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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 31, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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year old has been arrested in connection to a fatal halloween weekend shooting at this home tonight. we council member who lives here the deadline for san francisco muni drivers to get the vaccine is tomorrow. i'll tell you how many could soon be out of a job and i'm tracking rain returning tomorrow. we'll have the latest timing in the acura for the forecast abc 7 news at 11 starts right now. building a better bay area moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. pray for the families of everyone who's been affected. gilroy city council member talks only to abc 7 about a shooting during a party in her yard that left one person dead tonight a 19 year old man is in custody with that. we say good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm dion lim you're watching abc
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7 news at 11 live here on abc 7 and wherever you stream tonight details on that shooting only on seven. it happened at a halloween party yesterday on las animas avenue at the home of a gilroy councilmember abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to councilmember rebecca armandiri's who confirmed the young man arrested in connection to the shooting is a family member. tonight exclusive video of the moment gilroy police officers and morgan hills swat team surrounded the house of 19 year old benjamin david calderon in connection to the fatal halloween weekend shooting at las animas avenue on saturday. is arrested calderon on sund his neighbors described him as a good person tonight. there were shocked to see the arrest and swat team surge h i just want to ask the community. i want to ask everyone to continue to. to pray for the families of everyone who's been affected and
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to continue to offer them their support. we spoke exclusively to gilroys councilmember rebecca armandaris who confirmed benjamin calderon is family. the 19 year old is her second cousin councilmember armandar is said she was home during the shooting. i was not part of the halloween party that took place in her side yard. she said there's a second home on their property one of the neighbors who wants to main anonymous said this parking lot was packed with cars he also mentioned there were about 70 people at the party and young people drinking outside. one person died unseen three others were injured two of those victims. in critical condition all victims between the ages of 17 and 19 years old. this is the audio recording firefighters responding really gilroy police officers confirmed a fight broke out during the party, but have not released the connection between calderon and
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the shooting in gilroy loose peña abc 7 news. we sent out the alert about the arrest in this case through the abc 7 news app. before one in the afternoon the app is one way to stay on top of breaking news when you download it. be sure to enable the notification feature. developing news in san francisco were a vaccination mandate deadline is about to take effect. that means many san. go city and county workers who haven't gotten vaccinated yet could lose their job abc 7 news reporter jr. stone jones is live in the newsroom tonight with a look at the effect. it'll have starting tomorrow. jr. this could be significant. it sure could be on san francisco muni operators the bus drivers here in the city. they are some of the ones affected here and what happens them could impact you if you ride the bus. the clock is ticking for san francisco's muni operators and the message from city hall get vaccinated or find work elsewhere kind of a scary story
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to be telling during halloween because none of our operators want to get fired, but it's exactly what could now happen transport workers union of america president roger marengo says in recent weeks the number of unvaccinated bus drivers has dropped dramatically currently there are less than 90 unv operators as many gave in and got the shots due to fears of losing their job as of last friday 60 police officers were still not vaccinated but officers have until november 12 to be fully vacced unlike muni operators, but maranko says the possible firings won't happen overnight and some operators could opt in for the vaccine last minute or be. an exemption it's not gonna be okay. today's november one. you don't have the vaccine you're fired immediately. it doesn't work like that. the mayor says nearly 98% of city and county workers are vaccinated. george bandorf is part of that 98% he's a nurse with san
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francisco department of public health and sutter. we told them about four muni routes that will be suspended or partially suspended come monday due to a possible loss of drivers bendorf says while that is upsetting. he supports vaccine mandates and is okay with it and be disappointed. however, i'd have to muddle through it because i'm dependent on the bus. and i did talk with two drivers off camera one told me he got the vacs and he supports it. the other was very mad saying he doesn't agree with being forced to put something into his body, but he told me he makes $40 an hour. he's not giving that up so he got the shot dion now back to you. all right, we shall see how this all unfolds jr. many. thanks to you now here are the four bus lines jr. just mentioned that'll be suspended starting tomorrow. you can see them there on your screen. they're known as short service lines buses that on a segment of a longer muni route to help improve frequency. there is no timeline for when
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they'll be restored sfmta says it is currently hiring and training new operators. also starting tomorrow three bay area counties will have new rules for wearing masks indoors. marin will become the first bay area county to lift the mask mandate starting tomorrow at noon vaccinated people will no longer be required to mask up in indoor spaces including restaurants grocery stores and contra costa and alameda county are easing their mandates to various degrees and earlier this month sonoma county and san francisco relaxed mass requirements indoors in certain settings abc 7 news reporter cornell barnard explains what the latest rule changes will mean do you want to know about halloween costume is for today? sure. guess what? i am. no, i'm tomorrow is that mass mandate is ending michael freed has waited months to say that line. he owns bogey's two restaurant in downtown san rafael. we're starting monday vaccinated customers and staff.
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longer have to mask up. i'm excited about it ending and still apprehensive more for the customer's plan. they don't want to sit inside some are still wanting to outside marin county is the first of the bay area to lift its indoor masked mandate for most public spaces. we're looking forward to it including jeff rosati's longtime sporting goods store. we're gonna watch it real close and if they ask us to start wearing mass again, we're gonna wear masks again marin county health officials. hope things don't go backwards numbers have now been achieved for advancing into the moderate category of spread for the virus vaccination rates are above 80% for all residents hospitalizations have declined in fact today, there are only two people with covid-19 inmarine hospitals and none in the icu, which is a four-month low earnest owusu is still uncomfortable about ditching his mask. are you ready to take her mask off inside? i don't think so. i'll still regard. happens i'll still be wearing a mask just because it makes me i feel comfortable doing it. so i'm not gonna do it for a while. in the east bay cut for costa
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and alameda counties will ease mass requirement. monday for some indoor settings like gyms as long as your vaccinated i'd rather not wear us i actually just got my booster. it's gonna be a challenge. you know, but i'm open to it. i think it's a little too soon to be changing. rules because of flu season kicking in back in marin the return back to normal life is looking brighter people were to find comfort in going to stores going. rods not seeing masks and i think you know, we're all trying to get out of this. so any steps forward we can to move away from that that it's all welcome. here in marin mass. still need to be worn in high risk places, like hospitals private businesses can keep their mass policy if they wish local health officials recommend wearing a mask going forward just in case in san rafael cornell bernard abc 7 news. now if you have questions about covid vaccine mandates or
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policies, you can ask our vaccine team just head to and click on that big blue box moving on to developing news a frustrating weekend for passengers as the number of flights canceled by american airlines grows today the airline canceled over 900 flights nationwide american airlines blames weather issues and staff shortages more than 1800 flights have been canceled since friday and as we head into the busy holiday season travel experts say passengers will need patients and backup plans. it's going to be a very very tough holiday travel season. so if on travel traveling during the holidays. you better have a plan b and a plan c. american airlines released a statement saying that they expect considerable improvement beginning tomorrow with some residual impact from the weekend. well the work week starting off wet there you see abc 7 news meteorologist drew tuma tracking some rain. hey drew. hey dionne, we're tracking that
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rain already moving into the north bay tonight, and then it spreads south across the rest of the region tomorrow. we'll go hour by hour timeout your monday monday in the accurate forecast. trick or treat returns. we'll check out some special events across the bay area this halloween and a castro
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area in a big way this year from kids and costumes to candy and celebrations. we saw a little bit of everything as people let loose this holiday weekend. here's a look at some of the festivities. after a two-year hiatus, not even a rainstorm that put a temporary damper on festivities this year could hold back the excitement for those attending the alameda. affairs last day on halloween kids and adults alike decked out in costume to trick or treat. here we go in san francisco. a pandemic a closed off gray highway turned into a community party where thousands of kids had plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a spooky disco pumpkin decorations and more in a safe environment. we're overwhelmed by the support from the community all the lake all the neighborhood associations popped in and helped the merchant association a bunch of the local businesses and then thousands of our neighbors came out meantime in a more adult setting the castro was popping despite the
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merchants association anticipating smaller crowds than in years past due to no planned events revelers came out in full force reminiscent of a pre-pandemic halloween. in the north bay the return of halloween with a spooky parade filled with fun costumes put on by the parts and rest department. i'm here with my cobacai brothers and we're gonna just dominate trick-or-treat lane and the powell oleene dog costume contest help extra special meaning for some families. it's been a while since we've been able to just come out and be free out in the streets and be ourselves. first time for him to actually come to sausalito and this is actually lost halloween in the united states. so we are really excited to be here. so many special occasions. well speaking of celebration pier 23 cafe held their third annual halloween dog party this afternoon after being canceled last year. because of the pandemic dogs and their owners showed up to the
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event in costume. the halloween spirit was in full swing along san francisco's embarcadero. we're really excited because we just want to bring some more joy and fun and smiles to the community and it really is happening right here with all the dogs dressed up and all their costumes. it's pretty hysterical. the party was co-hosted by jeffrey's natural pet food store who handed out of course halloween doggy treats. true did dapper dress up as anything dapper did not dress up this year. oh years ago though. he was a hot dog one year. oh, what kind of food? thing my my dachshund was a mcdonald's worker this year got 11 balance prize. yeah, so good. tonight we're talking about rain moving in dion first. it's in the bay tonight and then it becomes more widespread through the morning hours on our monday this evening though. the clouds are thickening will take you outside alive. look, east bay hills camera right now most cloudy skies across the region but it was a okay for the trick-or-treaters earlier tonight.
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we had dry skies, but things are changing over the next couple of hours. here's live doppler 7 want to press in to parts of marin and sonoma county and there you can see some light showers just beginning to move on shore with this cold front that'll cross northern california on our monday. so we time out this initial line around 11:39 some light showers around santa rosa close to midnight around middletown and clear lake shortly after that around 12:14 am some light showers crossing your neighborhood. right now with those mostly cloudy skies temperatures mainly in the mid-50s to low 60s 59 both oakland and san francisco right now. we're at 60 in san jose down to 56 in napa. here's live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see our cold front very nicely on satellite. just beginning to pick up some radar returns across the coastline of northern california. and again, this front will swing through here on our monday and bring us on and off scattered showers through the next 24 hours on the storm impact skill. a level one light system. we are tracking on monday generally light scattered showers highest rainfall will be found in the north bay and our
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biggest issue with this storm will be slick roadways as this rain moves through hour by hour future weather 5 am tomorrow morning. most of the wet weather is still in the north basin pockets of drizzle along the coastline by 10 11. am that's when we'll start to see some more. moving into the east bay the city starting to approach the peninsula and the south bay the heaviest rain in the morning again in the north bay and then throughout the afternoon scattered showers some pockets downpours indicated by the pops of yellow on your screen and throughout the evening. it just remains unsettled as this cold front moves through total rainfall over the next 24 hours highest totals in the north bay, i think some areas will approach probably three quarters of an inch rain in the north bay outside of the north bay. it's a good bet to see about less than a third. an inch of rain even less as you move south and east but all in all it will be a beneficial light rain over the next 24 hours winds will pick up in the afternoon by 2 pm strongest along the coastline gusting about 30 miles per hour. across the rest of the bay area
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it will be a breezy afternoon those winds about 15 to 25 miles per hour overnight tonight. mainly cloudy skies rain focused in the north base some drizzle along the coast and temperatures slowly falling into so in mid-50s first thing on your monday take the rain gear with you out the door on your monday on and off scattered showers throughout the day a lot of cloud cover and temperatures certainly below average for this time of year limited to the low and mid-60s as that cold front moves through. here's the accuweather 74 ask the next seven days you like showers on your monday tuesday in the morning some lingering drizzle, but the afternoon is bright and dry wednesdays a dry day during the day at night some more rain moves into the north bay, but by thursday, it becomes more widespread. it's quick moving storm friday. we're dry and over the weekend. it's shaping up really nicely a lot of sunshine both saturday and sunday and dion we turn this clocks back. one hour's daylight saving time. it does come to an end next. just thinking of that extra hour of sleep. i could sleep and it's nice, huh? yeah, pretty much true. thanks. we'll be right back.
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the last day of outside lands and golden gate park wrapping up the three-day celebration mucnd e in two years festival took place and and it is the first time it has happened on halloween sold out festival hosted over 70,000 people. it was not only a celebrated event for music lovers, but also for local businesses many of them still trying to recover their losses during the pandemic here in the festival. it's been going great the first day we literally sold out tasting our food and then asking us for the address so it seems like a good a really good thing. yeah. yeah, great sign closing down. the festival tonight was tame impala j balvin and oakland
11:25 pm
native killani. chris alvarez now joining us with the preview of sports. hi, chris. deon coming up in sports baseball season could end tonight, but houston had other ideas and 49ers fans. you can exhale how jimmy garoppolo's hometown heroics in chicago helped snap. a four-game ♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. the bennetts really know how to put their wifi to work. ♪ whether it's work work. works for me. school work it worked! or a workout. oh i'm working... they've got xfinity, which delivers wifi faster than a gig for all their devices.
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♪ ♪ tequila herradura. extraordinary awaits. sports sponsored by river rock casino well four years ago on halloween the 49ers traded for quarterback jimmy garoppolo today jimmy g returning to his hometown of chicago trying to snap a four-game losing streak in what was essentially a must-win game for the 49ers costumes were out in chicago oscar the grouch and elvis in the building just before the half jimmy g going deep for debo
11:29 pm
samuel 50 yard connection. jimmy had 322 yards passing first time. he's gone over that since december 2019 led to a field goal 139th break third. order third and 20 quick pass at debo and this is some major yards after catch. he now has 819 receiving yards passing jerry rice for the most in franchise history through seven games that led to this jimmy hungry for some hometown cooking in the end zone. got it, mr. pat. so they trailed 16-15 early fourth quarter niners take their first lead of the game. rookie elijah mitchell rushed for 137 yards and one touchdown the whole team gonna push him on in 49ers attitude point conversion 23 to 16. fourth quarter. same scores chicago goes on fourth and one rookie justin fields waving in and out of traffic 22 yards to the house the bears though missed the pat. so the niners stay ahead. jimmy extends the lead with his legs keeping it for his second
11:30 pm
rushing touchdown. ball's gonna go into the stands kyle shanahan's guy stretching out the lead under two minutes to go bears down 11. they got to have a big play and no pass interference calls in this game josh norman with the game ceiling interception 49ers win 33-22 snapping that four game losing streak. think our team just needed to win. i mean losing foreign role like that. you got it. come do something about it. and i think our guys did, you know, we came ready today? there's a good mindset on the sideline when we're playing like that. that's when we get dangerous. we got one. that's that was the goal the entire week. we just want we just need one like it's we get one then we'll focus on getting one more like and that's that's the mindset going forward throughout the rest of the season. to the evans world series game five dusty baker's a trying to keep their season alive against the braves one-time giant adam duvall with the first first inning world series grand slam since 1960 braves up four-nothing in a flash but braves fans got real nervous houston with a two out three-run
11:31 pm
rally in the fifth. here's marwin gonzalez. going to give the astros the lead for good a bloop two-run single. does it houston scored nine of the games final 10 runs to take control braves were just so close to winning it all but the astros win 9-5 game 6 in houston tuesday night abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. coming up next global leaders gathered today for what's considered the most consequential climate conference ever and president. biden is already on the defensive plus that restrictive new abortion law in texas goes before the supreme court tomorrow, but justices aren't deciding on whether that law is constitutional the particular legal issue
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a better bay area moving forward finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. president biden is on the world stage claiming a leadership role on tackling global climate change abc news chief white house correspondent cecilia. vega is traveling with the president as he heads to the un climate change conference. tonight is president biden and his trip in rome and looks ahead to glasgow for what's being called the most consequential climate conference ever. he and other leaders of the world's richest countries are under fire for not doing enough to stop global warming the president on the defensive calling it an all hands-on deck effort and blasting russia and china the world's biggest polluter for failing to show up. there's a reason why people should be disappointed. i think you're going to see we've made significant progress and more has to be done. but it's going to require us to
11:36 pm
continue to focus on what china's not doing what russia is not doing his infrastructure plan directs 555 billion dollars to fighting climate change, but it does not punish energy suppliers that fail to make the switch to clean energy. something experts say is needed in order to meet the president's goal of cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2030. can you stand here today and say to the world that you definitively will still meet that goal? yes. i can i don't think you're going to need any any punitive action to get people to step up. it's first time these world leaders have gathered in person since the pandemic began and they are facing a number of other challenges including battling covid-19. now close to claiming 5 million lives around the world and that supply chain crisis crippling the global economy the president who campaigned on rebuilding relationships with allies and making america a reliable. partner now saying america was welcomed back to the global negotiating table. everyone sought me out. they wanted to know what our
11:37 pm
views were united states of america is the most critical part of this entire agenda. i'm cecilia vega traveling with the president in rome. white house press secretary jensaki did not make the trip to scotland because some of her family members got infected with covid. she announced today. she tested positive but had been in quarantine since wednesday and had four consecutive. days of negative tests up until today saki is vaccinated and says tuesday was the last time she was with the president, but they distanced and wore masks. abc 7 is committed to following all of the latest developments from cop 26 and its impact on the bay area. you can find the very latest at our website abc 7 tomorrow the supreme court will hear a fast-tracked challenge to the texas abortion law. the hearing comes exactly two months after the lone star state imposed a near total ban on abortions. the law also deputizes private citizens to bring lawsuits against anyone who aids or a
11:38 pm
bets in an unlawful abortion supreme court justices are expected to look at whether the federal and can sue texas over the law given how its designed. tonight in emotional update on the effort by bay area charity roots of peace to evacuate some of its team members from afghanistan. another family is safely out of the country and on the way home to northern, california abc 7 news reporter. cheryl jennings has covered the organization for years and has this update from doha qatar. this was the late night scene at the airport in doha cutter a large bus arrived with afghan families who've been evacuated from bubble and had their documents processed at a military base. they were greeted by a very excited bay area route to peace founder heidi kuhn we're feeling well, we are feeling good and i think so much you and headqueen and the ceo of recipes that
11:39 pm
helped a lot to see that and be able to see that family that one family. had worked so hard to get them safely. we cannot show the faces of sharif and his family because they have relatives in afghanistan who might be at risk. we also changed his name to protect him now the family lives in northern california. they were on vacation in afghanistan when their world turned upside down and they became trapped in the last days of august. we try our best to equate but due to the more crowd in miss discipline and mismanagement while we were not able do that even my become injured in during those crowd but multiple times.
11:40 pm
department did well and they they are giving very good facilities to each and everyone and they're taking care of each and every person idq and her team have been relentless about evacuating their most at risk employees. and her husband gary kuhn first flew to islamabad turkey to be close to the same time zone in kabul right after the taliban came into power august 15th, then heidi and i came to doha cutter in late october with a personal appeal to anyone connected to the rescue effort. slowly afghan families are getting out charice family has been through so much and they are finally here at the airport ready to head back home. start their lives all over again with memories. they will never forget and roots of peace is hoping to evacuate more afghan employees who might be at risk and many of them. a piece women women who have gone out.
11:41 pm
started their own businesses look to roots of pieces of role model and hired 80 women. well those are now highly at risk. being hunted the running from home to home. i am not going to give up on those 34 additional afghans who are most at risk and agriculture is the man backbone of afghanistan. therefore roots of peace is one of the biggest injured working in afghanistan and this is our promise. this is promise of heady kune and gary that and might me and other colleagues that we will support humanitarian activities farmers to do our best. it's tough the fresh fruits that we have planted six million fruit trees in all thirty-four provinces is the legacy the sustainable legacy that roots of peace leaves behind 20 years after the war has ended in doha qatar cheryl jennings abc 7 news. now something else the land
11:42 pm
cultivated for farming by roots of peace has been spirit of landmines and other war debris another key mission of their organization you can find more about their efforts and other ways to help afghan refugees. at our website abc 7 slash take action. well just ahead. oprah is about to give us an early scoop into some of her favorite things this year. plus. we'll check out a unique event today in oakland that honored the dead and protected the healthy and i'm meteorologist drew tuma as we change the calendar to november tomorrow. welcoming back some rain live doppler 7 will track our light storm the next 24 hours level the details and the a
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
11:45 pm
a special dia de los muertos celebration in oakland today provided people with free covid vaccinations the clinic focused on an area disproportionately affected by the virus kaiser
11:46 pm
permanente teamed up with the nonprofit the unity council and alaska airlines to provide the vaccine those who got a shot also had a chance to win travel vouchers the also featured decorated altars created by local artists and community members in memory of loved ones. i'll check this out san francisco state senator scott weiner got into the halloween spirit today dressed up as a hot dog a wiener hot dog. you know you get it taking to twitter to poke fun a little fun at himself. he said quote after all of these years. i finally broke down and did it. it's not pretty but it has character. happy halloween everyone glad to see you can poke. himself like that. well, the queen of talk is ready to help us all gear up for the holidays. oprah will reveal her favorite things list tomorrow. it'll mark the 25th anniversary of her holiday tradition the list includes budget friendly must-haves and this year. it'll also focus on black businesses and women-owned brands oprah will announce the
11:47 pm
list. tomorrow afternoon, but before that you can get a sneak peek on good morning america the creative director of the oprah magazine will be on to share some deals you can tune in to gma at 7 am right after abc 7 mornings intro. i'm always amazed at how these local businesses could really like take off after they make the totally this is a launching pad for a lot of people tomorrow has been in the past and everyone looks forward to that 25 years can't believe that umbrella certainly needed tomorrow though rain moving on in. doppler 7 will take into the north bay. we'll zoom on down to street level. you can see by bodega bay dillon beach marshall. we're getting some light showers working through highway one at this hour and we'll find more rain filling in especially later tomorrow morning on the storm impact scales a level one light system we have on our hands tomorrow the first day november highest rainfall in the north bay biggest issue with this storm slick roadways throughout the region hour by hour we go. 8 am tomorrow the rain really focused in the north bay it begins to sink south close to
11:48 pm
lunchtime. so by noon we have showers across much of the region from the peninsula to the east bay to the north bay will track some scatter downpours those brighter colors. you see on your screen. those are the heavier showers and throughout the evening. it's really just an unsettled day. you can see we'll track some scattered showers even by 6 pm. so the evening commute tomorrow likely a wetter than the morning once a prepare for that highs tomorrow with that rain moving through it's below average for this time of year a lot of cloud cover. is on and off showers temperatures mainly in the low to mid 60s by the afternoon accuweather 78 day forecast light showers tomorrow. warning drizzle here on your tuesday giving way to sunshine in the afternoon. wednesday is a bright day, but at night there's a chance in the north bay for a shower becomes more widespread on thursday with rain and win. it's quick mover. it's out of here by friday the weekend shaping up to really nice sunny and seasonable fine fall afternoon temperatures mainly in the 60s both days dion. hey with daylight saving time. how early is the sun going to go down? no, it's it's right after 5pm.
11:49 pm
oh sunday, so it's gonna get pretty early get out of work and it feels like nighttime. all right drew. thanks now to chris alvarez with another preview of sports chris. dion coming up in sports clay thompson wins the halloween costume contest you got to see this plus jimmy g's homecoming heroics how the chicago native led the niners to a key victory over the bears sports is next.
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the classic hollywood story. we meet the hero, the all-new nissan frontier. hero faces seemingly impossible challenge. ♪ tension builds... ♪ the plot twist. ♪
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the hero prevails. in hollywood, this would be the end. but our here, we are just getting started. introducing the all-new nissan frontier. sponsored by river rock casino well for all the talk about jimmy garoppolo not being a mobile quarterback number 10 now has three. rushing touchdowns this season and became the first 49ers quarterback to throw for more than 300 yard. and rushed for two scores in the game since jeff garcia back in 2000 plenty of 49ers fans calling for trey lance to take over his starter, but garoppolo returned home to chicago and played his best game of the season in front of more than 100 family and friends as the san
11:53 pm
francisco 49ers snapped a four-game slide to keep pace in the nsc wildcard race. here's jimmy and the guys on the homecoming game. it was really cool. it was just i don't know. i love coming back here love this city. it's a fun place to play man. i only had to buy like 20 tickets, but there is easily over a hundred. i know so it was it was a lot of niners people out. there's some some bread out erhe stands today. jimmy has not changed. he's been the same every day every week every sunday and it was just great for him to come out here in front his own crowd and go out here and get a win and play very well. just coming back home. i'm in front of his fans, and i know his back was against the wall just like everybody else in her building but for him to step up and play the way he did to death that was huge. like i said before the noises the noise. you know when you're losing 40 games in a row, you deserve all that but the online give them their credit those. great today, and without them we couldn't do what we do offensively so. it starts to thumb up front and it always will. tom brady in the bucks in new orleans second quarter horse color tackle right here on james swinson and unfortunately for him, he hurts his knee and did not return coach.
11:54 pm
sean payton says they fear it is a significant injury back up trevor simeon taking over. and the backup is going to throw his first touchdown pass since december 2017, alex arma. saints built a 16-point lead but tom brady in the fourth quarter. never out of a game his fourth touchdown of the game 50 yard bombed to a wide open zero grayson. bucks take the lead the saints retook the lead on a field goal brady needs to push the ball down the field the two-minute drill picked off by pj williams going the other way for a pick six saints beat the bucks 36-27 tampa bay falls to six and two this year now for some what happened place jaguar is trying it on-site kick against the seahawks late and this only happens in the video games games trevis homer grabs it on the gets past the line defense and there he goes 44 yards seahawks roll 31-7. they're a half game behind the niners at three and five and this is just inexplicable carson wentz in the colts backed up on their own goal line. try to avoid the safety, but wins throws the ball right to
11:55 pm
elijah molden for the pick 6. ouch. how does that happen colts lost in overtime 34-31. well the warriors improved to five and one with a blowout win over oklahoma city last night there lottery pick 19 year old jonathan kamenga made his nba debut and can you imagine the nerves kaminga smiling pregame and after a knee injury in the preseason forcing to miss the first five games the regular season got his chance to check in and the fourth quarter last night. he will never forget this a three-pointer off a great pass from juan toscano anderson splash. here's kamingo on the milestone moment. feel great. i was waiting for this moment. everybody was waiting for this moment. then i see the crowd went crazy just went for me. he'll great being out there good to see him. get out there. good knock the three down had a couple tough ones, but he one down and it's good to get down under his belt now, you know looking forward to continue to watch them grow. i told him like just you know, appreciate the moment to get his first sweat out there get his
11:56 pm
first bucket get that out the way and i can just focus on getting better. and clay thompson wins h the warriors superstar splashed by their sharing this video dresses celtics legend larry bird. splash clay looking good as his rehab continues after last night's game. i asked the worries about halloween costumes and ask steve kerr his favorite as a kid. i was a ucla bruin football player with full gold helmet and light blue jersey football pants the whole deal. i may come with floaties. is a little pool party action. we have options. let me leave it to that. the kids are. enough where they they get to play creative director for the whole family. so we got options. we'll see what happens bring my son will be spider-man. my daughters are ladybug or dalmatian my youngest then my oldest i think is willow. answer, i think she's corella deville. which means my baby girl probably end up being a dalmatian.
11:57 pm
and i'm clark kent abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino dion. i the g. chss considering getting real ones. he's diggingonig ody. dion limb abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock for drew tuma and chris alvarez and all of us here. thank you so much for joining. we leave you tonight with a beautiful shot outside from our emeryville camera and of the bay bridge. have a great evening. we'll see you in the morning. -hi mommy! -hi honey! oh i missed you! you just want to video call the kids. ok. hush little baby... don't say a word...
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