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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  November 6, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: eight people are dead after a stampede at a music festival. astroworld is now canceled. what investigators are saying moments before the incident. good morning, everybody. it is saturday, november 6. you are watching abc7news at 8:00 live on abc 7, hulu and a.m. wherever you stream. let's start with a quick look at the weather before we get back to that breaking news with lisa arjun. lisa: good morning. we have a weak system to the north that is arriving in the northbound, bringing some rain in the mountains. but we are looking at the possibility of some showers, maybe some drizzle throughout the first half of the day and
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the north bay. you can see the clouds in san rafael where temperatures are from the low 50's to the mid-50's with all other cloud cover. fairly mild out there. pretty with high clouds and low clouds. 47 santa rosa. 52 by the delta. 54 in concord. emeryville with some hazy sun. the clouds will send out, the winds will pick up and if you piece of son -- sun with mid 60's today. the sunny and warm day is sunday and significant rain arrives. i will track it for you, coming up. liz: thanks. developing news from houston that we mentioned this morning. we are learning more about the chaos that arrived at when a music festival turn into a deadly stampede. eight people were killed, and hundreds of others were hurt last night when a crowd of 50,000 people began to move toward the front of the stage. this happened at the astroworld festival at nrg park. a 10-year-old child is among the
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injured. a witness described what she saw. >> we were definitely getting pushed very aggressively. it was intense. >> we were seeing people getting pulled out of the crowd and we would see some of these people unconscious. liz: rapper travis performing when the stampede began. he stopped the show and the rest of the festival has been canceled. astroworld was slated to feature several acts including bad bunny, 21 savage, and earth, wind, and fire. investigators are still trying to determine what sparked the crowd surge and we will keep you posted on any developments. back here at home, the great mall is expected to open normal business hours today after hours of panic last night. employees and shoppers ran and hid as news spread of an active
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shooter. it did turn out to be a false alarm. the mall was given the all clear around 7:30 last night about two hours after police responded. abc7news reporter tim johns has the details on what caused the chaos. tim: scenes of chaos and confusion outside of the great mall friday night. >> everyone was panicking and trying to go to the back of the store. >> my wife was two stories down and all i could think of what was happening with her. tim: around 5:30 p.m., the police department received reports of a fight possibly involving a knife that had broken out among several people inside the mall. >> when they arrived at the scene, there were also unrelated reports of a possible shooting that had occurred within the burlington coat factory store. tim: those two separate incidents sent the mall into lockdown as people seeing others running away from the pandemonium assumed there was an active shooter. the police department said they found no evidence of a shooting within the mall. law enforcement's response was
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quick and forceful. san jose pd, chp, and the santa clara county sheriff's office all responding. >> unfortunately in the world we live in, this is too commonplace. because of that, we trained to respond to situations like that. tim: similar incidents have occurred over the past several years. >> this i believe would be the third time within the last two years that we responded in this manner to an incident that occurred at the great mall. tim: experiences that some say help to prepare them for friday's events. ryan tran was barricaded inside of the mall for over an hour. >> working at great mall, this does occur a lot, so we were just pretty much equipped to stay calm and get through it. tim: tim johns, abc 7 news. liz: san francisco school leaders and parents are calling for an investigation.
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luz: members of the unified equity and auction committee are demanding an investigation. >> we are being hacked. luz: this was the moment an unidentified person hacked the zoom committee meeting focused on uncovering racism in public schools. >> calling them racist names, using the n-word and showing these images. luz: about 40 people witnessed the attack. one of them was a parent and a volunteer. >> do you feel like this incident was targeted towards this committee? >> absolutely. this committee has been under attack since the thought of its inception. luz: she had her computer connected to her living room tv and her three children witnessed the verbal attack and accidentally saw the pornographic images. >> i do not know how my daughter is processing it, but i am worried about it and it is definitely going to require some counseling. luz: a similar incident happened
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in january during an antiracism lesson at lowell high school. >> this was in your face, and the black community and all of our allies should not rest until this ceases. luz: sfufd's board of education president says that they are considering extra layers of protection for their upcoming meetings. >> i believe there needs to be a police investigation. we need to see its linkage to a number of other issues, threats, and violent behaviors we have seen around similar discussions. liz: i apologize for that. today is the walk to end alzheimer's and abc 7 is a proud sponsor. everyone taking part will carry a flower that represents their personal tied to the disease. purple flowers are in memory of
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someone lost to alzheimer's. yellow flowers honor those caring for someone with the disease. reggie aqui will mc today's walk . it starts at 10:00 this morning at pier 27. you can donate to the memory makers team by visiting this should be a dry day for this walk, lisa. lisa: there is a chance of a few showers in the north bay as a weak front pushes through, but you can see the hazy sun in san francisco. temperatures will be below average across the bay area with more cloud cover for the first half of the day. we will talk about more sunshine for sunday and rain totals, pretty impressive as we get toward the first part of the week. the accuweather 7-day forecast is next. liz: also next, the house passes president biden's trillion dollar infrastructure bill. what the president said and we will talk live to north bay congressman jared
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liz: new developments, the house has passed a massive bipartisan infrastructure bill, setting the stage for another round of negotiations next week at the next phase of president biden's agenda. one hour ago, the president spoke about the infrastructure bill's passage. pres. biden: i believe that 50 years from now folks will look back and say this was the moment, this was the period, this year and the next couple of years, when america decided to win the competition of the 21st century, to get the game full board. my message to all of the folks, let's get to work. let's get this done. liz: here is white house correspondent mary alice parks with more. >> the motion is adopted. reporter: overnight, democrats celebrating a win, hugs breaking out in the chamber.
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nancy pelosi raising her fist in the air. the house of representatives breaking a logjam between progressive democrats and moderate my sending a massive $1 trillion bipartisan info structure built of the president's desk three months after the bill passed in the senate. >> the success is attributed to president biden. he literally made the difference. his strong message. reporter: in a statement, president biden saying we took a monumental step forward as a nation, a once in a generation bipartisan infrastructure bill. 13 republicans giving speaker pelosi the vote she needed to get it over the finish line. six progressive democrats opposed it. >> what do you say to republicans who voted? >> thank you. reporter: the legislation calls for the single largest investment in the nation's roads, bridges, and airports in decades as well as billions for electric vehicle charging stations, clean drinking water,
8:12 am
internet, and ports. president vowing to keep up the fight on the rest of his agenda. pres. biden: these bills will change the lives of minds of people and hundreds of millions of people across the country for years to come. reporter: in august, 19 republican senators including mitch mcconnell crossed the aisle in support of this infrastructure bill, but progressive democrats in the house stalled a vote on it, hoping to lock in a deal around the rest of the president social spending priorities first. friday, the president had had enough. pres. biden: let's get this done. reporter: working the phones, talking to members of congress, speaking to pelosi alone four times. in the end, a breakthrough deal. >> we will trust each other because the democratic party is together on this. we are united. but it is important for us to get both bills done. reporter: mary alice parks, abc news, capitol hill. liz: this is a big win for president biden and the democrats. u.s. representative for san rafael jared huffman was in
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washington for that vote and he is joining us live this morning. thanks for being here. i know it was a late night for you. take us behind the scenes. what do you believe happened in those final hours that led this to pass? rep. huffman: there is an old saying, you don't want to watch sausages being made. yesterday was a perfect example of that. nobody likes the messy process that we have been going through, but we got a good outcome. the reason it has been difficult is no congress in modern history has tried to do more because we must tackle these problems with such a major -- a razor thin majority. it takes constant effort behind the scenes and a lot of leadership that the public never really sees, but i am pleased that we got there. in addition to the traditional infrastructure, the infrastructure of the 21st century that we will start building because of this new
8:14 am
law, even importantly if we get commitments on the build back better act that will be moving forward to get us in the game on the climate crisis. liz: i want to talk about build back better in a moment. 13 republicans voted with the majority of democrats to pass the infrastructure bill. from a political perspective, how big of a feat is this for democrats and the biden administration, especially given the election results we saw this week that seemed to spell some trouble for democrats? rep. huffman: it is obviously good news. it puts points on the board. it shows that we can govern, that we can work together. it is one brand for president biden who said he wanted to do things however possible in a bipartisan way. liz: speaking of build back better, the infrastructure bill going to the president's desk, but now a vote needs to happen on the second phase of this agenda. what do you think it will take to get that bill to pass? if you heard the president this morning, he seemed very confident he will have the votes. do you agree? rep. huffman: i think we have
8:15 am
secured the commitments we need. that is why we did not move forward last night. this bill will pass the house no later than the week of the 15th. we think that we have things pretty well-positioned to clear the senate as well, but that is the second step that still has to happen. liz: are there any sticking points for you personally in the build back better act? i know you have been pushing for investments in climate. rep. huffman: i have. the sticking point would be if some of the things that we have fought to include start coming out for unraveling. -- or unraveling. that is what we are looking for. liz: what are the kleiman investments you have been working on to be included in this bill -- climate investments you have been working on to be included in this bill? rep. huffman: big investments to electrify our transportation sector. the transportation sector is one of the top sectors in the economy when it comes to carbon pollution. so we have to quickly pass the
8:16 am
infrastructure to put the tax credits in place so that people can get off of fossil fuels and buy ev's, electric buses, electric vehicle fleets, the postal fleet and the rest of the federal government. all of these things are in there and more incentives for clean renewable energy to finish the job of cleaning up the power sector. just a ton of really important resiliency investments. we are threatened by sealevel rise. we are beginning to invest in the resilience that we will need going forward. liz: it seems like one sticking point for some members of congress is the price tag of this bill. is that a concern for you? there is always this debate about are these climate initiatives going to hurt the economy, help the economy, and try to find that line. rep. huffman: when you look at the trillions of dollars in
8:17 am
damages that we are sustaining, virtually every year because of extreme weather disasters, i think you begin to put it in context. these suggestions are modest relative to the crisis that we are trying to stave off. the cost of not doing this is far greater and the other important piece is that it is fully paid for. the tax fairness that is reflected in this package is one of the more popular pieces. you do not usually think of raising more taxes as being good politics, but the american people have come to see that it is time for the wealthiest americans and these large corporations that constantly abate taxes to pay their fair share so that we can make a call investments. liz: absolutely. speaking of climate, i know you are headed to cop 26 in glasgow. what is the message you plan to bring to the world stage? rep. huffman: it is an important message. it is one that is bolstered by
8:18 am
the progress we made last night. the u.s. is back in the game in a big way and also leading by example with real commitments. that is what the other countries of the world need to see and hear because we will be asking them to join us in those commitments. liz: congressman huffman, we appreciate you taking the time this morning. thanks. rep. huffman: thank you. liz: speaking of fires, the caldor fire has created a challenge for winemakers in el dorado county. the winery is located on the line of the destructive fire and now they are working to keep the taste of ash out of their bottles. 95 tons of grapes have been harvested. the winemakers says right away, he could taste the remnants of smoke. up the road at lava cap winery, 15% to 20% of its production was impacted. >> it was a shame we were not able to get all of the cabernet off, but given the scale of the risk, i think we escape relatively unscathed. liz: some varieties are impacted
8:19 am
more than others because of the way that the grapes absorb smoke compounds through their skins. a sad story to tell you about. a san francisco woman is facing possible blindness in one eye after being shot with a paintball last weekend. hairstylist zoe was sitting at a bus stop waiting for a ride home after friday's concert when somebody drove by and shot paintballs at her and her boyfriend. she says a paintball hit her in the left lower eyelid, cut her skin, and left her bleeding. >> i was hit in my leg, and then in my eye and hand, because i felt my hand sting and i was like peeling something off of my face. the second i came to, i was like i am blind, i cannot see, because everything was very dark at that point. liz: a scary story. the paintball likely damaged the lens of her eye. doctors do not know if the
8:20 am
blindness is permanent. because of the injury, she is unable to work and might face cataract surgery in the future. her boyfriend has set up a gofundme account to help pay for her medical bills. walgreens will start vaccinating children ages five to 11 against covid. appointments are available on their website. hundreds of young children got vaccinated yesterday and several other counties will begin vaccinations for this age group today, including marin and san mateo counties. san francisco is celebrating the first full day of vaccinations for young children. the city is holding a family event in the excelsior at 20 norton street near mission street. the neighborhood is home to many essential workers and others at risk for covid. the event runs from 9:30 to 3:00. let's get a check outside. lisa: a late sunrise, 7:40 this morning. tomorrow, it will be lighter, but we are looking at an early
8:21 am
sunrise tomorrow night. a lot of clouds. we have a weak cold front to the north of us. it may bring a few sprinkles in the north bay. overall, it will keep us cool and allow for some filtered sun. parts of the eastbound and south bay later today. here is a look at live doppler 7. you can see the returns not amounting to anything right now. perhaps later on in the day and as we look at the sierra nevada, it is impacting the passes. 6500 feet, three to six inches of snow expected. winds up to 75 miles an hour. right now, they are over 40 miles an hour gusts. we are looking at highway 50, i-80, donner pass, certainly some impacts. a beautiful view of the clouds below and the high clouds. 55 downtown and oakland with 51 in san jose. 54 along the coast. looking at a few from our eastbound -- south bay, 47 santa rosa.
8:22 am
49 in napa. mid-50's in concord. tomorrow, 5:04. you can see the cloud cover here. it will hold the temperatures down and allow for a few sprinkles. otherwise, we are looking at a sunday or sunday -- sunnier sunday and then a wintertime cold front arriving monday into tuesday, weak to moderate. here is a look at the rest of today where the rain is offshore. by 12:00 or 1:00, we could see some of that light rain activity push over the bay. behind it, the winds kicked up, the clouds dissipate, and clearing conditions overnight tonight with rainfall amounts anywhere from a couple of hundredths in the north bay. nothing expected in the eastbound or south bay. fast forwarding to monday where we are dry for your monday morning commute. monday afternoon, we can see a few light showers as the evening commute is impacted and heavier rain into tuesday early.
8:23 am
the rain last throughout tuesday and showers become more scattered in the afternoon. we are looking at widespread rain from over three quarters of an inch for the livermore valley to an inch and a half in san francisco. over one inch san mateo and half moon bay. the green indicates more rain. it is pretty widespread across the bay area. certainly some good news, but wind will accompany that system. highs today with the mid 60's the cloud cover from oakland to fremont, 67 in san jose. the 7-day forecast, looking at a few north bay showers or sprinkles today. falling back tonight with a sunny sunday on the way. a level 1 system monday afternoon. level two system arriving tuesday and we are sunny on wednesday. veterans day is looking warmer and dry right through the rest of the week. liz: good to hear that and we will enjoy the break from the rain for the moment. thank you.
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liz: festivals continue across the bay area. the children's discovery museum is hosting a festival of lights celebration. kids can discover the rich traditions with special arts and crafts and you can watch and learn dance moves. the museum is open from 9:30 to 4:30. tickets are available online and it costs $15. san francisco restaurant and community space manny's, is celebrating its birthday with a circus. the event is a political carnival to bring attention to the 2022 midterm elections. there will be a live petting zoo, balloon animals, and a dunk tank with politicians and community leaders. it is all happening at manny's near 16th and valencia going from 2:00 until 5:00 p.m. san francisco's memorial club and hotel has reopened after a pandemic closure. the 75-year-old landmark hotel,
8:27 am
restaurant, and theater had to lay off most of its staff, but the hotel is back in business. this weekend, the club will celebrate the marine corps's 246th birthday. the celebration will include opening a special bottle of cognac that has been kept at the bar for decades. it has been saved for the last surviving members of the first marine division that served in world war ii. pretty cool. still to come, a bay area coffee chain is changing its original location. the last day blue bottle cafe will be open. new details about former aide or henry ruggs the third. the new charges he faces after that deadly i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor
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this is abc 7 news live on abc7, who live, and wherever you stream. let's start with a look at the weather. it was a beautiful sunrise this morning if you had a chance to see a. lisa: that's right. at 7:40, a late one. due to the cloud cover, it made for some pretty pictures. right now, overcast conditions from the golden gate ridge. it is 55 downtown and oakland. temperatures uniform from the upper 40's to the mid-. the clouds will be filtering and throughout the day. 54 in concord. here is the plan. numbers in the next few hours will stay cool in the low 60's by noontime and there are a few showers in the north bay or drizzle and then the system washes out. we will get breezy. the clouds will dissipate, but probably not in time to enjoy a lot of sun. that comes into the forecast for
8:31 am
sunday. we will have a pretty good weekend before we get set for a rainy start of the workweek. level one and a level two system to track in a few minutes. liz: thank you. pfizer has announced its own covid pill. the company says it is taken within days of getting symptoms and it cuts down the risk of hospitalization or death by 90%. >> a potential new weapon in the fight against covid. pfizer announcing early trial results of its antiviral pill show that it cut the risk of hospitalization or death by 89%. >> it was exciting to know that there might be an option to provide to patients that could help save their life. reporter: the drug was given to high-risk patients within three days of developing covid systems. it comes a month after merck reported its new antiviral drug cut the risk of hospitalization or death in half. >> while the news around these pills is incredibly exciting,
8:32 am
this does not in any way replace the need for vaccination. the vaccines still represent our safest and most effective way to reduce the risk of covid. reporter: unlike monoclonal antibody treatments given through an iv, the antiviral pills can be taken at home over five days, soon after a person tests positive for covid. merck's drug is on track for potential authorization by the end of the year. pfizer's by 2022. >> once we get over this delta wave of infection, this therapeutic and the other innovations we have seen coming to market really mark the end of the pandemic for the united states. reporter: when it comes to vaccinations for kids five to 11 years old, both walgreens and cvs will start offering shots over the weekend, plus parents can search from 10,000 locations across the country on the federal website, or call their pediatrician. rick johnson, abc news, new york. liz: we assembled a panel to answer questions about vaccines and your children. one question that keeps coming up is about the long-term
8:33 am
effects of the vaccine. >> unfortunately, we do not know about the long-term effects of covid-19 itself so if parents really want to protect their kids, protect them against the actual virus we are all fighting, covid-19. liz: if you missed yesterday's conversation, you can watch it on roku, apple tv, fire tv, and android tv. search 'abc 7 bay area' to download it now. taking a live look at sfo, heads up. you could see long lines there or at other airports on monday after an 18 month travel ban, international adult travelers will be able to enter the country, but they must show proof of covid vaccination and a negative test. airline executives said things could be slow monday as everyone adjusts. the land borders with canada and mexico will also open. kaiser permanente pharmacists in northern california are going on strike, according to "the chronicle." the guild professional pharmacist union announced that they will strike november 15 through november 22.
8:34 am
this will impact operations at all kaiser outpatient pharmacies in northern california. healthcare officials say they hope to reach an agreement with the union before november 15. california saw one of the largest increases in gas prices this week. the price of a gallon of regular gas went up by four cents, pushing the average price to $4.62. the national average is $3.42 a gallon. in some places in the bay area, prices are starting around five dollars a gallon. >> it is pretty insane. i am just at the station because it is on my way to where i am going. it is making a big difference. $73. liz: the most expensive gas in the state can be found in moto county. according to aaa, drivers can expect to pay around $5.38 a gallon for regular. ouch. a san francisco police sergeant known for helping addicts get
8:35 am
off the street is accused of robbing a rite aid as he battles his own addiction. melanie woodrow has the story. melanie: san francisco police sergeant devin cole has been with the police department several years where he was known as a dedicated officer, husband, and father which is why his attorney says those who knew him are stunned at the allegations. >> everyone is shocked. melanie: a spokesperson says sergeant cole rob the rite aid. tony brouse is representing him. >> it is my understanding that sergeant cole walked into a rite aid armed with a weapon. from my understanding, that weapon is not his duty weapon, with a note demanding that he be given prescription medications, the ones that are the basis of his addiction and upon leaving the store, he was tackled to the ground by two san mateo police officers and arrested for the offense. melanie: he's kept his addiction
8:36 am
headed. -- hidden. he suffered a severe canine bite. he did not know if this was the canine that bit him. a spokesperson says he was assigned to the field operations bureau and was placed on unpaid leave pending an internal investigation. he was involved in the healthy street outreach command and law enforcement assisted diversion program where he helped those with substance abuse issues get off the streets. >> he was probably a separate that a gear to a lot of addicts and able to understand their struggle while also not being able to undercut -- overcome the struggle himself. melanie: we posted a $57,500 bail. his arraignment is scheduled for november 18. >> once you reach that, the why question becomes paramount. melanie: when asked if they would be reviewing any of his cases, a spokesperson said we are looking into this.
8:37 am
cole is in rehab. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. liz: new details, a former las vegas raiders receiver is now facing two additional felony charges following this week's car crash that left a 23-year-old woman dead. on tuesday, ruggs was charged with dui resulting in substantial bodily harm and reckless driving. there is now another dui charge along with an additional reckless driving count due to the injury suffered by his girlfriend who was a passenger. he also faces a misdemeanor gun charge. prosecutors say he was driving 156 miles an hour and he rear-ended the victim's car and had a blood-alcohol level more than twice the legal limit. ruggs is due back in court on wednesday. in the north bay, the former grateful dead bassist announced that his new restaurant will be closing. terrapin crossroads was located along the creek in san rafael. they could not agree on a new
8:38 am
lease with the city to use the nearby beach park for concerts. online, he said terrapin crossroads is always a community and can open elsewhere. after 11 years, blue bottle coffee is closing its original oakland location. their lease ended in 2019. blue bottle moved operations to sacramento and offices to old oakland that year. but the landlord let them continue to operate until a new tenant signed the least. the storefront on webster street will close after tomorrow. today, the navy will christen harvey milk in san diego. the ship is named after the late politician who served in the navy during the korean war as a diving officer. milk elected to the san -- milk was elected to the san francisco board of supervisors in 1977, becoming the first openly gay elected official in california. he was assassinated on number 27th, 1978. his nephew will deliver the principal ceremonial address.
8:39 am
still ahead, we have been hearing about goals to combat climate change at cop 26 this week. meet the uc berkeley scientist who will let us know if we are meeting those goals. here is a live look outside. beautiful over san francisco. a little cloudy and hazy. we will check in with whatever stereotype you're gonna try . . . . . . to put on me about having hiv isn't gonna fit. that's for sure.
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liz: daylight savings time ends sunday morning and the debate rages on if it is a good thing. california voted to get rid of it, but that has been held up by the federal government. the department of transportation, which oversees daylight savings time supports it, saying it saves energy and results in fewer traffic fatalities. at 6:00, i talked to dr. evans from the american academy of sleep medicine who thinks it is time for it to end. >> we do daylight savings time
8:42 am
in the summer and in the summer, we have a lot more light. i think if you really think about what would happen if we turn to daylight saving time year-round, in san francisco, we would not have sunrise until 8:00 in the morning in december and that would make it very hard for people to wake up. liz: some doctors say the time change may lead to long-term health effects like increased risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, and even cancer. daylight savings time ends sunday tomorrow at 2:00 a.m.. for us, at least this one night of the year, we get some extra sleep. when you wake up this early in the morning, it is pretty nice. lisa: absolutely. good morning. you can see the cloud cover made for a pretty morning. it will be a cool afternoon. we will talk about a mile there sunday and a rainy monday, coming up. liz: also next, the warriors put on a show against the pelican with gary payton throwing down
8:43 am
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kaiser permanente. thrive liz: a technology we have been tracking at abc 7 is on display for the world at the cop 26 summit. it was developed at berkeley by a researcher believes it could be a powerful tool in the fight against climate change. dan ashley has the story. dan: for a university of california researcher, you can say the fight against climate change began on rooftops like this observatory, part of a large network of sensors that blanket the east bay and parts of san francisco. over much of the last decade, he has tracked levels of carbon dioxide along major bay area highways and local neighborhoods. it is the kind of data that could help cities monitor the aggressive carbon reduction goals being set out at the cop26 conference.
8:46 am
>> especially cities are making big claims and ambitious targets, and we want to help them understand if they are on track. dan: to grab the attention of those potential partners, he began installing the sensors where they could get noticed by a worldwide audience, the city of glasgow itself. >> we started in august deploying the sensors and so we have had 10 operating since the first of august so we have a three month record. dan: they are able to detect trends on a micro scale. recently, his team was able to document the dramatic drop in co2 emissions when bay area roads emptied out during the initial covid shelter-in-place, seen in green. he says the system is now up and running in los angeles as well with talks underway on the east coast and with at least one city in the u.k.. >> and it is really fabulous to see it coming to fruition in ways that will be helpful to cities as they try to manage greenhouse gas emissions.
8:47 am
dan: and perhaps play an important role in documenting our progress in the worldwide campaign against climate change. dan ashley, abc 7 news. liz: even after cop 26 ends, the sensor system will remain in glasgow monitoring greenhouse gases as well as other pollutants. also, a fun coincidence. we have sensor located across one from our studio along the embarcadero. let's get a check of the forecast. at least we hope some tangible change comes out of this congress, but at least it has us talking about it. lisa: we have been talking about it for years. as we look at doppler seven, looking at a system that is bringing rain to the north coast, but also beginning to slip into the north bay where we could be seeing some drizzle by sea ranch, kernville, and dillon beach. a weak weather system arriving,
8:48 am
not making much of a fanfare in the bay area. but in this year in nevada, winter weather -- in the sierra nevada, a winter weather advisory. winds will be up to 75 miles an hour. looking at i-80, highway 50, and the pass. we will be watching that, but that system pales in comparison to what we are expecting. safety -- 55 san francisco, oakland. san jose at 64. another interesting view over the city with the cloud cover and some sun. 47 santa rosa to her 53 by the delta. 52 in livermore. the sun sets tonight at 6:05 and tomorrow at 5:04 so we get that extra hour of sleep. there is a look at mount diablo. we have cloudy skies this morning. the clouds lingering for the first. in the north bay, the east and south bay could see sunny breaks
8:49 am
and we have a sunny sunday. the rain returns monday into tuesday and the rest of the day looking at the shower activity pushing through with a front falling apart into the north bay. we could see a light shower, some sprinkles. as the clouds thin out, we will not see much in the way of sunshine until sunday. one 100s in the north bay. this is monday where you have a dry commute for the first half of the day and the evening commute looks wet. 8:00, looking at widespread rain and heavier rain into tuesday. it does last into tuesday morning. late in the day, we will get into drier skies. rainfall amounts looking pretty impressive. widespread three quarters of an inch in the livermore valley with over one inch in concord. one inch and a half san francisco. in the north bay, overne cou see coastal hills. definitely welcome rain, but a lot of wind as well. probably a wind advisory in our future.
8:50 am
with the cloud cover, mid 60's for most of us. maybe a few upper 60's as the clouds thin out. the accu weather forecast, we have the earlier sunset tomorrow. a level one system on monday. level two system on tuesday. writer on wednesday and even milder -- brighter on wednesday and even milder on thursday was a warming trend continues. liz: tonight, the sharks will be back on the ice and as they face the new jersey devils, the puck drops at 7:30. on the gridiron, arizona and tucson. multiple players will be missing due to covid protocol. kickoff is at noon. san jose state battles nevada at 7:00. the warriors are back in action tomorrow night against the houston rockets. last night, they won the third straight game beating the pelicans. here is sports director larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports. larry: good morning, everybody. the rest of the nba starting to
8:51 am
notice this warriors roster. i know it is early, but starting to feel like total destruction of the pelicans. klay thompson getting some inep then. first quarter. a little flyby. splash. 19 points for steph. nobody to stop draymond green down broadway with authority. look at him threading the needle right on the money to jordan poole. 36 assists in this game. they took 50 3's. may 20 of them. poole had six himself. the route is on gary payton the second. 17 points in 18 minutes. look out below. we love the reactions from james wiseman as the warriors blow out new orleans 126-85 improving a record to 7-1. fear the beard, the nets may. nets, pistons. harden loses the ball, it rolls into the backcourt. james cardin going back at it. the nets won the game, but that is just embarrassing.
8:52 am
aaron rodgers tried to explain his position on not getting vaccinated, but only made things worse. he claims that he is allergic to ingredients in the pfizer and moderna shots, which is extremely rare. he also said he was concerned about side effects with the j&j shot. he has covid and is getting treatment advice from podcast host and noted nonscientist, joe rogan. rodgers appearing on the rob mcaffee show repeating this gem that we have covered a thousand times. >> if the vaccine is so great, then how come people are still getting covid and spreading covid, and unfortunately dying from covid? larry: one more time, the vaccine is not 100% protection against getting covid. it was designed to keep you out of the hospital or perhaps the morgue. college football, david shaw has not had many nights like this. stanford hosting utah.
8:53 am
traveon thomas ran all over the cardinal. four touchdowns and 153 rushing yards in the first half. the cardinal were down 38-0. i would be dancing too. have you ever seen this? this is from the 1-yard line. devon lloyd, that is the rare one-yard pick six. i do not think i have ever seen that. utah demolishes the cardinal, 52-7. that is a wrap on the morning sports, had a great weekend. i am larry beil. liz: next, the holidays are just around the corner. where hundreds of artists will where hundreds of artists will be today so you everyone needs health insurance. covered california is making sure more people can get it. new federal funding of $3 billion is available to help more californians get covered. julie and bob are paying $700 less every month. dee now gets comprehensive coverage with no monthly premium and the navarros are paying under $100 per month.
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8:56 am
and tuesday nights jackpot increases to $45 million. today, you can get your holiday shopping started at the craft fair in san francisco. hundreds of local and national artists will have their products on display this weekend. you can buy jewelry, clothing, home decor, plus more. there will be food, drinks, installations, and workshops. the fair runs from 11:00 to 5:00 today and tomorrow at the fort mason center festival pavilion. you must show proof of vaccination and masks are required. let's get a final check of the weather. it is hard to believe we need to start holiday shopping already. it is coming up fast. lisa: with the time change tonight, i guess we do not be -- need to be reminded. i guess, maybe we do. 6:05 tonight is the sunset. 5:04 on sunday. that extra hour of sleep to look forward to. maybe a shower in the north bay
8:57 am
as a cold front works through this morning and falls apart this afternoon. partly to mostly cloudy. mid-60's out there. sunnier sunday. a level 1 system on monday. but the rain accumulates anyone inch with a level two system on tuesday. sunday and warmer -- sunny and warmer throughout the rest of the week. 70's inland. hoping to at least get one inch by tuesday. liz: sounds good and thankfully, cell phones do it automatically for us. thanks for joining us. i am liz kreutz along with lisa arjun. a huge day of espn college football is ahead. wait forest takes on north carolina at chapel hill. at 12:30, michigan state faces perdue in indiana. at 4:30, oregon battles washington. that is followed by toyota after the game with chris alvarez. abc7news continues at 11:00 p.m.
8:58 am
thanks for joining us and have a great day. >> i'm hearing from victims all across the country. their accounts were drained in seconds, but the bank would not refund their money. until -- >> my money is back. >> so happy, i want to cry. >> i could not be anymore thankful to 7 on your side. >> it is really life-affirming. >> we will be ok thanks to you.
8:59 am
welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion. and, yes, there will be tears. lots of new introductions. sleepless nights. that's normal. okay. so many new toys. it's not going to be easy. but, together, we got this. kaiser permanente. thrive
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