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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 18, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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countess kumasi. kumasi: good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. as we join you on this thursday morning, two high stakes trials on the national stage. taking the stand. the man who shot and killed ahmaud arbery testifying in his own defense describing what he calls a life-or-death situation. new twists in the kyle rittenhouse trial. his lawyers ask for a mistrial as the state braces for a verdict with the national guard standing by. troubling trend. fears of a winter covid surge colliding with the flu as we head into the holidays. 20 states seeing an increase in hospitalizations with a major booster decision on the horizon. new accusations in that fatal onset shooting involving
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alec baldwin. >> i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion over and over again. >> the film's script supervisor who says she was standing in the line of fire and was the first to call 911, suing baldwin and the other producers. her lawyer claiming he never should have fired that gun calling his reckless behavior. who killed malcolm x? the stunning reversal more than half a century in the making. two men convicted of the assassination set to be cleared this morning and the documentary that may have sparked a decision to re-open the investigation. abc news exclusive. brave escape from the house of horror. for the first time the children who survived harrowing captivity and abuse at their parents speak out to diane awyer. >> what's the first thing you did and said that was my first moment of real freedom? >> this morning an exclusive first look at their life now. breaking overnight, strike over. after more than 10,000 john deere workers walked off the job over a month ago demanding better pay, a contract approved.
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abc news exclusive. one-on-one with vice president kamala harris on the challenges facing our country to questions about the vice president's role in the administration and will the president seek re-election in 2024. only on "gma" this morning. we certainly do say good morning, america. t.j. holmes at the desk with us again. and, george, you had a chance to speak with the vice president. >> i did. we're heading into the holidays and the administration is facing questions about the inflation and high prices for everyone. we talked about what they're going to do about that, and what they're doing to the president's poll numbers. she's facing questions about her own role in the administration. >> we are just a few minutes away from seeing that. we do need to start with what the whole country is watching. two courtrooms and dan abrams is standing by. he'll break down both the ahmaud arbery trial and kyle
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rittenhouse case. the country bracing for a verdict. >> yes, we'll begin with that stunning turn of events in georgia at the trial of those three men charged with murder as the defendant who shot and killed ahmaud arbery took the stand in his own defense. steve osunsami is in atlanta for us. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, robin. travis mcmichael will be looking jurors in the eye and telling them today that he only wanted ahmaud arbery to stop so he could ask him some questions but prosecutors say that he would have never thought that arbery was suspicious in the first place if arbery were white. >> do you swear to tell the truth -- >> reporter: we're hearing a second day of testimony starting this morning from the man who shot and killed 25-year-old ahmaud arbery on this leafy street in south georgia. >> i want to give my side of the story. >> reporter: in a surprise move 35-year-old travis mcmichael is taki standing jurors his take on a disturbing cell phone video of the killing from february of last year that's now been shared around the world. >> he had my gun. he struck me.
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it was obvious that he was -- it was obvious that he was attacking me, that if he would have got the shotgun from me then it's a life-or-death situation. >> reporter: at times he had tears in his eyes. >> what were you thinking at that moment? >> i was thinking of my son. it sounds weird but that was the first thing that hit me. >> reporter: mcmichael, his father gregory mcmichael and one of their neighbors, william "roddie" bryan are accused of murder and other charges, they pled not guilty arguing they made a citizen's arrest but police say arbery is never seen stealing anything as he walked this construction site despite the suspicions of the three men. mcmichael told jurors that a split-second decisions were educated by law enforcement training that he went through when he was in the coast guard. prosecutors said because of this training he should have known and done better. >> you were taught that deadly force is only to be used as a
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last resort, correct? >> that's correct. >> reporter: we expect prosecutors to question him on the issue of race. for example, they are expected to argue that there were white visitors to the same neighborhood construction site seen here who did not cause travis mcmichael this much alarm. a couple times now we've heard complaints from one of the defense lawyers about famous black pastors who are sitting in some of the few available seats in this courtroom, comments that some have called racist. well, today a group of black pastors will be holding a prayer service outside the courthouse. t.j.? >> all right, steve, thank you so much. want to turn to that high stakes case in wisconsin. jurors about to start day three of deliberations in the kyle rittenhouse homicide trial after a stunning turn of events yesterday that included defense attorneys demanding a mistrial. terry moran has been tracking the latest for us in kenosha. terry, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, t.j. day three of deliberations and it's clear in the jury room the
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jurors are carefully sifting the evidence while in the courtroom, the lawyers are still fighting. this morning, a new twist in the trial of kyle rittenhouse as the jury begins its third day of deliberations. >> i'm going to be asking the court for a mistrial. we have to ask for this and i'm asking for it. >> reporter: a new request for a mistrial as the jury considers the five charges the 18-year-old defendant faces for the killing of two men and badly injuring another in the wake of protests last year. if convicted of the most serious charge rittenhouse faces a life sentence. on wednesday the defense claimed that the state provided them with a blurry low quality version of this drone footage which was discovered after the trial began. the prosecutors attributed to an inadvertent technical mistake. during closing arguments prosecutors used the footage to prove that he provoked the crowd dropping a fire extinguisher and raising his ar-15 rifle becoming a threat to others.
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the defense argued he acted in self-defense. this comes as the judge took time to defend his long-standing practice of allowing defendants, including kyle rittenhouse, to randomly pick numbers that determine the jury that will decide his fate. >> i never had a complaint about it before but some people seem to be dissatisfied with that and people who want to undermine the result of the trial. >> reporter: judge schroeder questioned whether he would ever allow cameras in his court again. >> i will tell you this, i'm going to think long and hard about live television at the trial again next time. >> reporter: overnight two protesters arrested outside the courtroom where reporters have largely outnumbered demonstrators but the state is preparing. the wisconsin national guard on standby in case they're needed post verdict. jurors have asked to see a lot of video evidence and there is a lot of it and want to decide what happened out on that
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street. it is clear they're taking their responsibilities seriously. t.j.? >> all right, terry moran for us and clearly we have a lot of questions because as soon as you sit down we started grilling you before you even get on the air. but do tell us, travis mcmichael taking the stand, how did he do? were you surprised? >> of the three defendants he's the one i would have expected to be most likely to take the stand. i'm not that surprised because this is such a tough case for the defense and this really may be their best hope, because what he wants to do is have the jurors focus just on the moment when they are supposedly fighting over the gun. as opposed to everything else leading up to that moment. that's why i wasn't that surprised to see him. i think as a witness he seemed calm and collected. he cried at the right times, et cetera. some of the substance is a little bit troubling. i mean, for example, he says that de-escalation as far as he's concerned can involve lifting and raising and pointing a gun at someone. it's an unusual effort at de-escalation. look, the substance is the problem for them. this is a tough defense and i
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think they know it but that's why i wasn't that surprised to see him testifying. >> do you think the other defendants will testify? >> not necessarily. i think that he's the most likely one of the athlete. they could, but, again, because he's the one who actually had the fight over the gun makes him the most likely one because self-defense cases are the ones where you most likely see a defendant take the witness stand because they want to explain exactly what they were thinking, why they were doing it, et cetera, at that moment. >> how about this move for a mistrial in the kyle rittenhouse case? >> i'm really surprised about this, not because it's a mistrial motion but because they're now willing to make a mistrial motion without prejudice meaning there could be a retrial. up to this point the defense has been saying, look, we want a mistrial but we don't want them to be able to prosecute him again. now they're saying we want a mistrial. it's a real issue they're raising here.
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we want a mistrial, but if it's a retrial that would be okay. that's unusual. >> is this a sign they're worried? >> that's what i'm starting to think. i start to think at the end of day two of deliberations they're getting a little nervous now as we talked about yesterday, if this had been a one-day deliberation i think people would have thought good news for the defense. the longer you go, the more it suggests that either the jury is having issues or maybe they're going through and figuring out which counts, et cetera. tough to know but tough call. >> interesting. >> always appreciate your insight analysis. thank you, dan. now to the troubling trend in the fight against coronavirus. for the first time in two months covid deaths are not forecast to decline. whit johnson joins us from a hospital in the bronx and, whit, a major decision on the vaccine front, we know, could come today. good morning. >> reporter: yes, robin, good morning to you. right now only a limited group of americans can have access to booster shots but as soon as today the fda is expected to authorize them for everyone, 18
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and older. moderna now joining pfizer in formally asking to expand eligibility. at least a dozen states though now are already allowing boosters for all adults. a cdc advisory panel meets tomorrow and if they sign off we could see those additional shots going into arms by the weekend. many health experts have been calling for this amid growing fears of another winter surge. just a week before thanksgiving, new covid cases in the u.s. are up more than 30% in the last three weeks, 20 states seeing an increase in hospital admissions and now a new cdc forecast predicting the u.s. could see more than 14,000 more deaths in the next two weeks. robin? >> whit, we could be seeing a preview of the feared combo of the flu and covid. >> reporter: yeah, robin, health officials are urging people to go ahead and get their seasonal flu shots as well worried about a crush of covid patients and flu patients overwhelming hospitals. at the university of michigan, for example, an influenza outbreak of more than 500
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patients is being investigated just as covid cases are also surging in the state, robin. >> all right, whit, thanks so much. george? >> robin, thanks. we go to my interview with vice president kamala harris. she weighed in on the sharp rise in inflation, the steep fall in the president's poll numbers, how the administration's build back better plan can address both problems. i pressed harris on claims that the president is not giving her a big enough role in his administration. madam vice president, thank you for doing this. >> thank you for having me, george. >> you know as americans are pretty sour at this point about the economy as we head into the holidays. it will cost more to drive home for thanksgiving, more to buy gifts for the kids at christmas. what can you do about these high prices? how long is it going to take? >> first of all, it's real and it's rough. grocery, the cost of groceries has gone up.
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the cost of gas has gone up and this is all happening in the context of two years of a pandemic. it's one of the highest priorities actually for the president and for me and so we're dealing with this issue in a number of ways. short term, one of the issues is the supply chain. we're seeing a bottleneck and we need to relieve that bottleneck, so we brought together everyone from the teamsters to target to say, hey, let's bring everyone together from the truckers to the folks who are moving product and let's open up some of our major ports for work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. that's happening and we're seeing great results. long term we need to bring down the cost of living. that's a long-standing issue and so we passed this week the infrastructure bill, a bipartisan infrastructure bill, and that's going to be about repairing roads and bridges and bringing high-speed internet to all families. but also we need to deal with the cost of child care, the cost of prescription drugs, the cost of housing and that's what we intend to do when we get the build back better agenda passed. >> as you know, several people, including senator manchin who could be the key vote on build
7:14 am
back better believe it's going to make inflation worse. that's why they're holding back. >> here's the thing, talk to 17 nobel laureates who are economists who actually have studied the issue and have indicated that we're not looking at a contribution to inflation but actually we'll get prices down. in fact, moody's and a number of others have said, listen, when you look at the numbers, the whole point about inflation and why it hurts us is because prices go up. with the build back better agenda it's going to bring the cost down. >> we had a tough poll for the president this week at abc news with "the washington post," highest disapproval of his presidency. shows that most americans don't think the administration is keeping its promises. how do you explain that and how do you fix it? >> you know, george, polls, they go up, they go down. but i think what is most important is that we remain consistent with what we need to do to deal with the issues that we're presented with at this moment and so let's again look at what we accomplished. it's historic in nature. at least the biggest investment
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in infrastructure in a generation in america and some of this stuff you'll see in the next few months and some of this you're going to see in the next perhaps couple of years. >> eight months ago the president gave you the job of addressing the root causes of migration. last month we learned in the past year we had the highest number of illegal border crossings since they started to be recorded in 1960. what are you doing to turn that around? how long will it take? >> it won't be overnight. we can't just flip a switch and make it better. the reality is that we inherited a system, an immigration system, that was deeply broken and it's requiring us to put it back together in terms of creating a fair process that is effective and efficient. but on the root causes piece, what we are looking at is that, you know, frankly people don't want to leave home, george. and when they do, it's one of two reasons. they're fleeing some kind of harm or to stay at home they
7:16 am
just simply cannot satisfy the basic needs of their family. >> let's talk about your role now. vice presidents always face chatter about their role and relevance. you're no exception to that. even your close friends like the lieutenant governor of california have expressed concern because they think you can be more helpful than you've been asked to be. do you share that frustration? what do you say to them? >> this was a good week and this week when we got this bipartisan infrastructure act passed and signed by the president makes a statement about all of the hard work that has gone into it. month after month after month i have travelled around the country, as has the president. we have convened members of congress, we have convened people around our nation asking what do you want and this is a
7:17 am
response to what they want. it's actually going to hit the ground in a way that is going to have direct impact on the american people. we're getting things done and we're doing it together. >> so you don't feel misused or underused? >> no, i don't. i am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but i am also absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed that there is a lot more to do and we're going to get it done. >> finally has president biden told you whether he will seek re-election in 2024? >> what president biden started our day talking about as we normally do is bringing in members of our intelligence community to review the presidential daily brief and talk about classified information around threats to our national security and hot spots around the world. after that we had another couple of meetings and then i went over to the capitol because i'm the president of the senate and broke a tie vote there and we are focused on implementation of the bipartisan infrastructure deal. >> so you're not discussing 2024 yet? >> absolutely not. >> madam vice president, thank you very much for your time. >> thank you. >> she wasn't going anywhere near that question.
7:18 am
no way. and the president has said at other times he intends to run again, but of course there is a lot of jockeying behind the scenes right now. we're following a lot of other headlines including the new lawsuit against alec baldwin and purchases of "rust." also new questions about the charges tennis star who has not been seen since alleging she was sexually assaulted by a top chinese official. but first good morning, ginger. >> good morning to you all. i know your seat belts are fastened for this temperature ride. we're up in the mid to upper 60s and above average by 10 to 20 degrees. dropping down to normal and freezing into the weekend and then watching that storm for early next week. so it's really sunday through wednesday when impacts could start and, unfortunately, that's when everybody travels. i think wind especially coastal new england like boston, you'll end up seeing it there. we'll do more on that soon. first the cold cities sponsored by jersey mike's.
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yes, t.j., it is thursday. >> i just confirmed, yes, we'll be right back on this thursday.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. an amber alert has been issued in southern california for a teenage girl from vallejo. we want you to take a look at this photo. this is 15-year-old georgiana bambaloi. authorities say she was taken yesterday and forced into a green chrysler minivan with temporary texas license plates at an gas station in santa rosa. police released this image of the suspect. investigators say the vehicle may be headed to the l.a. area and this amber alert is in effect for orange, san diego, los angeles, and riverside county. >> we are starting with a look at the san mateo bridge for our traffic report.
7:24 am
we did not have any real issues, but a lot of slow traffic especially for people heading in the commute direction. that is westbound for most people and definitely toward the peninsula. check this out, mike has been talking about the fog. in walnut creek, you cannot make out 680 at all. kumasi: thanks. mike has a look at
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mike: welcome back. 7:26. you can see this offshore breeze that is bringing dense fog back to the north bay and the east, but that will reverse in the afternoon hours. tonight through tomorrow morning, we have light showers. up to 1/10 of an inch of rain. it will be the coolest tomorrow also. kumasi: coming up, the new accusations in the fatal shooting involving alec baldwin.
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yes to clean and fresh ingredients! and yes to living life to the flavor-fullest. panera. live your yes. now $1 delivery. ♪ and i will always love you ♪ t.j. is clutching his heart. >> oh, my god, that song. >> i know. of course that is whitney houston. her classic hit "i will always love you," one of just a handful of songs from the '90s with over 1 billion views on youtube. there's a new member to that exclusive club. we're going to tell you what song it is in "pop news." >> looking forward to that. president biden calling the ftc to investigate surging gas prices as millions are preparing to hit the road for thanksgiving. he wrote, i do not accept hard working americans paying more
7:31 am
for gas because of anti-competitive or otherwise potentially illegal conduct. also, an investigation way after several vials labeled smallpox were found in a lab in pennsylvania. the cdc says the vials appear to be intact and no sign anyone has been exposed. also the scheduled execution of julius jones is drawing national attention and supporters including kim kardashian maintain there are serious doubts about his guilt. crowds gathered at the governor's mention urging him to commute his sentence to life in prison with or without parole. take a look at this remarkable image. that is a car that is pretty much completely flattened by a semi. yes, that's a vehicle under that semi. but the washington trooper that worked this accident calls this nothing short of a miracle because the 46-year-old woman that was in that car walked away with only minor injuries. how did she do that? they said she was somehow able to escape by crawling out of the
7:32 am
passenger window. this was just an unfortunate accident. a chain reaction there but she crawled out the window. >> she krocrawled out the windo. >> crawled out herself and only minor injuries. more ahead on "gma" when we continue on this thursday morning. the campbell soup company ceo is joining us live talking about supply chain issues ahead of the big thanksgiving feast. >> thank you, t.j. now to that new accusation in the fatal on set shooting involving alec baldwin. the script supervisor is suing alleging the scene did not call for the firing of a gun and kaylee hartung is in los angeles with the story. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: good morning, george. this latest lawsuit is putting the spotlight squarely on alec baldwin claiming he intentionally fired that gun. >> bonanza creek ranch, two people accidentally shot on a movie set by a prop gun. we need help immediately. >> reporter: that's the voice of mamie mitchell, a crew member making that stunning 911 call
7:33 am
from the set of the fatal movie shooting. >> i relive the shooting and the sound of the explosion from the gun over and over again. >> reporter: she is now suing alec baldwin and other producers of "rust." >> i heard someone moaning and i turned around and my director was falling backwards and holding his upper body and i turned around toward alec and is a halyna going down. >> this [ bleep ] a.d. yelled at me at lunch. he's supposed to check the guns. he's responsible for what -- >> and how many? >> no, no, i'm a script super supervisor. >> reporter: she said she was standing in the line of fire when baldwin shot a prop gun unknowingly loaded with a bullet killing halyna hutchins and injuring director joel souza. >> ten minutes after i got home someone notified me that she was dead. i stood in my driveway screaming. >> reporter: her attorney
7:34 am
glor gloria aldridge claiming there were warning signs and every safety protocol designed to ensure firearms would be safely used were ignored. alec baldwin intentionally without just cause or excuse fired the gun towards individuals including plaintiff, ms. hutchins and mr. souza even though protocol was not to do so and claiming baldwin should have never fired the gun. investigators say baldwin did not know it was loaded with a live round but baldwin has not commented on whether he intended to pull the trigger. >> in that scene there was no script that called for him to discharge a gun, and that is very important. when he fired a gun without checking it and without having the armorer do so in his presence, his behavior and that of the producers on "rust" was reckless. >> reporter: mitchell now the second crew member who witnessed the tragedy to file a civil lawsuit following the film's lighting director serge svetnoy. >> this violent tragedy has taken away the joy in my life. i have also lost a new friend
7:35 am
who was an extraordinary and rare person and future collaborator. >> reporter: when it comes to the potential of criminal charges, the district attorney says it could be more important to focus on what led up to that shooting, how live ammunition wound up on the set and how that gun got loaded. she says it could still be months before that reinvestigatn is completed. robin? >> those questions need to be answered. kaylee, thank you. now to that stunning reversal, more than half a century in the making, two of the three men convicted of killing malcolm x expected to be exonerated. linsey davis spoke with the men's attorneys. good morning, linsey. >> good morning to you, robin. t.j., you called it a story of historic proportions. one of the men's attorneys said today is not bittersweet because there is nothing sweet about it. he says if the nypd and the fbi would have come forward with the evidence they had at the time, the arrests never would have
7:36 am
happened. this morning nearly 57 years after the assassination of civil rights activist malcolm x two of the men convicted in his killing are set to be exonerated. the stunning development comes after a nearly two-year-long investigation by the manhattan district attorney concluding that the fbi and nypd withheld evidence that might have proved their innocence decades ago. >> is this another case of the chickens coming home to roost? >> certainly it is in the sense that the fbi is reaping has sewn for many the d.a.'s office admitted it made false statements. >> reporter: in the case of malcolm x's murder, three men, muhammad aziz, khalil islam and mujahid halim, known as thomas hagan previously, were all convicted and sentenced to life in prison in 1966. while hagan confessed to shooting malcolm x he said that islam and aziz had nothing to do with it. both men always maintained their
7:37 am
innocence. islam was granted parole in 1987 but died in 2009 and aziz spent 20 years in prison before being paroled in 1985. the 83-year-old releasing a statement saying in part, i hope the same system that was responsible for this travesty of justice also takes responsibility for the immeasurable harm it caused me. >> what took so long? >> historians and journalists have known for decades that these men were innocent. it was an exoneration in plain sight. >> reporter: malcolm x, an icon and one of the most compelling and influential figures of the civil rights era, was known for his bold impassioned speeches. >> if the government is unwilling or unable to protect the negro, the negro should be expected to protect himself. >> reporter: the then 39-year-old was gunned down on february 21, 1965 just as he began speaking. three gun men opened fire. the decision to re-open the investigation followed the release of the netflix
7:38 am
docuseries "who killed malcolm x?" >> asking who is guilty of malcolm's assassination is a dangerous question to ask. >> reporter: the series pointing the finger at five nation of islam members who were at odds with malcolm x. four of those men are believed to be dead. as for mr. aziz he is now 83 and expected to be in court today. while he says he did not need a piece of paper to tell him he's innocent he said he's glad his family and friends are seeing the truth officially recognized. for mr. islam, he did not get a chance to live to see this day. >> one of the most influential black figures in this country. still the people ultimately responsible were not held accountable for his death. >> lawyers would like to see the investigation open as far as what the nypd and fbi knew. >> these docuseries shed such a light on so many case. >> if you want to get out of jail. >> have a docu-series. >> keep that in mind. thank you so much.
7:39 am
linsey, good to see you here in studio. we want to turn to that deepening mystery over the chinese tennis star who hasn't been seen in public since claiming she was sexually assaulted by a top official. will reeve has been following this story for us. will, good morning. >> good morning, t.j. those new questions center around an email received. it is meant to be peng shuai, but they don't believe it. the head of the tennis association questioning what he considers a suspect email purportedly from the athlete who has not been seen in weeks. amid intensifying concern and calls for answers from prominent tennis figures including naomi osaka and novak djokovic after shuai claimed she was sexually assaulted three years ago by a former high ranking government chinese official. the china global television network showing a screen shot,
7:40 am
i'm not missing nor am i unsafe. i've just been resting at home and everything is fine. thank you again for caring about me. the email adding the allegations claiming the star was forced into a sexual relationship with former chinese vice premier zhang gaoli were false. zhang has not commented on the allegations. a cursor over the email also raising suspicions from china research director sara cook. >> i think the cursor, you know, in the middle of the screen shot maybe raises suspicions that whoever took the screen shot was actually in the middle of maybe typing the email as opposed to, you know, an email that was received. >> reporter: wta chairman steve simon has serious doubts, telling abc news he has a hard time believing shuai wrote the message. the statement released by chinese state media only raises my concerns as to her safety and whereabouts. i have repeatedly tried to reach her via numerous forms of communication to no avail. she must be allowed to speak freely without coercion or intimidation from any source.
7:41 am
abc news repeatedly reached out to the chinese tennis association and peng shuai's representatives but calls went unanswered much like many of the questions swirling around the investigation. we all hope she's okay. >> thank you, will. a first look at diane sawyer's exclusive with the children who made that daring escape from the house of horror. come on back. how about one that can... harness the power of the sun. tell you when the surf is up. reveal your fitness age. show you the distance to the pin. help you cross the finish line. or get your kids moving. whatever your passion, we have your smartwatch. garmin.
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(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea. we're back now with that abc we're back now with that abc
7:45 am
news exclusive. diane sawyer's interview with children from the turpin family who were subjected to unimaginable abuse while held captive by their parents. now for the first time they are speaking about their daring escape and how they found hope. >> reporter: i can't believe the two young women walking towards our cameras. they're like travelers from the dark world who invented their own light. jordan turpin now 21 years old, her sister jennifer, the oldest turpin child now 33. >> how are you? >> awesome. doing really good. >> was it january 14, 2018? >> yeah. big day. >> what's the first thing you did that you look back on and think, that was my first moment of real freedom? >> actually being in the hospital, when music was playing, i got up and i made sure the floor was cleared out and i danced. >> the first place we went, we went to a park with two of my
7:46 am
sisters and i was so excited because i could smell the air. i could smell the grass. i was like, how could heaven be better than this? oh, my gosh, this is so free. like this is life. >> i can only imagine. diane is going to be with us tomorrow right here on "gma" with the first look at never before seen body cam footage showing jordan turpin just moments after she was so brave and she escaped. "escape from a horror, a house of horror, a diane sawyer special event" airs tomorrow on "20/20" at 9:00 p.m. eastern and streaming on hulu. >> incredible story. stay with us here. our "play of the day" is the best terrible pass you will ever see in basketball. stay with us. (vo) welcome to hope, usa. ♪ it's a feeling that exists inside us all.
7:47 am
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7:51 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. here is jobina fortson with traffic. jobina: good morning. we will start in lawrenceburg where there is a fire underway on southbound 101 at the on ramp. you can see behind the flames a little bit of that slow down and this has been our most visual camera throughout the morning so i keep coming back to it. let's check in with mike. mike: that fog being drawn in once again. you can see the visibility down to one quarter of a mile and that is one more -- mile north of where that camera is. tonight, we have the one on the way. showers will be light. that doesn't mean it could be slick tomorrow morning for the commute. tomorrow's temperatures, 58 to
7:57 am
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good m good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. strike over. after more than 10,000 john deere workers walked off the job over a month ago demanding better pay, the new headline about a contract. what it means for the possible power shift in the workplace. what happens when you break your iphone? apple making a big announcement when it comes to your tech. do you have to wait in line anymore. seven days to thanksgiving. this morning, the big discounts on grocery deliveries and the number one way that shopping online for food can save you money. plus, the campbell soup ceo joins us live. will they have all your holiday favorites available? ♪ and i will always love you ♪ what do all of these hits have in common? ♪ i want it that way ♪ >> lara in "pop news" will tell you how the '90s have taken over
8:01 am
an exclusive club. ♪ better get this party started ♪ "deals & steals" all day long. tory johnson is bringing us big savings from "gma" to "the view," to "gma3." all for $20 and less. say hello to "mrs. doubtfire: the musical." broadway is back and the cast is performing live right here in times square and look who is saying -- >> all: good morning, america. it is wonderful having broadway back and to bring broadway right here to times square. good morning, america, on this thankful thursday. happy friday eve. >> t.j. is here with us this morning. also this morning, we have a remarkable family story we're looking at. we're celebrating national adoption month and you see these
8:02 am
three women right here, they were all born in china, then adopted and raised in the united states. thanks to dna, they discovered they're cousins. they were reunited. more on their journey coming up. >> that's an incredible story. just the tease was incredible. we'll talk about the gig economy. how it can help you this holiday season. we'll meet the moms who turned their lives around with some simple side hustles. >> we'll tell you about it. but first, we begin with that john deere strike ending. more than 10,000 workers walked off the job over a month ago demanding better pay. gio benitez joins us with more on their new contract. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey, robin, good morning. this is a massive win for those john deere employees. they waited it out for a month until they got the third contract offer. now those 10,000 workers will return to work. let's take a look at that new contract right now. they're going to get 10% raises immediately. 20% over the lifetime of the contract. essentially doubling their raises, an $8500 signing bonus, return of cost-of-living
8:03 am
adjustments, dramatically improved pension plan options and workers will be eligible for health insurance a lot sooner. now, overnight, the union saying in a statement, our members courageous willingness to strike in order to attain a better standard of living and a more secure retirement resulted in a groundbreaking contract and sets a new standard for workers not only within the uaw but throughout the country. >> many were watching this and really sends a strong message about the economy here in america. >> reporter: oh, absolutely, because, remember, robin, there is still a huge worker shortage across the country right now. that's what was happening with these john deere employees. they were doing a lot more work during the pandemic, so a lot of experts believe that many companies, they're just going to have to increase raises in order to keep all of their employees. >> all right, gio, as always, thank you. we're going to turn now to the countdown to black friday
8:04 am
and the big question are the big retailers ready? our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis is tracking how they're doing. good morning, rebecca. >> reporter: good morning, george. just moments ago macy's and kohl's announced they expect this to be a stronger holiday season than they forecast a few months ago and no empty shelves. some of the biggest retailers in the country say they've been able to sidestep the supply chain crush by planning ahead. target announcing overnight it has 20% more inventory now than this time last year. tjx, marshall's and home goods says it is well stocked and walmart and home depot by chartering their own ships helped bypass some of the supply chain disruptions. overall, retailers are gearing up for a record holiday shopping season with u.s. consumers expected to spend nearly a thousand dollars a person. that's an all-time high over the holidays after a year and a half of staying in, foregoing travel and dining out americans have saved up an estimated $2 trillion and despite rising prices they continue to spend on everything from clothes to electronics, to hardware, which has led to record sales at major retailers, t.j.
8:05 am
>> all right, rebecca, i actually love to hear what you think about this next story. your iphone gets wet, you throw it in a bowl of rice. you have a problem with your mac, you take it to the genius bar. you don't have to anymore because they have announced a self-service repair making spare parts available if you want to fix the tech yourself. it'll be first available for the iphone 12 and followed by the iphone 13 and then mac computers and will initially focus on the iphone display and battery. would you fix it yourself? >> no. >> rebecca. >> i'm fixing my phone. >> rebecca, thank you. >> the rice really does work? >> it does? >> that rice does work. >> okay. >> thank you, t.j. coming up, we're counting down to thanksgiving a week away.
8:06 am
the ceo of campbell's soup will join us with how much more it could cost and how they're trying to fix the issues. how the gig economy can help you bring in extra cash for the holidays with a side hustle on your own schedule. then the number one way that shopping online for groceries can save you money, all that, a whole lot more on this thursday edition of "gma," folks. we are right back. ♪
8:07 am
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[ music ends ] ♪ such a long week, we're just going to pile on. >> it is thursday here on "gma." so glad to be here with you guys.
8:11 am
>> looks so nice today. >> she was saying? we -- >> we love you, t.j. tomorrow on "gma," we've got the "desperate housewives" reunion, teri hatcher and james denton will tell us about it live often "gma." some "pop news" with lara. >> can we talk more about t.j.'s outfit. >> i love when he's done with a vest. >> though one dresses like you. we digress. we need -- you know what, we all want it that way. do you have it? yes. that's what i'm talking about. the video for backstreet boys' song "i want it that way" has been streamed, guys, as of this morning over 1 billion times on youtube. congratulations, guys. it wasn't even uploaded to the platform until ten years ago after its original release or ten years after its original release according to youtube. it now has averaged over 400,000 views daily this year alone.
8:12 am
they are back. the boys join a very exclusive billion-views club with other '90s iconic bands talking about four nonblondes, the cranberries, metallica, nirvana and, of course, whitney houston's "i will always love you." the most played '90s videos on youtube and the number one, believe it or not, guns n' roses, "november rain." do you remember that song? i know kelly up in the office is probably singing guns n' roses right now. it's all about the '90s, people. congrats to the boys. also, i know we're still a week away from thanksgiving but the reigning queen of christmas, mariah carey is giving us a jump start on the christmas feels. the singer just dropping a trailer for her second tv holiday special, take a look at this. >> this holiday season. >> the one, the only mariah carey. ♪ >> mariah is back.
8:13 am
♪ snow coming down ♪ >> with an all-new holiday special event. ♪ and all the fun we had last year ♪ >> featuring khaled and kurt franklin. >> i cannot not celebrate christmas with the world. >> mariah's christmas, the magic continues. >> everybody is in the holiday spirit and her chirstmas anthem "all i want for christmas" has been streamed 31.5 million times already. we're not even at thanksgiving. mariah's special starts streaming december 3rd on apple plus. also this morning, the legendary mel brooks has been chosen to receive the career achievement award from the l.a. film critics association. brooks' seven-decade career made him a national treasure from "young frankenstein" to "space balls" to "blazing saddles," they say the choice was easy,
8:14 am
they say. brooks has paved the way for generations of filmmakers after him and at 95 years young he is still going strong, brooks releasing a memoir later this month and bringing an eight-part series of "history of the world part 2" and george stephanoul sitting down with the great mel brooks about that memoir on november 29th right here on "gma." >> it is a great book. he is a delightful man. this is something special. >> i'm so excited for that. just a real quickie, i thought we could use this, especially t.j. >> oh, wow. ♪ you're welcome. that's jordy. he's ready for our "dancing with the stars" finale party next week. george, if jordy can dance, i'm just saying. that corgi has already been viewed 20 million times. that's "pop news" on this thursday. >> thank you, lara.
8:15 am
we're going to move on now to our "gma" cover story. one week before thanksgiving supply chain concerns have many wondering if they can find all the ingredients for the big meal, how much it will cost them. we're joined by a man responsible for so many holiday staples, ceo of the campbell soup company, mark clouse. mark, thank you for joining us. are you facing them in a serious way? how are you fixing them? >> yeah, thanks, george. great to be here with you, and as you know, we have been navigating some pretty unprecedented times but i'm happy to tell you, thanks to the amazing work of our teams on the front lines and plans and logistics and sales teams, you're going to have all of your holiday favorites on the shelves ready to go. they've worked hard to do it and, you know, i would say plan early, but i think we're in great shape going into the holidays. >> they'll be on the shelves. how much more will they cost? >> yeah, good question, george. there's also been a significant amount of inflation that we've seen over the last several
8:16 am
months and as we always try to do, we use every tool we've got to keep prices affordable. we know how important it is, especially for this time of year and through holiday celebrations, so we've worked hard to keep the prices reasonable but there has been an increase in price and that inflation, i would expect to continue to see as we move forward into '22, but count on us to be doing everything we can to find ways to keep those prices reasonable and affordable, especially through the holiday season. >> the pandemic has been receding. what kind of effect do you expect that to have on the supply chain problems and how much longer do you think they'll last? >> i think we're making great progress and so even from where we may have been we're doing a really good job and i think it's a combination of bringing in a lot of new workers into our facilities as well as the teams performing very well. look, i got to tell you, it's not lost on anyone at campbell's the importance of this holiday
8:17 am
season where many families are going to be getting back together for the first time and that responsibility has been very, very important to all of our team and i know they've worked hard to continue to improve. into '22 you're going to steady improvement on that front and we're expecting as we get into the new year to be fully back in supply on most of our products. >> and what advice do you have for shoppers as they head to stores this week? >> well, you know, it's interesting, over the month of november there's going to be 4 million people that are googling green bean casserole and it's been a family favorite forever so my advice is get online, get your recipes, figure out those ingredients you need for your dishes, get out early to the store and get them ready to go, and i'm hopeful for everybody that you have a wonderful happy thanksgiving. >> mark clouse, thanks very much. robin. >> a lot of people smiling with the green bean casserole. ah. now, the growing gig economy. people across the country are
8:18 am
finding creative ways to bring in some extra money with a side hustle this holiday season and rebecca is back with more and how women are especially taking advantage of this. >> yes, this is a growing group in the gig economy, good morning, nice to see you again. with the holidays around the corner many people are turning to the gig economy to make a little extra cash but some have also turned that side hustle into a full-time gig and you're about to find out how. the flexibility, the options and the cash, the gig economy is a growing trend for anyone looking for more flexibility in their schedule or to make a little extra money and women more than ever are seizing the opportunity. for example, the number of women earning on the uber app has increased nearly 80% since the beginning of the year. delivery services like instacart and doordash say women represent more than 50% of their workforce. >> the gig economy is one of the only ways that women can sometimes find a way to earn income while balancing all of the commitments that they have.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it's exactly what a marketing strategist decide after her husband suffered a stroke in 2018. >> it's a big difference when you're able to adjust your own schedule. >> reporter: she turned to a freelance platform and earns more than she used to. >> i'm the one that's working and we had just recently adopted two children so there would have been no way that my family would have been able to survive. >> going to go into the store and start shopping. >> reporter: this mom of three became an instacart shopper after becoming recently separated. >> i saw someone randomly post about this thing called instacart and within a couple months i was able to move out and now i'm on my own with my three girls and doing instacart pretty much full time. >> reporter: now as single mom making her own schedule is key. >> flexibility is number one for me. i didn't have to get day care for my children. when i was able to see the smile or the sense of relief on a
8:20 am
customer's face, it feels good. >> reporter: despite the obvious upside to the gig economy, experts warn it might be a sign of a broken labor market. >> those jobs are not stable. they do not provide benefits. they exacerbate insecurity so it's a really tough spot for women to be in where there's kind of no option that allows them to both earn a living and have a basic level of security. >> reporter: but bravo to kara and shari who just found a way to piece it all together. since the pandemic we're seeing more and more turn to the gig economy, the number of independent workers has increased an unprecedented 34% since last year. >> 34%, okay. i'm sure a lot of people are leaning in right now saying i want some of this. how do they go about getting started in this gig economy? >> so it's important to know there are a lot of different gig jobs out there. you heard about instacart and upwork in the piece, there are a lot of other things you can do. let's say you like children. great with child care,
8:21 am
and, they pay an average of $13 to $23 an hour. you go online and sign up on their sites, average rate for dog walking on rover is $20 a dog walk so you have an extra time, you like animals you walk a dog and make 20 bucks, taskrabbit is good for seasonal holiday work and really runs the gamut. again, these are all apps and websites, you sign up, make a profile and people reach out. >> people want to be successful in doing this, especially during the holiday season, getting extra cash. >> absolutely, robin. so you have to keep in mind, think of this like you would a typical job. you have to be reliable. treat it the same way you would anything else so that you get those positive reviews, that begets more work in the future and dress professionally, follow through, be reliable. think about this as a relationship you're building with your customers, robin. >> always great advice and insight. thank you, rebecca. did you have any side gigs? >> oh, too many to even count here. the number of side gigs. >> we were sharing some of the ones that we've had. >> i sold some makeup on the
8:22 am
side at one point. >> i bet you still have it. >> oh, yeah, in the basement. >> over to you, ginger. what about you? >> oh, so many. i taught aerobics until last year i feel like. it has been part of the process so okay, how about we dive in. whiteface mountain are making snow but now they'll get help from mother nature overnight. look at that, 4 to 8 inches in some of the areas in the winter alerts. that will be lake-effect enhanced, then the temperatures that we're enjoying today drop off the face and you see what happens by sunday into wednesday. a lot of people are talking about this storm. it's a little far out to get really detailed but i can tell you it looks like on wednesday, which is when a lot of people
8:23 am
of course, it is a big weekend for grocery shopping with thanksgiving just seven days away now and online grocery sales in the u.s. hit $8.1 billion last month and this morning, our becky worley has some tips on how to save online and on delivery. you've been giving us great stuff. good morning to you, becky. >> reporter: t.j., good morning. that's right. it's estimated that over half of americans used grocery delivery last month alone. it's convenient, it saves time. it saves fuel but saving money, that mandates a few specific and new strategies. ♪ good-bye coupon wars and hello delivery discounts. during covid grocery delivery has literally been a life saver
8:24 am
and it's starting to feel like a way of life so the job now is to streamline savings and keep the deliveries coming. one of the biggest savings strategies is trying to avoid delivery fees. the minimum order size for free delivery varies. stop & shop is $60, publix is 10 and safeway albertson's is $30. now, you can avoid fees if you subscribe to membership service but unless you're a power user of that particular store the subscription fee may not make financial sense. many new players are also entering the space. right now that's aldi. when a new brand enters the market it means they might be willing to lose money on certain products to gain your business. check out discounting and free delivery offers. what about coupons? can you use those for shopping online with delivery? well, no scissors needed. they're all online.
8:25 am
take target, if you go to their deals page you'll see discounted items and those price cuts are applied automatically. finally, for household items like paper products and cleaning supplies, the bulkiness of the items often means they're more expensive online. to get these bulky items delivered it cost me $18 more than if i'd actually shopped at costco. it was 106 bucks versus 88, but here's the thing, when have i ever gotten out of costco for under $200? with delivery i made no discretionary purchases and this is the number one way that shopping online for groceries can save you money. >> there are fewer temptations to buy food on impulse. online grocery shopping helps people stick to their shopping list. >> reporter: now, all of these websites and apps have discount pages so if you go to amazon fresh you'll see their deals page. and instacart just last week launched a deals tab in their app and they now deliver from the dollar store so, guys, just like in the grocery store, if
8:26 am
you're a savvy shopper, you can find the deals. >> all right, becky, you have been fantastic on all of these tips. we look forward to more from you. coming up on "gma," "deals & steals" takeover. we have a megaevent with "gma," "the view" all at 20 bucks or less. >> announcer: tomorrow, the one, the only sting performing just for you. ♪ calling out your name ♪ >> announcer: sting, tomorrow, only on "good morning america." sponsored by carmax.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. we will check in with traffic and jobina for today. jobina: good morning. we start with a live look at the toll plaza. there are reports from chp of a new crash involving a semi-and one other car just past the toll plaza. that will really slow you down as you make your way onto the bainbridge -- bay
8:28 am
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>> "live with kelly and ryan" is coming up. we have andrew garfield. 9:00, abc 7. mike: it is really thick in the east bay. they quarter-mile visibility around concordat and walnut creek as you can see. that will hang around for a couple of hours because of the high clouds. those clouds will lead to some showers tonight. it is a one on the storm impact scale. tomorrow morning, we will have some slippery roads. tomorrow, 58-62. a little bit of fog in the morning and a lot of sunshine this afternoon and warmer temperatures by sunday. reggie: another update in 30
8:30 am
minutes. you can always catch us on we will see you soon. ♪ hey jude ♪ ♪ don't make it bad ♪ ♪ take a -- great song right there. paul mccartney and the beatles singing "hey jude." now we're excited to reveal barnes & noble's book of the year is "the lyrics" by paul mccartney and paul muldoon. "the lyrics" is said to be the closest mccartney will get to writing a memoir. he recounts his life through 154 songs from all stages of his career. >> he shares beautiful photos, videos, teasing the story behind "eleanor rigby" and revealing he started writing "all my loving" on a tour bus, "the lyrics: 1956 to the present" is out now and
8:31 am
be sure to check out our "gma" book club section in select barnes & noble stores and always keep reading along with us. going to head up to robin now. time for "deals & steals" takeover, all day long. tory johnson taking over the network bringing you the best deals on gifts for $20 and under on "gma," on "the view," on "gma3" -- >> a lot of deals. >> you can go right to the deals by pointing your cell phone camera at that qr code. let's get this party started with some natural products. >> you got it. lano. this is dryness met its match, it's making its "gma" deals debut so the most moisturizing for dry lips, but then they also have this all over balm so if you have like -- whether it's cuticles, a patch on your face, elbows, if there is a dry spot this will tackle it. i love these for stocking stuffers especially their
8:32 am
luminizer adds a little bit of tint but they have banana, lemon. such good -- it's an amazing product. so gifty. a little sparkle too in some of them. a little sparkle and an amazing deal. these prices today start at $6.75. >> lara is your hype girl. >> she is. oh, yeah. >> you cannot go wrong with candy. >> so this is lolli & pops. two types of their holiday cotton candy, appletini and blueberry, billy backstage said that cotton candy is his jam. he said he could eat one of those tubs faster than we could down a glass of wine. >> come here. >> right? it melts in your mouth. that's his thing. that's his thing. [ applause ] >> our first deal, everybody. let's go. let's go. >> we also have their little truffle boxes. it's their ganache on the inside, creamy, also melt in your mouth, not only with the cotton candy, these are delicious and an unbelievable
8:33 am
deal, $10 to $20, and free shipping from lolli & pops. >> free shipping. >> free shipping. >> okay, so, billy needs to wash it down? has to wash it down. swig is all about making hydration chic. look at you. i need to come over here. i just want you to know, robin, i chose this pattern for you because it's called the bombshell. and i chose this for you, lara, this one is called luxy leopard. so if you think of somebody who has a personality, they make this cute one called sweater weather over there, just really fun and sweet, everything from them is amazing. it's a woman-owned small business. they will keep your drinks hotter or cold longer. we also have their amazing reusable straws that are so chic and they match the different patterns, a huge assortment. probably our biggest assortment ever from swig. these range from $6.50 to $20, stock up because it's an amazing deal. >> take it away. rs.
8:34 am
>> robin really loved this blanket. she thought it was a blanket. two for one. it is actually a towel. >> from sand cloud featured on "shark tank." you were selling it to her. >> i was. robin was pointing that camera at the qr code. >> so it will dry faster, it is sand resistant, it gets softer with every wash. we have six different patterns, and as you said, first they fold up compactly. we'll reveal our thing here. >> they're amazing. and the deal is phenomenal on these, because today they're $20 so it's a really nice deal. beautiful and -- isn't that fabric nice? >> they absorb so much water and they don't take up a lot of room in your beach bag. highly recommend. >> there you go. all right. >> going right in your bag. >> jilzarah. little bracelets. you see how it has that magnetic box. you can keep a prayer, a wish in that little box to keep it close to your heart. et's adorable. we have their intention bracelets, stack bracelets, a gift of mindful thinking and
8:35 am
they start at $13. lock laces, this turns any shoe into a flip on instantly, a no-tie slippon, awesome whether for kids, an adult who has mobility challenges and can't bend down to tie their shoes so whether you want to look chic or you need it for the functionality this is a gift for everybody. you get a three-pack for $10 and free shipping. that's a deal. >> but, wait, there's more. one more table, tory. bring it home. >> we have our brand-new discover box, a dozen full size products, no samples with foodie snacks, great options for the kitchen. a winner. find the details online. >> we partnered with these companies on all of these amazing deals, you can get them by going to our website, be sure to tune in and catch tory on "the view." catch her on "gma3" and continue -- oh, billy. >> billy. >> oh, wow. >> heaven. >> he's a very happy man.
8:36 am
coming up, we've got even more show for you. how a dna test turned three girls into one family. "good morning america," come on back. ♪ this is elodia. she's a recording artist. 1 of 10 million people that comcast has connected to affordable internet in the last 10 years. and this is emmanuel, a future recording artist, and one of the millions of students we're connecting throughout the next 10. through projectup, comcast is committing $1 billion so millions more students, past... and present, can continue to get the tools they need to build a future of unlimited possibilities.
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>> announcer: the interview you've waited almost four years for, the amazing escape behind the door of a nice house, the unimaginable. >> only word i know to call it is hell. >> announcer: from hell to hope. >> this is so free. this is life. >> announcer: friday night on abc. ♪ we are family ♪ november is national november is national adoption awareness month and a documentary out tells the story of three adopted teens in the u.s. who discovered they are blood relatives and they take a journey to discover their roots. janai norman has the story. >> everyone keeps telling me it's my home place.
8:39 am
i don't remember it at all. 16 years later, here we are. >> reporter: it's a journey many adopted children choose to go through. >> looking for one's lost history is important. >> reporter: learning about where and who they come from. >> someone found me and took me to the orphanage. sometimes i'm like, well, they're out there. i might have like siblings out there. >> reporter: through dna testing three chinese-american girls discovered they're cousins. their trip back to the country where they were born, china, chronicled in the netflix documentary "found" by amanda lipitz, the aunt of one of the girls. >> when my niece discovered that she had a blood cousin living in nashville, it was the first time that she really wanted to make that connection. >> reporter: together chloe, lily and sadie visit the orphanages. in some cases the women who
8:40 am
cared for them when they were infants. >> she was my caregiver for the first year and a half of my life. >> think something really powerful about watching this film and the way that these girls did this to go together to have each other and you see how essential it is in that experience that these girls have each other to lean on. >> reporter: at the time chloe, lily and sadie were born, china's one child policy was being enforced. the law aimed at curbing the country's growth left tens of thousands of children needing loving homes. between 1999 and 2010, an estimated 78,000 of those kids mostly girls were adopted to the u.s. including amanda phillips. >> i was 11 months old when i was adopted from china. i grew up in virginia and it wasn't until i was about 18 when i started to be curious about my birth parents. >> reporter: after submitting her dna to 23 and me and several
8:41 am
other asian dna companies amanda was contacted about a maternal match. >> when i saw the email i think my heart just kind of dropped a little bit. i was not expecting it. >> reporter: amanda now cherishing the new relationship she's building with her birth mother. >> when people hear my story i just want my story to be able to empower and encourage them to go along their journey they seek. >> reporter: for "good morning america," janai norman, abc news, new york. >> what a great story. the movie "found" is streaming now on netflix. ginger. george, i have good news for the cougar rock fire up to 40% containment. 145 acres burned, but something they're going to be keeping an eye on because it has been so dry, so warm, denver actually has had a very late and still haven't had a measurable snow. they could end up having their latest and on top of all that warmth, big time, so the dry conditions are still out there. red flag warnings for much of the central colorado and wind alerts into west texas, we are looking for that kind of big picture to stay above average as far as temperature goes,
8:42 am
november through january for much of the nation. but that includes the rockies there. oh, we are so excited right now to welcome aunjanue ellis. we know her from "if beale street could talk," and now she's in "king richard" and let's say hello now. there she is. that smiling face, aunjanue ellis, it is good to see you. how are you? >> good. how are you? >> i am great. i will have you know that i just got a talking to from robin roberts who walked over across the studio, pointed in my face and said you better tell her that she brought it in this movie. i'm sure you're hearing the buzz and the talk but what is it like to hear what you have been
8:43 am
hearing about not just this movie but your performance in it? >> well, first of all, hello, mississippi girl, robin roberts. how about that? and, yes, we're so proud of you. anyway, it's so exciting, you know. i have always been a fan of the williams family, the venus and serena, and now i'm a fan and i've always been a fan of the williams family so i'm just so excited that people are going to know who this family is and was, which is just a family built on love and they had this crazy dream and they all believed in it and they made it happen. >> and you say you're excited for folks to see this family and the title of the movie is "king richard." look, if anybody knows anything about the williams sisters we think so much oftentimes about dad, richard, who helped drive them along but for you this was very important that they need to see momma and what momma did in
8:44 am
this family. >> yes, yes, yeah, i mean, i in my experience i, you know, preparing for it i saw that miss williams described -- miss price described herself as a coach and i just had kind of a cynical response to that thinking, you know, she's a mother, cheering for her daughters but she's not, you know, a coach, and then i started preparing for the film and saw that she was as much their coach as mr. williams was their coach. he would be on one side of the tennis courts. she would be on the other side of the tennis court. she trained so she could teach her daughters how to play, so i'm so excited that people are going to know the truth about oracene price. >> let's take a quick look at a clip and ask you about it on the other side. >> i fixed serena's serve because you messed that up. >> you did what? >> i fixed that toss because you
8:45 am
messed it up. i'm here, i been here dreaming and believing just like you, you just don't want to see me. >> so what you want? what you want? you want a thank you? >> that's all right, richard. that's all right. i don't need your thank you. unlike you, i don't need the world to tell me i'm great. >> whoo! >> oh. oh, my goodness. man, have we all had that talking to at some point in our lives. tell me, on this, so much talk and rightly so, will smith is fantastic in this movie, but he is this big movie star, he's larger than life, one of the nicest guys you'll ever run in but you go toe-to-toe and what was that like? >> well, we lived in these characters, my being miss oracene, he being mr. richard for over a year, for about a year because we started working in january of 2020. we worked for a couple of months
8:46 am
and then we had to shut down and then we came back in september and we worked until december, so we lived in the skin, he lived in the skin of richard, i lived in the skin of oracene, so by the time we got to the scenes i was ready, you know. we were ready. so we were -- we didn't even rehearse that. we just -- we felt what we were both saying, all we needed was the words and, yeah, we were ready to battle that day. ali/frazier that day. [ laughter ] well, aunjanue ellis, it is an absolute pleasure to have you here to talk to you. your performance is nothing short of fantastic so thank you. see you down the road, okay? >> thank you so much. thank you. >> folks, "king richard" opens in theaters tomorrow and will be available to stream on hbo max. coming up here, the stars of "mrs. doubtfire: the musical"
8:47 am
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♪ ♪ we are so excited to have a very special performance from the cast of "mrs. doubtfire: the musical." shut down just three performances in due to the pandemic but they are back. now with an official opening on december 5th. you guys ready? let's do it. welcome rob and the cast of "mrs. doubtfire: the musical." ♪ ♪ ♪ every road you took was a dead end street didn't have a penny to your name ♪ ♪ running out of chances headed for defeat, i tell you you were barely in the game ♪ >> hello. ♪ and then, bam you hit the ball
8:50 am
out of the park yeah bam you took a shot and hit the mark yeah ♪ ♪ you're in the rhythm ♪ ♪ i got my groove on man you're rocking now ♪ ♪ bam, you're rocking now ♪ ♪ ♪ >> sing it. ♪ ♪ bam, you hit the ball out of the park, yeah, bam, you took a shot and hit the mark, yeah ♪ ♪ you're on the road ♪ ♪ i got my groove on ♪ ♪ bam, you're rocking now ♪ ♪ bam, you're rocking now ♪ ♪ bam, you're rocking now ♪ >> mrs. doubtfire, you are too good to be true. >> oh. ♪ ♪ bam ♪
8:51 am
♪ bam ♪ ♪ bam ♪ ♪ bam ♪ >> let's party! ♪ whoo ♪ come on put your hands up. come on put your hands up. what do you say what do you say now ♪ ♪ it'll be all right as long as there is love ♪ ♪ yeah, love will make you better ♪ ♪ it's gonna be all right as long as there is love ♪ ♪ as long as there is love ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
8:52 am
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8:55 am
"world news tonight" anchor david muir is filling in for amy today. >> emphasis. today. >> emphasis.
8:56 am
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. jobina fortson has a look at traffic. jobina: the good news here is that most of the crashes we were following have cleared and so has the fog in walnut creek. this is a live look at 680. the southbound traffic average speeds will be tracking around 17 miles an hour. the blocking problems we had at the bay bridge toll plaza have been down as well, but you will be under the limb -- limit on your way to san francisco. mike: let me add on to the good news. the visibility is up to two miles in concordat so we are starting to see the lens reverse, but on shore, and start to push some of that fog away. we will be taken on by high clouds ahead of our chance for rain tomorrow morning.
9:00 am
light showers. a one on the impact scale. reggie: we will se >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan." today with the new film, "quote click click boom" it's andrew garfield as we continue our holiday gift ideas. also 'tis the season to light up the night. how you can be part of "live"'s festival holiday content. all of that on "live." and now here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. >> ryan: good morning. [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ i look forward to that so


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