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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 21, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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rain at this moment. however, there is more on the way and tomorrow ranks number one on the storm impact scale. light intensity. but we expect showers and moderate rain with a few pockets of heavier rain overnight. starting at 6:00 p.m., notice in the north bay, a few scattered showers. then another wave of scattered heavier rain develops around midnight. there is probably going to be a very wet and messy morning that wave of rain will taper off by midday tomorrow leaving behind anywhere from a quarter inch up to about an inch of additional rainfall on top of what we have had already. in their weekend storm, you can see another stronger system sunday into monday that will produce steadier, heavier rainfall, perhaps localized flooding, maybe even some mudslides in the burn-scarred areas. there will be some strong gusty winds accompanying that storm.
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it ranks numeral two or possibly 3 on the impact scale. i will give you a closer look at that on the forecast later. kristen: spencer, thank you. this is a live look from our camera, you can't tell from this shot but there was flooding for the residents there today. abc seven news reporter cornell barnard joins us now with a closer cornell: light rain still falling in the north bay and it has been a really stressful day here in the sandra foul neighborhood. most of the flooding has receded but not all. publix works crews showed up and hrsd the storm there was so much rain in the forecast and crews expected to be super busy in the next five days. a big mess in sandra file's picnic valley neighborhood. >> we are sucking the water out and putting it in another trail so we can access it with a piece of equipment. reporter: rain flooding parts of
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octavia street and t water. public works crews were busy pumping it out. >> with the leaves and construction right now, everything could have flown in there. people's garbage, idols and cans mainly the leaves and stuff get plugged in the drain. cornell: crews drop sandbags. >> it was bad. cornell: cookie had trouble getting out of. >> her house as the water rose. >> it was really bad for two hours. it stopped being windy and then it started raining and kept raining and raining. cornell: downtown, tree crews were hustling, trimming branches and limbs ahead of this week's storm which could bring strong winds and inches of rain to the north bay. bobby owns the store next door. >> is a good thing otherwise the wind can bring it down. cornell: lawrence bishop was on the job, making deliveries in
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the rain. >> especially with the rain, all the traffic accidents. cornell: rainy weather creating road hazards and likely causing dozens of accidents, like this collision on highway 101. >> we have been busy with crashes. our message is at this point, you have to help us out and slow down. cornell: and more rrway. >> it will be a very busy week. they are talking five inches. there is a lot of drains in san rafael. you get plugged drains and it will just cornell: public works crews just placed sandbags in front of cookie's house in case the storm drains flood again. the crews are ready, they say, to respond to any emergencies this weekend. in san rafael, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. kristen: cornell, thank you so much. things will be changing at the beaches this weekend.
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larger waves are in the forecast for saturday, and there is a threat for strong rip currents on sunday. dan: and with more rain you days ahead, schools are trying to play it safe, keeping kids indoors while trying to follow covid protocols. as abc 7 news senior educational reporter lyanne melendez explains, it is a balancing act. leanne: this was everett middle school on the first day of classes. outdoor space big enough to make students and staff feel comfortable amid covid but today the rain forest many schools to have a staggered recess and lunch periods. >> we will have indoor lunch in the classroom, and we have the ability to deliver those lunches or to stagger when students go to the cafeteria to get their lunch and bring it back. . lyanne: this was one of the san francisco unified school district's preschools this
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morning, where teachers had to get creative during the recess period. a month ago, san francisco unified distributed more ventilators to be used in the classroom. the next step is to have them in all common areas, like cafeterias. >> now we have the additional cost of making sure that every six months we replace air filters. lyanne: in oakland, this high school teacher talked about her day. >> some teachers opened up their classrooms so we could spread students out that way and we have a relatively large cafeteria compared to the number of students. lyanne: while most cafeterias have large fans to help with ventilation, the teachers union is asking oakland unified to purchase industrial-strength air scrubbers. >> they're going into the cafeterias during lunchtime and eating mask less in cafeterias that don't have hepa filtration. lyanne: oakland unified says it is studying all options to keep students safe. lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. dan: remember, you can keep an
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ion with live doppler 7. you can seat on the abc 7 area streaming up available on roku, android and apple tv. kristen: we are following breaking news in oakland where a captain who recently retired has been shot. he has been a vocal advocate against gun violence amid oakland's rise in homicide this year. banker dion lim joins us with more on what we are learning. dion: this is a fluid situation, but sources confirm to me this afternoon that joyner is in surgery right now with at least six gunshotioin west oakland. this is the vantage point from sky seven. he was apparently pumping gas and that is when an attempted robbery happened. it is unclear whether he was targeted. i am told he killed one of the people involved in that robbery attempt. there were at least three suspects, possibly a fourth who ot.verossre,
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li traffic realslslsls first responders responded quickly and recognized joyner. >> they are the scene. dion: as for an update on his condition, he is stable right now. joyner is well known in the community as the former head of oakland cease-fire, an organization that aims to reduce gun violence. he retired from the police department in 2019. he is expected to be out of surgery in just about one hour. oakland police are asking everyone with information to give them a call. live in the newsroom, dion them, abc 7 news. dan: we wish him the best. dion, thank you. a new development in the debts of the family and their dog in the sierra national forest. investigators say they died of a combination of hypothermia and dehydration. the family went for a hike on
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the afternoon of august 15 on a martin trail in mariposa county. temperatures ranged between 107 and 109 degrees. the family's bodies were found with a single empty 85-ounce bottle of water. >> this is, again, an unfortunate and tragic event due to the weather. dan: officials ruled out the possibility of toxic fumes or the drinking water may be infected with algae as the cause of death. that did not happen. the family was from san francisco and moved to mariposa county because of the pandemic. kristen:. kristen: inspectors were on site once again at the chase center after one person fell, and another jumped, during a concert on the weekend. reporter melanie woodrow has the latest. melanie: inspectors with the san francisco department of building and inspection were atthatheuain
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enough, and that the stairs leading to the guardrail are steep. >> we had two of our most seasoned inspectors and they found the area to be code compliant. we do consider the issue closed. melanie: sunday night during a concert 47-year-old ryan posner of new york died after he left from an elevated area of the arena and fell a significant distance. a police spokesperson said before he left, he didn't appear to have any physical contact with any person. . police found no evidence of foul play. one hour later, police responded to another man. sf pd says both men were taken to hospital for non-life-threatening injuries. officers did not find evidence of any criminal violation. this is the past president and current spokesperson for the structural engineers association of southern california. >> a building as new and this and the assessment it takes to get a handrail installed, the expectation would absolutely be that this would be code compliant installation. melanie: after today's
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inspections findings were released. a spokesperson with the chase center said the building was confirmed as code compliant, safe for occupancy, and in many cases, exceeds requirements. writing in part "we hope this will reassure the thousands of fans returning to chase center for basketball tonight." dan: a cdc panel has announced his decision, but it appears many bay area folks are not on board. and the governor's plans to wind down oil production in down oil production in to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means. asking for what we want. and need. and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. women are living longer than ever before with kisqali... when taken with an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant in postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective
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it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. dan: to made is the long-awaited home opener for the warriors, this is the official t-shirt. today will be the start of the first full season at chase center. kristen: larry beil is there with a preview. so exciting! larry: this is fun. tell you what, to be back on the baseline feels like an eternity since we have been courtside, and another sign that we are slowly coming back to normal as i bring in long time veteran and friend of the program, zaza pachulia. 16 year nba veteran. i thought for a second that the dance team would invite you out there, but not to be.
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>> welcome to my house, first of all. everything is fair. i came to your office a couple of times. they're efficient this is your office? >> this is my office. welcome to my office. it is good to be back, right? i missed it. the court is beautiful and fresh. so excited for today. everybody is excited. we just had a conversation with the dance team and they are excited. can you imagine not being able to do your job for almost six hundred days? it is 585 larry: that is what they were saying, it has been a long time. let's talk about tonight's match up because you have the warriors in the clippers in the home opener for golden state. take me back to the jitters. any nerves on the first night out, home opener, especially since we haven't had house in a long time? what is the energy like? >>. viy as a long summer. depends when you're season ends.
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but it is always a long summer. to come back with a fresh mind and new teammates, there is always some changes with the team. if you win a championship, you are excited to be back and hopefully go for another one like we did. if you haven't won or made the playoffs, there were a lot of years like that, you always say, let's give it another chance and hopefully we can have a better year. so the first night to see in front of fans, it is always special. . it is a mixed feeling of nervousness a little bit, excited a little bit so i can't wait to see where we are at as a team. really happy for the players as well to come out and play at the chase center. larry: one of the things that has been going on in the off-season is klay thompson who is rehabbing from two bed injuries, is now regularly on his boat. he is a boat captain. my understanding is you ventured
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out onto the high seas with him. what is captain klay like? how did you feel on that vessel with him? >> well, i lived 37 decent , ot. [laughter] since i joined him on the boat. but, no, it is fun. always fun to hang out with the guy. always created memories with him, and to do something different outside of basketball, that is one of the things we talked about during his injury. what is that thing? what he can do so that he enjoys and spends time and gets better and also helps his recovery. because it is so hard to be injured. two big injuries back to back, two years in a row. to learn something else behind writing the boat ges j bn othe
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ishe lks soof now, but we are live from zaza's office and we will be live throughout the afternoon and evening. thank you so much. >> appreciate it. dan: great staff. zaza's office is very nice, but can't of like klay's boat. kristen: that is really nice. [laughter] kristen: i miss him in the uniform but he looks great in a suit as well. in the same could be said for spencer. dan:. dan: and we have some rain coming. spencer: we have. zaza's office will be dry this evening. everywhere else will not so dry.
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the activity we are expressing is mainly in the north bay where we have light, scattered showers. right now most of the region is not experiencing any significant rainfall. from our rooftop, we give you this view across the embarcadero under cloudy skies. 65 in san francisco. oakland, 68. mid-70s in mountain view, san jose. the view showing dark clouds over san francisco and along the coast. temperature readings right now 63 at both santa rosa and napa. 68 in fairfield and concord. 74 in livermore. the view from the martin, you can see the raindrops hitting the camera -- the view from the mountain. here are our forecast showers, we will continue this evening in the north bay, mainly light showers. next storm system arrives overnight and into the early morning hours. we will have stronger storms coming our way sunday and monday but, tonight and tomorrow morning we are looking at storm
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activity ranking 1 on the storm impact scale. more widespread rain during the overnight and early morning hours, locally heavy at times. not good news for morning commuters. here is our forecast animation taking as into the late-night hours as we see them more widespread rain arriving around midnight, and continuing through the morning hours. once again, i will point out that there could be ponding of water on the roadways in the early morning. if you are a morning commuter, bear that in mind. we will see most of the activity to our east bay midday, a tapering off of the rainfall. by noon tomorrow, we additional rainfall totals to range from a quarter inch to just over a half inch in san francisco, to up to one inch in parts of the north bay. . let's look at overnight lows. pretty mild. mainly in the upper 50's. tomorrow's highs will range from 60 at the coast to mid-60's around the bay shoreline, to generally upper 60's inland.
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to the weekend, storms coming our way saturday afternoon, light showers moving tarea. the heavier rain sweeps in overnight saturday into sunday. that will bring us downpours and some potentially localized flooding. that storm will continue into monday with strong gusty winds at times. colder air producing snow over the sierra. that will be quite a stormy period of time, from sunday into monday. additional rainfall totals from the weekend and mondays rain will range from 2.5 inches to 5.5 inches in the wettest areas. your seven-day forecast, tomorrow and saturday, whatever storm activity will rank 1 on the scale. . we will move it up to a 2 on sunday. perhaps eight 3 with the storm on monday because of the cumulative effect of the previous storms. tuesday, we will see the storms tapering off. and finally mid-week, partial
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clearing and perhaps some drying out. dan: it will be nice but the rain is great. spencer, thanks. a new movie is highly critical of silicon valley, but it is not your usual critique. >> i am 7 on your side michael finney. ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america? just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. usaa is made for the safe pilots. for mac. who can come to a stop with barely a bobble. lucia. who announces her intentions even if no one's there.
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dan: let's turn your attention to consumer news. kristen: 7 on your side's michael finney is here with
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headlines. michael: this could be a problem. a warning today about onions you may have in your kitchen. they are being blamed for a salmonella outbreak in 37 states, and that includes california. more than 650 people have become sick. of those, less than a dozen here in california. officials say the source is red white and euro onions imported from chihuahua, mexico, and distributed in the united states by throughsource. the cdc says to throw them away and wash any services they may have come in contact with. volvo is recalling nearly 200,000 vehicles because of faulty airbags. the recall includes v10 and xv70 wagons model years 2001-2007. the driver side airbag could rupture upon deployment. that means it would be shooting metal fragments of the driver and passengers. owners will be notified by mail.
4:25 pm
by volvo about replacing the airbags. the skyrocketing cost of fuel is not just affecting cars, planes as well as jet fuel prices rise. is -- airfare is expected to increase as well. combine that with the travel surge airlines are currently experiencing, tickets are expected only to get more expensive. if you can, lock down your travel dates and consider booking sooner rather than later. and we are talking about december travel, get on it now, really. dan: time is getting short. thanks, mike. kristen: governor newsom's administration took another step to wind down oil production in california. the state's oil and gas rela proposed a ban on new oil drilling within 3200 feet of schools, homes, and hospitals. governor newsom says it is needed to protect public health, since studies show that living near a drooling site can elevate
4:26 pm
risks of birth defects, cancer, respiratory problems and other birth issues. >> this is about our kids and our grandkids and our future. a greener, cleaner, brighter, more resilient future is in our grasp. kristen: more than 2 million californians live within 3200 feet of drilling sites primarily low income residents and people of color in los angeles county and the central valley. the proposal would not bang whales operating in those zones but it would be on new zealand's. dan: covid boosters approved but it still appears that not enough people are interested. kristen: the concerns in the bay area as covid shots go unused.
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: vaccine advisors to the centers for disease control voted today to recommend booster doses of both the moderna and johnson & johnson vaccines. it is important to community members broadly agreed that people who got the j&j vaccine need a second vaccination, saying it is less effective than the moderna and pfizer. covid cases are spiking in the u.k., where there are new restrictions, hitting a new three month-high. countries in western europe especially russia, are also battling infections as well. the cdc says far more people are getting booster shots each day
4:30 pm
than those receiving first shots of the vaccine. even so, officials are word that the number of people getting booster shots is below expectations. reporter tim johns has the concerns. tim: pfizer booster shots are currently available for anyone 65 and older as well as those with underlying conditions, but officials in santa clara county say there booster rollout is off to a slow start. >> we haven't seen as many as we thought would respond. i think we have seen, on our dashboard, about 71,000 people for a booster shot so far. tim: those 70,000 represent 5% of the 1.5 million people who got their original shots in the county, and although that statistic is slightly skewed due to only pfizer recipients being eligible so far, santa clara officials what the numbers to increase. >> i think perhaps people are still wondering whether they should, there may be some confusion. tim: to address that confusion
4:31 pm
the county is trying to get more booster information out to the public conveying the message that although the original vaccine series is highly effective data shows its effectiveness does seem to wane over time. >> just like we get flu shots every year and sometimes you have to get a new tetanus shot, the efficacy of the vaccine begins to wear off a little bit, so we have to boost it up. tim: similar views also shared by dr. michael wasserman who said on california's vaccine advisory committee. he said well experts will eventually figure out the exact frequency of boosters like they have further vaccines, taking one and now is a good idea. >> the booster shot can only be helpful. i don't see any real downside to it. tim: santa clara county has set up numerous vaccination sites, and shots are also available at doctors offices as well as pharmacies. in san jose, tim johns, abc 7 news.
4:32 pm
dan: dr. patel is a key member of our vaccine team. he joins us live. hello, great to see you. dr. patel: dan, great to see you as well. the commitment for meeting with you, i am in the middle of my dentist appointment and i am here for you. [laughter] dan: how is the novocaine? dr. patel: i am just getting my pearly whites taken care of. note novocaine. [laughter] dan: how concerned are you about the low turnout of people getting the booster shot? it seems to be raining. what do you attribute that to? dr. patel: to several things. i think some of the confusion about who needs to get a booster, one in which population and which shot itself contributed. in terms of concern, i am concerned about those who are highly vulnerable, or in communities where there is a lower level of vaccination, higher transmission, or people in high-risk jobs.
4:33 pm
as a whole, i feel optimistic that once we get the final declaration from cdc director walensky, and more health professionals know how to roll these out and to whom, we will boost the numbers out. no pun intended. dan: ok. the rain is rolling in, a reminder that winter is approaching quickly. are you concerned or should we be concerned that we could see another surge because winter weather is here? dr. patel: that is definitely a possibility. the case that people are talking about right now that is happening in the united kingdom, they had a high vaccination rate. people got vaccinated a little earlier than they did in other countries. but also, they have been fully open. no masks, everyone living like normal times, for about three months, and a low amount of vaccination among teens. it is entirely possible that we could run into the same trouble in the winter. also, people getting together for the holidays, getting around the thanksgiving tables, the
4:34 pm
holiday tables in december. that is something we have our roes on. anne wsome ibody else who is high-r, needs to be paying attention that they are getting their booster, or their primary covid shot, for their flu shot. dan: the new pfizer study shows that the efficacy of the booster shot can bring it up to 95%. that is a great level of protection. how important is that? dr. patel: it is a great level of protection, dan and to be completely honest with you when i looked through the findings for pfizer 95%, that is important but what was even more for my opinion is that of the 10,000 people enrolled in the trial there were no at-risk effects recorded no concern for the group getting the booster. that is the question i have been getting from people, asking, how do we know if this will be safe in the long term if we don't have trials of people getting the third shot. so that is another finding that
4:35 pm
actually should be reported. the 95% is great and we know that boosters will work. the fact that they are safe is just the cherry on top. dan: no question. the white house yesterday agreed to rollout vaccines for children ages five to 11, pending fda authorization. it would be through primary care doctors as well as clinics and pharmacies. explain why a different approach for kids is necessary. dr. patel: i actually think this approach, to some degree, should have been taken earlier when we rolled the vaccines out to adults and to teens. where our parents going for their trusted information? they are going to community health providers, to the pediatricians and family doctors, where the dialogue needs to happen. and where the vaccine is to be distributed. this makes it easier to make sure we are reaching more communities lower social economic, rural, inner cities, all of it. we want to make sure we have a
4:36 pm
very efficient way to roll these vaccines out when they are approved. we are not trying to play catch-up. remember the bottlenecks in january. dan: exactly. dr. patel, thank you and thank, you to your dentist for letting you step away. . are you a good patient in the dentist chair as a doctor? dr. patel: the dental hygienist, laura, thinks i am a great patient he. she said your teeth look pretty good. [laughter] dan: not granting, and remembering to floss. kristen: good information and good teeth. [laughter] all right. some of the biggest phobias ac
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isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at dan: time now for the 4 at 4:00. we are approaching the spookiest day of the year. the list of tope phobias in the country has been released. failure, blood, water, intimacy, spiders, and the outdoors are the leading phobias in america. the study breaks down the top phobia in each state. here in california, most people are afraid of lead. . montana, humans. hawaii and new mexico are most afraid of holes. in washington, d.c., it is the fear of social media. very interesting. spencer, to paraphrase, the only phobia we have to fear is phobia itself. spencer: phobia itself. [laughter] for me, it is spiders and snakes. those are the two i am not crazy about, thinking about seeing or
4:40 pm
being near. >> i don't like spiders. i clowns on the map but it was too quick to tell. dan: interesting how many people are freaked out by clowns. i don't particularly like clowns, but i have never understood the fear of kristen: i have a phobia, with regard to knives, similar to blood other bit because they can draw blood. i was noting that we had something in common with texas, blood. dan: that's right. that may be the only thing. [laughter] kristen: speaking of phobia, how about nava-phobia, or aqua-phobia? if you have a phobia of cruise ships, this story is not for you. royal caribbean has announced a 274-day cruise. highlighted stops will include casablanca, and okinawa, japan. rates start at just over
4:41 pm
$61,000. tickets go on sale on october 27. who thinks that is their idea of fun? >> i would like to see those places, but that is a long time to be ownership. spencer: too long away. dan: that is true. although, bad news, i have been talking to the boss, i will do that as an assignment so i will see you in a year. [laughter] i will send postcards. kristen: don't get one of those inside state rooms. with $60,000, you are probably getting in the window. dan: one of the big changes for the pandemic is the way many of us choose to shop. more people than ever started to get groceries delivered but now that pandemic rules have eased, what are people doing? a new survey finds that shoppers prefer to pick up groceries. 70% said they prefer store pickup. the shoppers said the main reason was to avoid higher delivery fees and surcharges. certainly, it is convenient, but it does cost a good bit
4:42 pm
more. sometimes you make a little list, i don't mind going down the lies and picking up some things you did not plan on buying. kristen: i like to get my own fruits and vegetables. dan: that is true. ama: for example, i like the bags that have the red mini peppers in them. dan: find fact, i like plums and peaches rock hard, like baseballs. nobody would deliver them i always have to. pick them out. spencer: even at the height of the pandemic, i wanted to pick up my own fruits and my own fresh produce but i also did not want home delivery because i didn't want anyone else touching my food. dan: there is that. kristen: selecting fruits and vegetables is kind of an intimate thing almost. not leaving it to someone else. how about speaking of food once again, it is tastyte some populr trendy items so you don't have to. [laughter] just an excuse for us.
4:43 pm
this monthe wbe with pumpkin spice. we tasted maple and pumpkin lattes, and chicken and waffles sandwiches from's. we also had a cold brew and a peanut butter cup drink from dunkin'. since 2003, starbucks has helped launch the season with pumpkin spice, and every year it comes earlier than ever. this year they introduced the rep. crist mike gatto. let's give it a try -- the apple crisp mikmachiatto. ama: it is nice. that flavor of apple cider. spencer:hat good. kristen: i still like the pumpkin. i find the apple to be a little sweet and a little bit artificial, actually. let's try the pumpkin. dan: i am in for that, for sure. spencer: nice pumpkin flavor. kristen: the muffin is good.
4:44 pm
ama: i will scone first. dan: the muffin is really good. kristen: aren't you glad you're tuned in to watch as eat all the stuff? spencer: [laughter] i agree, it is excellent. ama: i love cream cheese. spencer: so far everything passes the taste test. kristen: did you guys get that ice pumpkin latte? emma: i did. kristen: i feel like that is really good.kin muffin and the pumpkin scone, i would say if you like things that are not very sweet i would go with the muffin because the scone has a little frosting layer. dan: right. spencer: i am with you, i like the muffin better. when i have coffee drinks, i generally don't like them child. so -- i don't like them chilled. i want something hot. dan: i like that better than i thought i would because i am like you, spencer i tend to like them warm but this was actually very good.
4:45 pm
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>> we have got rain. which means could we possibly get some snow in tahoe? dan: spencer christian knows. spencer:. spencer: there could be snow in tahoe and even more after this weekend. right now let's focus on what is happening in the bay area. for the remainder of this evening, this evening and tonight, we expect more light scattered showers mainly in the north bay, but then overnight into the early morning hours, we had a wave of widespread rain which will probably complicate the morning commute. that is a strong ranking 1 on the abc 7 storm impact scale. you can see after wave of heavy rain sweeping through. if you are a morning commuter, be on the lookout for ponding of water on the roadways. then that will give us some drying out or partial clearing.
4:49 pm
for us, mainly upper 50's. her from 60's at the coast 60's around the bay. now let's skip ahead to the weekend storms which will begin late saturday night in sunday. that will mond.continue watith the stormr, three storms will rank eier t abc 7 storm im. light rain returns saturday evening and becomes heavier overnight into sunday. even heavier into monday. we finally get partial clearing and drying out mid week next week, dan. dan: spencer, thanks very much. even though we have several days of rain, the long-term prediction is for warmer, drier weather. anchor dion lim has a look at why the drought is likely to
4:50 pm
persist. dion: here on the roof you can see we have a bit of a reprieve from the rain. many of us have relished in this much-needed moisture, but according to noaa, the precipitation we have experienced the past few days is not what we will have this coming winter. the rainy weather pattern in the bay area is a much-needed reprieve after a brutal fire season. san francisco getting more rain in the past 48 hours than we have seen in the past eight months. after a year of abnormal conditions across the nation, with record heading sweet -- record-setting heat in the pacific northwest, to street flooding in new york which shut down public transportation, changes are in store, with noaa predicting a la nina weather pattern. >> temperatures warmer across the southern tier of the u.s. and across various parts of the eastern continental u.s. as mete west coast.
4:51 pm
drew: what it does for us here in america includes the blocking area of high pressure which pushes the storm track to the north. so likely the pacific northwest will be better than average this wintere drier thanmal. dion: as the drought will improve in southern part of then california around eureka, the bay area is expected to still be in the exceptional drought category. noaa'sconditions will actually t wildfire season. where seasonal forecasts can't always be precise, the abc 7 news weather team says with la niña predictions, they are pretty spot on. dion lim, abc 7 news. kristen: today nasa is designing a new tool designed to help those relying on rural water resources. it is a web-based platform that puts a wealth of satellite and other data into the hands of farmers, water managers, conservation groups, and others.
4:52 pm
the goal is to accelerate improvements in water management. >> opening it personifies how an asset seeks to develop these game changing technologies and science, all the while engaging in those who really need this information to make informed decisions now. kristen: nasa hopes open et will help farmers and water managers better understand how much water is used to grow food, which is surprisingly a very inexact science at this point. dan: a new animated movie hits theaters with a bay area twist. >> what we have been trying to portray is the yanda yang of silicon valley really. kristen: that good, bad, and funny about social media. plus -- >> we are counting down to the warriors home opener tonight at chase center against the clippers. we will talk with juan toscano-anderson, a homegrown dry eye symptoms keep driving you crazy?
4:53 pm
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made for the military community. and... who else? that's all. usaa. only for the military community. kristen: coming up tonight at 8:00, station 19, followed by grey's anatomy. big sky is at 10:00, then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. now to an animated movie set in the age of social media. it is called "ron's gone wrong," and it haspeci imptanc area. george penacchio from our sister station in los angeles looks at the meaning behind the 's gone wrong,
4:56 pm
bernie is the last kid in the school to get a digitally connected device touted as being your best friend out-of-the-box. bernie bobbi: be bought doesn'ty all others do. his glitch is key to helping tell a story about technology. >> what we have been trying to portray is the yin and the yang of silicon valley really, because there is this kind of noble, quite altruistic side [laughs] which is about making your life easier and making it seamless and flawless. . , at the same time we just wanted to lift the curtain of the bit on the fact that this is also run by data and that data that comes from us. >> were you fighting? >> no. the b violence. >> i am one of the ones who feel like the house is on fire with all this stuff. we need to figure out how to
4:57 pm
talk about it. reporter: zach galifianakis is the voice of ron. jack glaser is his human best friend, bernie. >> hey, guys. >> sorry, i am in your shot. >> i have a filter for that. >> with so many amazing human beings around you, wasting your time on social media in this toxic playground is unhealthy. reporter: clearly the movie has something to say about culture's obsession with social media, but that is not all that is about. >>. >> i think it is that central relationship as well. we just worked hard to build that thing over boy and this weird broken device that he kind of falls in love with. >> it is super genuine and supersweet. reporter: and it is new to theaters this weekend. george penacchio for abc 7 news. kristen: definitely a theme worth exploring. you can get over live newscast, breaking news, weather and more with our abc 7 bay area news app on apple tv, android tv, fire tv, and roku. just search abc 7 bay area news
4:58 pm
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breaking news. dan: a retired police captain has been shot. it happened during an attempted robbery at the chevron station in west oakland. he was pumping gas at the time. it's unclear whether he was targeted. he took out one of his weapons and killed one of the suspects. there were at least three suspects who drove a getaway vehicle. police reveals first responders on the scene quickly recognized that he had been injured in the shooting. >> he was shot multiple times. >> as many units on possible. we need an ambulance going now. dan: he's in stable condition right now. he underwent lengthy surgery. he is well known in the community as the former head of oakland cease fire, an organization that aims to reduce violence.


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