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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  November 19, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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story.. checking in again.
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live on the partial lunar eclipse being checking in again live on the partial lunar eclipse being viewed around the world right now. there it is. this is the longest-lasting partial lunar eclipse in 580 years. it's visible across all of north and south america as well as australia and parts of europe and asia. the next lunar eclipse this duration won't happen for another 648 years. president biden is considering a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 winter olympics in beijing over china's human rights abuses. the symbolic boycott means that u.s. dignitaries would not attend the games, but american athletes would still participate. others have been calling for the protest as china cracks down. concern is growing over the state of a chinese tennis star. she has virtually vanished since accusing an official of sexual assault.
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now some of the biggest tennis names are calling on china to prove that she is safe. abc's andrea fujii has the details. >> reporter: this morning, the search intensifies for missing tennis star peng shui. as those concerned for her safety cast new doubt on an e-mail she supposedly sent, claiming she's okay. the women's tennis association doubts the e-mail's authenticity. >> i don't think there's any validity in it, and we won't be comfortable until we have a chance to speak with her directly and make sure that she knows that we're worried about her, that we have the ability to provide support to whatever level she wants. >> reporter: the e-mail said the sexual assault allegations she made were not true and went on to say, i am not missing, nor am i unsafe. i've just been resting at home and everything is fine. thank you again for caring about me. peng, a former top-ranked doubles player, hasn't been seen in nearly three weeks since posting the assault allegations on social media. her post was quickly deleted. and all mentions are being wiped from the internet in china.
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the chinese government even censoring cnn when reporting on the story. >> the story that literally they don't want you to see. when we tell it, government censors block our signal. >> reporter: amnesty international is demanding china prove that peng is safe. and serena williams tweeted i hope she is safe and found as soon as possible. this must be investigated, and we must not stay silent. beijing's foreign ministry says it has no information on the case. a spokesman saying, this is not a diplomatic question, and i am not aware of the situation. the white house says it has seen the reports about peng but has no additional information. pressure is mounting on china as beijing is set to host the winter olympics next year. mona? ike? coming up, the shift in strategy for apple's new electric car. we'll show you what it looks like. and the plan to scrub the atmosphere of excess carbon
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dioxide by sucking it right out of the air. you're watching "world news now."
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apple is kicking the development of its electric car into high gear. the company is now shifting its attention away from a conventional electric vehicle to a fully self-driving car. apple is hoping the car will hit the pavement by 2025. no word yet on how much it would cost. we're now seeing an innovative solution to reduce carbon emissions by sucking carbon dioxide right out of the sky. >> a facility in iceland is already up and running and scrubbing the sky like a giant air filter. ginger zee went there. >> reporter: iceland, not only a wondrous nation with so much to
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offer, 20 miles from reykjavik you'll find this power plant. >> we are standing here in the mossy lava fields which is actually a volcano. so we are harnessing the heat from the underground to produce electricity. >> reporter: part of that emissions-free electricity now powers another nearby climate change fighting machine. meet orca, icelandic for "energy." it's the largest direct air carbon capture facility in the world. and it just opened in september. its giant fans and filters can remove 4,000 tons of co2 every year. it's all part of a joint project with carbfix. the two companies working to clean the atmosphere by taking co2 from the air and turning it
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into stone. >> there's no magic, it's a natural process and turns the co2 into stone, like 95% turns into stone in less than two years. >> reporter: so it mineralizes on the stone and the water is left for the regular reserve. >> yeah. >> and really, iceland is the ideal place to do this because all of this is being run. if we were running it with coal-fired plants it would be so backward. they do want to scale this up fast. once the carbon is captured, you see those gray pipelines? it is mixed with water, kind of a fizzy water. it travels into these igloo-like structures. now once inside the igloo, it is injected a half-mile below the earth's surface. >> this is more or less an oversized soda stream machine. it makes carbonated water. >> reporter: the carbonated water is pumped into the ground, released into the volcanic
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basalt rock and mineralizes in less than two years. both companies say what happens in iceland dt veay celand.nd more interest. up to millions and hundreds of millions and eventually billions of tons over the next 30 years. >> reporter: at that scale, it could make a huge dent in the rapid warming of our planet. >> a number of technologies that we have to bring to scale rapidly. but the good news is that those technologies exist. so we have to get to work and do it. >> our thanks to ginger zee, and be sure to catch our abc news live climate crisis special, saving tomorrow, our wonders, airing on our digital channel at 8:00 p.m. eastern, 9:00 pacific. this is something that ginger zee holds near and dear to her heart. it's important to all of us. we talk about saving the planet for the next generation. it's nice to see people are using technology and innovation to make this change. >> oh, absolutely.
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it's fantastic to see what all these smart people are doing to make sure we fix this issue. >> definitely. more to come. itely. more to come.
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