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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  October 29, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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effective at noon on monday. you won't have to wear a mask in an indoor public place. unless other rules say that you have to so how did this happen so fast well marin, has fallen to the cdc's yellow tier for moderate covid transmission and it stayed there for three weeks. san francisco is the only other county in that. category the rest of the bay area is in the orange tier with substantial transmission the next metric. they're looking at are hospitalizations and they are low and they have stayed that way and at least 80% of the total population in marin county is fully vaccinated every bay area county except solano agreed on those benchmarks. so far marin is the only one to reach them, but four counties are relaxing mask rules for a small number of places like gyms and offices. when everyone there is fully vaccinated masks become optional the rule takes effect monday in the city of berkeley plus alameda and contra costa
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counties, san francisco and marin counties started at earlier this month and now to today's other big story pfizer's vaccine authorized by the fda for emergency use in children ages 5 to 11 cdc authorization could come as soon as tuesday abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has a look now at what changes as a result. of today's announcement the fda says the covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11 years old will be administered. as a two-dose primary series three weeks apart, but will be a lower dose than what is used for individuals 12 years old and up as a mother and as a physician i know. parents caregivers school staff and children have been waiting for today's authoriz. in the us covid-19 cases in children 5 through 11 years old make up 39% of cases in individuals younger than 18 years old parents and guardians can rest assure that we conducted a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation of the data on the vaccine safety and
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effectiveness, but a recent kaiser family foundation poll found that three in 10 parents say they will definitely not get their five to 11 year old vaccinated some parents are going to be hes. about vaccinating this age group, but that was true for adults at the beginning of the pandemic dr. george. rutherford is a ucsf professor of epidemiology. i think we'll see a much more robust uptake here in in the bay area and in, california. other kaiser family foundation poll found that long-term effects serious side effects and impacts on fert. tea are among top concerns parents have about vaccinating their 5 to 11 year old child. there's no evidence that there is an effect an adverse effect on fertility. i would encourage people to get their children vaccinated as quickly as they can. i think it'll go. way towards getting to herd immunity and getting real lasting disease control the initial 15 million doses are expected to start shipping out a visors manufacturing plant
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within 24 hours vaccinations will start once the cdc signs off on specific rec. nations likely next week melanie woodrow abc 7 news lagging behind with boosters san francisco county health officials are launching a new initiative today urging seniors to get vaccinated before the holidays abc 7 news reporter stephanie. sierra is digging into some of the data that's out there. she is in the newsroom tonight with a closer look steph yes, dan. why? builders for moderna anthony johnson's vaccine got approved just over a week ago. it's in more than a month now since the fda authorized pfizer's booster for seniors and those at high risk of covid, but health officials say both groups in san francisco are far from where they need to be. for months, we've heard health officials highlight the importance of booster shots, especially for seniors and those at high risk of covid-19. but the problem in san francisco most aren't getting them only about one in five of our seniors
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over 65 have gotten boosters are about 19 percent deputy director of health dr. naveena. baba says, these are people who are eligible meaning anyone 65 and older who are at least six months out their primary vaccination series. where would you expect that percentage to be? it's a good question. i mean, obviously we would want it to especially as we hear go into the winter months. we want, you know, those percentages to be, you know, well above 50% san francisco has more than 100 vaccination sites across the city and county including health centers pharmacies and hospital systems yet, dr. baba says many of them saw little demand for a third dose over the past few weeks. yeah. i think it was like a study low level. is in general, why you think that is? i think there's a couple reasons. i mean first of all it was only pfizer that was approved. luckily madrina and johnson have also now gotten approved and so i think because of that messaging people were quite sure if they should get a booster the
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critical third dose now considered necessary as research on waning immunity becomes more clear. the research is showing that you know months out the meeting that might even decreased below 30 to 60 percent. i mean, there's a range there dr. mike wasserman who sits on california's vaccine advisory committee says educating people on the value of boosters will be critical for us to move forward we don't spend the time and energy to educate we're gonna be down the same path people just aren't going to naturally do it. we cannot assume that they're just gonna say great the boosters here, and now that they are here with the holidays inching closer. we all have a deadline to meet and what i would encourage everybody to do is look at thanksgiving go back two weeks and say that's when you want your that's your your deadline for getting a booster. alright, so two weeks out from thanksgiving is november 11th, which is just a couple weeks away. so dan, i'd say a pretty easy deadline to meet given there are plenty of booster appointments available online. in fact, i just checked a moment
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ago. you can go to sites to find a clinic near you and of course we have that link over on our website as well. all right. thanks stephanie. and before you go, what are the doctors say about the thinking behind why seniors some seniors have not gotten their booster yet? why? well, dr. baba pointed to mixed messaging on boosters when the ea and cdc were not on the same. age it certainly created some confusion. so she thinks that could partially be to blame here, but also added, you know, some people haven't been tracking their six-month timetable from when they've finished their vaccination series. we've got to remember those vaccination cards and take a look at them again. it's a good reminder to keep tabs on that and when you are eligible or if you feel at risk to go ahead and get one, absolutely stephanie sierra. thanks, stephanie. now if you have questions about covid-19 vaccine mandates policies or what's happening. live you can ask our vaccine team. just go to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on the big
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blue blue box. you see right there. right moving on the united nations climate change conference begins sunday in scotland governor newsom who has made climate one of his defining issues was supposed to attend but this morning is office abruptly said he would no longer go citing family obligations still his team says the california delegation will be effective on this global stage. london with gratitudinberg to here in san francisco today protests were held in major cities around the world. part of a global day of action to bring awareness about global warming ahead of the un climate summit in scotland in san francisco activists use ash from california wildfires to create a mural in front of blackrocks downtown office. they are demanding the world's biggest banks defund. fossil fuels you need to stop it over people the cop 26 summit begins sunday in glasgow, governor newsom was supposed to go but this morning is trip was
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abruptly canceled. his office said in a statement due to family obligations governor newsom will no longer be traveling to the conference and instead be participating virtually lieutenant. governor. eleni kunalakis will now travel place on a call with reporters today at newsom's team stressed the trip will still be effective without the governor. we obviously have a lot to brag about because california is doing more in this space than any other state and many other nations the california delegation says they plan to talk about california's policies on phasing out gas powered cars and limiting oil drilling and also highlight how the state has taken action on climate while still boosting the economy we can demonstrate actually we can do this in the world can do for 18 year old climate activist hannah estrada. she says she will be watching hoping not just for discussion, but real solutions the message we're sending it that we're not little we know that the actions you're taking are going to either send us into destruction or going to send us on a path of
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feeling the earth. and governor newsom's team has not provided any more insight into exactly what led the governor to abruptly cancel his trip the lieutenant governor told the associ. press that she spoke to newsome yesterday and she got the sense that she may be asked to go to scotland. she said the governor has a young family and that we should all be understanding the bay area is welcoming fifa officials today and tomorrow as they consider levi's stadium as a host site for the 2026 world cup. here's 49ers president al guido. truly believe we are. and hopefully will be one of the tremendous host for fifa world cup 2026 now the tournament would be hosted by 16 cities across the united states mexico and canada. there are 22 cities under consideration to host abc 7 news reporter dustin dorsey explains why those who were involved with the bay areas last world cup believe that we have a pretty
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good chance of hosting again. the officef san jose sports authority executive director john poche is filled with memories from the biggest sporting events to come to the south. but he would love to add a 2026 world cup banner to his collection. everything's ready for a world-class experience for visitors come. so this is to me without a doubt the to a place for fifa to be the bay area host committee is meeting with fifa officials this weekend in an attempt to make the south bay the home of soccer's biggest international event poach says access to airports and hotels for guests a billion dollar stadium with international soccer experience and a diverse area rich in soccer tradition makes our area a favorite who else can say they hosted a world cup for men world cup for women the olympic games and then five ncaa championships plus. have a major league soccer team. we had a woman's united soccer team that won the championship here. so to me the south bay is the hub for soccer in america. the world cup is in the blood of
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santa clara university's women's soccer coach jerry smith. he worked with brazil. france when scu is a host location in '94 and his wife was the star of the 1999 women's world cup brandy chastain coach smith believes 2026 will be the year the world cup returns to the bay that women's world cup in 99 captivated the world and the men's world cup every four years captivates the world and to be able to do that and do that here in the san francisco bay area. yeah levi stadium in our city of santa clara would just be amaz. thing after this weekend fifa will continue to visit the locations bidding to be one of the lucky 9 to 10 us cities to host the 2026 world cup and if all goes well, we'll learn if levi's stadium makes that cut early this spring in the south bay dustin dorsey abc 7 news. that would certainly be exciting. all right, we do have a nice update to share with you all this just in a memorial flag and
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photo of a veteran found by chp on i-580 and livermore has been returned to the family chp sent abc 7 news a text saying the family of the veteran contacted them about the flag and the photo and that they were able to return it family members said it was lost when a box fell off of a moving truck in the fast lane and then was too dangerous to retrieve chp posted this photo of the family they say friends and relatives recognize the photo that was being shared in the media and contacted the family members the family told chp that they wanted to thank everyone who helped them get it back. that is just great you get that back. all right. can you really get a refund from bart for those? old paper tickets? you may have some lying around 7 on your side's michael finney personally puts that to the test tonight. and halloween returns to the castro. i'll tell you what you can expect this weekend. i'm spencer christian. there are some pre halloween sprinkles coming our way followed by much more rain next
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click, call, or visit a store today. registration opens for san francisco tradition beta breakers for the first time in two years. you'll be able to on it in person both last year, and this year's events were virtual which meant runners competed the distance individually well in a normal year. thousands of people would descend on the city for a 12k journey that starts by the bay and ends at the ocean the breakers in a rare move organizers are offering the option of refunds for next year through february after that refunds will only be issued if the race is canceled because of the pandemic.
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and the outside lands music fest kicked off today check this out about 70,000 people were there and are expected to flock to golden gate park for the three-day festival over those three days attendees must show either proof of vaccination or a negative covid test. this year's headliners include lizzo and the strokes really good lineup. there's also gourmet food wine and beer pro tip public transit is the best way to get to and from the festival you can see the location for shuttle, or rideshare drop-offs on this map right here and for a full list of options, you can visit our website abc 7 pretty good stuff outside lands beta breakers back and after a hiatus last year because of the pandemic halloween is making a comeback and the castro this year and that's where abc 7 news reporter. tim johns is live with what people can expect this this very exciting weekend, tim. yeah, that's right and you know in recent years the castro actually asked people not to come down. halloween but this year they are
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inviting everyone back and the local businesses. we talked to say they're excited to pull out all the stops. after a pandemic induced break-in 2020 halloween is back in in the castro this weekend. has thrown knows how to party and castro knows how to do the halloween massoud. samiri is the president of the castro merchants association. he says after a rough 18 months for local businesses halloween is a chance to get things back to some sense of normal. we need the business. we need the people to come out. but as i said responsibly and safely, but that invitation comes with some caveats in the past year the neighborhood has been more cautious around halloween with those don't live nearby especially in the aftermath of 2006 is celebration which ended with violence and several shootings. we have been working with san francisco police department and other city agencies trying to make preparations for anything
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that come up with this event with precautions in place. the castro is again, ready to open up to the world sharing a key part of its rich history and culture the community counts on certain celebrations like pride halloween is another explosion of our personality and individuality and it's really a lot of what the castro's about and local businesses say they're ready. once again extremely busy maddening busy. actually, you know, there is busy and that is manding busy. so i think we're going to have a maddening busy time. and guys the foot traffic is definitely picking up and we've seen some pretty interesting costumes so far. so if eat something to do this halloween weekend coming down to the castro might just be it dan yeah, tim maddening busy. sounds like a good change after where we've been through speaking of safety. let's talk a little bit about the covid protocols for the what's on tap? yeah, absolutely, you know mr. masood who you saw there in the
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story. he's the president of the castro merchants association. he says businesses here are encouraging everyone to wear face masks when appropriate and to social distance whenever possible. i'm live in the castro tonight tim johns ab seven, okay. great tim. thank you. and of course the question is will the weather continue to be as nice as it was today all through halloween weekend spencer will have our - i'm norm. - i'm szasz. [norm] and we live in columbia, missouri. we do consulting, but we also write. [szasz] we take care of ourselves constantly; it's important. we walk three to five times a week, a couple miles at a time. - we've both been taking prevagen for a little more than 11 years now. after about 30 days of taking it, we noticed clarity that we didn't notice before. - it's still helping me. i still notice a difference. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge.
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officially underway for two popular, california ski resorts. this is video from mammoth mountain which opened this crdere a from thean seehe hug recently renamed palisades tahoe, which opened today after three feet of snow fell during last weekend storm. it's opening. in october for only the third time in its 72-year history the last time the resort was able to open with comparable snow was in 2004. wow, dan. this is certainly not something we would have expected just a few weeks ago even talking about the drama. you're so right. it's been so dry liz, but how fun to see this spencer not just the ski. but any help to the snowpack absolutely season is off to a great start now we have to hope for a great middle and a great and a great finish by the way speaking of finish. let's try at the beginning of upside lance, which is underway already and i want to show you the forecast for the next couple days.
6:23 pm
it's going to be cloudy tomorrow and sunday and cooler, but looks like it's going to be mainly dry. there could be a light. or two tomorrow, but we don't a. so cool and cloudy and some some cool music. no doubt. here's a cool view from sutro tower looking at clouds low clouds beginning to expand over san francisco where it's 58 degrees right now 62 in oakland. we've got 68 right now at mountain view low to mid 70s at san jose and morgan hill and 57 at half moon bay. here's a view from emeryville. looking at clouds becoming more prevalent in san francisco right now pushing out over the bay locally 68 degrees in santa rosa, nevada 66 right now, napa 70 and we have low to mid 70s at fairfield concord and livermore and check. this guy beautiful view of the western sky from the east bay hills camera, of course, we've got the low clouds but it's the high clouds adding color to this view of the the sunset hour cool of this weekend with isolated sprinkles. tomorrow clouds will linger on sunday, but looks like it'll be dry for trick or treaters halloween evening, and we have two storms bringing wet weather
6:24 pm
to the bay area next week. let's start with a light storm coming in tomorrow. actually. this isn't even really a storm. it's an impulse. that'll will bring some light scattered sprinkles or maybe public scattered showers doing the early morning hours tomorrow maybe even into the afternoon and then we expect to be dry on sunday rainfall totals from this first wave will be about one to three or four hundredths of an inch and let's pause it right now as we go into sunday and take a look at conditions for halloween. it's going to be an eerie systable start to the evening and going into sunday evening and we expect cloudy skies dry conditions temperatures dropping from the 60s just before the sunset to upper 50s afterwards. so should be pretty good trick or feeding. weather now skipping ahead to monday the forecast animation shows another wave of steadier more widespread rain coming out on monday. so it's going to be a wet day on monday a little bit of a break on tuesday and then the second storm for next week arrives on wednesday late wednesday continues into thursday. so we expect pretty good dose of rainfall next week by the time
6:25 pm
that second storm winds down. we'll have rainfall totals ranging from just under an inch of rain and parts of the south bay to about three quarters of an inch, right? bay shoreline and up into the north bay over an inch to maybe an inch and a half wettest locations tonight cloudy skies low temperatures mainly mid fifties highs tomorrow under mostly cloudy conditions low 60s at the coast mid to upper 60s on the inland areas and around the bay. excuse me. here's the accuweather 74 cast i talked about the cloudier and cooler conditions this weekend the rain coming in on monday a little bit of a break on tuesday. not much could be an early morning lingering shower from mondays, right and then wet weather or wednesday and thursday. will start drying out again next friday dan very nice. all right spencer. thank you in san francisco a new mural was unveiled in the mission district to honor carlos and jorge santana and the rest of the santana family carlos. santana's music is known throughout the world, of course, but is legendary inthe
6:26 pm
mission district. the idea for the family mirror was sparked by jorge santas brhe of carlos who died suddenly last year today the community honored the carlos arnold carlos jorge and their parents and carlos's son salvador with a ceremony and musical performances. we are the beneficiaries. of their spirit of their love of their musical genius that has touched the lives of so many people and so we are honored to be here today to celebrate the santana family. the year-long project was created by san francisco artists who can see the mural at plaza at the 24th and mission bart station beautiful. okay a personal meeting between president biden and the pope took place today and yet for some it's still became political. and a california family evacuates from afghanistan our ab. 7 crew is on the ground
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air wick xiidra. air wick scented oils are infused with natural essential oils to create authentic seasonal scents that fill your home with holiday spirit all season long. connect to nature this season. better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. tonight an emotional update on the effort by a bay area charity
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called roots of peace to evacuate some of its team members from afghanistan. another family is safely out of the country and on the way home to northern, california abc 7 news reporter. cheryl jennings has covered the organization for years and has this update from doha cutter. this was the late night scene at the airport in doha cutter a large bus arrived with afghan families who've been evacuated from kabul and had their documents processed at a military base. they were greeted by a very excited bay area route to peace founder heidi kuhn we're feeling well, we are feeling good and i thank you so much you and head kune and the ceo of the recipe. help a lot to see that bus come in escorted by the police and be able to that show the faces of sharif and his
6:31 pm
family because they have relatives enough afghanistan who might be at risk. we also changed his name to protect him now the family lives in northern california. they were on vacation in afghanistan when their world turned upside down and they became trapped in the last days of august. we try our best to equate but due to the more crowd and miss discipline and mismanagement. we were not able to do that even my children become injured in during those crowd. but stampede that horrific situation in. 2021 the state department did well and they they are giving very good facilities to each and everyone and they're taking care each and every person. i think your team have been lentless about evacuating their
6:32 pm
most at risk employees. she and her husband gary kuhn first flew to islamabad turkey to be close to the same time zone in kabul right after the taliban came into power august 15 then heidi and i came to doha cutter in late, october. with a personal appeal to anyone connected to the rescue effort. slowly afghan families are getting out charice family has been through so much and they are finally here at the airport ready to head back home and start their lives all over again with memories. they will never forget and roots of peace is hoping to evacuate more afghan employees who might be at risk and many of them are roots of peace women who have gone out. are started their own businesses look to roots of pieces of role model and hired 80 women. well, those women are now highly at risk they're being hunted they're running from home to home. i am not going to give up on
6:33 pm
those 34 additional afghans who are most at risk and agriculture is the man backbone of afghanistan. therefore, dr. peace is one of the biggest injured working in afghanistan and this is our promise. this is promise of heady tune and gary that and might me and other colleagues that we will support humanitarian activities farmers to do our best. it's time to harvest the fresh fruits that we have planted six million fruit trees in all 34 provinces is the legacy the sustainable legacy that roots of peace leaves behind 20 years after the war has ended in doha qatar cheryl jennings abc 7 news. the land cultivated for farming by roots of peace has been cleared of land mines and other war debris and other key mission of that organization you can find more on their efforts and other ways to help afghan refugees at abc 7 action.
6:34 pm
president biden began his five-day trip overseas at the vatican where he met with pope francis in a video released by the vatican the two were seen exchanging gifts. among them a coin mr. biden handed to the pope. he explained that it's a tradition to give a command coin to warriors and leaders. thresh shield on the front. i know my son would want me to give this to you because of the back of it. i have the state of delaware. this is 261st unit my son served with. hmm president biden has spoken fondly of the hope saying that he gave his family comfort and support following the death of his son beau mr. biden said the issue of abortion did not come up during their meeting. coming up tonight. we take a look back to the 19. stees and a part of the black panther party you may not have focused on before the artwork. can you really get a refund for your old bart tickets? i'm michael finney we test the
6:35 pm
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making some changes that could put a few bucks in your pocket 7 on your side's michael. finney is here with that story michael if there's one thing i've learned as a consumer
6:38 pm
reporter. it's that trying to get a refund can be like pulling teeth. so when it turned to help bart was willing to refund money on its old unused tickets. well, i had to put that to the test. bart is in the process of changing over from disposable paper tickets to touchless clipper cards anymore. you don't see many of the paper tickets being used at march entry gate. here's bart spokesperson james allison. we're phasing out the paper tickets throughout the system. you can no longer buy a ticket for bart at a bart station. and so if you have some used tickets that you can't use at a bart station. you can return them and get a refund for those tickets as long as they're at least worth a dollar money back from bart. is that really work? i had accumulated over the years a bunch of paper. our tickets lawrence chang
6:39 pm
reached out to me to say he turned in some tickets with the help of a station agent and lo and behold six weeks later a check came in from bart. me and i cashed the check. and i got about 34 35 dollars worth. what money back from bart is it really that easy or was he just lucky? i decided to test the system myself. so i went to a station agent without saying who i was or what i was up to. the agent was great helping me with the forms and six weeks later. my bart check comes in. $19.20 the as bart said it would we have a number of tickets out there that are still in circulation and people are still free to use those but there's going to be a point in time in the not too distant future when you're not going to be able to use the tickets to get through our fare gates thinking ahead. smart so now that i have some
6:40 pm
found money, what should i spend it on? perhaps bart swag bart has set up an online store just in time for the holidays. my favorite are these argyle socks? and so they have the new bart train on them in the bart logo. and if you're say headed to washington dc or seattle to visit family members and you want to show your bay area pride what could do it better than a period pair of bart socks. what says happy holidays more than argyle bart socks. that's the question. i'll leave you with here tonight. look the bart website has an online form so you don't actually have to go to a bart station. they have a program that's been going on for years now where you take the few pennies that are left on your tickets. you put them together you give them to your favorite charity. oh, that's they cinnamon that will continue on and on that's a great idea. all right. thanks michael. sure. that's what we all need. all right, enjoy a warm sunny
6:41 pm
weather while it lasts before more rain arrives next week spencer will have it
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
taking a look at the members who put the newspapers together and the lasting legacy of their revolution. every art i'm just wanting to do something the frustr. of what you've seen on the news during that time the rebellions and the riot murders of young blacks and always being justified as it is 50 60 years later. i was like young people frustrated trying to figure out what to do how it can get involved with that when i graduated there was an explosion in the bay area of cultural awareness and political activity. it was exciting. it was just exciting and i joined the black student union and participated in a lot of cultural events and learned a lot about my culture in 1969. i got married and me and my husband moved to seattle. while i was down here, of course, the the panthers were becoming very active. so it's very present.
6:45 pm
you know, they are a presence. in 72 197 197 197 197 the offices were called to converge in oakland we came down. so this is a return to oakland for me. they tried me out in. faces and then they found out that i was an artist and so i started working really early in '72 at the graph in the graphic arts department with emory. and his guidance some of my images are in the middle of the paper. some of my images are in the front. most of them though are on the back pages. so today, i'm gil a solid. started working with emory and our ministry of information. this is some of her work that she produced and i think she worked her her artwork appeared on the back of the black panther paper for maybe five or six years, right and her artwork is
6:46 pm
a kind of a softer touch. her focus is like women senior citizens young kids. this is another piece of her work and it says that i'm against war the war in vietnam. i'm for african liberation water registration and for people's survival. you know, she's betraying a strong sister she has but she believes in african liberation. she believes that if we need to register the vote so we can have all have our in his represent us when i started working on a paper to say we want to have a lot of photographs a lot of images and new good artwork they could get you just to disturbing by seeing the artwork or reading the captions or seeing it looking at the photographs this particular artwork was done by a brother named malik edwards. malik is a brother who came to the party from the vietnam war working the dc office and we discovered he had skills and we
6:47 pm
transferred him to national headquarters and he began working with emory the art that i was doing in marine corps was to help kill people and i felt like the art that i was doing in a black panther party was trying to save people my art try to reflect that. i do a lot of stuff about thought and thinking and trying to get people to really be reasonable and they're thinking and what they're what they're gonna do because a lot of times if you do stop based on anger. what happened when angry goes away? but if you thought about it, so all your moves is not about anger. it's about getting a result. back in the 60s in the early 70s she was a problem in a lot of communities and well it still is today. so we had to make sure we made our point with every drawing we did. and then on that we believe in educate deliberate the captions all were to capture. the 10-point platformer program the 10 points.
6:48 pm
we put together by huey newton bible sale before that was the foundation of the organization itself to what we to what we believe. you can check out the complete story on our abc 7 bay area app on your roku apple tv or similar device. well worth your time. right, dan. hopefully a much drier halloween drier sunday than we sell last weekend. yes, because spencer my costume is not waterproof. even if it rains this weekend. it's gonna be dry. last weekend that's for sure. here's a look at the two day forecast for outside lands over in golden gate park for tomorrow and sunday. we're expecting mostly cloudy skies high in the mid-60s. there may be a sprinkle or two tomorrow, but basically we're talking about dry weather cloudy overnight low temperatures in the mid 50s highs tomorrow under cloudy conditions. mainly low 60s to the coast mid to upper 60s just about everywhere else. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. looks like you're going to be dry for trick computers halloween evening, but we have three days.
6:49 pm
and coming our way next week much needed rain. nothing as heavy as last sunday, but is going to be measurable rain and it's going to be beneficial then and liz very good. all right. thank you spencer very much. all right and larry, let's talk sports. let us talk 49ers football. kyle shanahan on the most asked but he's least favorite topic who's playing quarterback on sunday. now the trail lance is healthy. once again plus can you guess once again plus can you guess kyle's favorite to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer means asking for what we want, and need... and we need more time. so, we want kisqali. living longer is possible and proven with kisqali when taken with a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor in premenopausal women with hr+, her2- metastatic breast cancer. kisqali is a pill that's significantly more effective at delaying disease progression versus a nonsteroidal aromatase inhibitor alone. kisqali can cause lung problems or an abnormal heartbeat, which can lead to death. it can cause serious skin reactions, liver problems, and low white blood cell counts
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with larry beil good evening as the 49ers try to snap that four game losing streak. they're going to be without a huge presence right in the middle of their defense defensive tackle, javon. kinlaw had knee surgery today. he's going to miss the rest of the season. kinlaw had any issues in college that's scared off some teams from drafting him. and now you see why all right now back to our normally scheduled programming which is who's playing quarterback on sunday tre lance. like his knee has healed he may get some snaps in. game against the bears but jimmy garoppolo is going to start and depending on how jimmy plays this might be his final start for the 49ers coach. kyle. shanahan said he wouldn't bench jimmy g after one bad game. so today he was asked naturally, but what about two bad games? coach didn't fight. yeah. i would never answer a question like that. you guys can ask it a thousand different ways. i don't think like that, you know. we're trying to get our team out of this losing streak. we've had four losses in a row. we're gonna go to don't play as
6:53 pm
good as we can. we only control the things that we can control we don't feed into all the media and all like the the fan quarterback talk. we just you know, i'm saying we stay as a whole in in the in the building and continue to believe in kyle and john. on a lighter note various coaches have been asked their favorite halloween candy recently find the video from mike leach mississippi state. it's about two minutes. he's hysterical pure rant names about eight random candies. anyway today shanahan was asked to name his favorite candy. choice might surprise you here. really? i'm a big swedish fish guy. yeah, like swedish fish my kids hug me up with it. they know i like it. so when they get it, i usually steal from their bags late at night. so i always like halloween because it's candy for me. swedish fish probably an underrated candy think about it or don't rookie jonathan comminga may make his nba debut tomorrow with the warriors
6:54 pm
hosting okc come again nursing a knee injury fellow first round pick moses moody. sent to the g league that will help him get some minutes as for last night. the warriors turned the ball over 22 times including an 8-second violation with dram on their really rareub blew in 19-point lead basically gifting the grizzlies the win golden state's first defeated the year came a result. okay as a a result of carelessness and sloppiness. well, we're just too scattered. you know, we've always been a team that thrives in in chaos, but i think we're a little too chaotic right now, and i think we need to settle down and trust that the next guy can make a plan. everybody's gonna have an opportunity to impact the game. you just obviously can't have 22 turnovers and do that. well, especially the way that we have to create those shots. so it's tough when you lose you realize you're starting nitpicking pretty quickly. we'll see how we bounce back. the raiders have a buy this week's derek carr is working on his wiffle ball skills with his
6:55 pm
son. whoa, look out kid a little chin music for dad there. don't crowd the plate old man. i think that is derek's oldest son dallas who not surprisingly. that's a pretty good arm on him drilled pops in the thigh at one point. don't hurt him. i'm sure mom loves them playing ball in the house. the house his house house housee square feet. why are we playing inside the house? you got a whole neighborhood there because a strollfast and square feet right also, the braves in game three of the world series in the bottom of the fourth leading the astros one, i think dan. did you play ball in the house? well, your mother said daniel yes, she did say daniel. stop that right now. usually it was a nerf ball but not always, but thanks larry. yeah. thanks. alright coming up tonight on abc 7 at 8:00. it is shark. and that is followed by 2020 at 9 tonight's episode is about what you don't know about gabby
6:56 pm
petito's last days and then of course don't miss abc 7 news at 11. finally tonight a few thoughts about what really matters political leaders scientists and environmentalists are gathering in glasgow scotland for arguably the most important topic of our time. there are many important topics, of course, but this one involves the very future of our lives on this planet the 26th. conference of parties or cop 26 is underway. it started in 1992 when countries signed a treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change the parties who signed that treaty have gathered most year since hence the name conference of parties. what they call it doesn't matter. what comes from it is? what counts this conference is billed as a potential turning point for the world now that that may be hyper. but let's hope not the science is increasingly clear. we are in trouble. it was easier to kick the can down the road a few years ago, but not anymore what really
6:57 pm
matters is that if we wait too much longer, we as a species will live to regret it. or maybe not live. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook at dan ashley abc 7. so well said dan, thank you for that and that is it for this edition of abc 7 news. i'm luke corey and i'm dan ashley for spencer christian larryville. almost here. we appreciate your time. have a great rest of the evening and we'll see you tonight at 11.
6:58 pm
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