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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  November 11, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm PST

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they are expected to march across the bridge at some point. not a big impact to traffic at this point. tonight, the dramatic moments in the kyle rittenhouse trial. just one day after rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense. the jury now seeing new images of the moments before rittenhouse shot and killed two protesters and wounded a third. those images from a witness for the defense. tonight, the defense now resting its case and how soon could this be in the hands of the jury? tonight, the alarming news on covid. for the first time in many months, covid cases now on the rise overall in this country. 22 states seeing spikes tonight, from colorado to new mexico to michigan. what they're seeing in the icu. and where they're now seeing the number of vaccinated patients in the hospital ticking up, too. some calling for booster for 18 and older immediately. the first blizzard warnings of the season tonight. we're tracking a major system
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moving across the country and then into the east overnight and tomorrow. the morning commute, heavy raining, gusting winds from washington, d.c. to new york to boston. rob marciano timing this out. new testimony tonight in the ahmaud arbery case. the jury now hearing from the homeowner who videotaped people on his property. surveillance showing arbery at the construction site before he was chased down by three white men, shot and killed. and the moment during the trial when one of the defense attorneys says he doesn't want anymore, quote, black pastors in the courtroom. and what he said after that. the abc news investigation tonight into the deadly ambush of four american green berets. the grieving families who now accuse the pentagon of betrayal. turning to each other, learning they've been given different accounts of what really happened. were there significant questions about this mission before they were sent into harm's way? the rising prices in america. tonight, we break down the numbers. gas prices from a year ago,
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where they are tonight. prices at the grocery store, year over year. and what's driving this? and on this veterans day, we salute all of our veterans. and the world war ii veteran, 97, and the letters he wrote home at just 20 years old. he reads them right here tonight. good evening on this veterans day and it's great to have you with us. and we begin tonight with those dramatic moments today in the kyle rittenhouse trial. the defense resting its case late today, just 24 hours after rittenhouse took the stand in his own defense. today, rittenhouse's attorney arguing this was self-defense and a justifiable use of force. the jury seeing images of rittenhouse armed with his ar-15, opening fire, killing two protesters and wounding a third in kenosha, wisconsin. and jurors seeing new video from
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a defense witness. the moments just before the shootings. and for the first time in court, video showing one of the victims, joseph rosenbaum, confronting a group of armed men before being shot by rittenhouse. prosecutors grilling a defense witness about his social media posts, pressing him on whether he was pushing his own agenda in this case. and the question tonight, how soon could this now go to the jury? ac's alex perez leading us off from kenosha. >> we would rest. >> reporter: tonight, the defense resting in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. but before that, jurors seeing new images captured in the moments before the shootings. rittenhouse, who argues self-defense, is charged with killing joseph rosenbaum and anthony huber, and injuring gaige grosskreutz with an ar-15. right wing commentator drew hernandez, called by the defense, recorded the video. >> did you see what joseph rosenbaum was doing as he was chasing kyle rittenhouse? >> so i was at the corne of the
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car source and the first thing i did identify was that rosenbaum was charging kyle rittenhouse from behind. >> reporter: the jury also shown this footage of rosenbaum before the shooting, appearing confrontational toward a group of armed men. prosecutors then pressing hernandez on his social media posts and whether he has an agenda. >> have you ever posted anything on social media? >> yes. >> in support of kyle rittenhouse? >> one could argue, yes. >> reporter: the defense also calling an expert who analyzed video from the protests and testified rittenhouse killed rosenbaum and huber and injured grosskreutz in a matter of two minutes and 55 seconds. grosskreutz -- the only person to survive being shot by rittenhouse -- reacting to this dramatic moment. >> there was people right there -- >> reporter: speaking exclusively to our michael strahan on "gma." >> to me, it seemed like a child who had just gotten caught doing something that he wasn't supposed to do, or upset that he
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was caught and less upset about what he had done. >> reporter: and david, the jury has been sent home for the weekend. both parties will hash out instructions tomorrow and closing arguments are set for monday. kenosha police and kenosha authorities say they're already bracing for any possible reaction to a verdict. david? >> all right, alex perez leading us off tonight. alex, thank you. we move on tonight to the alarming new numbers on covid cases in this country. for the first time in months, covid cases nationwide now on the rise. authorities are pointing to the changing of the seasons, more americans indoors and near one another. 22 states tonight seeing spikes from colorado to nvm nm to michigan. what they're now seeing in the icus. and what they're now also seeing, the number of vaccinated patients in the hospital ticking up, too. some now calling for boosters for 18 and older immediately. and abc's kayna whitworth from colorado. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time in ten yeweeks, the
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country is seeing an increase in new covid cases, fueled by 22 states seeing a surge in infections. >> our hospitals and icus are filling up with patients who are going on ventilators and many of them dying. >> reporter: hospital admissions are climbing in 14 states, from the southwest to the east. detroit seeing their fourth surge. >> with people starting to make plans for the holidays to get together, i think it's an important time to let everyone know that we've got to stay vigilant. p. >> reporter: from new mexico to colorado, hospitals forced to activate emergency standards of care. some running low on icu beds. if your hospital beds are already filling up, you said it's going to look like a battlefield hospital in there very soon. >> yeah. just this week we did a walkthrough, adding curtains between beds in order to add more beds, more ventilators. >> reporter: experts believe this new surge is fueled by the unvaccinated, waning immunity from the vaccine and colder weather as people spend more
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time indoors. matty ahkeah was unvaccinated when she got covid. she's now on a machine, struggling to breathe. >> it's horrible. sorry. it's -- i just see my wife as this really strong woman and seeing her so weak and struggling, it's something i wouldn't ever wish upon anybody. >> we have to remember the families that are still going through this every day. kayna whitworth back with us tonight and kayna, i know we heard from doctors at one hospital in the detroit area, where they're seeing something else. for so long now, we've heard that the patients who are showing up in these hospitals are unvaccinated, but in detroit, at one hospital, they said up to 30% are actually patients who were fully vaccinated and a lot of folks are going to say, does that point to the waning of these vaccines and does it lead into this argument being made that there needs to be boosters?
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>> reporter: well, that's exactly right, david. so, what a lot of doctors are saying that it is possible these patients were vaccinated early and now their immunity is, in fact, waning. it's also possible that these patients have underlying medical season conditions that compromise their immune system. that is something that the doctors here in colorado are echoing and that's why they've gone around the fda, they are encouraging all adults in this state to get their booster shots and to get it now. david? >> we know that's what they're seeing in detroit and colorado. we wait for more numbers on all of this. kayna, thank you. next tonight here, the first blizzard warnings of the season. we're tracking a major system moving across the country and into the east overnight and right into tomorrow, particularly the morning commute in many big cities. heavy rains, gusting winds from washington, d.c. straight up through new york and boston. let's get to rob marciano, tracking it all. >> reporter: hi, david. this is a large and powerful system, about at its halfway mark and its transit across the country.
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winds gusting to 70 miles an hour in south dakota. lots of winds alert. take a look, including that blizzard warning. snow blowing sideways tonight. could pile up to a foot. this front goes all the way down to the gulf of mexico. pittsburgh, philadelphia in the morning and new york and boston. heavy rain here and the snow spiraling around into chicago on the back side of this and then the cold air, check this out. temperatures in the 30s from boss to boston to d.c. this weekend. david? >> urging everyone to take their time tomorrow morning. rob, thank you so much. we continue with the news tonight and to new testimony this evening in the ahmaud arbery case. the jury now hearing from the homeowner who had videotaped people on his property. surveillance showing arbery at the construction site before he was then chased down by killed. and the moment during the trial when one of the defense attorneys says he doesn't want anymore black pastors in the courtroom. and what he then said after that. steve osunsami tonight from georgia. >> reporter: jurors in
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south georgia today heard from the man who owned this home under construction who said he never told his neighbors to chase, shoot or kill anyone who might have been wandering his property. >> at any point in your interactions with the mcmichaels, did you ever give them permission to go on your property, express permission? >> no. >> reporter: larry english needs a heart transplant, and so jurors were only allowed to hear his videotaped deposition. they saw his surveillance videos of all the other people who also were seen wandering the same construction site without incident, including two young boys who are the only ones seen taking anything away -- a piece of plywood. 25-year-old ahmad arbery was killed in february of last year, after he was seen leaving the construction site, and was chased around the neighborhood by the three white men accused of murder and other charges. travis mcmichael, his father gregory mcmichael and their neighbor william "roddie" bryan have all plead not guilty. they're claiming they were trying to make a citizen's arrest under then state law, and
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believed that the shooting victim was a thief. >> believing that he may be armed, wearing pants with pockets. greg grabbed his gun. >> reporter: unlike the children, or like this couple seen going through things here, arbery is never seen on camera taking anything or digging through any bags. in court, where the seating is limited, one of the defense lawyers got upset about reverend al sharpton taking one of the few spaces. >> we don't want any more black pastors coming in here. >> reporter: it went racial, real fast. >> if a bunch of folks came in here dressed like colonel sanders, with white masks sitting in the back seat, i mean, that would be -- >> reporter: the judge was not hearing it about any seating arrangements, calling it a distraction. this trial was expected to end next week, but that is looking less likely. david? >> steve osunsami with us again tonight. steve, thank you. we learned tonight that the death toll has gone up after that concert tragedy in houston. a ninth victim has now died. she had been on a ventilator after being critically injured at the astroworld festival.
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she was separated from her sister and cousin when the crowd surged while travis scott was performing. she planned on going to grad school after graduating from texas a&m. now to the abc news investigation tonight into the deadly ambush of four american green berets several years back. the grieving families accuse the pentagon of betrayal. those families turning to each other, they say learning they'd been given different accounts of what really happened. were there significant questions about this mission before their loved ones were sent into harm's way? here's our senior foreign correspondent ian pannell tonight. >> reporter: these are the faces of the four american soldiers killed in a 2017 isis ambush in niger, africa. their families say they were never given clear answers from the military about what happened, the mistakes that were made, not even how they died. so those families began comparing notes, and realized they had been given different stories. >> that's the only damn thing i asked them to do, from the very beginning.
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just tell me the truth. >> reporter: staff sergeants dustin wright and bryan black and sergeant first class jeremiah johnson were killed near their vehicle during an intense gun battle. sergeant la david johnson was separated from the group and also killed, his body missing for two days. the soldiers on a mission to track an isis commander. family members say they weren't told that the green beret's captain raised serious doubts about the mission twice. >> it's just stuff that they said didn't add up at all. everyone was just saying anything because they know that mission went horribly wrong. and it was going to be a lot of fingers to point and to blame. >> reporter: six months after the ambush, the pentagon announcing the findings of their investigation -- an animation including mission footage and eventually a 268-page highly redacted document to support what they said went wrong,
3:44 pm
suggesting that the unit was ill-prepared and had gone rogue. >> the special operators on the continent are serving well. they do high-risk missions. and based on my observations, this particular -- this particular team is not indicative of what they do. >> that was infuriating to me. and it's like, oh,my gosh. i didn't even finish listening to the news conference. i turned it off. >> reporter: but the families insisting the mission was ordered and even without backup. tonight, the pentagon's official account still remains unchanged. david, this attack is still being used today by isis in their propaganda videos and since that ambush, the militants in africa have only stepped up their attacks, increasing and going on the offensive. david? >> all right, ian pannell reporting in tonight. ian, thank you. and this is all part of our abc news investigation and the documentary "3212: unredacted" is streaming right now on hulu. ian, thank you. back here at home tonight and to the economy, the rising
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prices in this country. tonight, we break down the numbers here. gas prices from a year ago and where they are tonight. and then prices at the grocery store checkout yearov over year and of course what's driving this. here's stephanie ramos tonight. >> reporter: tonight, as americans see first hand what those new inflation numbers tell us, the steepest rise in prices in 30 years. americans paying more at the gas pump. on average, paying $3.42 for a gallon of regular, just as millions prepare to travel for thanksgiving. and the holiday dinner will cost more, too. everything from the turkey to the pie. right now, a family of four is pying $849 a month for groceries. last year, it was $674. it's forcing more and more americans to food banks to make ends meet. at this food pantry in teaneck, new jersey, rene rodriguez tells us in the past year they've gone from feeding 100 filto >> we had a lady come in and she
3:46 pm
says, "do you mind if i can get some food?" and she started sobbing. and we said, "why are you crying?" and she said, "because i used to give money toward this food drive, this food bank." >> reporter: and now the head of feeding america says inflation is hurting food banks' ability to feed those in need. >> our food banks are seeing prices that are two to three times what they were just nine months ago. >> reporter: and at this food drive in los angeles for veterans run by veterans today, a reminder that those who serve face food insecurity, too. >> my pantry is empty. >> reporter: retired navy sailor max manaquil grateful tonight. >> it's hard. i mean, it's -- i've been in the navy for 20 years and it's -- and i'm used to going through hardships and it's -- it's hard. >> reporter: tonight, economists point to two major factors driving this inflation. the backup in the supply chain driven in large part by the pandemic and the fact that
3:47 pm
companies and businesses are desperately looking for employees who just aren't coming back to work. experts say these problems could take months to solve. david? >> stephanie ramos with us tonight. thank you. when we come back here, the olympic gold medalist, the gymnast revealing she was the victim of a racist attack. ♪ just like the men and women who wear it on their uniforms and the country it represents. they're all only meant to move one direction which is why we fly it this way on the flanks of the all-new grand wagoneer. moving boldly and unstoppably forward. with less moderate-to-severe eczema why hide your skin if you can help heal your skin from within. with dupixent adults saw long-lasting, clearer skin and significantly less itch. don't use if you're allergic to dupixent.
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finally tonight here, we honor our veterans. and the world war ii vet at 97 and the letters found. tonight, on this veterans day, a nation honoring them all. from washington, d.c., 94-year-old world war ii navy threat van senior chief petty officer is honored. in philadelphia, this woman touching her brother's name, robert carr, etched on the vietnam wore memorial. in new york city, u.s. air force master sergeant george garcia holding his daughter at the veterans day parade. and in penn field new york, outside rochester, an incredible discovery. world war ii veteran army corporate george styites. he was 20 years old and spent two years overseas. >> my mother, my father and my sister. >> he would write letters home to his parents and to his sister madeline. and he had no idea that madeline had saved those letters for decades. they recently found them in a
3:57 pm
metal box in the attic. >> this is the box that everything was in and i couldn't believe it. >> george now at 97 reading those letters he wrote home. >> dear mom and pop, just a few lines to let you know i am well. >> he wrote to his family the day before d-day. >> dear mom and dear pop, it's june 5th. >> he told us he remembers everything. >> you're packed in like sardines and you would hear them yell, "keep the rifles over your head." we were all scared and praying. >> writing of capturing a german fighter pilot. >> while i was bringing him up out of the ditch, one of my buddies who came along after me saw that the gun i was using was cocked but not -- wouldn't work, so if the german ever shot, i wouldn't be here today. >> and when the fighting had ended in europe, he would go to france. >> i am sending a picture that was taken down at the riviera. you can see the red cross
3:58 pm
bidding in the background. and also palm trees. the american flag really looks great flying over the buildings. don't worry about us. we'll all be home. lots of love, george. >> george was the youngest of four. his two older brothers, ed and charlie, also serving. all three would survive. he would see ed in germany right after the war. >> it was great to see ed again. we had so much fun and talked so much. he missed his ride home and had to wait an extra two weeks all because of me. >> tonight, the letters found and his new hope. >> on this veterans day, i just hope that the country gets united and that we unify. all the parties. and work as a team. >> it's a hope. we honor george and all of
3:59 pm
larry: love from abc 7, breaking news. larry: breaking news from brentwood this morning, where a man died this morning. kristen: firefighters also pulled a second man from the burning building who was badly injured but they were able to revive him and transport him to a hospital. firefighters also say a dog died in the fire. good afternoon, i am kristen sze. larry: i am larry beil. you're watching us live on hulu live, and, wherever you stream. kristen: protesters have gathered near the golden gate bridge. sky seven was overhead as they gathered not far from the toll plaza. larry: we have video of what appears to be an arrest at the scene. he saw c.h.p. officers put one man in the back of a patrol vehicle. the same person was spotted
4:00 pm
earlier blocking traffic on the bridge while holding up a sign. kristen: this is one hour into the protest which started at 3:00. not a great crowd estimator, i would say maybe a hundred 20 people gathered, making their point against vaccine mandate in california. these days there has to be a permit that designates how many people have to be on the bridge. so there are many more off the bridge. nonetheless, they are taking part in the protest. not too much of a traffic impact. is pretty much smooth sailing across. larry: we will keep you posted on the situation. for now we continue, prices going up as disruptions to the u.s. supply chain continue. according to the labor department, inflation in october was worse than expected, and the consumer index which measures what americans pay was up 6.2 percent, the highest level in 30