the next couple days. take a look at this. a herd of bison stampeding down the road with tourists running for cover at yellowstone national park. definitely run and don't get your camera out. we have a lot more ahead. including cnn's john king joins us live after revealing he has ms on air, why he's revealing his diagnosis now. that's coming up. george? >> looking forward to talking to him. right now, a major development in the case of missing maya millete, mother of three who disappeared nine months ago. her husband has been arrested
7:32 am
for her murder. chief national correspondent matt gutman is in los angeles with the latest. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, george. we have been following this case for months. but last night's announcement by authorities was truly a bombshell, they say san diego father and husband larry millete instead of granting his wife a divorce tried to use black magic, curses to keep her in the marriage. when they failed they say they murdered her and hid her body. nine months after the mother of three disappeared a team bursting into their arri arresting her husband for murder
7:33 am
murder. he tried to hold on to her by enlisting a spell caster to curse her with black magic. >> he was asking her to become incapacitated. for there to be an accident or broken bones. >> reporter: may went missing on january 7th the same day prosecutors say she contacted a divorce lawyer. their investigation including that he murdered his wife to avoid granting a possible divorce. >> today is a step towards justice, but it does not mark the end of our investigation. >> reporter: her husband charged with one count of felony murder and a second charge of illegal possession of an assault weapon. he's being held without bail. the prosecutors asking for the public's help to find may's remains. >> that's why i'm giving the information so the public understands that we don't have a vicinity where the body may be. >> reporter: the chula vista police department named the 40-year-old father of may's children a person of interest in july after speaking with 87 people, issuing 66 search warrants and looking into more than 128 tips about her disappearance. her sister was one of the people
7:34 am
saying that her husband went to extreme lengths, begging the family to intervene in their marriage. i spoke to them three months into the search. even then marie and her husband richard had their suspicions about larry. >> they've been having marital issues. he tried. he's been trying to work it out with my sister. >> reporter: may's family fighting for a chance to see may and her kids after larry cut off contact with them following her disappearance. they're now pleading with him to let the kids know what happened to her. >> let the kids know where their mommy is at and let them know the truth. >> reporter: it's so tragic. in a court declaration last month larry millete said his wife left him and the kids and he's not a suspect in her disappearance and that there is no evidence of foul play. obviously authorities at this point dispute that and prosecutors say despite the fact
7:35 am
that they don't have may's remains they think this is a case they can win in court and the evidence they have against him is overwhelming. michael? >> tragic as you said. matt, thank you. turning now to celine dion, announcing her return to the vegas stage is on hold due to a mysterious health issue. the singer saying she is heart broken. deborah roberts is here with the latest. good morning, deb. >> reporter: good morning, michael. this is hardly the show stopper anyone had in mind as the superstar entertainer was deep into her prep work to make her return to vegas. a medical emergency has now put it all on hold. ♪ wii would drive all night ♪
7:36 am
>> reporter: the news no doubt a crushing disappointment to fans of the international music superstar. ♪ there's nothing i fear ♪ >> reporter: a press release announcing celine dion's big return to the vegas strip currently on hold due to unforeseen medical symptoms. adding celine has been experiencing severe and persistent muscle spasms, preventing her from performs. she was set to open at the resort's world theater in three weeks tweeting i'm heart broken by this. my team and i have been working on our new show for the past eight months and to not be able this november saddens me beyond words. now i have to focus on getting better. i want to get through this as soon as i can. a theater press release saying her medical team continues to evaluate and treat her. the symptoms she's experiencing are prohibiting her from participating in rehearsals. she's one of the best-selling music artists of all time.
7:37 am
a five-time grammy award winner with album sales soaring up $250 million. the 53-year-old regularly producing hit after hit like "my heart will go on." ♪ my heart will go on ♪ >> reporter: "all by myself." ♪ all by myself ♪ >> reporter: and "that's the way it is." ♪ that's the way it is ♪ >> reporter: when i sat down with sceline in vegas in 2019, she was energized. >> i feel so powerful. and in charge. and grounded. and happy. >> it radiates. it radiates. i see it, the happiness. >> i can say more. >> what's your secret these days to staying healthy and fit and happy? >> don't need to prove myself to
7:38 am
the industry, to my family, to my friends. i think i've done it for many years. i do it because my passion has grown through the years. now i do it because i have so muchun >> reporter: but fans are going to have to wait for some of that fun. world resort promises that those who are holding tickets will be the first in line when they reschedule the show. no word on when and as for now, celine is keeping her eye on a march world tour. they're hoping that will happen. as you know -- >> are you ready for another girls' trip? 2019 we were there in las vegas. >> i know. >> remember that? >> remember that, oh, my gosh. >> she gives so much on that stage. >> she really does. she gives everything. that's why everyone loves her. but she needs to take care of herself. >> yes, she does. y'all can come next time too. >> i saw her at the garden, she was fantastic.
7:39 am
i've been to celine dion. >> renaissance man. >> don't leave me out. >> las vegas. i'll give you the garden. it's staying in las vegas, too. next, janai norman tells us why you should plan ahead for thanksgiving. come on back. >> i'm coming to your house, robin. >> come on. >> ready, ready. gobble, gobble. ready, ready. goeb gobble, gobble.
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turkey tactics. we can be thankful that turkeys won't be in short supply this thanksgiving but they may cost a little more and you might have to plan ahead to get one. janai norman has top tips, how to score your bird. good morning, janai. >> reporter: good morning, robin. and good morning from them. i'm surrounded here by a whole bunch of chatty turkeys at doublebrook farms here in new jersey. they've got about 2,000 turkeys and say so far this year the demand has doubled and the price of feed and labor has gone up. as more people try to get together this year there could be fewer turkeys but they definitely think the price is likely to go up. they're the thanksgiving centerpiece staple. >> but you got to have turkey on thanksgiving. i mean, thanksgiving with no turkey is like fourth of july with no apple pie. or friday with no two pizzas. >> reporter: but this holiday season the u.s. department of
7:44 am
ricu pdicting slight drop in turkey production. this quarter expected to dip from 1,451,000 pounds of tender turkey this time last year to 1,420,000. some farmers are already seeing sales soaring. >> we're seeing sales substantially greater than they were at the same time last year. >> reporter: according to food analysts editor this turkey day you may be paying more and a variety of issues from climate change to the pandemic may be partly to blame. >> we have a major shortage of truck drivers so being able to get the birds to the supermarkets are going to be a problem. >> reporter: experts say your best bet may be to buy from a local turkey farm, which jenny harris typically sells out of turkeys every year. she like many others are saying to buy now or make plans to cash
7:45 am
in. >> so we're currently selling vouchers. consumers can reserve a bird which will then -- they'll be called in early november to redeem their purchase. >> reporter: other options -- >> tell the farmer that you're completely okay with having them ship it early. any type of arrangement that we can make with consumers to ship their turkey maybe the first week in november when things are not quite as hectic. >> reporter: so according to butterball, frozen turkeys are most of the turkeys that are sold for thanksgiving. but experts say another option are fresh turkeys. they don't like that idea, but time and time again experts tell us either way, frozen or fresh, order early. listen to these guys. >> they are not happy with you. >> notice when she said burterball they really started gobbling.
7:46 am
janai, thank you. coming up later, we have breaking news in the fight against covid. the white house announcing a po even the shall new vaccine roll out for kids ages 5-11. and coming up, we're kicking off a very special "tell t.j." " it's kohl's lowest prices of the season and the perfect time to start your holiday gifting. get pillows and towels for just $2.99... women's jeans starting at $14.99... and boots starting at $24.99... even better? you can also earn kohl's cash!
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. good morning. to has a look at your commute. >> good morning, everyone. we will look at a crash we are following in oakland and it is continuing with the theme where we have seen overturned cars, spinouts, this is a car on south 13 on the park avenue -- park, excuse me, offramp. the bay bridge toll plaza is the biggest backup. planes came on at 5:32 and it is slick. >> it is. a live look from emeryville, you can see the wet roadways, live doppler 7 tracking showers in san francisco and even emeryville seeing light rain. same from sam castro to -- a level 1 storm so be careful on the slick roads this morning.
7:57 am
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♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) so i to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking overnight the house committee investigating the january 6th insurrection votes unanimously to hold one of former president trump's closest allies steve bannon in criminal contempt. new this morning, queen elizabeth cancels her trip. the monarch reluctantly accepted medical advice to rest. the latest on the 95-year-old royal's health this morning. sharing his truth. cnn's john king joins us live. >> i'm going to share a secret. i'm immunocompromised. i have ms. i'm grateful you're all vaccinated. paris hilton making her way to capitol hill this morning.
8:01 am
>> i won't stop until i see change. the. >> >> the star tackling what she calls abuse in the teen industry. the abuse she says she suffered at one of the schools. >> enough is enough. i'm no longer going to be silent. >> her mission to protect other children. first on "gma." ten years of "deals & steals." >> want to spin it around. >> whoo! >> okay. >> this morning, celebrating a dazzling decade. tory revealing the best beauty bargains, all the glam to make you glow. ♪ and million-dollar surprise. this morning, a "gma" moment like no other. we're highlighting one strong hero dedicated to empowering his community after an accident changed the father's life forever. t.j. holmes is bringing us the big moment and it's all happening live as we say good morning, america.
8:02 am
♪ good morning, america. so great to be with you on this wednesday morning. and this morning, we're so excited. it's a very special "tell t.j.." >> it certainly is. t.j. is telling the story of a resilient father who made it his mission to empower his community. about to get a life-changing surprise, $1 million. he has no idea what's about to happen. it's going to happen live on "gma." t.j., how is it going? >> reporter: hey, it's going well, robin. you said he made it his mission. he didn't know it was going to be his mission until he was shot and ended up paralyzed. it changed his life, but he says changed it for the better. you're giving me a hard time about the voice, but he's upstairs. i have to be quiet because he has no idea that "gma" is here. so, guys, we're ready to stop whispering here shortly, so we can't wait for you to come back
8:03 am
to us to see the surprise. >> t.j. thank you for being there. we cannot wait either. a lot, though, to get this morning, before that, including breaking news in the fight against covid. the white house announcing a potential new vaccine roll out plan for kids ages 5-11. much more on that. first the showdown over trump adviser stthhoe vestigati january 6th attack on the capitol is recommending contempt charges against him. we go back to jon karl. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. the january 6th committee wants steve bannon to go to prison for refusing to cooperate with its investigation. they voted unanimously to recommend criminal charges, the full house will vote on thursday. ultimately it's up to the justice department whether or not to prosecute him. bannon's lawyer said he has been defying the committee's subpoena at the direction of former president trump. george, if he's found guilty, he could face up to a year in prison and a $100,000 fine.
8:04 am
>> serious charges. jon karl, thank you very much. robin? george, turning now to the breaking news in the fight against the pandemic. the white house announcing plans for the vaccine rollout for kids ages 5 to 11 pending fda authorization. let's go back to whit johnson with more on this development. good morning, again, whit. >> reporter: robin, good morning once again. there are 28 million children in the u.s. between the ages of 5 and 11, so this new operational planning from the biden administration is all about getting access and accessibility to those kids as soon as possible after authorization. the white house today is announcing a number of steps, first the government says it's already secured enough vaccine supply for that age group, with the goal of getting shots in arms almost immediately after authorization. they're working with state and local governments to help with distribution and in fact some states are being told to start ordering those vaccines as early as this week. the vaccine will also have
8:05 am
packaging available in smaller configurations that will make it easier for doctors to understand, even smaller needles for kids will be included. the fda's independent advisory panel will meet to discuss this age group for the vcis onh d it it could be authorized in early november. robin? >> we appreciate that, whit. michael? now to the latest on queen elizabeth's health. the royal just cancelled her trip to northern ireland after she was advised to rest for a few days. ian pannell has the latest from london. good morning, ian >> reporter: that's right, michael. buckingham palace announcing this morning that the queen has been advised by doctors to rest for a few days. sources telling abc news this isn't covid related. on doctor's orders she's canceling an upcoming visit to northern ireland. now, it's unofficial for the queen to cancel a planned trip. palace sources say she did so reluctantly and she's in good spirits. queen elizabeth is of course 95
8:06 am
years old. she uses a walking stick these days, but also maintains a hectic work schedule. last night she was hosting a reception for business leaders. she appeared in good fo. john kerry was among the guests. the 95-year-old turning down an award as being oldie of the year. she said you're only as old as you feel. michael, i totally agree. >> i agree. thank you, ian. coming up, cnn's john king has revealed his ms diagnosis. he'll tell us about his decision to share that diagnosis live on air. and we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals." tory is here, live, going to go old school with those boxes. she has great beauty and skincare bargains inside. plus, it's almost time for that million-dollar giveaway. one community hero is about to get a life-changing surprise you don't want to miss.
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♪ welcome back. we want to get right to our "gma" cover story. john king, cnn correspondent, revealed yesterday he has ms and is one of millions of americans with a compromised immune system. >> i'm immunocompromised. i want to thank you, you're all
8:12 am
vaccinated. >> john joining us live right now. good to see you. appreciate it. that didn't look planned. >> good to see you, george. it wasn't planned. on front of my mind for a long time through covid crisis. we were talking about covid vaccines and covid misinformation in the wake of the death of general secretary of state colin powell. it was said by some commentators on you know what network that vaccines don't work. one of our medical experts was talking about why that's reckless. why can't we have a shared sense of community to protect people like general powell and people with conditions like he had. so it just came out. it wasn't planned. something on the front of my mind for some time. it's just so reckless. >> it's hard to imagine how this has become a debate. >> right. that's a great point. look, we've known each other a long time, george, so we can go back 30 years and we thought back in those days our politics was as broken and fractured as it could be. those times seem pretty quaint right now.
8:13 am
i get it. you've been around this for 30-plus. we understand political moments are pretty divisive. today is more polarizing than ever. but the strength of america, what makes america great those big moments we learn to set that aside. 700,000 of our friends and neighbors are died from covid. by november, the population of denver will have be wiped off the map by covid, why is not that big enough? to set that aside and you come from a great faith tradition, i remember the lessons of my mothers and the nuns, love thy neighbor. do what you can to help other people. we're not in january or february. back then questions about the vaccines were legitimate. we know now. tens of millions of people are safe. they are effective. they are driving down the covid case numbers. if you want a debate about mandates, fine. do it based on fact, not reckless, dangerous misinformation. the one thing that m.s. has taught me is so much of this is hidden. you don't know if the person in front of you at the coffee shop,
8:14 am
or the person at the super market needs help. put this on. >> you've had ms for 13 years, very private about it. it seemed on air like you haven't missed a beat. >> i'm glad it looks like that way. that can be a struggle sometimes. you're sitting next to today's one of the greatest cancer warriors. she looks like she hasn't missed a beat. there are days when it's very frustrating. today i'm having a problem with my hands. i haven't been able to have full sensation in my legs since late in the clinton administration. there are some days this knocks me on my you-know-what. other days it's just nagging. i'm lucky. i'm lucky. i have what's called relapsing, remitting ms. my medications have been remarkably successful in slowing the growth of the lesions. there are other people for whom this disease is more cruel and more punishing. i consider myself lucky and blessed.
8:15 am
it has taught me, it's made me stronger. it's made aware again a lot of these symptoms, stress people are going through is hidden. you cannot see it. we should be aware it's out there. we should be willing to do hard things to help other people. rolling up your sleeve and getting a safe vaccine is easy. putting on a mask is easy. why can't we do the easy things? let's debate the hard things. these things are easy. they can help a friend or a neighbor or a stranger get through the day. >> was it especially hard for you during the pandemic? >> at the beginning it was frightening. i decided to come to work every day. at first i was scared, remember, we didn't know if we could touch things. we weren't sure how it was transmitted. i was a little worried about myself. more worried about being the weak link if you will because immune system is compromised and bringing it home. i have a 10-year-old son. even now he can't get vaccinated.
8:16 am
his grandmother like robin is a great cancer warrior. i was worried that i would be the weak link that somehow brought it in to my family and the people around me. that was of great concern. i was extraordinarily careful. i'm grateful to my employer and the people who work in the building that they were careful. then, the day the vaccines were available i was first in line, trying to get first in line, i had to wait a little bit, when the boosters became available my doctor said you should get one. i think it was the second or third day i was in line for that because the data is so overwhelming. i don't like being told what to do. george, you've known me for a long time. i don't like my employer telling me i have to get a vaccine. i don't like the government telling me. this is bigger than that. it should be bigger than that. at moments in american history when we're all challenged, we're supposed to come together and set the politics aside j thy n. >> you mentioned robin roberts. one of her favorite messages is
8:17 am
make your mess your message. >> i don't like talking about myself. i'm not supposed to be part of the story. i'm supposed to cover the story. if i made a mistake that if my personal experience can help anybody, help people understand that the person next to you, you may not know it, in the subway, in the coffee shop might need your help, you can do a couple of easy things to make them feel safer. if i can help with that, so be it. >> john king, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thanks, george. john, bless you. i know it's not easy to share as you did. vulnerability is a strength. it's not a weakness. i concur with you, very grateful my colleagues did the same as yours. they got vaccinated they knew that i was compromised. thank you again for being here. >> thank you. >> wishing you all the best. take care, john. >> thank you. let's go to ginger. >> robin, thank you all for shining light. the waxing gibbous hunter's
8:18 am
monday. that's a lot of names. anyway, this is over jamestown, rhode island, as we warm up, chicago average high is 61, they're going to 72 today. charleston, 75, look at new york city right there, mid now to paris hilton taking on capitol hill to fight for what she calls the troeen just 1years old.aying s
8:19 am
enough. >> repter: after two decades of silence, shame and nightmares paris hilton is on a mission to protect children from abuse and taking a powerful message to washington this morning. >> children deserve to be treated like human beings. these kids are treated worse than some would be in prison. it's horrifying. >> that's what you endured, something worse than prison in. >> worse than -- it's literal hell on earth. >> reporter: in her 2020 documentary, "this is paris," she came forward with allegations that she was abused as teenager while attending boarding school in utah. >> i started remembering who i was before. it makes me sad they took that away. >> can you describe what you experienced at boarding scol? le, just every day wishing that i would wake up from this
8:20 am
nightmare. being physically abused, yelled at, restrained, locked in rooms, forced medication, being watched by male staff while i was taking a shower. i had basically no human rights. >> reporter: since speaking out, paris said she received thousands of letters and talked to hundreds of survivors. >> the stories that i hear are identical to what i've experienced and there are thousands of these facilities. it's a multibillion industry. >> reporter: this 12-year-old was one of those survivors. she said she was abused at a facility in montana and will be by paris' side when she testifies today. >> i'm just happy that she's going to be helping. she's amazing. >> reporter: they want private boarding schools that promise to treat troubled teens regulated. >> there needs to be oversight, regulations, accountability, transparency. >> i see that shutdown provo sign just behind you.
8:21 am
that school is still running. what is your message to the people who hurt you? >> i actually had another sign during that rally, children you abuse today will take you down tomorrow. that's what we're going to do. >> reporter: the hotel heiress has helped change laws in five states and northern ireland and vows this is just the beginning. >> state protection is not enough. these kids need to be protected on the federal level in all 50 states. i won't stop until i see change. i just know the little girl in me would be so proud of the woman i am today. >> reporter: provo canyon school in utah is still operating today. when we reached out the school said it was sold in 2000 and is now under new management. they said they can't comment on anything that happened during the time paris was there. the school doesn't promote any form of abuse. michael? >> all right, kaylee, thank you so much. see more of kaylee's interview with paris hilton tonight on "nightline." robin? all week long, you kicked it off. >> i sure did.
8:22 am
>> we're celebrating ten years of "deals & steals" with this woman right here, tory jns. thousands of steals later she's gained thousands of loyal fans. here's a special message from one of them. >> gisele cooper coming from richmond, texas. i love getting 50% off most my buys from "deals & steals." i wish i had the time and space to show you all the purchases i've made throughout the years, but today, let's focus on some of my favorites. including everything i'm wearing. >> that's so true. all the time we're going "deals & steals." >> all the time. >> this morning we have beauty and skincare deals, one of the most requested categories -- >> by me. >> by you and the viewer. you can point your cell phone
8:23 am
camera to that qr code you see. it's wayback wednesday. wayback wednesday moment from 2013. can we just go back down memory lane? oh, yes. sam champion. oh, yes, the ole box reveal. we're going old school to bring it back because it worked so well before. i told you sam champion would have a cameo. let's get going. >> let's do it. oh, so gently. that's glamazon beauty. started by a makeup artist. elena introduced me to this line starting by a make-up artist. she swears by these foundations. i use number 2, 3 and 4 for contouring. lip glosses 2 and 3 are gorgeous. it's a phenomenal line and unbelievable prices. today everything is 50% off and starts at $9.50. >> the concealers are amazing are you going to trust, lara? >> yes. let's do it, baby. >> skin care.
8:24 am
>> whoa, that's okay. >> i'm excited. >> two big winners. peptide collection we have here. open this up, it's so fabulous. this is their plumping pillow facial. you put that on at night wake up in the morning with really hydrated beautiful skin. their adaptive day cream promises a flawless filtered look. 50% off. starts at $16 and free shipping. >> allow me. actress issa rae. >> she's a co-owner of sienna naturals, beautiful. this is all about -- there you go. curls, textures, waves, this line is for you. one of her favorites is this right here, this daily elixir. combat dry scalp. all products very popular. 50%. they start at $9.
8:25 am
>> the big reveal. >> all right, good job. perricone, another big winner for "gma" viewers. number one best-selling, their powerhouse. number one selling neck cream, it does everything, sculpts, the jaw line. beautiful products. huge assortment from them. that's the big winner. starts at $15 and free shipping. >> this is gold. gold, gold, gold. >> here we go. >> sarah happ. this is about treating your lips as well as your face. this of this as skincare for your lips. hydration for either overnight, this is really good, this overnight lip mask. they've got beautiful glosses and also i would say stocking stuffer alert for these. it's a good one. these start at $10. >> great job. >> bring us home.
8:26 am
>> last one. >> love it. >> way to toss it. >> love it. murad, all about science-based skin care. so many wonderful products from them. intensive recovery creams, it's one of their best. reduces that redness from stress. it's a winner. everything 50% off. starts at $8. what are those two favorite words? >> all: free shipping. >> two favorite words, tory johnson. thank you, tory. we partnered with these companies on these amazing deals. get them by going to our website. we're celebrating a decade of deals all week long. coming up, please stay for this. our special, special "tell t.j." surprise. it's worth $1 million.
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. >> good morning everyone. checking in for a look at traffic. >> look at this emeryville camera. really foggy and drizzly situation for your commute. we have seen a number of spinouts and a couple overturned cars. right now things are pretty clear. droplets still on the camera. speeds will still be under the limit as you make your way into san francisco. >>
8:28 am
8:29 am
>> live is coming up. >> cisco performs. >> that's at 9:00 on abc 7. >> we are tracking some rain. let's zoom into the city from the mission to the marina. light showers. golden gate ridge and bay bridge is wet. we are seeing light showers. little bit of light rain. scattered light showers the storm impact scale. time up to 25 miles per hour.
8:30 am
>> we will have another abc 7 news of date in about 30 minutes. find the latest on our at at this is deeply personal for first lady dr. jill biden who's watched dear friends valiantly fight breast cancer and personal for so many women across america. now, "gma," tomorrow morning, dr. jill biden, robin roberts. with too many women putting off breast cancer screenings because of the pandemic, what she wants you to know now that could be life-saving. tomorrow on "good morning america." >> i'm looking forward to sitting down with dr. jill biden later today. we're going to do that in the bronx. she's been advocate for cancer prevention for so long and her focus right now is one that's incredibly important. encouraging women to get screened even though we're still in a pandemic. we'll bring you that tomorrow.
8:31 am
it's not just -- all of us have put off screenings and going to the doctor. need to do that rig. t's very, verympornt. now we're going to turn to a very special "tell t.j." our series highlighting real heros who uplift their community and >> t.j. holmes is about to give one deserving man the surprise of a lifetime. we often say that, but we really mean this. a million times we mean this. how's it going ks t.j.? >> reporter: you know what, robin, i'm tired of all this whispering and sneaking around. can we let the cat out of the bag? let my man know what's going on. we've been talking about him forever and there he is. wesley, sorry to interrupt, but it's for a good reason. i'm t.j. holmes. good to meet you. i'm been downstairs. i know you know something is going on. i'm here with my new buddy and my other new buddy dawn, aka your mother and your daughter, get over there.
8:32 am
i know that you think you're here doing something with the locaneay. promotin your nonprofit is called what -- >> disabled, but not ready. >> that's true, but not really what's going on this morning. i'm t.j. holmes with "good morning america." you're live right now. i've been talking about you with my friends robin, george and strahan, and the whole country, all morning, live. i know you knew something was going on. i've been sneaking and buzzing and whispering all morning to finally to get this moment. you doing all right this morning, brother? >> i'm doing amazing. >> you're doing amazing. we want everyone to know how amazing you are. so we're going to share your story with the country now. >> one minute cardio. let's get it. >> reporter: wesley hamilton is father, entrepreneur and active
8:33 am
advocate for pa advocate for parapalegics community. >> he makings you feel like anything is possible when he comes into the room. he's just the type of person you want to be around all the time. >> reporter: but his story is one of pain, personal growth and reckoning. >> he was very into the streets, he was just not the person you see today. >> reporter: in 2012, wesley was shot in his abdomen. his life was forever changed. >> they said can you feel this? wesley said, i can't feel it. man, i mean, to see your child lay there, and you can't do anything for him, it was really rough. not only that you're dealing with the mental part from your injury and the loss of your legs you're dealing with what caused that as well. >> he thought about suicide. but he also thought about this child that he had, that he had to be there for her, and i'm so
8:34 am
thankful that he didn't do anything because i would have been no good. not at all. >> reporter: wesley made a change for his mom and for his daughter. >> my dad's a superhero to me because he helps me out. he motivates me. my dad is literally the most amazing person i know. >> reporter: in 2015 he founded the nonprofit disabled but not really. through community programs and mentorships, the organization works to instill a limitless mindset for those living with a disability. making gyms a place of possibility ment >> push through. >> the energy that he brings to the class and what not is unmatched. >> i mean, it's actually a place where i feel like i belong. >> it is amazing to have wesley here and to watch him do what he does with his disabled athletes. >> reporter: wesley has come a
8:35 am
long way and touched a lot of lives on his journey. >> just to see the teddy bear you, to see you now helping people the way you do i'm so proud of you. thank you so much for being a part of my life ment just wish you success and love. >> wesley, wesley, wesley. [ applause ] >> how do you react to seeing your story and how people around you react to how you've touched their lives? >> man, it's amazing. i wasn't expecting that. thatk contl of my life to know and began paved the way to give other people the opportunity. >> mama dawn, i have to bring you in here. we see this big smile. he has a huge, infectious smile.
8:36 am
look at that face. those were some dark, dark times. what was it like to see that transition from when he was shot, almost ten years ago, from those dark times to this guy? >> it's amazing transformation and i'm glad that he made it. i'm glad he's changing lives. >> including for that one standing right next to you. >> yeah, including this one. >> i know you're running this nonprofit, since 2015 i do believe. everybody knows that nonprofits cost money. so we heard about your story we wanted to share it. people at the craig h. nelson foundation, they're dedicated to helping people with spinal cord injuries. they heard about it and want to make a donation. they're going to let you choose what you get. you're going to decide by spinning this wheel. whatever you land on, they are going to donate that amount of money. no pressure. give it a good one. anything from $10,000 to 100
8:37 am
thousand dollars. give it a go, my man. give it a good spin. give it a good one. good it a good spin. give it a good spin. okay. $80,000 is good. oh, $40,000. what are you going to do with that money? >> we just launched a mobile gym and our goal is to take what we've been doing and spreading it across the country. one of our biggest things is finding a vehicle to transport. >> to buy that vehicle. >> yeah. >> one spin, you got a vehicle just like that. wesley, the folks at the foundation said i was authorized no matter what you landed on i could put it to $100,000. so you're going to get -- actually the folks at the craig h. nielsen foundation said you
8:38 am
can use the wheel as a ruse if you want to. the really donation we're giving him is $1 million. wesley, it's not a joke. this is for real. >> oh, my god, wesley. >> they heard about you and they've been following. they love your story and what you've done. this is real. it's for you to continue your work. can i get words from you right now? >> thank you. thank you, everybody, for believing and watching the journey. it's always been about the people we've been serving. i'm just grateful, of course. i don't have a lot of words right now. this doesn't seem real. my story, where i come from, this doesn't seem real.
8:39 am
it gives my people hope. it's all i wanted. >> wesley, as we go back to the studio, i want you to put it into words. you said you got shot and you ended up paralyzed, but you said that actually saved your life. >> the man who tried to take my life, actually gave me life. every day i'm living, i'm living my purpose, and everybody's seeing that. follow your dreams despite the circumstances that happen to you. this is what it is. >> wesley, you're an inspiration. all right. dawn, nevaeh as well. craig h. nielsen foundation for the work they do and for what they are giving you for the work you're doing and being recognized for it. robin, george, stra, i told you this would be one like we never had before. we're out of words. you know i'm not usually at a loss. we'll just hand it back to you guys. >> wow. >> thank you so much, t.j.
8:40 am
>> wow. >> when you get to see someone's life change and how he talked about how he thought something so tragic was going to change it for the worst and how he made his mess his message. >> he summed it up so beautifully. the man who tried to take his life gave him life. >> the way he's going to impact and will continue to impact so many others. paying it forward like
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
welcome back to "gma." one last look at the full moon. the hunter's moon. w have this, the dent in the drought that this could make, talking 3 to 6 inches of rain, yes, you could see mudslides with the big winds coming in there with really heavy rain the holidays are around the corner. many of us are planning to get a jump on gift shopping. we've been talking about it all the time, the supply shortage.
8:44 am
this segment is sponsored by amazon. celebrating the holidays earlier. spokesperson yvette rios is joining us. the advice that you're giving. they're kicking off the holidays early at amazon. >> absolutely so we have this supercool event in new york. we brought this double-decker bus throughout the city. we gave gift cards and toys to all these unsuspecting new yorkers and it was such a fun way to get the holiday season started. it was very, very fun. >> as you can see, a big table here filled with toys. you brought some great ideas. we separated them into categories, price range and categories. let's start with the 30 and under table. let's talk about this toy. >> let me tell you about it, this is a playskool glo worms, it has a cry sensor technology. when the baby cries it since a lullaby that the parent can
8:45 am
record. the price on this is $26.49. you may have had these. i certainly did for my kids. great for eye hand coordination. great for the littles. the price on that $14.99 for both of them. next table a little bit higher, $50 table. talk to me about this cute idea. >> this is the echo dot kids. it's got parental controls. you can set it up to make phone calls to friends and family. it can help kids with homework. my kids are always asking alexa to sing them songs and everything, what's the price on that? >> this price is -- >> $39. >> it's a great gift idea. panda or tiger. so super cute. >> okay, this is the peppa pig. it turns into a ride-on. first it's push and then a ride-on. >> my favorite little girl mia loves peppa pig. >> who doesn't? she's always up to something. this grows with your kid. cute gift idea.
8:46 am
$41.99. >> we're moving up, if you want to buy a high-ticket items, these are your top choices. >> actually, my kids are saving up for this. i'm making them buy it for themselves. this is the nintendo switch light. this is all about hand-held play, great for road trips, super cool. comes in five different colors. let's see how much that one is. >> $199. >> last but not least, i want to talk to you about the book. this is like a dream castle, literally. >> disney dream castle, amazing 4, feet tall, 3 stories, it's got a firework display show. great for any disney princess lover in your life. and $149. >> thank you so very much. you guys can check out these toys and others by going to "gma's" instagram. coming up next "dune" star oscar isaac is joining us live in
8:47 am
times square. thank you very much. >> thank you.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we're back now with an incredibly talente we're back now with an incredibly talented actor. you know him from movie like "star wars." now he's starring in the new sci-fi epic "dune." oscar isaac. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> i was talking about this movie my producer, we loved the movie and we love you and your beard. but we weren't the only ones, because people flipped out on the internet about your beard. there's an ode written to your beard. here's one from gq.
8:50 am
oscar's beard looks like a sheared hedge in god's garden. ever imagine that beard could get that kind of love? >> you've got a good beard going on too. >> a lot of beard wax here. >> you know what's funny, i grew that thing out for the movie and then we had to do reshoots and i didn't have enough time to grow it as much again, a couple of scenes they've added a little bit underneath. not to ruin everyone's odes. >> well deserved regardless because originally you had it. >> originally, yes. we'll see if people can tell which is the original one and which one is the added on. >> you play timothee chalamet's dad in the movie. we had him and zendaya here and they said they would have dance parties in their rooms.
8:51 am
did you join those dance parties? >> no, that was for the kids to do. that wasn't for the duke. we had guitar parties. one of the best memories i had, me, timmy, josh brolin and steven henderson, who's great in the movie as well, we were sitting around playing bob dylan's song on the guitar.ucfu it reallfelt like a fami. >>nc jt named most of them. incredible cast. duke lido is your character. you're set to rule a planet, it's hot, sandy, no water, the people don't want a ruler, but you decide -- >> like florida. >> kind of like florida. that sounds like a really bad idea from the onset. >> yeah, that's exactly right. he's the leader of this house. in this empire there's these royal houses and he's the leader of the most noble house, the reference point for everyone else, either as an enemy or ally. they've been tasked with taking
8:52 am
over dune. it has spice. you know, it's like oil. you know, the truth is, this story is the story of human civilization that frank herbert who wrote the book it's about. the clashes of cultures. th planet and take his family there and he knows that it's a trap. he knows he's being set up to fail. he's wondering if there's a way to take advantage of this situation. >> the spice is the most valuable thing. >> it's what makes everything move. >> we're going to take a look at a clip. here's a clip. check it out. >> you gave me a son and from the moment he was born i never questioned you. i trusted you completely, even when you walked in shadows. now i'm asking you this one thi thing. if anything happens, will you protect our son? >> with my life. >> i'm not asking his mother. >> that's an interesting relationship dynamic youhave.
8:53 am
>> yeah, yeah. that's rebecca ferguson who plays lady jessica, paul's mother. they're like -- they're like the cia. they have lots of undershadowed plans. whatever she's up to, he doesn't want to know. all he wants to know is that she'll protect him because stuff is about to go down and he can feel they're on the edge of failure. he wants to make sure his son will be the ruler he imagines him to be. >> the beard is only one highlight of this movie -- >> the biggest highlight, really. >> the movie is fantastic. you're fantastic in it, man. always good to see you. >> thank you. good to see you too. >> "dune" premieres in theaters and on hbo max tomorrow. do yourself a favor, make sure you check it out. stay right there. we will be right back.
8:54 am
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>> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. let's get a look at traffic. >> we begin with a live look in emeryville. an update from the last 30 minutes when it was all fogged in. traffic is still slow even though it is starting to move away. filling in at the toll plaza, where chp has issued a wind advisory. >> live doppler 7 getting a workout this hour. light rain across much of san francisco from the mission to the sunset. into the east bay, a loan shower around left i. on the peninsula, san mateo, a light shower right now. that is the theme for today. keep the umbrella handy. >> now it is time for "live with
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