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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 31, 2021 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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air, president biden on the world stage, confronting climate change ahead of the high stakes un summit in scotland. the president answering a wide range of questions just a short time ago at the close of the g20 conference. the biggest questions on climate change, did the leaders of the world's 20 largest economies accomplish enough? president biden insists america is a global leader during what he calls an inflection point in history. his message for russia and china. what he says about the future of his build back better plan stalled in congress at home. cecilia vega standing by in rome with what the president told her about his meeting with the pope. and maggie rulli is in scotland ahead of that consequential summit beginning tomorrow.
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and late-breaking tonight, white house press secretary jen psaki testing positive for covid. the details just coming in. the other major developing nightmare at major airports. american airlines grounding more than 1,800 flights since friday. thousands of passengers stranded. what we're learning tonight. also tonight, the challenges facing the vaccine roll-out for children. the new reporting on preparations for those smaller pfizer doses, when the first shots could be administered. phil lipof seeing how this hospital is gettin ready firsthand. plus how the vaccine battle is heating up nationwide. firehouses left short-staffed. what's next in the showdown? the final sprint in the virginia governor's race, a major test for democrats ahead of the midterm elections. the race now neck and neck in a state president biden won by ten points. the deadly shooting on the set of the movie "rust." cinematographer halyna hutchins laid to rest tonight, and alec baldwin speaking out on camera for the first time.
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and tonight the terrifying attack on a metro train, more than a dozen people stabbed. the suspect allegedly dressed as the joker from "batman." and america strong tonight. how one family's halloween attraction is helping our nation's military heroes. >> announcer: from abc news world headquarters in new york, this is "world news tonight." good evening, everyone. thanks so much for joins us on this busy sunday. i'm linsey davis. we begin with president biden on the world stage tackling global clay mat change. just moments ago the president speaking from rome in a press conference, saying g20 leaders made progress, agreeing to stop funding coal-fired power plants in poorer countries and making a commitment to carbon neutrality by mid century. but many are blasting g20 leaders for not doing enough. the president criticizing russia, china and saudi arabia for failing to attend the talks,
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saying an all-hands-on-deck effort is needed. now all eyes on glasgow as the president and more than 100 other world leaders attend the u.n. climate change conference. the president heads there with his domestic climate proposals still stalled here at home. but he remains optimistic it will get done. our chief white house correspondent cecilia vega leads us off tonight from rome with the president. >> reporter: tonight, as president biden ends his trip in rome and looks ahead to glasgow for what's being called the most consequential climate conference ever, he and other leaders of the world's richest countries are under fire for not doing enough to stop global warming. the president on the defensive, calling it an all-hands-on-deck effort and blasting russia and china, the world's biggest polluter, for failing to show up. >> there's a reason why people should be disappointed. i think you're going to see we made significant progress, and more has to be done, but it's going to require us to continue to focus on what china's not doing, what russia is not doing.
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>> reporter: his infrastructure plan directs $555 billion to fighting climate change, but it does not punish energy suppliers that fail to make the switch to clean energy, something experts say is needed in order to meet the president's goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. >> can you stand here today and say to the world that you definitively will still meet that goal? >> yes, i can. i don't think you're going to need any -- any punitive action to get people to step up. >> reporter: it's the first time these world leaders have gathered in person since the pandemic began, and they are facing a number of other challenges, including battling covid-19, now close to claiming 5 million lives around the world. and the supply chain crisis crippling the global economy. the president, who campaigned on rebuilding relationships with allies and making america a reliable partner, now saying america was welcomed back to the global negotiating table. >> everyone sought me out. they wanted to know what our
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views were. the united states of america is the most critical part of this entire agenda. >> reporter: and in one of the most emotional moments since taking office, the president reflecting on his relationship with pope francis, america's second catholic president at the center of a raging debate back home over his support of abortion rights. conservative u.s. catholic bishops efforting a move to deny politicians like him communion. the president telling reporters that in his closed door meeting the pope told him he was a good catholic and should continue to receive the sacrament. what did it mean for you to hear pope francis in the wake of this in the middle of this debate call you a good catholic, and did what he tell you, should put this debate to rest? >> look i'm not going to -- a lot of this is just personal. always been this debate in the catholic church. >> when i lost my son beau, it had such a cathartic impact on my wife and our family. >> and cecilia vega joins us now live from rome.
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cecilia, the president facing a lot of questions about his domestic agenda, stalled in congress and really hanging over this overseas trip. but today he seemed optimistic. it sounds like he thinks it will pass this week. >> yeah, linsey, he does. he is sounding much more optimistic than he does in the past. he does believe this is going to pass, and democratic leaders on capitol hill say they are looking at a vote as possibly as early as tuesday on this. but the reality about this one, the white house wanted a win before the president landed here in europe. they didn't get that. it's looking more likely that he'll get that win when he is back home in a few days. >> and cecilia, another headline from the white house tonight. press secretary jen psaki testing positive for covid. what can you tell us about that? >> yeah, linsey, this is just coming in right now. she hasn't been on this trip. of course, that is unusual for the press secretary to not be here. she didn't come because she said she had a family emergency. she just released a statement a few minutes ago. members of her household, she said, tested positive for covid. she just found out she too
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tested positive. that's after testing negative for the past four days. she last saw biden on tuesday. they were outside, both were wearing masks she is vaccinated and experiencing only mild symptoms, that she will be back to work in person after her ten-day quarantine. linsey? >> cecilia, thank you so much. now i want to bring in abc's maggie rulli who is in glasgow ahead of that major climate summit. maggie, world leaders no doubt are under tremendous pressure to deliver here. >> reporter: yeah, linsey, the pressure here has never been higher. and it was really incredible. on our way here just to see the sheer number of people making their way to glasgow from all over the world. nearly every country is represented, hundreds of heads of state, well-known activists like greta thunberg, other industry leaders. they're all saying this is one of the most significant moments i the climate crisis. linsey, just today the world meteorologist organization came out with an urgent report that says the planet has reached record levels of greenhouse gas and heat has propelled us into uncharted territory. the goal of this conference is to follow up on promises made in the paris accord, something
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president biden reinstated the u.s. into earlier this year. but as prime minister boris johnson said just earlier tonight, now years later many of those promises feel empty and hollow, and now is the time for reelection. linsey? >> maggie, thanks so much. and a program note. david muir will be leading our coverage of the climate summit from glasgow tomorrow with a special edition of "world news tonight," including an in-depth report from david, the only american network journalist on the ground in southern madagascar, where they're on the brink of the first famine driven entirely by climate change. he is with the aid workers, as they race to save children in dire need. his report, "the children of climate change" kicks off a unprecedented month-long series from abc news on the climate crisis around the world. be sure to tune into that. now to the other story tonight, travel chaos gripping parts of the country. american airlines cancelling
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more than 18 1 more than 1,800 flights just since friday, creating a nightmare for passengers at its hubs in dallas/fort worth, charlotte, and miami. here is abc's elwyn lopez. >> reporter: tonight the cascading travel nightmare for passengers across the country, american airlines cancelling at at least 1,000 flights day, and more than 1,800 in all since friday. >> all these people in line, trying to find alternative flights. >> reporter: long lines like these at charlotte douglas airport on saturday. eric capron and his wife trying to get to omaha. >> i just found out my flight has been canceled. i was supposed to depart at 5:50. and we don't know if we're going get out tonight. >> reporter: howard schwartz finally getting home this morning. >> i ended up in st. louis. from st. louis i had to spend the night and then take a 6:00 a.m. flight from st. louis back to phoenix. >> reporter: the airline blaming severe winds at its dallas-fort worth hub days ago and staffing shortages, writing in a note to employees, we could only use two runways instead of the usual five. southwest airlines cancelling
5:40 pm
more than 200 flights today due to weather. this comes just weeks after that airline experienced its own operational issues, scrapping more than 2,200 flights over columbus day weekend. >> it's going to be a very, very tough holiday travel season. so if you're planning on traveling during the holidays, you better have a plan b and a plan c. >> lots of plans there. elwyn joins us now from hartsfield jackson atlanta international airport. elwyn, what is american airlines saying about how soon things will get back to normal? >> reporter: yeah, linsey, american airlines has already canceled flights for tomorrow, but it has nearly 1,800 flight attendants coming back from leave that day which should start to alleviate the issue. linsey? >> elwyn, thank you so much. now to the pandemic. cdc approval for the pfizer vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds is likely now just days away. but officials warn of a logistical challenge in getting shots administered, asking parents to be patient. here in new york, the battle over vaccine mandates is heating up. thousands of city workers refusing to comply, potentially
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treatening emergency services. here is abc's phil lipof. >> reporter: tonight the white house telling parents waiting to get their children ages 5-11 vaccinated to be atient. since fda authorization last week, 15 million pfizer doses for that age group have already started shipping. locations will begin to receive doses tomorrow, but no shot can be administered until the cdc gives the green light, and that's expected late tuesday or wednesday. new york university's langone health preparing today to get shots in arms fast. >> they're stored here, thawed and then brought to the flu pods over on the children's hospital side. >> reporter: dr. heather howell is a pediatrician here at langone. >> it's really great now that we're going to be able to keep them safe. and that is a way to prevent them from getting sick. >> reporter: she has three children in that critical age group and plans to get them the shot immediately. >> covid is a lot worse than getting the shot. >> reporter: but a recent poll showing less than a third of parents say they'll get their young children vaccinated right away.
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>> i'm not sure. i don't think i know enough about it. >> reporter: the pfizer vaccine for the country's 28 million 5 to 11-year-olds is two shots, but at one-third the adult dose. tonight, moderna says the fda may need until january to review the company's vaccine for 12 to 17 year olds to assess the rare risk of myocarditis, the inflammation of the heart muscle, though experts say that's much more likely to be caused by covid-19. in new york city, thousands of municipal workers will not be paid as of tomorrow if they remain unvaccinated. defying the city's mandate. already a number of fire companies taken out of service this weekend, short staffed with multiple sick calls. but the mayor tweeting 91% of city workers are now vaccinated. compared to that 91% of city workers, the fdny tells us late today that 75% of its firefighters are vaccinated. the fdny commissioner said the
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closures this weekend didn't hamper response times at all but did go on to say that calling in sick to protest the mandate could actually cost lives. linsey? >> phil, thanks so much. and next to the final sprint in virginia's race for governor. it is an election that is largely seen as something of a referendum on president biden's agenda, as well as ahead of next year's midterm elections. former governor terry mcauliffe in a close race with republican challenger glenn youngkin. president biden won the state by 10 points last november. abc's kenneth moton is in arlington, virginia. >> reporter: tonight the candidates in the virginia governor's race criss-crossing the commonwealth in a final sprint toward tuesday's election day. >> right now, we have a big lead in the early vote. >> reporter: democrat terry mcauliffe, a former virginia governor, neck and neck with republican glenn youngkin, a political newcomer and businessman. >> are you guys ready to win or what? >> reporter: voters in the state largely concerned about education and the economy. >> i've got big bold plans. i'm leading on education. that's the reason why i'm ireio r
5:44 pm
>> we will teach all history. but what we will not do, we will not teach our children to view everything through a lens of race and divide them into -- into baskets and then make them compete against one another and steal dreams. >> reporter: the race, a toss up. a recent poll finding 49% of likely voters favoring mcauliffe, 48% youngkin. the republican endorsed by former president trump, but youngkin keeping trump and his allies at arms length, going solo on the trail, focusing on the critical d.c. suburbs of northern virginia. while mcauliffe struggling to excite voters relying on democratic heavy hitters including president biden who won the state by 10 points in 2020 and vice president kamala harris. virginia and new jersey are the only two states to hold their race for governor in the year after the presidential election. new jersey governor phil murphy leading in his bid for re-election over republican
5:45 pm
challenger jack ciattarelli. but linsey, it's this virginia race being seen as a bellwether for the nation and referendum on the biden agenda, just a year before the midterm elections. linsey? >> the eyes of the nation on that state, kenneth. thank you. there is also a lot of attention on the supreme court tomorrow. the controversial highly restrictive texas abortion law is on the docket. justices are hearing arguments about the legislation, which effectively bans most abortions in the state. their ruling, when it comes, is expected to have national consequences. the conservative-leaning court has already refused several attempts to put the law on hold. now to the movie set tragedy. cinematographer halyna hutchins laid to rest today, ten days after she was shot and killed on the set of the film "rust." now actor alec baldwin speaks out about that tragedy. abc's zohreen shah is in los angeles. >> reporter: tonight friends and family holding a private funeral for cinematographer halyna hutchins after alec baldwin accidentally shot and killed her
5:46 pm
on the set of the western "rust." >> she was my friend. she was my friend. >> reporter: the actor and producer speaking out for the first time on camera about the tragedy. >> there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time, but nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion episode. it's a one in a trillion thing. >> reporter: sheriff's deputies still investigating how the live round made it into the gun. baldwin saying he can't comment on the investigation but said the production had been going smoothly. >> we were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together, and then this horrible event happened. >> reporter: well-oiled is different than the sheriff's description of complacency on set. "the l.a. times" tonight reporting crew members saying there were three accidental discharges of weapons. in one incident a woman shot herself in the foot with a blank. baldwin saying he doesn't think production will resume, adding
5:47 pm
he is open to industry-wide safety changes. >> we have to realize when it does go wrong, some new measures have to take place. it's urgent. it's urgent. >> reporter: baldwin says he is in constant contact with hutchins' family and police. the investigation continues. so far no charges filed. linsey? >> no charges yet, but still possible. zohreen, thank you. there is much more ahead on "world news tonight" this sunday. the terrifying knife attack on a train. passengers running for their lives. and a new sign of yet another extremely active hurricane season. for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here. still came the belly pain, discomfort, and bloating. awful feelings she kept sugar-coating. finally, with the help of her doctor, it came to be. that her symptoms were all signs of ibs-c. and that's why she said yess to adding linzess. linzess is not a laxative. it helps you have more frequent and complete bowel movements. and is proven to help relieve overall abdominal symptoms
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next tonight, there have next tonight, there have been so many storms in the atlantic, meteorologists have run out of names for the second year in a row. subtropical storm wanda exhausting this year's list as the 21st named storm. meteorologists have a backup list if needed. next up, adria. and tonight investigators are calling it a deadly attempt to smuggle people across the mexico border. federal agents say they caught about 70 people trying to swim around a barrier from tijuana to san diego last night. they say they pulled more than a dozen people from the water and that they found one woman unresponsive and they were unable to revive her. a terrifying attack on a commuter train in tokyo. investigators say a man dressed as the joker from "batman" stabbed several people and set a fire today, sending passengers scrambling to escape. 17 people were injured. the 24-year-old suspect is now under arrest.
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finally tonight, on this halloween evening, one california neighborhood is not about scaring but caring for the community. >> reporter: there is something extra shocking about the halloween display in front of mike and dawn stanley's home in southern california. >> we start planning that in january. the new thing we did this year was having the neighbors involved, and that really took it to another level. >> reporter: just building the ship of this homemade replica of the pirates of the caribbean ride at disneyland took more than two months and brought the entire community together. >> for the past few weekends, right before halloween came, we had nearly every dad on our street out here and all the kids run around. everyone was like, "what can we do? can we do something?" >> the bonus is all these people are coming out and enjoying it. and then that's when my wife said, "hey, let's try to help some people since we're getting all these people here." >> reporter: every night since early october, dawn and her
5:58 pm
friends have set up a snack table -- hot chocolate, cider and cookies, along with a jar for donations earmarked for the fighting 5th marines out of fort pendleton. >> this year we're just trying to do even more for the community, and to raise money for the marines is important to us. my dad was a marine. >> reporter: sharing more treats than tricks, the stanley's hope this aspect of the holiday is more appealing than ghouls and goblins. >> get out there, have fun with your kids! have fun with your family. >> do something good for the community. >> do something good for the community and pay it forward. let's all laugh and smile, you know. >> nice reason to smile. thanks so much for watching. a reminder. david muir leads our coverage of the climate conference in glasgow tomorrow. i'm linsey davis in new york. have a great evening. good night. good night.
5:59 pm
>> next, developing news out of the south bay, where the investigation into a deadly shooting. a mask mandate is about to go away in one county. a couple of others or easing restrictions. a rundown of what is changing. it is being billed as the most critical climate change conference in years. the dire warnings being issued already by world leaders. the news at 6:00 starts right now. >> building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. >> a deadly shooting at a halloween party at the home of the gilroy council member. now word of break in a case. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching the news at 6:00.
6:00 pm
popopopopopo connection with a deadly shooting at a city councilmember's home. it all happened early saturday morning during a halloween party. left three others hurt. including two in critical condition. the victims range in age from 17 to 19 years old. police arrested a 19-year-old. police have not said what is connection is to the victims or to the councilmember. she is cooperating with the investigation. we sent out word by our app just before 1:00 p.m. the app is just one way to stay on top of breaking news. tomorrow, three bay area counties will have new rules for