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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 22, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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and there's more rain on the way now the first storm be arriving tomorrow. that's a light one a storm of light intensity ranking. only one on the abc 7 storm impact scale. it'll produce light showers and mainly in the afternoon and evening tomorrow and breezy early, but gusty at night the night time will be the precursor to the more powerful storms that will arrive on sunday look at the forecast animation here late tomorrow night. we'll see the ray becoming a bit more widespread then during the overnight hours. the sunday morning we get the bomb cyclone the heavier steadier more widespread rain accompanied by powerful gusty winds or maybe localized flooding there could be debris flows and the burn scar areas. i'll give you a closer. look at all this and the accuweather 7-day forecast in just a few minutes deon. all right, sounds good spencer. thanks. we'll talk about quite an impact a toppled tree crashed into a pickup truck in santa cruz county killing the driver it all happened this afternoon. and felton part of east zante road between redwood and graham hill road is expected to be closed until at least 8:30
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tonight after a power line fell the chp says it expects to see more trees come down due to the rain all across the bay area communities are preparing for what shapes up to be a really wet weekend abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard in the north bay to show us how they are getting ready there high cornell. hey larry, neighbors here in santa rosa getting ready for six inches of rain or more sunday and monday and check it out firefighters have real concerns about neighborhoods like this. skyhawk located near burn scar areas. they say these areas are at risk for possible mudslides. this area right here potentially could be an area to watch attack kaputzka is watching the weather. he's concerned a forecasted atmospheric river could spell trouble for his skyhawk neighborhood in santa rosa. i definitely think it's serious. i'm not worried about water flooding in, you know into the waters, but i do worry about
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mudslides or stuff sliding down off the mountains. attack lives near the burn scarred hillsides where the glass fire marched through in 2020. fire says these burn zones are now at potential risk with a large quantity of rain. we have the potential for debris flows in our fire damage areas such as the wall bridge and the glass fire and which are being monitored cal fire points to the absolute. worst case scenario a mudslide in montecito in 2018, which killed two dozen people living near a recent wildfire burn zone in santa barbara county the santa rosa fire department tweeting community alerts about the flash fl watch for burn scar areas this weekend. at-risk hillside with these straw waddles simple and effective tools to prevent erosion. we found neighbor david philp
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preparing for the storm. he just installed these wattles next to a storm drain in front of his house. we learned from the fires that any off from this of the soil that can go into the creek, which is all runs into the creek. we need to put down bottles to prevent that. now these wattles have been installed on the foundation of this home. which burned in the glass fire neighbors. hope a year's worth of vegetation growth up in the hills will prevent any storm runoff come. weekend we're live in santa rosa cornell bernard abc 7 news. so cornell, you show those barriers there. is there anything else that people who are living in the burn scar regions do to try to get ready for a storm like this. yeah, larry, the fire departmen urges folks to clear their storm drains and storm gutters. keep your cell phone charged and on at all times in case emergency alerts come through
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and report any movement of earth any mudslide, you might see and have a plan to leave if you have to. all rig beautiful there now obviously conditions are going to change in the next 2448 hours. keep an eye on the storm with live doppler 7. you can see it on the abc 7 bay area streaming app available on roku amazon fire android and apple tv a person and their dog had to be rescued from a cliff at fort funston this afternoon take a look in this video shot by sky 7. you can see there. two of them. just hanging from the cliff as first responders work to harness and haul them to safety neither the person nor the dog suffered any injuries the san francisco fire department says this kind of rescue is not uncommon at fort funston. they do recommend dog walkers keep their pets on leashes. they say if your dog goes down a cliff call first resp. wonders don't go after the dog and put yourself and rescuers in danger. all right now to that brazen gas station shooting in oakland happened that a chevron station on castro street one of the
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three suspects is dead at a retired oakland police. captain is now fighting for his life in the hospital abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley gives us more perspective on the enormity of this incident. retired oakland police captain ursi joyner the man uc pumping gas was shot six times at this busy chevron station as three suspects in hoodies attempted to rob him join her who was allowed to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer shot at at least one of the suspects who died. i think used entirely justified in shooting the suspects. you know, he felt that his life was in jeopardy rick smith is a former fbi and private investig. who was stunned by the surveillance video? i just think that the situation over in oakland. horrible getting worse every day and and that's a video example of how bad it is. there is an increased weight of fear and terror and a lack of peace oakland city councilmember
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treva. reed was emotional as she talked about joyner a family friend who dedicated his career even in retirement to reduce gun violence only to end up a victim of it. i have heard certainly that his condition is critical and yet stable what disturbed her was how this robbery took place at 1 pm on busy castro street. so if we can't go during the day to places that we felt were safe places to to get gas to pick up groceries to go sit in the park to walk down the street where can our community feel safe. and so that is what we have to address as we're looking at. how do we really come up with strategies and solutions that address the deep root causes oakland has invested 17 million dollars in creating a department of violence prevention. there are still many questions about the encounter at the chevron station on thursday was joiner randomly held up or was he targeted for being an
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ex-police officer or because he has business ties to the cannabis industry. it's early an investigation. we're looking at every motive everything that might have led to this particular incident police are for the black sedan used in the robbery and so far there have been no arrests in the east bay. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news scary. lift has released its first ever safety report shows the company received more than 4,100 reports of sexual assault. this is from 2017 through 2019 360 of those cases were rape. they're also 10 reported deaths from physical assaults uber's first report revealed nearly 6,000 reports of sexual assault involving passengers and drivers as well as 64 reports of rape again same time frame 2017 to 2019 an effort to put some of these numbers into better context both the uber and lyft say there were no reported safety incidents for more than 99% of their trips during that same time period target says it
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is closing its downtown san francisco store on bush street on november 20th because of for sales employees will be offered the option to transfer to other stores. the bush street. target is in the financial district, which does not have the same amount of foot traffic. it had before the pandemic now target says a published report that shoplifting threats were forcing the closure of the large mission street store at moscone center. that is not true. target says there are no plans to close that store abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area includes a focused lens on our climate and environment and looking at solutions to protect and preserve our natural resources managing our water usage. obviously a big part of this conversation. so when actor edward norton came to san francisco today for the grand opening of anchor brewing companies water reuse project abc 7 news reporter leeanne melendez. wanted to learn more. cycle water by the way, san francisco mayor london breed pointed out an important fact,
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none of the recycles water processed in these tanks will end up in the anchor beer. not a drop nada. that recycled water will instead go to other practices used to make the beer the bottle washings clean in place of the tanks. flushing floors a variety of any type of cleaning tasks can all be done with process treated process water. and any usedd any usedd any usee collected and reused on site at the brewery the largest commercial water reuse project in san francisco. cambrian is the company behind the new project it industry is the second largest user of water globally and we can have a significant. impact farming uses the water three two one actor edward norton is on cambrian's board and said anchor brewery should be an example to other big
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companies residential use of water is not where the problem is. it is in the massive waste in industrial use of water. not a residential problem because the average san francisco uses about 42 gallons of water per day the average american according to the epa the environmental protection agency uses 82 gallons, which is one of the lowest anywhere we believe in conservation. anchor brewery is expected to recycle up to 20 million gall. of water a year in san francisco. lyanne melendez abc 7 news president biden considers plan b to get his climate agenda through congress what he's working on next also the next step for former white house advisor steve bannon who is now facing a criminal contempt charge for defying a congressional subpoena and abc 7 news weather anchors spencer christian will have details on the weekend storm and
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compare plans now at open enrollment ends december 7. hey honey, let's take a look paid for by the u.s. department of health and human services pelosi says democrats are within striking distance of winning an agreement on president biden sweeping domestic agenda. she had breakfast at the white house this morning to work out some of the remaining issues abc news reporter elizabeth schulze reports on what's in and what's out of the president's spending plan. president biden is making a major push to get his economic
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agenda through congress revealing key details about the negotiations during a cnn town hall. i do think i'll get a deal the president confirming concessions must be made to get all 50 democratic senators on board to pass his signature spending bill focused on child care education and climate change when you're in the united states senate. and your president united states and you have 50? democrats everyone is a president to appease moderate senators joe manchin and kirsten cinema. the white house is offering. the price tag of the bill from three and a half trillion dollars to closer to two trillion. the president says paid leave could be cut from 12 weeks to four the child tax credit could be extended just one year instead of being made permanent and tuition-free community college will be eliminated eliminated from the bill mr. mansion. and one other person has indicated they will not support. free community college that other person senator cinema is
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creating another big barrier to a deal by opposing a tax rate hike on the wealthiest americans and corporations president. biden says now he's unwilling to change the senate rule called the filibuster requiring 60 votes to advance legislation acknowledging that would cost him at least three votes needed to pass the social spending bill, but biden didn't rule out eliminating the filibuster for other priorities like voting rights and raising the debt ceiling. i also think we're gonna have to move to the point where we fundamentally all to the filibuster on that critical question of how to pay for the spending package other proposals include stricter irs. jackson enforcement or attacks on stock buybacks elizabeth scholz abc news, washington it is now up to the justice department to decide whether to pursue criminal charges against steve bannon after he defied a congressional subpoena the referral to the doj comes after a house vote yesterday to hold the top aid to former president
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trump in contempt of congress more now from elizabeth schulze from washington. steve bannon is now facing the chance of criminal prosecution by the justice department after the full house of representatives voted to hold him in contempt of congress for failing to comply with its subpoena and cooperate with its investigation into the deadly capital riot. you can't blow off the united states congress from your sofa and think you're going to get away with it. nine house republicans joined all democrats in the vote arguing the top advisor to former president trump is not above the law and trying to ensure that all americans must obey congressional subpoenas. i want to fight for the for the ability and the opportunity for us to have subpoena power. i don't want to water that down the house select committee investigating january 6th subpoenaed bannon to testify about the role he and former president trump may have played in the insurrection lawmakers point to bannon's own words on his podcast, january 5th.
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all hell is going to break loose tomorrow, but the vast majority of philippines are still defending the former president and bannon the select committee despises steve bannon's politics. so they're abusing their power to put him in jail and trump is doubling down on his lies that there was widespread fraud in the 2020 election even falsely suggesting in a statement the insurrection took place on november 3. election day january 6th was the protest former president suggested that the violence was justified the republican members of this body. have to understand have to recognize that there's a moment when politics must stop if we want to defend and protect our institutions. attorney general merritt garland hasn't indicated if the justice department will move forward to prosecute bannon. it's been nearly 40 years since the doj has pursued contempt of congress charges elizabeth scholz the abc news, washington.
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all right, the weekend is almost upon us a lot of people looking forward to the 49ers game on sunday night, which may resemble a mud bog. that's about the size of it. it's going to be rainy and windy. i'm sorry to say but could be a good game exciting. let's take a look at what's happening. right now his live view outside from my emeryville looking toward the golden gate you can see that we've got areas of clouds becoming thicker and lower but areas of clearing in the skies as well as 60 degrees here san francisco oakland 6 fact mid 60's also at mountain view san jose and morgan hill 59 at half moon bay. here's a view at the golden gate. we see a little bit of blue up there but a lot of clouds of the temperature readings right now 62 and santa rosa mid-60s at novato napa concord and livermore 68 degrees at fairfield and here's the view from the east bay hills camera and see the clouds are increasing as our next storm is approaching. these are the forecast features. we'll have light rain and showers late tomorrow, then that'll be followed by a stronger storm a level 3 storm on the storm impact scale, which
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will arrive overnight tomorrow night into day, and it will still be rainy and windy on monday from that storm. so let's look at a look at the storm impact seal for the first storm the light one tomorrow just producing airways of light rain and showers mainly in the afternoon evening. it'll be breezy early and turning gusty later. but the main event is this storm coming in on sunday. well, i actually tomorrow night late but into sunday and monday it ranks three on the storm impact scale a strong storm, which will produce heavy rainfall gusty winds localized flooding is likely debris flows in the burn scar areas. also a possibility. here's the forecast animation starting six o'clock tomorrow morning notice during most of the day tomorrow. we'll just see periods of light rain or showers. we'll see the showers become a little bit more organized in the late night hours tomorrow. but it'll be after midnight when the main event comes in this powerful storm. so all day sunday, we expect periods of heavy rain widespread across the entire region moving mainly from northwest to southeast accompanied by strong gusty potentially damaging wind, finally. midday monday.
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we'll see that storm tapering off just a little bit here in the bay area rainfall potential. now this could change but at the moment we're talking about potentially anywhere from about two and a half inches of rain in the areas not so hard hit to six or seven inches of rain and the wetter areas up in the north bay and in the sierra, it's going to be probably a major snowstorm which a storm watches in effect from 11 pm sunday to 5 am tuesday above 6,000 feet. we are expecting eight inches to 48 inches. of snow in the sierra heavy wet snow obviously travel will be difficult to impossible tonight under cloudy skies low temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s highs tomorrow as the rain is beginning to approach us about 60 on the coast. mid-60s around the bay upper 60s, inland. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. so a level three storm on sunday. we'll call it level two on monday as it starts to taper off but impact will still be significant because of what has led up to monday then on tuesday is still a chance to some light scattered showers. finally we get brighter skies on
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wednesday thursday and friday of next week. we can look. to some sunnier skies and some dryer milder conditions, but the game on sunday. like it's going to be a mud bowl. di i might tune in just to see that. all right spencer. thanks. well coming up next the booster shots are ready. what a local health official and our special correspond. dr. alok patel is recommending. i'm 7 on your side's michael finney. there is a new tech scam you need to know about and i've got information on flood insurance 7 why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, yo skin from within, it hel
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county announced covid-19 vaccine booster shots available for most residents most people who've been vaccat vaccine serie now eligible booster and for man a booster is strongly recommended. he gave the green light for the new round of shots and to mixing booster vaccines santa clara residents 18 years and older who received the johnson & johnson vaccine at least two months ago are eligible for any booster vaccine if you received pfizer or moderna six months or out you eligible for a booster of any type people 65 years and older and 50 plus with underlying medical conditions are strongly recommended to get a booster. you got to look at the facts. like are you above 65 do you have underlying medical conditions, or are you at risk of being is the covid-19 if you
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work in a hospital nursing facility if you work in a jam-packed school in a community where vaccination levels aren't that high? and that's when you start with you say like am i someone who needs a booster and remember mixing and matching is very beneficial. santa clara county says there are multiple sites to get any vaccine of your choice. most sites are by appointment only but walk-ins are available at some other sites on to consumer news with stormy weather on the way. you may want to take a look at your insurance coverage flood coverage can be kind of dicey at times. most people don't understand it to tell you the truth as spencer just told us rain is on the way. and the california insurance commissioner is urging residents to review their coverage because of that. it's part of the state's flood preparedness week the commissioner wants homeowners and renters to review their insurance policies to see if they are covered in case of a flood now most homeowners insurance policies as a matter of fact every single one i've
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ever read do not cover flood damage and most flood insurance policies must be in place for 30 days before paying for any damages. the better business bureau is warning of a new scam evolving text messages from an unknown number people are receiving text from chat bots pretending to be former matches on dating apps that are trying to reconnect the chat. well, then try to get your private information by asking you to sign up for a fake dating or adult websites. the bbb says best practice of course is not a reply and block the number if you can. walmart is we're calling it's better homes and gardens essential oil aromatherapy room spray with gemstones. the cdc says its tests found the room freshener contained a rare bacteria that can be fatal. so far four people have been infected two of them died.
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walmart is asking customers to return the bottles in a double bagged in clean clear zip top. bowl bags placed in a small cardboard box for a full refined plus for all that trouble. i know they're going to give you a $20 gift certificate and wear a hazmat suit. wow. i don't know what's in it, but no that is i mean, that's seriously frightening. thank you michael here. all right. coming up next to the fatal shooting on a movie set. how could it happen and what? was chamber of that prop gun plus changing the narrative 55 years after the black panther. party was founded in oakland. the movement gets its first permanent monument to commemorate the party. stay with us abc 7 news has
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area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. now to that fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie rust. the sheriff says the actor fired the prop firearm that killed a cinematographer and injured the director now the big questions how this happened and what was loaded into the chambers of that prop. abc's morgan norwood has the latest now from los angeles. an urgent and puzzling investigation into why a shot from a prop gun that police say was fired by actor alec baldwin killed one crew member and entered another on the set of the western inspired film rust 19 about revision. he's supposed to check the donkey's responsible mimi. no, no, i'm a scripture 42 year old director of photography helena hutchins seen in this instagram picture posted from the set just days ago died from her injuries.
4:31 pm
heralded as a rising star behind the camera hutchins in this post showing her excitement for being a part of the production. she was the kind of filmmaker who will stand in any uncomfortable place with her camera to get a shot that she taught would be the right. shy the other shooting victim 48 year old director, joe souza reportedly released from emergency care alec baldwin tweeting friday. there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the tragic accident that took the life of felina hutchins a wife mother and deeply admire colleague of ours baldwin going on to say he's fully cooperating with authorities as they address how this happened. there is a system of checks and balances before any actor is touching a prop gun and that usually includes a prop master bringing the prop over to set then an ad checking the prop gun, and then it goes to the actor the district attorney reviewing the incident releasing a statement saying we don't know
4:32 pm
if charges will be filed. we will look into all the facts and evidence of the case with great discretion and alec baldwin said in a second tweed earlier today that he is in touch with helena. john's husband offering his support to her family morgan norwood abc news, los angeles ukraine's consulate general in san francisco is reaching out to hutchins family to provide consular and legal assistance according to her website. the filmmaker was raised on a soviet military base in the arctic circle hutchins graduated from kiev national university with a degree in journalism before working on documentaries across europe and switching to film this sunday the black panther party, which was founded in oakland will be honored with the bronze bust of the party's co-founder dr. ue. at statue will mark the first permanent public art display in oakland commemorating the movement one that focused on self-reliance and empowerment within the black community abc 7 news race and culture reporter.
4:33 pm
julian glover has this exclusive look now at how that bronze bust came to life. from vilified by the government to immortalized in bronze this is the evolution of the legacy of the revolutionary co-founder of the black panther party. huey p newton. i have created him to bring him home to west oakland. that's where we first caught up with the sculptor dana king in her studio as she brought the late leader to life in clay 32 years after his death one scrape at a time. the reason he's looking out. is because he was a visionary he saw into the future. there's been so much misinformation. propaganda about the the that's harmful before the black panther was a comic book hero making hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office the black panther party was founded in oakland in 1966 as a grassroots community movement in response to police brutality the problems of yesterday still
4:34 pm
rigging true today images of panthers carrying guns for protection and shootouts with police would be the lasting legacy. not the free breakfast program that fed thousands of hungry oakland kids or the message of self-determination in the black community to win elected office in one's own neighborhood to make king is hoping to rewrite that legacy through her art of the 55th anniversary of the party's founding pictures of newton lined her studio as she captures every tiny detail down to his iconic afro many people have been in here and and put eyes on him. a man who cut his hair panthers who talked to me about the history that they were part of none more critical than huey's widow frederica newton. she's coming to my studio and it's been so helpful because she puts her hands on him. and she remembers. what is jawline felt like through the two-year process of creating this public art display the duo artist and activist
4:35 pm
developed a special bond. i couldn't have done this. he wouldn't be. about four nights straight thinking this is not going to work. there was something missing in his eyes and today seeing it cast in bronze for the first time and that she got all of the dimensions of this man is blowing my mind right now dana nailed it dana nailed it. king invited us along to the foundry where the bust of newton was. bronze on sunday the bust of oakland's native sun will be unveiled at the intersection now bearing his name dr. huey p newton way and mandela parkway. huey really really loved oakland? but this intersection is about the source of light and darkness for frederica. that's a street that i've been. and i never frequented. it was the last day that i saw him.
4:36 pm
until that night on the news newton was shot. there in the lower bottom neighborhood in 1989 years after the party was dissolved just a super traumatically painful place for me to revisit is now become a place for healing. and community so out of that darkness has grown this beautiful place of sanctuary. this will be a place for generations to come to learn about the history of the black panther party. yeah, what does that mean to you that people will know this true history that there were men and women who were unlike themselves that just had the courage to their convictions that saw something that needed to be done. in their community and they did it qi may be finished, but the story will live on that's a beauty and bronze. bronze can last forever and so every generation that sees that peace tells the story and the
4:37 pm
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4:40 pm
former president's new media venture to the stock market saw its own stock skyrocket in price trading with sulfurious. it had to be temporarily halted at least 12 times the day before the stock more than quadrupled after the company announced it would merge with trump's new company, which looks too challenge facebook and twitter. i should also point out that site was hacked like within five minutes of hosting so people are going to do whatever they want to do dan immediate reaction. well, i first i would say it's sort of a given his tweeting history and audacious name for the company truth social but beyond that i suppose it's probably a brilliant move from a business standpoint, you know, the old line if you can't join them beat them, i guess is what the president former president is trying to do, you know, he's not allowed back on other social media platform. yet and if we know anything about donald trump. he can be a bit vengeful. so he's i think this is an attempt to get back obviously at twitter and facebook. yeah, i wonder how successful
4:41 pm
it's going to be given the fact that there are how many billions of facebook users, you know, are you really going to be able to compete with these behemoth spencer? well, you know, i'm just amazed. the produce so much profit on a day like this where the name truth social maybe he could have called it a fake news it would have been even more profitable. oh, well, there's still time and he'll definitely carve a niche. sorry larry. yeah carbon, it's market out of it. that's for sure. yeah. well the one problem that have and not just you know with this site is that we tend to all be speaking into our own silos. and so we just hear our own messages whatever we personally like and so it just is kind of we're all stuck in these echo chambers whatever, you know, whatever whatever you happen to believe in. all right, let's move on now the faa is proposing longer rest times between shifts for flight attendance the new rule would guarantee. least 10 hours of rest for all flight attendants instead of nine. it would not change the 14-hour
4:42 pm
limit on a flight attendance workday. the airlines are against the new rule saying that it would be too expensive to implement costing airlines more than 7 80 million dollars over the course of 10 years the faa says there will be 60 days for public comment and the airlines will have 30 days after the rule is finalized to comply, you know, i don't know about the business sense of things, but i've always thought to myself dan that being a flight attendant is grueling work your body never really knowing what time zone it's in. i can only imagine it's true and it seems i know a number of flight attended to one good friend of mine. he's been a flight attended for a few years and loves it. but you know you it looks glamorous in on tv in the movies. it's hard work and you fly to these distant places and you turn right around it's not like you get to see many of the places often that said, you know working 14 hours and then having to flip around on nine hours rest. that's asking a lot. they do get some time off. do they get many days between shifts sometimes but still pretty tough.
4:43 pm
yeah, i'll just say go ahead spencer. i was just say the shifts came. you're right. they can be very demanding in terms of time and energy and i'd always dealing with the most pleasant passengers, especially these days well having been married to a flight attend. i could tell you it's really really hard on the body and as she constantly reminds me you could never do what i do. all you do is put on makeup and talk. oh, which is true though, larry. yes, it sounds like you you and my wife have an anonymous american collector is the proud new owner of a try sarah top. skeleton. not just any dinosaur. skeleton big john as he's called is the largest triceratops ever discovered named after the owner of the land where the dinosaurs bones were found in south dakota where it roamed 66 million years ago sold at a paris auction yesterday 7.7 million dollars a big conversation piece to have in your home. it is enormous. i would like just put it on the lawn just to see the reaction from the amazon guy.
4:44 pm
yeah, maybe have a fake roar come right, you know motion detector your lot. is that big? yeah, if not there for halloween. just yeah right decorate. i think it's pretty cool. i hope ultimately it gets displayed. you know, the the person who bought it will do what they want with it. i hope ultimately people will get to see it and that it's gifted to some museum at the end of the day at some point, but remember i think was last year in new york a t-rex. tyrannosaurus rex was auctioned off for something like 32 million dollars. it was the most expensive dinosaur ever auctioned. this one's a steel. yeah, it's relatively speaking seven. yeah. yes wrapping things nott b jersey dedicated a permanent new 80-foot sculpture today. it is called the water's soul you can't help but notice though that it depicts a young woman with a finger on her lips shushing or asking for silence in the direction of the new york
4:45 pm
city skyline now, never mind that the city has a reputation for noise. he says he thinks new york will understand that he is not asking them to be quiet. he is asking the world to be quiet. i suppose with all art it is open to interpretation spencer, but you spent a number of years in the city. it is loud. well, it can be but you know i got used to it and never thought much about it after just a short time there, but you're right. it's a matter of interpretation. the art is people will be talking about this for a long time. what's the real meaning of it? you know? i it's kind of neat, you know all good art should be provocative and it should be thought-provoking and that's what this is dion. do you know if they make a desk sized version of that so i would maybe buy several of them points. oh, at least it's equal opportunity that you're gearing this insult toward me and spencer. thank you. oh, he he's an equal opportunity. it's everybody. yeah. i may have to buy 30 40 of them. actually. i don't know how you guys work
4:46 pm
with this guy. that's it for the ford 4. we'll be back more on the
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
helps san francisco's homeless families and individuals transition into permanent housing got a big boost this morning. i had the honor of seeing the agency's home sweet home event today, which raised $250,000 about 200 people heard from civic leaders and enjoyed a dim sum breakfast at the harbor view restaurant on the embarcadero
4:49 pm
the welcome home project provides about 2,000 homeless people with household items like cookware and small appliances each year a big. thank you to everyone for having me out. yeah and fantastic that you could take part crews with oakland's drainage division. we're working hard to clear debris from a clogged storm. this afternoon. this is at seventh and jackson in downtown oakland the flood water there blocked off the entrance to northbound 880 causing a backup for people who were trying to get on the freeway and we may see a lot of this sort of thing through the weekend dion. yeah, and on the way to this event chef martin yan was coming from the peninsula. he encountered like four accidents on the roadways spencer. so a lot of people running into those traffic troubles as well urge everyone to exercise caution in the roadways this weekend, especially sunday and monday because that's big storm is coming. let me give you a look at overnight conditions. we'll see increasing clouds with low temperatures mainly in the low 50s some of the inland valley locations will see lowe's dropping into the 40s. tomorrow cloudy for most of the day, but rain will develop late
4:50 pm
in the day light rain and showers up in the north bay first and then spreading into the evening hours. we'll see rain becoming more widespread and more intense. now tomorrow's rainfall is relatively light. so it ranks only one on the abc 7 storm impact scale mainly afternoon evening breezy becoming gusty late at night, but the second storm the one coming out overnight tomorrow night into sunday is the big one ranks three on the impact scale. it'll produce heavy rainfall gusty wind localized flooding. be some debris flows in the burnt scar areas. here's the forecast animation showing the light rain early tomorrow, but the heavier rain tomorrow night and sunday continuing into monday and through much of the day on monday. so we've got quite an intense storm coming our way. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast and you can see it's going to be ready sunday and monday and windy tapering off on tuesday to just light scattered showers and finally late next week. we'll get some sunnier skies dryer conditions and milder weather larry and dion. all right spencer. thanks. when we come back the new exhibit at san francisco's
4:51 pm
deyoung museum
4:52 pm
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at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner with access to financial advice, tools and a personalized plan that helps you build a future for those you love. vanguard. become an owner. coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8 o'clock. it's shark tank followed by 2020 at 9 then of course don't miss abc 7 news at 11. exhibit at the san francisco de young museum is a joyous. look at one of the world's most important african-american fashion designers examining issues oe, and sia ju is key to building a better bay area and as abc 7 morning news anchor anchor
4:54 pm
kumasi aaron discovered patrick kelly had almost as many intriguing layers as his designs. we should warn you though. some may find some of the racial images. you're about to see disturbing. the first being run the way of love strolling through the patrick kelly runway of love that submission at the deyoung museum might be the closest feeling to walking down fashion runway yourself. with videos from vintage shows providing the beat and exotic colorful gowns flowing all around you. it's a feeling of inclusion. that friends say came straight from kelly's heart. my favorite part is what i walked around this corner and then you see this runway and you're like, oh my gosh, i really like took my breath away and i know that was probably intentional part of our work was speaking to his friends and they always came back to how much joy was in him as a person how much joy was in the clothing how he wanted his clothes to make you smile and by the 1980s kelly had become a sensation in american
4:55 pm
and european fashion circles the first american and first black designer inducted into france's prestigious fashion federation, but while rise was meteoric presenting curator. laura. kamerlingo says it was anything but smooth patrick overcame tremendous obstacles to become the toast of paris before the age of 35 being born and raised in vicksburg, mississippi in the 1950s and 60s in a segregated environment in an environment where he experienced brutal acts of racism and those early experiences are literally woven into his work sparked in part by a gift his former. nerve bjorn amalon picked up in a paris flea market a porcelain ashtray formed in the image of a black person's face. i gave it to him and patrick had the generosity of spirit and the vision instead of reading me the right act. or even explaining to me these pieces meant. he said to me we will start
4:56 pm
collecting these kelly not only collected the racially charged items. he began turning them into a statement working them into his clothing and jewelry. his attitude was to say that by talking such artifacts away refusing to see them we maintain their power. over us for patrick. there was a power in collecting this material resting with the imagery and sort of throwing it back to the public in his fashion designs and at his height kelly's fashion spoke to the gay community and communities of color the traditional fashion world and wider public all at once but like some of his swirling fabrics patrick kelly's own times, but soon envelop him. we received the diagnosed this bozo both of us in the summer of 87 that were hiv positive he says the couple initially kept their diagnosis a secret because
4:57 pm
of business consideration. it wasn't until sometime after kelly's death in 1990 that the public began to absorb the struggle amalon survived with treatment and has had decades to watch kelly stature continued to build. so what do you think patrick would think if you walked in and saw this oh, i think it would be very happy. i think it would be like a big smile and a thumbs up look away from just i hope people walk away from the exhibition feeling inspired feeling joy and feeling like they know patrick kelly on. intimate level in san francisco kumasi aaron abc 7 news what a statement now, don't forget you can always get live newscasts breaking news weather and much more with our abc 7 bay area app on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku. all you have to do is search abc 7 bay area to download it for free. and that's it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4.
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ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. cleanup is underway across the bay area after a wet start to the day right now. we're getting a break from the rain, but the strongest system is yet to come and crews are working feverishly to get ready for it. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm amidate and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. thanks for tuning in heav. downpours this morning created a mess on the roads as well as some localized flooding due to clog drains like this scene in oakland today at jackson and sixth streets by the 880 on-ramp and right now live doppler 7 shows a break from the red wet wet weather but more rain. on the way abc 7 spencer christian is here now with what you can expect for the weekend forecast spencer. okay. i'm the current break won't last very long tomorrow. we'll most of t


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