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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 26, 2021 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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to renew. documents obtained by the abc 7 news i team show it may not be the most cost-effective choice. our reporter went to the state. reporter: public records show up this is not only reporting slower testing turnaround times, but according to their contract and state did it, the company appears to be charging five times more than its competitors. other alternatives could have saved the state hundreds of millions of dollars. is not cheap. to give you an idea, medicare will reimburse up to $100 per diagnostic test, if turnaround within 24 hours. >> there's no reason why pcr tests has to cost $100. he is a -- reporter: he currently serves as chief medical officer for summer
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bio, the menlo park based company processes one quarter of california's covid tests. the largest volume of a lab across the state. >> average price per covid test is $90, we still think that is sustainable to do widespread surveillance testing. reporter: summer bio charges around $100 for pcr tests, licensed from columbia university. while it is the lowest cost on the market, state records show the turnaround time is also one of the fastest. in the first two weeks of october, 96% of pcr samples were processed within 24 hours, yet public records obtained by the abc 7 news i team show the state's contract with perkinelmer is costing more. during that same time here -- time period, only 33% of their samples were processed within one day.
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the contract is set to renew this week, we asked the state if they have been actively looking at more cost-effective alternatives, like the example we shared, publicly available on their website. california department public health sent the following statement, the state is constantly evaluating the testing needs. it includes various modalities, collection sites were testing is most needed and struggled to take hold. if the states contrast allows cd ph to terminate their agreement ending time with 30 days notice. for better test or equivalent test becomes available at lower cost. despite what state records show, cdp h still renewed the contract, worth up to $1.7 billion. to put this in perspective, if cdp gum with another company, due to the price difference they would've saved hundreds of millions of dollars, in the past 14 months. we've reached out to the lab for
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further comment and more specifics on the company's covid test pricing, but have yet to hear back. dan: this is really interesting, what is their contract set to renew? reporter: right now the agreement says this sunday. while the state says they are constantly evaluating the testing needs and capacity, they did not answer if they are actively considering other companies that have demonstrated more cost-efficient results. we know they have the ability to do so. we will certainly keep asking and see what happens. ama: the pleasant hill in has been shut down. contra costa county says the restaurant has repeatedly -- the location has received for citations in recent weeks, more than $1700 in fines. the county says in-n-out has also received notices of violation. they issued a statement repeating the line that the
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company refuses to become the vaccination police for any government. meanwhile, the san francisco department public health is investigating the fisherman's wharf in-n-out after getting complaints customers are dying inside. the city shut down indoor dining on october 14 because of previous vaccine mandate violations. less than an hour ago -- dan: less than an hour ago, the department fractions announced prisoners will be required to -- the requirement takes effect december 20th. take out the -- check out the long line for booster shots in san mateo county. hundreds of cars waited to get in to the event center to get their booster shots, it is offering pfizer, the moderna and j&j vaccines for people who are qualified. ama: a big move today and getting younger kids vaccinate. an advisory panel of the fda butted in support of the pfizer vaccine for children ages five
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to 11. abc 7 news reported luz pena as part of our team and talk to pediatricians about what this means moving forward. reporter: this is one of the multiple steps for emergency authorization of the covid-19 vaccine for children's five to 11 years old. even though children in this age group are less likely to die from covid-19 compared to adults, more than 100 children in this age group have died from this disease. it was a prickle boat over one question. >> 10 micrograms each does, three weeks apart, outweigh its risks for use in children five to 11 years of age. reporter: after hours of discussion, about past. >> this is an exciting date we have been waiting for many months. reporter: pediatric infectious disease doctor of children's hospital have been looking at the data closely. with two main questions, is it
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safe and what is its efficacy with the lower dosage? >> they checked the lower dose, with the 10 microgram dose, they found far fewer side effects than in the 16 to 25-year-old dose. but they found very comparable antibody count, which is design is well done. reporter: 18 voting members for this fda panel, 17 voted yes and one abstained. one of the concerns was inflammation of the heart muscle. >> there's a possibility there could be some adverse effects to the vaccine once the vaccine opens up to these specific groups, since the trial was small. >> is always a possibility, but i do not see specific reasons to worry about it. i did not see a red flag in the data. reporter: head of pediatric pulmonary at the seal children's hospital at samford notice a small increase in children hospitalized with covid-19. >> since inception of school,
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there has been some slight uptick in the number of children hospitalized, which underscores the importance of getting everyone vaccinated. reporter: the latest pfizer data, with 2200 children shows the vaccine is 91% effective against symptomatic infection. >> the benefit to children as well. we do not know what this virus will do down the road. reporter: now the cdc will look over pfizer's data and likely authorize the emergency use of this vaccine for children's ages five to 11 years old by next week. as to when children will get access to this vaccine, possibly early november. ama: the possibility of mara -- myocarditis is one of the concerns the panel brought up. i hear parents talk about as well, where the chances children five to 11 years old could face these adverse effects? reporter: this fda panel says they will continue to track
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this. when the doctors footed to study out of israel. he said the rate of heart inflammation in older age groups with a different vaccine dose was as high as 100 to 150 cases per million. the cases are rare. the data suggests cases subside on their own within a day. ama: good information. you can always ask our vaccine team your questions, go to and click on that big blue box. dan: we are so on storm watch today. you can see what is left of the rain on live doppler 7. a large oak tree toppled over in berkeley park. it is the tree trunk split in several places. it fell near playground at monkey island park. that is at claremont -- no one was hurt and it did not damage a nearby homes. crews spent the afternoon kind that tree up so they can safely remove it. it is a pretty good size. let's bring in spencer christian for a look at the conditions.
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things really beginning to come down significantly. sandhya: come down a lot i am happy to say -- spencer: coming down a lot i'm happy to say. most wind speeds are below 10 miles an hour. we have a high surf advisory in effect until 8:00 tonight, we expect those fights and rough seas to calm down during the overnight hours. there's still a chance of some light scattered showers in the north bank. i will give you a closer look at that and the seven-day forecast a bit later. ama: p jandy says it is working around the clock to restore power -- pg n and e working around the clock to restore power. they've not given an estimate time for full restoration. in woodside, the area near the open space preserve sought heavy storm damage. crews replacing to power poles that were broken and to others there leaning.
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150 customers lost power >> this is a good example of what we are seeing across northern and central california because of the storm. this was one of the most powerful storms were seen in a long time. it came through, it has damaged a lot of our equipment. ama: pg nd says because of flooding, and downed trees, some of the equipment is hard access. abc 7 news reported art dustin dorsey explains how some owners are losing everything because their power is still out. reporter: for business owners along the 1400 block of burlingame avenue, there's nothing worse than being left in the dark. this week, it is both physically, as their source have been without power since sunday, and emotionally as they say pg ande have not told them why this problem keeps happening. >> other nature as mother nature, i wish it would be prioritized, that they would work on the business district, not that we are more important than a family.
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a lot of people, especially restaurants, they lose a lot. reporter: some business owners worked in the dark, others remain closed. with tears in her eyes, the owner of baskin-robbins told us she lost her entire inventory delivered on saturday. it is this struggle some owners have faced for nearly 30 years. >> a place like burlingame avenue, i feel sorry for all the businesses they are. the restaurants, the retail stores. everyone is suffering already. it makes it 10 times worse. we were there -- reporter: we were there is this afternoon as anger pete. >> we have a little bit of power in the next building, we had to take these power cords to go to the back to try to get the little bit of power we can get, they just turned it off. pg&e held a news conference today.
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>> peninsula was hit particularly hard, this is all hands on deck, let's of blue trucks out there. people will expect it see those trucks until the work is complete. reporter: power is scheduled to return tomorrow night at 11: 35 tomorrow night. dan: about today could essentially decide the future of the eights -- as. we will break it down for you in two minutes. ama: a historic change for ♪ ♪ you can jump. $0 gym membership and free fitbit®. for occasional heavy lifting. now the medicare advantage plans from scan health plan
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ dan: a woman was stabbed in san
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francisco's financial district today. it happened just afternoon your mission and storage streets. a witness flagged down a police officer for help. the victim was taken to the hospital. no word yet on her condition or a possible motive for this. why did it happen? the suspect has been detained, but not yet charged. denville police officer accused of killing a man during a chase in 2018's been convicted of assault, but the mistrial declared on the more serious manslaughter charge. this is andrew hall, from a previous court appearance. prosecutors argued used unnecessary force when he fired nine times at 33-year-old laudemer arboleda. dürer deadlocked seven to five on the manslaughter charge. -- jurors deadlocked 75 on the manslaughter charge. ama: the alameda supervisors have been discussing the oakland a's.
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she has been listening to this for hours, casey we are glad it is you and not us. reporter: they've just paused, they are going to discuss redistricting, then come back at 7:15. so far we have had six hours, fired off 30 tweets and no votes. don't know what they are going to do just yet. ama: what is really on the line with this potential vote? reporter: a couple weeks ago, you heard mlb commissioner say he does not necessarily see a path to success in oakland. county signing on, and joining the city to build a ballpark at howard terminal would show him major league baseball a path to success. they really need the county to sign on here and they need it tonight. >> this project. reporter: if they don't sign onto this project, what is going to happen is they are going to end up in las vegas. they are already getting set to introduce the finalists in las
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vegas. they're going to debut those sites after the game series -- world series game one tonight. the county and city have a chance to steal that momentum. ama: do you think they will eventually vote yes at some point tonight? reporter: i do, i think they are not too happy at being brought in at the last met by the city. they need to be part of this deal. they have 65 million dollars in one-time tax revenue, i do think the money is going to talk in the end. i think there when to drag out as long as they can. ama: the drama, because we need more drama. first the raiders, than this. reporter: you're hurting my feelings right now. ama: hopefully we can keep the a's. i'm sure you will update us later. on abc 7 news at 4:00, we ran a live poll asking about the story, asking how would you feel
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if they left oakland? 20% voted for by, and 12% said it was no big deal. dan: that's interesting. we are still drying out from the weekend storm, spencer has another cha your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff going on inside. it's true, with diabetic retinopathy, excess sugar can damage blood vessels, causing vision loss or even blindness. so remember this: now is the time to get your eyes checked. eye care is important to your long-term diabetes management. see a path forward with actions and treatments that may help your eyes— and protect against vision loss. visit and take control of your sight.
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[ sneeze ] and protect against vision loss. are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid. ama: look at lake tahoe.
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this is very common for me. i feel like i could watch us for a long time. i feel less cold than the pictures we were showing yesterday, with the snow. this is nice and calm. dan: that is serene. i love this guys there. beautiful. let's take you down now to santa cruz. ama: that's cold air. dan: it does look cold on this nice evening at dusk. we see no one on the beach, it is pretty cool. what a difference from this weekend. things on the nice and calm. we certainly need it, badly. ama: especially so people can get their power back, crews can work on the lines and that are down. spencer: any significant measurable rain. i bought you started with lake tahoe, i'm going to show you the snow totals of various resorts. talked about rainfall here,
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check these numbers out, 36 inches of snow at northstar, 33 donner pass, you get the picture, a lot of snow fell over the sierra. i'm sure the resorts are feeling good about that. calm in the bay area right now, there are a couple of sprinkles in the north bay, really isolated. the wind speeds all under 10 miles per hour except san francisco where we have a 10 mile per hour win. that storm kicked up rough serve. we still have a high surf advisory, wins in effect until 8:00 tonight. with heights elevated, but beginning to settle down, as is the rough surf. still risk of rip currents. bear that in mind if you're going to be on the coast. here's a look from san francisco under cloudy skies, 62 degrees in the city, mid 60's in oakland, mountain view, san jose, a 59 at half moon bay. here's the view from the east bay hills. little breaks of the setting sun, these are our current
6:23 pm
temperatures in the north bay, santa rosa d6, napa 61. 63 at fairfield, concord 64. at the golden gate, barely cloudy skies, dry conditions and calm. spotty showers are possible during the overnight hours in the north bay. foggy areas will be around in the early morning and we expect sunnier and milder days for the next few days. here's our forecast, starting 7:00 tonight. widely scattered light showers likely to move through the north bay. some of that moisture may not hit the ground. tomorrow morning, it should be mainly dry. overnight, low temperatures, madeley loggia mid 50's, cooler in some of the northern regions, a low 40 degrees there. notice how quickly the clouds disappear and the rain just dissipates in the north bay. namely sunny skies by midday and
6:24 pm
for the remainder of the day to the bay area. high temperatures tomorrow done in the south bay, 71 santa clara, 72 san jose. on the peninsula, 72 at palo alto -- low to mid 60's on the coast. downtown will max at 68 degrees. north bay, 72, 72 in in santa rosa. east bay, 70 of fremont, the end of east bay will top out in the low to mid 70's, to about 74 fairfield. other locations around 72 or 73. here's the seven-day forecast. for the next three days, namely sunny skies, dry conditions and quite mild. high temperatures in london the mid-70's, upper 60's to around 70 near the bay shoreline. low to mid 60's on the coast. over the weekend, clouds will increase, mainly cloudy
6:25 pm
saturday, sunday, looks dry, good news for trick-or-treaters, but the clouds will linger. early next week, it looks like monday a slight chance of showers, cloudy skies. tuesday, skies get brighter at starts to get milder. is that cloudy or unsettled pattern saturday through monday. ama: you can track the weather where you live anytime with live doppler 7 on the abc 7 bay area app available on roku, amazon, apple tv and roku tv. dan: housing is major issue in the bay area. backyard buildings known as a dus can help, maybe. we are covering the debate is part of building a better bay area. ama: following up on a controversial center for
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serious allergic reactions can occur including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. >> building a better bay area. this is abc 7 news. >> a fast solution for the housing crunch in the south bay. abc 7 news was in san jose as an accessory dwelling unit was lifted into place. what is remarkable is how quickly this project happened
6:29 pm
from start to finish. the permit was approved less than 30 days ago, something that can be attributed to the city's desire to fast-track housing projects. >> the building and planning departments of san jose are looking for interesting ways to add housing. a.d. use -- adus great job removing the red tape. >> the two bedroom one bath unit comes with appliances, bathroom, and cabinets installed. it costs 259,000 dollars and that covers everything including the permit process and installation. the state has endorsed the building of more accessory dwelling units, but in the east bay, there is hesitancy. >> officials in berkeley and oakland are worried those in the hills could be in serious danger if there is a wildfire. >> the state wants to make it easier for single-family homeowners to build a.d. use or
6:30 pm
accessory -- adus dwelling units on their properties. but on these twisting roads, more people living, more people parking, and potentially blocking emergency vehicles is a big concern. >> there is one formula that fits all for the entire state and basically cities have been stripped of their abilities to use land-use planning. reporter: berkeley just is not the same as bakersfield, she says, when it comes to building adu's. that is why she is pushing an ordinance before the city council tonight. >> i'm not adjusting we prohibit adu's. i am suggesting we limit the number to one rather than two. it is a tiny baby step. reporter: the worry is another firestorm like the one in 1991. if more people are living in the hills, that means more cars stuck in bottlenecks trying to evacuate.
6:31 pm
>> we have seen it time and time again. we saw it in the 1991 fire is and oakland. we cite it in paradise. we saw it just a few weeks ago in south lake tahoe. >> oakland is also taking action to counter the state. >> oakland fire is navigating the legislative process. we are going to go to the city council in december which would effectively limit the development of adu dwellings in the oakland hills, specifically the high fire areas. ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama:ama: the bathrooms at the busiest stations. the restaurant to the powell street station and the 19th street station will be available again. they have been renovated and bart does plan on stepping them
6:32 pm
with attendance initially for three months. the transit agency close bathrooms at 10 of its underground stations following the 9/11 attacks because of safety concerns. dan: san francisco could be on the verge of another first of its kind law. abc 7 news was at city hall where a proposal was introduced that would give domestic workers sick leave. this would cover people like nannies and housecleaners. many of them worked for multiple employers and thus cannot build up enough time to take a sick day. the proposal would create an app that would track the time worked and the money paid. >> we have to think of new ways to make sure workers have dignity in the workplace, and not only earn minimum wage, but the other essential benefits like sick leave, like medical and retirement benefits. >> it could take six to nine months for the proposal to work its way through the legislative process before it becomes law. >> san francisco may have a success story when it comes to housing the homeless.
6:33 pm
a couple years ago the city faced opposition to building a center for the homeless along the embarcadero. it opened in 2019 and the lease is coming up for a dual. some who originally opposed it changed their minds. reporter: the san francisco port commission's meeting to discuss extending the lease on the embarcadero navigation center for another two years. a supervisor supports the extension. >> i support extending the lease. this navigation center has been open for the last two years. it has brought people off the streets, transitioned them to housing, providing much-needed services and shelter throughout the pandemic, and despite some of the concerns that were raised before it opened, it has been overwhelmingly supported by the neighborhood. reporter: the city has received very few constituent complaints related to the navigation center , especially over recent months. >> i have not heard organized
6:34 pm
opposition at all to it being extended. reporter: previously, safe embarcadero for always outspoken in concerns about the navigation center. in a statement today, the group's president tells abc 7 news, neighbors had a lot of complaints about drug use and camping outside when it opened, but after covid restricted capacity, conditions improved. the group's past president says safe embarcadero for all is in the process of winding down. the navigation center will be developed for housing. >> there is no solution to homelessness without navigation center. dan: you haveaveav chain issues. some of the backlog is right off the california coast and something is being done about it. >> what does a supply chain issue mean to you
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ama: for the shipping industry, time is money and now the ports of los angeles and long beach will charge fees to shippers whose -- piling up on docs. -- on doc
6:38 pm
fees would increase by $100 per day. amazon is one company making alternative shipping plans adding more than 100,000 seasonal workers and more planes. >> we spend the full year thinking about how we get ready for the holiday season. this year especially with the pandemic has been more challenging. ama: the volume of ships at the port is at an all-time high. dan: the port backlog is part of the supply chain issue that will likely impact your gift buying this holiday season. 7 on your side with a look at what it is going to mean to shoppers. reporter: experts have been telling us for weeks we need to shop early. how many times have we said that around here? here is a question. what does early mean? what is early? what items are most likely to be in short supply? one of these container ships
6:39 pm
stuck in a harbor and waiting to unload just may have the gift that tops your wish list. these truckers cannot wait to get your present to its destination. and these manufacturers would love to get it into the stores for you to make that purchase. but the supply chain issue is causing a bottleneck at each of these points. a financial educator says all of this will trickle down to the consumer. >> the fact is we are going to see in many cases certain goods just out of stock, certain holiday toys will be flying off the shelves. >> unfortunately, that can mean disappointed children this holiday season. melissa silva is the editor of toy insider. >> once those toys are in stock, the problem is once the initial supply cells through, we are not guaranteed to see a restock hitting shelves in time for the holiday season. reporter: you have heard this
6:40 pm
before, but shop early. >> i think you absolutely should already have started, and if you have not started now, as of mid-october, the sooner the better. >> the best thing you can do is shop early, shop often, and as soon as you see that toy on your kid's wish list, grab it. reporter: she also suggests checking price comparison apps which will have inventory information. unfortunately, once you find the item you want, you may have to pay more for it. >> they are saying that discounts are going to be much fewer and far between this holiday shopping season. reporter: she says not to expect huge price drops the last week before christmas. the biggest discounts will come black friday and cyber monday. but free shipping offers will be less frequent.
6:41 pm
smart phones, televisions, and laptops will be in short supply. clothing items may be hard to find including holiday formalwear. sporting goods may be in short supply as well as baby and toddler products. in the toy category, silva predicts pokémon's 20 for the anniversary card game will be hard to come by. so will another blast from the past, tamagotchi. finally, there is beyblade. >> kids collect these spinning tops. they battle them inside this arena. reporter: she suggests parents stay away from third-party sites where sellers will check out prices -- jack up prices, unless you absolutely have to have something. my warning would be if you are actually going to a formal affair this holiday season, get on it right now. clothing is going to be in short
6:42 pm
supply and that is the last thing a lot of manufacturers are thinking about. i don't think there is going to be much there. >> amazing, and we are talking about all kinds of products. computer chips, clothing, toys, everything. >> phones and laptops. laptops which are always hugely on sale. sales are not going to be so good this year. dan: we are talking months from now. >> we have a long way to go. ama: not so gloomy, the weather. it's going to get sunnier and milder the next few days.
6:43 pm
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shoot. what's wrong? i think i'm down to my last inhaler. don't worry. you can refill it and get it delivered using the kaiser permanente app. smart. refill most prescriptions online and get delivery for no cost. >> a new study that finds diversity on television productions is improving and viewers are responding, but improvement is still needed. reporter: viewers want diverse tv content. >> especially the past couple years, we see these increasingly diverse audiences are demanding diverse content. reporter: that is one of the key findings in ucla's hollywood diversity report on tv programming in the 2019-2020 season. >> shows where people of color
6:46 pm
made up between 31% and 40% of credited writers earned the highest ratings. reporter: that is among households of all races. >> we have seen some among writers and directors, but not nearly enough and almost no progress in the executive suites where the decisions are made. reporter: on-screen representation has improved. >> the biggest single change over the run of our report series is just a dramatic increase in on-screen diversity. reporter: people of color made up 43 percent of scripted broadcast tv acting roles, more than their share of the overall percentage of the u.s. population. a historic marker for this report. >> most of that was driven by african-american roles and multiracial american roles. >> latinos make up more than 18% of the u.s. population, but only make up 6.3% of broadcast tv acting roles. >> the same is true with asian americans. they are still underrepresented.
6:47 pm
native americans are virtually invisible. there are very few shows that feature them in prominent roles. reporter: women saw gains in six of the 12 key hollywood roles since the last report. while women make up more than half the population, the report finds that remain underrepresented. researchers want to remind people who consume media they have the power to turn the tide. >> people want to see authentic storytelling. that is the one thing that i want everyone to understand, is that there is this power of the audience and that you can, as a consumer, feel empowered to keep demanding you want to see -- what you want to see. ama: one last check on our weather. dan: spencer is here. a little more rain. spencer: here is a look at our forecast animation. expect light sprinkles during the late night and overnight hours .
6:48 pm
it should disappear by 9:00 tomorrow morning. overnight lows, low to mid 50's. a little chillier the further north reaches of the bay area. highs tomorrow will range from low and mid sixes of the coast to 70 around the bay shoreline -- low and mid 60's at the coast to 70 around the bay shoreline. three days of mainly sunny and mild weather through friday. over the weekend, clouds increase. a dry day and a dry evening monday might bring our next bout of rainfall. looks like light rain. dan: a marin county 13-year-old received a special honor today for being a vaccine champion. officials say he helped communities understand the value of vaccination during a measles outbreak. he could not get vaccinated himself because of a battle with leukemia. >> my family, we testified in
6:49 pm
congress and our marin county board of supervisors at our school board meeting in the state assembly to try and change the momentum on vaccines and get our peers vaccinated, then eventually to pass a vaccine mandate law. dan: we are so glad to say his cancer has been in remission since 2014 and he now has all vaccines, including his covid vaccine. what an impressive young man. ama: absolutely, and what a great story. reporter: 13 years old, so poised, really incredible. in sports tonight we are waiting on a key vote in the stadium proposal. the keyword is waiting. and waiting and waiting. what is happening with the board of supervisors in alameda county?
6:50 pm
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>> now, abc 7 sports with lori beale -- larry beil. >> the supervisors have been meeting considering the a's ballpark proposal. one tidbit from that meeting happened a few hours ago. >> the one the mayor sent me, which was larry beil's interview on abc 7 with casey pratt, it says --
6:53 pm
>> at least they are watching. this is a nonbinding vote meaning the county can bailout if the deal does not pencil out. the supervisors as i mentioned met for six hours and felt like they did not have enough information to vote. joining me now is casey pratt who has followed the twists and turns of this proposal. as our good friend likes to say, nothing easy, and that would describe this process. >> this has been a long process. i have been watching over six hours of meeting, they had over five hours last june. fired off over 30 tweets. it has been a long day and it is just getting started. 17th -- 7:15 their resume. >> i will get you coffee. if i were in las vegas watching this, i would be getting. they --
6:54 pm
they cannot come to consensus on a nonbinding vote. >> i'm not sure they can come to a consensus on what nonbinding means. there was a section of the meeting when they were trying to figure out what nonbinding meant. we know what nonbinding means. you declare your intent to opt into this deal. you can change your vote later when there is a binding vote. all you're doing is agreeing to send this down the road and let it continue to develop. >> there seems to be frustration from supervisor riley about being enforc -- being forced to take up this issue before the environmental impact report has been finalized. does he have a point? >> he does in a way. they were brought into this process a little late. they were brought in to help the city -- this is not the a's pitch, it is the cities pitch to get the county on board. days have been quiet. -- the a's have been quiet. he does have a point, but the mayor pointed out, they are not
6:55 pm
asking them to opt in. they are asking them to opt in to not the sports business, but the affordable housing business. >> all the projects they want to do in oakland which they need money for that this proposal would provide. follow casey pratt and he willll keep you updated. we will have the vote at 11:00. thank you. the warriors taking their 3-0 effort to oklahoma city against the thunder. steph curry stretching pregame. curry with 10 points in just the first quarter, a four-point play right there. however, the thunder, winless though they may become a built a 13 point lead. seven different guys making threes. steve kerr trying to figure out who should i put in this lineup? draymond green. a rare three, capping a 15-4 run. but jeremiah robinson role with authority to push it back.
6:56 pm
the warriors have swung it around completely. 81-76. he's going to be a cav. >> memories. can't wait to see klay thompson back on the court. probably january. hoping he continues his brilliant content creation. game one of the world series underway. a surprise right now, the braves after three innings are leading the astros 5-0. we will have complete highlights. if you want to check out the alameda county meeting going on, you have a chance to watch government in action. visit government is an action -- or is it government inaction? one or the other. collects coming up tonight on
6:57 pm
abc 7 starting 8:00 it is "the bachelorette." then it is "queens" followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. thank you so much for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. enjoy the rest of your evening and we will see you tonight for abc 7 news at 11:00.
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