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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 4, 2021 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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-- i mean, batting title, there are so many accolades and everything on the field. we are waiting on our reporter j.r. stone to get set up. . he asked a great question about buster's relationship with the fans that we will get to in a moment here, but a funny moment as short time ago where the director of baseball operations started to talk. he looked down at buster and his wife and said, are you sure, are you really doing this? [laughter] any possibility you might change your mind for a moment? but no, this is happening. buster actually mentioned that after more than a decade in northern california, that his wife and therefore kids are most likely moving back to georgia, where they are both from, to be closer to family. so there are a lot of changes in store for the i was heartened
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by the fact that the president of the organization's they will try to create a role so he can be part of the family, part of the giants organization. but fans, we all want him to continue to be part of the giants family. and he talked about that, how the fans in the bay area, he couldn't talk about how it was truly a community and a team and just all the guys, it has truly been amazing, and how much he contributed from a community standpoint. you know the baseball and gloves giveaway that he does every year, it is just amazing. larry: they had all these that they were going to get a quality player that would be a fixture in the lineup for years to come. he had all these hopes, and
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buster, far and away exited everything. he was the glue that heldeldeld team together through many ups and downs. let's go to j.r. stone right now . he is at the news conference at oracle park. j.r: buster posey is still posel talking. you know what kristin said, what we heard from those fans, yes, there is sadness, but there is a lot of smiles here in the building because people are looking back on what buster posey brought not only to the organization, but what he brought to san francisco and the memories he brought to all the fans out there. that is something special and something that will be remembered out here. they are just wrapping up, they just told me, we are still going. i do want to show you some of the video. we talked quite a bit today about being with family, about
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spending time with family. and it was only right that he came in today with his family by his side, a big decision for him. but he said, to be close to family and to physically feel good in some of those months where he hasn't necessarily felt good because of the strains that come with being a major league baseball player, not only a major league baseball player, but being a catcher at that. we wanted, some of the moment doing the press conference, some of what he said. take a listen. >> as you know, i am here today announcing that i am retiring. a lot of you out there probably know my first instinct is not to get behind a microphone. but as i thought about what i wanted to say today, i realized it is such a unique opportunity to publicly thank so many people that helped me get here, helped me stay here, and fulfill a lifelong dream to play major
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league baseball. i would like to thank the woman sitting up here with me today, kristin. most importantly, thank you for being an amazing mom to our kids, thank you for the love and support from the first game to the last. it doesn't seem like it was that long ago that i remember you sitting at the lee county high school games with your dad and then florida state university, and then just a couple of years later, in the stands cheering with the rest of the giants community as we won our first title. thanks for being there with me to celebrate all the great moments. even more importantly, thanks for being there on some of the lower ones. you know better than everybody how hard sometimes i would say i
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was not performing the way i wanted to, but your love and perspective about what was truly important helped me through those times. i know these years on the west coast will be some of our fondest as we look back on them, and i am so excited to continue sharing life with you and continue watching our kids grow. [laughs] lee, your mom a your mom a ya proud. of the people that you are becoming. so blessed that you our kind, caring and empathetic children. being your dad is the greatest joy of my life. over the years i have heard the stories of what the giants mean two different fans, or watch baseball means two different fans. when i think back on those stories, there is usually one or two, denominators, and that his family and friends. i am sure there are kids out there today who have watched me play my entire career.
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they might be adults now. [laughs] and there's parents and there's grandparents, aunts and uncle, nieces and nephews, cousins that can still remember exactly where they were when we hit the game-winning home run in texas that led the san francisco giants to their first world series title, or when sergio romo stood on the mound, shook me off from throwing a sliderm which still scares me to this day, [laughter] snack a fastball past miguel cabrera to cling to the second title in three years. or when madison bumgarner out of the bullpen in game seven at kansas city, and 45,000 people went deathly silent, because they knew at that point, the game and the world series was over. or maybe you remember you were when matt cain's student the back of the mound, gazed at
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the crowd, taking it all in before he recorded the final out of the first ever perfect game in giants franchise history. to meet this is what encapsulates baseball. it's a lot more than just winning or losing games, although the wins do feel a lot better. but it is about the time spent with family, the countless nights and days pulling for your team, riding the emotions of the highs and the lows. and ultimately, enjoying the people that you are with along the way and making great memories together. i am so very humbled to have played a part in some of those memories. for the fans, thank you for all of your support i have received in the last 13 seasons. i look forward to creating new memories of my own and sharing them with family and friends as i pull for the giants the rest of my life. thank you. jr: back of here life at
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oracle park, you can see there is a crowd now that buster posey has wrapped up his retirement speech. what an afternoon it has been in not only for him, but for his entire family. his wife was by his side. the entire time. it was special being here and listening to some of his moments . i thought it was interesting when people are asking buster, what comes next? what will receive next? could there be tv in the future? he joked, "you guys know how much i love to talk." that being said, i know from when i have covered him at spring training or the world series, he has never turned down an interview. the whole crowd at that point sort of laughed. making a joke about that. but he is excited about what is to come with his family, and we heard family a lot today. it is one thing to hear about it, another to see his family with him and he is discussing.
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and talking with fans over the last couple of days or the last 24 hours about this, a lot of them said jr is the heart and soul of this team, and everybody has their own buster memory. i don't know if you have your buster memory, but certainly, everybody is talking about their buster memories here at oracle park. kristen: i think for me it is all the buster hogs. the one he gave medicine bumgarner in that moment in game five when he walked out on the mound and we knew we were going to do this. he led every single pitcher to be there an -- to be their best, and that is not easy. larry: in addition to the greatness on the field, and will show it in a second. just before we go, did kriste ever mentioned the dynamics and the conversation involved in making the decision, like, we
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are done, this is it? j.r.: buster talked specifically, saying when it was dead on doing the questions, they said, why are you retiring? he said, it is in those middle of the year months when he is spending time with his kids and it was starting to hurt physically. talk with baseball players, they talk about the toll it takes on your body, not only that, but the toll it takes on your body as a catcher is even more intense. he brought that up during some of the questions today. it was certainly interesting to hear and we certainly wish him the best. but what a moment. what 12 years of moment it has been for him and his family. larry: we know you have a bunch of interviews to get to, so we will let you go. they call the catching gear the tools of ignorance. tools of brilliance and excellence for buster posey, but it did take its toll, a couple of major surgeries.
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surely that is one of the factors weighing in on his decision. jr, thank you very much. j.r.: thank you very much. kristen: larry, fans gathered outside for this big day many to say goodbye and thank you to number 28. >> we were devastated. my friend stephanie called me and told me the news and i couldn't believe it. it was devastating. felt like very depressing. but i am so happy that he had an amazing career and he is going out on the high note and he deserves all the >> really sad. tried not to cry right now. i cried yesterday a lot. this reminds me, my dad passed away in 2014 and this was everything. he was more proud of buster that he was my brother. one time he got to say hi to him and it was the highlight of his career. there's a lot of memories we have seeing buster. my dad was a fantasy and he moved to san
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he was at the parade in 1958 in he got to see two world series before he passed away. it means a lot to me and my family. >> not only does he have on the field accomplishments but, off the field he seems to be a gentleman, very caring person, family oriented. that means a lot in this day and age. larry: you can see how emotional people are. i would just offered this, there is an old saying, "don't cry because it is over, be happy because you had the chance to experience it." we got the best of buster and three world series titles, and memories that will go on in our heads for lifetimes. so, you have to celebrate the moment and wish him the best. kristen: and i will just share this tweet that barry zito put out. they work together. this is so very true. he said after winning every award possible in the game, your ego is not bigger, and your self-worth no greater. who can say that? you can, buster. larry: yeah.
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he is unique in that standpoint. he is not like that at all. he is happiest, the second you finish an interview, he is never happier. but as much as he has been a star on the field, he is famous for his work outside the field. we will continue his philanthropic work focused on pediatric cancer research. kristen: abc 7 news reporter luz pena spoke to a bay area nonprofit that is thankful for the work buster posey has done over the years. luz: he is the greatest catcher in giants history, but his legacy goes beyond baseball. >> i think we were among, if not the first nonprofit that he really got involved with. so i like to think that we helped shape him and his family's philanthropy. luz: in 2014, buster posey and his wife kristen visited the children house, a pediatric care center. here, he met one of the patients, justin. >> they sat and talked baseball.
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justin was a baseball fan and this was wonderful for him to have that opportunity. luz: two years later in 2016, the family launched the bp 28 foundation, focused on pediatric cancer research. >> if it is not in the millions, it is in the high hundreds of thousands of children that buster has supported. luz: one of the factors that moved the posies early on was learning that only 4% of cancer funds raised in the u.s. were going to pediatric research. his foundation has raised over $5.5 million and created partnerships with multiple cancer research institutions including ucf -- -- ucsf children's hospital. how often does it come? >> minimum five times a year. luz: now that he is retiring from baseball, he is officially not retiring from the work here? >> right, and we hope you can come visit us even more. luz: this is justin, one of the first patient he met several years ago. meeting him is still a highlight of his life in recovery.
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how is justin doing today? >> he is 25. we haven't seen him for a few years but i spoke with his wife a little bit ago and he is doing really well. luz: one of the many people thinking buster posey today, who will now devote his time to being a dad of four children. in san francisco, luz pena, abc 7 news. kristen: it is great. of course, the work will continue. the buster posey 28 pediatric cancer found, in the thousands of kids who have baseball gloves and got into the game because of him, quite a legacy. larry: jr asked me my favorite moment -- resourced her bag lost her home, a young girl, a huge buster posey fan, and he came on the zoom call with us that we set up and helped her gather thousands and thousands and thousands of baseball cards because she lost her cards in one of the many fires we have seen in the past few years, the creek fire in the southbay, i believe. and for him to take the time to
4:16 pm
join us and to talk to a young girl that was her hero, i mean, it was just fantastic. she was in tears, we were -- there was a lot of tears to talk about. kristen: you heard larry say, he had time for every single fan who asked for an autograph. he was amazing. larry: alright, mora what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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larry: reminder that it is time to fall back this weekend. we are returning to standard time. americans living in all but two states will be moving their clocks back one hour officially at 2:00 sunday morning. in recent years, there has been a move to end this practice. 19 states including california have taken action to have year-round daylight savings time. but current systems say the practice saves energy and curbs crime. but not everybody is a level that idea. kristen: we were looking into this and it does take federal law to allow states to stay on daylight savings. time forever how a does stay on standard time forever. they don't do the flip-flop. larry: parts of arizona as well. spencer is here with the forecast. i will call you at exactly 2:00 a.m. sunday to make sure you have the clock turned back, ok? spencer: you will get my voicemail.
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[laughter] here's a look at the weather. we have calm conditions, a quiet day,: yesterda as we look at the graphics -- here you go, we have the 24 hour temperature change that indicates -- clicker here. 24 hour temperature change shows most locations are 3, 4, five degrees cooler than at this time yesterday. moving further, if we take a live look from the bay, skies are mainly blue. we have a few areas of light, puffy and mid-level clouds and kind temperatures in the mid 60's for the most part. mid-to-upper 60's at oakland, mountain view, half moon bay accrual 61 degrees. another view, from emeryville, looking toward the golden gate. nothing but clear skies. we will see a few clouds and fog during the overnight hours.
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68 at santa rosa and more vital, fairfield at 67. concord and livermore, 68. the view from the golden gate, my favorite view. just a few clouds around. here are our forecast features. clouds and fog will increase overnight. rain may develop on saturday, widely scattered and light showers. better chance of measurable rain on monday and tuesday starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning we will have lingering clouds and fog. but during the day we will see mainly bright skies until late afternoon when a wave comes through the north bay, bringing a chance of some light precipitation, light showers overnight into early saturday morning. the remainder of the bay area will be dry going to the day on saturday. at the end of the day saturday, at rainfall totals in the north bay, about 0.01 inches, 0.04 inches at cloverdale, the rest of the area dry. overnight tonight, again, increasing clouds, lows in the mid to upper 40's inland, low
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50's near the bay and along the coast. tomorrow and a bright skies with lingering look for highs ranging from 60's at the closed mid-60's around the bay shoreline, mid-to-upper 60's inland skipping ahead with the forecast animation to monday afternoon, notice, a wave of substantial rain coming through monday and tuesday, leaving us a pretty good soaking. matter of fact, rainfall totals by monday will range from 0.7 inches to over one inch in the wettest locations. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. -- we -- set our clocks back saturday as larry pointed out i will be waiting for his call at 2:00 a.m.. next week we will have the storm ranking 1 on the storm impact scale, so really what monday and tuesday. we start warming up and drying up middle of next week. kristen: spencer, thank you. kristen: spencer, thank you. i didn't have health insurance, not because i didn't want it. i worried it was too expensive
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you can change how your skin looks and feels. and that's the kind of change you notice. talk to your eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. dan: the future of rooftop solar is in the crosshairs. alliances have formed that are brought together organizations that are usually adversaries including major utility companies. clean energy is a focus of a better bay area. reporter david louis looks at the battle over the future of solar in northern california. >>. >> for years, homeowners have had a financial incentive to
4:26 pm
install rooftop solar. credits are given the energy they don't need that is given to the power grid. it has led to 1.3 million solar systems being installed across the state. however, the states public utilities commission is reviewing the program, called "net energy metering." it has triggered a battle with very unusual alliances and very graphic lobbying, such as this message carved in sand at huntington beach. >> it can be reformed to continue to grow rooftop solar in california, which we all support, and it can also be reformed to make it more fair and equitable so that people from disadvantaged communities are not shouldering the burden. david: she leads a coalition of consumers, seniors, social justice and business groups which are known to but heads with utility giants. however, pg&e and san diego gas and electric are part of the coalition. they argue that the poor subsidize wealthier homeowners who get solar energy credits in the war can't install solar if
4:27 pm
they are renters. many other groups are providing recommendations to state regulators as the program revisions. the solar industry is concerned that reform could be harmful at a time when there is more focus on clean energy. >> nobody is going to go solar if it costs you more money to do that. nobody, and we will lose tens of thousands of jobs, hundreds of businesses, and have no relief from blackouts, wildfires, and rising rates. david: the coalition is expected to release its recommendations in december. david louis, abc 7 news. kristen: coming up next, the women's volleyball team who lost their gear during a smash and grab his thinking their neighbors tonight. . how they got their gear back. larry: plus the triplets pouring in for alameda county supervisor wilma
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kristen: it women's volleyball team from southern california is thankful to san francisco neighbors who helped them after a devastating smash and grab. abc 7 news anchor dion lim shows us the moment when they meet the good samaritan who helped reunite them with their gear. [chanting] dion: not the kind of celebration he would expect from this audible team the day their belongings were stolen. >> it was: the team were preparg for a tonament match i g when doing a pit stop in san francisco. >> the windows had been smashed. dion: nearly 10 suitcases belonging to team members were gone. glass and debris scattered
4:31 pm
everywhere. but for thisnd heart, a few womn started to dance and a rap their misfortune. >> break the window and clear it out ♪ dion: i was surprised how upbeat you were after the incident. >> we were just trying to lighten the mood and cheer each other up. dion: little did the team know, later that day, just a few blocks away, a woman would come across their discarded belongings. she then called her mark dietrich, to help so i zipped over to the location and scooped it up and began looking for clues to who it belongs to. luckily in this case, there was a college volleyball team training notebook that had the girls' phone numbers in it. dion: a few phone calls later and hours of hassle and waiting to get their new vans -- singing[singing] dion: the team arrives to meet mark at his home and clean their belongings. mark hopes that by sharing his
4:32 pm
story, he will inspire others to lend a hand and take the burden of sf pd. >> really doing it to encourage other neighbors to do it. when you see the pile of stolen luggage, don't just walk by. dion: as for the team even though they lost their game against simpson, their coach said they won at another life lesson. >> i felt like we could have easily started bickering, getting mad at each other, responding poorly, but we kept turning towards one another and being positive. they kept fighting. dion: here is one player's final message to the bay area. >> as much as those bad people in this world, there is good people in this world, so don't ever forget that. dion: dion lim, abc 7 news. larry: nice to see them smiling. san francisco police are investigating a shooting that killed one person on one of the city's most famous streets around 1:30 this afternoon on masonic avenue. a second person was injured in the shooting. sky seven showing a lot of police activity in the area. a section of the street was shut down for much of the afternoon.
4:33 pm
kristen: a candlelight vigil in honor of longtime alameda county supervisor wilma chan is about to begin in a few minutes at the county administration building in oakland. today community members list flowers and other items alongside shoreline drive in alameda, where lowering the flag at city hall to half-staff. wilma chan was 72 years old and is survived by two children and two grandchildren. larry: controversial georgia congresswoman marjorie taylor greene will not be attending a fundraiser this week and for the san francisco republican party. she had planned to appear at the event on saturday, scheduled to be held in san mateo county. she canceled, saying she needs to be washington five possible boat on president biden's infrastructure bill. the supervisor issued a statement saying, quote, "this was a sneaky, sad and shameful
4:34 pm
attempt at the gop to raise money off a lawmaker who doubles down on lunacy." however, this may not be the end of it. organizers say marjorie taylor greene does want to reschedule the event. kristen: democratic leaders are pushing for a vote on the president's build back better spending bill as early as tonight. as reporter elizabeth schulze explains, it comes as lawmakers work to finalize the legislation. reporter:. reporter: a new sense of urgency among top democrats on capitol hill to take action on president biden's economic agenda. >> the more. results we can produce in the way people understand, the better it is. reporter: how speaker nancy pelosi is wishing for votes within days of the president's two signature pieces of legislation, the $1.7 trillion build back better spending bill investing in climate, childcare, and education, and the roughly $1 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill focused on roads, bridges, and high-speed
4:35 pm
internet. >> they want us to get this infrastructure package across the finish line. reporter: that joint committee on taxation out with their analysis of the bill today saying it will raise $1.5 trillion over 10 years mainly by targeting large corporations and the wealthiest americans. democrats the plan will be fully paid for, but moderate senator joe manchin is still sounding the alarm about its price tag, insisting on cnn, "democrats must slow down and assess its impact on the deficit and inflation." >> people are scared to death in west virginia about the rising costs of gasoline and food, now utilities, the basic needs of life is going up and making it more of a burden on them. no matter how much money we send out. reporter: acknowledging all 50 democratic senators must be on board for the spending bill to pass majority leader chuck schumer is aiming for a senate vote by the end of the month. >> the senate continues to achieve progress in our goal of passing build back better before thanksgiving. that's our goal.
4:36 pm
reporter: president biden says the election results in virginia and new jersey are showing big gains for republicans and are a message from voters that they want congress and the white house to get things done. elizabeth schulze, abc news, the white house. larry: tonight, dave chappelle, the comedian will be in san francisco as he's faces criticism for his latest netflix special. he is screaming his documentary at chase center. the film is called "untitled." the show is sold out even to the comedian says he is being dropped by film distributors after his recent comedy special angered many people in the lgbtq community. but chapelle says he will not let himself get canceled. he is taking matters into his own hands, bringing his documentary to dan arenas across the states. kristen: the far-right for his next. with jay-z mysterious short-lived instagram account. larry: tomorrow we have a half hour dedicated to getting answers to your questions about
4:37 pm
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4:40 pm
three-time nba champ partnered with sesame workshop to create several different kinds of sneakers inspired by iconic muppet characters. very creative. according to an armor, these big-bird inspired sneakers will go on sale november 19. you guys will have to help me, i don't remember big bird showing tremendous athleticism and leaping ability. spencer:. spencer: he had that big feet, the. larry: he did. he did. this is probably a brilliant idea, dan because if you think from under armour's perspective, if we can get kids sesame street age to start liking our and armor products -- newman dan: great point. a great way to introduce a very -- a great way to introduce them early on. the shoes look great. don't know if they are comfortable, but the colors and design,. spencer: pretty slick. spencer: i like the colors and design too. they elevate the jump-shot.
4:41 pm
dan: my vertical. [laughter] kristen: don't know if i will go with the cookie monster blue or the big bird yellow, but all vibrant. colors. i think they will be very popular. well known for not being active on social media, launched in instagram account yesterday that has already been deleted. the 51-year-old rapper created the account to promote the new netflix film "the harder they fall," that he produced. he is also featured on the film's soundtrack. in his first post, he showed a picture of the movie poster. during his short stint on the social media platforms, jay-z only followed one person, and that is, yeah, his wife, beyonce. he got over 1.6 million followers before shutting it down. dan: you are kidding. wow. 1.6 million? [laughter] larry: well, he is not the weatherman.
4:42 pm
kristen: some people get off because they don't want to be on the platform they just want to throw one thing out there. dan: i have never actually seen that. it is interesting. so the next time he wants to promote something, does he start another account? larry: i am quite envious of him. spencer: one-and-done. [laughter] larry: it is interesting, how long was he on, 1.6 million in a flash, just like that? probably shows his popularity and the way we regard celebrity. kristen: and if beyonce just likes something, everybody will like it, too. dan: he was smart like his wife. if you are going to follow one person -- [laughter] larry: sonoma county resident guy fieri said i do to officiating actress kristen stewart's wedding. in an interview, the actress said she wants the mayor of flavor turn to preside over the ceremony. stuart says she and her fiance
4:43 pm
heard that guy fieri officiates a lot of gay. weddings. she said "the idea of that man, spiky headmanned coming to our wedding and officiating, it just makes me laugh so much." today stuart got a surprise video from guy fierro himself who said he was all in. i heard he is a huge warriors fan. i had a chance to talk with him a few times, he is fantastic. he does so much in the community, giving, giving, giving. he is a north bay treasure. dan: i always thought he was a nice guy, it is nice to hear that. spencer: and fun to interview and fun to talk to. kristen: that is going to be a fun wedding, now even more fun. larry: wonder who is handling the catering and what they are serving. [laughter] maybe that flavor town. dan: may be that spiky haired guy will help somewhat. kristen: speaking of food once again, it is t truck? this.
4:44 pm
trap kitchen in oakland is a black-owned cajun restaurant known for its louisiana shrimp baskets and other southern classics. now they are paying it forward in the community by helping out other black-owned restaurants. in this weekend, you can get a free -- yes, we said free meal from trap kitchen as part of pepsi did in the day. joining us now is oscar edwards, owner of trap kitchen. and we have samples of the food from trap kitchen as well. thank you for joining us, oscar. dan: hey, oscar. oscar fish thank you for having me. kristen: can you tell us what is it in day? oscar: did in day is somethingei that came around from pepsi, trying to drive $100 million in sales to all black-owned restaurants across the country. so there is dakin day at four different locations across the country right now, and oakland is one of them. we are super excited to be a
4:45 pm
part of this and help help with black-owned restaurants right now. larry: spencer's favorite saying is, "if it's free, it must be for me." [laughter] can you explain what we need to do to get the free meal? oscar: so we will be located at the international marketplace over by the lake, right over there. you can meet us there. it is free. we just ask that you visit digin password, and they will give you a receipt to help you fill those sales and pepsi will give you some swag with your food so you will have a bunch of different things you can have for free. so that will be definitely for you, spencer, for sure. [laughter] spencer: sounds good! i am there. dan: it is delicious, thank you. absolutely delicious. spencer: i am chowing down on your barbecue chicken. kristen: it is really flavorful. the mac & cheese, delicious. the thing that did in day
4:46 pm
recognizes is that black-owned restaurants face systemic barriers that made the pandemic even harder to get through and survive. talk to us about that. oscar: yes. some of the barriers that have happened is just trying to stay open. a lot of us switched over to delivery. for me, we were still getting out of the pandemic but still working on basically being open. for us delivery is what saved us. that is how i got started with pepsi. they had another program that was focused on helping optimize our delivery platforms. with uber eats and doordash and all the others, helping us get the food out to the community at a time that we couldn't have dining in restaurants. pepsi has been doing a great job to help us basically pay it forward to the rest of the community. dan: that is wonderful. larry: so we got the mac & cheese and the chicken here. if there is one other item on your menu at your restaurant, that is your personal flavored,
4:47 pm
like you got to try this, what is it? oscar: i have to say that we are really known for our pineapple boats. pineapple, that sees nothing, it throws your socks off. we have the vegan, we have it with meat. if you ever downtown, can have all you guys covered. kristen: aww. dan: you are on, oscar, thank you. spencer: see you in about two hours. [laughter] larry: spencer, are you driving, or me? [laughter] kristen: oscar i, tasted the vegan and that regular mac & cheese. both are delicious. i am normally, like, vegan? not sure. but this is amazing. i cannot tell the difference. oscar: the vegan style of everything a lot of people don't understand the health benefits in things like that. . you can have vegan mac & cheese on thanksgiving. if you want to have mac & cheese all the time. the vegan option is better.
4:48 pm
it is a lot lighter, tastes similar to the same thing, and a lot of people can't tell the difference between vegan cheese and regular cheese. kristen: no. dan: i couldn't tell, to be honest. larry: oscar, thanks so much for joining us. we will probably see dan and spencer there. dan: we are on our way. [laughter] oscar: hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been [click] put together. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. why hide your skin if dupixent has your moderate-to-severe eczema, hide our skin? not us.
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larry: the warning for flooding begins tomorrow and lasts through sunday. during that time, sea levels are expected to rise over six feet. high tides may impact traffic, shoreline communities and low-lying roadways. some areas are historically susceptible to flooding, north san pedro road through china camp state camp in eastern san rafael, and the manzanita park-and-ride near team junction. spencer, as we look at the weather, we want the rain, just not too much rain. spencer: exactly right. we will get a decent those early next week, maybe a couple of stray showers saturday. here is a look at overnight conditions, becoming cloudier with lower temperatures mainly in the 40's and 50's. tomorrow we will have filtered sunshine, high clouds and bright skies with highs from 60 at the coast to mid-to-upper 60's just about everywhere else. your accuweather seven-day
4:52 pm
forecast -- on saturday we, may see some showers but most of the region will be dry. but we have a level 1 storm coming in on monday and tuesday that could produce up to over one inch of rain in the wettest areas. so be on the lookout for a lot of rain in some spots, especially in the north bay. kristen: thank you, spencer. disney world is ready to start celebrating the holiday season. this week disney magic kid monk said hello to the winter holidays. crews worked overnight to transform the park into a winter over land, installing christmas trees and decking the halls with garland reads and colorful ornaments. the celebration kicks off next friday. disney is the parent company of abc 7. larry: tis the season. kristen: a young girl was no magic in a magical family. >> gift or no gift, i am just as special as the rest of my family. >> alright, guys. where do i drop the wagon? >> may be gift is being in denial. ♪ larry: so cute.
4:53 pm
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kristen: coming up tonight on abc, at 8:00, catch the queen family sing-along, followed at 9:00 by queens.
4:56 pm
big sky heirs at 10:00. then stay with us for the news at 11:00. erode premiere for disney's latest animated film. it takes us to a charming and magical village in columbia. the entertainment group george penacchio takes us to hollywood for the premier. >> ♪ we are on our way in where other people have been --, so magical. george: and konta tells the story of a family once blessed by a miracle, now living in a beautiful magical home in columbia. they have all been blessed with special magical gifts, except for mirabella. lin-manuel miranda wrote the. cry, go home and called her mother, because this movie is about family and really seeing your family more fully. george: the stars are excited for the story to be seen around the world. >> it wasn't even a possibility to me as a kid. there was nobody that looks like me, yet i connected to the
4:57 pm
stories and felt deeply that that was me, and now here we are! >> it looks like my family. you see yourself and you feel like thing oh my god, i matter. i am special. >> gift or no gift, i am just as special as the rest of my family. >> guys, where do i drop the wagon? >> may be your gift is being in denial. >> [sighs] >> i think this movie does a beautiful job of describing not just the sacrifice, by the spirit of the latin family that you would find, whether you are latin or not, you relate to it in many more ways. >> we must protect our home! we must protect of a family! >> i have been an actress for 50 done something like this. it is my first time. [laughter] at this age, i have first time's, too. [laughter] george: in los angeles, george penacchio, abc 7 news. kristen: encounter looks great. that is it for the news at
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