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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 29, 2021 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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an all weekend outside lands is back abc 7 news begins ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ with chase security features, guidance and convenience, banking feels good. chase. make more of what's yours.
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over 200,000 people are attending this outdoor festival. we'll tell you what's different this time around the fda authorizes pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids five to 11 tonight parents talk hopes and hesitancy creepy clouds and cooler weather. your halloween forecast is coming up abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7. news the feeling from then to now is such a such a big difference and we're just so excited. a lot of people are excited after a two-year wait outside lands is officially back and so are the crowds good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley the outdoor music festival is drawing hundreds of thousands to san francisco's golden gate park this weekend
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abc 7 news reporter luz pena. is there tonight where things are almost back to normal. it's the 13th year of out of out lands and the festival is coming back stronger than ever this year with a halloween theme. this is it and we've missed it and it's i am like an old sponge soaking all of this up over 200,000 people are projected to attend this year. many had been waiting for this moment since 2019 pierce nasser drove from malay. this outfit is two years in the making i wanted to wear it, you know before covid and then covid happened mark and his son jack i didn't see each other for two years epidemic kept him apart, but tonight music brought them together. we've been listening to crown band throughout the pandemic for the past two years. so when we saw kronung been on the lineup, we knewte' ligot to go even though in concerts are outdoors attendees need to be fully vaccinated or
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show proof of a negative covid test 72 hours prior to the festival after the experience like to like know that everybody is like vaccinated or tested negative this festival generates over 70 million dollars in economic activity for the city of san francisco tonight behind me. you see 85 local restaurants benefiting from that economic boost. we can generate in just one weekend. equivalent of maybe one or two months of sales this weekend. also meant small pop-ups like smish smash hot exposure as far as patty's alone that we've smashed over 700 and i have over 3,000 patties just for the three-day. it yeah, i think i feel like we're gonna run out but i don't know and that's a good problem to have in san francisco loose peña abc 7 news. and along with outside lands, it's of course halloween this sunday and we want to go to abc 7 news. biologist sandhya patel with a
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look at the forecast for a lot of weekend fund sandy. yeah. absolutely. it's going to be a great weekend for outdoor activities. and for all the fun that's happening dan. it's beloudierol a osi lomorrow 65 degrees, but once you get moving to the music, who cares mostly cloudy on sunday mid 60s as well and for trick-or-treaters dry. expected on halloween not to worry. yes, it'll be irresistible and there will be some spooky cool conditions. no tricks just treats though. the temperature is going from the 60s to the 50s and 60s. so if you are going out you'll want to dress in layers underneath those costumes. i'll be back with a look at the forecast which includes brain in our future dan. okay, sandy. thank you masks will come off on monday at most marin county businesses and venues the exceptions are high risk places, like hospitals and private businesses that choose to keep a mask policy. marin is the first bay area county to reach the benchmarks
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to unmask including a vaccination rate above 80% it and san francisco are the only local counties currently in the yellow or moderate category of spread. but also monday alameda and contra costa counties are relaxing mass rules for a small number of cases like gyms and offices where everyone is fully vaccinated the city of berkeley is also making the change. all right tonight's other big story pfizer's vaccine authorized by the fda for emergency use in children ages 5 to 11. cdc authorization could come as soon as tuesday abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow has a look at the changes that will result as a result of today's announcement. the fda says the covid-19 vaccine for children ages 5 to 11. sold will be administered as a two-dose primary series three weeks apart, but will be a lower dose than what is used for individuals 12 years old and up as a mother and as a physician, i know parents caregivers school staff. children have been waiting for
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today's authorization in the us covid-19 cases in children 5 through 11 years old make up 39% of cases in individuals younger than 18 years old parents and guardians can rest assured that we conducted a comprehensive and rigorous evaluation of the data on the vaccine safety and effectiveness, but a recent kaiser family foundation poll found that three in 10 parents say they will definitely not get their five to 11 year old vaccinated some parents are going to be hesitant about vaccinating this age group, but that was true for adults at the beginning of the pandemic dr. george rutherford is a ucsf professor of epidemiology. i think we'll see a much more robust uptake here in in the bay area and in california another kaiser family foundation poll found that long-term effects serious side effects and impacts on fertility are among top concerns parents have about vaccinating their five to 11 year old child. there's no evidence that there is an effect an adverse effect
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on fertility. i would encourage people to get their children vaccinated as quickly as they can. i think it'll go a long way towards getting to herd immunity and getting real lasting disease control the initial 15 million doses are expected to start shipping out of pfizer's manufacturing plant within 24 hours vaccinations will start once the cdc signs off on specific recommendations likely next week. no any woodrow abc 7 news and we checked in with local county health and hospital officials today. most are waiting to release guidance on how they'll distribute shots until the cdc gives their sign off abc 7 news reporter amanda del castillo spoke with bay area parents tonight who explained their hope or hesitancy when it comes to their kids in the covid-19 vaccine. parenting in the pandemic protection and prevention have been top of mind for parents globally for the last 20 months and as the covid-19 vaccine for kids moves closer to reality parents around the bay area are shifting focus to what this means for their young children
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for as disposo and as nine-year-old son ronan there is hope emergency authorization couldn't come soon enough obviously with him being a lot more aware. sometimes he'll ask questions about covid and how he could be protected. i think even with the shot. he he wants a shop esposo says it'll expand the family's ability to travel and he says most importantly offer the ability to be near older relatives without risking exposure. that's part of the motivation for clarice jr. as well. we can visit grandparents even great-grandparents to be able to just be mask free her daughter alyssa turns five in november and while junior is looking forward to that extra layer of protection. she's going to wait wanting to first hear about kids reactions to the shot myself as well as a few friends and family members. we did feel a few of the symptoms. so i think that's what i'm
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of waiting to see for mom amanda. say ha. there is hesitancy. i will not be the first one in line. thank you. her concern is whether potential adverse effects of the vaccine will outweigh the symptoms of the virus. i'm a believer. and i appreciate the work, but there's just not enough data for me to follow through at this moment different approaches though all agree the safety of their children during the ongoing pandemic is paramount. i'm amanda del castillo abc 7 news if you have questions remember about covid-19 vaccine mandates policies or what's happening where you live? you can ask our vaccine team. just go to abc 7 slash vaccine and click on blue box. you see there? left moving on police are investigating a shooting involving two students at mcclyman's high school in west oakland a teenage girl was wounded another girl apparently pistol whipped. it happened at about 2:45 at a corner store on market and 26th
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campus was locked down while police secured the scene a letter sent to parents says the students suffered non-life threatening injuries, and they are in stable condition a climens will be offering on campus coun. for students and staff who need it. while the man who shot and was killed while attempting to rob retired oakland police captain. ursi joyner last week has now been identified the alameda county coroner confirms 20 year old dasani gardner died of a gunshot wound social media posts indicate. he is a vallejo rapper lil fees surveillance video from the chevron shows gardner was with the group who attempted to rob join her while he was pumping gas joyner fired on the group and was shot six times in return. in the hospital recovering from his injuries. a happy outcome to report tonight a memorial flag and photo of a veteran found by the chp on i-580 in livermore was returned to the family this evening a dublin chp had posted this photo of the lost items creating a real buzz on social
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media friends and relatives recognize the photo contacted the family they say it was lost when a box fell off a moving truck in the fast lane. it was it was simply too dangerous to try to retreat it the family told php they wanted to thank everyone who them get it back. well a rare but welcome sight for skiers and snowboarders. certainly palisades tahoe ski resort open today all thanks to that big storm that dropped three feet of snow people started lining up for hours before opening eager, of course to hit the slopes. the ski resort is commemorating opening weekend and halloween by guests to wear costumes. these people got out here so early everybody is just so fired up to be able to ski in october. that's not something you can usually do. especially halloween weekend a great way to spend a fall weekend. how fun is that now? keep in mind if you're heading up you have to purchase tickets in advance. the resort is open wednesdays through sundays after november 19th a couple of weeks from now. it will be open seven days a
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week. san francisco's castro neighborhood is ready for halloween the preparations by businesses and police the world. climate summit kicks off next week the fight for change also happening in washington. international soccer officials touring the bay area this weekend. will they be convinced we can repeat as a host of the world cup?
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next week in scotland the goal of the conference is to recommit to the 2015 paris agreement and address new targets amid an accelerating crisis after a year of deadly fires droughts and storms. the expectations are very high. it's an emotional game and a
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political game and but the the results of this game very important the quality of our global life together. back in washington congress is working to pass 555 billion dollars in climate programs that include tax incentives for electric cars the creation of a civilian climate corps and increased investments in solar wind and batteries governor newsom had planned to go to the climate summit but canceled because of quote family obligations. a california condor was spotted on mount diablo for the first time in more than 100 years condor 8:28. you see a tag, there was seen in parts of contra costa county in august in september, but this is the first time purchasing on mount diablo. this photo is of 828 taken in big sur in november of 2020 three other condors made their way to mount hamilton earlier this month the flock of critically endangered bird spends most of its time in pinnacles park in san benito county.
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wildlife experts are excited certainly to see that they are expanding their range, which is very good to see. in san francisco a new mural was unveiled in the mission district to honor carlos santana and his family carlos. santana's music is known throughout the world, of course, but is legendary in san francisco, especially the mission district the idea for the family mural was sparked by carlos's brother jorge who died suddenly last year today the community honored the whole family with the ceremony and performances we are the beneficiaries of their spirit of their love of their musical genius that has touched the lives of so many people and so we are honored to be here today to celebrate this santana family, but your long project was created by san francisco artists. at the 24th and street bartaza station. san francisco symphonies former music director is returning to davie symphony hall in november
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michael til. thomas underwent surgery to remove a brain tumor in july he's taking center stage for weeks of concerts here. this will be the first time thomas will be on the podium in san francisco since the beginning of the pandemic and patrons will be thrilled to have him back. after taking a hiatus last year due to the pandemic halloween is certainly making a comeback in the castro this year in a big way. it's not only fun, but it is obviously a huge boost for the neighborhood economy something key to building a better bay area abc 7 news reporter. tim. johns has a look at what people can expect this weekend. after a pandemic induced break in 2020 halloween is back in the castro this weekend castro knows how to party and castro knows how to do thi ise presidef the o merchant r8 months for local businesses. halloween is a chance to get things. back to some sense of normal. we need the business. we need the people to come out.
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but as i said responsibly and safely, but that invitation comes with some caveats in the past year. the neighborhood has been more cautious around halloween with those who don't live nearby especially in the aftermath of 2006 is celebration which ended with violence and several shootings. we have been working with some francisco police department and other cda agencies. trying to make preparations for anything that come up with this event with precautions in place. the castro is once again ready to open up to the world sharing a key part of rich history and culture the community counts on certain celebrations like pride halloween is another explosion of our personality and individuality and it's really a lot of what the castro's about and local businesses say they're ready. once again extremely busy maddening busy. actually, you know, there is busy and that is maddening busy.
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so i think we're gonna have a maddening busy time and you know foot traffic is definitely starting to pick pick up when we've already seen prettyookingf ming down to the castro might just be it. i'm in the castro tim johns abc 7 news. alright again outside lands halloween fun weekend sandy. absolutely and if you are going to the castro or any outdoor halloween activities this weekend, dan. to show you the forecast five o'clock. the temperatures will be in the 50s and 60s notice it gets a little cooler by 6 pm. so if you are stepping out make sure you pack on those layers underneath those costumes. it does get pretty chilly late saturday night and speaking of the chill. we do have the fog that rolled in tonight. it was rushing in over san francisco salesforce tower there earlier this evening all pushed along by this week system here now, it is bringing moisture into the northwestern portion of california here in the bay area. we might see a little bit out of
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it right now. we're seeing a lot of cloud cover and some fog dense fog right now and half moon bay visibility down to a quarter of a mile. here's live look from our golden gate bridge camera, and it's a little murky also a little murky from arcadegeo roof camera looking at the eastern span of the bay bridge. so some dense fog overnight tonight it is or western span. i should say cooler afternoon isolated showers or drizzle tomorrow and it is going to be dry for halloween. with rain coming in next week temperatures will be coming down by morning, but not a lot 50s and 60s. the clouds will insulate you as look at the hourly forecast a couple of showers not out of the question from that week system at 8 am certainly drizzle along the coastline. it's already misty and drizzly. we'll keep with the cloudy theme for your saturday. your morning temperatures will be in the 40s and the 50s. watch out as the visibility will be low and there will be damp spots because of those spotty showers or drizzle temperatures in the afternoon 60s 70s cooler than today many areas today were
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in the 70s to low 80s, but certainly cloudier as well for your saturday now, we're going to fast forward to next week notice the wet weather with the first storm coming in monday morning. it's widespread rain going into the evening hours a little bit still could linger into tuesday and then our second storm comes in wednesday afternoon evening going into thursday. with the two systems rainfall projections in our wettest north bay communities and the santa cruz mountains you're looking at about an inch to an inch and a half for the rest of the bay area anywhere from about a half an inch to three-quarters of an inch. so it's going to be beneficial rain coming in next week until then the accuweather 7 day forecast a few drops tomorrow cooler day creepy clouds for halloween, but it is going to be dry a rainy one for monday and our next storm is on wednesday going into thursday all level one. systems for next week. dan will be right back with more dan will be right back with more news and sports with larry the classic hollywood story.
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the bay area host committee, which is pitching levi's stadium as a host site for the 2026 world cup on saturday officials were tour the stadium and the surrounding areas to see if it's a match for one of the largest sporting events in the world. we truly believe. we are. and hopefully will be oe oe oe o
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tremendous host for fifa world cup 2026 right now there are 22 cities under consideration in the united states, canada and mexico fifa will announce the host cities in early 2022 fingers crossed, right? well history denied tonight in the world series abc 7 sports director. larry beil is here larry. dan we almost almost had a no-hitter in the world series ian anderson taken out of the game after five. no hit frames, but why that's next in sports.
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1956. don larson. threw the only perfect game in world series history near history in game three between the braves and astros houston didn't get a hit until the eighth inning game three in atlanta. the late great hank aaron remembered his son throughout the first pitch. there's his widow in the stands no score into the third austin riley just fair down the line eddie rosario's dashing home. the braves lead one nothing atlantis ian anderson had a no-hitter through five the braves pull him after just 76 pitch. because third time through the order analytics i want the braves pen kept the no-no through seven, but top eight pinch-hitting almeidis diaz the flair naturally that drops in for the first hit of the game astros do not score though bottom a travis darnell. here it comes there it goes through the raindrops 437 feet braves win two, nothing lead the series two games to one. so was anderson mad about not even getting a chance to keep the no-no going. you know, it's fine. i have be almost trust in and end of the day, like i said, we have we have trust in those guys.
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they've gotten us this point and they're gonna get us need to be. snoop is snicker with manager 49ers season's been a lot of tricks not a lot of treats one bit of good news, trey lance healthy enough to possibly see some action against the bears on sunday his knee injury healed up nicely. but jimmy garoppolo will get the start might be his final start actually as a 49er if they cannot snap that four game losing streak on a lighter note coach. shanahan was asked to name his favorite halloween candy. his choice might surprise you. really? i'm a big swedish fish guy. yeah, like swedish fish my kids hug me up with it. they know i like it. so. when they get it i usually steal from their bags late at night. so i always like halloween because it's candy for me. the swedish fish thief there nets and pacers were on kd watch kevin durant. tori craig to amim shakes him drops him and of course, it's the jumper. relax down there. nothing you can do about it and you'll see the reaction from the
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bench here is just tremendous kd goes for 22 brooklyn beat the pacers 105.98. my mind is blown raiders have a buy this week. so derek carrs working on his wiffle ball skills with his son kid with a little kid music for dad. yeah. don't crowd the plate old man. his son has an arm. he drilled pots in the thigh. i'm i'm sure mom loves them playing. in the house sports on abc 7 sponsored by river rock casino, and we'll b
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for sandhya patel. larry beale all of us. i'm dan ashley. we appreciate your time. hope you have great weekend. happy halloween right now on jimmy kimmel tracy morgan.
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good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- tracy morgan, penn badgley, and music from billy strings. and now, jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hello. thank you. welcome, welcome. hi, there. that's very nice. thank you. thanks. i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. [ cheers and applause ] we are back to work. thank you for braving the elements to be with us on a rare day of rain here in southern california. this morning, everyone in l.a. went in the closet and found their one and only waterproof jacket.


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