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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 22, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PDT

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and that's "nightline" for and that's "nightline" this evening. catch full episodes on hulu. see you back tomorrow.
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reporter: i heavy police
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presence after a retired police captain was shot six times. i'll tell you what the chief has to say about it. meteorologist: tracking a pair of storms, the strongest one of the season so far. timeline coming up. reporter: steph curry exploded for 25 points and the home opener. but it's the finish that you've got to see. that's coming up in sports. reporter: wanted, a few good teachers. a school district is desperate for help and they are hoping today's job. abc 7 news starts right now pure -- right now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. anchor: a shoot out at a popular oakland gas station leaves a robbery suspect dead and retired police captain in the hospital, investigator saying tonight the captain fired after a group tried to rob him at the gas pump. i'm dan ashley. ama: i mama dates. the shooting happened at a shooting -- chevron. let's get to j.r. stone live at highland hospital, where the
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captain is being treated. jr? reporter: yes, percy joyner is the retired captain that we were talking about here. he is a highland hospital and tonight, he is in critical but stable condition. evron gas staonn oakla p.m., and minutes after sources d oadice captain percy joiner was shot. this is surveillance video we have obtained showing how it went down. joiner is the man filling up his gas tank, three people wearing hoodies approach. officers say they began robbing him of his belongings. moments later, as all three suspects go their separate ways, joiner pulls his gun. by law, retired officers are allowed to carry a concealed weapon. we paused the video before shots were fired. they were sure fatal shots for a suspect. >> we know they were intended to
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focus on the victim in this case, and i think the video has been very helpful for us in this investigation so far. reporter: sources say joiner was shot six times. we asked the police chief if he was targeted for being a retired officer. >> it's early in the investigation. we're looking at every motive, everything that might have led to this particular incident, so nothing is off the table at this point. reporter: chief armstrong says the other two suspects seen on video had not been caught. city councilmember loren taylor came to the hospital to show support for joiner and his family, is optimistic. >> i anticipate that there is evidence that is going to lead to charges finding hoosiers possible. unfortunately, we just don't have those answers yet. we have to wait a little while. reporter: and as we wait, officers can be seen going in and out of the hospital thursday night, clearly watching over a man who once worked so hard as a captain to help fight crime. >> shows us how brazenn
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individuals involved in this activity can be. and it's unfortunate today that we have to stand before you and talk about one person that is dead and another one that is really fighting for his life. reporter: and back out here live at highland hospital, you can see the heavy police presence here. it has been that way all night long. as for the suspect who died, police are not releasing information on his identity. and also on those two suspects, they're not releasing information on them tonight. reporting live in oakland, j.r. stone, abc 7 news. ama: thank you. when he was on the police force, he commanded operation cease-fire to combat violence. kate larsen explains he had continued that work in retirement, homicide in oakland and many other cities search. kate: he may have retired, but he never stopped working to
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prevent violence from the east bay to the east coast. >> he had worked his career to reduce of gun violence in oakland, and to be a victim of gun violence is horrible. kate: david mohammed is the director of the national institute for criminal justice reform, a nonprofit in oakland. just days ago, he was with joyner in indianapolis with city leaders. to then see surveillance video of joyner getting shot six times at a gas station? >> it was horrifying to see what happened to him. my understanding is he was defending himself. this is somebody who is incredibly strong area he's of fighter. kate: he shot one of the gas station suspects, the 115th homicide this year. >> we spent the night talking about our heartbreak about oakland gun virus increasing. >> every day, we have multiple victims come into highland
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hospital, where we provide police services. and it's not uncommon to see 15-20 people come in with gunshot wounds. kate: this is a surgeon with the sheriff's office. >> what we are seeing is young folks going around and doing these robberies, burglary crews all over the different cities in the bay area. kate: kelly says joiner has been instrumental in reducing gun violence throughout the east bay. >> anyone that knows him knows he is an outstanding individual. kate: he also owns a public safety consulting company, working on movies and tv shows. on the website, vice president kamala harris and former governor jerry brown both endorsed his crime-fighting leadership. kate larsen, abc 7 news. ama: and we were sending push alerts on our abc 7 news app today as new information came in on the shooting. the app is free in the app store. dan: some breaking knows, a cinematographer is dead and a
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movie director in the hospital in a deadly shooting involving alec baldwin and a prop gun. it happened on the set of "rust," filmed in new mexico. the director of photography died from her injuries. this photo is her most recent post on instagram. she was 42 years old. director joel sousa was taken to the hospital. his condition is unknown. he lives in the bay area with his family. this photo of alec baldwin was posted from the set earlier. that is fake blood, of course. no charges filed as the investigation is underway. ama: rain caused flooding in part of the north play -- north bay. it's only the beginning. we still have several more days of stormy weather. meteorologist andy patel is here with when the rain will pick up again. sandia? sandia: it is starting to inch toward the north bay as we speak. we have a pair of storms.
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this first one is a light storm coming in early in the morning. the second one is a strong storm with an atmospheric river for the beacon. let's start with the current one, already along the north coast. we're starting to see a few showers right around see branch, annapolis road as we go into street-level radar here. now timing this out, tomorrow morning's commute is going to be rough if you're hitting the roads at 5:00 a.m. moderate to heavy rain going into 7:00 a.m. rainfall totals were impressive for some, not so much for others. san jose, 100th of an inch, have an inch in oakland, and 4/10 of an inch in concorde. much more coming with that sunday storm. i'll be back with a closer look coming up. dan: to the pandemic, cdc director rochelle walensky endorsed the recommendation for moderna and johnson & johnson covid-19 booster shots.
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the recommendation is for people six to five years of age and older, and people 18-64 have underlying conditions or who work in high-risk settings. those who received the moderna vaccine are recommended to get the booster shots six months after their second dose. people who got the single dose johnson & johnson vaccine, two months after their first shot. >> the boosters are really helpful. while the vaccines are working well in preventing severe infections, we are seeing breakthroughs and we are seeing clear evidence that boosters are making an enormous difference in reducing those infections. dan: eligible individuals may choose which vaccine to choose as a booster. they can be available as soon as this weekend. ama: on the spot interviews, signing bonuses, and more, the school district is doing what it can, desperate to fill staff additions amid the ongoing pandemic. education is a key part in building a better bay area. abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo with the jobs for. amanda: it's no secret school
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district or hurting, desperate to hire staff. an hours long jobs fair connected people to a wide range of open positions. >> special education assistant, food service assistaltransportag substitutes. amanda: brian says mount unified has up to 110 teaching vacancies a day. and he says school staff and site administrator step in. thursday's career fair as prickle to the school district as it was to job seekers. that's especially true for jesse turner. >> an opportunity for me to get back to work amanda: because of the pandemic, the handyman and groundskeeper said he has fallen on hard times, adding it is tough to pay bills when there is little business. >> a lot of people don't have the money, so i can't go in their homes and clean or fix anything. so, that's how i ended up here. amanda: for shane, pandemic challenges are forcing him to change plans. >> i have been involved in college baseball and teaching at
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the college level for the last 22, 23 years. covid interrupted that for me a little bit. amanda: but interruption meet incentive. the district is offering a $1500 signing bonus for its paraprofessional positions, specifically special education insistence and more, mainly those who work every day with students. >> during the pandemic, when we shifted to learning, we did hire those positions helping out in the classroom each and every day because we were virtual. amanda: the district tells me the turnaround is between one and three weeks. in concorde, i'm amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. dan: new information about the deaths of a northern california family and their dog at sierra national forest. the clue at the scene that ended up being key. ama: days, even weeks without cell service and water. the updated predictions of the impact of the hayward fault are going.
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dan: new information about a couple, their baby, and dog found in the sierra national forest. after months of investigation and help from federal a 30's, the sheriff revealed more about -- federal authorities, the sheriff revealed more of the circumstances. reporter: after months and searching and collecting evidence in the mysterious deaths of a california family,
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investigators revealing how they died, the bodies hiking trail in the sierra national forest back in august. >> we have determined that the official cause of death as hypothermia and probable dehydration. due to the environmental exposure. reporter: the sheriffs's office said the family walked 2.2 miles in 99-103 degrees temperatures, authorities showing video of the rugged terrain that further exhausted the family. >> there was 185 ounce letter -- water bladder back back located with the family. this water bladder was empty, and no other water containers, no other water filtration systems are located amongst the family. reporter: for days and weeks on end, investigators treated the scene as a hazmat situation out of concern for toxic algae, authorities testing the water near where the family was found, the results positive for
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antitoxin, but officials say it was unclear if the family actually drink the water. this investigation, though positively, bringing together -- puzzling, bringing together more agencies. reporter: >> heat related deaths are extremely difficult to investigate. reporter: the sheriff discussing hiking safety, including saying researching the route you plan to take and having the appropriate gear. morgan norwood, abc 7 news, los angeles. ama: building inspectors say the chase- e man fpeelnto a concertgoer below. both survived. police say another man jumped to his death. a complaint was filed with the city's department, claiming the guardrails are too low and the stairs to steep. two inspectors went through it and deemed it up to close -- code. dan: an airline canceling flights because of a computer problem.
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700 flights were canceled nationwide because of the server outage. 29 of those flights were headed in and out of sfo oakland and san jose airports. skywest says they fixed the problem, but 217 flights have already canceled for tomorrow. ama: people across the bay area and the state took part in the great shakeout to highlight where earthquake preparedness. san francisco mayor londondondon drill. similar drills took place around the state at exactly 10:21 this morning. participants were encouraged to hold their spot for at least a minute as if there were a major earthquake, and use that time to look around and imagine what might need to be secured in the home. dan: valuable drill. and a new analysis on the impact a major quake would have on the hayward fault, the one we're all watching so closely. a magnitude seven quake would
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likely knock out communication and water service for days, maybe weeks, because a lot of critical infrastructure, like cell towers, crosses the fault line. >> when the fault ruptures up to two meters and then continues afterwards, it's going to break some of these items that connect as across the full. dan: the findings update a major 2018 report on the fault. today is the 153rd anniversary of a magnitude 6.8 quake on the fault. seismologists say another big one is long overdue. we have resources to help repair for an earthquake and other death esters. visit enorcal. always a reminder we should take the time to prepare. ama: and be prepared for a lot of rain coming our way. sandhya: that's right. this first storm is not going to dump a lot of rain. but this second one is really going to soak us. let me show you what to expect
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this weekend. let's talk right about the first atmospheric river of the season. it's due in on sunday. there's going to be a tropical moisture tap that comes through here and we're going to see quite a bit of rain. try inches. we'll get to that in a moment. with that comes storm concerns, light flooding, trees, power lines downed with strong winds, large breaking waves. there's height potential for strong stream flooding, debris flows, so that's what we are concerned about. live doppler 7 showing you the first signs of our system that's coming in the wee hours of the morning. we are seeing light showers around fort ross wrote, fort ross. you will notice it is so mild outside, south wind and muggy, as well, 50's and succeeds on your temperatures, exploratory camera, just a really soupy view as you take a look at the storm impact scale. level 1, messy for your morning commute, wind gusts could be as
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high as 30 plus along the coast and over the higher terrain.orwu are commuting, you want to give yourself extra time. visibility will be low and you will run into some brief moderate to heavy rain. as we go into 7:00 a.m., we still have what weather across the east bay, primarily in the south bay. but by the time the lunch hour approaches, you're done. the system is going to be a fast mover. the rainfall totals will affect this. morning temperatures in the 50's, 60's, a very mild start. afternoon highs will look like this, cooler than today, 60's, 70's, mostly cloudy for friday. thus forward to the weekend, saturday afternoon, evening, we start to see the wet weather. but that's not the atmospheric river. it's sunday that level 3 storm comes in. that's when we see heavy rain going into the late-night hours. monday, the wet weather continues and then some showers continue on tuesday. so when all is said and done,
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look at these rainfall totals, anywhere from about two inches to about almost six inches in the far northern end of our viewing area. so this could be problematic even though we need the rain, flash flood warning for the straight delta 70 night through monday night. flooding is possible with the heavy rain. in this era, winter storm watch through tuesday, about 6000 feet, expecting two to three feet of heavy wet snow. i would hold off on travel. and for the walk to end all alzheimer's, there will be a window, clouds, 50's, 60's should be good walking weather. tomorrow morning commute is wet, one for saturday, and then another strong level 3 for sunday and monday, storming on sunday, scattered showers tuesday, and dry out towards the middle part of next week. dan: t
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dan: the alameda county fair
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returns tomorrow after a euro because of the pandemic. -- year off because of the pandemic. the offers rides and giant corndogs and other tasty treats. fairgoers may see some stormy skies. but organizers and vendors say they're ready. >> we just monitoring and following all the weather that's coming down the pipeline. there is a plan in place should we need to pivot. ama:xpted, some rights may have to close, but they add many attractions will still go on even if it's wet. still worth checking out. dan: should be fun. fun night in sports and another big honor for steph curry. ama: larry beil's here with sports. >> staff is ridiculous. he's so good. not that there was any doubt about his status, but he went off for 45 against the
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larry: good evening. steph curry came out on fire in the warriors home opener, 25 points in the first quarter. they blew this lead against the clippers and it was up to steph to save them late. hit his first unstoppable. curry shakes the defender, knocks down a three. he fst 10 shots, 10 of 10. you give him any space at all, splash. klay thompson, you know he wants to be out there so badly. curry almost outscored the clippers by himself in the first quarter, 47-25. led by as many as 19. the clips come all the way back. l.a. without kawhi, took the lead late in the fourth. steph then dominate. shooter! he's ridiculous, a of 13, 45 points, got it! lawyers win -- warriors win
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despite 21 turnovers. they're 2-0 what a night for steph. >> felt like three different games at their. the first quarter, and then the second half was just back-and-forth the whole time. it's nice to win on your home court. we haven't had fans in a long time. >> i'm still blown away. there's never been anybody like him. amazing, amazing player. what a game he had. larry: to the ice we go, sharks fans in ottawa, going for the first 3-0 start since 2016. early second period, the captain ties the game at 1-1. later in the second, kevin love bank, power-play goal, 2-1 sharks is your final. team teal is now 3-0. college football, some teams have a turnover chain. unlv, they got a slot machine. perfect. san jose state was trailing all night. tyler evans not to be denied. that ties the game at 20-20.
1:37 am
nick nash, quarterback, he can run, 15 yard touchdown. and the spartans keep vegas when this, 27-20. onto baseball, dave roberts and the dodgers down 3-1 atlanta. a loss and their season would be over. chris taylor destroyed the brace by himself tonight. not one homer, not two homers, taylor hit three bombs and drove in six runs by himself as the dodgers stay alive, winning 11-2. still down 3-2, and game six in atlanta. very hard to put them away. is sponsored by river rock casino. keep enjoying the steph curry show for as long as it
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ama: thanks for watching. i'm and i dates. dan: we appreciate your time. good night.
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