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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 13, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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moving forward, finding solutions. >> injured by stray bullets as the number of shootings in oakland continues to go out. good morning. it is saturday, i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a quick look at the weather this morning with meteorologist lee sergeant. -- lee sergeant sergeant sergeat
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lisa: we visibility to be a quarter of a mile, and mile in it is better in the city and along the coast but there is fog in the south bay here. we are looking at 52 in look outside here were plenty of sunshine is on the way. we have reduced visibility until -- 60's and 70's so above average today, dropping off into the 50's.we your sunday when we see you next. -- we will talk about more clouds for your sunday when we see you next.
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liz: a child that was the the of an object of object of an amber alert has been found safe. the suspect took the woman's w's three-year-old child. it is unclear what the relationship is between the suspect and the people shot. a toddler, a concert and a man in the middle of his workday, all struck by stray bullets. a worker who was was security equipment is now in critical condition after he was shot thursday. >> in a matter of just days,
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three incidents involving stray bullets in the city of oakland. the first was jasper wu wu wu wu killed while writing in his -- riding in his mother's vehicle. >> it is heartbreaking to see so much rapid violence in the city of oakland this year. >> donald lacey is the founder of the love life foundation. >> you have to be on guard aware of your surroundings at all times. that is for anybody. i have never felt like that in my city that i love. >> it is a view shared
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oakland police chief. >> we must see the firearms removed from our streets. >> the upswing in violence i also of major concern for city leaders. oakland councilmember lorincoun taylor represents the district where the security system installe taylor says his plan will focus on crime prevention and deterrents simultaneously. he recognizes that while those may be long-term solutions, something needs to be done now. >> we need to deter in those areas where we know there is consistently high crime. liz: if you have any information
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about shootings in oakland, you can call crime stoppers at the number on your screen. highway patrol has a temp linee for information on the jasper wu shooting. there is a more than reward being offered to anyone with information leading to the arrest of the shooter. according to claims filed by by students and their parents, one attack resulted in a trip to the emergency room. families feel school leaders are not doing enough to stop the behavior. >> attacked on campus, called the n-wo
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describes the bullying at school district. we asked a senior if bullying is an issue at gunn. santa clara university psychology professor dr. thomas blant says we are seeing an uptick in bullying across the board. >> we are seeing models of frustration congressional around us. >> according to the claim, one victim went to the emergency room, another to the school nurse. 4 to 5 students are said to have ambushed another boy in a locker
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room. among his injuries, a hematoma. the claim says the aggressors were suspended for a share -- short period of time and then sought retribution for being snitched on. in palo alto, abc 7 news. liz: if anyone in your family is struggling with bullying or mental health, we have resources on our website. now to covid headlines. two bay area clinics are opening
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up booster shots to anyone 16 years of age or older. a judge has sided with governor newsom, allowing the state to require teachers and students to where mask -- wear masks in school. the biden administration is still blocked from requiring large companies to vaccinate their employees. san mateo county is hosting a playland clinic at the san mateo county event center from 9:00 to 4:00. they are listed right here on your screen. both are open today.
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pharmacists at kaiser permanente are planning a strike in northern california starting monday. they have been in contract negotiations with kaiser permanente since november 1. the company is asking its patients to fill their prescriptions or order refills on mine or by phone. kaiser said in part " we are disappointed the guild would ask their members to walk away from the patient's they serve every day." glow-fari is back! luz pena was there last night. l
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siblings have been singing all night. >> we are just about to go to the elephants. >> i do like dinosaurs. >> it is mind blowing! we never get to be this close to animals. >> we hopped in a golf cart to get a quick tour of the 2 hour safari. >what are you excited about? >> i am excited to ride the rides and see the lights. >> it is really dark. luz: the zoo has a limit of
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about 2300 guests a night,, which means you need to buy our tickets ahead of time. no bedtime for you either? >> 9:00 p.m. -- 12:00 tops! liz: that is such a fun thing to go to. it is actually pretty warm this weekend. lisa: we have fog. visibility is pretty good. temperatures well into the 60's, even mid 60's at the beach. my seven day forecast is next. liz: record-setting warmth -- last month saw some of the highest temperatures.
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millions of americans are quitting their jobs. the
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it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. liz: governor newsom has announced that voters will pick a new assembly member. the primary to fill david chu's district 17 assembly seat will be the same day voters will decide on whether to read all three school board members -- re call three school board members. on june 7, voters will start the process of voting on that seat again.
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the election year will wrap up next november with the general election on november 8. a record 4.4 million americans quit their jobs in september. workers and products are in short supply. rachel scott has more on how long this could last. >> the white house on the defensive amid reports that a record four point or million americans quit their jobs in september -- americans quit their jobs in september. there has been difficulty finding childcare during the pandemic and a large number of retirements and a large number of retirement. stimulus checks, enhanced
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unemployment and food subsidies, but businesses across the i could easily hire another 10 people and it is hard to get one. >> she has been forced to curtail her offerings. the cost of ingredients is skyrocketing. >> a case of butter increased $15 from last week to this week. rachel: what we are seeing is a perfect storm. >> worker shortages are creating this massive shortage of product. rachel: inflation will remain high for probably a year. >> it will not get better very fast.
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liz: supply chain issues are impacting winemaking. a worldwide shortage of glass bottles have given napa valley wineries problems they have never imagined and patients is wearing thin. cornell barnard has the story from the northbay. >> he has spent all day trying to find something that used to be plentiful -- glass bottles. thankfully he scored. >> we got lucky. this is what they have. >> bottles are an issue this year. >> glass bottles has become almost impossible to find due to covid-19 related supply chain
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issues. >> we have had an increase in phone calls from commercial wineries who do not normally buy bottles from us needing to buy bottles from us because they cannot get bottles anywhere else. cornell: new inventory is sold even before it arrives. >> it has been a challenge to obtain this galass. >> we were told it will be here in august, then september, october, now they are saying january. cornell: all of this wine needs to be bottles by me but the problem -- may, but the problem
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is the bottles may not be here > i have heard it could be a couple of years be the supply chain issue gets fixed-- -- before the supply chain issue gets fixed. liz: state officials are working to propose an assembly bill to create an early warning system for extreme heat conditions. heat waves are known as the silent killer. they are responsible for more deaths and injuries than any other natural weather event. >> they account for most of what we see in the er compared to other natural weather events.
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liz: the system is designed to protect seniors and those without insurance. the bill will be introduced as early as january. last month's weather was record-setting. the average temperature was 57 degrees in the lower states. for california it was the fourth wettest experienced. lisa: we had our wettest day with that storm on sunday. we are ranking the heat, the storms,, and atmospheric rivers to keep it all in perspective.
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we have a big dome of high-pressure ahead of us. we have a stable level of air below west, and that is tracking -- below us, and that is trapping in the particulates. visibility sits at zero in nevada, quarter of a mile for santa rosa. it is going to stay this way until late morning, early afternoon. we will need some of that heat to evaporate the fog. 48 in napa. fog will be with us probably tomorrow morning as well. you can see how low the fog is lying.
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tomorrow, looking at more high clouds, then noticeably cooler into monday. here is a look at the fog -- 7:00. by noontime, temperatures above average. sunday, some high clouds will bring the numbers down. we will look for further cooling as we get to monday. the beaches are nice today. 75 in santa cruz with ocean beach at 67. the storm track will to the north. -- track, well to the north. we will watch that, but it looks
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like right now it does not look promising. otherwise, we remain in this dry weather pattern with temperatures today some of the warmest we will see in the next seven days. 75 in santa rosa. it was low 70's on the peninsula yesterday. 72 in palo alto. mid 70's today with that foggy morning lasting through mid day for some of you. otherwise we have fall warmth to continue with clouds on your sunday. even a little below average as we get into late next week, more
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like november. liz: just ahead, an update on the conservatorship controlling
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liz: fans cheered in los angeles after finding out a judge has terminated britney spears' conservatorship. it has controlled her estate for nearly 14 years. the popstar has said she wants to see her father in jail. disney rolled out the lou curb it for its inaugural disney plus day ---- blue
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inaugural disney plus day. >> 4, 3, 2, >> disney rolled out the blue carpet for its inaugural disney plus day. >> i'm super excited about it. >> there are so many releases coming out today. i keep looking at my phone to see if there is any new content. >> visitors were led into the park early. >> i love everything on disney plus. i have two kids, so they are always on disney plus. >> i have had the privilege of
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being on disney plaster now on 3 different projects. it is an amazing platform with a huge my various content. -- a huge library of c >> here in their new holiday attire. >> you can sit in one spot and have all of the characters come to you. mickey, minnie, chippendale, -- chip and dale! liz: still to come, medicare premiums are about to see a huge increase.
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we give you more wellness solutions backed by rigorous science than we ever have before. nature's bounty gives you more, so you can live bountifully. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: let's start this half-hour with another look at the weather. lisa: we have a dense fog advisory for the northbay. it has been encouraging closer to the bay. until 11:00, it will be dicey. it gets a little
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towards livermore and hayward, but in san francisco, we are looking at pretty good conditions. you can see napa at by noontime, sunny skies. skies. 66 in hayward. the numbers are holding to warm readings in the low 70's today. the sunsets before 5:00. we will talk about some changes for your sunday and a look at more fall like weather for the week ahead. liz: a woman is in jail she stole a vehicle with a child inside, triggering an amber
5:33 am
alert. leslie brinkley puts together the pieces of what happened and how shocked many are at the brazen crimes. >> 24-year-old natalie ayalaar-a arrested for kidnapping and car theft and is now in jail according to police. it started at this auto dealership on bliss avenue in pittsburgh. a woman in white pants jumped in a vehicle and sped away. this man was a witness to kidnapping and theft. a friend,, the say hello. he left the engine running and
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his daughter in the backseat. the abandoned vehicle with the baby was found on army street two hours later. >> i'm scared for my kids. i tell my wife -- >> concorde police responded to a stolen vehicle on ygnacio valley road with a three-month-old inside. the car was found and the infant was not injured. in oakland, i dad s dad coffee on the way to work with his three-year-old. his stolen but his daughter was ok. >> there were a lot of people
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around. >> police always warn leaving packages in your car during the holiday season, but it looks like even cars with children or animals inside them are being targeted this year. liz: the number of covid is going up in nearly half of the country. >> after weeks of decline, covid-19 cases are climbing again. 17 states hospitalization. >> we know from the original vaccine series.
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>> health experts say many factors are to blame for rising cases, like the number of americans that remain unvaccinated and potentially waning immunity from those who are vaccinated months ago. >> we are now seeing the beginnings of it. >> this as biden's corporate vaccine mandate takes affected in january. judges from the fifth circuit court issued a stay on the mandate late friday with one saying the mandate could cause " irreparable harm." liz:
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to see their biggest increase in five years. medicare part b premiums are set to go up 14 point 5% in the coming -- 14.5% in the coming year. the federal government blames the pandemic for the increase. it also cites a pricing new alzheimer's drug -- the price of an expensive new alzheimer's drug. today people will gather to honor james gail's who was killed in the line of duty in 1994. his death to lead the sfpd to
5:38 am
change the way officers were armed. tonight's event starts at 6:00. san francisco police have identified driver accused of killing a sherman elementary school educator. she ran a red light on wednesday, killing andrew zeman. grief counselors were at school as students return to class since his death. in case you missed country music biggest night, you can see it again. the cma awards are now streaming only on hulu. san francisco has welcomed a new
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liz: a fun run is taking place later today to make car free alks permanent. under a proposal from thel frome additional car free streets will be added in the park. this morning's fun is dedicated to drumming up support for the car free routes.
5:42 am
volunteers with the student conservation association are teaming up with the arbor day foundation and ups to plant more trees than the number lost to win a big fire burned through the campus in 2019. today the premier of an installation. they created art telling the lost story of marin city's steelworkers. it runs from noon to we will have an the executive producer. we have to enjoy this warm weather while we can. lisa: we have a dense fog
5:43 am
advisory forour interior valleys. my big today seven -- accuweather 7 they forecast is next. -- my accuweather 7 day forecast is next. liz: people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® is a pill that lowers
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liz: in sports today's game has been postponed because of a covid outbreak. they will now play the trojans on the fourth. the warriorsssss season strong.
5:46 am
they ended their stretch against the bulls last night. >> the warriors got off to a 10- 1 start. the bowls were in town last night. " get off me!" create some space and splash. curry driving to the left and finishing with the right. warriors were down 10 early. steph pretty much did the rest. pull up, jay way back. look at him we've his way through bowls -- weave his way
5:47 am
through bulls' defenders. santa clsanta clsanta clsanta ca an early christmas prese the broncos. here. saint mary's and texas southern. he has his moves down. spending, baseline plus the foul. the qe from new zealand -- from new zealand. 107 win season.
5:48 am
>> i was given an show our organization and some people in the city and in the bay that i can do a really good job in this role, take this opportunity lightly. this feels like an endorsement of what they already thought, which is that i belong here -- i already thought, which is that i belong here. larry: that is a wrap on the morning sports. liz: let's get a check outside now. it is nice to have a warm saturday. lisa:
5:49 am
weather is dominated by a dome of high pressure. beneath that we have stable air capping the atmosphere. the pavement is pretty saturated from the recent rains. quarter mile visibility from concord, santa rosa and napa but you look down through san rafael , it will take some time before we see some improvement. the peninsula is looking at better conditions. looking at 40's down towards danville. with that blanket of clouds, 50's elsewhere, the sun is coming up at 6:48. that gives us just over 10 hours
5:50 am
of daylight. after that, noticeably cooler. there will be another one thursday. the fog quickly evaporates. we are left with a lot of sunshine through mid. day -- through midday. partly cloudy skies on monday. 72 in sunnyvale. san mateo, low 70's. pacifica, you are well up into the 60's. after the mid 40's this morning,
5:51 am
rebounding to 75 in santa rosa. 71 this afternoon in oakland. most 70's arrive in concorde. the accuweather forecast is looking at plenty of sunshine. low 70's around the bay, mid 70's inland and a few degrees cooler for the second half of your weekend. even cooler weather arrives comes tuesday with mostly cloudy skies into wednesday. that is more like november weather. it should feel more like a november day next week. this kind of feels like spring.
5:52 am
if you are hoping for rain, we are waiting for that. liz: northern california has only one music conservatory and it is located in san francisco. a new venue has been added. a renowned musician was here to celebrate the completion of the building. ♪ >> it is as if each note floated majestically through the air. the performance demonstrated the effects of the bow center. besides the two concert -- the bose center. >> it is able to house all of
5:53 am
the students of the ballet as well as from the conservatory. >> that is music to her years. -- her years. this concert -- that is music to her ears. listen -- do you hear that? silence, making this the perfect place for a performance. imagine having someone like yo-yo ma perform here. ♪ >> the center will be open
5:54 am
the public next february, unfortunately without yo-yo ma. in san francisco. liz: how did leanne look at with that assignment -- luck out with that hi, i'm debra. i'm from colorado. i've been married to my high school sweetheart
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liz: today you can enjoy a one-of-a-kind coffee culture experience. guest will be able to try the best special roasters and coffee shops with unique beings and snacks. there is also going to be panels that you can learn more about. and also live music. you can take part in a latte art competition. the winner will get 1000 dollars. tickets start at $25. the runs today and tomorrow at
5:57 am
fort mason pavilion. the san mateo harvest festival continues today. the harvest festival original art and craft shows have it featured the work of hundreds of artists. a new section includes the makers market, where shoppers can browse through smaller makers items. tickets cost nine dollars and the event runs today from 10:00 to 5:00 and tomorrow from 10:00 to 4:00 at the matteo county art center. next, claims of violent and racist bullying at a palo alto high school. students are now loitering-up. -- lawyering-up.
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area. moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. liz: injured by stray bullets as the number of shootings in oakland continues to go up more and more residents feeling unsafe. city officials pushing for change and promising to stop the violence. good morning, everybody. you were watching abc 7 news at 6:00 a.m., live on abc seven and wherever you stream i'm liz kreutz. let's start with a look at the weather with lisa argen. lisa: good morning to you. some of you if you are out early will notice that dense fog. it


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