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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 22, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. cleanup is underway across the bay area after a wet start to the day right now. we're getting a break from the rain, but the strongest system is yet to come and crews are working feverishly to get ready for it. good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm amidate and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. thanks for tuning in heav. downpours this morning created a mess on the roads as well as some localized flooding due to clog drains like this scene in oakland today at jackson and sixth streets by the 880 on-ramp and right now live doppler 7 shows a break from the red wet wet weather but more rain. on the way abc 7 spencer christian is here now with what you can expect for the weekend forecast spencer. okay. i'm the current break won't last
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very long tomorrow. we'll most of the day but later in the day, we have a level one storm coming in a storm of light intensity producing periods of light rain and showers mainly in the afternoon evening. then the winds will kick up a little bit and a more intense storm a level three. comes in tomorrow night into sunday all day sunday into monday this storm may produce localized flooding could produce debris flows in the burn scar areas. here's a little forecast animation started tomorrow morning 6 o'clock. you can see the light rain earlier in the day and into the afternoon, but then late tomorrow night in comes the stronger storm and it is going to produce a drenching all across the bay area with strong gusty winds that might even grow blood out some trees and power lines and that'll continue into monday rainfall totals from that big storm. we're projecting will range anywhere. them two and a half inches to maybe six or seven inches in the wettest north bay locations. i'll give you a closer. look at this and the 7. us a little bit later dan, okay spencer. thank you saturated soil gave way in a tree crashed out onto a pickup truck sadly killing the driver in santa cruz county.
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it happened this afternoon the same area evacuated last year due to the czu complex fire part of east zayanti road between redwood and graham hill road is expected to be closed at least until 8:30 tonight after a power pole fell the chp says expects to see more trees come down because of all this rain that trag, accident in santa cruz county is just the kind of thing emergency officials in the north bay are concerned about with sunday's heavy rain santa rosa residents in the skyhawk neighborhood are worried about the risk posed by the burn scarred hillsides for the glass fire swept through in 2020. cal fires monitoring that location and other fire damage areas. where a lot of rain could cause debris flows the city of santa rosa and sonoma county are lining at-risk hillside with straw waddles to prevent erosion. pg&e says it will be all. hands on deck to fix power outages that may happen because of rain folks in some places are starting to get really frustrated with how often the power has been going out and abc 7 news rep.
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and curry is live in hayward tonight with more on that, right? good evening. this street in hayward has seen power go out all throughout the week multiple times and businesses say it's affecting how they operate and i spoke with one business who says they're worried if it keeps on renting the power will just keep going out. just a little surprising that you know a small amount of rain could knock the power out of you know an entire block of businesses if kristen toth could use one word to describe this week. she would choose frustrating. i really feel like something needs to be done. to make sure that you know small businesses that are protected from nonsense like drizzles of rain knocking our power out multiple times this week her business kingdom fitness has lost power the strange part. the fitness equipment store is in just a small area of hayward that deal with outages all week long. she says they have had to find different ways to serve their customers. we definitely lost customers we had customers according to pg&e
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the power outages this week came as a result of dirt on power. with heavy rain expected this week. pg&e says crews will be working 24/7 to quickly address areas where power goes out this is a major storm and we're going to be working around the clock. all customers are restored safely and as quickly as possible, their facility in fremont is full of backup. meant they say will be transported to areas potentially impacted by the storm when we need equipment to make repairs and restore customers. all of that equipment is right here at hand in the bay area, but toth says it's still strange a small amount of rain would lead to a power outage. every stoplight was on i went to starbucks power was working fine. just a few blocks away from here and then i came down this street and then the power was out. so it really didn't make sense to me that it was just isolated to one specific. yeah, she hopes the worst is over, but with more rain on the way, they told me they are preparing for the worst if the power is out, we're gonna have to just manually do things old
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school and just work around it and hope that our customers can be patient. and keen to fitness told me the most frustrating part of this is the way the power has been going out. they say it's been pretty spotty. sometimes it would go it would be in and sometimes the power would go out there, of course word if the rank keeps on coming the power will just go out again and that's frustrating for a small business. they don't want to be jumping over anymore hurdles live in hayward ryan curry abc 7 news according to get a tough time with the pandemic and now this ryan thank you for the very latest on the storm throughout the just stay with abc 7. can track the rain yourself on live doppler 7 just go to the abc 7 bay area streaming app. it's available on roku amazon fire android and apple tv pfizer says it's covid-19 vaccine is safe in nearly 91% effective at preventing symptomatic infections in kids ages 5 to 11. that's according to a study release today fda advisors are expected to vote tuesday on whether to authorize emergency use for that age group if they approve it shots could begin in
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early november which would mean the first at their shots would be fully protected by christmas and the cdc has now recommended booster shots for all three covid vaccines an abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains who is eligible and who health officials strongly recommend get a booster. regardless of which covid-19 vaccine you received the cdc is now recommending boosters for all three manufacturers johnson & johnson pfizer and moderna the cdc has also green lighted a mix-and-match booster approach meaning the booster you receive doesn't have to match the manufacturer of the one you previously received. people have many questions about boosters, which is why santa clara county's health officer and covid-19 vaccine officer explained booster recommendations. day breaking it down by whose eligible by manufacturer if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine at least two months ago. anyone 18 and older is eligible if you got pfizer or moderna at
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least six months ago, anyone 65 years and older is eligible anyone 18 years and older with an underlying medical condition is eligible and anyone 18 years and older who lives or works in a high risk setting is eligible. this may include anything from people who work in the grocery store to people who work. healthcare settings people who have diabetes people have mental health issues people who are overweight. all of those conditions are included. so that's who can get the booster. but who is santa clara county strongly recommending gets the booster anyone who received the majora and pfizer vaccine at least six months ago and his age 65 and older anyone 50 and older if they have an underlying medical condition an 18 and older if they are living in a long-term care facility. there is no recommendation for those. 12 to 17 to get a booster santa clara county health officials say appointments and vaccine inventory are available they also mention that the madrona booster was approved as a half dose they're encouraging nearly
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180,000 people in the county have not been vaccinated to get their first dose. those people are going to be at the highest risk for infection and bringing more potential risk to others in the communities health officials also reminded residents to get a flu shot melanie woodrow abc 7 news new at five. it's one of the latest. incidents highlighting the issue of car break-ins in san francisco this time the victims were a newlywed couple visiting from new york abc 7 news reporter stephanie sierra talked to the husband who says a lot more than just his savings. definitely a lot of money last year thousands of dollars of equipment gone, but the real heartbreak for this couple was it just about the money and insurance costs, but the memories of their honeymoon, they'll never get back. less than 24 hours into jeff and nicole modlocks work trip to san francisco. the newlyweds didn't expect to be returning their rental car like this when i drew drove my rental car and they're like, let me guess fisherman's wharf i'm like that's the fact that you
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can just guess that. blows my mind their blue rav4 smashed blocks from arcadio studios in fisherman's wharf wednesday when i parked i took my bag and i like stuffed it under the seat. because i thought as long as it's not showing it's not gonna be seen. and it wasn't showing but i i inside the building for five minutes. that was more than enough time for thieves to smash both back windows stealing his bag that had several hard drives and sd cards. with a year and a half worth of footage including the only copy of their honeymoon photos a really special moment. we're never gonna have again because our honeymoons once in in a lifetime type of thing. we're not gonna be able to get back back turns out this was the second. i'm in two weeks matlock's company had a rental car broken. to in san francisco on monday london breed announced the city will hand out cash rewards up to $100,000 for any information leading to the arresting conviction of car burglers.
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we're here to target target everyone involved in these. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue but modlock isn't convinced some extra cash will get things to change. his company is pulling the plug on any future trips. this is the last work trip. we're doing the san francisco for a while because it's just not it's not worth it over the past six. is the new york natives only had their car broken into once in the big apple now they're going home with their hearts empty. we don't get to have like those memories that show our kids and grandkids one day and it's just really sad. now jeff and nicole did file a police report, but haven't heard back from sfpd and things couldn't get worse. next day the monlock smith family at another hotel in the city and as jeff's sister was trying to find parking they say they saw two cars actively being broken into all four windows of these two cars smashed across the street.
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so certainly the worst feeling that pit in make as you're walking back, and that was certainly the reality for them. yeah, gosh, that is rough. all right. thank you so much stephanie and attempted robbery turned deadly tonight the latest on the condition of the former oakland police captain involved and whether the deadly shooting of one of the suspects was justified plus another juror in the fraud case against founder elizabeth holmes was excused today abc 7 news at 5 w the x-rays from your urgent care visit look good. just stay off that leg, okay? what about my rec team? i'm all they got. next season. thanks doc. wow, he already scheduled my pt. i love doctors who work with athletes. does he know you tripped over a basketball?
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unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. captain is fighting for his life after being shot during an attempted robbery yesterday afternoon. now this happened as we've reported at a chevron station on castro street while the retired captain was pumping gas now one of the suspects was killed abc 7 news reporter leslie. brinkley has the latest retired oakland police captain. ursi joyner the man you see pumping gas was shot six times at this busy chevron station as
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three suspects in hoodies attempted to rob him join her who was allowed to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer shot at at least one of the suspects. who died? i think he was entirely justified in shooting the suspects. you know, he felt that his life was in jeopardy rick smith is a former fbi and private investigator who was stunned by the surveillance video. i just think that the situation over in oakland is horrible getting worse every day and and that's a video example of how bad it is. there is an increased weight of fear and terror and a lack of peace oakland city councilmember treva. reed was em. all as she talked about joyner a family friend who dedicated his career even in retirement to reducing gun violence only to end up a victim of it. i have heard certainly that his condition is critical and yet stable what disturbed her was how this robbery took place at 1pm on busy castro street.
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so if we can't go during the day to places that we felt were safe places to to get gas to pick up groc. go sit in the park to walk down the street. where can our community feel safe and so that is what we have to dress as we're looking at how do we really come up with strategies and solutions that address the deep root causes this year oakland has invested 17 million dollars in creating a department of violence prevention. there are still many questions about the encounter at the chevron station on thursday was joiner randomly held up or was he targeted for being an ex police officer or because he has business ties to the cannabis industry. early in investigation we're looking at every motive everything that might have led to this particular incident police are searching for the black sedan used in the robbery and so far there have been no arrests in the east bay. i'm leslie brinkley abc 7 news. a third juror has been dismissed
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in six weeks in elizabeth holmes's theranos trial the judge in san jose dismissed the juror without explanation. to other jurors were like go based on religious and financial reasons a scientists took the stand today disputing claims by theranos that pfizer validated the blood testing technology elizabeth holmes faces up to 20 years in prison accused of bilking investors out of millions and making fal. names about theranos. it's new technology for car manufacturers that could save the lives of children after the break. we'll tell you about the reminders for parents that could soon be widely
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it's a surprising and sad statistic on average. it's estimated 38 children die in hot cars each year children aren't able to efficiently regulate their own body temperature and their bodies can heat up three. times faster than an adults simply put it's never safe to leave a child unattended in a vehicle. if it doesn't feel particularly warm, you're parked in the shade or you've cracked a window and soon new technology could remind parents if they leave behind a child or a pet in the car. to our regulators cleared the way for car manufacturers to install highly sensitive in-car radar systems that can monitor for children left in the car and alert the driver to take action more than just providing parents with the reminder to check the back seat. this new technology could actually detect an occupant. some cars were already equipped with systems that can remind drivers to check the back seat, but those systems don't account for every scenario which is why
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it's important for parents to always remember to check the back seat. even if your child is not with you. you should create a habit of putting a personal item in the back seat like your laptop or your phone this forces you to visit the back seat after every trip. can also help to put one of your child's items in the front seat like their backpack or jacket said i'm an agreement with daycares or preschools to give you a call if your child doesn't arrive on a day when they're expected and if you see a child in a locked car call 911 to get them out immediately. these tragedies can happen to kids who get into cars on their own. so even if you don't have children, it's important to always keep your vehicles locked and keys out of reach. it just makes sense dan. i'm yeah, absolutely. thank you michael. all right. we are on storm watch right now. we're getting a nice break from the rain. this is a live look outside and at those blue skies and puffy clouds and earlier today. there was even a rainbow spot in
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near the golden gate bridge. those are always nice to see but don't put away your umbrellas just for details on the next round of rain. we want to head over to abc 7 weather anchor spencer christian with the forecast spencer dan before i get to the rain here. there may be some people wanting to get out of town. to the travel forecast first and get that out of the way at our local barry airport tomorrow. it's going to be cloudy most of the day with rain developing later in the day brisk of breezes high temperatures in the mid-60s if you're going to honolulu, you'll find mostly sunny skies at hive 76 new york. mostly cloudy with a higher 62 sunny in chicago 55 degrees will be the high in los angeles. warm spot 70 degrees under mainly sunny skies now, let's talk about our skies, which are becoming increasingly cloudy as you look westward from emeryville right now. it's currently 60 degrees in san francisco. we have mid to upper 60s at oakland mountain view, san jose. hill and 57 at half moon bay. here's the view of the golden gate where it's getting cloudier and cloudy or just a little sliver of blue sky off in the distance there. i■t's 61 right now and santa roa we have mid 60s at novato napa
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fairfield conquered in livermore relatively uniform range of temperatures right now and getting cloudier in this view from the east bay hills camera. these are our forecast features light rain and showers will develop late tomorrow, then we get a stronger storm coming in overnight into sunday and it'll still be rainy and windy. at least at the start of the day on monday. i'm skipping right over the level. ranking for tomorrow's storm because that won't mount too much. it's the bigger storm on sunday and monday that's really of concern right now. it ranks three on the abc 7 storm impact scale a strong a strong storm producing heavy. rainfall gusty wind localized flooding is likely and there could be debris flows, especially in those burn scar areas. here's the forecast animation starting at six o'clock tomorrow morning notice cloudy early light rain later in the day by tomorrow night. we'll see more widespread light rain and showers then they have a storm just sent to the bay area early sunday morning, and it's going to be raining and windy and wet all day sunday into sunday night. in fact, the storm won't taper off until monday is going to
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leave quite a bit of rainfall behind where estimating rainfall totals who aging from about two and a half inches at the areas not so hard hit so six or seven inches of rain in parts of the north bay, which will be the hardest hit area from this storm and over in this era. it's going to be snowy with a storm likely to produce for eight inches to 48 inches of snow in the elevations there above 6000 feet high temperatures tomorrow only in the mid 60s. here's the accuweather. 7 day forecast that's drawing weather on sunday continuing into monday tapering off to just scattered showers on tuesday then later next week. we get sunny or skies and milder weather, but there's gonna be some stormy weather before that and no kidding. all right. thanks spencer very much well as crab season approaches in san francisco people visiting fisherman's wharf may soon be able to purchase live whole dungeness crabs directly from the boat selling them it all depends on if the port of san francisco approves the proposal that would allow commercial fishing boats to to sell to customers directly the plan. presented to the port commission on tuesday and will be voted on
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two weeks later if approved fishing boats will be able to start selling their live catch immediately. all right. well, don't let the rain dampen your weekend plans because there's everything from a benefit walk to a free concert even the alameda county fair is on so after the break we're to tell you about several family fun events taking place across the bay area t the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. whether it's work work. works for me. school work it worked! or a workout. oh i'm working... they've got xfinity, which delivers wifi faster than a gig for all their devices.
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newscasts breaking news weather live doppler 7 and more with our new abc 7 bay area app on apple tv android tv fire tv and roku just search abc 7 bay area and told finally tonight. don't let the rain deter you from taking part in all the fun events this weekend. yes so much going on sky seven was overhead just a couple of hours ago when the gates opened for the alameda county fair, which is always great fun. it's one of the safe family friendly things going on this. weekend abc 7 news anchorage urbina fortson has more the alameda county fair kicks off friday under the theme come together as organizers celebrate the revival of the fair after. series of covid-19 related closures concerts are back at 8pm nightly fair favorites like the carnival and pig races will be returning and so will all of that fried greasy cheesy, but oh
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so delicious food. the fair is operating under state and county safety protocols, and we'll have sanitizing stations and touchless payment options on hand. join abc 7 meteorologist mike nicco at the walk to and alzheimer's at bishop branch in san ramon, or you can walk on your own at home. this is video from the walk a few years ago in san francisco, but every walk to an alzheimer's is full of flowers each carried by someone committed to ending the disease. the event is raising awareness and funds for a breakthrough and the fight against alzheimer's and all other forms of dementia. how about winding down your weekend with some beethoven the san francisco civic music association is presenting its first free concert of the 2021 2022 season at the hertz theater this sunday. enjoy. jobina fortson abc 7 news jam-packed weekend. yeah. all right world news talk with david muir's next. we appreciate your time, and i'm
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a dates for spencer christian and all of us here. thank you so much for joining us. we'll see you again at 6.
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tonight, the stunning deadly shooting on a movie set now under investigation. actor alec baldwin's first comments about the tragedy. baldwin firing a prop gun during filming in santa fe. describing his shock and sadness over accidentally killing director of photography halyna hutchins, and wounding the director. the gun supposed to be loaded with blanks. questions now about safety protocols. crew members walking off the set. and at least two accidental discharges in the last week. and we're now hearing the 911 calls for help, moments after the shooting. kaylee hartung is in santa fe. major news tonight about covid vaccines and children. data showing pfizer's vaccine nearly 91% effective against symptomatic illness in children 5 to 11.
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fda advisers meeting next week to consider authorization.


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