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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 22, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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rank only one in the storm impact scale. it'll start to become more widespread during the evening hours and then in comes that strong storm which will be with us overnight tomorrow night through the day on sunday and as you can see from those vivid colors of orange and red, we're going to have areas widespread areas of heavy downpours strong gusty winds there's a possibility of downed trees and power lines and that storm won't wind down until monday rainfall potential for that big storm will range anywhere from about two and a half inches of rain in those areas not hard hit to six or seven inches of rain in parts of the a maybe in parts of the santa cruz mountains. it's going to be quite don't have more details and the 7-day forecast a little later. yeah. all right spencer. thanks very much. well our storm watch continues with communities across the bay area getting ready for potential flooding and mudslides a work that is especially critical in areas scorched by wildfires abc 7 news reporter cornell. barnard is in the north bay where preparations cornell are well underway.
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you're right to end neighbors here in santa rosa getting ready for six inches of rain or more sunday and monday firefighters have real concerns about neighborhoods like skyhawk, which is near burnscar areas. they're concerned about mudslides and debris flows here. this area right here potentially could be an area to watch tack kaputzka is watching the weather. he's concerned a forecasted atmospheric river could spell trouble for his skyhawk neighborhood in santa rosa. i definitely think it's serious. i'm not worried about water flooding in, you know into the waters, but i do worry about mudslides or stuff. down off the mountains attack lives near the burnsgard hillsides where the glass fire marched through in 2020. cal fire says these burn zones are now at potential risk with a large quantity of rain. we have potential for debris flows in our fire damage areas such as the wall bridge and the
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glass fire and which are being monitored cal fire points to the absolute. worst case scenario a mudslide in montecito in 2018, which killed two dozen people. near a recent wildfire burn zone in santa barbara county the santa rosa fire department tweeting community alerts about the flash flood watch for burn scar areas this weekend. weekend the city and county now arming at risk hillside with these straw waddles simple and effective tools to prevent erosion. we found neighbor david phil preparing for. storm he just installed these wattles next to a storm drain in front of his house. we learned from the fires that any runoff from this of the soil that can go into the creek, which this all runs into the creek. we need to put down bottles to prevent that. now these wattles have been
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installed on the foundation of this home, which burned in the glass fire. a lot of neighbors are hoping that vegetation growth over the past year up in the hills will stop any runoff come this weekend. we certainly hope so we're live in santa rosa tonight cornell barnard abc 7 news right cornell thank you and our live team storm watch coverage continues now in the east bay with a focus on another issue wet weather brings power outages abc 7 news reporter ryan. is in hayward and ryan pg&e says it will be all hands on deck during the storm. all hands on deck indeed especially for certain parts of the bay area like this street in hayward or power has been going out multiple times. just this week one business told me it's affecting how they operate and they're worried with the heaviest rain on the way. the power is just going to go out again. just a little surprising that you know a small amount of rain could knock the power out of you know an entire block of businesses if kristen toth could use one word to describe this
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week. she would choose frustrating. i really feel like something needs to be done in order to make sure that you know small businesses are protected from nonsense like drizzles of rain knocking our power out multiple times this week her business king. fitness has lost power the strange part. the fitness equipment store is in just a small area of hayward that deal with outages all week long. she says they have had to find different ways to serve their customers. we definitely lost customers. we had customers who just didn't want to wait and who according to pg&e the power outages this week came as a result of dirt on power lines with heavy rain expected this week. pg&e says crews will be working 24/7 to quickly address areas where power goes out. this is a major storm and we're going to be working around the clock until all customers are restored safely and as quickly as possible their facility in fremont is full of backup equipment. they say will be transported to areas potentially impacted by the storm when we need equipment to make repairs and restore first all of that equipment is
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right here at hand in the bay area, but toth says it's still strange a small amount of rain would lead to a power outage every stoplight was on i went to starbucks power was working fine. just a few blocks away from here and then i came down this street and and the power was out so it really didn't make sense to me that it was just isolated to one specific area. she hopes the worst is over, but with more rain on the way, they told me they are preparing for the worst if power is out. we're gonna have to just manually do things old school and just work around it and hope that our our customers can be patient. and the most frustrating part is how spotty it's been this week with the power outages. they would say they would have some moments where they would have. than others it would just go out again. and of course, they're very frustrated with having just to overcome so many hurdles just to keep their doors open. so they're worried for out next few days live in hayward ryan curry abc 7 news. alright ryan. thank you. now if you haven't already now is a good time to download our
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streaming apps on roku fire stick or apple tv on sunday abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma will be in studio all day long giving you live updates on the storm rainfall totals and where the is headed next join him. live on our connected tv apps or ask him a question on facebook or youtube if your car hasn't been broken into odds are you know someone who's experienced that two of the latest victims of car break-in are some newlyweds who were visiting from new york abc 7 news reporter stephanie. sierra is in the newsroom. she talked to them today and they say they've lost much more than things stephanie. that's right. i'm a thousands of dollars in equipment gone, but the real heartbreak for this couple wasn't just about the be an insurance costs but memories of their honeymoon. they'll never get back. less than 24 hours into jeff and nicole modlocks work trip to san francisco. the newlyweds didn't expect to be returning their rental car like this. i drew drove my rental car and they're like, let me guess fisherman's wharf i'm like
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that's the fact that you can just guess that. lows my mind their blue rav4 smashed blocks from arcadio studios in fisherman's wharf wednesday when i parked i took my bag and i like stuffed it under the seat. because i thought as long as it's not showing it's not gonna be seen. and it wasn't showing but iut it inside the building for five minutes. that was more than enough time for thieves to smash both back windows stealing his bag that had several hard drives and sd cards with a year and a half worth of footage including the only copy of their honeymoon photos really special moment. we're never gonna have again because our honeymoon's once in a lifetime type of thing. we're not going to be able to get back turns out this was the second time in two weeks matlock's company had a rental car broken into in san francisco on monday. london breed announced the city will hand out cash rewards up to $100,000 for any information leading to the arresting
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conviction of car burglers. we're here to target everyone involved in these crimes. because we have to get to the root of what is causing the issue but modlock isn't convinced some extra cash will get things to change. his company is pulling the plug on any future trips. this is the last workshop. we're doing the san francisco for a while because it's just not it's not worth it over the past six years the new york natives only had their car broken into once in the big apple now they're going home with their hearts empty. we don't get to have like those memories the shower kids and grandkids one day. it's just really sad. is sad and jeff and nicole did file a police report by the way, but have not heard back from police and if they couldn't be worried enough the next day the monologues met family at another hotel in the city. and as jeff's sister was trying to find parking they say they saw two other cars actively being broken into directly across the street from where
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they were all four windows mass. certainly a gut-wrenching feeling after what they went through. definitely. all right, stephanie. thank you. god wrenching and infuriating. well part of abc 7's commitment to building a better bay area focuses on health as part of what we're taking a look at the latest recommendation for covid booster shots abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow explains who is eligible and who is strongly recommended to get a booster? regardless of which covid-19 vaccine you received the cdc is now recommending boosters for all three manufacturers johnson & johnson pfizer and moderna the cdc has also green lighted a mix-and-match booster approach meaning the booster you receive doesn't have to match the manufacture of the one you previously received. people have many questions about boosters, which is why santa clara county's health officer. covid-19 vaccine officer explained booster recommendations today breaking it down by whose eligible by manufacturer if you got the johnson & johnson vaccine at
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least two months ago, anyone 18 and older is eligible if you got fiser or moderna at least six months ago anyone 65 years and older is eligible anyone 18 years and older with an underlying medical condition is eligible and anyone 18 years and older who lives or works in a high risk setting is eligible. this may include anything. people who work in the grocery store to people who work in healthcare settings people who have diabetes people who have mental health issues people who are overweight. all of those conditions are included. so that's who can get the booster. but who is santa clara county strongly recommending gets the booster anyone who received the majora and fiser vaccine at least six months ago and his age 65 and older anyone 50 and older. if they have an underlying medical condition and 18 and older if they are living in a long-term care facility, there is no recommendation for those aged. to 17 to get a booster santa clara county health officials say appointments and vaccine
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inventory are available. they also mention that the madrona booster was approved as a half dose. they're encouraging nearly 180,000 people in the county who have not been vaccinated to get their first dose. those people are going to be at the risk for infection and bringing more potential risk to others in the communities health officials also reminded residents to get a flu shot melanie woodrow abc 7 news. vaccine team your questions just go to abc 7 news com slash vaccine and click on that big blue box question of safety a retired oakland police captain is recovering in the hospital tonight after being shot by a group of robbers. it's a crime that is particularly concerning for city leaders. san francisco's anchor steam is getting some celebrity attention. but not for a new beer release the company has brewed up a better way to use water some words of advice for dog walkers following this rescue today a
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police captain is still in the hospital after he was shot six times during a robbery attempt at a gas station. it happened yesterday at the busy chevron station at 17th and castro retired police captain. ursi joyner was pumping gas when three suspects attempted to rob him join her who is allowed to carry a concealed weapon as a retired officer shot and killed one of the suspects he was shot as i said six times as the suspects fled on scene off the scene joiner used to lead oakland's anti-violence diversion project ceasefire and one city council member is shocked at where and how robbery took place. so if we can't go during the day to places that we felt were safe places to to get gas to pick up
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groceries to go sit in the park to walk down the street where can our community feel safe. and so that is what we have to address as we're looking at. how do we really come up with strategies and solutions that address the deep root causes the city has invested 17 million dollars in creating a department of violence prevention police are searching for the black sedan used in the robbery and so far. there have been no arrests a person and their dog had to be rescued from a cliff at fort funston this afternoon. look at this in this video shot by sky 7. you can see the two of them. just hanging from the cliff as first responders worked to harness and haul them to safety fortunately neither the person nor the dog suffered any injuries san francisco fire department says this kind of rescue is not uncommon at fort funston and thankful. this one did not end in tragedy the department recommends dog walkers keep their pets on leash. they if your dog goes down a cliff call first responders do not go after the dog and put yourself and rescuers in danger
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really scary there today building a better bay area includes turning a focused lens on our climate and our environment and looking at solutions to protect and preserve our natural resources that we cherish managing. our water usage is an important part of that conversation. so when actor edward norton came to francisco today for the grand opening of anchor brewing companies water reuse project abc 7 news reporter lee and melendez wanted to learn more. this is not made with recycled water by the way, san francisco mayor london breed pointed out an important fact, none of the recycles water processed in these tanks will end up in the anchor beer. not a drop nada that recycled water will instead go to other practices use to make the beer bottle washings. clean in place of the tanks flushing floors a variety of any type of cleaning tasks can all be done with the process treated processed water. and a lot of our precious
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resource any used water will now be collected and reused on site at the brewery the largest commercial water reuse project in san francisco. cambrian is the company behind the new project it industry is the second largest user of water globally. and we can have a significant impact. said anchor brewery should be an example to other big companies residential use of water is not where the problem is. is in the massive waste in industrial use of water not a residential problem because the average san francisco uses about 42 gallons of water per day the average american according to the epa the environmental protection agency uses 82 gallons, which is one of the lowest anywhere we believe in
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conservation. anchor brewery is expected to recycle up to 20 million gallons of water a year in san francisco. lyanne melendez abc 7 news. due to the major storms moving through this weekend man at the mountain is planning to open two weeks early. this is a look at the powder today. from mammoth mountains main lodge webcam and a facebook post management says they're expecting feet of snow by early next week and have already had crews at work making snow opening day is now october 29th or seems i'm like it happened overnight, you know all the time flip to switch and here we are spencer. yeah, they won't have to make any more snow there in the next couple of days. the real stuff is coming the natural stuff. here's a look at our radar satellite image showing you that although conditions are calm here in the bay area. how you can see that atmospheric river we've been talking about with lots of storm activity moving in our direction and it'll be here soon enough right now though. we're just looking at increasingly cloudy skies in this view from emeryville. looking towards san francisco where it is 59 degrees right now we have low.
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at oakland mountain view, san jose and morgan hill 57 at half moon bay. here's a viewer at the golden gate where it's getting cloudier in the clouds are getting darker and lower looking northward is 59 degrees right now at santa rosa in about 60 to 62 degrees at novato napa fairfield conquered in livermore a fairly fairly uniform range of temperatures in the view from mount tam shows a variety of views of the sky. at high clouds middle-level clouds low clouds and little flashes of clearing along the way but that clearing won't be around very long. these are our forecast features light rain and showers will arrive late tomorrow then the strong storm arrives overnight into sunday continues through sunday into early monday, maybe even beyond early monday. it's going to be rainy and windy on sunday and monday monday so we've got quite a storm coming. way it ranks three a strong storm on the abc 7 storm impact scale. we can expect heavy rainfall periods of downpours gusty winds gusting over 30 35 miles per hour localized flooding is likely and debris flows in the burn scar areas are very likely
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as well. looking out for flash flooding in those areas. here's the forecast animation starting at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning at which point it'll be cloudy, but we expect it to be dry at that point but later in the day, we'll see areas of light rain and showers swinging through the bay area and then rna incomes that stronger storm and you can see with these vivid colors of orange and red where the heaviest downpours are likely to be a six o'clock sunday morning and that there's going to be a steady flow of heavy downpours through the day into the evening overnight and into early monday before the storm starts to wind down a bit rainfall potential from this storm ranges widely from about two and a half inches of rain in areas that are not quite so hard hit to six or seven inches of rain. places near santa rosa and calistoga in northern sonoma and napa county. so this is going to be a real soaker over in the sierra. we talked about snow winter storm watching the effect from 11pm sunday to 5 am tuesday above 5,000 feet above 6,000 feet. actually. we expect 8 to 48 inches of snow from this storm on the sierra and obviously travel conditions will be nearly impossible.
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overnight under cloudy skies low temperatures mainly in the low to mid-50s highest tomorrow as the rain approaches will range from about 60 at the coast to mainly mid-60s right around the bayshore line to upper 60s inland. it's unlikely anyone will 70 degrees tomorrow or the next couple days for that matter. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast level three storm on sunday on monday as the storm winds down. the storm itself won't be quite so intense, but the impact from what has led up to monday is enough that we're ranking it to on monday tapering off to a level one storm on tuesday, which a scattered showers brighter skies on wednesday and finally drying out and warming up at the end of next week. we will certainly welcome that by the time that arrives danny will welcome the rain. welcome to sun. yes. thank you spencer very much. first of its kind statue being unveiled in oakland this weekend. we get an exclusive preview of the black panther tribute from
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panther party founded right here in oakland will be honored with a bronze bust of the party's co-founder dr. huey p newton. you have a statue will mark the first permanent public art display in oakland to commemorate that movement. 87 news race and culture reporter julian glover has this exclusive look at how the bronze bust came to life. from vilified by the government to immortalized in bronze this is the evolution of the legacy of the revolutionary co-founder
6:25 pm
of the black panther party. huey p newton. i have created him to bring him home to west oakland. that's where we first caught up with. sculptor dana king in her studio as she brought the late leader to life in clay 32 years. for his death one scrape at a time. the reason he's looking out. is because he was a visionary he saw into the future. there's been so much misinformation. propaganda about the panthers te that's harmful before the black panther was a comic book hero making marvel hundreds of millions of dollars at the box office. the black panther party was founded in oakland in 1966 as the grassroots community movement in response to police brutality the problems of yesterday still rigging true today images of panthers. in guns for protection and shootouts with police would be the lasting legacy. not the free breakfast program that fed thousands of hungry oakland kids or the message of self-determination in the black
6:26 pm
community to win elected office in one's own neighborhood to make change king is hoping to rewrite that legacy through her art of the 55th anniversary of the party's founding pictures of newton lined or studio as she captures every tiny detail down to his iconic afro many people have been here and and put eyes on him. a man who cut his hair panthers who talked to me about the history that they were part of none more critical than huey's widow fridge rica newton. she's come into my studio and it's been so helpful because she puts her hands on him. and she remembers. what is jawline felt like through the two-year process of creating this public art display? so ordistan activist developed a special bond, i couldn't have done this. he wouldn't be. about four nights straight thinking this is not going to
6:27 pm
work. there was something missing in his eyes and today seeing it cast in bronze for the first time and that she got all of the dimensions of this man is blowing my mind right now dana nailed it dana nailed. it king invited us along to the foundry where the bust of newton was cast. bronze on sunday the bust of oakland's native sun will be unveiled at the intersection now bearing his name dr. huey p newton way and mandela parkway. huey really really loved oakland? but this intersection is about the source of light and darkness for frederica. that's a street that i've i'm i never frequented. it was the last day that i saw him. until that night on the news newton was shot and killed there in l bottom neighborhood in 1989 yearshearty was dsolved just a super traumatically painful place for
6:28 pm
me to revisit has now become a place for healing and strength and community. so out of that darkness grown this beautiful place of sanctuary this will be a place for generations to come to learn about the history of the black panther party. yeah, what does that mean to you that people will know this true history that there were men and women who were unlike themselves that just had the courage to their convictions that saw something that needed to be done in their community and they did it. he may be finished. the story will live. and that's a beauty and bronze bronze can last forever and so every generation that sees that peace. tells the story and the story lives on julian glover abc 7 news. tragedy on a movie set alec bald shoots two crew members with a prop gun one of them. the investigation now into what went wrong and the great
6:29 pm
resignation 7 on your side's michael finney digs into why millions of people are quitting their jobs and how
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. new details revealed tonight about the investigation after police say actor alec baldwin fired a prop gun and killed a cinematographer a bay area director was also hit and injured the la times reports. he is out of the hospital tonight. the three we're working on a set in new mexico shooting the movie rust the associated press today reviewed search warrant records filed in a santa fe court and they say baldwin was handed a loaded weapon by an assistant director who indicated that it was safe to use. the assistant director did not know the prop gun was loaded with live rounds investigators collected the gun and other items from the set of courses evidence, but the details of how and why gun was loaded with live rounds very unclear at this moment abc news reporter morgan norwood has more on the investigation and the victims. an urgent and puzzling
6:33 pm
investigation into why a shot from a prop gun that police say was fired by actor alec baldwin killed one crew member and injured another on the set of the western inspired film rust 19 about revision. he's supposed to check the donkey's responsible for now mimi. no, no 42 year old director of photography helena hutchins seen in this instagram picture posted from the set just days ago died from her injuries. heralded as a rising star behind the camera hutchins in this post showing her excitement for being a part of the production. she was the kind of filmmaker who would stand in any uncomfortable place with her camera to get a shot that she taught would be the right. shy the other shooting victim 48 year old director, joe souza reportedly released from emergency care alec baldwin tweeting friday. there are no words to convey my shock and sadness regarding the trag. accident that took the life of felina hutchins a wife mother and deeply admire colleague of
6:34 pm
ours baldwin going on to say he's fully cooperating with authorities as they address how bit there is a system of checks and balances before any actor is touching a prop gun and that usually includes a prop master bringing the prop over to set then an ad checking the prop gun, and then it goes to the actor the district attorney reviewing the incident releasing a statement saying we don't know if charges will be filed. we will look into all the facts and evidence of the case with great discretion in alec baldwin said in a second tw earlier today that he is in touch with helena hutchins husband offering his support to her. family morgan norwood abc news, los angeles members of the prop community say not only are they devastated by this tragedy, but they also have more questions than answers reporter jessica dinova with our sister station in los. journalist has the story. the film industry is mourning the tragic death of
6:35 pm
cinematographer. helena hutchins who many say was well on her way to becoming a star director of photography. i caught our whole industry off guard the whole prompt community. it's tragic. it's horrible carl weston is the vice president of the weapons department at independent studio services the la-based prop house supplies firearms and weapons to film and television around the globe. wester says this moment in new mexico the side of the western rust was preventable. accordingcordingcordingcordingcg representing hutchins a single round was accidentally fired on set by the principal actor hitting both the director of photography local 600 member helena hutchins and director joel salsa. salsa was released from the hospital later that same day the person holding the prop alec baldwin was to explains the prop industry must follow strict guid. in hollywood, that's 44 safety bulletins and usually the
6:36 pm
property master or someone designated by the production oversees this there's procedures such as the standoff distance when using blank ammunition such as you never point directly at somebody unless it's very controlled and certain certain ways. you know, you you're using equipment such as lexan shields or or furniture pad. or others safety equipment to make sure that something like this doesn't happen and and you never introduce any live ammunition onto a film set anywhere the details of what led to this tragedy are under investigation jessica de nova abc 7 news. community service officer at san jose's police department is accused of riding online posts promoting the shooting of police officers the suspect dennis chevenko of gilroy faces weapons charges. he has worked at the department for nine years and is not a police officer police chief anthony.
6:37 pm
as last week the fbi informed his department that shevchenko wrote disturbing and hateful post on a far-right extremist website detectives found a number of guns at his home and a gun inside his work locker this incident. fortunate and i am extremely disappointed. that an employee in our organization may have harbored. and spread these hateful messages. shevchenko is on paid administrative leave he is out of jail on bail. a third juror has been dismissed in six weeks in elizabeth holmes theranos. trial the judge in san jose dismissed the juror without explanation two other jurors were let go based on religious and financial reasons a scientist took the stand today disputing claims by a theranos that pfizer validated the blood testing technology of elizabeth holmes faces up to 20 years in prison accused of bilking investors out of millions and making false claims about theranos. taking a live look at live. seven spencer christian will be back with a final look at the
6:38 pm
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versus an aromatase inhibitor or fulvestrant alone. kisqali can cause lung problems, or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts that may result in severe infections. tell your doctor right away if you have new or worsening symptoms, including breathing problems, cough, chest pain, a change in your heartbeat, dizziness, yellowing of the skin or eyes, dark urine, tiredness, loss of appetite, abdomen pain, bleeding, bruising, fever, chills, or other symptoms of an infection, a severe or worsening rash, are or plan to become pregnant, or breastfeeding. avoid grapefruit during treatment. ask your doctor about living longer with kisqali. provocative question is today. good day to quit your job many
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americans are asking themselves. just that question and 7 on your side's michael. finney is here to tell us about the great resignation if statistics hold today, dan. okay, 130,000 americans quit their job today today. wow, just today mass resignations are common during good. economic times, we all know that but these numbers they're like none we have ever seen before. the great resignation there sure are a great many headlines about it plenty of reddit posts too on my facebook page. i asked if anyone had joined in on the big quit and found some people question. it's happening at all. so is it real alicia cohen is an executive career coach. she says you betcha. some people are actually calling them pandemic epiphanies and career is absolutely one place where people are having those epiphanies. a lot of epiphanies the us
6:42 pm
bureau of labor statistics says about 3% of workers. quit their jobs in august an all-time high since records have been kept that means more than four million workers have walked out the door and that's been going on for months now. cherry milam back is one of them. actually do consider myself a part of the rate great resignation. yes, jerry changed careers when he left the bay area for the sierra foothills. he is now an executive recruiter a guy who tries to make the great resignation work for others. he says workers are looking for two things the jobs in the skill sets that are out there. they're gonna want to hire pay and in a bay area now that i'm in the foothills, i'm seeing it come start coming this way, and i think that's the first the second is the the work life. allen going further into hybrid remote work. that is what most what if you are considering quitting your job.
6:43 pm
what skills and strengths not only do you have but that you want to keep using and really importantly what type of work environment and culture do you want to work in? so this is the time to rethink that alicia says job postings have changed along with the workplace now get to this you will often find a location for the job listed only as a place you must be able to get to within 24 hours meaning of course, you can work almost anywhere you want this country you can get there. playing on 24 hours. that's true. the pandemic is really changed a lot of thinking about work from home. yeah, interesting. thanks, michael here after a pandemic postponement. the alameda county fair is begonizers say they are ready even wit ♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. why hide your skin if dupixent
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it's officially alameda county fair has made a comeback after it was canceled last year, obviously because of the pandemic in past years the place during the summer, but this year crowds will have to brave the rain alameda county. fair says they're ready to make quick changes if the rain happens to affect all the festivities we are just monitoring and following all the weather that that's coming down the pipeline. there's a plan in place. should we need to pivot?
6:47 pm
today's sky 7 flew over the fairgrounds to check out the grand reopening the alameda county fair is open now through october 31st this year the fair is going to embrace everything fall with new attractions and activities. it will offer carnival rides a variety of food live concerts and a new halloween movie series on the concert lawn free with your fair admission. normally it is as we said in the summertime, but it'll be nice to see what it's like in the yeah and see what the weather is going to be like for it spencer. oh, we've got some non-festive weather coming our way back. fortunately won't last all week long. here's a look at what we expect tonight increase the clouds overnight low temperatures mainly in the low to mid 50s and tomorrow we're going to have areas of light to moderate rainfall developing later in the day high temperatures mainly in the mid 60s around the bay and inland so we'll get much warmer than that. then tomorrow night the big storm comes in others the rain tomorrow ranks only one on the abc 7 storm impact seal light rain showers mainly afternoon evening. it'll be breezy early becoming gusty later.
6:48 pm
then the big storm comes in one a strong storm ranking three on the abc 7 storm impact scale. it'll bring us heavy rain gusty winds localized flooding and perhaps ■evensomemud sliding and the burn scar areas. so here's a look at the forecast animation starting at 6. am tomorrow notice a light rain for much of the day and then tomorrow night overnight into sunday we get the heavy rain widespread heavy rain not just in the north bay, but across the entire region accompanied by strong gusty winds up to 30 35 miles per hour times and it'll take far off on monday, but they'll still be enough rainfall left in the storm on monday to perhaps cause some flooding problems. meanwhile over the sierra. we're going to get see some snow. it's going to be heavy snow at times with eight inches to 48 inches of snow over over the higher elevations there here. accuweather 7-day forecast finally late monday is the stormtapers off, you know, we'll see some partly sunny skies on tuesday, but still some lingering showers then wednesday brighter skies and finally thursday and friday of next week brighter skies sunny or skies
6:49 pm
and milder weather and dryer weather, but it's going to be very very wet a sunny and monday, dan and emma. all right. thank you spencer. thanks spencer very much. well, it is going to be a very interesting weekend for sports. especially 49er football. llama. yeah, larry beils here with the latest larry. oh, yeah, the niners are getting set to play in the atmospheric river on sunday plus klay thompson not happy. why the splash boat brother
6:50 pm
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larry beale good evening. the 49ers are preparing for the colts and the atmospheric river spencer's been talking about this probably going to and sunday night's game being played an absolute downpour levi's stadium. the weather in santa clara has been pretty nice this week, but it practiced today jimmy garoppolo who's going to start was experimenting with footballs that were dunked in water. they're trying to simulate. the bomb cyclone conditions that have been forecast. i just love saying bomb cyclone. the 49ers are off to snap a three game losing streak giving this game even more important. they're all big games. i mean going forward that every game's a big game and we're treating it as that way this week. just you know, it'll be a fun atmosphere sunday night here get the get the faithful rolling again and give them something cheer about but you know, i like the guys that we got rolling, you know, hopefully we get those other guys there injured back but it's it's about us going out. at this point those faithful are
6:53 pm
going to be drenched. most likely steph curry showed. once again, he is the best shooter in hoops history and obviously worthy of inclusion on the nba's new list of the 75 greatest players ever curry came out cooking last night against the clippers 9 for 9 in the first quarter alone scored 25 points in the first period by himself finished with 40 five points in a two-point victory. the man is redefined what is acceptable range in the modern era. lake thompson didn't make the list of top 75 he was upset last night woke up angry posting in part. can't wait to hoop again tired of the disrespect winning isn't everything that some people like me. i guess now if it's up to me, i'm taking russell. brooke off that list. i'm putting clay on among those unhappy with clay being left off. teammate draymond green. i'm more frustrated for clay than i am for myself. so. there's not many people that can can do what clay does on the basketball court and with his
6:54 pm
resume for myself. i'll just keep building my resume. you know, hopefully in 25 years i'll be on the top 100. but in the meantime skew trying to build a great resume and hopefully at least to the hall of fame. that's my goal. there you go. the sharks started the season on fire in toronto tonight wild second period mark edward vlasic finds the captain logan couture his second goal and his many days now the leafs would tie it up a minute later twenty seconds after that teemo time t-mobile meyer gives san jose the lead again 2-1 team teal later in the second. we're tied again eric carlson griffith and grip it the teams combined for five goals in just a second period with a minute ago, aidan hill new goalie great save on austin matthews the sharks. again, five three the final they are now four and oh and a big night for the earthquakes in san jose tomorrow night. the team will honor the 2001 squad that won the first mls cup championship in franchise history.
6:55 pm
so the first 10,000 fans of paypal park for tomorrow's home match against vancouver will receive replica championship rings last night a giant mural was unveiled in san jose honoring that '01 squad. so tomorrow night has a chance to be a classico. quakes soccer one final thought on 49ers you got jimmy g coming back from the calf injury going to be rainy could be muddy you hope he's okay all the way through. otherwise nate sudfeld is the backup quarterback trey lance is injured so he can't play so we might see the sud fell era night or it's gonna be tough. conditions to throw the ball and and trent williams. the tackle is out. he' a lot going on there to say the least the mud bull. thanks later time. all right coming up tonight on. abc 7 at 8 it's shark tank that will be followed by 2020 at nine o'clock and always do not miss abc 7 news at 11. finally tonight if you thoughts about what really matters we
6:56 pm
brought you two reports tonight that illustrate a sad reality in this wonderful place. we all call home a couple visiting san francisco comes back to their car to find the window smashed and all of their stuff gone the next day. the woman's sister watched dumbfounded as two cars were being broken into right before. her eyes across from their hotel. then the former oakland police captain robbed by a bunch of guys at a busy gas station in oakland in broad daylight. he shot one of the robbers dead as we've talked about tonight and was hit several times by return fire. he's in bad shape at highland hospital. please keep him in your thoughts. as hard as the covid crackdown was in most ways at least street crime dropped dramatically. there are no easy ways to solve this problem, which seems to be getting worse every day lately, but we certainly can't sit by watch it devolve any further for anyone who loves our treasured bay area what's happening is simply unacceptable and what really matters is finding the political will even the backbone
6:57 pm
in many instances to quit talking about it and stop it. i always love to hear what you think and follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. and that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. we thank you so much for watching. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley for spencer christian. larry beale all of us here. we appreciate your time. have a great rest of the evening and we will see you again tonight at 11.
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
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