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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 19, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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organizers want to condemn the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case. >> we the jury find the defendant kyle h rittenhouse not guilty. dan: he burst into tears and collapsed into a chair after hearing the jury found him not guilty on all five counts he was facing. rittenhouse killed two people and wounded a third last summer during a protest over a police shooting. his lawyers argued he was divining himself. the jury deliberated his fate over the course of four days before reaching the verdict. calm has prevailed in kenosha and the national guard is on standby. a large crowd gathered outside the courthouse where the verdict was read today. his supporters and those who wanted him convicted got into a debate on the steps as they learned he had been acquitted. ama:
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putting up barriers -- barricades. some businesses are trying to detect -- protect insults and damage. these buildings were boarding up glass windows on broadway at 19th this afternoon. dan: disappointment and anger from people immediately after the verdict was announced. laura anthony has more on the local reaction to the verdict. >> it was so unanimous, but they are not surprised. >> james taylor believes the not guilty verdict will resonate deeply with the black community even though the defendant and those he shot are all white. >> everyone in america seems to have common sense that if kyle rittenhouse was latino or black, everything would have been different. >> it's happening in kenosha but it impacts all of us, it impacts like people everywhere, the allies that stand with us and the demand of black liberation
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in this country. >> rittenhouse shot three people, killing two in kenosha. the attorney argued he acted in self-defense. >> there was no doubt he shot these folks, so the jury was asked do you find that he was justified in self-defense or do you find that the government has not proven beyond a reasonable doubt that he was not justified in that moment. >> they would say he created this environment so we should not get the habit of being able to claim self-defense is -- if he is the one who started the event by pointing the gun. >> the verdict is one of several across the country that police in the bay area are watching closely. another is the trial of three white men accused of killing a young black man, ahmaud arbery georgia. >> we are checking our intelligence, hearing from other law enforcement at the federal and state level.
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>> i think the more pressing case is the ahmaud arbery case. that is why al sharpton and jesse jackson are there. dan: we use the abc 7 news app to send out a push alert this morning as the verdict was reached, along as dutch as well as a link. download the app so you will be the first to know when news like this breaks. you can customize it to the topics and places you are interested in. ama: tomorrow it will be two weeks before -- when a toddler was killed in a shooting. >> the gray, wet weather outside the funeral service home matched the tone of the morning as community leaders around the bay area, friends and family streamed into jasper will -- wu's funeral. the pain was fresh as we invited -- were invited inside and
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watched these photos and images of jasper on-screen. out of respect to the family, i did not record video but was provided this -- these photos. words grandfather, saying the bullet his grandfather, saying the bullet cutie, but him as well. after the service, we went outside, family burned paper, toys and food, a way for the deceased to become double in the afterlife. heard the strongest message from the service by the fremont councilmember. >> as a first-generation immigrant from china, i can feel the pain. enough is enough. we need more support for local police. we need tougher laws. >> we all are responsive.
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-- responsible. i totally agree we all are responsible. despite our opinions about police, we have to realize there has to be safety in our community. so many families in this community feel unsafe. >> as the gofundme climbs toward a quarter of a million dollars, the family tells me they plan to donate a portion of the proceeds back to the community, the rest goes into a savings fund when they hopefully have another child. jasper's final words that played in the video today. you can hear the little boy saying in chinese, mom, i'm not gone, i'm just playing hide and seek. in oakland, dion lim, abc 7 news. ama: a preacher -- it breaks your heart. the gofundme has raised a quarter of a million dollars. find the link on our website. if you have information about the case, call crime stoppers at this number.
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it is on your screen. highway patrol also has a tip line. there is a $10,000 reward being offered to anyone with information that leads to the arrest of the shooter. dan: the mother of the antioch woman shot and killed yesterday on an oakland freeway is asking the shooters to turn themselves in. 29-year-old morris was killededd interstate 80. her fiance and two sons were alo in the car. her mother says her daughter was headed for a job interview in san francisco. >> the coroner told me the kill shot was a bullet that went through the phone and shot her in the head. she died instantly. no one would want to hurt her. my baby, she was the one that
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everybody came to. i can't see anyone coming after my baby. dan: authorities are saying little about the investigation so far, including whether the shooting was targeted or random. ama: san francisco police have yet to identify the man shot and killed by a officer at a hotel today. officers responded to reports of a man armed with a knife at this hotel. they are not seeing what led to the use of deadly force. hotel residents were stunned. >> i sought the yellow tape and i was like, what happened on my block? i found out it happened at my hotel. >> police say the man died after the ticket to the hospital. he was known to them. more information will be released in the coming days and they will have a meeting in the next week and a half. this was the second time san francisco police have fired on someone this month.
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dan: elizabeth holmes, founder of theranos facing 11 charges including wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. she talked about the early days of the company testing its blood testing technology investors. she is accused of misleading investors and patients. she's suspected on the stand monday and tuesday. earlier today the prosecution rested its case after calling nearly 30 witnesses over 11 we eks. ama: the fda and cdc says all adults can now get a booster shot of pfizer or moderna six months after your dose. previously adults 65 and older or at risk were eligible. locally demand for booster shots is rising quickly but finding an appointed has been challenging. in sonoma county, clinics are trying to make it easier for residents to find a shot in their neighborhood even without an appointment.
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cornell bernard found a pop-up clinic in santa rosa today. >> a line outside this vaccine clinic in santa rosa. kids, parents, teachers and neighbors getting first shots in boosters and you did not need an appointment. across town, this clinic has been giving 300 booster shots per day. >> we vaccinate anybody who will show up at the door. >> the clinic director wants to make getting a shot painless and easy. >> people are excited about being able to still walk in. sometimes it is difficult for people to make an appointment and make the appointment. >> i walked in and had my shot in 10 minutes. >> she just got her booster. >> i'm happy because the holidays are coming and i want to feel safer. >> i'm trying to feel desperate -- i'm trying to be careful, but it could not hurt to get a
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booster. >> sonoma county says it has enough vaccine to meet demand. they're trying to streamline the process on its website with a digital calendar where people can find a clinic near them on any day. >> we are closing in on 7000 people who have gotten boosters in the county so we have seen a good response and we want to keep that going. cracks for this location -- >> for this location we don't have any appointments here. >> in written county where officials a demand is higher, walk-in clinics are discouraged and finding online appointments has been challenging. sonoma county says it is operating eight to 10 vaccine clinics daily and anyone who shows up gets a shot. >> the convenience is what is getting people vaccinated. that is important. >> sonoma county says it hopes to keep offering walk-in appointments as long as possible, but making an appointment online is still encouraged. ama: we have looked up places in each county where you can get a booster shot.
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that is on /vaccines. dan: some on strike and some showing support, a big impact at kaiser hospitals and offices. find out what happened to patients today. ama: thousands of californians are being told they can receive edd benefits. michael finney finds out why. spencer: clouds are moving out, clear skies moving in. i will have the your heart is at the heart of everything you do. and if you have heart failure, there's entresto. entresto was proven superior at helping people stay alive and out of the hospital. don't take entresto if pregnant, it can cause harm or death to an unborn baby.
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an official message from medicare. did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums and lower prescription costs. that'll save you money. so uh, mark? on now. open enrollment ends december 7th use the plan finder at to compare medicare health and prescription plans. comparing plans really pays. paid for by the u.s. department of health & human services dan: nurses and mental health clinicians in northern
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california walked out in solidarity with engineers union which has yet to reach an agreement with kaiser. this had an impact on patient care in the bay area. lyanne melendez has the story. lyanne: kaiser union workers rallied in oakland for the second day. nurses joined the walk out to show support for engineers who have been on strike since the contract expired in september. >> we thought we were making headway and were going to get a fair deal, market value based on what other engineers make in the area. lyanne: kaiser argues that among -- with compensation and benefits, your engineers are well compensated. he says his job is getting harder without the engineers. >> they need to be back in the building doing what they do, we can't do our job without them. for them to be out this long
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makes no sense. lyanne: mental health professionals also marched to highlight efficiencies in their division. >> every time we have to tell them you have to wait six weeks or more between employments -- employments -- appointments, it is hard for them. and kaiser is not addressing this. lyanne: kaiser knowledge there is a shortage of mental health clinicians in hiring more of them is a priority. they have more than 300 open positions in california alone. today's walkout forced them to postpone nonurgent procedures and appointments. bay area hospitals had taken some of their emergency room patients. in oakland, leah melendez, abc 7 news. ama: food insecurity is a growing problem especially around the holidays, and as our team found out, disparities are getting worse in vulnerable neighborhoods in the area. stephanie sierra is digging into
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by one area -- why one area faces a disadvantage. stephanie: most of us don't have to think twice about getting to the grocery store but that is not the case for some people living in more than 100 low-income neighborhoods. all of them meet the criteria for a food desert. natosha hartman -- from the pandemic, she lives off 14th street south oakland, a neighborhood defined as a food desert, which does not mean there are not any grocery stores in the area that a large percentage of the population does not have easy access to them. her neighborhood is one of 600 in the san francisco oakland berkeley metro area considered food deserts. one third of the population in these areas are living organ half a mile away from the nearest food market or grocery store. with no car or bus pass, she
6:17 pm
walks. >> i walk about two or three miles without -- to get food. >> on good -- on a good day it is a mile walk, but on sundays it is closed and the grocers -- the closest store is more than a mile away. for sarah jordan, >> you could go to safeway. >> the problem is the price. cracks our food stamps don't last. >> her food stamp sees to lester and month, now buying the same amount it only lasts two weeks. >> when food prices go up a lot, and hits the lower income households particularly hard. stephanie: james wilcox is professor of economics at uc berkeley. >> some households spend more than twice of their income -- twice as much of their income on
6:18 pm
food as higher income households. ask there are more than 170 low-income neighborhoods in the metro area with food -- low food access. that is more than double than in the san jose metro area at 79. >> need is still high. >> he is the executive director of the community food bank in alameda county. >> is a problem getting worse? >> the problem isn't credibly high. we are still seeing high rates of food insecurity. our clients are not seeing normalcy other people may be seeing. stephanie: worked with nonprofits to distribute food to struggling areas during the pandemic. >> i just pray. stephanie: she hopes her neighborhood is next. >> you have to go with the flow. stephanie: for more analysis, click -- go to and click the equity report. we have been investigating
6:19 pm
disparities in housing, education, policing and the environment. there are also interactive graphs where you can search for updates on any of these topics from your neighborhood. ama: thank you. dan: the light storm that brought
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ama: an estimated 19% of all giant sequoia trees on earth have been wiped out by wildfires in the past two years. that number from a federal report. more than 3000 sequoias killed this year from fires sparked by lightning. with cruise -- some wrapped the most famous tree in a blanket to protect it in sequoia national park. dan: we did have some light rain around. ama: spencer with the latest. spencer: a patchy drizzle is left around the area, not widespread and not heavy. as you look at the live doppler, look at the some -- look at some of the green areas. we don't necessarily have drops hitting the ground but there is low level moisture, pockets around the bay area and in some areas there are a few droplets
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hitting the ground. it is diminishing. here is the view from emeryville, back toward san francisco it is -- 60 degrees in morgan hill and 55 at half moon bay. the view from the tower, if you run it clouds but skies are beginning to clear out a bit. looking down on san francisco, other temperature readings, 57 degrees is popular at santa rosa, napa, concord. cooler, 66 degrees at fairfield and here is a view from our camera looking at the bridge. fog and drizzle will diminish. sunny and mild weather will come our way over the weekend and the slight chance of a shower tuesday. dry conditions going into thanksgiving. forecast animation overnight will show fewer and fewer green areas as clouds fog. it will get pushed out to sea by an offshore flow, giving us a sunny start to the day tomorrow and to the weekend. overnight low temperatures in
6:24 pm
the mid to upper 40's, chile -- a bit chilly in ukiah. quite chilly. city six morgan hill, 67 santa clara, the peninsula and the same range, mid 60's, 66 at redwood city, palo alto. half moon bay downtown san francisco reach a high of six for tomorrow. in the north bay, a similar range of mid to upper 60's, 65 in san raphael, 65 at oakland an san leandro, 66 at the valley, mid to upper 60's as well here. next thursday, thanksgiving day. here is the day planner. in the morning we will have fog and low clouds lingering, about 10:00 a.m. it will be partly
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cloudy, the sun breaking through. temperatures ranging from mid to upper 50's. early afternoon, sunny with temperatures ranging 57 to 60 and a late afternoon, sunny skies with height overtures ranging from 58 to 622. sunny, mild and dry weekend. a few clouds enter the picture they. a slight chance of showers tuesday followed by mainly sunny skies wednesday. a nice dry, lovely thanksgiving. a sunny and to the week and the forecast. dan: perfect. a look at the growing reaction to the not guilty verdict in the kyle rittenhouse case and a look at how we got here. >> pandemic workers. why
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(music) ♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: reaction pou pou pou pou pu the jury decision to acquit kyle rittenhouse on all five charges. there is no arguing he shot and
6:29 pm
killed two people and another during a protest last year in kenosha, wisconsin. his lawyers argued it was in self-defense. he is white and so are the people he shot, some believe it will resonate in the black community. >> everyone in america has the common sense that if he latino or black it would have been different. dan: the protest where the shooting happened was over the police shooting of a black man. one of blake's relatives called this a tragic injustice. rittenhouse would have faced life in prison. ama: tonight he is a freeman. the verdict may be a surprise to some but experts say current wisconsin law worked in his favor. his attorneys claimed self-defense while the prosecution tried to convince the jury he provoked the crowd and went to the protest with the intent to kill.
6:30 pm
>> the jurors could evaluate what happened themselves. they asked to see the videos again. they were deciding a specific legal question. do they think the prosecutors proved beyond a reasonable doubt that it was not self-defense. i think those videos made a big difference. ama: legal experts say it is unlikely he will face any arrow charges. we have a -- federal charges. go to find your ally. dan: the ahmaud arbery case where three men are accused of killing an unarmed lack men in georgia. the defense rested its case this afternoon. travis mcmichael shot ahmaud arbery after seeing him run through a construction site in georgia. the defense says mcmichael, his father and their their their thr
6:31 pm
he thought he was a threat, but the defense say he posed no threat. >> he did not pull out any guns, any knife. >> no ma'am. >> he never reach for anything. >> no. >> he just ran? >> yes. dan: closing arguments expected monday. ama: an independent investigation is underway into what happened in the cases of 13 children rescued from their abusive parents in 2018. an abc news investigation found some of the turbine -- turpin children are still facing hardships. the abuse was discovered when jo rdan, then 17, escaped and called 911. she and her sister are telling their story for the first time. >> i had to make sure if i left we would not go back but -- and we would not get the -- and we
6:32 pm
got the help we went back there is no way i would be sitting here. ama: you can see the special tonight at 9:00 on abc 7. dan: the edd told one milli self-employed californians they may have two payback on and plymouth benefits they received during the pandemic. thousands more may be entitled to benefits they never got and it is reopening old claims as a result. it is confusing, who is entitled to money, who is not. michael finney is here to sort it out for us. michael: you will need to take notes. this is amazing. just one day after i reported one million or nearly one million gig workers may have to pay back unappointed benefits, the edd says more workers can get benefits because of new federal rules. about 100,000 californians, maybe you, may suddenly qualify
6:33 pm
for pandemic on a limb the benefits. that is money intended to get nontraditional workers through the pandemic. it seems late, but for 100,000 view, it could be a nice gift. >> it is nerve-racking to think we might have to pay back all of that money. >> you are giving me money but now you don't think i deserve it. where my going to get the money from now? >> i told you about salon o o and stylist, both got benefits s through the pandemic. now the edd is requiring them they are self-employed or pay the money back. it has opened the doors for thousands of others to claim benefits, too. >> people who qualify will be getting texts or other notices from edd. michael: new federal rules have
6:34 pm
expanded the pool of workers who are eligible for pandemic unappointed benefits. the benefits expired two months ago but these new claims will be paid retroactively. they were intended for gig workers, contractors and the self-employed. the group widened lately. >> this group is about 100,000 estimated by edd. it is a limited subgroup. michael: here are those who suddenly qualify. workers who infused a job offer ring the pandemic because the workplace was not adhering to safety rules like masking and social distancing. contractors who worked for school districts with unstable work schedules that reduced their income. anyone whose hours were reduced because of covid-19, even if the place of business stayed open. edd did not say what documents it will require to prove someone is eligible a year or more after losing a job opportunity. that hits home for those like
6:35 pm
einstein and heather who say they submitted their documents from the start. >> we are backpedaling. >> i will be ticked off if they tell me i over than a certain amount of money. that's what i'm going to be pistol off. -- pissed off. michael: you should get a text or email with instructions if you are one of these. if you think you qualify but you don't hear from them, let me know and i will check into it. i will contact them for you. dan: you have been contacting them a lot during the pandemic. thank you very much. ama: local nonprofits helping better -- build a better bay area and five found out they are getting a funding from google. >> this bill is monumental. it is historic, transformative, than anything we have ever done. dan: that is how democrats feel.
6:36 pm
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ama: a big step forward for president biden's messick agenda. >> the build back better bill is
6:39 pm
passed. ama: after months of debate democrats pushed through the bill overnight. it did not receive any republican votes. it offers universal childcare, dense --extends medicare, provides universal pre-k. there was a record with a straight eight hour speech against the bill. >> when i look at this bill, it angers me. we are better than this. you are spending so much money. ama: legislation heads to the senate where it still faces major hurdles even among democrats. senate majority leader chuck schumer believes the senate will approve built before christmas. vice president harris made history and briefly became the nation's first female axing -- acting president. president biden trance or power
6:40 pm
to her while he was under anesthesia for a colonoscopy. it was part of his first routine annual physical since taking office and he has resumed his duties. dan: that includes the annual turkey parted. he pardoned two turkeys, peanut butter and jelly. he cracked jokes while sparing them from becoming the meal. pres. biden: they were selected based on temperament, appearance and i suspect vaccination status. instead of getting basted, they are getting boosted. dan: a pretty good line. he also acknowledged the pandemic, thinking scientists and front line workers who developed and administered the vaccine and what an amazing job they did. a san francisco animal care and control is asking you to open up your heart this holiday season and adopt a guinea pig. the center says it is running out of room to hold all of the
6:41 pm
animals because adoption rates across the state have dropped. there are 20 guinea pigs at the center and a lot of rabbits too. the center is open for adoption every afternoon. adoption fees for guinea pigs are $10. ama:
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dan: a big honor and check for some bay area nonprofits making an impact. they will receive $1 million in funding. race and social justice reporter julian glover shows how they are helping better bay area and getting a hand from google. >> you are the winners of the google giveback challenge. ? -- >> really? >> that isat isat iss reaction when you find out your nonprofit won. $1 million in funding from the impact challenge. this will help them make their common app. >> it consolidates all of the
6:45 pm
services in one single non profit. -- application. >> we are working to end incarceration of girls and youth, we are so excited. this investment in our work means everything. >> poured through nearly 7 million applications to find the most innovated -- inventive ideas. >> grant programs allow these organizations to go deeper in the community, spread their reach, hire more people. >> a panel of judges including local leaders give money for the prizes. >> we are more than an afterschool program. >> the polyp -- public recognize that. the organization helps first jen
6:46 pm
heisel students adding to college and succeed in them careers. >> is having an impact in the bay area and with the students participating in our program. we are seeing our students graduate at a rate that is two times the national average. cracks home base -- >> home base also brought him funding for its work to end homelessness. >> it must not be an acceptable status quo. housing is a fundamental human right. >> i was ecstatic, overjoyed, thrilled. >> compass family services has been focused on reducing the number of homeless families for decades. this funding will support families and kids with mobile and virtual mental health services. >> we will be able to do more because referrals continue and continue to grow and we want to adhere to that therapy on demand. >> five more local nonprofits rounding up the top 10 for the
6:47 pm
2021 impact challenge also received half $1 million in funding and an additional 25 organizations taking home $100,000 grants. they are excited and grateful but it is time to get back to doing the important work of helping build a better bay area. julian glover, abc 7 news. very important -- ama: mary work -- very important work. spencer: we still have pockets of a light drizzle around the area but they will quickly scoot out of here between now and midnight. we will get some clearing in the early morning hours and start tomorrow with sunny skies. low temperatures will drop into the mid to upper 40's for most locations and farther north, lowe's in the upper 30's. tomorrow, bright sunny skies. high temperatures range from about 60 to 61 degrees on the coast to mid and upper 60's on the bay and inland.
6:48 pm
here is the 70 forecast, a sunny, mild weekend will give way to partly cloudy skies monday and a slight chance of showers tuesday. not worth posting anything on the storm impact scale because it does not look like it will amount to much. thanksgiving, sunny skies, mild conditions. dan: very good. ama: larry beil is here. larry: no steph, no dramond, dr, andre. no problem the warriors rest their stars welcome to this world. you have some big shoes to fill. people will tell you what to eat. everyone will have an opinion.
6:49 pm
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[ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin. now in sugar free liquid.
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>> sports with larry beil. larry: last night steph curry has his 38th game with nine threes. no one else in nba history has hit double digits in that category. tonight, no andre -- in the state of michigan. he had 22 in the first half, five at the break. andrew wiggins and the passing lane, flexion, throwing it down, wiggins with 27. kristi is a -- chris joseph - -way in the back, steph curry is
6:52 pm
pumped up. warriers feasting and beasting. this game went down to the final frantic sections. loose ball, pistons get it. frank jackson rounded out. time ru ns ou -- runs out. 105-102. they went 3-1. the stanford road team has not won in a long time. a rough season for the cardinal would be redeemed if they can prevent cal from winning the game. james barber is rambling -- she's garber -- chase garber. two completely different emotional takes. >> there is no greater feeling
6:53 pm
than winning the acts there is no worse feeling than losing it. in 2019 and we lost, i think it was the worst i've ever felt after a loss. chasing that feeling is pushing us this week. >> i remember the fans pouring onto the field like it was yesterday. overall a great win. we have had a lot of great wins at cal with my career in coach wilcox. we hope to keep building. >> you watch jacksonville and you can see why they be buffalo. it's not surprising when you watch the tape. i know the records and what people predict to be super bowl teams and not makes it a surprise but that is why everyone loves watching the nfl. you have to play very well to win consistently. i don't think people get how hard it is for the players emotionally and physically to do that every week. larry: we made the quick
6:54 pm
transition to kyle shanahan. the theme is coming off the best game of the season monday night, samuel wilde on the rams, the 49ers are in jacksonville sunday. the jaguars upset the heavily favored flow bills. -- buffalo bills. avoiding the letdown has been the focus. it does not sound like elijah mitchell is going to play because of a broken finger. some a's fans freaking out after finding out they made an offer on land in las vegas. they are still focusing mostly on their efforts at the howard terminal side in oakland, but they have gives as a option -- vegas as a option. it will be interesting when they identify this precise location. they have a number of sites. none of them are spectacular.
6:55 pm
not particularly close to the strip which is where you want to be. as aaron rodgers once said, relax. things are moving along. hopefully get the deal done. ama: coming up at 8:00, shark tank followed by 2020. diane sawyer sits down with the turbine children -- turpin children. don't miss the news at 11:00. dan: if you thoughts about what really matters. this time next week you will probably enjoying thanksgiving leftovers. it is easy to take having enough for granted but i try not to. the idea that in the richest country in the world, so many people especially children go to bed hungry is hard to reconcile. but the problem is not just a pocketbook issue.
6:56 pm
it is also about proximity. as we discussed earlier tonight, a surprising number of people in the bay area do not have easy access to good food even if they can afford it. they live in food deserts, meaning a significant portion of residents do not live within close proximity to a market or have no easy access to a car or public transportation to get there. what really matters is a continued focus on issues. i love to hear from you. let me know what you think on twitter, facebook. ama: that will do it for the abc 7 news news. i am ama daetz. dan: i'm dan ashley. have a nice evening and we will see you again tonight on abc 7 news news at 11:00. ama: holidays are
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and complete required activities. ♪ from the alex trebek stage at sony pictures studios, this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's contestants-- a catholic seminarian from portland, oregon... a poster librarian from los angeles, california... and our returning champion-- an engineering manager from oakland, california... whose 2-day cash winnings total... and now, hosting "jeopardy!"-- ken jennings! [cheers and applause] thank you, johnny. welcome back to "jeopardy!" everyone. our champion amy schneider could not be caught going into final jeopardy! yesterday. and she was the only one of the three players to come up with the correct response.
7:00 pm
she's proving to be a very impressive competitor. gordon and chi-nhan, good luck. let's play "jeopardy!" shall we? let's get into the game with these categories. first... ...airing this sunday. and finally... the letters j, e, and t will all show up in that order in all the correct responses. amy, start us off. the american music awards, $200. ♪ the way you hold me, hold me, hold me, hold me ♪ yeah. ♪ feels so holy, holy, holy, holy ♪ - chi-nhan. - who is justin bieber? - that's biebs, yes. - amas, $400.


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