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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  November 21, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward finding conclusion k solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> we are immediately stepping up police presence in the shopping areas. >> walnut creek responds after it becomes the latest city to be targeted by thieves seeking high end loot. good evening and thank you for joining us. you are watching us live wherever you stream. new security measures are in place in one east bay city a day after a brazen crime which can only be described as a flash mob robbery. take a look, more than 80 people stormed a nordstrom's store saturday night in downtown walnut creek grabbing whatever merchandise they could. we have details and there were some strong words coming from the mayor today. >> yeah, dion, you're right, the
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mayor calling for steep facilities for those that have been arrested. check it out, the street through broadway shopping district is now off limits to cars. it is closed with a very big police presence outside nordstrom's where police say as many 100 people rushed into rip off the store last night. >> there was a mob of people, the police were flying in. a scene out of a movie, insane. >> witnesses couldn't believe the chaos outside the store saturday night, a flash mob robbery unfolding. 80 to 100 people rushing into the store minutes before closing. police say two store employees were assaulted, one was pepper strayed. >> we received reports that people dressed in masks and dark clothing were running into nordstrom's. they were clogging the streets with their vehicles. they had crow bars and were running out with property. >> police say those cars, some with license plates covered helped suspects make a fast getaway. not all. three people were arrested.
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>> this is a terrible crime and i'm horrified to see this happen. happen anywhere, but especially happen in walnut creek. >> the mayor says security measures have been increased at broadway plaza. more police officers and street closures. >> this is obviously a coordinated activity. we realize this is an organized group of people working together. they're using whether it's email or social media to communicate with each other. >> in may 2020, the plaza was vandalized and looted. other stores were vandalized and looted by a group of people. police are investigating if the crimes are connected. >> i don't know that answer. only the people involved know that answer. >> that would have been so scary being a customer here and a worker here, my god. >> shoppers had meant their uneasy about the brazen crime. >> this is a beautiful community. you shouldn't have to fear walking down the freaking street. you shouldn't have to worry
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about a gang of people stealing materialistic stuff. >> the mayor calling for stiff penalties for those arrested. >> we will be encouraging the d.a.'s office to charge them with the highest crimes possible and ideally they will be spending a long time behind bars. >> now, police say some of the suspects could face felony charges. police are still reviewing the surveillance video from inside the store, they are asking the public for any information or any tips they can provide to get in touch with wall mutt creek police if you can help. live tonight, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> simply wild, thank you. walnut creek wasn't the only city hit by theevsz last night. the c.v.s. was closed because it says it was looted last night. when abc 7 news stopped by, we saw that the glass had been shattered on one of the doors. a sign says the store expects to reopen monday morning. according to our media partners
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at the east bay times, several marijuana dispensaries were targeted overnight. police say there were reports of an armed robbery and shooting along pendleton way near the airport at 12:30 this morning. the suspects were apparently confronted by two security guards and there was a gun battle. another security confirms shots were fired. >> we heard gunfire back and forth, back and forth, several. so i came out of the gate and seen guys laying on the ground. dion: oakland police have not released details on injuries, only saying that "officers contacted several victims." they did say one man was taken into custody. what a scene also in oakland, shots could be heard during a side show at 90th and mcarthur last night. a news conference will be held tomorrow to talk about this
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illegal side show activity plus the homicides, shootings, robberies looting, and all of the police shooting activity that happened this weekend. it also appears thieves went after the target stores in a ward. the one on whipple road as well as a store were reportedly hit. when abc 7 news stopped by the store, there was visible damage to one of the doors that was covered up by cardboard, so far no word on any arrests. well, moving on, if you are fully vaccinated, there is no reason why you can't enjoy thanksgiving with your family. that's the message from the country's top doctor as we head into the holiday season. americans are lining up for booster shots to get some extra protection. about 70% say they plan to spend the holidays with family and friends from outside their own home. >> vaccinated and you'll be boosted, too. your family is you good enjoy a typical thanksgiving meal, thanksgiving holiday with your family, there is no reason not
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to do that. dion: that is encouraging. dr. fauci also urged unvaccinated americans to get a shot to help prevent a new surge in infections. after weeks of steady declines, new infections are on the rise in 38 states. about 60 million eligible americans still haven't been vaccinated. you might need a mask, however, if you are celebrating thanksgiving in santa cruz county. an indoor mandate takes effect at midnight and covers private settings as a home as william. if people are getting together with others who don't live in the same household, they should mask up regardless of their vaccination status. businesses are also required to follow the guidelines starting tomorrow. obviously you can take off your mask while eating and drinking. all right, taking a live look outside, this is san francisco international airport where you can see the weather is clear, certainly good news for those traveling for holiday, but numbers from the t.s.a. show it has been busy, another 2 million
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people passed through the security checkpoints. the numbers are near prepandemic level and it is expected to remain busy through the week with next sunday being the busiest day as everyone heads home following thanksgiving. now, for those thinking about heading up to tahoe for the holiday, a couple of ski resorts have pushed back the opening dates. heavenly mountain and north star won't open until after thanksgiving weekend, despite the massive storm last month, the weather hasn't cooperated in recent weeks with milder temperatures. unless the forecast changes, resorts are going to have to rely on snow making machines to make their season a success. well, a solemn reminder today to share the road. the service remembering those who have been struck and killed on bay area roads and the message to all drivers. plus it's been nine months since tiger woods was in a car wreck that left him with major left injuries, today the golfer posted a brief video that showed just how much progress he has
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responders gathered to remember the traffic crash victims including the county supervisor that was killed earlier this month while out walking her dog. >> nobody should be dying on our streets because they're walking their dog across the street, nobody, not one person. dion: another event was held in san francisco in front of city hall. 25 people have been killed in traffic crashes in the city so far this year. people attending this event urged city leaders to prioritize traffic safety. they want speed limits to be lowered and streets to be designed to make it difficult for drivers to speed. tiger woods says he is making progress on the golf course. today he posted video of a practice session on social media. woods has not played in a golf tournament since his car accident in february. look closely, you can see there woods is wearing a black sleeve on his right leg. he takes a swing with a basket filled with golf balls. the 15 lifetime major champion suffered serious leg injuries
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when his car rolled over in an accident near los angeles. just ahead, it is one of the largest fan voted awards shows around. the american music awards are tonight and cardi b is making her hosting debut. we'll hear from her and get a preview of what to expect. dion: i'm meteorologist drew tuma, not a cloud to be seen this evening. we have a sunny start to the holiday weekend. we have all of the details if you're traveling across the state or across the country in the acuview forecast ahead. dion: a look ahead at 5:30. >> coming up on "world news tonight," breaking news, two of more than a dozen hostages kidnapped in haty now reportedly free, also thanksgiving travel bouncing back close to prepandemic levels and americans rushing to receive covid booster shots ahead of the
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dion: tonight americans will have the final say on who wins at the american music awards. they'll be voting on a rather unusual platform tiktok, five time a.m.a. winner cardi b is the host of tonight's show which will take place in los angeles. abc reporter elena gomez is on the red carpet with more on this story. >> excited about, like, yeah, like me. >> cardi b's excitement is justified, the five-time a.m.a. winner is no stranger to the show, but when she hits the stage this year, she is making her debut as host. >> i'm excited. i don't know why i'm i'm excited. maybe i'm excited to wear all of the clothes that i have because i'm getting fashion. >> in addition to fashion, it's also a night filled with the music industry's a- list. now that she has helped roll out the red carpet, cardi b is looking forward to reconnecting. >> i want to see friend bad bunny again. i haven't seen him in such a
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long time. my daughter loves b.t.s. hey, you know my daughter love you all. she love you all. >> with help from a song about getting her driver's license, olivia was pulling up to the a.m.a.'ses with most nominations of the night, seven in all including artist of the year. the weeknd is on her bumper with six nominations. new kids on the block and new edition will share the stage for the very first time. iconic groups have never performed together until now. ♪ >> and at the top of the show, the smooth sounds of silk sonic, make their performance debut as the night's opening act and up for three awards. dion: should be fun, cardi b always so entertaining. tonight americans will have that final say and the american music awards is your front row seat to all of the performances and more. you can watch it all right here
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on abc 7 at 8:00 p.m. taking a look, wow, a blustery start to the day in some parts of the bay area. this video taking this morning in oakland's rock ridge neighborhood. there were quite a few power outages today. a quick check of the websi websi says the power has been restored and it's feeling really nice. drew: if we hadn't had that storm so early in the storm system, we would have had fire concerns with the offshore winds. thankfully, a good start to our storm system. the vegetation has a lot of moisture inside of it. the week ahead, dry the next seven days. take you outside, a live look, we're wrapping up what was a spectacular weekend, yesterday and today, tons of sunshine, warm temperatures, you can see alcatraz, the golden gate bridge, the islands right there, they're 30 miles away from the golden gate bridge right here. very good visibility tonight and
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clear skies leading to another chilly night on the way. winds are breezy in our hills earlier this morning. they have slowly backed off this evening. they will continue to calm down overnight tonight. we'll keep the offshore component through the next 24 hours, another warm afternoon on the way for our monday. temperaturewise, look at these numbers, the sun has already set. we're in the upper 60s in the city right now, a warm evening in san francisco, 61 in oakland currently, 65 in san jose, 63 in santa rosa, 59 in brentwood. under the clear skies, it's a recipe for radiational cooling, any heat will cool off tonight. 30s and 40s, so tomorrow morning, grab the winter jacket once again, we will have the chill in our atmosphere. live doppler 7 high pressure is firmly in control over northern california. it sits there again tomorrow warming us pretty quickly. tomorrow, grab lunch outside, sunshine, 60s by the afternoon, we'll go into the upper 60s and
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lower 70s once again. if you love this weekend, i mean tomorrow is just an equally beautiful forecast. 68 in the city tomorrow, 70 in oakland, 72 in san jose, 70 in santa rosa. 64. if your travels begin tomorrow against california, stormfree. high clouds in southern california, a bit breezy in l.a., northern california, we are dry with total sunshine. in fact, if you are traveling across california over the next several days, monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, no rain to talk about unfortunately, we will find sunshine, that's good if you're hitting the roads oreilleways or even no the air, quiet weather across the west coast. in fact, the travel forecast, look at this, i mean on wednesday, if you're traveling anywhere, you got good luck, zero delays coming to our airports. the seven-day forecast, enjoy the sunshine, it's with us the next seven days, cool off on tuesday. if you're having thanksgiving outside on thursday, no worries, tons of sunshine, temperatures
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in the 60s, dion. dion: this is the forecast we like to see, drew, thanks. coming up in sports now. chris alvarez with a preview. chris: hopefully the sports cast you like to see, a sunday show case, the niners, second
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>> now abc 7 sports with chris alvarez. the chris: the 49ers showed flash of the 2019 super bowl team in monday night's win over the rams. today in jacksonville, san francisco used the same formula, control the clock, wear down your opponent. it is a pool party in
5:24 pm
jacksonville, only in jacksonville do you have a pool. samuel getting him the ball any way he can. 20 play, 87 yard drive, longest drive in nfl history since 2000. settling for a field goal. deebo from the running back to the end zone, 10-0 san francisco, plenty of niner fans, a sea of red making the trip. ensuing jaguars position, lawrence, he fumbles the football. the captain recovers, time to take a photo. next possession, jimmy g to brandon, six-yard scoring strike, seven catches, 85 yards in the score. jimmy g176 and two touchdowns, 20-3 niners at the break. a career high 79 yards rushing in this game. nine touches overall, 94 all purpose yards, he was a beast. and george kittle has scored in every game since his return. how about his third touchdown in as many games, get it to kittle
5:25 pm
on fourth down. 27-3, 49ers, san francisco had the ball for over 38 minutes and on defense, the florida native nick bosa, two more sacks today, 10 this season. niners win 30-10, 5-5 overall and the team finding their groove over the past few weeks. >> these past 14 days, i don't want to say changed our team, we're definitely moving in the right direction i'll say. we got to keep going. there is is a lot of football left to be played. >> we sat here after the arizona game, everybody trying to solve the problems. we got to stop turning the ball over, get a couple of turnovers on defense and special teams. that's what we have done the last several weeks. >> it's coming together the right time, we're getting in the back half of the season and getting hot. that's just who we are. i think that all along we have been trying to find that identity, trying to find ourselves and it's starting to show through. chris: to the warriors, an nba best 14-2 overall this season, golden state brings their three-game winning streak to home to take on the raptors.
5:26 pm
former warrior assistant coach luke walton is out as the head man in sacramento. the kings firing him after a 68-93 record in two-plus seasons, another former warrior assistant alvin gentry takes over as the interim head coach. number seven stanford women at gonzaga, anxious in the crowd, tied at 58-58. the foul. stanford would take a four-point lead. under 20 seconds to go. sierra walker buries the triple. gonzaga down one. for three, oh, that was so close and stanford survives 66-62 and dion, i'm throwing you a little bit of a curveball, what's your favorite thanksgiving food? dion: this is a great one. i'm all about the carbs, the stuffing, a ton of gravy on it. what about you? drew: i like turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, basically anything on my plate. dion: good luck, we will be here on thanksgiving, we can imbibe
5:27 pm
and eat together. chris: and watch football. dion: that, too. chris, thanks. art takes on the forums and the man we're about to introduce you to certainly ex-emilifies
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dion: jordanian artist uses sand and shadows to compose his signature textured paintings. now instead of plain canvas, he applies a paste of sand and glue to wooden frames that are left to dry.
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the textured canvas represents land and he likes to paint people's shadows on top of the sand, they are gorgeous, see you at 6:00. breaking news tonight as we come on the air. horrifying moments at a holiday parade in suburban milwaukee. an suv plowing into people injuring more than 20 victims. a vehicle speeding along the parade route and an officer running in pursuit. another video shows a little girl nearly struck. the details just coming in and word of a person of interest in the case. also breaking tonight we've learned two of more than a dozen people taken hostage in haiti have been released according to their church. the news tonight on their condition. the pair are among 17 people, almost all americans, including several children kidnapped and held ransom by a street gang. thanksgiving travel bouncing back.


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