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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 24, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> now it accuweather update from abc 7 news. >> one of the strongest storms we have seen counting parts of the bay area. we start with information to keep you safe and dry during the storm. thanks for joining us. good evening. we have team coverage of today's intense storm. you see the path on live doppler 7 radar. abc 7 news reporters are tracking trouble spots. first, the latest on the level 4 storm from meteorologist drew tuma. big question, have we seen the heaviest of the rain? drew: we are in the thick of it right now. this is a lot of rain. we have already seen and we have more on the way. impacts and the north bay, a lot of flooding in more flooding lightly this evening. a level 4 major storm.
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heavy rain. we have seen flooding for strong winds, widespread power outages and watching the burn scars very closely. i cannot remember how long it has been since live doppler 7 has been l i-- been lit up like this. heavy rain over the dublin int north dublibay. heavy rain in the north bay. the south bay you're beginning to see the rainfall. a flood warning now in effect until 6 p.m. at the creek. numerous flood advisory in the north bay. i will move out of the way so you can see them all. it is a lot of rain in a short time. here is the glass fire burn scar. flash flood warning there. flood advisories to alameda and contra costa. more advisors over the city and the peninsula and more rain is on the way. just a a quick look over the next several hours. by 11 p.m. we get a break in the
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north bay but we are in the thick of it from san francisco down to the south bay and east bay. we'll plan out the rest of this atmospheric river in the accurate forecast in a few minutes. j.r.: look forward to that. the storm is hit the north bay extremely hard. ryan curry is live in santa rosa where a neighborhood is dealing with evacuations from flooding. what can you tell us? ryan: good evening. conditions improving rapidly within the last hour, but that was not the case throughout most of this tape it heavy rain and flooding all throughout the street and santa rosa. causing evacuation for some residents and other residents having to be on standby in case they had to evacuate. residents are feeling the harsh impacts of the storm. >> we have got kids in our house right now that were ready to go if needed. ryan: matt carlsen has lived on the street for eight years. >> it has been dry for the last five years, but we've seen some
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pretty big storms and nothing like this. ryan: he says the water started flowing high in early afternoon. >> my neighbors right here are older. they got out about an hour going we have friends down here that i'm hoping they are not going to suffer too much from water in their home. ryan: the street is narrow creek bed. other residents so the water level in the creek started rising rapidly. >> the flood markers are around nine feet. pretty high. >> it is moving so fast down there that it is moving this f lat rock. ryan: but it is not just santa rosa. many parts of the north bay are feeling the effects of the storm. crews are facing down power lines and ivan lopez and his family are laying out sand. >> we're trying to prevent water coming into our property.
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we're doing some sand bags basically trying to get it natural, to drain. ryan: he says history does not have the best sewers and with rain arriving fast he does not want to take any chances. >> we woke up and it was around 4:30 when we came out and we started coming with some equipment and try to get this thing done. ryan: it's unclear if some of these evacuated residents have been able to return to their home. as i mentioned earlier conditions have improved but there are heavy pockets of water on this roadway. the other neighbors i spoke with say they are just continuing to monitor the conditions to see what happens because the rain is still coming dump at the good news is that some of these residents have already had evacuation kits ready from wildfires. if conditions get worse they are ready to go. ryan curry, abc 7 news. j.r.: local creeks went from drought stricken trickles to raging rapids. this is san anselmo creek, known
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to be a problem spot. the crre- rose in 2005 and swamped spots in marin county. we're told some of the streets there are under two feet of water. >> j.r., we have seen flooding in this county. you can see how this car is almost supposed -- i spoke to the owner of his car he said the water went inside his vehicle and you can see it is two feet of water. to these apartments on my right this is the same scenario throughout this neighborhood. three blocks from here, the same story, alleyways and driveways completely flooding. we saw the same thing in downtown san norcal an hour ago. cars were still driving through london and lincoln avenue.
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the whole street is now blocked off but the good story -- the goodwill store had to close due to flooding. several businesses had been impacted by the rain and flooding. the manager did not have a chance to get sandbags and he didn't have any other choice but to put a piece of towel in front of his business. he says he wishes he knew how this brad wieck -- how bad this rain is going to be. it was the worst rain he has seen in 30 years. the water has never gotten this close to your restaurant before? >> never. not too much. this year a lot of water. >> what's your plan? >> i plan may be to give the heavy -- maybe to close early. >> it was a little bit flooded and then the next thing you know we just started pushing the water out. and it seems like, it was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger the drains were clogged. >> has your business flooded
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before? >> this is our first year of business. so, yeah, i'm just learning that these things happen in this area. luz: several business owners did not expect for the storm to be this strong and this morning they notice the downpour and decided to get sandbags to protect their storefronts. we've also seen residents cleaning drains. as you can see, it just continues to get flooded. we spoke to a neighbor to my right who says he did not know about -- the storm is going to get this bad. he said all he could do was try to push the water out of his apartment but you can see it hasn't gotten any better. j.r.: thank you so much. definitely a concerning situation. stay dry out there tonight. happening now, 147,000 pg&e customers are without power across the bay area. the biggest issues are long the 101 corridor. each one of these orange boxes
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represents an outage affecting 5000 homes. abc 7 news reporter tim johns continues our team covers tonight. he talked with pg&e about how the utility is responding to these outages, and what are they saying this evening? tim: those power problems are persistent throughout the bay the spokesperson i spoke to said just under 70,000 folks are currently without power, primarily in the north bay as well as here in the peninsula. now, pg&e has brought out 500 additional staff members to try and get things up and running as soon as it is safe for them to do so. that, of course, being the keyword -- safety. they will not send folks out until it is safe for them to expect those lines and get the power back on. power is only one issue that is being caused by this storm. another one is of course just the damage and the debris the storm is causing. we have been around neighborhoods all around san francisco and i have some video
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i want to pull up and show you guys just to give viewers at home an idea of what we are looking at. we were in the forest hills neighborhood where there w aleia lot of concern. first responders cost and evacuation of five different homes nearby. folks were out of their homes for several hours at a time while the inspectors did go ahead and take a look and we just got word that an hour ago, they were finally allowed to go back inside their homes. it was deemed to be safe at this time. both the san francisco fire department and public works said they have been receiving hundreds of calls. like these from all over the city and they are going out and trying to expect them as fast as they can, but obviously, given the storm and the conditions on the road, they can only move so fast. there was another house, a couple of blocks away where one of the trees actually did fall over. it was completely derooted. thankfully it did not hit the home and the people were safe.
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it was very scary and although bit too close for comfort. that is why all the first responders we have talked to are encouraging everyone to stay home where it is safe and just ride out the storm. tim johns, abc 7 news. j.r.: thank you so much. if you don't have to abc 7 news bay area ap;p, now is a great time to download it. abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma is in our studio all day streaming live updates on the storm, the rainfall totals, where the rain is headed next. you can ask them questions on facebook or youtube. join drew live wherever you stream abc 7 news. next, we have a look at the storm's impact on the peninsula and the major road that is now close. also, a really close call for homeowner in belmont. the decision he made that spared him from dealing with some serious damage when this tree fell. and, obviously, not a good time to fly.
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our sfo camera covered in rain this evening. how the storm is affecting flights.
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until further notice. the peninsula, a fallen tree pulled down the cable line in belmont. it happen like this morning. the homeowner says he moved his car out of the driveway this morning just in case the tree toppled. a good call. the storm has caused dozens of flight cancellations at san francisco international airport. so far 58 flights have been canceled. another 286 have been delayed. at lae-- at least oakland international airport reports 23 cancellations. remember to check with your airline before heading to the airport. drew: i'm drew tuma. we are tracking all of the rain with live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see our atmospheric river. it is right over us as we speak. we'll widen out the picture and we have several hours of wet weather to go. the latest on the major storm in
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j.r.: welcome back. a massive rock slide 45 minutes north of orville has shut down highway 70 in both directions. this happened near tobin. you can see water pouring down the hill with the giant boulders collapsing onto the road. clearing the mess could take several days. >> now your live doppler 7 forecast. drew: tracking all of this rain with this major storm we have. you can see a lot of us dealing with that heavy rain and the yellow and orange. ini -- in marin county, anty, aa
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lot of -- light to moderate rain. in the north bay, in napa county you can see, we have seen upwards of six inches of rainfall. still seeing heavy rain at this hour. two these bay to danville. it is been a wet day and those heavy showers continue. a similar story in the richmond and the sunset with the brighter colors. heavy rain over the marina and even downtown and the financial district. alumna flynn slaoui are tracking downpours from powell -- in the south bay much of the day has been light rain. that rain is filling in and you too will find heavier showers as we progress to the next five to eight hours this evening. this is what we have already seen so far. look at what stands out. can phil is approaching a foot of rainfall. parts of marin county have been soaked out of the storm. the north bay, 4-7 inches. san francisco and oakland 2.5
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inches of rain almost. you do see into the south bay we are going to add to these numbers over the next couple of hours especially later tonight continues to move south those numbers will continue to rise. winds, these numbers are backing off from the strong gusts we had earlier paid we had gusts approaching 60 miles an hour at sfo. here is your major 4 level storm. that is a tongue twister. today it is heavy rain and flooding, strong winds with power outages. again, this is a level 4 major storm we are tracking on the storm impacts scale. 7:00 p.m., still well in the thick of things across the entire region. by 11:00 p.m., things finally are beginning to quiet down in the north bay. elsewhere, we're still dealing with heavy rain from the east bay, the peninsula to the south bay. early tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m., here is the back edge of that atmospheric river. but even early tomorrow morning,
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5:00 a.m. a.m., some scattered showers, but the heaviest of the rainfall it will be over. here is what we're thinking about additional in terms of on top of what we have already seen later on this evening. in the north bay, 1.5 inches of additional rainfall coming our -- our way. /floodwaters in the north bay and in the santa cruz mountains for the threat of debris flows. we have numerous flood advisories across the region because the creek flooding and street flooding. the wind advisory getting trimmed back from the north bay but still ever out we see and winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. early tomorrow morning the winds are going to back off and tomorrow is just a breezy day. it is not windy. high surf warning begins at 11 p.m. tonight, 20 to 30 foot breakers through tuesday. a winter storm warning begins. up to three feet on the highest peaks. at home, we are talking 50's
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with stormy weather. things quiet down after midnight tomorrow scattered showers with temperatures mainly in the motive -- the low to mid 60's. scattered showers tomorrow and tuesday. a much drier and brighter forecast by wednesday, thursday, friday. next weekend much quieter than th
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fans armored up, ready to go. george kittle still out. happy holidays. the goat in the house. the niners looking to snap a three-game slide. what better way than to get back on track tonight? >> every game is a big game. we're treating it that way this week. the guys we got rolling. hopefully we get the other guys that are injured back, but it is about us going out and executing at this point. chris: history in tampa bay. tom brady became the first man to throw 600 touchdown passes. mike evans on the receiving end. unaware of the record come he gives the ball to the fan in the front row. later he says, gave the ball away. evans, the fan gives it back in exchange for another ball. the bucks beat the bears. sharks fans. the bruins scored three goals in the first. boston cashing in on cashing in
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>> now in accuweather update . drew: the atmospheric river is on the move south. right now the live look,
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moderate to heavy rain across the majority of the bay area. much of the bay area under a flood advisory. all area shaded in green. we have numerous areas of flooding. creeks are overflowing and more rain through the evening. this is a level4, a major storm on the storm impact scale. heavy rain will cause more flooding over the next several hours. we'll still see some strong winds and we are watching the burn scars very closely for heavy rain which could cause debris flows. remember, never drive through flooded roads. j.r.: we'll track the storm live anytime with the abc 7 bay area app. it's available for your phone and wherever you stream. search abc 7 bay area. that is all the time we have for abc 7 news. we leave you with a different image of a storm. a rainbow today in san jose. beautiful stuff. there is beautiful sights out there during all of this bad
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weather. we'll see you back here on abc 7 news at 6:00. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] breaking news as we come on the air tonight. the dangerous dual weather threats rapidly intensifying. tens of millions of americans under threat from coast to coast. the monster atmospheric river slamming the west coast tonight. unleashing punishing rains, and potentially life-threatening flash flooding and landslides. part of a highway destroyed. evacuation orders in effect for communities ravaged by recent wildfires. in the central u.s., another threat. tornadoes already reported. and the new storm danger unfolding in the east. rob marciano is standing by, timing it all out. also tonight, the investigation into the deadly movie set tragedy. the powerful new images coming in. alec baldwin embracing halyna


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