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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  November 5, 2021 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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covered california. this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st at >> building a better bay area. moving forward. finding solutions. >> pfizer is claiming claiming m treatment will save millions of lives. the application that could come before thanksgiving. >> as you know i'm announcing i'm retiring. >> in the same guy i met when he was young kid. >> saying farewell to a giants great as buster posey says goodbye to baseball. >> the best part of the movie theater now delivered to you. the idea from a major national change that to be perfect for a weekend at home. reggie: good morning on this
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friday, november 5. you're watching abc seven live. let's take a look at our accuweather forecast from meteorologist mike nicco. mike: it is quiet on this friday as far as rain, drizzle, it is the fog that will get you. half mile visibility right now. santa rosa a quarter mile. three quarters in napa and a quarter in the tri-valley. that will not let up. it'll be around the morning commute. right now it is clear through the east bay hills camera but this could fill it with some fog . this morning low 40's to low 50's. barely 60 at noon. mostly cloudy and 59 to 64 this afternoon. jobina: new this morning, potential game changer in treating covid-19. pfizer says it has seen positive
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data in phase one of clinical trials of its bill-based treatment they believe will save millions of lives. the company says taking a series of itsof dev symptoms reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. officials say none of the people in the trial who took the antiviral pill died. they say the efficacy exceeded its expectations. the pfizer ceo says the company plans to submit the data with the fda and apply for emergency use authorization before thanksgiving. health officials warn they should not replace getting a vaccine. that is still the best way to avoid severe sickness. vaccine sites for kids fiveveve 11 are ramping up across the bay area. if you are looking to get your kids vaccinated there are a couple of kid friendly clinics opening tomorrow and demand is high. to break it down is abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield.
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she is live for us. amy: there'll will be a clinic at this middle school, miller creek middle school. it is already booked. all of the pediatric clinics that the county has set up for the weekend are full. demand is very high in marin county. one of those county clinics build up within 10 minutes of going live online. officials say you could also try local pharmacies, you could try pediatricians offices, they will continue to set up clinics around the county and they plan to rotate the locations to try to reach everyone and do what they can to reach herd immunity for the county. >> in december we will do another series for the second shots in the goal is that by the holiday break, about 75% of our eligible five to 11 years old in marin county will been vaccinated. that is what we are hoping will happen. amy: take a look in san mateo
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county at what they have done. they've created a kid friendly vaccine site at the event center. they have a letter -- they have a red carpet along with candyland themed decorations. they have db and games so the children will feel comfortable as they wait for their turn. other countries busy getting ready as well. in sonoma county they will start offering afterschool clinics on tuesday. in san jose they get started yesterday morning. it is a variety of openings across the bay area of everyone working to get these kids vaccinated. it looks like it will be a busy weekend at these clinics now that the vaccine is available for the five to 11-year-old age group. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: santa clara county is taking its mobile vax van on the road. the goal is to get 75% of younger children vaccinated. the company is bringing its band to dozens of schools and
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communities that need it most. the first stop is catherine smith elementary in san jose. they have music, they have costumed vaccine workers. the goal was to keep the process fun. >> how does it feel to be one of the first kids in your school vaccinated? >> it is awesome. >> it was easier than i thought it would be. it did not hurt as much as i thought it would. reggie: i like that kid. to find a location to get your kid vaccinated i visiting jobina: if you have questions about vaccines for your kids come he can ask us today. we have half-hour dedicated to getting answers from 4:30 to 5:00 on abc seven and wherever you stream. you can send in your question now. reggie: longtime san francisco police sergeant devin cole is accused of robbing the pharmacy at the san mateo rite aid wednesday on concordsan mateo pe
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resisted arrest and try to run away. he is a 27 year veteran does sf -- of sf pd. his linkedin page says he worked numerous assignments, including homeless outreach. jobina: it was an emotional afternoon for buster posey and giants fans. he officially announced his retirement with his wife by his side. >> the reason i'm retiring as i want to be able to do more stuff from february to november with a family. physically it is much harder. it is hard to enjoy it as much when there will be physical pain on a daily basis. jobina: posey opted out of playing last year during the pandemic shortened season. he says the timeout helped inform him of his decision to call it quits. giants president says buster
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posey had a great relationship with fans over his 12 year career. >> it gives me chills when i think about buster and the fans because it was a love affair from day one. his first year we won the championship. jobina: buster posey says he and his family will likely move back to georgia to be closer to his family. he says he will have some kind of role in some capacity with the giants in the future, when his young children are older. buster posey's legacy goes beyond baseball. he is also a big advocate for pediatric cancer research. 15-year-old jake just received a autographed baseball hat and other goodies from buster posey and other giant lasers -- and other giants players are -- in other giants players. buster posey and his wife started a foundation to raise money for cancer research. for more info on that and the impact on families, head over to
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our website, reggie: the sacramento area 16-year-old gets his vaccine shot without the consent of his mom. the pharmacy caught up in all of this. >> what is going on here? jobina: i cannot wait for this story. this kiwi couple couple couple c a possible world record vegetable. what they are doing with it now is the strange part. mike: and here's a look at a mature storm that will try to spread sprinkles into our saturday forecast. the big chance of
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mike: let's head to some of our julius neighborhoods. 42 in santa rosa.
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mid 40's everywhere with fog becoming dominant as we head through the morning commute. we also have inland east bay temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. 49 at cupertino. back to the north bay, 45 at 8:00. you're still in the 50's through noon. barely making it to 61 degrees during a cloudy afternoon. as far as your commute you can see it is quiet. we look north from the coliseum, visibility issues with the fog that is a problem. the same thing for the ferry and mass transit. tomorrow alzheimer's walk in san francisco. 9:00 56, by the time we end 60. at least it will be dry. sue: friday, we have a problem on 80 in the berkeley area. you can see the cop car with its emergency crews.
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the ashby exit is closed westbound and eastbound. there is a homeless encampment buyer. crews have blocked off the exit. you're in a solid stream of traffic. we have an accident in san francisco coming off of the bay bridge. southbound one of one near 9th street. you can see the solid line of traffic slow and go all of the way westbound on the bay bridge from little plaza through the island and into san francisco. give yourself some extra time and maybe take part. reggie: thank you. the movie theater delivery write your home you may be thinking as long time coming. jobina: the new mayor of new york city with the unusual way he wants to get paid. plus >> i employ my basic cryogenic techniques and throw you in the freezer. reggie: we promise no humans were harmed by this new zealand company -- by this new zealand couple but they may be going too
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far -- jobina: the bay
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reggie: a mother and davis is upset because her teenage son received the covid vaccine without her permission. amanda arroyo says her son received the vaccine and a cvs pharmacy after he made an appointment online. the pharmacist told her she was try to vaccinate as many people as possible. in california parents have to visit the clinic with their child, sign the consent form, or provide verbal consent on phone or through video. >> he is 16 years old.
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i was not presenti was not presp happened. reggie: cbs says it is aware of the mother's concerns and is looking into the incident. jobina: happening today, one of the most inches baited movie releases of the year hits the big screen. eternal's is the latest in the marvel universe. 10 superheroes hiding in the earth shadows for thousands of years finally emerges to save the human race. director chloe sal won the oscar for best director last year -- chloe zhou won the oscar for best director last year. >> a very good technically, but also great instincts. >> a movie of this scale with so much going on, you treasure the silent moments. she manages to capture that in a beautiful way. jobina: angelina jolie, salma
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hayek, kit harrington,,, is fully loaded. eternal's is now in theaters. disney is the parent company of marvel and abc 7. reggie: just in case this going back to the movie theater thing does not work out, amc is thinking ahead. it plans to deliver perfectly butter popcorn to your home. even if you want to hang out on the couch you can get you movie theater fix. according to variety, amc will start doing this next year. the company says it also wants to start selling movie popcorn in shopping malls and supermarkets in the future. jobina: buckle up for this story. it is something you probably do not have on your 2021 bingo card. a potato has become a celebrity at a farm in new zealand. colin and donna were weeding their garden when they came
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across something huge just below the soil surface. it kind of looks like a turkey to me. that is not a turkey. it is a 17 pound spud, qui possibly the largest potato on record. they named it dug after the weight was unearthed. >> i got a fork and jabbed it into it and put it on the ground and wholly snapping turtle teeth, what is going on? i said it is a potato. she went, no, i said yes it is. jobina: ok. donna says dug does not look like a potato and looks more like an ugly mutant. colin gave dug a little hat and takes it on walks and says they would like to use dug to make vodka. reggie: that seems appropriate. jobina: every time they show dug i kind of get the chills. reggie: thank you for saying
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that. i do not like it. i did not like the way it looks. i did get a chill. why does it trigger that for us? mike: knobby little b it creepy. jobina: the way you just. reggie: another chill. mike: holding -- holy snapping turtle teeth. we have a great weekend if you like cloudy conditions in cool weather. high clouds today, slightly cooler weather. it will be mired or -- it will be milder and cloudy. temperature stayed in the 60's, even a degree or two cooler than what we are seeing today. slightly cooler at the coast. low 60's. tonight the clouds will people's milder. arlie any 40's. a little bit of any fog but not
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as much as we have had this morning. jumping ahead. we are coming out of lunch monday and feeling good after the weekend of hopefully an extra hour of sleep. you can see as we head into the evening hours quickly deteriorating conditions as the light to moderate rain roles in from this moderate atmospheric river. tuesday morning we are dealing with steady rain. by tuesday evening we will start to turn it over to showers. by wednesday morning it is over. by tuesday morning we are looking at a half an inch in many areas, more than that in the north bay. by the time this atmospheric river releases all of its wet weather, we are around a half inch to three quarters of an inch, and more that of an inch in the north bay. remember yesterday we talked about the flip-flop and i was not buying it, that is the reason why. our models flipped back to making it heavier. other than northbay sprinkles tomorrow, then we have the one
6:21 am
monday evening that quickly turns into a moderate tuesday and increasing sunshine and warmth wednesday and thursday. jobina: let's turn to ginger's the who is live with a look -- kinzer -- ginger zee was alive with a look at what is coming up on abc. looking fall festive. ginger: fall and full on winter. we drop below freezing in new jersey. that is where we will be giving all of the green tips. you can see that. i love how mike nicco says i'm not a flip-flop or. i am with him. let's talk about the other headlines. it begins with the backlash for the vaccine mandates. the deadline for businesses now facing potential legal action for 26 days. the latest on the deadly attack at a luxury resort in cancun. we are live this morning. thanksgiving less than three
6:22 am
weeks away. why you might want to shop for your turkey right now. the ceo of butterball will join us live and we will have more live turkeys on the program, which is entertaining. we will also get into the holidays. the best good housekeeping toys. plus we have carla hall baking up some holiday goodies. you'll see that and so much more coming up on gma. reggie: i was thinking about this because we were talking about wicked and the casting of the movie. we have since your revo -- we have cynthia erivo and arrieta bronte, so i was thinking hoop -- and ariana grande. i have an idea i want to pitch you. the singer lav. ginger: i think he would be so outstanding on broadway. i approve fully. i will give him a dm and give
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mike: let's talk more about the flooding we expect in mill valley. it starts today with our first batch of king tides. 12:31 tomorrow, this is when the water should be highest. sunday at 1:11 and monday at 1:45. i want to take a look at a slight chance of sprinkles. we will take a look at future radar. we wake up today and you can see increasing clouds, chance for a stray shower across the counties . tomorrow morning there is little
6:26 am
bit of drizzle and a few stray showers, possibly along mendocino county and a few sprinkles in the mid-bay and otherwise of cloudy and cool week. jobina: abc 7 news has restaurant on college avenue will shut down at the end of the year. after 35 years the co-owner says the pandemic do not play a role in the decision, saying it came time to retire. he says they plan to highlight special dishes of an expo -- over the next two months as a way to thank their customers. reggie: new york city's mayor elect says he wants to be paid by bitcoin for his first three paychecks. eric adams responded to a tweet from miami's mayor and saying in new york we always go big and new york city will be the center of the cryptocurrency industry. the miami mayor responded by saying congrats on the elections and i look forward to the
6:27 am
friendly competition at making our respective cities a crypto capital. interesting. did not see that coming. you can just pay me with regular money. jobina: i will take --. -- i will take cash. reggie: the change coming to apple stores starting today. jobina: plus the body sprays from several major brands that may be causing problems. reggie: and remembering the life of alameda county supervisor william chan. br
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reggie: booking a spot to get that shot for kids. clinics saying they are seeing widespread enthusiasm. jobina: make or break negotiations happening today on capitol hill. the critical votes coming on two major pieces of president biden's agenda. reggie: a live look outside. it is dry, but mike is tracking scattered showers and timing at more widespread rain next week. good morning on this friday, november 5. you're watching abc seven mornings live on abc seven and hulu live. let's start with mike. mike: thanks, reggie. i want to focus on the fog, that is the big story this morning. look at the visibility. it is down to around half a mile in napa. i have a mile in santa rosa. we are looking at reduced visibility's for the entire morning commute. this will drift to the south.
6:31 am
do not be surprised if you live south of those areas that you see increasing fog. temperatures mid-40's to low 50's through 7:00. look at those clouds taking away any chance of sunshine by noon with right around 60 degrees for your lunchtime temperature. 60 to 65 at 4:00 and jacket weather this evening, already dropping into the mid and upper 50's by 7:00. we will take a look at the weekend sprinkles and next week's atmospheric river. reggie: thousands of kids will be getting their covid-19 vaccines this weekend. more bay area counties rolling out vaccine sites for children five to 11. amy hollyfield is live russ in san rafael with what you need to know. amy: getting an appointment is like getting the golden ticket in marin county. there will be a vaccine clinic at miller creek middle school here in san rafael but is already full. the other pediatric clinics at schools in marin county also
6:32 am
full. one of those clinics booked up in 10 minutes. demand is high for the five to 11-year-old age group in marin county. officials say they are not surprised that teenagers also showed up in large numbers and so did their parents. >> there there there from our parent community. we have over 85% of our eligible students vaccinated that would not be possible without public health and all of our health partners making that possible. it is because parents are interested in having you happen. amy: clinics do have a different look in marin county, they have cartoon character cut outs to greet the children along with stickers and colorful band-aids. in san mateo they have candyland and legoland theme decorations at the event center. they also have games and teepees to keep the children occupied while they wait.
6:33 am
some counties have not ruled out there clinics but they are getting there. and sonoma county they will start after school clinics on tuesday. in marin they have them up and running, they are full. be patient, keep trying. i plan to rotate their clinics to different areas so they can reach everyone. they say also try pharmacies, try your pediatrician's office, and do not worry. they would get everyone they want. they're aiming to get 75% of all of the eligible kids vaccinated before the winter break. reporting live in san rafael, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. reggie: you can find out what york county is doing, we have a full guide on our website -- what you were county is doing -- what your county is doing. we have a full guide on our website. and 4:30 to 5:00 on abc 7 and everywhere you stream.
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you can sit in your questions and ask them live on facebook and youtube. jobina: january 4 is the deadline for tens of billions of workers to get vaccinated as experts say we are already in a great resignation. the intersection of the economy and health is something we are focused on as we work to build a better bay area. executive outpatient firm challenger, gray come in christmas, says vaccine refusal is the 10th highest reason for job cuts in 2021. in the bay area the silicon valley leadership says it companies have consistently supported vaccine mandates. it says that is important for economic recovery in our region and for the return to pre-pandemic practices. >> it allows for things like greater working in person collaboration, it allows for visiting different worksites. jobina: the bided administrations vaccine rules for businesses will impact more than 100 million workers around the u.s.. a new study says millions of
6:35 am
workers in california cannot find jobs that pay above poverty level. the analysis by the ludwig institute for shared economic disparity says there are 4.8 million unemployed residents, three times higher than california's official count. ludwig says the discrepancy comes from the federal government definition of employed, which defines a person as employed if that person works at least one hour during its seven-day survey period. reggie: enrollment at california's community colleges dropped below 2 million for the first time in three decades. the college systems that enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year was down 15% from the prior year. the steepest declines were among african-americans, native americans, men, and students not a traditional college going age. officials say the numbers could be overstated due to problems colleges are having counting students in noncredit courses. jobina: the community is
6:36 am
remembering alameda county supervisor who was hit and killed while walking her dog in alameda on wednesday. >> the lesson from us we learned is we will get through this together, we will do it hand-in-hand and we will remember her forever. jobina: an eventual, colleagues cried and hugged outside the alameda county administration building. the oakland mayor worked closely on issues from promoting youth leadership to addressing racial disparities around the pandemic. >> i consider her not just a colleague, but a friend. she was an amazing champion, a quiet champion for the vulnerable, for public health. it is just a shopping, devastating loss. jobina: jan was first -- chan
6:37 am
was first elected to the board of supervisors in 1994, becoming the first asian-american woman to hold that post. reggie: the funeral services set today for colin powell. he died last month of the age of 84. he suffered complications from covid-19. the service is happening at washington national cathedral. abc news will carry the service live is a special report. you can watch that here at 9:00 this morning. jobina: the house is expected to vote on two major pillars of president biden's agenda. abc news confirms house members will vote on bidens $1.7 trillion economic package and the bipartisan for structure bill. a committee met to finalize the plan for floor action today. if passed it will hit to the senate, where it will likely be amended. if the house passes the infrastructure bill it will head to president biden's desk for his signature. jobina: cancun -- reggie: a
6:38 am
cancun vacation turned terrifying. rival gangs in a shoot out in front of guests. jobina: you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we will have another update on how the markets are doing, next. reggie: three more toys and the national toy hall of fame. one is as old as time and we have some thoughts. mike: i think one of those thoughts was go pound sand. we will get to that. here's a look at what is going on weather-wise. look how much colder it is. i was not kidding yesterday when i said it will be significantly colder this morning. dress warmly. even in the east bay, 45 in richmond, 48 in berkeley. 49 in hayward. 45 in castro valley. the north bay and our inland east bay neighborhoods, low to mid 40's. a few upper 40's. 46 in mountain view. even temperatures around the
6:39 am
south bay pretty chilly. let's go back to the east bay. we are stuck in the 50's through noon. barely 60 to 61 degrees this afternoon. back down to 58 by the evening hours. do not expect a lot of sunshine by thel chilly if you are headig out for football this friday night. grab a blanket and a coat, something to sit on. they get cold for the bay. at the coast it will be a cloudy sunset. tomorrow we walk for alzheimer's. it is the final of our three walks around the bay area and it starts at 9:00. it will be cloudy by the end and 60 degrees. i want to thank reggie for stepping in and helping host and emcee tomorrow's walk. i note be a great one. let's talk about what is going on with that commute. sue: friday, we go to the east shore freeway. i have circled the ashby exit closed off this morning due to a
6:40 am
homeless encampment fire. they have reopened that. you can see a solid stream of headlights as you make their way towards the macarthur maze westbound. you're looking at a 40in drive on the 84 corridor from hercules to the bay bridge toll plaza. we have a possible fatality. chp is on scene on southbound 680 before the 580 junction. they have three lanes toned off it issued a sig alert. use extra time. maybe diablo boulevard to get around this. we will check back in just a few minutes and confer with the chp. more news, traffic, and whether after the break.
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jobina: stand trial today for the killing of an unarmed black man shot while driving through his georgia neighborhood. of the 12 jurors in this case only one is black. before the trial even started, the judge went on the record, accusing the defense of bigotry and the jury selection process, but the law does not allow him to recede the jury. >> the defense is allowed to strike perspective jurors for almost any reason they want, except race. what happened as they went forward and explained various reasons why they dismissed all of these people which were not racially based. the judge saying i do not really believe that, but may be it does not cross that legal line. jobina: our ahmaud arbery was killed last year after he was stopped by gregory mcmichael, his son, and their neighbor.
6:44 am
the men say they thought our mod arbery was burglarizing home and were trying to make a citizens arrest. you can watch today's opening statements on the abc 7 bay area app. download the app wherever you stream. reggie: the nba has launched an investigation into the phoenix suns in the wake of a report by espn that details numerous examples of racist and inappropriate language. the story was based on several former and current sons employees and described a sometime toxic and hostile workplace of racism and sexism during his 17 year tenure in phoenix. he calls the report inaccurate and misleading, saying "the n-word is not part of his vocabulary." jobina: u.s. state department is trying to determine if any american citizens were affected in a deadly attack in cancun in
6:45 am
mexico. gunfire erupted on a beach in a drug dealer gunfight. the guests at the hyatt riviera cancun resort were told to shelter-in-place after hearing multiple gunshots. tourists at the hotel say they were directed to go to their rooms but many had to be helped because they left their bags and keys and all of their things on the beach when they ran for safety. reggie: apple is dropping its mask mandate at some stores according to bloomberg, which obtained a company memo to its employees. that will remain in place where local mandates still require masking and stores. employees will still wear their masks. one of the most affordable ways to travel could be coming back. the rideshare company tells a new version of the feature might be released soon. this comes as the app struggles with the lack of drivers, wait
6:46 am
time increases, and rising costs. the ceo says the new feature could significantly lower the price. an independent pharmaceutical company is asking the fda to recall body sprays. valley shore says it tested and detected high levels of benzene for brands like old spice, secret, suave, tag, and right guard. the cdc has determined exposure to benzene over a long period can cause problems with the immune system, bone marrow, and blood. the fda and companies named by valley share have not issued a response. jobina: a major holiday hiring blitz from ups today and tomorrow to help handle the holiday shopping rush for much of the country. ups wants to hire 2000 seasonal workers in the bay area. the in-person and virtual hiring events are today and saturday. about one third of people hired
6:47 am
for seasonal jobs were later hired in a permanent position. that is good news. you can find a hiring event near you by visiting jobs -- the u.s. economy is seeing its biggest jobs gain since july with better-than-expected october jobs report. it was just released by the labor department. in employment rate dropped 4.6% last month. that is down from 4.8% in september. 531,000 jobs were added in october, that is a sharp increase from september when a revised 312,000 jobs were added. the economy remains more than 4 million jobs short of its pre-pandemic levels. the productivity of the u.s. labor force just hit its lowest point in 40 years, since 1981. that third-quarter report from the u.s. bureau of labor statistics was from july to september. experts blame the slow down on
6:48 am
the sudden threat of the delta variant at the extreme supply chain freezes. taking a live look at the new york stock exchange. trading is underway this morning. we are up 289 points. mike: we have hit the weekend and you know what that means. jobina: it is time for us to tell you what to do? many of you might be wanting to get out and have some fun. here is your guide to creating a better weekend. >> let's get through the holidays. the holiday ice break at union square is back. ice-skating is scheduled throughout the season. general admission is $19 and includes your skate rental to minimize contact between skaters and workers, tickets will be sold online only this year. see you on the ice. the children's discovery museum of san jose is hosting a festival of light celebration. saturday kids can discover the
6:49 am
rich traditions of dwali, makecl would dance moves. it has been two years since daybreak are sf has gathered in person and dance. that changes saturday. the moves will be reemerging in the heart of the city, and organizer say be ready to glow. the dress code is funk sheet. the specific description is whatever you would wear to a family reunion in a city where anything goes. you have got it. jobina: that is not all that is going on this weekend. on the front page of our website we put a list together of covid friendly and family-friendly events. it is all there including the walk to end alzheimer's that reggie, i know you will be a part of. reggie: i am looking forward to it. i have to say thank you to
6:50 am
jobina and everyone else who is watching who donated to our team. we are in the lead. we are the number one team in san francisco. i very proud of that. for anyone who donated to my fundraising goal, i appreciate it.l donate. i would be very happy to take it from you and donate to this worthy cause. mike: i am posting the link to my account because it is my mother-in-law that we lost alzheimer's. if we had not had something prior planned for the last six months we would be right there with you. i am glad i got to mc the east bay walk and watch out for that garden ceremony. it is powerful. it broke me up just two weeks ago. it is getting to me right now. let's talk about what is going on weather-wise. there we go from the east bay hills. what we are seeing is clear conditions.
6:51 am
high clouds will filter out the sun. mostly cloudy and a couple of degrees cooler this weekend at the atmospheric river hits monday night into tuesday. temperatures today on the high side we have 69 in morgan hil, st of u aund the 62 to 66 degree range. the diet -- tonight the cloud blanket. a little mist and drizzle. let's take a look at the atmospheric river. yesterday we talked about a flip-flop. it is going to come in during the evening and overnight hours. we will have an eight to 10 hour window where we have light to moderate steady rain that will last all the way through the morning commute and then it will start to taper as we head into the afternoon and evening hours tuesday. check out these rain totals. they are robust once again.
6:52 am
tuesday morning it will be a trying commute with nearly half an inch around the bay. almost three quarters to more than an inch in the north bay. when all is said and done, half inch to three quarters of an inch around the bay. in the north bay, more than an inch in most areas. for the better part of the seven day forecast, temperatures remained below average with one coming in monday and a light storm becoming a moderate storm. a two on tuesday. enjoy your weekend. it will be pretty quiet. reggie: if you're looking for something to binge, brand-new docuseries just hit hulu and the abc 7 bay area app. it gives you a candid look inside the rise in the fall of former illinois governor rod blagojevich. >> i, rod blagojevich -- i want the people of illinois to know you hc nothing yet. >> i have this thing.
6:53 am
>> governor blagojevich is arrested in a political corruption crime spree. >> the sentence is 168 months, almost 14 years in prison. >> we went from eight years of nothing to 24/7. >> jokes about writing a book and calling it thanks president trump for nothing. >> when i'm back on top come and see me. >> here's some advice. stay out of politics. >> they have a law that says i cannot run for anything. stay tuned. i will see you. reggie: the four part docuseries is now on hulu and is now were you ever stream abc 7 bay area. jobina: three toys were inducted into the national toy hall of fame. they are the american girl doll, the board game risk, and then
6:54 am
sand. sand made the list for being the oldest and most universal toy in the world. reggie: i did a deeper dive on this because sand is ridiculous. i was thinking did they not have other choices? they did. you know what they passed over? masters of the universe, he-man . jobina: i do not know that toy. reggie: i know that toy very well. they also passed over the cabbage patch kids. jobina: i know that toy. that is a shame. reggie: that is the only thing that is both the beloved toy and a dance. jobina: hey. i am trying. reggie: do it together? it is so hard. jobina: up next, the seven things you need to know. reggie: as we had to break, live
6:55 am
look outside. we've been getting nice sunrises . we will be right back. ♪
6:56 am
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working from home means driving less, and now paying less for car insurance. with metromile's per-mile pricing... your rate is based on how much you actually drive. isn't that delightfully different? get your free quote at jobina: if you're just joining us, here the seven things to know this morning. pfizer says its pill to treat covid-19 could reduce the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. the company plans to apply for emergency use authorization before thanksgiving. reggie: coming clinics set up this weekend in the bay area are filling up fast for kids ages five to 11. san mateo county graded a kid friendly site to make the experience more enjoyable. jobina: today the house is
6:58 am
expected to vote on two major pillars of president joe biden's agenda. abc news confirms house members will vote on his landmark social spending package and the bipartisan infrastructure bill. reggie: daylight savings time ends on sunday at 2:00. do not forget to turn your clocks back one hour. mike: sunset is at 5:04 sunday evening. low to mid 60's for your temperatures. a slight chance of sprinkles in the north bay tomorrow. sue: following your friday morning commute, we have a fatal accident southbound 680 before 580. three lanes blocked. reggie: ", wicked" the movie found its leading witches. ariana grande and cynthia erivoo
6:59 am
jobina: ok. ok. ok. ok. i am excited about it and you know how -- have all of you had a movie as a kid that messed you up? sue: like wizard of oz. jobina: wizard of oz messed me up, and the greenwich. sue: it was creepy. jobina: when i saw wicked i cannot appreciate it the way i will now. reggie: interesting. i was definitely messed up by the original wizard of oz, then wicked healed me. jobina: that is nice. reggie: she was just misunderstood. jobina: completely. it was a pr game by madame morrible and friends. mike: my sister was scared that my mom could cackle just like the wicked witch. she could do it and there is my sister running back to her room.
7:00 am
jobina: have a wonderful weekend, everyone. reggie: good morning, america. for the viewers in the west, the breaking headline about a new treatment in the fight against covid on this friday morning. pfizer releasing early trial results of its antiviral covid pill, finding it reduced the risk of hospital admissions or death by nearly 90%. when will it be authorized? this as the biden administration's new vaccine mandate deadline for businesses draws fierce backlash and potential legal action from 26 states. deadly attack. shots ring out on the beach near a luxury resort in cancun, sending tourists ducking for cover. down to the wire. the house voting this morning on president biden's massive social spending plan and the infrastructure bill. speaker pelosi and democratic leaders holding meetings late into the night. can they get the votes in time?


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