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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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the santa cruz mountains but the bulk of the storms moving to the east. we have a little area of light rain over the east bay over oakland, into san ramon and doubling. the highways, all of thehehehe thoroughfares are wet right now and slippery. the storm ranks one on the impact scale. for tonight, more scattered showers but become more widely scattered and later as the evening goes on. slippery roadways. the storm will be winding down overnight. i will give you a closer look at what is to come and what is to follow a little later. dan: thank you. the santa rosa fire department is declaring fire season over at -- as of today. the rain has made a huge difference. the city received close to one foot of rain in october primarily from that monster storm a couple weekends ago that caused flooding. >> now to the latest covid-19
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headlines. according to johns hopkins, global deaths topped 5 million today, but the cdc showed good news saying 70% of adults in the u.s. are fully vaccinated. 80% had had at least the first shot. dan: kids ages five to 11 could get vaccinated as early as wednesday. an independent cdc advisory panel will hold a vote tomorrow on whether to recommend the pfizer vaccine, than the cdc director must sign off. kristen: mask mandates are changing and three area counties, but the biggest change is the indoor mask mandate that's coming to an end in marin county. liz kreutz has a look at the changes. reporter: hello, kristen. these could come off in many places. two reasons, the high vaccination rate in the county, more than 80%, and the low rate of spread. there is an average of just 20
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cases a day here and only one person in the county is hospitalized with covid. for the first time in months, masks are once again optional in marin county. >> it is officially noon, the moment of truth. i'm here with david and we can take our masks off. let's do it. reporter: the change took effect at noon at applies to most businesses like grocery stores. at united market, some shoppers were breathing a sigh of relief. > how does it feel? >> it feels great. reporter: marin county is the first bay area county to lift the mask mandate. as part of the change, masks are still required in high-risk settings like hospitals. private businesses may also choose to continue. >> it is the honor system. we just put a poster up that says if you are unvaccinated, please continue to wear a mask. reporter: today, many vaccinated customers told us they still feel better keeping the mask on.
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>> i'm a sure that i don't give my students or anybody else next to me. reporter: we are going to do an unscientific experiment. we will wait here for about 30 minutes and see how many people are coming and going from the grocery store with masks and how many without. so we've seen about 51 people come and go over the past 30 minutes. 38 of them were wearing masks. 13 were not. about 25% of customers chose to take off their mask. marin county's public health director dr. matt willis believes the county, which is the highest vaccination rate in the state, is ready to take the next step, but the timing is tricky.the change comes as the holidays could lead to more spread. is it inevitable we will have potentially some surge with masks coming down and also the holiday travels? >> if we want to be realistic about this, i think we would expect to see some increasing
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cases. i think what we are recognizing though is the vaccinations are a game changer. reporter: back here, dr. willis says he will continue to wear his masks at indoor spaces like grocery stores at least until his 11-year-old son can get vaccinated. the hope is that that will be this week. most of the people we spoke to said they want to keep wearing their masks and they said they support the change. they do feel it is time to let people have their own decisions. liz kreutz, abc 7 news. kristen: just like there were metrics to drop the mask mandate, are there metrics to bring them back? what would that be? reporter: dr. willis said there's a possibility this could change once again. we already saw that happen once before. he said the metrics will come down to deaths and hospitalizations and if we see a drastic increase in those. with kids being able to get vaccinated this month and the high vaccination rates, he is
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remaining hopeful this change will be permanent, so we will cross our fingers and see. kristen: fingers and toes. thank you so much. also big changes in alameda and contra costa counties. places that are not open to the general public can now go mask lists including jim's, and places of worship. the group has to be fewer than 100 people. dan: san francisco's vaccine mandate is having an effect on muni. four short services lines were listed on the screen today. there's no timeline for when the routes will be restored. sf mta says it's currently hiring and training new operators. today, san francisco's vaccine mandate goes into effect for all city employees. hundreds of exit -- unvaccinated employees are out of compliance, creating staffing shortages. stephanie cyr is taking a closer
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look at the impact. she is in the newsroom. reporter: the city says 836 employees have reported they are unvaccinated. that includes police officers, fire department staff, and sheriffs deputies. the deadline for those groups have been pushed back a couple weeks, but not for sf mta. several lines were cut today because they are now shortstaffed. several muni staffs deserted in san francisco as hundreds of unvaccinated city employees including 100 transit operators are unable to work due to the city's vaccine mandate. >> it's a shame. i would have loved to see more buses coming back because i know a lot of my friends and people i know are starting to take them again, especially with uber and lyft prices so expensive. reporter: sasha was left walking in the rain after muni temporarily suspended two lanes. >> a bummer because san francisco has such a high vaccination rate in general.
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probably just hold out parties that are not getting vaccinated. reporter:reporter: the city says close to 200 non-civil service employees have valid religious or nonmedical exemptions, but the remaining who remain out of compliance after the deadline will be placed on administrative leave. >dorrit rice, a prodorrit rice,o hastings, says each case may take longer to review if there are factual disputes. if the claim is my religious exemption was denied because you didn't believe me and i can prove i was sincere, that is a much longer and more elaborate hearing. if you are saying i think the mandate is illegal, the due process hearing will not get anywhere. reporter: with hundreds of cases to review, employment attorney karen michael says the entire process can take weeks or months. to be treated individually to determine if that person can be accommodated. that can take time. reporter: this could have
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long-term impacts on the city's staffing shortages. aside from 200 sf mta staff, 115 law enforcement are out of compliance including 60 police officers. sf pd says the department is currently short for 73 officers and that is not including the additional 60 that are not in compliance with the mandate. depending on what happens legally with those cases, the department could be short 533 officers by next year. in the newsroom, stephanie sierra, abc 7 news. kristen: shanghai disneyland is still shut down after a potential covid exposure to guests. a visitor tested positive saturday after returning home from the park. everyone was inside, who was inside, had to undergo mandatory covid testing to be released from a government lockdown at the resort. china has adopted and continued with a national zero covid policy. dan: back here at home in the
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east bay, students at pittsburg high school are demanding justice after one student dressed up in a kkk hood. was not ok and the consequences given were not the consequences that should have been given. dan: dozens of students protested. let me warn you, some might find images of the student in the ku klux klan hood might be disturbing. he will learn how his actions affected and harmed others. pittsburgh high school's principal said the student admitted to wearing it on a day or during a costume contest at lunch. a student caused a lockdown this morning by bringing a pellet gun on campus. police came in and searched the student's backpack and found it. the gun was never found -- fired. the student was detained at the lockdown was lifted. kristen: closing time. another retailer decides to close early, siting theft
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safeway says it is due to the increasing amounts of theft. it is a move that is becoming increasingly common. melanie woodrow has the story. reporter: safeway stew -- supermarket is joining other retailers in reducing hours to the increasing theft -- due to increasing theft. the store will open until 9:00 p.m. instead of 24 hours a day. recent changes at the market street store were made to maintain a self and welcoming shopping experience for customers and associates given the increasing amount of theft at the store. safeway is not alone in reducing its hours. target has also reduced store hours to combat theft. >> not surprised. reporter: rachel michelin is the president and ceo of the california retailers association. >> some of my members have said we would rather give someone a job in -- then have them steal from our store. reporter: california has the most organized retail theft. however, when it comes to
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combating that theft, san francisco takes first place. >> at some point, it becomes unsustainable and we are seeing a breaking point. reporter: san francisco supervisor rough failed mandolin. >> safeway is saying they reached a level unprecedented in their company's history and unprecedented for that location. reporter: in july, and abc 7 news viewer shared this video of an entire aisle of products locked up. at the time, spokesperson told abc 7 the practice was a deterrent for theft. stores like cvs and walgreens do the same, though it wasn't enough to stop the person in this viral video. san francisco police arrested the suspect and he was charged. supervisor mandel mine says safeway employees told him that sfpd does not always show up. >> they have heard too frequently from officers that there's nothing that can be done and it's not even worth a citation.
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that is unacceptable. reporter: a spokesperson says sf pd plans to work closely with the supervisor and safeway to report and investigate. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. dan: joining me as abc 7 insider film a tear -- phil. walgreens and targets are closing early. what is going on? this is the new trend? >> that remains to be seen, but it is one of those things that is unique to san francisco and the bay area. we are seeing it in san francisco and oakland. let me get into som is interesting i came across while researching tonight appearance. it is not just the theft. that scene we are seeing right here, it is the safety of the woman and that guard. that is what has people concerned and walgreens and target. the other night on noriega
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street, a manager went out to confront someone who had just come in and loaded up a cart. it was a woman. she appeared to possibly be homeless. there was a confrontation. she pulled out a pocket knife and slashed his hand. what does that mean? now she will be charged with a violent felony. second of all, the manager has been traumatized. are they going to want to go back to work? are the walk -- workers who saw that going to want to continue working? are the customers who saw that, would they want to come in? the stores are saying no. they are having to close early to just cut not only the theft, but some of the safety issues that go along with it. dan: stores are in an impossible position to police themselves. what is the city doing to solve this issue? it appears what they are doing simply is not working. what are they doing? >> they are going around and around in a circle. we are hearing more cops, more
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security, and it costs if the police come and we hear from the police, even if we make an arrest, and the mayor says this as well, what are the consequences? they tend to be very little. if it is an organized ring, you might get to the california highway patrol. if it's regular, what happens is we do not believe in san francisco, at least the district attorney, in in concert rating -- incarcerating people until they are violent. some of the problem is it can get worse. the problem, problem, problem, , would be mass incarceration where you don't want to do that, but there used to be model programs to getting people out and getting jobs. but now we don't people in jail so they are back out on the street and back in the stores. dan: and the cycle continues the city offered a cash reward to catch the big fish, as you can
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call them, to deal with the fencing, take the goods and fence them. does anything come from these cash reward systems? >> not yet. it is still early. but i will tell you one thing. if it is an organized group, it is easier to deal with because they are pros and they are not out to get in trouble, they are out to get money. what we are seeing is random acts that increase the question of security. it's one thing to have theft. it is another thing if you are worried someone will pull a knife or it will be dangerous for your customers and workers. i know a person who works in one of these safeways and they said they had to stop because it was not comfortable anymore. dan: you can understand how they feel about it. it's only gotten worse. with any luck, it won't escalate any further. >> what we will have to do is the voters will have to decide what the limits are and if we need to rethink some of the things that are ideological.
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that is what it will take. dan: thank you. kristen: the city of oakland opened a new tiny home community near lake merritt. at lakeview village at east 12th street and 2nd avenue will provide incisional housing for those already living in nearby tent encampments. as laura anthony learned, these homes are a bit different from those community cabins scattered around the city. reporter: the rainy weather seemed an appropriate backdrop to illustrate the need for this new tiny home village near lake miller -- lake merritt in oakland. lakeview village will provide warmth and shelter and a measure of safety to 65 on house residents currently living in nearby tent encampments. >> this is a really important homeless intervention because the winter is upon us. we need to get people off the streets and into these shelters. reporter:reporter: by the most
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recent estimate, more than 4000 on housed people live in oakland and conditions often much worse than this community can provide. >> i've done a lot of winters out there. this is my first winter i have not been in the rain and it is miserable. reporter: lakeview village will be a step up from community cabins. there will be potable water, flushing toilets, and other support services. >> these tiny homes are actually a definite upgrade from what oakland constructed before. one big factor is working electricity and a built in heater. reporter: each unit will be single occupancy unless someone has a partner or friend they want to room with. while this is meant to be transitional housing, a step toward a permanent home, residents can stay as long as they need to. >> we have no time limit. we want to keep them here until they reach their goals. reporter:reporter: there's also the sobering reality that for everyone who gets a spot here, there are many more still out there. >> we need to do more. i hope there's a door opening
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around oakland. reporter: in oakland, lori anthony, abc 7 news. kristen: two santa clara supervisors want the county to figure out more locations for temporary housing and safe parking sites. >> at the end of the day, the goal is to take away those tense at the end of the street so people have a true place to live for a better future. kristen: supervisors -- the supervisors make the announcement at the tiny homesite in front of the old san jose city hall. it opened in february for families with children. lee and chavez want to identify other vacant or underutilized county owned sites in san jose for an interim housing development. dan: let's turn back to the weather. kristen: spencer, we have rain to contend with today. how much longer? spencer: not much longer. it is winding down. some more light scattered showers this evening, but not much more rain headed our way. as you can see, the bulk of today's storm is pushed to the
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central valley in the foothills. right now we've got not drying conditions, but the rain is tapering off and is breezy with gusts in some spots ranging from 20 to 25 miles per hour in places like santa rosa, the bay. other locations see breezes under 20 miles per hour. in emeryville a few minutes ago, lots of raindrops. it doesn't appear to be raining at this moment. currently 60 in san francisco, mid 60's in oakland, mountain view, san jose. 59 at half moon bay. the golden gate, it appears not to be raining at the moment. 59 degrees in santa rosa. 65 at concord. from the rooftop camera, we offer you this view. the pavement does look wet on the embarcadero but it appears not to be raining at this moment. we will continue to see the possibility of drizzle and
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light, scattered showers and patchy fog overnight. a mix of clouds and sunshine tomorrow in the next round of rain will arrive late wednesday and continue into thursday. what's left of the storm ranks one on the impact scale. a chance of scattered showers and slippery roadways and maybe even tomorrow morning for the commute. spots in the morning, so commuters should bear that in mind. the rainfall estimates from what is left, just a couple hundredths inc that's about what we can expect in terms of additional rain. ovniupper 50's. tomorrow's highs will range from low or low to mid 60's at the coast, upper 60's and near 70 around the bay shoreline. possibly 72 at the warmest inland spots. let's pick up the animation wednesday morning at 5:00.
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late day wednesday, we will see rainfall pushing into the north it will will will period of whether here's the accuweather 7 day forecast. it will cool down after thursday's rain into friday. friday, saturday, sunday, we look for dry conditions and mainly sunny skies. fall back into standard time into sunday. pleasant weather for this cooling weekend. dan: thank you. passengers stranded after yet another day of crippling airline cancellations. kristen: another airline teams up with peloton
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kristen: if you are flying american airlines today, check your itinerary. cancellations continue for a third day, leaving passengers standard. a hundred flights were canceled today. more than 1600 were canceled over the weekend. . the airline ceo claims that bad weather hit major hubs and is forcing flight crews out of position. union officials, though, say bad management decisions and flawed scheduling systems are to blame. delta has a new option to ease the stress of air travel, they
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are offering custom peloton class is "classes in the cloud." they range from 5-20 minutes and are designed to do in your airline seat. dan: today is the start of open enrollment if you want health insurance under covered california. >> we want to keep people healthy so they can work, students can learn, parents and grandparents can age with dignity. but if you get sick or injured, we want to make sure everyone gets the care that they need when they need it, no matter your race, income level, or gender. dan: because of the american rescue plan, consumers in all income brackets will have an average of 90% of their health insurance from m's covered california officials say many of the one million californians who are uninsured could be eligible for free coverage. you can sign up online, over the phone, or in person at a certified enrollment center. kristen: america is back, that is president biden's reassurance to the world.
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[click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. pres. biden: there is an incredible opportunity, not just for the united states, for all of us. we are standing at an inflection point in world history. we have the ability to invest in ourselves and build an equitable clean energy future. dan: president biden joining world leaders at the u.n. climate summit today, reinforcing the u.s.' commitment to reach the net zero greenhouse
4:32 pm
gas emissions by 2050. the bay area district was represented in scotland this week. other attendees listened to them intently to learn what steps our region is taking to help the environment. with more is abc 7 news reporter david louis. david: on the stage featuring world leaders set against mounting evidence that addressing climate change needs global action, more countries are making commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. many, however, remain goals compared to the u.s. and other leaders. cop26, the un let mitch submit is more than that. it is also where private industry, government and other agencies gather to share knowledge, strategy, and progress. the bay area quality representatives to scotland. it is believed that local efforts will have the greatest impact. >> the great progress will be made at the local level to make sure that our communities are of the decision-making, that our
4:33 pm
cities and counties are continuing to make those efforts to affect that change. david: he is the cochair of the climate reality project's bay area chapter. she has a top agenda priority for the climate summit. >> drawdown fossil fuel use. the solutions out there with renewables and clean energy are cheaper, more effective, they create more jobs. david: she calls that low-hanging fruit can be easily attained. as a citizen-based group, she believes the public is more concerned than ever that action must be taken and, led by strong leadership. >> as we have sea level rise impacting our coastal communities, wildfires running amok throughout the west, and droughts, and major storms that disrupt our life, the american people will start to make sure that their government officials are accountable for that. david: president biden called those events to green catastrophe that should lead to ambitious climate goals.
4:34 pm
. david louis, abc 7 news. kristen: california's delegation of leaders at the climate summit hope to share where our state has succeeded and learn what more we can do. dr. crisfield the professor for into supernova interdisciplinary studies joined us to talk about this year's conference. >>. >> this is probably the first climate conference where we are really talking about solving a current problem with the climate crisis, rather than a future problem. it is really important for focusing attention, for focusing resources and finance, and for moving forward with a broad agenda. kristen: he expects two topics to dominate the conference. the first, how much responsibility should develop nations like the u.s. take? and, how many resources should these countries share with developing nations? california's lieutenant governor is leading the golden state's delegation in scotland.
4:35 pm
i spoke with her a short time ago on getting answers. >> we are here representing california, a large delegation, to let people know that you can grow your economy and have a healthy economy while combating climate change and investing renewable energy and clean tech. kristen: the lieutenant governor stepped in for governor gavin newsom after he pulled out of the conference suddenly last week. dan: a familiar face has made history by becoming san francisco's city attorney. abc 7 news was at city hall today as david hsu was sworn in by the mayor. he has been on the smp the past seven years, and before that, on san francisco's supervisors. >> i never expected to be an attorney, because when we were growing up, my immigrant family, we didn't know any attorneys. mom and dad wanted me to follow in dad's footsteps, and i know to this day, my mom is still
4:36 pm
disappointed that i didn't go to medical school. [laughter] sorry, mom. dan: woke, i think she's doing ok. he is the first asian-american to be city attorney for san francisco. still to come, some very rich americans doing two very different things. different things. elon musk looks for everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month. check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, or atopic dermatitis under control? hide our skin? not us.
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and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. kristen: it is time for the 4 at
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4:00. marin county has relaxed its indoor mask mandate. as of noon, masks are no longer required at restaurants, bars, and stores. contra costa and alameda counties also eased their mandates, but not as much. masks are not required in place is open to the general public, but only if you are fully vaccinated. that includes gyms, offices, and places of worship. who thinks it will really change behavior? what do you think, chris? reese: i don't know what people will do. peabody has their own individual ideas. i personally like to have it for the freedom of it. but i just follow the rules wherever they go. if they make you put it on, ok. kristen: youtube, spencer? spencer: i tend to take the mask off where it is permitted and i feel safe. if it is an establishment or business place and they say it is ok, but i feel crowded in with other people, i will keep it on.
4:40 pm
but i am glad we are moving in that direction. dan: i am the same, spencer. and like you, chris, i follow the rules always, but if i am a little uncomfortable, i will keep it on. tesla found a elon musk is willing to donate $6 billion to end world hunger, but there is a catch he wants, proof that the money will actually end up world the comments on twitter came after the director of the u.n. world food programme called on billionaires to donate. the director said $6 billion would help, but may not end up being hunger. mosque asked to sit with him to work out a plan. mosque imosque, is worth $300 billion. nice to see him step up in this way. six dollars may not be enough, but may spur others. spencer, he could donate $300 billion and still be left with $300 -- left with $11 billion. [laughter] spencer: has a good point.
4:41 pm
i love that he is willing to do this. he wants to see how that will be used and created. he wants transparency. and as you pointed out, it may spur other millionaires to contribute to the effort. dan: that money could easily be wasted, he is right to want it accounted for. chris: definitely, opening dialogue and taking action, if you will, to make it happen. as you mentioned, one person with his stature doing it, could spur other people to do the same. kristen: are. the queen of talk is helping us gear up for the holidays. oprah revealed her favorite things list today, the 21st anniversary of her holiday tradition. several bay area companies are featured. sonoma lavender company was chosen for its scented stuffed animals. san francisco-based dog company has a dog bandana, leash, and bag set. and model bakery in st. helena was picked for its english
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muffins and damp set. her list includes 110 items, all available on amazon and all hopefully not affected by the supply chain disruption and won't get here until after christmas. we hope that is not the case. [laughter] what looked good there? that jam looks amazing. spencer: i am attracted to model bakery. i walk by there. i may have to walk in it now and sample the goodies. kristen: a lot of us look at the list and use it to determine what we get. david: she picked some good things. just makes me hungry. i thought i was getting food on this 4 at 4:00, but i guess not today. dan: you have been misled. kristen: thursdays. demand to be on on thursdays. chris: sounds good. dan: alright, talking about the holidays, the countdown to christmas is officially on and that means one thing, it is mariah carey season. [laughter] the singer shared this video on social media with the caption
4:43 pm
"ready, let's go!" featuring her hit song, "all i want for christmas is you." the video quickly shows the date, november 5, presumably teasing a new release. it could be music or a tv special. that song is just absolutely iconic these days, and a huge hit for her. the gift that keeps on giving, at least mariah carey every year. is it too early to be speaking about christmas on november 1, chris? chris: can we get to thanksgiving first? [laughter] it's a bit early. but if you are in the spirit, you are in this. . can't believe it is november already. dan: true. spencer, i love the christmas season, as you do very much, but i also love thanksgiving. took chris's point, want to enter the first. spencer: great point. plenty of travel for christmas, planning travel might be the smart thing now. we have so many travel complications right now with the problems with the airlines.
4:44 pm
so i would start my christmas travel plans now, in fact, i have already. but i have not started though giftgiving or the shopping and the decorating. dan: the tree is not up yet at your house? spencer: greeting can come after thanksgiving. dan: increase, you still have young kids. is it too early -- kristin? kristen: in our household, we start thinking about christmas the day after thanksgiving. that is when we get our tree. after that, i am good with all the music and everything. dan: but there is not thanksgiving music, i guess. so we can listen to mariah carey now. kristen: or dan. songwriting opportunity. dan: i have a christmas song. i do [laughter]
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dan: the 2021 walk to end alzheimer's will be held on saturday and abc 7 is the road presenting sports anchor chris alvarez is back with the story of how one san francisco giant helps donate to the cause. chris: it is a really good story. giants outfielder mike stremme ski hit home runs. with each ball, he was unknowingly helping to raise money for the cure for alzheimer's. >> he has swings. he hits a drive into deep center field. going all the way back to the wall. leaps and pelota! mike: the first home run of his 2021 season secured a win
4:48 pm
against san diego. it was also the catalyst in a fundraising campaign to raise money throughout the season for alzheimer's research. this giants fan was looking for a way to raise money for his dear friend, who is battling early onset alzheimer's. >> it is a high drive to write! mike: the idea, $100 for every mike yastrzemski home run during the regular season. >>. >> can you believe it? mike: pam and i always shared our love for the giants always had that. this year i wanted to do something unique. >> it was a wonderful idea and i thought, i can't let him have all the fun. [laughter] so i said, i will match it. >> we kept on with it and, some of the press heard about it, the alzheimer's association, obviously, then it just kind of developed. >> and goodbye. >>! another home run for yastrzemski. david: with every baseball he hit out of the par, $200
4:49 pm
was being raised to find a cure. during their final week of the regular season, i made michael aware of this story. >> the fact that there are people out there that are willing to make incredible charitable donations on their own for something that has been going on during our games is super cool and probably need to find a way to get in touch with them and thank them for gout how to help or promote it. david: days later, at that meeting was put into motion. >> mike, this is pam. >> nice to meet you. >> wow, thank you. >> absolutely. >> i get emotional. the woman i had lunch with said, do you remember what you wished for question what you wished four? do you remember your wish? i said yeah. he said, he is here. he could not have been more gracious, more kind. it was just wonderful. david: how special was that a moment for her and for you? >> incredible. so touching to be able to just meet them and experience a slight bit of their life and what has been going on was
4:50 pm
really special and it made it more memorable for hopefully everyone. david: pam tells me she is very competitive. and it has helped raise $40,000 for research just doing this walk season alone. saturday's walk to cure alzheimer's begins at 10:30. i am glad the giants and everyonem mike and pamm were able to meet. it was a wonderful story. kristen: fantastic. chris, thank you so much. warriors fans, there is any way for you to celebrate the team's 75 year history. . the new city edition jerseys are coming soon. the logo pattern represents the ceiling at oracle arena. the stripes are a throwback to the fast-paced squads of the early 1990's. there are also shorts featuring a drop of water, a tribute to the splash furthers. find out when they go on sale, by signing up for the mailing list but alright, splash, a little bit of that today. spencer: i was a splash brother,
4:51 pm
as a matter of fact today. [laughter] we have a few splashes left. the storm is winding down. what is left does frank 1 on the abc 7 storm impact scale. so for tonight, look for scattered spotty shower's for drizzle. slippery roadways. breezy in the hills and along the coast. cloudy overnight. overnight lows will be in the mid to upper 50's. highs tomorrow under brighter skies. they will range from the low 60's at the cost to upper 60's at the bayshore line, to 72 degrees in the mildest locations. our next wave of rain comes in late wednesday into thursday. it will probably produce a bit more than we had today, especially in the north bay. the weekend will be a cooler but drier pattern. don't forget to set your clock back this weekend as we fall back to standard time. dan: spencer, thanks. san francisco city workers decorating for winter today. he spotted some bladed
4:52 pm
snowflakes going up in front of city hall. you will likely see more decorations like this now that it is november. speaking of indoor activities, the ice rink at union square opens on wednesday. another sign of the season, the u.s. postal service is kicking off operation santa. the deer santa campaign began in 1912, to help families in need during the holidays. letters received december 10 will be uploaded to the usps operation, website for adoption. santa can choose the recipient and send a gift. there is no guarantee that everyone who writes a letter will get a gift. kristen: it is november 1. for some cultures, that is a very special day. >> it doesn't matter where in society you are, we are all going to end in as skeletons in the cemetery. dan: it sounds bleak, but it is really ever wonder how san francisco became the greenest big city in america?
4:53 pm
just ask the employee owners of recology. we built the recycling system from the ground up, helping san francisco become the first city in the country to have a universal recycling and composting program for residents and businesses. but it all starts with you. let's keep making a differene together. we love our house, been here for years. yeah. but there's an animal in the attic. (loud drumming) yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!!
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kristen: coming up tonight on abc 7, dancing with the stars, followed by the good dr., than stay for abc 7 news at 11:00. today begins dia de los muertos, or the day of the date, a mexican celebration to honor loved ones with castaway. reporter leon melendez looks at one of the more recognizable figures of the, holiday and what they can teach us about the use of social media. leanne: meet grand am of day of the dead.
4:56 pm
you can spot her seemingly everywhere, in pts, and these days, permanently in social media. her name is la pa elaborately dressed skeleton that has roots in the mexican revolution more than 100 years ago. >> the first appearance of her was 1910. it was a creation of posada. lyanne: he was an artist gained faisolitical cartoons. he drew this skeleton wearing a fancy hat to mock mexicans who wanted to appear more european. >> he would make fun of how mexicans would wear european clothes and they would deny their indigenous roots. lyanne: but it was famed painter dear girl rivera who elevated her into the mexican consciousness decades later. poan fated mepicng histy. a'
4:57 pm
skeleton. people named her katrina, a term used for someone who is dressed like entity. >> almost like he was performing. it does not matter the color of your skin, doesn't matter where in society you are, we are all going to end as skeletons in the cemetery. lyanne: they are taught from the mexican museum says le the trina was not alway associated with the day of the dead. speculates it happened in the united states as mexican immigrants were exposed to halloween and began addressing up as la themselves that inside we are all the same. we can learn a lot from la catrina as we post our best selves in social media. >> most people put their best looks on social media and they are trying to look like something they are not. lyanne: lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. kristen: that is it for abc 7 kristen: that is it for abc 7 news at your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes,
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bay area moving forward find solutions, this is abc 7 news. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm dan ashley and i'm on a date. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream. one of san francisco's 24-hour grocery stores is now slashing its hours the castro safeway on marcus street will now close at 9 pm. safeway says it's due to the increasing amount of theft. it's a move that's becoming more common in san francisco abc 7 news reporter melanie. woodrow has the story. safeway supermarket is now joining other san francisco retailers in reducing its hours due to increasing theft the store on market street will now close at 9 pm instead of staying open 24 hours a day in an email statement safeway tells abc 7 news recent changes at the market street store were made to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience for customers and associates given the increasing amount of theft at the store. safeway isn't alone in reducing
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