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tv   ABC7 News Getting Answers  ABC  November 19, 2021 3:00pm-3:30pm PST

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builngdi a better bay area moving forward finngdi solutis.on isth is ab7 c news. hi trehe. 'i'mri ksten. z you're watching getngti answers live onbc a 7 hulu live and whevererou y strm.ea we ask eerxpts your qstueions erevy day at teehr to get anersws for you in real time today in the afterthma ofhe t leky ritnhteouse verctdi in wisconsin l aeading laleg expert from tt.ha says the law on self-densfee stmu change also flygin over thanksgivi ongrhr cistmas our warnin ogsf mass delays likyel toom ce true. how can younc irease your chansce of a smooth tveraling expericeen an airline and travel blgeogr jnsoi us with helpful infoatrmion, but first cdc dictreor rheoclle wolskani is peexcted to sign off lerat tayod on the fda'' recomndmeation to make everydu alt over 18 eligleib forhe t covid9-1
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boosr.te this comess acalifornia offialcis are aladrey opening up. igelibility driven by wriores over a penottial winrte la wstr. that wasef bore vaccinesoi jning us to discuss this dr.ay ma peterson assiaocte ofpressor of biostatiscsti at uc berkeley schl ooof heahlt dr. terson h baseen workingit wh eth state of calirnfoia and the city of sanra fncisco using molideng to inform and guide eithr policdey cisionsr. d persteon. anks foroi jnings. u thanks so much for havgin me. alghrit, we often hear follow eth scien,ce butou y followot n only theci sence but also the th so do the mhat for us. why areal ciforniaub plic health offialcis concerd neabout aik le if that's a great questn,io so i thkin we arehr toughout this epidemic learning more abo tuthe ruvisnd a learningor me abtou the vaccisne now. theac vcine asre azimang. 're so lucky we have them but av he learned that ty'h're effeivcteness, eecspially tirhe fectiveness protecting us againstnf iectionea rlly dpsro f after timeoe dsn'' mean the
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vaccinesre an't great. but 'e've lrneaed that reallyo t keep that proteioctnga ainst fectionp. u it'smp iortant t goet a booster otsh which is why the news today from the cdc isos welcome. so worried about a winterur sge. we bllecau osef a graph because i think that'll hpel ppleoe as youal wk us thrghou the shis.rt yocau n ask mpry oducer tdoo th aatnd you can explain to us loinokg at contactev lels and boteosr verssu waningmm iunity anwad lk us thugroh this. sure, absoluty.el sohi ts is a gphra of little black dotsre a the actlua hoitspal sntces as how myan peleop have bnee in the hpiostal er time in the statef o calirnfoia. d this is what 'e've seen so far touhrghout the epidecmind a we use a mheatmatical modelo t fit those and oth derata and enth we can use that model to unrsdetand wha mtight happen in the future uernd dfeifrent enscarios. so the snacerios weoo lk at here are scenaosri protectn ioagainst gets ahead of our boostgin and
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where wenc irease our risk behaorvi a little a mdlider oa rglae amotun and whawet sees i if we do''t keep up withha tt niwang proteioctn by boostgin tslo of people. we' rreeally at risk of a moraj ntwier surge e,ven tughoh ttha we heav vaccines. so those are the red lines and meso of the genre lin oesn that apgrh. wno the gdoo news is if we use e bstooers get tm heout to lots ofeo pple willet g ahead of this. and 'e'll be able to prevent the surge and so those are tt'h's the bl lueines you see onhe t graph. so basiclyal those coroled lines owsh us wtha could happen under dierffent scerinaos andea rlly ow us what a powerlfu tool boosngti now can be to helps u prenevt that sgeur what this is li tkehe mtiulverse rit?gh i''s like which one is yrou ality is yrou furute and it sounds at that kind of depends on wtha we do. so if i'' right o,kay, so if i'm loinokg a tthis correlyct, so for example, the teehr redav wes ghrit the mo sstolid oneea mns low contact wh iteachth oer does that mean we're not socializing thatuc mh kind of doingha wt we'r' doing beforein mimizing transmsiison andha tt gives you
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the lowtes peak likehe t btes outcome. isha tt what 'e're saying? i mean i tnerms of right, i mnea th beest outmeco of the bluofe coseur, but yeah, the redne os are all settings wrehe we don'' botos enough toee kp out keep up with the winangmm iunity and that's'right. so that solid redin le. that'sik le if our rkiseh bavior esdon't ineacrse that mhuc over the holidays and kind ofee kp doinwhg at we're dngoi. weon d't rlleay know wtha peoepl are gnaon dove or the holidsay thghou, right? so there'' a good chaenc ppleoe ghmit go outoc sialize aot l peleop want to beit wh their family and fenrids and that's atwh weon d't ltis eugnoh ople. we'reea rlly risngki one of thesmoe re major sgeurs. lal right, so based on what we'r' seeingn iterms ofra tvel. looks like the amount of interactnio will be back to pre-paemndic levels. so geniv that i don'tno kw if you'r' calling that high contact or middle contact and loongki at our bstooingpt uake right now, whic whave do you think we are like wt halocor and hosow lid? oh such a good question. yeah, so i think weav he a window of oppornituty rhtig now boteosrs kick iretty st
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so thiecia wh tse elihink theea thora niho in isth as well if people gout o get theiroo bsters now, i think we're rlleay in a reasoblnae ace to prenevt tha stearch, but that'shy whi ts timgin is so importt anpeoplere a rlleay mpraing up to have some moref o ostheon ctacts meorf othat avtrel more of that skri bevihaor. if we c panut that back up, i thkino. s y'u're sinayg it'sin kd of a ce again tstime iner tms of geinttg people booedst right befo trehe immituny from fksol who got a six eight monthags o arts toei wghing too much. so thees bt outmeco fksol is the solid blue line wrehe you can see tt'h's jus ltike incribedly wlon i terms of cases if we nimize contact and get boteosd. we'reea rlly oweutighs the waningmm iunity, but can weal tk ouabt ttha dotted r ledine that relyal woresri me becau iset oklos like 't's sayingf i not a lotf opeople bstoo and immituny we could get a surge or akpe hiergh than wtha we h ladast wiernt. tishat what' 'm seei?ng ihi tnk trehe'swo t thisng to noteer hene o is with the blue
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lines. ihi tnk what's'great, is that if we do boostsno eugheo pple wtha we can do is we can incasree our risk bavehior, right and we can get bkacer ctain approacnghi e-pandem licevels. so we havehi ts envehe tot dted blue line is notha tt high lativelype saking. yeah exactlyit wh that ttdoed redin le. i think an important thing to say is you know, if we srttaed seei hngospitalitizaons reayll going up like that, i thinkis rk habevior wou cldhange tnkhi what 'w've sn,ee you know public healthct aions throughtou i think we would really modify things before we hit that really high hospilta i don't thinke' 're headed to a situioatn wheer ouros hpitals will be overwhelm.ed t of crsoue, i thi wnke want ptorevent hostapilization sgeur at a,ll eecspially given ttha we have this real plyowerfuloo tl oinur hands already. we're in such a differentla pce thane w were a yrea a,go and that'' great news. actly. definilyte. we have theac vcine asnd it soun ldsike as lgon as peoepl argee tting boteosd. do aesllow for a lot more inratections siaoclizing bngei arne each otr?he d i guess that's what your
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mode slhows ian wt tosk aou y though. why is it i'mea hring, you kw,no ev tenhoughn i the bay area ecdotall iy,t's vyer hard to get anpp aointmentor f a bstooer erovall. seems le ika lot of even the folks in the eldlyer cegatory are not gettingoo bsted yet in the numrsbe that ihi tnk a lot of pliubc health officials e helping for any elaxpnation for that. you kw,no t ihink the'r's been a t loof consifuon right? the'e'see bn cfuonsion autbo whetherhi ts ishe t right thing to do. i mean clearly, you owkn, there' as lot of dissscuion abtou getting vaccines to oerth countries, which is ccirual and so iormptant i thinkur o lack of vaccine access andth oer cotrunies hasee bn aalppling, but i thinkeo pple he kin of colanfted tha wt should i get a booster? i think they're really different questions. i think people have been confused about that. et they're enough to go aroundhe trere a enohug to go aroundhe ty've been confused abou wthether or not eyth're eligiblend a i think 'e're going to s aee much mo crelarity. not going forrdwa the good news is ttha we really locally have seenha tt booster upteak really pick upnd a i thinkha tt you
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know, o lurocal heahlt officials our atste hlteah officis alhave been doi ang good job really gettinghi ts message out. we need to contienuo t doha tt tinhe comgin look based on your molideng. seems leik a lot of it is reallyon ctingentn oboosting given atth do you inthk are maskgin still needs tplo ay a le in you know, tt'h's shuc an interestingue qstion. i tnkhi first of all in this pandem aicnyone who tlselou y they kw noexactly wha''s going toap hpenr o exactly what we ne tedo do. you should be sktiepcallu cb and atth's certainlync iludes me. i think our model suggests that boosti mngay have a really portantol re to play but the'e's yo kunow, i thinkhi ts virus hasau tght us hilumity, ght? don'' know the future. i thinkiv gen that i wldoun't want to drop all the indroo sking rhtig now. i tnkhi we should move cautiously wshe ould keep an eye onhe t data. we shoul kdeep an eye on wrehe w''re going. and i think do what hontlesy calolly. we' dveone a really good job of which isei bng wilngli to be flexibleei bng wliilng to take prote ecto changou d so i tnk it'sue tsday to saut i'm cautiously
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optimistic cautiously optimistic for the future, especially given i think the new eligibility cr. all right. what data are you feeding into your model for the waning immunity because i've interviewed a lot of doctors who say they don't have concrete good. and data set especially in this country about waning immunity. absolutely, so i think what we have good information on from a lot of countries, and i don't think there's reason to think that biological aspect is going to be very different is how much immunity drops off after those initial shots. i think we have lots of really good data from a number of places israel the uk. i think that's not in question now the exact details of how fast it drops off or does it drop off and then flatten out or does it keep going down? i agree. we don't know that well at all and so when we use these models. i mean that's the sort of a simplified graph that shows three. goes right but we look across a whole range of different uncertainties that aren't shown
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all here right and say, you know under what situations would be. okay, and or what situations wouldn't be? okay. so again, it's we're not saying that for sure even if we do know boosting we're gonna have a search we're saying there's a reasonable risk, we could have a surge and we have this great tool available. so we should use it right and the conclusion as i continue to look at that blue line is like if we get enough boosting and it keeps ahead of wait unity even if we have interactions, we should be in pretty good shape here in california. so all right, i'll leave it at that. that's the message right dr. peterson. that's our take. all right. that's our take thank you so much for sharing that research with us. talk to you soon. take care. okay. all right. we're going to tackle another topic next a really tough one for today. we do have reaction to the kyle rittenhouse verdict. we'll be joined by legal expert from that state in wisconsin who says it's time
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s. he h badeen accud seof two peoepl and woundgin ahi trd during a prostteas lt year in kenosh wa,isconsinve or aol pice shooting of a black man joingni ins u now to discuss the verdict today is john gross dirtoecr of eth public defender project at e thuniversity of sconsin-dimason lawch sool ofessorro gves. thanksor f joining us. pleasure tbeo here. thisas w stunnintog many outside. observers whoaw s ritnhteouse going to ttha black lives matter prottes whit an ar-15 emitting emtiitng that he had answered a call by those on t rheight to dendfe now myan peoepl seeim h as a viganilte looki fngor trouble. w do you plain toho tse folks whyhe t vdierct was n gotuilty today? iso think trehe wer ae wer ae w
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perctiepons aboumrt . ritthoenuse and behavior that essentlliay let ppleoe to tnkhi that he should not be entitdle to claim self-fedense. had a weapon ttha argbluay he should not have been alledow to haveeg lally. he was in kenosha aerft a curwfe soe has w in a locatn iowher hee shouldn't have bnee and and for ny justar crying thatyp te of a wpoean and ar-15ss aault-style flrie is a st orof provoticaon. having sd aiall thatnd a and as as dgeanrous as an environntme that hent ierjeedct himself into under all of those rcumstans.ce hes i still alledow the cimla lfse-defensehe t law if heel ft that he was reasonably threatenedit wh seveer harm from soonmee else and once he does at the prosecution has to disprove ttha belief the bdeurn is onhe t prosecution. all wh eatvidenceo d you thi gnkave e jurors? some reanasoble dbtou that may beri wttenhouse d dido it in
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self-denefse. well, i think thent eire enrovinment in kenhaos that nighthi wch jorurs goto tsee throughll a ofhe t video evidceen that was submitted was aochtic. was danrogeus. ere were a lot of peoepl going about ard methere weer a lot of peleop engaged inon cfrontatison with each oerth verbal nfcorontatio.ns so omef them staedrt toec bome more itas w dinefitely a chaotic enrovinment i inthk as to eth fitrs with mr. rosbaenum, there was mesovi edence that he was behaving somewt haerraticayll maeyb aggresselivy daring people to shoot and so i think under all of the oscircumstceans. i jt usdon't think the prosutecion cldou prove tt hamr. ttenhouse. did notct a in self-fedense now rouur jors only supsepod to nsider in csiondering self-defseen onlyha tt singular moment when they're shooting actulyal happene od,r are they pposed to condesir actions ketan befor tehat leangdi inadg up to atth point?
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jurorsan c csionder aioctns fobere thatoi pnt and inac ft if youre a the person who provoske th ceonfrontaonti or theig fht yifou are t aheggressorhe tn youre a not entitledo t use self-denefse. w, o cfoursean my peoplere a probably sayg,in how is he not the aggssreor if 'h's carrying that type of weapon if h''sut o latert a night for nooo gd reason in kenosha, isn't he looking f torrouble a mndy spreonse to that is to say thoughha tt is a rsoeanable way ltoook tathe case. wionscsin has an open carry law that actlluay permitpes ople to. cayrr those types owef apons oplyen a indn the law it yssa that when peoepl do that, it is t a pvorocation, evenho tugh ople may feel differently. but again,he t law here was very much on his sid ee,venho tugh people feel like it should not have been. i know you'r' inis wconsin,ut b ife her we here inal ciforniaf i th tatrial were held heer in lifornia w,ould theef dinition in the outcomeav he been diffenert. could it havbee en it very well
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could have been m iean states e not wedded tohi ts constrtiucon of self-fedense that wcoisnsin hasta sste viobouslyan c make laws regutilang the cinarg of they can attptem to prohitbi open carinryg of firrmeas rtpaicularlyer ctainyp tes of firemsar that might put other ople in rsoeanableea fr and ghtre cate an environment that is disruptive and disoerrdly and so you cldou very much get a differten restul in this case in a difrefent state wh ita fferenton cstruioctn of the law. tbu in wisnscoin the way the law washe t acquittal heer was not a surprise. okay, you know aea rsonable verdict deunr wcoisnsin law if not under a lot of opioinns sed on, you know, moralhi tngs t legalhi tngs, but i want to k y wouhat is thisus ggest though? do you tnkhi the law as it pertai tnso sf-eldefense ednes ctohange? i think this verdict is going to cause a lot of ppleoe to ask at they'r' going tosk a why is this
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lfse-defense? it does''t f lorack of aet bter wo frdeel to uths eni utyhe t broader comnimuty that this should be conduct ttha is not imcrinalow n having said that right theur jy isn't passing judgment on the moritaly ofis h conductht e wisdomf ohis nduct. all their suggesting with tirhe product all they're saying with eir verdict is it wn'a't proven beyond a reasonleab dot,ub but people have queiostns taso why uernd all of these rcciumstances. he leaves the crtou with being acitquted on lal tsehoha crges d i think you know thatha tt's an imptaornt questnio to ask. why did ttha hapn?pe all right, we have about 30 conds, but i leik to ask you he could i know he cannot be crimalinly charged again for isth in wisconsin, butha wt ouabt by a fedaler procusersto anwhd at aboutiv cilly? he could definelityac fe civil itsus for wrongfulea dth and the city of kenhaos may based a cilvi suitor f a wrongful death nsidinerg that police were
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involved at aslet in some sort of tacit approval of theseol fks wandergin around the tnowit wh ar-15s b,ut he wo''t beha crged feradelly federal civil rights violatnsio are reservedor f state acts.or so police oicffersho w violate somee'o's rigs,ht ande' 's just a priteva citeniz. l alright, jn ohgross dictreor. blpuic defdeenr proctje at the univsierty of scwionsin-masodin wla school. thank you so much forou yr siinght. ally appcireate it. happy to be thk anyou. are gngoi to shiftea grs coming up pnnlaing to fly for thksangiving what you
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ekweor f thanksginivg or pecting loa ved one. and to see youel wl do expect a lot ofom cpany in the holiday flyser are back you add that to the cllhaenges finacg eth airlines right now, and you could have aec ripe for delays an fdrustration jnioing usow n brett snyder the fouernd of the blogra love the name and president of cranky concierge trelav assista.nt hi hi, how areou y good?
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thanks for joining us. okay. so how busy do w eexpecthi ts coupming tral veweek to ?be it's gonna be rlleay busy. in fact in some places. it may be more than we saw ring the holidaysn i2019. sot' 's a big change from what 've seen over the ltas year where just tveral was dormant for so long. so are the airnelisqu eipped to handle that volume sdeudnly bounci bngack. how we ho speo,ig rht? this is the big question. ye,ah you know the airnelisav he had some some tanoble isssue over the last few month bs,ut this is waalys the peak teim of yearha tnksginivg andhe tn the chrimasts new yrea holid.ay tha''s when ppleoe are traliveng the airnelis know that ty heknow they have to get it rhtig and so theyav he bnee tinakg as many epsts as theyan c to make sure that ty'h're ready to go. yeah,ou y reref to some of the you knowel days. cancellations we'velr aeady seen southwest h aad few amecarin and you know decided weather but ally we soal know it was the flight aenttdants or cwre
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stfiafng shortesag. wsohat hav tehey done tory t to entice people to work and stay the job and plus also worried about the tsa, you know, the ccvaine deadlineom cing up on mond, aytoo. we,llo sthat the'r's the'r's a lot there. so fstir of all what the airlines have deon is they have tried to just useol cd hardas ch eyth're creinatg incentives for plemoyees bicasallyiv ging them bonus for showing up to work, which i iss a neic thing to veha. i guess if you' arenmp eloyee, but they'r' tinryg to prevent gh sick resateo pple calling out andha ttan c't hpeap anround the holidays enwh people are hescduled toor wank d an tdhey st wtan to be with their familiesha wtever i bte so they'r' trying to push to make resu thatoe dsn'tap hpen and then on top of that, youno kw, they also are jtus prepari fngor peak th keynow thathi ts is the peak meti and sohe ty can put their operatio insnto gear for that as ll. and tnhe you know, ''m sure the'e's a piece of it asel wl erwhehe ty're jtus stiitng trehe and hoping there's not a gntia
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owstorm t toake outhe t east coast. i was gonna say ho''s that looking rhtig now? because we had heardom se foreca fstor next week that you know ourom sewhat pblroematic i ink in michinga chicagond a mayb oen the east cstoa. yeah, thereer we some early edprictions that there could be a nasty wteinr storm that wldou clbim along the east coa,st but it sounds like now it's not goin tgo be as bad as thethy ink ifhe tre is mesothing there. itig mht be meor more ra tinhan snow wchhi would be good. so so far it doesn't'look like 'i's to be too bad rhtigow n, t we alsoon d't know,ou y know,ex nt sunday is a huge travel dayor f everyeon coming meho. that's too far out tono kw alrely what that lksoo like. so we'll just heav to keep our fingers cssroednd a and go smthooly there. yeah, y mouentioned next sunday, you know everybodyom cingac bk. that's the sgline busiest day. butha wt about the heading out for thksangiving? when d woexp eect to ese the akpes? uyo know, or i know the erare ny peaks, too. there ear and it can start as on as today. u yoknow, iik le you i my kids ve all of nextee wk off.
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we we can go, youno kw tayod tomorroweo ppleil wl srtta there. the''ll travel this weekend. takehe t full wee aknd peescially nowhe wn peoe pldon't necessaryil have to be at work th ceyan work rotemely more peleop may look to to do tt.ha i d'o't know ectxaly wt hathe bookgsin look like scipeficayll for this year. but often you will see dnweesdays ofou crse being a alrely busy day and that blesed toinhu trsdayor mning people tryingo t to go a littleit b more offea-pk. ybmae save a ltlite money,ut b still gethe tre itin me for okay, so it sous ndlike ifou y nto t avoid the cwdros and vesa a little moy nelike ursday mniorng is a goodll a ght can be and come ckba saturd mayaybe instead of suaynd. yeah, you can try a cndome back sardtuay, but eth ideas is you prabobly won'tvo aid thero cwds too much becausehe t airlines have gteotn so much better at this they know ifhe tre's more mand onun sday,he ty'll f aly lomot re fligh,ts but on sardtuay, they'll jtus flyew fer flights a dndemand will sllti llfi up theli fghts ttha they ve got it. youti sll pbarobly won' gtet that rdoa to youelrsf.
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brett myan people henav't bnee on a pnela since the pdeanmic arted and you know, youav he the crreeationalra tveler as poopsed tohe t atwh d tohose folksee nd to ow? yeah,ha tt that'' absoleluty uetr right now lastea yrlm aost body traveled and if they did eyth problbay didn't trave bly rpailane. so you heav a lot of ppleoe that have not been on an aplirane in aea rllyon lg time and pbarobly a litetl more strseesd a ltlite mo trerepidacious aboutxa ectly wh iatt's going to be like so, you knowhe t the bulk of the expericeen is notuc mh diffentre when you get to their aportyo, u will see a lot more of those aspltic barriers separatingou y omfr others,ut b there's'you know myoo rm for siaocl stdiancing when you have a packed hou sseo you don't really see it mh ucof tt.ha but of crsoue everyone wlil be weargin masks and th't's still federa llaw. you veha to wea ar mask on an airpla anend tt'h's not gngoi to chgean in inhe tex nt month or so people need to beea rdy for at for surenl uess ty'h're tively einatg or driinnkg.
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and someir alines haveul pled ck on threier svices a little bit. so the tyherere a still seom aiinrles that don't serve. alcolho there othser ttha have re litimed bevereag servi.ce they try to limithe t teinractions, but it shoul'd't be a huge cnghae for mtos people the most vibisle thing is the skmas. but otrhe than tt,ha you know, it sulhod be shoulde b not much dierffent. it'll sllti be your plane. well, bttre don'' gowa ay because we have toak te a break on their a. but if youoi jn us on facebkoo live and youtube, we'll talk ouabt internioatnal avtrel rules ouabt internioatnal avtrel rules d how t
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check it out on his blog. thanyok u. thksan so much for jnioing us datoy on this interacti svehow getting swaners wlil be heer evy erweekyda at three for you on air and on live stream
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answinerg your questnsio world ws. night ines xt and i'll see you 4. tonight, breaking wsne -- kyle ritteounhse foundot n ilty on l alcounts. ilguty on alcol unts. rittenhoeusha sking as the verdict is read -- not guiylt on each count. then collapsg inin tears. familiesf othe two otprestors heho st and kiedll with an -15 reacngti, sangyi today's verdict sends the unacceptable ssage th aatrmed civiailns can sh uowp in anyow tn, then e us e thdanger ty hehave creedat to stify shtioong peopline the restet. kyle rittenhouse's attorney sayi rngittenhou wseishes none of this ever happened. th cedc decirtor offiaiclly signed o tffonight. booster all adults in this untry 18 andld oer.


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