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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 27, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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an sga panel supporting the two shot pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 11. >> figuring out how to enforce a vaccine mandate. three options on the table. >> renewed hope about the oakland a's actually staying in oakland. >> ready for winter. the early opening for one tahoe resort. >> good morning. it is wednesday, october 27. thank you for being with us. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. >> want to start with a check of our forecast. mike: good morning. let's take a look at this wednesday. we will start with how dry it is. live doppler 7. no radar returns this morning. we talked about fog. there is an ebb and flow up
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101. visibility was as low as two miles early this morning. you can see some low clouds and fog coming at us. you can see twinkling in the background. temperatures are mild for the morning hours of late october. mid-50's. mid-60's with a mix of sunshine at noon. more sunshine this afternoon. 70's around the bay and inland. we will give you an update on the chance for rain this weekend. kumasi: we are on vaccine watch this morning as a critical vote from an fda panel means children ages five to 11 could start getting a vaccine early next month. amy hollyfield joins u joins u u pleasant hill with what is next and what pediatricians think about this.
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amy: we spoke with some bay area pediatricians who say this is very good news for all residents . they are excited this happen. the fda panel voted to move forward with the emergency authorization of the pfizer vaccine for kids ages five to 11. a doctor told us they have seen a small uptick of children who have been hospitalized with covid, saying it underscores the need for this vaccine. the doctor told us this would benefit everyone. >> children live in homes with adults, grandparents, and they go to school with teachers who are all vulnerable to the effects of the virus. in a way, by getting the kids vaccinated, it is a way to make the entire population a little more healthy. amy: this is an advisory panel that made the decision. a final decision from the fda is
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expected any day, followed by the cdc. the doses of the vaccine would be shipped right after the decision and they would be 1/3 of the strength given to those ages 12 and older. it is believed that would cut down on heart related side effects. julian: in the south bay, santa clara county said it is prepared to distribute the covid-19 vaccine to kids. >> 10 micrograms each dose. it outweighs the risk for use in children five to 11 years of age. amanda: an fda panel voting on pfizer vaccines for children five to 11 years old. it paves the way for emergency authorization. the fairgrounds vaccination site has staff ready to welcome the youngest to receive eligibility.
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preparation includes plans for families. >> we have scavenger hunts, fun activities. amanda: staff is also required to attend pediatric training to make sure everyone is up to speed on how to cater to kids. directions show proper positioning. separate from this site, the county plans to activate a mobile vaccination clinic and bring lower dose pfizer vaccine to schools in parts of the county, communities where vaccine rates might be lacking. >> if you go out into the community, that is 100% the answer. amanda: the county has -- >> a lot of preparation has already taken place. amanda: she said beyond the activities, the experience at the fairgrounds site, parents
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can prepare children by discussing in detail what she calls the latest opportunity for protection. the community has five main sites prepped and ready to go. abc 7 news. julian: the oakland unified school district board will be talking about how to enforce a vaccine requirement forstudents. the board approved the requirement for students 12 and older and they are trying to figure out how to enforce the rule by january 1. options include transferring unvaccinated students to an independent study school, banning unvaccinated students from participating in sports and other, or waiting for the state to adopt emergency processes. the meeting is set for 4:00 this afternoon.
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kumasi: demand is high for booster shots in san mateoskyovf cars were waiting to get into the event center. moderna, pfizer and j&j vaccines are available. you can sign up for vaccines at local pharmacies. you can ask our vaccine team any questions you have. just go to julian: there is a renewed hope for 'as -- a's fans that the a's could stay in oakland. a 4-1 vote, the agenda item came to a close within nine hours after the meeting started. >> it is time to make a move, whether that is a move to carry the ball further down the field, so to speak, to make progress,
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to outline next steps. >> we have all been out to the site. it is empty right now. the land will become useful. it will create jobs. julian: the next steps after the world series, the a's will announce the stadium site finalist. the city of oakland expects to complete its environmental impact report by the end of the year. in 2022, oakland officials can negotiate an agreement. kumasi: some people in the bay area are still without power this morning. look at these outages. the utility said it is working around-the-clock to try to restore power after the sunday storm. at last check, about 5000 bay area customers are still in the dark, including business owners. pg&e said the storm hit the peninsula particularly hard. some business owners try to
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operate in the dark. >> we are not getting compensated from pg&e, the insurance companies will not help us out because you have to be closed for three days straight. kumasi: power here was restored around 7:00 last night, 48 hours after the outage. julian: there is now enough snow on the ground in the sierra that at least one ski resort is opening up early. it will open friday and be open on weekends only for now before opening full-time on november 24. it recently changed its name because the old name was derogatory and offensive. the lift starts running at 9:00 friday morning. you can buy a ticket online in advance for about $120. mike: you wonder will be the first one. let's take a look at the seven day forecast. we have some real nice weather leading up to friday.
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it will be warmer than average by friday. then there is a wintry chance saturday and a better chance for winter weather, the moisture content will be higher monday. let's talk about what is going on in our neighborhoods. in the south bay, 49 in morgan hill. everyone else between 50 and 55. 57 and alameda and san francisco and napa. 53 in san pablo. pretty mild for late october. here is the way the south bay is shaping up. 73. we will be out of the 50's by 10:00 and out of the 60's by 2:00, hitting the low 70's for a couple hours. increasing sunshine. back into the 60's by 8:00. as we look at future radar, you can see the gray, but clouds
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melting away. expect sunshine turning to stars as we had through those time periods. for your commute, there is some patchyhacould pluenorth bay and. it will be warm this afternoon. you will probably not need a coat in most areas, but you will this morning. we will have a nice run of air quality through at least friday. there are some chances of wet weather as we headed to the weekend. sue: good morning. i thought we would show you some drive times right off the bat at 5:10. we have some sluggish traffic for our early morning commuters on westbound 580. about a 15 minute drive into dublin pleasanton. that is not too bad. across the golden gate, not too
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bad. roadwork in the northbound direction. southbound is down to two lanes. about a 40 minute drive across the -- about a 14 minute drive across the span of the san mateo bridge. smooth traffic in the westbound direction. we will keep up with it as best we can. julian: thank you. celebrating halloween with cute animals. the live cameras. kumasi: finding solutions to the kumasi: finding solutions to the bay area housing issue. all denny's pancakes are made to order with fresh buttermilk. but this month's spotlight stack feels like fall. and is the pumpkin-iest pecan pie drizzliest and most gram-worthy of them all. new! pumpkin pecan pancakes. this month's spotlight stack. see you at dennys
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♪ for bob it meant admitting ♪ ♪ that he needed reading glasses. ♪ ♪ healthier comes in all these ♪ ♪ different shapes and sizes. ♪ ♪ and ages and races and faces and eye-ses. ♪ ♪ and caring for them all means ♪ ♪ we're doing healthier right. ♪ ♪ so, let's do it all together people, ♪ ♪ 'cause this is what healthier looks like. ♪ julian: for the first time in modern history, a police officer in contra costa county was convicted in a shooting. the jury could not reach a verdict with the most serious charge. >> on tuesday, a contra costa jury convicted a police officer
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of assault with a firearm for shooting and killing a 33-year-old during a slow speed pursuit in danville and 2018. >> i hope it will have a positive impact on other officers to know there are consequences when you improperly kill someone or use your weapon. >> the jury deadlocked on the more serious voluntary manslaughter charge. >> previously, the sheriff's office cleared him of misconduct after the shooting. a civil rights attorney represents the family and said they expected him to be convicted on both counts. >> they are heartbroken about it. >> he also represents another family of a man who was shot and killed disher in danville, also by the officer. after hall shot wilson, he was placed on paid administrative leave. >> it is an interesting
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political issue as well as to the timing of all of this. >> a criminal defense attorney said the two verdicts are inconsistent since both rely on the same self-defense analysis. >> there is still a climate out there that suggests police are given the benefit of the doubt when the courtroom. >> a district attorney said the manslaughter is under review. in response, contra response, s sheriff said we ask our officers to make split-second decisions. many of the jurors understood that. i urge the d.a. not to retry this case. hall will be sentenced in the ih coming months. julian: all inmates at california prisons will have to
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be vaccinated against covid-19 if they want to have visitors. california's department of corrections and rehabilitation's made that announcement. this includes san quentin. medical and religious exemptions will be considered. a mandate does not apply to visitors. the requirement takes effect december 20. kumasi: emotions ran high during a town hall with a plan to close up to nine schools because of a budget crunch. >> i do not understand what you guys are doing and how you are hurting these kids who have invested so much of their own time, not just the teachers, but what they have created. >> we do not appreciate school closures. we know that students deserve better facilities. however, we would like to see more of the stakeholders involved in that decision-making process. kumasi: the district said it has
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a $14 million deficit. enrollment is declining and it is projected to drop even more. a final vote is expected before the end of the year. julian: the state has endorsed the building of adu's. in the east bay, there is some hesitancy, particularly along the winding road to the east bay hills. residents are concerned people living in extreme fire danger zones will be in harm's way. there is the potential for cars to get stuck in bottlenecks trying to evacuate. >> we saw it in the 1991 fire in oakland. we saw it in paradise. we saw it just a few weeks ago in south lake tahoe. julian: oakland and berkeley officials are currently working on amending their stances on adu's. abc 7 news was in san jose as a dwelling unit was lifted into
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place. the entire project from start to finish happen quickly. the permit was approved in less than 30 days as the city works the fast-track housing projects. >>uilding department of san jose is looking for interesting ways to add housing. they have really done a great job in removing the red tape involved in getting housing approved. julian: the 610 square-foot, two-bedroom, one-bath unit costs $259,000 which covers installation. kumasi: celebrating halloween be giving you a look at adoptable animals. we love this. the shelter is streaming from here is a look at some of the pups. it is national adopt a shelter
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dog month. mike: you need to keep those two together. kumasi: i feel like you need a lot of energy for those two. [laughter] kumasi: it would be fun. mi: that was so nice. should we take an early look at kumasi ok, mike. look at it. julian: we like that. kumasi: there are pumpkins. mike: i started at 5:00 because there are some younger kids would like to go out earlier when it is still sunny out. they get an early start and they get the mildest temperaturess. the sun will set at right now, here is a look at our roof camera, the flags are not
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moving. we have some cloud cover and a little bit of fog. it will turn mostly sunny and warmer by the afternoon. it will last through at least friday. we have a chance for drizzle saturday morning and a better chance of rain on monday. today will be warmer than yesterday, mid to upper 60's in half moon bay, san francisco and richmond. everyone else around 70 to 74 degrees. more fog is possible with less cloud cover. temperatures along the coast in the low to mid 50's. friday at 6:00, the sun is setting. here is a look at your drizzle that is possible saturday morning that quickly goes away. increasing sunshine in the afternoon. increasing clouds sunday. you can see the rain coming in during the morning commute on monday and hanging around through the evening commute. this particular model is the european model. it is the most aggressive with the rain and has us up to.75
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inches on monday. our other model has pretty much nothing. we are front the seven day forecast with our warmest and brightest days. kumasi: coming up, the seven things to know this morning. julian: we have to show you this. it might be the future of travel. we are talking about a flying bike. the price tag, you will not like it. kumasi: a story of survival. a scary
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kumasi: it is 5:23. here are seven things to know this morning. vaccines for 28 million children could get final fda authorization in the coming days. an advisory panel voted in support of the two-shot pfizer vaccine for children ages five to 11. julian: today, the oakland unified school district will discuss ways to enforce its vaccine requirements for students. the board approved a requirement for students 12 and over last month. kumasi: number three, the contra
5:24 am
costa county health department had to shut down the in-n-out in pleasant hill after more citations for not following the vaccine mandate. employees were not verifying the vaccine status of customers. julian: democrats are proposing a billionaires tax to pay for joe biden's infrastructure bill. mike:mike: number five -- temperatures warmer than yesterday, in the 60's and 70's. sue: it is a pretty quiet commute. bay bridge toll plaza, no lights are on at this point. kumasi: concerns about the health of queen elizabeth. she has canceled a trip to scotland one week after spending a night at the hospital. julian: in today's gma first look, a 12-year-old boy bitten
5:25 am
by a crocodile during a family vacation in mexico is talking about the attack. >> a harrowing survival story. >> first of all, a 12-year-old that is dragged into the water at night in a lagoon generally does not survive. >> charlie was vacationing in cancún, mexico at a resort when he was bitten by a crocodile during a round of hide and go seek. >> almost pushing on the inside of my leg. >> rushed to a hospital, doctors not le s g. today, he is able to walk and run, remaining unafraid of crocodiles. >> i would go back to that hotel. i would look at crocodiles in a lagoon. >> how did he escape? his story and what changes are being made at the resort, coming up at 7:00
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>> they said it will be charging fees. charging next month, the port will issue a $100 a day fine on each container that waits more than three days to be picked up by train or more than nine days to be hauled by truck. right now, the volume of ships waiting to be offloaded at the ports is at an all-time high. the ports hope a looming will speed things up. julian: the future of travel is here and it is straight from a science fiction movie. the creators of the hover bike unveiled it in japan. it can fly for 40 minutes. the bike is set to be released next year. the price tag is like bay area real estate. $680,000.
5:27 am
i cannot imagine what the insurance is like. kumasi: does it have a top to go over it? julian: that is a good question. can you fly it in the rain? would that be safe? kumasi: it looks cool, though. julian: it better look cool for that much money. coming up at 5:30, a rescue team with some advice. kumasi: a big change at two bart stations 20 years later. sunday'e weheave pro teslowing whaethnebl live look outside as ♪ ♪ have you seen those small bowl---? oh! careful with the... (dishes break) sorry, mrs. c! excuse me, could we-- ♪ ♪ excuse me, i was wondering could we-- ? bedroom!
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♪ ♪ ♪ got an amazing deal on this gourmet pepper mill at marshalls. its so fancy! ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at 5:30, in-n-out
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burger getting attention across the bay area. one has been forced to shut down. julian: finding solutions to the homeless crisis. a once controversial navigation center may be staying open even longer. kumasi: a strong storm hitting the east coast. 45 million people in its path. the conditions we are seeing this morning. julian: that is intent video. good morning, thank you for being here. it is wednesday, october 27. you are watching abc 7 news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. kumasi: we want to start with a look at our forecast. mike: hi, everybody. the marine layer is back. there is a lot of moisture hugging the ground. you will run into some clouds as you run through some of her higher terrain. even in some of our valleys, we are seeing patchy fog.
5:31 am
this could ooze across and down into the south bay. if you are heading out, temperatures are mild. low to mid 50's. you can definitely see increasing sunshine by the time we get to noon. even in the upper 60's. some low 70's by 4:00. mostly sunny skies. if you are heading out this evening, it will be pretty clear. back into the 60's by 7:00. julian: at least one more in-n-out restaurant has been temporarily shut down this morning. three lar -- locations are in trouble. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is joining us outside of the pleasant hill location with what the company has to say. amy: if you look behind me, the lights are on, they have the cones in place to help with
5:32 am
crowd control for this popular restaurant, but it is closed. they have signs letting customers know the drive-thru is not open. the contra costa county health department shut down this in-n-out in pleasant hill because officials say employees were not verifying the vaccine status of customers, which is required by a county mandate. they are also looking at the restaurants at pinole and san ramon. the company released a statement saying they refuse to be the vaccination police for any government. here is a sample of what we heard from customers and an elected official. >> it is not their job. they are here to make hamburgers for us. >> government overreach. >> it is still important. we are not out of this. >> the need to do what 99% of the other restaurants are doing, follow the rules and not be the exception. amy: contra costa county suspended the restaurant's food
5:33 am
permit for "creating a public health hazard." the health department said it must remain closed until the hazard is fixed. julian: thank you. the in-n-out at san francisco's fisherman's wharf is being investigated again after a complaint about people being allowed to eat inside. indoor dining was shut down after the restaurant was cited. governor newsom plans to visit a health clinic in alameda county. the governor wants to increase vaccination rates and booster shot for eligible populations. boosters are approved for the pfizer, moderna and johnson & johnson's covid-19 vaccines. kumasi: there has been a major development in president biden's massive infrastructure bill. democrats are proposing a
5:34 am
billionaires tax to pay for it, which would impact some of the country's richest people, including elon musk, mark zuckerberg and jeff bezos. there would be an added 15% tax rate for companies that make more than $1 billion per year. joe biden has run into resistance from democrats. the cost of the bill has been slashed from around $3 trillion to $1.75 trillion. julian: executives from major social media companies face scrutiny from lawmakers on capitol hill. yesterday, leaders from tiktok, snapchat and youtube testified about what the companies are doing to protect children online. the hearing was part of a push from lawmakers to scrutinize social media companies. a facebook whistleblower claim facebook put profit over safety. >> what will it take for
5:35 am
platforms to finally crack down on the viral challenges, the illicit drugs, the eating disorder content and the child sexual abuse material? julian: executives said they welcomed regulation to promote safety online, but they would not give a clear answer on whether they are in favor of a specific federal bill that would expand privacy protections for kids online. kumasi: a big storm over the weekend took a big toll on bay area trees. in san francisco, 900 trees damaged. experts say california's historic drought likely made them even more vulnerable because some trees were already suffering from root damage from lack of water. when the rain saturated the ground come the trees lost their grip. julian: 45 million people are in the path of a powerful nor'easter barreling up the east coast.
5:36 am
a live look outside of boston. you can see the winds are furious. the storm is in eastern massachusetts. flooding rains and wind gusts of 80 miles per hour are blamed for 43,000 power outages in the state. homes are boarded up. the storm is moving north after flooding parts of new york and new jersey, which declared states of emergency. >> as soon as i made the turn, my car started smoking. >> my driveway was a river. julian: the rain and wind gusts are expected to last through today's morning commute. more storms are expected this weekend. kumasi: a shooting investigation. a big news conference set for today. julian: the return of music festivals in san francisco. one important note if you plan to go. first up, we check back in with
5:37 am
meteorologist mike nicco. mike: here is a look. boston, just getting pummeled right now with large surf, heavy rains and winds up to 65 miles per hour. it is reaching all the way down to new york, at least the winds are, but the heaviest of rain is over for that area. the residual effects could be around all day. let's head to the east bay, 51 in fremont. everyone else in the mid to upper 50's. marine layer clouds and a little bit of fog slowly spreading across your neighborhoods. temperatures in the low to mid 50's just about everywhere. san francisco is one of the warmer spots. fairfield at 57. 61 at 10:00. 64 at noon. we will hover near 70 for the better part of the afternoon
5:38 am
with increasing sunshine. all of us can watch the early morning clouds, some of them hang around during lunch, there will be fewer, for sure. as we head into the afternoon and evening hours, it looks like a pretty sunny day. your activity planner for today, if you are exercising or running errands, and the beaches are calming down after the large swells over the last two to three days. tree pollen is still there. moderate amounts of cedar, juniper and pine. we will take a look at that weekend, including the outside forecast. sue: good morning, everyone. it is pretty light out there. knock on whatever you can this morning. san rafael, the tailgates in the southbound direction. moving well through marin county
5:39 am
and across the golden gate bridge to get into the city. this is the richmond san rafael brsmidoogeth. sailing on the westbound direction over to marin. roadwork in the eastbound direction. one lane shut down. in the eastbound direction, you might see some sluggish traffic. overall, about a 40 minute drive out of tracy up and over the altamont pass. that is pretty typical for any day of the week. we do have clear sailing westbound on highway
5:40 am
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we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪ the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. kumasi:kumasi: new details this morning in the investigation into the deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's new movie.
5:42 am
the production company has hired a law firm for an investigation into what happened. officials in new mexico will hold a news conference this morning. criminal charges are possible. >> this morning, the deadly shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie could result in criminal charges. the district attorney tells the new york times investigators have not ruled out anything, sing everything at this point is on the table. -- saying everything at this point is on the table. >> was it loaded with a bullet? >> authorities are trying to determine how a prop gun discharged, killing a cinematographer and injuring the movie's director. >> hollywood has been shaken to the core, literally, by this, because we deal with prop guns every single day. it is a tough blow to your craft. >> authorities say the
5:43 am
investigation is focused on ballistics evidence. a search want authorities collected ammunition and firearms. it is unclear if they were blanks or bullets. investigators are looking into who handled the gun before it was given to alec baldwin. the person in charge of weapons onset prepare the gun. assistant director handed it to baldwin. according to a producer, the person was fired from a different project in 2019 after an alleged gun mishap. kumasi: abc news will have a special report for that news conference in new mexico. it is expected to start around 9:00 this morning and you can watch it live right here on abc 7, or are streaming apps. julian: a man who served time for raping three people is set to be released from prison and moved to east palo alto.
5:44 am
he plans to move to a home near beech street and clark avenue. community members will have the chance to express concerns. he served 17 years of a 36 year sentence. he was convicted in 1982 and 1994. a hearing is scheduled for december 1 at 9:00 a.m. a once controversial navigation center that provide shelter and resources to the homeless could stay open longer. the san francisco port commission is meeting to discuss extending the lease on the center for another two years spent his supervisor supports the extension, saying the city has received few complaints with the center over recent months. a group said there were complaints when the center first open but conditions have improved. >> it has brought people off of the streets, transition them to
5:45 am
housing. julian: he said in a few years, the navigation center will be developed for housing. kumasi: san francisco could be on the verge of another first of its kind law. we first told you about this yesterday on abc 7 mornings. the proposal would cover people like housecleaners and nannies. many work for multiple employers so they are not able to build up enough time to take a sick day. >> we have to think of new ways to make sure workers can have dignity in the workplace. not only earn minimum wage, but other essential benefits like sick leave, medical insurance, retirement benefits. kumasi: it could take six to nine months to work its way through the legislative process. julian: after 20 years, bart is set to reopen restrooms at two
5:46 am
of its busiest stations. restrooms will be available again. they have been renovated and they will be initially staffed with attendants. the transit agency closed bathrooms at 10 underground stations following 9/11 attacks. kumasi: bay area public transit will face one of its biggest tests this weekend as it emerges from the pandemic. tens of thousands of people are expected to pack golden gate park for a music festival. sky 7 was over the park or most of the event space is set up. bart will run hourly trains on sunday night after 9:00. organizers say you should not drive to the festival because there is very limited parking. julian: this is almost unbelievable. if you are ever lost in the woods or the mountains, answer
5:47 am
your phone. that is the advice of a colorado rescue team that got a report of a missing hiker. when the person did not return, the family got worried. rescuers set out to look for the hiker who was eventually found, but they said the whole thing could have been easier if the hiker just answered the phone. the hiker said the north repeated calls from search and rescue teams because they did not recognize the number. one part, we can kind of empathize. the spam this point. he did not answer the phone. he was not looking for the free cruise. mike: timeshare? no. kumasi: this does not make sense . i am sure his family was calling, too. he was ignoring them, too? he went out there to get his
5:48 am
peace. mike: kumasi is all over this. just leave me alone. julian: wow. mike: way to go, come aussie. -- way to go, kumasi. she unraveled that ministry quickly. -- she unraveled that mystery quickly. it will be a mostly sunny afternoon. we are looking for more fog to develop. the weekend begins with a little bit of drizzle. most of it for your outdoor activities will be drive. today's temperatures are close to average. mid to upper 60's in san francisco, oakland. how about 70 to 74 degrees for the rest of us. some of that warmth will linger overnight. we are going to be in the upper
5:49 am
40's to mid-50's. some better chance for fog around the south bay and along the coast tonight. let's talk about the drizzly start. high clouds over top of us. it could be a gorgeous sunset. waking up tomorrow morning. that is the lowest threshold for future radar possible. it will be saturated below 3000 to 4000 feet. thicker clouds for sun trick-or-treating. the european model is really picking up and pushing the rainfall amounts with this next system to even higher levels. they are pretty impressive. once we get past saturday, look at this, anywhere from a half inch to nearly one inches possible. the other model is giving us pretty much nothing. just to give you a heads up, a 1
5:50 am
on the storm impact scale. kumasi: more concerned this morning about the health of queen elizabeth. she has canceled plans to travel to the upcoming u.n. climate conference. she canceled a trip to ireland last week and spent the night in the hospital for preliminary investigation. doctors have advised her to rest. buckingham palace said she will deliver a message to the climate conference. judge judy is set to tackle a new set of cases. she is making her debut on amazon's streaming platform and a show called "judy justice." she sat down for a one-on-one interview for what viewers can expect. >> my message remains consistent. you have to be the best you can
5:51 am
be. do not interfere with anybody's life negatively. we live in a rough-and-tumble place. within that space, you can be a good citizen. kumasi: she previously starred in a long-running series, "judge judy." julian: she just does not let . she does not play. all new at 6:00, a flat that turned into an "a" list celebrity sighting. kumasi: the adorable animal. julian: also this morning, and update on a suspended san jose
5:52 am
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julian: welcome back. 5:53. a suspended san jose sharks forward and his estranged wife have withdrawn domestic violence -- against each other. in september, she accused her estranged husband of physical abuse and sexual assault. he denied the accusation and the nhl later said the allegations could not be substantiated in its investigation. he is currently serving a 21 game suspension without pay for submitting a fake covid-19 vaccination card. kumasi: alphabet reported its highest quarterly revenue in 14 years. google ad revenue was up 43% in the third quarter to more than $53 billion. that is a $17 billion increase
5:55 am
from the same time last year. the pandemic turbocharge the company's core advertising. julian: apparently kids are not the only ones who were excited about getting to halloween treats. a tortoise at the oregon zoo is also excited. he is an african spurred tortoise. he appears shy at first, investigating his orange snack. he really liked to eat the pumpkin once he got into it. the oregon zoo shared this video. kumasi: that makes me so happy. he is so cute. julian: he is like, can you get this camera away from my face? i am trying to enjoy my pumpkin. kumasi: if you need some
5:56 am
halloween costume ideas, we have a list for you. julian: a top story this morning. pfizer's big vaccine step forward for children. we show you the way it is making the shot differently. kumasi: key vaccine bandit meeting from one of the bay area's biggest school district. julian: here at 5:56 look outside. we will have another check of traffic in a few minutes. >> i am hearing from victims across the country. their bank accounts were drained in seconds but the banks would not refund their money until. >> my money is back. >> i could not be any more thankful. >> 7 on your side. >> it is -- >> we will
5:57 am
i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv.
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6:00 am
keeping rooted in oakland. >> the ski slopes opening soon. the snowfall lead i tahoe resort to open up early. >> it is october the 27th. you are watching abc seven mornings live. >> we want to check in with mike for the forecast. mike: let's start off by showing you how dry it is. no radar returns to speak of. a little bit of low cloudiness pushing into the bay and it's not very widespread and it's not very thick but it could be an issue here and there. so far, the thickest of the fog is going to linger into tomorrow's forecast. temperatures in the mid-50's when you step outside. mid 60's at noon. temperatures back to average


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