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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 20, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> scattered showers are causing problems today from downed trees to power outages. and remember, this is just the beginning with more rain in the forecast. this evening, we are on storm watch for you. thank you for joining us. i'm dan noyes. ama: i'm ama daetz. you're watching abc7 news at 5:00 live here on abc7, hulu live and wherever you streep. a live look outside at the conditions from our camera into emoryville and while there is no rain on our lens now, it is definitely gray out there. dan: it sure is. we have team coverage with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard with the problems the rain is causing. but let's begin with abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel who is tracking the storm which is a travel one on our storm impact scale. sandhya: it is indeed, dan. this as you take a look at live
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doppler seven you will notice some showers have developed around the east bay. as we get you into street level radar here, alameda, 880, oakland, east 12th street we're seeing some wet roadways. slippery spots riot around san francisco's mission street. and we pull out here, you will notice this moist flow with a stalled out front a light level one storm that continues to feed us moisture. so rainfall so far, try over an inch and a third in santa rosa. trace amounts from hayward to san jose. but we're not done yet. so those showers will continue. 7:00 tonight we'll see more going into tomorrow morning, make sure you have the rain gear as we will have wet roadways 10:00 a.m., moderate pockets of rain and then the first atmospheric river of the season arrives this sunday and monday. it's a level two on our storm impact scale. i'll be back with a closer look coming u up. dan: we will continue our coverage with abc7 news reporter cornell bernard who is live in marin county where the rain has already created some problems there, cornell.
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reporter: yeah, dan, we saw toppled trees today. light rain falling right now off of highway 101. it is a welcome sight for sure. but the possibility of too much rain offer a short period of time has some north bay cities on alert today. now, this tree fell down in mill valley today. taking power lines down with it. luckily, nobody was hurt. the home owner believes the tree came town because the ground was already saturated. public works crews have been very busy clearing storm drains ahead of this weekend's forecast atmospheric river which could bring inches of rain to the north bay. receipt now we're focusing actually the past few weeks we've been focusing on cleaning the curbs and cleaning out the catch basins and just trying to get a head start on the rain. just to avoid flooding, clogging, all that stuff. >> we're also making sure that our community knows what it means to actually be prepared for the rain. making sure that especially those homes in and around are --
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our burn scar area are protected and prepared. reporter: that burn scar is -- will be under the waiveful eye of firefighters all weekend. santa rosa like many other cities offering free sandbags to residents ahead of the big rains this weekend. biggest advice from police and firefighters this weekend, slow down. they hope everyone takes precautions because the rain, the pavement, will be very slick and slippery. ama: cornell, thank you so much. the rain sparked a power pole fighter in oakland forcing a business to close and knock being out power to 11 customers. take a look you can see p&g crews on the scene at adeline and 30th street. the utility says rain turns dirt on power lines into mud which conducts energy and can start fires. it forced hoto foods to move food out of their war house. p&g expects to have power restored by midnight. dan: that wasn't the only outening due to the mud phenomenon we're talking about.
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power went out in parts of the peninsula and the east bay, too. and the el serrato berkeley here pg&e switched customers to a different line so the outage was actually fairly short. ama: and here's a live look at the current outages in our area. according to pg&e right now, about 1,800 customers across the entire bay area are without power. 1,500 customers in the east bay and the rest scattered across small pockets of the peninsula, north bay and south bay. and you can always check live doppler 7 and the weather conditions where you leave on our abc7 news app. it's free to download in the app store. search abc7 bay area. dan: a los gatos woman facing some very serious charges made her first appearance in santa csar -- santa clara court. accused of hosting parties and enticing under age teenagers to cink and -- drink and commit sexual acts. ryan curry hiation the story. ryan: shannon o'connor in court after being extradited from idaho on tuesday. o'connor also known as shannon brugo was arraigned on 39
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counts. according to court documents, for over a year, o'connor would hold gatherings at her home in los gatos where minors would drink large amounts of alcohol leading to sexual acts or bodily harm. >> there is nothing cool about letting children drive drunk. there is nothing cool about children getting so drunk that they vomit on alcohol that you provided in your own home. ryan: santa clara district attorney jeff rosen says the charges will be taken very seriously. in the arraignment the judge denied a request from o'connor's attorney to postpone the case and is being held in santa clara jail without bond. >> we filed a motion for the court to set no bail in this case in order to protect the victims, the community, and to secure the defendant's appearance for trial. ryan: we reached out for an interview with o'connor and she declined. the d.a.'s office believes an early motive for o'connor's actions is sexual gratification and use social media to lure
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minors to her home and give them alcohol, condoms and private rooms to commit sexual acts. that sometimes were not consensual. >> one of the crimes that we have charged involves committing the crime for samuel grat of indication so we can say that -- samuel gratification so we can say that's one of the motives in this case. reporter: the district attorney did say there is a separate set of complaints about an embezzlement issue with her that could be tied to this case but the district attorney says they're currently investigating whether or not those two things are related. in san jose, ryan curry, abc7 news. ama: closing arguments are scheduled tomorrow in the trial of a contract -- a deputy charged with voluntary manslaughter for the fatal shooting of a newark man. the defense for andrew hall rested its case today. prosecutors say hall used unnecessary force when he fired nine shots at 33-year-old liotta arbaleta in danville in november of 2018. and it happened at the end of a slow speed chase as arboleta
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tried to drive his car between two police cars at that were blocking him. the first time that an on-duty police shooting has result in addition felony charge in that county. dan: the homicides the highest in years in oakland and people in the community are calling for and demanding change and that the violence come to an end. abc7 news reporter tim johns talked with one man who lost his daughter to gun violence about what he's doing to try to make a difference. tim: our city is hurting right now. so we're just doing what we can to try to bring oakland together and say stop the violence. tim: 24 years ago to the day, donald laciy's daughter, louise shay, was shot and killed while walking home from school. all these years later, lacy worries that oakland is still facing a wave of senseless violence. one that is seen 113 homicides so far this year and counting. >> that's not acceptable. we have to value life more. >> ♪ isn't she lovely isn't isni
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wonderful. >> in the wake of his daughter's death lace yes founded the love life organization a group inspired by the vision to bring awareness within the community to help end the violence and -- inflicted upon so many families. >> there's so much good in our city. let's start bringing a spotlight on the good and changing people's minds and hearts. so we can put an end to this senseless violence. reporter: a message that resonates with the oakland police department. they say the only way for the issues to truly be resolved is by working together hand-in-hand. >> really what it boils down to is about parter inship and we're here to partner with the whole community of oakland to take down this violence that we're seeing. especially this year. reporter: despite the daunting task confronting him lacy says he's determined not to give up hope. not just for his daughter but also for everyone else. >> i'm a prisoner of hope. and i ascribe to that
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philosophy. the only way i can get out the -- of bed in the morning and do this work is to be hopeful and prayerful. reporter: in oakland, tim johns, abc7 news. ama: a fire burned through an east oakland apartment building this afternoon causing a lot of damage. sky 7 was over the building on 90th avenue. firefighters quickly got the fire under control before it could spread to other units. however, crews tell us the fear still displaced five people. the preliminary investigation shows the fire was likely accidental but crews are still investigating. dan: after the break, covid-19 vaccinations for children ages 5-11. the plan released today by the white house on how to distribute shots to kids. ama: and as we enter the cold and flu season, as well as the time for holiday travel, the demand for rapid covid tests is expected to surge. several companies now say supply chain issues could greatly impact availability. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america?
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ama: in today's covid headlines the f.d.a. took action today on booster shots both moderna and johnson & johnson received emergency authorizations. for moderna those 65 and older, for johnson & johnson the wooster -- booster can be geffen to individuals 18 and older. the biden administration is laying out plans tavante tens of american children ages 5-11 pending f.d.a. authorization. and the c.d.c. says california has moved back up into the substantial tier for community spread after being in the lower moderate tier for just two days. san francisco, scant matteo, marin and alameda counties are in the moderate tier. dan: the demand for rapid covid tests is expected to surge and the c.e.o. of a covid testing company is warning that there could be testing supply chain issues in the coming months. abc7 news reporter melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: as employees some not vaccinated return to work, the demand for covid testing continues to grow. many employers are requiring
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testing for anyone who provided a vaccine exemption and jason feldman, c.e.o. >> lowers with more than 100 employees will have to test their employees who are not vaccinated at least once a week. and that challenge is going to be one of the things that will drain the supply chain even further. reporter: feldman says this will be a covid test available. it just might knob the one you want in the moment. >> p.c.r. tests are largely available at an almost unlimited quantity. reporter: rapid antigen tests leak the ones you can buy in pharmacies will be more difficult to find in the come months. >> those tests that are locally available are getting bought up and they're disappearing off the shelves faster than ever. reporter: a spokesperson for abbott the makers of buy next now a rapid antigen test for sale at pharmacies like c.v.s. and walgreen's says they are seeing unprecedented demand. in an emailed statement the spokesperson telsons news they are scaling backup manufacturing by next now test kits. since delta became the dominant strain, and new c.d.c. guidance calls for a preprioritization of testing. and by the end of october, we
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will be producing more than 50 million tests per month. to get there, we've herd additional employees and have turned on parts of our self-established manufacturing network in the u.s. pharmacies are also taking steps to address rising demand. c.v.s. confirms with abc7 news they've introduced covid tests purchase limits of six on and four at c.v.s. pharmacy. >> so if you are in a big city like san francisco or new york there's a good chance that finding a rapid test on the shelf in the coming months, especially during the holiday season, will be almost impossible. reporter: feldman says isn't immune to the potential shortage of rapid tests but says with the right planning, they might not be needed. he says the p.c.r. tests have a turnaround of 18 to 24 hours. melanie woodrow, abc7 news. ama: sonoma county looking to ease mask requirements in some indoor settings for fully vaccinated residents. the owner of a peta lummea studio says -- >> they put their membership on
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hold and there's a group of people waiting for the mask mandate to lift to come back. because it is really hard to do this workout in a mask. ama: businesses are asked to check the vaccination status of their patrons. those who are unvaccinated must still wear masks in all public settings. dan: monthly payments of $500 for 18 months no strings attached. today, the city of oakland moved into phase two of its guaranteed income pilot program. which -- what you need to know to apply of the that's next.
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with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours. [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. dan: today governor newsom took action to tackle supply chain issues you're hearing a lot about that these days and the usda is working to reduce salma nela illnesses in poultry plants. ama: and free checking accounts
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on the rise. michael finney is here with the latest consumer headlines and starts with what you need to know about bank fees. michael. michael: we're busy today, aren't we? a new study finds san francisco has some of the lowest a.t.m. and overdraft fees in the nation. looked at 25 major metro areas, nationally average combined, a.t.m. fees fell to about $4.50 down for a second year in a row. here in san francisco, it's even less. about 20 cents less. and for overdraft fees, the city has the seventh lowest average nationwide. bank-- granting more checking accounts that don't charge monthly fees or require a minimum balance. a new initiative by the u.s. department of agriculture aims to cut the number of people sickened by salma nela, con testimony natured polery by 25%. a huge goal. the agency is working with consumer groups to increase the number of poultry products that are tested for bacteria each
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year. crews are also trying to streamline the process of food processing plants to boost health and safety. one million consumers reported sol manel a sickness each year and 23% of those come from chicken and turkey. supply chain issues are at the forefront of consumers' minds this holiday season. a new study by oracle finds 52% of americans have already started holiday shopping. 20% plan to buy more gifts than usual, get this, just in case the delays prevent the packages from arriving on time. earlier today, governor gavin newsom addressed challenges with the distribution process. he signed an executive order asking state agencies to figure out how the backups at california shipping ports can be alleviated, not just now, but long term. back to you guys. ama: all right. thank you, michael. dan: in the east bay, oakland is now accepting applications for the second round of its guaranteed income program.
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300 families will receive $500 a month cash payments with no strings attached on midday live to explain what's required to apply. >> you can live anywhere in the city of oakland. you do need to be extremely low income. and the income maximums are on the website. but basically if you're a family of two, that means you probably are trying to get by on less than $20,000 a year. family of three, $30,000. etc. but this is for all of oakland. you do have to have a dependent child in your family. dan: you can apply at of. the application period closes in two weeks' time. that's on november 3. ama: a group of homeless advocacy is -- homeless advocates is urging to keep hotels open that are being used to house the homeless. the coalition on homelessness held a rally at the tilden hotel. one of the shildter in place hotels the city used to house
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people during the pandemic. the group wants mayor london breed to keep the tilden and other hotels open through the end of the year. >> the possibility of -- we cannot close these hotels. we need to keep them open. we need to fill the beds. ama: the coalition on homelessness says the biden administration is fully reimbursing communities to house the homeless. we reached out to the mayor's office for a response but not have heard back. dan: let's turn to the weather forecast. the rain is marching right through. sandhya: it's wide open. let's get to abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel with the latest. sandhya: and it's going to stay open right on through early next week which is a good thing. let's take a look at our san rafael camera right now. because we're seeing raindrops on our lens but of course that means slippery roads, take it easy out there. visibility is low. as you look at live doppler seven, you will notice some wet weather around the east bay. getting into street level radar. union city, alvarado, niels road. fremont, seeing some of that wet weather. we see some scattered spotty
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showers right around the golden gate, san francisco, and as we track this moisture, it is headed toward brentwood, and thality montreal in just a few minutes. so be prepared for some wet weather. we could see up to 10 inches of rain in some of the burn scar areas. that's why a flash flood watch has been issued for thursday night into friday morning. debris flows and flash flooding could be a big concern up there. 50's to 60's right now. it is cool outside and cloudy. level one system through tomorrow, scattered showers, moderate rain in pockets and breezy at times as we look at the hourly forecast, 9:00 tonight, you still have widely scattered showers across the region. tomorrow morning, if you are commuting, watch out for those slick roadways. and then look here. some moderate to even briefly heavy pockets of rain moving through at 11:00 a.m. but very brief. as we go into the afternoon and evening, the showers remain focused more in the north bay late afternoon and evening. morning temperatures will be in the 50's.
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60's. slick roadways for parts of the afternoon as well. temperatures will be in the 60's and 70's. a milder afternoon ahead. and as we fast forward to our next storm, early friday it brings us rain, the sierra a mix of rain and snow. but then the stronger atmospheric river is due in here sunday night for northern and central california going into monday. this one looks to dump some heavy rain here and heavy snow in the sierra. so rainfall projections, this is taking you right on through tuesday night. looking at close to a foot. half a foot, excuse me, santa rosa, cal enjoyinga, one to three inches across the rest of the bay area. we'll keep an eye on it for you. there is a short window where you'll get a break from the wet weather and that's just in time for the walk to end alzheimer's in san ramon saturday. mid 50's to mid 60's. it's going to be pretty much a cloudy one. so you'll need to dress in layers. the accuweather seven day forecast level one, off and on showers tomorrow, next system brings in rain for friday morning. and then saturday night, a few
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showers develop but it's the sunday-monday time period that we're watching our first atmospheric river of the season. it looks to really soak us here in the bay area with a lingering chance on tuesday. but that rain if we get the three to six inches would end our fire season. ama and dan? ama: incredible. all right, thank you, sandhya. dan: one fell swoop. happening now a ceremony is about to get under way for the 30th anniversary of the oakland hills firestorm. community members are gathering for the annual tree of hope lighting to honor the 25 people killed in that awful blaze t destroyed nearly 3,500 homes. at the time the fear was one of the most descruct of any california history. to see more of the deadly fire including footage not seen since the day of the inferno 30 years ago, check out "firestorm," the east bay hills fire. it's available at and our connected tv app wherever you stream. check that out when you h
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stations. check out real skull specimens in the bone zone and examine x-rays of curiosity animals. explore the zombie plans to -- plants to learn how they regenerate from clippings and even leaf and who doesn't love a good pumpkin gee composition station? >> -- pumpkin decomposition station? >> every week a jacco lantern outside on display so you get a time line of the decomposition and its kind of a semi gross way in a way that's fun for kids at least to see how important decomposition is actually to our ecosystem. ama: who doesn't want to see a pumpkin rot? [laughter] sounds like a good time to me. >> it's delightful. ama: curiosity is decked out for the harvest celebration which means great photo ops and even a seville station. pump kiss days runs through the end of the month. purchasing tickets ahead of time is not required. but strongly encouraged. so if you go, have fun. dan: very cool. i have a pumpkin decomposition station every year at my house.
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tonight, breaking news in the gabby petito case. the hunt for brian laundrie. and what authorities have now found. the fbi saying possible human remains have been discovered at a nature park near brian laundrie's home in florida. authorities discovering personal items including a notebook and a backpack, too. and why his parents were at the search area this morning before the discovery. also, the major news coming in tonight on boosters. the fda now authorizing boosters for moderna and johnson & johnson. and saying it is safe for americans to mix and match boosters. the cdc expected to sign off and what we're also learning about preparations to vaccinate 28 million schoolchildren 5 to 11 as soon as the vaccine is authorized. the very difficult scene playing out in court


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