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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 28, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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this school mask mandate meeting. laying out the consequences for students who refuse to get the shot. kumasi: plus, president biden's build back better talks happening as we speak. people camped out there, waiting for this crucial meeting with democrats, tracking the urgent deadline and the high-stakes breakthrough. we are hearing from them this morning. julian: we have a lot to get to as you wake up this morning on thursday, october 28. you're watching abc 7 live, from hulu live forever you stream. kumasi: and we are glad jobina b is back with us. jobina: yeah! mike: and we saw some pictures on her social media. bring that back. some of the warmest weather is this afternoon and tomorrow, but look at how thick the fog is in
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the north bay, and some patches of fog around the north bay itself. we continue to watch the san rafael camera,lor and lower andr the buildings because of the fog. mid-60's, near 70 at noon with most of the fog turning to sunshine by then. mid 70's for the rest of the summer sunshine at 4:00, back into the 60's as we head into 7:00. kumasi: and a lot of parents are wondering what will happen with students who are not vaccinated. we have an answer from one of the biggest districts in the bay area. students will have to opt for independent study or leave the district altogether. amy hollyfield going us live with the board's decision. amy: the vaccination rates among oakland students are low. i have been looking at the number of eligible students.
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57.5% of the students in oakland have one dose. compare that to the city of oakland, 88.4% of the city has at least one shot. this will impact a lot of students and also brings out a lo pares. listen to this tense moment that happened at the meeting last night. >> people we to wear their masks -- >> please put your mask back on. amy: the board last night approved requiring students 12 and older to get at least one shot by january 1. coming up in a couple months. in order to attend school in person. if they don't, students will have to make the switch to an independent study program or un-enroll from school altogether. one board member said after the vote, she has her concerns. >> i guess we need an update
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soon to find out what that will mean for all the 50% of black and brown students not vaccinated. amy: the school district will focus on outreach and education to try and convince families to vaccinate their kids. that the decision that will need to be made soon -- -- -- -- or in person school -- by january 1. julian: pfizer says the says the government is buying 50 million of its additional doses of covid-19 vaccine to vaccinate kids. the cdc is expected to authorize the vaccine for five to 11-year-olds next week. dr. anthony fauci says it is important for children to get vaccinated, even though it impacts them less seriously than adults. >> all you need to do is go to the pediatric hospitals around
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the country and you see particularly what the delta variant, which has a much greater chance of transmitting, that more kids are getting infected. julian: this comes as a new poll is out this morning from the kaiser family foundation, showing parents are still cautious about getting their family vaccinated. 33% say they would wait and how the shot works and others. two thirds of the parents say they are concerned about the potential long-term side effects. kumasi: people against vaccine mandates are rallying around in-n-out. >> stand up and stop these mandates. kumasi: about a dozen demonstrators showed up to the san ramon location last night. the chain has previously said it is not the vaccination police. doctors say mandating
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restaurants to check proof of vaccination creates a safer environment. >> it has become a giant excuse for the government to control more people's lives, encroach on more people's liberties. >> i have had my vaccine leading up to this, but if it is not something i am ok with being put in my body, that is not something that should be forced upon me. >> to transmit covid indoors versus outdoors? kumasi: tuesday, the pleasant hill in-n-out was closed. it has since reopened, but the location san ramon is still closed. happening now, president biden is about to sit down with house democrats to get his key spending bill through congress. jobina: months of negotiations and stalled talks, this could be a major breakthrough for the president. inside the capitol, the
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president is arriving any moment to meet with democrats. people are waiting, and we will keep moving forward here, but mr. biden is set to unveil a new framework that would gain support from all democrats. the plan would be much less than what he wanted and what he promised on the campaign trail. major concessions had to be made to get everyone on board, tuition free community college will likely be dropped. the child tax credit will be extended for one additional year. paid family leave and medical leave could also be dropped. it's a move to senator joe manchin on board. >> to expand social programs when you have trust funds that are solvent going insolvent, i can't explain that. it doesn't make sense to me. kumasi: mansion is also --
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manchin is also against how the bill would be paid for, saying taxing billionaires o would be divisive. we are expected to hear from the president later this morning after the meeting with democrats and later today, traveling overseas for a pair of international summits. kumasi: thank you, jobina. shots fired on one of the bay area's busiest freeways. what the chp is saying about the deadly shooting investigation, which happened right in the middle of rush hour. julian: and it's in the works, the world cup, coming right here.
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kumasi: happening now, a live look outside the u.s. capito l. the president arrived a short while ago and he is there to speak to house democrats about the bill -- build back better agenda. the president is set to unveil a new framework that would gain support of all democrats, and address america about the next steps in getting his economic agenda done. mike: some local temperatures on the peninsula in the mid to upper 50's, the 60's in pacifica. 53 in palo alto, 57 in oakland, 52 in napa. 57 and 60's through noon and low 70's for a couple of hours this afternoon, falling into the mid 60's by 8:00. the commute looks acquired as we look from 880 northward.
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the fog along the coast and in the north bay values, it's slipping into other neighborhoods and will be around the entire morning commute, lingering through at least 9:00 before it starts to fade. saturday morning, a drizzle and stray shower, and you get anything out of this, it will be a couple hundreds. jobina: we are taking a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights came on and you can see we have a slight slowdown as we make our way west bound on the bay bridge. it will be 10 minutes for that ride across. things are moving smoothly at walnut creek. this is showing off 680, but the southbound traffic is beginning to fill in, where you see all those taillights. i pulled up this graphic because we have a new crash coming in in richmond. a slight slowdown there.
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it's not clear if injuries are involved, but multiple cars are, so keep an eye out for t right now. back to you. kumasi: montana native cindy schaefer shared this video -- this is called a bison jam, cindy said she was driving through yellowstone earlier this month when this happened. animals kept going to wherever they needed to go. they passed the cars before crossing the bridge and cindy says no matter how many times she goes to yellowstone, she always enjoys seeing the bison. i beloved bay area mexican restaurant shut down during the pandemic, now safe and coming back. julian: and the new coming out for you to buy, promising to fix one of the most annoying parts of brushing.
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kumasi: the chp is investigating a shooting that left one person dead and shut down the freeway and -- in the east this happened on interstate 580" part of the freeway near the street. -- 580 and and and and and and d freeway near hyde street. the victim was driving this white car you see here. several people called to report people shooting at each other. it said the gunfire came from semiautomatic gun inside a silver car. the bay area is in the running to host the 2026 world cup, and local leaders say it would be a huge economic boost, part of
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building a better bay area. mandy delk is still your explains -- mandy del explains why levi's stadium is the perfect site. mandy: backed by salesforce, airbnb, google and others, including the mayors of oakland and san jose. >> we have a great tra dition of we have shown we are a soccer crazed community. mandy: fifa is fifa is fifa is examine each state's capabilities to be a host venue and whether the surrounding region is to double. -- is suitable. >> we are talking about the kind of multiculturalism we really
6:17 am
celebrate here. mandy: the world bring the potential to rebound from pandemic related events. it could bring $300 million to the bay area. >> it gets cash registers going and is so needed right now. mandy: fans say it is an achievable goal, knowing the bay area has been the backdrop for many premier national and global events. >> we are silicon valley, we are present on the map, so i think it would draw a great crowd. mandy: t t t officials will be touring levi's stadium. i'm amanda custodio, julian: there is a is a is a isa wage gaps across the state. jobina is at the live desk to
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explain. jobina: the pay gap study is the result of a state law passed last year that requires large companies to submit reports on how much they pay employees based by job type, gender and race. the gender pay gap between men and non-men in 2020 was billion dollars. the gap between whites and nonwhites was $61 billion. the study also found industries that pay more also have larger pay gaps. professional, scientific, and technical services had the largest gender pay gap per employee, about $7,800. aderholt data shows california is one of just a few states where women's pay averages 85% or better than that of their male counterparts. julian? julian: still a long way to go. a long time mexican restaurant is returning to the east bay
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after it was forced to shut down because of the pandemic. according to diablo magazine, it's getting ready to reopen in a new location in walnut creek. we checked out it's lafayette spot last year after 73 years in business. they are working to move to the current maria maria space in walnut creek and will hopefully reopen by the end of the year. kumasi: this is getting a lot of buzz online. pixar is out for the trailer with the upcoming film "lightyear." it's not about buzz light year from toy story, but the astronaut, who apparently inspired the toy in the pixar universe. julian: and joe exotic is apparently back. netflix dropped season two the tiger king, but this time
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mr. exotic is in a cage of his own. >> [inaudible] >> carol knows something. >> we have more money than god right now. julian: season two is full of the same players as before, carol baskin, jeff lowe, and the one and only joe exotic, still serving a 22 year prison sentence after his murder for hire schemes targeting his rival, carol baskin. this was a big early pandemic watch. kumasi: i remember. julian: i've seen enough carol baskin, though. that i watched the trailer and did not see enough of her. kumasi: i wondered why she wouldn't be -- maybe she is doing her own thing. i don't know. we will see. it will be entertaining -- you haven't watched it, mike? mike: i couldn't after finishing squid game.
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i need something to cleanse my conscience, go to ted lasso and then the tiger king. the push and pull of emotions is real. this is like me trying to stay awake during the world series, slowly getting darker and darker and darker as the fog gets thicker and thicker. more visibility in the north bay than anywhere else, but winds aren't pulling whatsoever. it will take us from fog to sunshine and bring us the warmest temperatures in the seven-day forecast. a slight chance of showers bnd . 71, richmond, that's the next one, so everyone else in the 70's, around the low to mid 70's. even around livermore, sam -- santa rosa and san rafael. temperatures will be around the same as this morning, low to mid 50's.
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monday morning, we are heading through and have slowed down the forward progress of the storm. it moves into the north bay midmorning. by midafternoon, moving into the rest of the bay, a few lingering showers left over for tuesday's morning commute. the evening commute will be the dicier one to deal with. wednesday, looking at some rain moving in for the evening and in the overnight hours, thursday morning will be a pretty troublesome commute due to the left over rain. these storms are more potent then the scattered shower we will get saturday, but half a n inch to three inchesches out of second one. it will be cooler as we head through the weekend and into the middle of next week. julian? julian: let's turn to rob marciano, live with a look at what is coming up on gma. good morning, rob.
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rob: good morning, good to have you all with us. we've got a nice little sunrise coming up here with you, for our gma viewers as we trace the severe weather that was in your area, no moving through the southeast. we also have a lot of other news overnight, dealing with what is going on in washington. president ayden prepares for a -- president biden prepares for a high-stakes foreign trip, and compromises on his investment agenda. the latest on whether or not he has a deal. and the latest on the investigation into the fatal shooting on the set of alec baldwin's movie. the sheriff join us live for an abc news exclusive. plus, the new warning for parents ahead of halloween. why it's more important than ever to check your kids' candy. and farrell williams is keeping us happy on this thursday. what's better than that?
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kumasi: new developments in the effort to build a public arts high school in san francisco. san francisco decided to reallocate the funds for the school. the 100 million dollars in bond money will instead be used to make improvements at existing schools. that includes portable air cleaners, schoolyard improvements and the planning of new facilities in the bayview neighborhood. tropicana has come up with a toothpaste that will not ruin the taste of orange juice.
6:27 am
here is their instagram post, saying toothpaste ruins oj, so they made a limited edition toothpaste. you cannot buy it, you have to enter for a chance to win this by leaving a comment on their instagram page. next up at six: 30, 1 major u.s. city program. julian: and steph curry talking about a surprising conversation with the man on oklahoma's death row. kumasi: and mcdonald's dollar menu no more? get ready to pay up next time you hit the drive-thru. julian: and the beautiful
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. julian: up with us at 6:30, the california drought crisis causing water cuts and new fees. the chance to weigh in today. >> if you are not prepared to wear a mask, you are not prepared to fly. kumasi: a flight attendant attacked on an overnight flight to orange county. the actions of the unruly passenger on board. julian: and after a week of wild weather, possible weekend warm-up on the way. mike times out the day for you today. kumasi: good morning. it is thursday, october 20 eighth. we want to check in now with mike, because we hear some nice weather is on the way.
6:31 am
mike: you will like this afternoon, and to some extent tomorrow afternoon will not have as much sunshine. good morning, 6:31. a little fly in the ointments, the fog continues to get thicker and thicker on our san rafael cam. you can see it is pretty dangerous, the visibility across the north bay, and it will remain that way through the morning commute. mid-50's through most neighborhoods, oakland, 57 degrees, a little milder there. the fog leaves us with a bit of haze and sunshine, mid 60's to near 70 for the lunch hour, than most of us will be in the 70's around four :00, falling back to the 60's at 7:00. we have a bit of chances of brain before then, let's go to jobina with traffic. jobina: i want to camera here. if you can see right in the
6:32 am
bottom left corner, the car with the hazards that is blocking the lane. this is beginning to slow things down because they have not been able to move out of the way, and the backups continue. the average speed as you make your way in san francisco will be around 25 miles per hour and then just for reference here, this is what it looks like at the toll plaza. hearing lights came on at 5:50 -- metering lights came on at 5:59. kumasi: president biden arriving on capitol hill, 15 minutes ago. he was there with house speaker nancy pelosi and his meeting with democrats about his landmark infrastructure bill. biden is set to unveil a new framework for his plan that would gain support of all democrats. julian: also in in in in hospitality workers, including housekeepers and cooks, are hitting the picket lines. it's part of a nationwide day of events calling for better jobs.
6:33 am
they are outside of the berkeley doubletree hilton in the berkeley marina. they are calling it striketober. you can see some of the signs they are holding, full-service now reads one of them. despite the big rain we saw over the weekend, we are still dealing with drought. in the south bay, residents were told to cut back, and about one million people are set to be hit with the toughest water restrictions in the entire state. amy, today, there is a public ab hearing being held about these new rules. amy: they asked people to conserve, that didn't get it done, so they are looking to take it one step further. this will require some changes that most or all homes, or prepare to pay. the plan would require residents to cut their water use by 15% from 2019 levels or pay
6:34 am
surcharges. they would out on a a -- add on a surcharge for every extra unit of water you used. reservoirs are currently at record low levels and they are taking this very seriously. this will impact about one million customers in the south bay, and if this all passes and is approved, this will be in about two weeks on november 15, but it's time to think about shorter showers, less watering of the lawns. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kumasi: exxon mobil executives s will testify in washington about climate change. this is the first time they will be answering questions about the roles their companies may have played.
6:35 am
the fossil fuel industry has been involved in decades long campaigns aimed at creating confusion about the cause of climate change and instilling skepticism in the science. also, gavin newsom's will be -- team will be holding a press conference. julian: governor newsom put himself front and center in oakland. dr. mark -- newsom the shot. he got modernity his booster -- moderna for his booster, to show the safety of mixing and matching. >> we know the ticket out of this pandemic is getting booster shots and getting that unvaccinated vaccinated, and we still have work to do. julian: the governor warned californians not to let their
6:36 am
guard down during the winter months. he is can turned -- concerned covid rates could spike again like they did last year. >> we have about three point 5 million children in this age group and this is our opportunity to offer vaccines. we will have more than 1.2 million doses fully approved. kumasi: the announcement comes one day after the fda granted emergency authorization to pfizer to author its vaccine that children -- to offer its vaccine to children ages five to 11. the state is hoping to have most kids vaccinated before the holidays. julian: if you have questions about covid-19 vaccine mandates, policies, or other questions where you live, go to and click one -- vaccine and click on the
6:37 am
blue box. kumasi: this morning, we are learning more about the people who handled the weapon in the alex baldwin shooting on set. jobina: last month steadily shooting is revealing potential safety violations on the set. a colt .45 was loaded before it was handed to alec baldwin and went off, killing a cinematographer. newly released documents showed hall's admitted he failed to fully check it. gutierrez rea checked the dummies and make sure -- made sure they were not live rounds. they spoke about the latest steps in the investigation. >> we are looking to find out how the live rounds ended up on
6:38 am
set, who brought them to the set and why they were on the set. that's the key question our investigators are focusing on right now. jobina: prosecutors say how the live rounds got into the gun will be a key factor in determining how the charges will be filed. negligence charges are more likely. julian: you don't see this every day -- yeah. a motorhome crashed over after a long police chase across the bay area. here what police have to say this morning. kumasi: and they live look at the big board at the new york stock exchange. julian: and a jet blue flight, one way for just $31. the mega sales happening right now from san francisco to l.a., but there are some major catches to the deal that you need to know about before you buy the tickets. mike: if you are staying here at home, we have some fog this morning. sunshine this afternoon and
6:39 am
changes through the weekend. let's talk about what's going on in los altos, 61, everyone else in the mid to upper 50's across the south bay. 53 in nevada, dan dan dan right now. for the south bay, 50's through 8:00, 60's through 10:00. the average high is 73, we will be two to three degrees warmer than that this afternoon. the fog has made it into san francisco, and the air is thick and the visibility is being reduced across the north bank. you will need the sunglasses and sunscreen if you are out running errands or exercising, but outside, it will be gorg 60 at noon, 64 at 3:00, then back into the 50's as we head into the evening hours. waking up to cloud cover, spotty drizzle, and there is a chance of some showers as we head into
6:40 am
saturday evening through sunday morning. by the time we get to halloween, it will be fine. a mixture of sons and clouds and stars and clouds in the mid-50's. jobina: that graphic was fancy. we are going back to the bay bridge, because we have a stall on the upper deck that is causing a bit of a problem. you see the hazards on in the bottom left corner, so we have a lane blocked as you make your way into san francisco on the western span, slowing down the driver crossover. the sensors tell us it will take you 20 minutes to get across the bay bridge. that's once you make it through the metering lights, which came on at five: 39, and taking a look at the richmond-san rafael look at the richmond-san rafael brid the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier.
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kumasi: new this morning, the person under investigation for stealing a motorhome in san francisco ends up in the hospital after crashing in san ramon. all this started around 8:00 last night when officers started to follow the stolen rv. the person running a red light and crashing into a car. the driver hit had minor injuries and it is not clear how badly the suspect is hurt. the investigation closed overnight and police are expected to release more information later this morning. julian: an american airlines flight headed to orange county had to be diverted overnight after a flight attendant was assaulted. jobina: the flight ended up making the emergency landing in denver. once it was on the ground, law enforcement took the passenger into custody. witnesses said the man who got violent was refusing to wear a
6:44 am
mask. >> there was a doctor on the flight, luckily, who said it wasn't broken, but she was bleeding. >> if you aren't wearing a mask, you are not prepared to fly. >> in terms of men hitting women, it's absolutely absurd and ridiculous. kumasi: american said in a statement "we are outraged by took place on board." the aircraft eventually did make it to orange county. kumasi: new developments for the california man caught living undiscovered at the chicago o'hare international airport three months. a local judge just cleared him of his trespassing charges. prosecutors said the 37-year-old man was on a chicago bound flight from los angeles earlier this year, but authorities claim that he said the covid pandemic made him too afraid to fly. he roamed the airport's
6:45 am
area with access to shops and bathrooms, and often relied on the kindness of strangers to bite -- by him food. julian: police say 27-year-old javon night and pushed a senior citizen to the ground on tuesday. a woman saw it happen and thought it was a robbery, so she followed the guy. when she confronted him, he stabbed her and kicked her >> before running off. >>two other ladies were with her , out in the street, and we saw there was a police car in front of walgreens. julian: witnesses helped police catch the suspect. officers say they are looking into this as a possible hate crime elements in the case. the senior citizen attacked was of asian dissent. kumasi: warriors start steph
6:46 am
curry made a surprise phone call to a man on oklahoma's death row. he has spent 19 years in prison for a murder he said he didn't commit. the case got national attention after abc aired his story in 2018. curry and the warriors were in oklahoma to play the thunder when he got jones on the phone. >> i got goosebumps right now. you come out of a basketball game, you are celebrating a win, and then you are like, what is it like in his shoes right now? it kind of checks you a little bit and gives you an appreciation's for blessings in your life, but also work that needs to be done. talking to him for five minutes, he is talking about basketball, talking about meeting up hopefully when he is out. kumasi: jones was granted a temporary stay of executions while judges consider a lawsuitt
6:47 am
over the lethal injection process. julian: building will be a hub for research and brain disorders, neurological diseases, and psychiatric conditions. the center was made possible by a $185 million gift from joan and sandy while, and the wild family foundation. they hope this will lead to breakthroughs in treatment. >> we like to support the underdog. when you look at that medicine over the past several decades, we've made tremendous progress in cancer and many other diseases, but the brain is the most complicated part of the body and so far, while there has been progress, we have not had
6:48 am
any real cures yet. julian: the center will also feature new clinics for diagnosing and treating diseases like multiple sclerosis, parkinson's, and alzheimer's disease. kumasi: a potentially record-breaking holiday shopping season for the second year in a row. sales could bump up to 10.5% compared to last year. online and in-store sales are expected to ca major jump. the rise is caused by higher consumer confidence. more people are back at work, meaning more disposable income. the federation says shoppers are starting earlier this year because of concerns about the supply chain. new at 6:00, a major change once you visit the double arches. mcdonald's has been raising pay to hang onto its workers, but it will show up in higher menu prices. wages are up at least 10% this year and mcdonald says rices are going to be up around 6%
6:49 am
compared to last year. uber is joining the partnership between tesla and hertz. starting monday, who were drivers will be able to rent tesla they can use on the job in san diego, l.a., san francisco, and washington, d.c. hoover says this is a huge step towards its zero emissions goal. in the meantime, some bad news for gm and ford. the computer chip shortage has slammed the brakes on profits. profits fell 40% for gm in the most recent quarter, ford's profits? down 17%. a lack of computer chips slowed down battery production. let's take a live look at the stock exchange as trading gets underway this morning. we are up i about 170 points. julian: up next, a controversial program for resolving
6:50 am
homelessness in miami is up for a vote today. it's called the adopt a homeless program. this is similar to the states's foster care program. this sparked outrage among homeless advocates in the city, one advocate calling it a sarcastic proposal. kumasi: a bear is back in the woods this morning after it was spotted roaming around a southern california neighborhood. the neighbor says her security camera got pictures of the bear and her bushes and on her driveway. experts say the bear was probably hungry. >> they were looking for their next meal. there are a number of reasons for a bear to be there. kumasi: an elementary school in san diego's was briefly locked down because a bear was spotted on that campus. the bear was sedated after it was caught and taken back to the angeles national forest. julian: it's just hungry for knowledge. [laughter] kumasi: mike, no.
6:51 am
mike: you can't eat knowledge. [laughter] mike: 6:51 this morning, and the fog keeps getting thicker across the north bay. the him of that is trying to slip southward and the fog will hang around throughout the morning commute. some isolated showers are possible saturday, not a game changer. a dry sunday for halloween and rain chances more impressive monday and wednesday. 70's about everywhere, 67 along the coast near half moon bay with sunshine, a few more low clouds as we had in the parts of the afternoon hours. the low clouds and fog, you can see them spreading throughout the area tonight. areas of high clouds may stop during monday's morning commute.
6:52 am
into the afternoon, the rain starts to roll in. a few lingering showers tuesday morning, so monday night into tuesday morning are the commutes that will be most affected. wednesday, it comes in during the afternoon and evening hours and hangs around through the thursday commute. we are looking at a half-inch in the south bay to more than one inch in the north bay. light storms on the storm impact scale. enjoy the 60's and 70's -- cooler this weekend, kumasi. kumasi: and we are truly blessed when we look at this. a powerful storm systems bond multiple tornadoes in texas, including this. you can see power flashing as it crosses the highway, and it lifted that vehicle in the air. thankfully, nobody was inside and officials believe that yesterday's storms damaged up to 100 homes.
6:53 am
this is crazy to see. early snowfall means early opening for some ski resorts, and they are looking to hire workers. palo alto and another will be starting their season tomorrow, with many not returning to pre-pandemic jobs. resorts are hoping you people give them a shot. >> people are not going back to their pre-pandemic job, but they are looking to do something fun. kumasi: resorts are looking to fill indoor and outdoor jobs. from ticket sellers to ski lift operators. julian: our work in building a better bay area makes sure we take a hard look at building a better climate and environment. up next, a chance to fix a major source of greenhouse gas. we are learning about the reporting on cows who receive seaweed in their diet release
6:54 am
less methane in their burps. the levels went down by 52% over several days. the seaweed used in the research is harvested by hand in the ocean, making it pretty expensive. new at 6:00, if you are flying next month, you may be able to drink again. hard liquor is coming back to domestic flights on united airlines. the carrier is planning on selling bottles of booze on economy flights november 15. this applies to flights 103 miles in length -- they are being very specific here. passengers have only been able to buy wine and beer for a year now. american and southwest are not planning on bringing back alcohol sales until january. kumasi: jetblue is having a mega sale, and you can fly from san francisco to l.a. for $31 one-way. this is part of a three-day sale with deals on 31 routes. you have to buy the tickets by tomorrow, and there are some
6:55 am
date restrictions. we checked this morning, you cannot bring a carry-on, though. you will have to pay if you want to check a bag. that's fine. how much do you really need? julian: if it is a short trip to l.a., you will be fine. kumasi: get a nice person with a lot of space. julian: don't ask questions when you see kumasi at sfo with a mega bag up next, the seven things you need to know today. kumasi: and let's see what we see outside
6:56 am
♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪
6:57 am
kumasi: it's 6:50 seven. president biden's meeting right now with democrats on capitol
6:58 am
hill about his landmark infrastructure bill. abc news is reporting that the president is set to unveil a new framework for this plan, and that will be in support of all democrats. julian: number two, the oakland school board has mandated vaccines for all students. kids 12 and older will need to get at least one shot to attend school in person, otherwise they can enter an independent study program or un-enroll. kumasi: let's take you right now to berkeley -- hospitality workers are hitting the picket lines, part of a nationwide day of events calling for better jobs. they are outside the doubletree at hilton marina. julian: number four, the san jose water company has sent out notices urging residents to cut their water use by 15%, a public hearing is set for today. mike: sunshine after the fog
6:59 am
fades and temperatures in the low to upper 70's this afternoon. jobina: a tow truck just moved the stall we were seeing on the bay bridge of the upper deck that was slowing things down, so here's an update for you coming into the east bay from san francisco on the bridge. it will take you 25 minutes to make it through the metering. kumasi: tropicana says it has come up with a toothpaste that will not ruin the taste of orange juice. it will be released on november 1, national brush day. you can't buy it, you have to go to their instagram page to enter to win. let's talk about halloween -- it's right around the corner. jobina, what is your outfit? jobina: it is a surprisejobina:. kumasi: we were talking about it at 4:00 in the morning. i am going to be a loofah. julian: you ruined the surprise. you will see it soon. kumasi: mike, is yours coming together?
7:00 am
are you going to have a beard? mike: i might. kumasi: breaking news for our vin the west, president biden and the democrats have a framework for a deal. after months of negotiation, the president pushes his economic and social investment plan closer to passage before heading out on a foreign trip. what's in, what's out. twister rampage. power lines snapped then igniting. >> oh, my god. >> drivers terrified as this massive tornado whips across the highway. a car lifted into the air. at least nine reported tornadoes tearing through texas, mississippi and hard-hit louisiana damaging hundreds of homes. we're tracking the storm taking aim at the southeast. new time line for kids and


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