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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 22, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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advocate and we■alsolearned about the importance of vaccinations in the dating world. thanks again for joining us. i'm tonight, the stunning deadly shooting on a movie set now under investigation. actor alec baldwin's first comments about the tragedy. baldwin firing a prop gun during filming in santa fe. describing his shock and sadness over accidentally killing director of photography, halyna hutchins, and wounding the director. the gun supposed to be loaded with blanks. questions now about safety protocols. crew members walking off the set. and at least two accidental discharges in the last week. and we're now hearing the 911 calls for help, moments after the shooting. kaylee hartung in santa fe. major news tonight about covid vaccines and children. data showing pfizer's vaccine nearly 91% effective against symptomatic illness in children 5 to 11. fda advisors meeting next week to consider authorization.
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also tonight, more than 70 million americans now eligible for boosters of every vaccine available in the u.s. the supreme court tonight refusing to immediately block the texas abortion law banning almost all abortions in the state. the justices agreeing to hear arguments on november 1st. the white house and democrats inching closer to a deal to pass president biden's nearly $2 trillion spending plan. house speaker nancy pelosi at the white house today saying it's more than 90% done. the president revealing what's still in and what's been cut out. rachel scott on the hill tonight. the major university suspending a fraternity over allegations of sexual assault and reports of drugging drinks at parties. your money tonight, rising prices at the store and at the pump. the average household spending an extra $175 per month. the price of gas up $1.20 from a year ago. how long until prices are expected to go back down?
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walmart recalling an aromatherapy room spray because of deadly back tier. the cdc investigating. and the incredible rescue. million os cheering the video of a doege pulled from the open ocean off the florida coast. good evening. it's great to have you with us on a busy friday night. i'm whit johnson in for david. and we begin with that deadly movie set tragedy. actor alec baldwin firing a prop gun, killing the movie's cinematographer and wounding the director. tonight, production has been halted and the investigation is under way. baldwin is one of the producers of the western called "rust", filming in the desert on the outskirts of santa fe new mexico. the projectile striking the
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director of photography, who was air lifted to the hospital, but did not survive. she leaves behind a husband and son. the director treated at a hospital and released. images of a distraught alec baldwin after the incident. today he tweeted, there are no words to convey my shock and sadness and saying he reached out to hutchens' husband. we're learning the crew complained about safety on the set, saying there were at least two accidental discharges in the last week. abc's kaylee hartung leads us off in santa fe. >> reporter: tonight, the urgent investigation into that horrifying movie set shooting. police say alec baldwin firing a prop gun, accidentally killing a cinematographer and injuring the director during the production of the western, "rust." for the first time, we're hearing the chilling 911 calls. >> we have two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. we need help immediately. >> reporter: in another call, the person describing the chaos on the set.
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>> [ bleep ] a.d. that yelled at me at lunch. he's supposed to check the gun. he's responsible for it. >> reporter: the issue of safety had been brought up repeatedly brushed off by producers, also saying they were cutting seriously concerns. the producer left scrambling and reportedly bringing in several nonunion replacements. abc news obtaining an an email from a union, saying a single live round was accidentally fired but investigators have not confirmed that. the projectile striking and killing 42-year-old cinematographer, halyna hutchins, widely regarded as a rising star in the industry, and wounding director joel souza in the shoulder. baldwin, seen here doubled over in agony, moments after being questioned by police, breaking his silence today, tweeting
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there are no words to convey my shock and sadness. saying he's fully cooperating with the investigation, adding his heart is broken, and he's in touch with halyna's grieving husband. a source telling abc news, hutchins' husband, matthew, says baldwin has been very supportive. a witness reportedly telling showbiz 4-1-1 that moments after the shooting, baldwin kept saying quote, in all my years, i've never been handed a hot gun. it's been nearly 30 years since a similar tragedy claimed the life of actor brandon lee, son of bruce lee, during filming of the movie "the crow." he was shot with a prop gun that had a live round of ammunition lodged inside. abc news obtaining the industry standard safety bulletin, emphasizing blanks can kill. treat all firearms as though they are loaded. live ammunition is never to be used nor brought onto any studio lot or stage. >> there are lots of checks in place. >> reporter: one hollywood armorer explaining the safety and security of prop weapons are their responsibility, outlining the strict protocols followed on movie sets. >> nowadays, all weapons are checked. the barrel is checked before any blanks are put into the weapon.
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there are lots of other protocols in place, including actor training beforehand. >> reporter: hutchins posting this video on instagram just days before the tragedy, showing her and the crew on horseback on the set. >> this was like something terrible went wrong, and it should not have gone wrong. >> so many questions about how this happened. kaylee hartung joins us from outside the sheriff's office in santa fe tonight where witnesses are being questioned. you're learning more about the safety issues crew members said they experienced on set and potential red flags before this tragedy. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, whit. we are learning there were at least two accidental discharges of that prop gun on the set in the past week. one experienced industry professional telling me, it is unfathomable how live ammunition could make it anywhere near a set. no charges have been filed yet, but the d.a. is not ruling that out, whit. >> that investigation just getting under way. kaylee, thank you. we move now to the pandemic and the battle to protect
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children. pfizer recording its vaccine for children live to 11 years old is nearly 91% effective against symptomatic illness. pfizer also reporting their study found the vaccine was safe with no cases of rare heart inflammation side effect as myocarditis. the vaccine already in production, including smaller doses, smaller viles for the children. americans rolling up sleeves to get booster shots after the cdc officially endorsed moderna and johnson & johnson for certain age groups and said it's okay to mix and match them. here's abc's erielle reshef. >> reporter: with vaccinations of younger children expected within weeks, tonight parents are finally getting their first look at how the pfizer shot performed in 5 to 11-year-olds. >> stay loose. one, two, three. >> reporter: the company reporting its trial of more than 2,200 children showed the vaccine was nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic
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disease. and there were no cases of severe illness. >> the immune response was wonderful. it was comparable to that seen in 16 to 25-year-olds. we know that it's safe. we know that it produces neutralizing antibodies against the virus. >> at one-third of the adult dose, pfizer saw no cases of myocarditis, a very rare but nown side effect, which tends to happen more often in young men a few weeks after the second dose. >> these several thousand pediatric-aged patients 5 through 11 have been followed for that period of time and so far have not experienced any myocarditis. >> reporter: any other side effects from the vaccine were mild. 9-year-old twins, marisol and alejandra gerardo, experienced a sore arm and fatigue when they got their vaccine as part of the trial back in march.
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>> i think now having been to school and been able to share this with their friends and talk about it, i think they're now really eager to see their friends vaccinated. >> reporter: more than 11,000,012 to 17-year-olds have already been vaccinated. across the country today, a new wave of boosters from moderna and j&j after that green light from the cdc. >> i woke up to the news this morning, and it was approved and got right online, made my payment, came right on down. >> reporter: and now there's flexibility for people who want to mix vaccines, allowing them to choose a different vaccine brand from the one they originally got. >> there may be people who have a preference for whatever reason to get something else. we would encourage them to discuss it with their physician or pharmacist, to come to the cdc website. >> people making decisions on boosters. let's go back to children ages 5 to 11, because so many parents are awaiting news on this. the fda panel is meeting next
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week. walk us through the time line here. >> reporter: the fda panel will meet on tuesday, and then the cdc is expected weigh in one week after that, so we could see a green light for these 5 to 11-year-olds as early as november 3rd, but keep in mind it takes five weeks for the kids to be fully vaccinated. whit? >> erielle reshef, thank you. the security refusing to block the texas law that banned most abortions in the state. the biden administration asked the court to put the law on hold until legal challenges are resolved. let's bring in jonathan karl. jon, in a highly unusual move, the court agreed to an expedited review of this law in just ten days. >> whit, this is the quickest review the court granted to any law by far since bush v. gore way back in 2000. the court will be looking strictly at the highly unusual mechanism that texas put in place to enforce the law. the law gives any citizen the
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power to sue anybody they say aids or abets an unlawful abortion from the doctor who performs the procedure to a uber driver that drive a woman to the clinic. if they win, they would get a bounty of $10,000. justice sonya sotomayor issued a dissent, raising objections to the issues the fact that the court hadn't immediately thrown out the law. she said, quote, women seeking abortion care in texas are entitled to relief from this court now. because of the court's fail your to act today, if that relief comes at the a fail your to many. even conservatives on the court raised doubt about the constitutionality of this texas law. >> so many watching the case closely. next, democratic leaders say they're close to a deal on president biden's sprawling domestic agenda covering everything from early education to the fight against climate change. speaker nancy pelosi saying,
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quote, more than 90% is agreed to. the president pulling back the curtain on the negotiations as well. nbc's rachel scott is at the white house tonight. >> reporter: tonight, house speaker nancy pelosi says negotiations are in the homestretch. >> i would say it's more than 90% agreed to. >> reporter: the president cutting the price tag from $3.5 trillion to just under $2 trillion and dropping proposals like constitution free community college all in an effort to bridge the divide between progressives in house and moderate in the senate. >> when you're in the united states senate and you are president of the united states and you have 50 democrats, every one is a president. every single one. >> reporter: senator kyrsten sinema of arizona now forcing her party to back away from one of its signature campaign promises, to pay for the signature programs by raising taxes on big corporations and the wealthy. >> she says she will not raise a ing isle penny in taxes on the
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corporate side or on wealthy people, period. that's where it sort of break down. >> reporter: today i asked the white house, what's plan "b"? >> can this package be paid for without a corporate tax increase? >> yes, but there are different corporate taxes, and there are loopholes. >> reporter: the president says his party is down to a remaining four or five issues. he's optimistic they'll get there, but made it clear to democrats they want to reach a deal by the end of next week before he eds to europe for a climate summit. >> rachel scott at the white house, thank you. the university of southern california suspended a fa ternty over allegations that women were drugged and sexual assaulted at their house. usc public safety logs show six instances of drugging were reported at sigma nu in the last month. the lapd joined the investigation now. abc's will carr is there. >> reporter: tonight, outrage is quite literally written on the walls of the sigma nu fraternity
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house at usc. students posting signs of protest. >> it's a message to people that this matters. and i just hope that people come and read the signs and see the frustration and the anger. >> reporter: authorities now investigating multiple reports of assault inside. according to a usc department of public safety log, from the september 27th to october 20th, six different incidents of alleged drugging were reported at the fraternity. at least one involving an alleged sexual assault. >> usc needs to make a statement. i think the frat needs to be shut down and removed from campus of. >> reporter: lapd launching a n investigation involving four alleged victims. in a statement, usc saying it's received reports of drinks being spiked at a party, leading to possible drug facilitated sexual assaults. in recent months, fraternities at other big universities, including northwestern and missouri, facing similar allegations. tonight with that crowd and protest signs growing behind me,
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usc has temporarily suspended the fraternity. the university says its committed to fostering a safe environment for all students. whit. >> thank you. next tonight, your money. as we report on the supply chain crisis, more companies announcing a rise in pricesnd ho american households each month. a big component of that, the price of gas at a seven-year high. here's gio benitez.>> reporter: prices soaring. >> the prices here just keep going up, and it's unpredictable if they're going to have what you even need. >> reporter: the typical american household now spending an extra $175 a month on housing, groceries and gas, says one key expert. >> that's what they need to pay more today, to buy the same amount of things that they were buying about a year ago. >> reporter: major companies facing rising costs, now expecting to charge more, like nestle, the world's largest food and beverage company, unilever, maker of dove soap and ben & jerry's, procter & gamble, from
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grooming products to diapers, and danone, maker of yogurts and plant-based milks, even evian water. inflation shooting up by 5.4% in just a year. that supply chain crisis taking center stage. gas prices also rising to their highest point in seven years. at some stations in california, over $5.00 a gallon. >> much of the reason is the continued rise in the price of oil, which is going up as demand globally continues to rise. partially due to an energy shortage overseas. >> reporter: whit, the steepest prices of the year are expected just before the holidays when millions will be hitting the road. whit? >> something to watch in the day ahead. gio, thank you. now to a parade of storms slamming the west coast. three storms, the third one a so-called bomb cyclone, sending an atmospheric river of heavy rain toward the shore. this satellite image throwing the trio of swirling storms. the third one on the left set to reach california on sunday.
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first of those storms already striking san francisco. flooding and downing trees. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is in los angeles, and rob, that bomb cyclone could be one of the strongest for the pacific northwest. >> reporter: could be, and in that spot historically as well. the atmosphere in the west really shifted into high gear. we've got the slew of storms in the pacific. here are the three we're looking at. the first two will combine tonight, and that will bling another round of rain in the west. the third will rapidly intensify. we bomb it out, which means it will drop in the millibars. setups the atmospheric river for california. could see three to eight inches of rainfall. mud slides a concern in oregon with high snow levels. sunday, slide in cooler temperatures in the east late weekend. whit? >> rob, thanks. we'll see you tomorrow on "gma." when we come back, the urgent recall, a room spray
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zuko the is a dog rescued by dog hadaling off the florida coast. >> reporter: tonight, the incredible rescue at sea warming hearts across the country.>> po! >> reporter: the video getting more than 11 million views on tiktok. >> reporter: a group of friends on a boat ride spotting a dog paddling in the middle of the ocean. no owner in sight. >> grab him. >> reporter: diving in, pulling him to safety. shaking it off. tail wagging and okay. >> he has a collar, for sure. >> hi, little buddy. >> reporter: the friends, a half mile off ft. lauderdale's coast. checking his collar, calling his owners. keeping him safe in their arms until they get back to dry land. it turns out he's a jack russell named zuko, and he jumped off a boat about an hour before. the owners still searching for him up the coast. and this is the moment they were reunited. >> they saved my little puppy and saved me and my family, you know, huge heartbreak. >> reporter: tonight, zuko's
3:58 pm
family sending us these videos of him at home, eating treats. the vet saying he's okay. and this is zuko in his brand new bright orange life jacket, easy to spot for his next boat ride. tonight, those friends, zuko's rescuers, telling us, this day was an incredible reminder to keep persevering even throughout difficult circumstances. it also reminded us to keep an eye out for those around us and lend a helping hand when others are in need. >> well done by those rescuers and great to see zuko doing so well. thanks so much for watching. i'm whit johnson in new york. for david and all of us here, have a great weekend, and good night.
3:59 pm
moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. well, it takes only a few inches of rain and suddenly you have this. these are drivers navigating through a flooded section of roadway in daly city. and obviously it doesn't always go that well they made it through most others not so lucky then we had a break one of our abc 7 news photojournalists captured this picture of a rainbow. right in front of the golden gate bridge a little hard to see but it's there. that was just a teaser for what's to come this weekend. get ready for the bomb cyclone as some people are calling it. good afternoon. thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil and i'm dion lim. you are watching abc 7 news at 4 live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. okay, let's get started with that preview now from abc 7 news weather anchor spencer christian bomb cyclone. sounds scary though. well, that's what they call those suddenly intensifying storms. along the atmospheric river that's flowing in our direction deon right now conditions are calm across the bay area, but we have had quite a bit of rainfall last 24 hours a real drenching
4:00 pm
and there's more rain on the way now the first storm be arriving tomorrow. that's a light one a storm of light intensity ranking. only one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. it'll produce light showers and mainly in the afternoon and evening tomorrow and breezy early, but gusty at night the night time will be the precursor to the more powerful storms that will arrive on sunday look at the forecast animation here late tomorrow night. we'll see the ray becoming a bit more widespread then during the overnight hours. the sunday morning we get the bomb cyclone the heavier steadier more widespread rain accompanied by powerful gusty winds or maybe localized flooding there could be debris flows and the burn scar areas. i'll give you a closer. look at all this and the accuweather 7-day forecast in just a few minutes deon. all right, sounds good spencer. thanks. we'll talk about quite an impact a toppled tree crashed into a pickup truck in santa cruz county killing the driver it all happened this afternoon. and felton part of east zante road between redwood and graham hill road is expected to be closed until