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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 9, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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kristen: this was the 76th freeway shooting in alameda county in the last 12 months according to c.h.p., most have happened. on 880 and 580. detectives confirm casper was not target -- confirmed that jasper wu was not the target. larry: luz pena kansas. in the newsroom. luz: the line i keep hearing from viewers is, if 23-year--- if a 23 month hold is not safe with his family driving on the freeway, then who is? i talked to police about their efforts to combat freeway shootings. during the press conference after 23 month old desperate who was shot and killed by a stray bullet on i-880, c.h.p. officers revealed a shocking data point. >> over the past 12 months, there have been 76 freeway
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shootings within alameda county. luz: when one challenges how safe our fears are, c.h.p. responded. >> the chances of this happening are not high. luz: shootings and freeways are of the larger issue, the gun epidemic. >> we have asked many policies and that includes gun tracing, truly getting illegal guns off the streets. luz: to find solutions, we drove to this area. in 2015, contra costa county was facing 150 shootings in a 13-month time-lapse. dan romero was the first city leader in contra costa county to search for solutions. >> four mayors in contra costa county supported me, and with that support, we were able to go to the state and get help. luz: with $3.5 million over a three-year period contra costa county installed highway cameras along interstate 880 and highway 4 that have helped decrease shootings in this freeways.
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but to him, this is not a victory. >> it has happened again. it has happened again. would have thought that when we got the first freeway camera system, that the state would have taken steps to do the whole bay area. and they didn't. so here we are again, but this time, a 23 month child died. for what? so, you luz: councilmember danbury mayor is asking for the rest of the bay area to unite like contra costa he did six years ago. the da said these cameras have been key in prosecution. >> when we have the systems working together, the shotspotter alerting law enforcement immediately that shots have been fired in a location, and then also the camera is capturing and the license plate readers-the information
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in real-time, that is a great law enforcement tool. luz: according to c.h.p., there have been 31 shootings in contra costa county this year, so yes, even with cameras, the crime continues to happen, but that is a 68%. decrease from. 2018 in the newsroom, luz pena, abc 7 news. larry: the story is so sad. -- is so sad. that are no words at this point. right now police are on the of the serious crash. i seven hoovers this at highway 101 rockaway beach avenue. at least five vehicles are involved. police have not said if anybody was injured but there are delays in both directions of highway 101. most of the traffic backup is on southbound. kristen: now to the latest covid-19 headlin pfizer is asking the fda to amend its booster authorization to include everyone 18 and up. pfizer said its trial showed
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booster raised vaccine efficacy to 96%. california is among 21 states that have seen cases go up 10% over the last two weeks. the daily case average in the u.s. is up 12.6%. california's test positivity is 2.3%. larry: covid cases and hospitalizations are on the rise once again. california is back in the red. the cdc lists the state in the high transmission category again. today governor newsom address the issue. >> california experienced an increase. we know why. it is not particularly difficult, after a couple of years, to understand. you see those trends in europe, you see those trends extend in other parts of the globe. unfortunately, that is what is happening here. larry: dr. patel is part of the abc 7 news vaccine team joining us now as we dig deeper into what is happening in california as well as the rest of the
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country. thanks for the time. so we have california in the high transmission category. florida is in the moderate category -- california has been stricter with the covid protocols. so is this fuzzy math? or what is going on here? dr. patel: it could be fuzzy math. people speculated that maybe they are testing less in florida. but we have to be realistic. people look at florida and they have seen the political statements, but 60% of floridians are fully vaccinated. only 63% of californians are. in san francisco the number is higher, but it is still the unvaccinated driving the spread. and as you heard from governor newsom, we are approaching winter. as we are starting to lift mandates, people are becoming complacent. so as we have seen in europe, this is a set up for more transmission and more local outbreaks. larry: we should also point out
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that deaths per capita are much higher in florida than california. so the bay area is doing well but, other parts of california are not. is this simply a question of who is vaccinated and who isn't? dr. patel:? dr. patel: in terms of case numbers, it is. the people unvaccinated are still more likely to be driving cases, and as you pointed out, more likely to wind up in hospital or worse. it is those cases. there are many parts of california including inland, where vaccination rates are a bit lower. the conversation just cannot be about boosters and restrictions in areas where people aren't following the rules, we need to be looking at the fact that, the reality check that not all americans will get vaccinated is upon us, and it will continue to be a source of new cases. larry: feels like just keep going around on the roller coaster. seems like we are headed for another big winter surge. how concerned are you about that? dr. patel: i am concerned more
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about a local winter surge that could happen in several parts of the country. as we have seen about the pandemic, the virus, especially the delta variant, it wants to jump around in places that are coming up this upcoming winter unlike last winter weather aren't as many restrictions, and we have opened now 230 plus countries where unvaccinated people could come into the country, yes, they need to show proof of vaccination, there is more troubling happening in our country as well, so i am concerned about that. and in order to avoid this continuously going on, we need to start addressing the offramp. what is our tolerance for the daily death rate? i hate to see it normalize, but that is our next conversation. larry: alright, doc, we hate to leave it there. we appreciate you being here. thank you. kristen: alameda county first responders are facing their own vaccine mandate much like
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neighboring counties including santa clara, san francisco, and contra costa. reporter dustin dorsett explains. justin: in the city of fremont, the writing is on the wall -- covid knows no age, race, color or religion. alameda county says getting vaccinated is the best way protect yourself and others from the virus. they are doubling down on the notion with a new vaccine mandate for first responders. >> having people vaccinated when you are exposed to thousands of people whether it be in the jail setting or the public makes everybody safer. it makes first responders safer and the people that we come in contact with safer if everybody is vaccinated. justin: for the nearly 4000 emergency personnel in the county like emts, it is a new choice, but fully vaccinated, or take weekly tests and wear masks while entering high risk care facilities. the alameda county health officer said in a statement
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today, "unvaccinated providers held during high-risk health care facilities can spread covid-19. this order is necessary to protect order is necessary to protect older and medically vulnerable residents and staff." the alameda county sheriff says his office already has a similar mandate in place for their 1700 employees. 54% of them have shown proof of full vaccination. the sheriff says he respected those who choose to not get the vaccine, and he hopes the mandate does not lead to the loss of more critical first responders, since they also have the choice to get weekly covid tests. >> we need every member of the personnel we can, dealing with the shortages in staffing now. even one or three people leaving because of this would be very detrimental. dustin fish county employees have until december 21 to provide proof of vaccination, and a booster shot is not required. in alameda county, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. larry: the california bears just announced this weekend's game
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against usc will be postponed. more players have tested positive for covid in berkeley and they are not able to practice, this after more than two dozen players had to sit out last week's game. kristen: you are looking at live pictures from san francisco and san rafael tower cameras and marched him. the storm is moving out of the bay area, but a different picture depending on where you are. let's head over to spencer christian for an update on how much rain we got and what else is coming. spencer: some areas didn't get much at all, others got a lot. here is a look at the totals. areas like san jose and mountain view saw only 0.02 inches. but one third of an inch in morgan hill. 0.85 in san francisco. north bay, 1-3 inches. from live doppler 7, all this quiet, but there are a couple sprinkles around.
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in the evening hours we will see clouds, maybe even some fog overnight. but by midday tomorrow, lots of sunshine and a bit of a warming trend lies ahead on the accuweather forecast,, coming -- coming up a little bit later. larry: the storm caused a few problems, as reporter amy hollyfield shows us. but most people were able to take the hassles in strata. amy: from san ramon to antioch, the storm brought spots of standing water, like this one in berkeley that shut down a lane. but the other ingredient the storm tossed into the mix was wind, up to 40 miles per hour wind gusts in the east bay that brought down trees like this one that blocked, lanes of highway one. and this one in lafayette. here is a look at the detour around the downed tree. it took us more than 20 minutes
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to go two miles. >> it just makes the commute harder. amy: wind also brought down a wire on the road, a double dose of problems on the main road in and out of the area. it is tough, but these things happen with the weather. . amy: this is just one tree. the road is full of many more. what to do about this battery is a source of controversy. >> i like the trees. there is a lot of lawsuits about the trees coming down. we should really bury the cables underground. amy: and the question about what to do about infrastructure and trees, as the debate rages on, we will inevitably have to continue to deal with road closures like this one. in lafayette, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kristen: recall election just two months after the governors recall election, another recall is announced. whose job is on the line now, we will tell you. and technology that makes a difference. the competition underway right the competition underway right to be a thriver with metastatic breast cancer
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justin: it is official. in district attorney chesa boudin face a recall election soon. good manners collected more than -- organizers collected more than enough valid signatures to force a vote. he is not commenting, but a group called the friends of
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chesa boudin say they are confident voters will reject the four "republican-funded and endorsed effort." larry: today governor newsom addressed a question that has been in the minds of many people, which is, where has he been the last couple of weeks? he canceled a trip to the cop26 conference. today he was at that california economic summit in monterey and he says his kids wanted him and his wife to spend halloween with them. >> the kids had an intervention. they said they couldn't believe that i was going to miss halloween. i am defending myself, i got to go, this and that, and my wife was going to go as well. i will cap the next morning with something that is -- i woke up with a knot in my stomach. i had no dam choice, i had to cancel the trip. larry: tomorrow the governor will visit a covid vaccine and flu shot clinic in los angeles county highlighting the ongoing efforts to increase vaccination rates. kristen: if you are shopping early for the holidays, you are
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not alone. consumers spent over 72 billion dollars online last month, an increase of 8% from a year ago. larry: but many are encountering an inventory shortage. . reporter david louis has a surprising look at what is already out of stock. david: even with christmas six weeks away, online shoppers are encountering big disappointment over 2 billion out of stock notices over the past month. >> i think it will continue honestly to the holiday season and beyond. david: he is director of adobe digital insights, which tracks tens of thousands of online retail sites and transactions. the most frequent out of stock categories are electronics, jewelry, apparel, home and garden, and pet it is all tied to u.s. ports backed up and supply chain issues, and slow delivery of goods, including computer chips. toy sales shot up 50% last month
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compared to a year ago. >> now i am worried about it. i think i will just try to figure out what i can get. i think we'll have to get creative. david: there is probably nothing worse than an empty shopping cart with her at the store or online so experts are saying that a lot of people may end up having to get gift cards instead. gift cards give the recipient the option to get a scarce item later when it is replenished, or choose something else. because some in demand items are out of stock, retailers may not be as generous with discounts. >> they would be cutting back discounts by an average of five percentage points. it will be material. david: that doesn't mean there will not be black friday or cyber monday deals but retailers will need to make up for lost profits from a lack of inventory. >> look for the things that you want to buy right now and get them if you can, because i cannot guarantee they will be available to you later. david: david louis, abc 7 news.
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larry: and as my kids always remind me, if you cannot find that perfect gift, cash -- kristen: cash! [laughter] larry: it is always spencer: my kids love cash, too, and they are in their 40's! [laughter] larry: who doesn't love rain. spencer: we cashed in on the storm yesterday. [laughter] lots of rain. kaching. here is a look at live doppler 7. things are calm, though we have a few little sprinkles, but no significant rainfall. here is the view from the rooftop camera over the embarcadero. still rather proudly. current average temperature readings, 62 here, upper 60's in mountain view and san jose, 59 at half monday. rather cloudy at the golden gate, but the pavement looks dry, which is a good thing. 64 in nevada.
4:20 pm
from san rafael, some breaks in the clouds. the sun beginning to breakthrough just a little bit. we will see areas of fog overnight. partial clearing tomorrow and drying out, then so year and milder days for the remainder of the week and into the weekend. let's look at our focused starting at 6:00, lingering clouds, may be a sprinkle or two. but basically drier conditions with dense fog forming in some areas during the overnight hours. so the morning commuters may find reduced visibility in some locations. look at this, by midday into the afternoon and evening we will see mainly clear skies across the bay area tomorrow. great news if you're tired of the clouds. if any rain falls overnight, with an expected to be measurable, not more than 100th of an inch scattered here and there.
4:21 pm
temperatures will range from mid-to-upper 40's in the north bay and the valleys, 50's just about everywhere else. highest tomorrow and her increasingly sunny skies will be 63 in half monday, 65 in san francisco. oakland, 66. going southward, san jose, 68. inland and the east bay, upper 60's. close to 70 in fairfield. 66 in napa. 68 in santa rosa and san rafael. thursday, veterans day is sunny and milder with highs in the low 70's inland. thursday through sunday, look for mainly sunny skies, low to late 70's inland. low 70's around the shoreline. mid-60's around the coast. next week we see a few more clouds in the sky, a bit of a cool down early next week tuesday or so. at the moment we are not looking at any storms, but that increase of clouds and the cooldown is possible. larry:. larry: thank you, spencer. were you impacted by this last
4:22 pm
night? internet and cable went out for thousands of customers across the country. what we learned about the outage today. kristen: and tech for what makes new salonpas arthritis gel so good for arthritis pain? salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine.
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including anaphylaxis, which is severe. tell your doctor about new or worsening eye problems, such as eye pain or vision changes, or a parasitic infection. if you take asthma medicines, don't change or stop them without talking to your doctor. when you help heal your skin from within, you can show more with less eczema. talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. kristen: cable and internet service has been restored after an outage for xfinity customers. the problem began just after 10:00 last night when people in the bay area and across the country began reporting
4:25 pm
some customers experienced intermittent service disruptions as a result of a network issue. we have addressed the issue in the service is now restored for impacted customers as we continue to investigate the root cause. larry: tech for good is a focus for a big competition not right now. operators are competing to make their startups come to life. one would be for making emergency calls more accessible to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. the other. . that enables black and brown youth to engage in issues of social justice. of a reporter spoke to the -- our reporter spoke to the changemakers. >> my father was home alone and had a gallbladder rupture. he was not able to called 9-1-1 for help. . he ended up texting major called 9-1-1 for him. reporter: in a moment when second safe lives, that is when gabriela knew she wanted to do something. both her parents are dead and part of the estimated millions of americans who can't hear or
4:26 pm
speak out loud for help. >> 70% of men on one call centers throughout the u.s. not have text to 911. reporter: she developed an apt to connect people who are speech impaired, death or hard of hearing, with emergency services. >> give them a really quick menu of options so they can click, click, click and that, text 2911 is pushed through. reporter: she is one of two bay area entrepreneurs receiving $40,000 in seed funding and a chance to pitch to investors as part of an annual showcase on tuesday, uplifting women, non-binary, and bipoc changemakers. >> those who have the most proximity to the challenges have the proximity to the solutions that will solve those challenges, that is the reason we invest in the entrepreneurs we invest in. reporter: the program takes a cohort of people across the country for a five-month
4:27 pm
fellowship providing coaching, capital, and all-important connections. >> being in a community with. >> entrepreneurs who are not just trying to make money, by trying to use entrepreneurship to get at a lot of the social ills we have in the world. reporter: he is the founder in ceo of oracle justice, now working with 30 teachers in three states and 450 young people, including a handful at this menlo high school. >> people who are not just realizing their own power, but also sharing their perspectives with other people, which in turn inspires other people to think about issues in ways they wouldn't before. reporter: both long and jackson are hoping to secure investor funding to transform their hopes for a better tomorrow into reality. julian glover, abc 7 news. kristen: new details now about a bay area tech company that schedules appointments accused of looking for businesses without their knowledge. >> it was kind of alarming. >> they are stepping essentially into my business.
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: now to an update on the story refers told you about last month. kristen: a hair salon was confused why booking app classpass was scheduling appointments for them without their knowledge or consent. larry: abc 7 news anchor liz kreutz has learned other salon the country have had a similar issue, and a new lawsuit has been filed against the subscription company. liz: the owners of pursuit salon in los altos recently told abc 7 about an unusual encounter with the client.
4:31 pm
a woman came into the salon and said she had an appointment, but they had no record of it. the client explained she had booked on classpass concierge, a program that allows members to book beauty services at a local business. >> with a special classpass. liz: it is part of the larger and well-known classpass subscription service for fitness center and james. the problem with the pursuit salon honors -- >> i told him we had never heard of classpass. liz: they had no idea they were being featured on the platform. they said their profile on the site also showed several openings for appointments, that were not actually available. >> they took some lingo from our website and took some photos from our website and uploaded some stock images that we didn't even do the hair for. so it was kind of liz: it turns out pursuit salon is not alone. since our story aired, a class-action lawsuit has been filed against classpass for this very reason. it alleges the new york company,
4:32 pm
recently acquired by california-based mindbetty, improperly uses business identities for their own use. the plaintiff in this case is brian jackson, warner over nail salon in new jersey. jackson says his first encounter with classpass happened in september, when a client said she had already prepaid for her service using classpass. brian had no record for that payment, though, and also no affiliation with the company. >> after that i found they were using our name and likeness and even offering our services on their website as part of their packages. liz: jackson said when he later tried to contact that client to remedy the situation, he could not, because the number on her account was not her number, that one for classpass. >> they are actually controlling the data and information of the client who come into our business. liz: still, according to the complaint the client described that same encounter online where she gave classpass this one star
4:33 pm
review saying she was, quote, "scammed out of $70." the complaint alleges that the company is not only misrepresenting businesses, that also misrepresenting the size of their network. the company says they have 50,000 health and wellness partners. . this is jackson's attorney? >> the business are being listed without their consent. and consumers are duped into signing up with classpass based on false expectations of this wide network of services. >> with classpass, you can try something you have never done before. liz: classpass began in 2017 as a membership program to try different genes and workout classes in cities around the country. recently the company expanded into looking beauty and wellness appointments. a spokesperson did not respond to abc 7's request for comment about the lawsuit, but previously told us they do list businesses that do not previously agreed to partner with them.
4:34 pm
the company said it does not make any revenue of concierge services, and that this is a way to help members discover local businesses. >> it is great that the client who did find us found us through classpass, but at the same time, classpass accepted money on my business's's behalf without our consent, and they are also advertising that we are partnered with them, in an effort to generate memberships on their behalf. that only they collect money for. liz: jackson told us he tried to contact classpass, but never heard back. pursuit salon, which is not part of the complaint, was able to reach a classpass representative, and is also no longer listed on the site. those owners shared their story, simply wishing to raise awareness and protect other small bay area businesses. >> is like doordash signing up a restaurant and asking for a food delivery that is not available. it doesn't make sense. liz: ultimately the attorney says the lawsuit comes down to
4:35 pm
this. >> businesses will choose how they advertise and market their businesses. liz: liz kreutz, abc 7 news kristen: a big step in the effort to get groun ceremony for 100% affordable, excuse transit-oriented development. the project is being built in the parking lot next to the balboa park station, and will provide residents with extensive social, employment, and training services. >> we have space in san francisco to build affordable housing. lots of space. there are lots of parking lots like this all over the city. so whenever someone tells you that people just need to move away, there isn't enough room, just point them to this place. kristen: is the first affordable housing development approved under a state senate bill that streamlines legislation for housing construction in
4:36 pm
california. larry: we are getting an idea today as to how the bay area and california will benefit from the bipartisan infrastructure bill passed by congress last week. california senator alex padilla and congresswoman zoe lofgren hosted an event in san jose outlining the projects that will be funded by the 1.2 trillion dollar package. >> this is the largest ever federal investment in public transportation and a critical step towards a more sustainable future. larry: the package includes money to help make san jose's station the grand central station of the west. it also includes $8 billion to help fund the park's silicon valley extension, $5 billion to help update the power grid, and $3.5 million to help improve drinking water. more people are planning to hit the road this thanksgiving. plus,
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kirsten: time now for the 4:00 we have drew and spencer. this year, thanksgiving travel is expected to be higher than last year. there is a 13% increase from last year of people traveling, only 5% below the 2019 level. 4 million people are expected to spy and eight meeting people are hitting the roads are -- 4 million people are expected to fly, and 8 million people are expected to hit the roads.
4:40 pm
spencer: i am excited people feel safe enough and things are opening up to get back out there. i will not be traveling, i will be traveling for christmas, but i am excited about it. kristen: drew, the pent-up demand, right? drew: i think so. that was one of the reasons we are not traveling. we are staying put. because you look at flights. typically we could find a flight directly to the east coast. now you have to have a stop, and they are even more expensive than they have in in years almost traveled the price we typically pay to go to the east coast so we decided we will stay here. we will a stress-free thanksgiving. [laughter] we have enough wine, larry, it can be very stress-free. kristen: are you making the turkey? drew: my fiance makes the turkey and he does a great job. larry: if you want to have a 30 minute zoom copy, bidding is now -- zoom call with a celebrity,
4:41 pm
the bidding is now open. letter eliminate drew. the fifth annual veterans day celebrity auction is coming up. actress jason sudeikis, and sean penn, seinfeld, john stuart and jimmy kimmel, media personalities like george stephanopoulos and anderson cooper are just a few up for bid. money raised will help build homes for wounded veterans. a tremendous cause. if you are wondering who received the highest and so far, it is none of the previously mentioned, but weird al jankovic. [laughter] more than $5,500 for a 30 minute call. can anybody explain weird al jankovic? drew: he is fascinating. fascinating 30 minute conversation. kristen: what ??. drew: you would get your money's worth. they feel like he would no
4:42 pm
more than george stephanopoulos and anderson cooper. larry: he has certainly had an interesting career. don't know how to describe it, but he has been very successful. kristen: can we decide what our prices would be individually? ? let's set our prices. spencer: i would pay five dollars to talk with larry. kristen: i would need larry to pay me for a five-minute zoom call. [laughter] drew: how did this turn into an attack larry segment? [laughter] kristen: moving on. kyle kaiser is looking for a rebound. the 48-year-old recently ended a relationship and he wants to get back out there. so he made a brochure and he has been leaving it around san francisco. he joined us today on midday live. >> covid was hard for everyone. certainly for me. after a year and a half of that and my own cycle of, what am i doing with my life, and then candy cap by a breakup, it was
4:43 pm
just a way of putting my heart on the table. and as a layer of, yeah, introduction and just connecting with people off-line. kristen: he says the response has been great so far, but he is just waiting to see what happens. he also has website, "," and he is chronicling his search on tiktok. i admire the fact that he is saying, i am not happy, i will go for it and see if i can get what i want, you know? drew: you're getting more than you would maybe on the apps. so you may get what you want when you see this guy's brochure. kristen: larry, you took a look. larry: one of the things he said a lot of asset would agree with is it seems like the return to normalcy is taking forever, and the frustration level is mounting. . it is interesting that he went old school with a brochure.
4:44 pm
[laughter] but he is keeping people up-to-date on tiktok. he is hitting all. spencer: covering all the bases. kristen: can add one more thing? one of the points he mentioned is that he works for the airlines, so he does get a companion pass to travel for free. drew: that should be the top point. [laughter] larry: mary me, fly free. [laughter] i have heard that line. and ella from the shelf an question marks say it ain't so. eight -- an elf on the shelf ban? the christmas tradition which originated from a children's book centers around a scout elf who encourages kids to be on their best behavior. sometimes the elf creates big headaches for parents, including messes around the house. the judge says he wants to give struggling parents a break. i ask you, who says no to this cute creature?
4:45 pm
[laughter] elf on the shelf? [laughter] drew: he is always watching. even if he may not be on your house this year. kristen: never got into that game, but can be magical if your kids are that age and having a little elf show up in different places. no need to your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made for heart failure entresto. it's a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. heart failure can change the structure of your heart, so it may not work as well. entresto helps improve your heart's ability to pump blood to the body.
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larry: for the second consecutive week, a bay area legend is calling it a career. chris wondolowski from the san francisco quakes held his retirement conference today. we are big one though fans. this is a sad moment, but not a surprise. >> 17 seasons in major league soccer and much like buster posey, the giant's list of accomplishments for him is extensive. i had a chance to go one-on-one with the all-time scoring leader who hails from right here in the bay. [crowd cheering] >> does this feel real at this moment right now? >> now, it is slowly sinking in. i think it was sink in
4:49 pm
season. but am enjoying it. this is the last ride. i told myself i wouldn't cry. i knew tears would be coming. thank you guys. reporter: you talked about the fans. was that the biggest reason for coming back? >> it was why i did. i enjoy the fans. it was nice to have that closure and be able to celebrate with them. they have been there since day one. reporter: let's go back to the beginning when you first met a soccer ball. remember that love? did you ever imagine you could turn it into what you did? >> didn't know it would take me along this path. but i have loved the game since day one. i loved all sports, but soccer always have that passion. didn't think it was going to be on this path, but i enjoyed every bit of it. reporter: research tells me you have a young one on the way. two girls and a baby boy? >> a baby boy on the way. early january. that is exciting. reporter: to have a name? >> no name yet. still discussing. we are narrowing it down.
4:50 pm
reporter: when you look back, what will you remember the most? >> being with myeammates practices and in the locker room. i love the banter and joking around with these guys. that is what i will miss thest. things i will remember the most, the battles and that blood, sweat and tears that you leave on the field. chris: so good news for the quakes and their fans. wondo is not going far. . he has accepted a role as a special assistant to the general manager. congrats to him on great career. and the new baby boy's name, trace? i think it is pretty good. larry: don't think we will be consulted. [laughter] but trophies and honor to the next great quakes star. chris: trace trophies won the lasky. there you go -- trace, trophies wondowloski.
4:51 pm
kristen: i like it. trace. let's check in with spencer now. spencer: the storm is basically over. here is a look at her were forecast animation. lots of clouds during the overnight hours, clouds at the bay, but any chances of significant precipitation are just about nil. low 50's just about everywhere else. by afternoon tomorrow we should see some measure of sunshine. eyes ranging from 60's at the coast, mid-60's around the bay shoreline, near 70 inland. here is the seven-day forecast. thursday starts off a string of sunny and milder days with hi church -- with higher temperatures. 70 or 72 degrees around the day shoreline. mid-60's at the coast. partly cloudy and cooler conditions next week. kristen: look at those temperatures. larry: nice. kristen: looking forward to that. guess what, this friday is
4:52 pm
disney plus day, a celebration of the disney plus global community. it includes new features on disney plus including imax's expanded aspect ratio at home. this week we are giving away 10 three annual subscriptions to new customers. go to to enter and we will announce 10 winners on friday. larry:. larry: employees of abc 7 are not eligible. tomorrow is country music's big night. kristen: the 55th annual cma awards. just ahead, some b an official message from medicare. did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums and lower prescription costs. that'll save you money.
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every coming up tonight on abc 7 starting at eight, it is "the bachelorette." then "queens" at 10:00, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. the cma awards air tomorrow night right here on abc 7. the red carpet will be a little different, as we are still obviously dealing with covid. the red carpet will also look different as the country music association is embracing more diversity. reporter george penacchio has the story from nashville. >> we're seeing an institutional change. we are at a pivotal time for country music. there is an awareness that country music has not been as open to diverse artists, and there is a willingness now to say, our last does not have to
4:56 pm
dictate our future. for the first time with the cma awards, there are two black artists nominated for best new artist. george:. >> i receive it. i appreciate the recognition, and i am faithful. there are many girls like me out there that love all kinds of music, that we should be able to sing regardless of what we look like. >> i am a part of it. it started with charlie pratt and others. >> you have back artists who are making their voices heard. george: like randy from compton, california who recently worked with dr. dre on his single, "colorblind." >> red light, yellow light, blue light, chocolate, brown. >> what i call street country. street country is taking the best of what i learned from there, all the edgy and dope stuff, taking the best of what i love from country music, and putting everything i love into one sound pallet.
4:57 pm
george: artist annika marx feels a renewed sense of excitement. >> there are so many people of color that are doing country music now. what is different now is we are also adding one another in our pursuit. we opened our own doors and created our own space, which is actually better. >>. >> we are seeing some of the big labels sign now to lgbtq artists. artists like pj osborne coming out, or lily rose. george: and who could forget lil nas x's's record-breaking "old town road?" the next wave could be a crossover between country and latino artists like tristan and leah turner, and soulful tunes from gabe lee. george penacchio, abc 7 news. larry: alright, the 55th annual cma awards tomorrow night at 8:00, right here on abc 7. that will do it for this edition
4:58 pm
of abc 7 news at 4:00. i am larry ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom for me and you ♪ (music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital.
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moving forward finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. more excitement than trepidation in the east bay today as contra costa county kicked off. its school vaccine clinics aimed at children ages 5 to 11. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm on a date and i'm dan ashley. you're watching abc 7 news at five live here on abc 7 hulu live and wherever you stream glad you are with us. well, the clinics were held in richmond and san pablo abc news reporter leslie brinkley visited one of the sites where families were grateful that the vaccines were made. accessible i told my mom about it and then she said okay, let's go and get it. this six-year-old said it was a piece of cake to get the vaccine especially in a school library with disney music playing and plenty of cookies while you're here to tell other kids it was okay. yeah.


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