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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 11, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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bridge while holding up a sign. kristen: this is one hour into the protest which started at 3:00. not a great crowd estimator, i would say maybe a hundred 20 people gathered, making their point against vaccine mandate in california. these days there has to be a permit that designates how many people have to be on the bridge. so there are many more off the bridge. nonetheless, they are taking part in the protest. not too much of a traffic impact. is pretty much smooth sailing across. larry: we will keep you posted on the situation. for now we continue, prices going up as disruptions to the u.s. supply chain continue. according to the labor department, inflation in october was worse than expected, and the consumer index which measures what americans pay was up 6.2 percent, the highest level in 30
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years. it is the sixth straight month of inflation above 5%. where people are feeling the pain is at the gas pump. as reporter melanie woodrow found out, it will be especially tough as we approach the holidays. melanie: californians are getting crushed at the pump, especially locally. >> the bay area has been setting records for gas prices in the last week or two. melanie: aaa northern california spokesperson sergio avila says typically demand drops as kids go back to school, but there has been an unusual amount of demand in the last month or so. another reason for the rise in prices -- >> the price of crude oil has been above $80 a barrel. melanie: this san francisco shell station at fourth and bryant street has the most expensive gasoline in the city according to the manager. despite these prices at $5.85 a gallon for regular the station's location keeps customers coming by. >> it hurts every time. might be cheaper to get a
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flight. melanie: ricky says he typically fills up in the east bay. >> the prices are significantly cheaper there, $.30 a gallon cheaper. i like to fill up their even when i don't need gas. melanie: he is onto something. as of this morning, the san francisco metro area was that $4.83 a gallon. the oakland metro area, $4.70 a gallon. and the san rafael metro area, $4.88 a gallon. >> i don't need to fill up my tank here. melanie: drivers lined up to fill up at this costco gas station on airport >> as long as crude oil remains very high, gas prices especially in california will be the highest in the country. melanie: he says expect another price jump in the coming weeks. >> we are expecting 53.4 million people to travel for thanksgiving with 90% doing so by vehicle. melanie: luckily for thomas, he will not be going far.
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>> my family lives in san francisco. so it should not be too bad. melanie: in san francisco, melanie woodrow activity is ramping up at the alameda county community food bank of thanksgiving. in the year were not only a pandemic, but also raising inflation and supply-chain disruptions present considerable challenges. reporter laura anthony has the story from oakland. >> we are actually able it, but it costs a lot more than it was previously. laura: the hurdles keep coming from the alameda county food bank, where food costs are surging before the holidays. >> what we are seeing is one in within alameda county i at risk of needing our services. so what we need to be doing is really be strategic about the way we are sourcing food items. laura: in one month, the costs for items rose to $64. the price for one atom alone, oatmeal, has jumped 18%.
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and then there are the supply chain issues. basic items like canned fruit are taking a lot longer to get here. >> previously i would put an order in that would get here within six weeks. but having some visibility on the trends that were happening with shipping, with the ports, i extended the time to eight or nine weeks. laura: so far, the food bank is well-stocked for holiday distribution, which includes some turkeys, but mostly chickens. despite the challenges, food bank officials are confident it will provide for all those who depend on them this holiday. >> will ensure that anybody who comes to one of our pantries as a meal. if that means we need to shape some of the items we will do that. laura: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. larry: this can be traced back to the disrupted supply chain keeping goods from arriving in ports along with truck driver and other worker shortages. >> labor shortages tied with the
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logistics challenges are the primary causes for most of the price increases we are seeing. larry: president biden plans to sign his infrastructure bill on monday, hoping that the house will pass his larger social spending bill next week, which he argues will reduce the effects of inflation. kristen: today is veterans day, and across the country, a prepaid tribute. president biden saluted the nation's military veterans in the wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. in their area, there were parades, exhibits, and other celebrations to honor our veterans. >> the 24 crew was a flying crew. >> i have a big family and this is part of them out here. i have lived in petaluma, all my life. kristen: two world war ii veterans just a few among the many honored today at the petaluma veterans day parade. this year's theme -- "welcome
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home vietnam veterans,"," includes a tribute to the 15 petaluma men who died in vietnam. larry: northern california's largest veterans day parade rolled down san jose this morning. reporter dustin dorsey was there as the annual tradition returned after the pandemic. dustin: phone veterans day, they are not enough words to show appreciation for those who served. but in san jose, we say thank you with the annual veterans day parade, san jose's oldest tradition. >> freedom is not free. in one way or another, we serve. many of us wear a uniform and many of us don't. but it is a powerful and good message to all. dustin: cheers rang out throughout downtown for servicemen and women from many areas. world war ii vet victor said this day is always special. >> it is a low greatest thing there it is a feeling they have forgotten the vets, really. the lifestyle is different now
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than it was when i got out of the service. it is a big thing, remembering the vets was on the3 mind of the gregg marshall. while he is always thankful for support, he is hopeful it continues year-round. >> every day on the average, 22 veterans commit suicide. that says a lot about how america is taking care of its veterans. there are a lot of homeless veterans, and a lot of people who really need a lot of help with drugs and alcohol abuse, and that is what we are really working on. dustin: as you can see, the parade looks the same this year, but in a way, it is different. the parade is back after a year off during the pandemic, a welcome sight. >> it was sad last year. i went online and found out it gngo tay, w s happy, i could not wait to get here. >> it is amazing, a great experience to be here and to see everyone, from all walks of life. i appreciate the
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dustin: to all who served, thank you and happy veterans day. in san jose, dustin dorsey, abc 7 news. kristen: a marine honor guard kicked off the annual veterans day ceremony today aboard the uss hornet in alameda. speakers included the coast guard we are numeral, who stressed the importance of service not only in the military, but to mankind in our country. the marin county veterans' counsel honored those who served at the war memorial in san rafael. the council's new president, a gulf war veteran, had some advice for his fellow vets. >> get involved with your community. get involved with other brothers and sisters in arms so you can support each other, help each other, understand, speak about it and talk about it, because that is the part of therapy and the healing process after serving and integrating back into the civilian lifestyle. kristen: he says in addition to honoring those who fought and died for our country it is important recognize a sacrifice
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of those who served during peacetime, understanding they lost important life events in order to keep our country safe. larry: in danville, a parade and exhibit kicked off today. abc's reporter ryan curry has a lock. >> it is the miniature action on this veterans day. emerge helicopter that served as a training aircraft in the vietnam war, the same type of helicopter jim hill served in during the vietnam war. >> makes me emotional. reporter: he says seeing it on display brings back memories. so him, that is what veterans day is about. >> it it's great to see the young people in it and it keeps the memories alive of that combat. reporter: along with the cockpit and fighter jet organizers wanted to greet ways to bring the community out to celebrate veterans day. >> we have a very good relationship and we do a lot of things together. reporter: eric is with the american legion and he helped organize today's events.
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he said last year they cannot hold a veterans day because of the pandemic. >> we didn't have any displays like the huey and the crusader cockpit last year. and i don't think we had near the displays inside. we had a small ceremony in front of the building to honor veterans day, but we didn't have the pop-up museum as we have had in the past. reporter: this year he says they were eager to do something that would bring the community together and he hopes it leaves a lasting impact. >> nice to see people coming and saying thank you. it was our honor to do it. reporter: inside is where you will see the pop-up museum honoring those specifically from world war ii, focusing on women and also what people of color how to play during that important war. ryan curry, abc 7 news. larry: the santa rosa. larry:. larry: fire department invited local veterans to an open house at their training center. we were able to ask westerns and see if firefighting is something they would like to do as a career. the fire department says
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larry: the space and science center is reopening tomorrow after closing for 18 months during the pandemic. joining me now is the vice president of the museum experience, liz osterman. thank you for your time. tomorrow is the ribbon-cutting. what is in the exhibit? liz: we have over 30 artifacts and models from the research center, hands-on activities. we have rollerskates so you can build your own rover. basically stepping into the role of a nasa researcher. we are uncovering the stories and the people behind these incredible discoveries that nasa makes here in our backyard. larry: how much time do you give me to build a rover? liz: as much time as you need, no pressure. [laughter] larry: you probably will see me trying to put something together at home then it take as long as
4:15 pm
you want. during the 18 month closure, you made some changes. what can visitors expect, and what is new? liz: not only the visitors center, but we have integrated standing, one-of-a-kind murals by local artists. we have new hands-on activities are at the center, we have workshop areas, we have really taken a lot of time to revamp and upgrade our visitor experiences on the floor. we are super excited to unveil all the hard work that has been done and invite people into our doors once again. luklarry: what is your favorite exhibit? liz: i would say that 20 foot -- from the largest wind tunnel in the world, we have it on display and it is absolutely stunning. larry: it is 20 feet wide 20 feet long and one blade 14 blades of six bands that they
4:16 pm
use to test aerodynamics for airplanes and parachutes for mars rovers. so it is absolutely stunning. larry: sounds massive. obviously we are still dealing with covid, what guidelines can visitors expect as we are trying to get to the pandemic here? liz: with us, we have reduced capacity, introducing timed tickets at our planetarium and theaters. we are requesting visitors wear our mask indoors and outdoors. we ask people to respect each other's space, and extra cleaning and sanitizing. larry: measures are instituted at the center. larry: what is depressing to be at any given time? liz: around 400 people, in fraction of our normal capacity, which is over 1200. larry: ok. so you are one-third roughly. and what is the process at this point in terms of people getting their spots?
4:17 pm
is everything online at this point? liz: we will accommodate people walking up, so you are welcome to buy tickets at the door, but we encourage people go online and buy tickets or sign up for memberships. larry: would you like to give out the website? liz: absolutely. it is chabo you can check out our programs. we are opening with a festival, there will be astronauts and speak's, artists, you name it, we have it this weekend. larry: sounds like a big liz: it is. that is what we do. after 18 months, it is a celebration. larry: far-right, liz, thank you so much. we appreciate your time. liz: thank you so much. kristen: folders enjoy taking the kids there, especially the planetarium. love it. parts of sequoia national park opened today following the
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closure due to the recent fire in the area. the park is only open from the mountain entrance station to the picnic area. the rest of the park, including giant forest and others remains closed due to fire risk and damage. the freeway, considered one of the most beautiful in the country, is also one of the most dangerous for animals. the latest uc davis roadkill report says it is one of the deadliest -- it is once again the deadliest highway in the state for wildlife. in addition to the toll it takes on the wildlife population in the area the stretch of road costs the state nearly $6 million in cleanup costs. in all, researchers found that mountain lions and black bears the most vulnerable. 850 of them killed in the last five larry: that is a high number.
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we are inching our way towards the weekend and a lot of people are wondering about the forecast. spencer, it looks really nice. spencer: feels like we're are inching back to spring. really nice and mild. i mentioned yesterday this ridge of high pressure, a controlling factor in our weather. causing the steering current over the storm track to go to our north. we have sunny and mild and even warm for the stem of the year weather. temperatures in the area locations are 3-6 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. we had a look from mount tam but the camera shot went down. it was a great view. 66 degrees right now in san francisco and oakland. low 70's in mountain view and san jose. 63 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville shows clear skies the golden gate and beyond. 72 in santa rosa. 68 at novato and napa. concord, 69. livermore, 67.
4:20 pm
it is a view of the blue sky over the golden gate as we look northward. we will see a few areas of that she fog developing overnight. mild andun ds overnight and a cooler pattern developing early next week. the forecast animation shows a few high clouds passing by overnight and a few more developing mainly near the bay and the coast. as the commute gets underway tomorrow, skies will be beginning to clear and will have sunny skies through the day again tomorrow. overnight with an increasing clouds, we will see low in the mid to upper 40's in the coolest inland valley locations. around the bay, pretty mild, lows in the low to mid 50's. on the coast, low 50's as well. highs will range from 65 in the half moon bay, low 70's around the bay shoreline. inland, low to mid 70's for highs. saturday will bring us mid-70s inland once again, low 70's around the bay.
4:21 pm
just about as mild on sunday. monday will be the beginning of a quota, not a sharp cooldown, but the remainder of the week will be cool. sunny skies and much warmer than average conditions through the weekend. then a mix of sun and clouds will bring temperatures down a few degrees on monday. there will be further cooling, a sharper cooldown tuesday through thursday as we maintain a partly cloudy sky. still no sign of rain in, but mild and beautiful weather, enjoy. kristen: spencer, thank you. a possible future for an recyclable plastics? a bay area company is searching for solutions. larry: in a car lover's dream your own car turned into a hot your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's a medicine specifically made for heart failure entresto. it's a heart failure medicine prescribed by most cardiologists. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive
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larry: the two-week long global climate summit wraps up in scotland, we are turning our attention to the bay area landfills, which continue to be filled up with plastic that cannot be recycled. abc 7 news reporter david lui to access inside a peninsula tech company that has developed a process to address this problem. david: many of us recycle. it is a commitment we make to be good and environmental stewards. however, you may be surprised. >> most of the time in america is going to landfills where, it ends up being buried. david: miranda is the cofounder and ceo of an organization.
4:25 pm
. she is referring to plastic. specific examples of nonrecyclable plastic include shipping mailers, shampoo bottles bubble wrap,. and tarps organization has developed technology that can make it better. she calls it >> we put the plastic there, reactions that break it down into, building blocks. they look like a white powder. like table salt. david: from that, it creates a material a thermal polyurethane that is stronger than the original plastic. it can be used for running shoes, cable shieldingm even auto components. it addresses the dumping of plastics that miranda says can take thousands of years to decompose. >> we are leading an entire new era where society can look at ways and say, heym that can become a shoem that can become a carm and come up with different ways that we can keep the material in play.
4:26 pm
david:. david: that challenge is mounting as 300 million tons of plastics are produced each year. less than 9% of it is recycled. it could take decades for processes developed by her company and others to scale up. venture capitalists are betting on companies. in menlo park, david louis, abc 7 news. kristen: clearing up some confusion about those booster shots. >> everybody pretty much is eligible for a booster. kristen: did you hear that? it is not just one bay area or just bay area officials saying get a shot now. what the state is
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announcer: building a better bay area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. larry: covid headlands now. some states are reporting an autumn wave of covid-19 infections, even in areas with high vaccination rates. those states are all adjacent to one another starting from arizona to minnesota. walgreens says it has given shots to more than 200 thousand children ages five to 11, with hundreds of thousands of appointments on the books. and we research shows that vaccines in the u.s. remain highly effective get severe disease and hospitalization, but their protection against infection with or without symptoms, is waning? >> if you think you will benefit from getting a booster shot, we encourage you to get supplies available. there are many sites across the state, thousands available to help provide you your booster. it is not too late to get it
4:30 pm
this week, and get the added protection for the thanksgiving gatherings. kristen: all right. if you are eligible for booster, get a booster. that is the message from california's health secretary. bay area health officials say it is easy to understand why some people may be confused about who is eligible for booster shot. cdc guidelines right now recommend, only people 65 or older or those in certain high-risk categories, or those who live and work in certain places get a booster at this time. but local officials are saying, why wait? dr. alok patel is a member of our vaccine team. he joins us today to clear up some of these confusing points. people are hearing different things. i have a feeling that they are pretty much saying similar things, the messaging is different. so clear it up for us, who should be getting a booster right now? dr. patel: you are right, people are confused right now.
4:31 pm
but we have heard different messages, since the white house came out and said everyone should get vaccinated. i agree with the current message from the california department of health -- if someone out there feels they are at high risk because of the community they live in, or because of their job, they should go and get a booster. the cdc criteria is very broad. i personally know people who didn't technically fit the criteria but said, i am concerned so i will get a we will see the tide turned when pfizer gives more data related to that 10,000 person trial that shows that, yes, everyone would benefit from a vaccine efficacy standpoint, by getting a booster. kristen: like you said, it has already been broad. by pegging it to underlying medical conditions, and then having the concerns, anyone can just walk in and say i have a concern, right? i want to get a booster. people will not be turned away for that, right?
4:32 pm
dr. patel: they will not, they haven't been. even though we recommend people follow the guidelines, people are getting boosters ahead of time. i think where the conversation is shifting, is the original data was focused on who is high-risk, and who needs to actually get a booster because they are either likely to get exposed or they have an underling illness. will now, we are talking more about transmission. people who may not be exposed every day to actually prevent transmission, that is a different topic. still encompassed in the whole conversation of getting everyone a boost. i think europe is a warning sign of what may potentially happen if we let waning immunity go across the place and we don't get ahead of it in time. kristen: in fact i was talking to a state health officials today about the combination of waning immunity when you consider when people got the shots and it has been eight months for a lot of them and the winter, the first winter with
4:33 pm
delta. not in the bay area, but in some parts of california, some hospitals are full just with noncovered things. so they are opening it up to say, if you want it, get it. do you think that is the right approach now, given that we have the winter coming up? dr. patel: absolutely. you listed many factors that we have to pay attention to this winter in terms of the potential wave. one thing we didn't mention what is complacency in people who are done with this that do not want to wear our mask anymore. and also the fact that we still have a huge amount of people that need to get vaccinated. so you are not only protecting yourself, but also the realization that people are over. the restrictions they are glad you brought up the fact that we still have hospitals full. that is where we operate at baseline. now with the shortage of health care professionals, hospitals are jampacked right now. i am working in an icu the other night, and the three icus in the area are all full, figuring out where we can transport children.
4:34 pm
we do not have capacity for another surge this winter. kristen: so basically would you suggest especially those who got the johnson & johnson and the cdc does allow them to get it right away, but everybody else if they got pfizer and would dare not -- and moderna, they should just get it? dr. patel: i would suggest it if you have a specific concern, get it. if you have questions, which out to a health care professional. you are doing this to protect everyone around you. if you are old and you have an asymptomatic or mild illness, the person you potentially spread it to may not be so lucky. kristen: ok. even if you don't have a concern, should you just go and get it if you are over 18? dr. patel: at this point, yes. you should just go out and get it. [laughter] . kristen: dr. alok patel, great. dr. patel: make it happen. yes. kristen: thank you. larry: coming up, a taste of
4:35 pm
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kristen: time now for the 4 at 4:00. we have ama and spencer. the president of in 'n' out burger actually had a call with lord as governor ron desantis about the possibility of expanding into the sunshine
4:38 pm
state. when asked, the governor said restaurant should be forced to require vaccinations. in an out-of-court abc 7 it was thankful for the invitation, but it has no plans to open locations in florida. this comes after bay area locations were shut down for violating vaccine mandates or limiting to take out only. what do you think? out burger. but i have to be honest, just do what you are supposed to do. i don't know, i just get tired of it all. spencer: i am surprised texas has not reached out, too. the governors in florida and texas are black -- kristen: don't forget the huge south dakota market. larry: one thing about in-n-out is the majority of people that i see her in their cars and going to the drive-throughs. it is almost a non-issue at least from what i have observed.
4:39 pm
if you go inside you will see people, but for the most part it seems like 80% of the people are driving through. ama:'s in the francisco? kristen: they have one. larry: you can get your internet without having to sit inside. kristen: it does not hurt their business bottom line that much. larry: alright, instagram is testing a feature to remind you to stop scrolling. it is called "take a break." users will get an alert after spending a certain amount of time on the app. what is too much time on social media? the head of instagram says users can expect an alert after 10, 20, even 30 minutes. the feature could be available as early as next month. i am not five years old, though i'm expected that way. kristen: i was going to say. [laughter] larry: i can figure out when it is too much.
4:40 pm
but, i don't know. i guess a reminder could be nice. sometimes you just get into it. usually it would've been something i have seen and, like, what on earth have i done? spencer: i am like larry. i am 15, not five. [laughter] kristen: nice try, spencer. spencer: i don't need the reminder either. kristen: their core users are younger than the four of us. and for teens, like my kid, i think it is good to see the reminder pop-up. it is better coming from instagram than coming from mom, right? larry: i was going to say that. kristen: sadly for instagram, that is a problem they are facing. he is generally on tiktok now, not instagram. spencer: kristen: unhappy folks on wall street right now. the market will be open on new year's eve which falls on
4:41 pm
friday. the founder and chief investment officer at a venture-capital firm told bloomberg news that employees were "losing their minds!" [laughter] they should try working in the news i was going to say, that was going to be my comment. kristen: a portfolio manager called those who made the call a bunch of grinches. bloomberg points out if the workers knew the rules, they would have known the markets would be open. [laughter] spencer: it is not a holiday. people may treat it that way. i want the people who manage my money working for me that day. [laughter] i'and every day. larry: look at the calendar, guys. you have to make your millions some other days. kristen: most americans are not shedding tears for those making millions of dollars. larry: certainly
4:42 pm
thanksgiving is around the corner, and this tasty thursday, we are digging into thanksgiving dinner. however, this one is a little different, because dinner is ice cream. [laughter] larry: it is a whole thanksgiving meal in ice cream form. here is the menu. caramelized turkey and cranberry sauce ice cream, rolls with salted or not cream. sweet potato with double baked almonds that's me! ama: ginger baker and high flavor. will get the turkey? larry: who got which one? larry: joining us live is tyler, the head ice cream maker. thanks for joining us. everybody wants to eat so much, they don't want to ask questions. they just want to eat ice cream. [laughter] you were inspired thanksgiving dinner with these flavors.
4:43 pm
what goes into making an ice cream taste like a savory meal? tyler: for us we want to capture the holidays. their so much magic during the holidays. specifically, the energy with your friends and family, together over good food. there is something like that ingredient that goes into the ice cream. for us it was a real challenge to figure out how to put turkey flavor without weird. we wanted to figure out how we can capture our pastry skills around caramelizing things and can decoding things. in this case we went with the turkey bacon from california that we love, and roasted down a little bit and quotcoat it. kristen: it is so creative. but it is not that much of a stretch for you. i have been to a couple of your locations, and i have always detected a nice saltiness, in a beautiful way, that brings out
4:44 pm
the flavors in the ice cream. spencer: i got the parker house rolls with salted cream. i am loving it! it is fantastic. that is my take on it. , because i don't like supersweet things. i like the saltiness. tyler: usually it is just bread. it is so good. kristen: now that you did it in made it, it is obvious. i don't think it was obvious to a lot of people. that is what is creative about your flavors. even outside of the holiday period, i know that you have like, lavender, all sorts of cool things -- rosemary, things you don't think would go with ice cream, but they work great. tyler: we change our menu every four. the first friday of every month, you have people lining up out the door to be the first to try them. they tell provocative stories. they can be fun and off-the-wall like thanksgiving, but sometimes we actually get a bit more
4:45 pm
in-depth working with our communities on the stories. january for example we have a whole line of, begin flavors, all different cupcakes --a whole line of vegan flavors. all different cupcakes. we have folks to talk about what education looks like in the post-covid world. there are some really fun storytelling that we tell to the ice cream. larry:. larry: you mentioned every four weeks. are you working on a christmas-oriented menu? thanksgiving items will go away and we will transition to christmas? tyler: we have some really cool promotions. one of our best friends is called -- his name is the rock. kristen: what! larry: ron johnson? tyler: we have been working on a special holiday flavor. kristen: what is it taste like? tyler: there are a couple of flavors. one is naughty and one is nice.
4:46 pm
[laughter] kristen: as long as it is not called yet [laughter] as long as it is not called. larry: i do know that the rock enjoys his straw with tequila. tyler: so he might have the naughty one down already. [laughter] larry: send the tequila ice cream directly to me, please. [laughter] tyler: i call that one. kristen: i can't wait until the chinese new year period for the flavors you might prefer that. you should if you haven't already. something with ginger candy maybe? black sesame? taylor: i have a turn of ideas. sounds good. larry: be happy to help you, a list of menu items. kristen: nice ones, not the naughty ones. that is larry. larry: i will take care of the naughty. thank you so much [laughter] [laughter] and we appreciate the samples. tyler: thank you. larry: that'
4:47 pm
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kristen: 7 on your side michael finney is here with a look at today's consumer headlines. michael: a research group is out with its 36th annual trouble in thailand this year it focuses on seven hazards found in toys sold in stores and online. they include counterfeit and knockoff items, recalled toys, and those with choking hazards.
4:50 pm
parents should be mindful of so-called "smart toys," those that use bluetooth connectivity like this karaoke machine. >> one of our researchers went outside her home and was still able to connect to the singing machine from 30 feet away. so you can imagine if a bad actor breaks into this device, they could play anything from an explicit song to a voice recording telling a child to come outside. michael: that is scary. the report says, when shopping online, be aware of toys you cannot see. that increases the chance that they could be counterfeit or unsafe. more than 2 million at covid-19 tests are being recalled due to high false-positive results. that is a class one recall, the most urgent type. there have been 35 reports of false-positives from ellume
4:51 pm
covid tests. the fda says there the reliability of the negative test result is not affected, they are fine. they were distributed from april 14 through august 26. thanksgiving air travel this year has already surpassed pre-pandemic levels according to the adobe digital economy index. flights between november 20 and 25 are up 78% over this time in 2020, and up over 30% from 2019. ticket prices are still lower than they were before the pandemic. the top domestic destination for november and december is key west, florida. that is kind of a small place to be the top location. and in hawaii, for you, and palm springs. larry: you know what, you can't go wrong with the beach or warm weather. [laughter] [laughter] thank you, michael.
4:52 pm
kristen: a union city man is dreaming of hot wheels immortality tonight. every year, hot wheels searching for a working vehicle, worthy of being turned into a toy and sold worldwide. he turned a beat up 2003 nissan 350z into what you see here. his car is one of 10 that made it into the hot wheels legends final. >> to do this and just to know that forever, people can appreciate something that i just made, made with my own hands,, wasn't trying to do this at all, just was having fun and now it is going to be part of the, like, stores everywhere and across the world? it is super cool. kristen: the winner will be announced this weekend at jay leno's garage in burbank. why am i not surprised? jay leno and his cars? larry: he is a huge car fan. olaf's back, this time with his olaf's back, this time with his own welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill.
4:53 pm
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salonpas contains the most prescribed topical pain relief ingredient. it's clinically proven, reduces inflammation and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. larry: tumor is disney plus a day, a celebration of the disney plus global community. in honor, disney is releasing a series of shorts featuring "frozen"'s olaf. we caught up with >> hi actor josh god >> hi. everybody, i am olaf. and i like warm hugs. reporter: everybody's favorite snowman, olaf, from disney's "frozen" movie is coming up with
4:56 pm
a new short. josh god once again lent his voice to the alter ego will reset has bought him nothing but happiness. do you do this more because you know how much joy olaf gives children, or because of how much joy he gives you? [laughter] >> i would say, does it have to be one or the other? the real selfish reason i do it is because i got two girls will love this franchise and i have had the privilege and the honor of seeing how much this movie has touched so many not only kids, but adults. >> i am just living the dream. >> i call it a giant sandbox. they let me just go and run wild and do insane things, as this character who sees the world through a very unique prism.
4:57 pm
there is nothing quite like it. reporter: he has been part of the "frozen" family for more than a decade, and now he is thrilled to pay tribute to some other disney tales, retelling them through olaf's eyes. >> i am the ruler of equity and justice over all my. . subjects and i also eat some of them. . this is scar. he is a bad guy. debuting on disney plaque day, right? >> it is debuting on disney plus day. i imagine it will be a national holiday where everybody takes off work and binges presents." george: in los angeles, george penacchio, abc 7 news. larry: we are giving away 10 free annual disney plus subscriptions to new customers in honor of disney plus day, the streaming service. go to
4:58 pm
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. second anchor: tonight we are monitoring a tent situation near the golden gate bridge were dozens of people are gathering to rally against vaccine mandates. law enforcement is closely watching to make sure the group does not impact traffic. thank you for joining us. anchor: you're watching abc 7 news at five, who the live, and wherever you stream. this is the scene from sky seven. the group as gathered at the visitor center. cornell barnard is there enjoins us live with the very latest. reporter: about 200 to 300


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