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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  November 21, 2021 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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high-end loot. d i'm dione lin. new security measures a day after a brazen crime after what with can described as a flash mob robbery. they grabbed whatever merchandise they could. we are fell is live with new details and strong words from the mayor who did not minutes words, cornell. >> the mayor calling for stiff penalties for those arrested. it's a much different scene here the street through the mall is now closed. there is an increased police presence outside in order stroll police say as many as is 100 people stormed the store. >> there was a mob of people the police were flying in. >> witnesses couldn't believe
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the chaos out of the nordstrom store. a flash mob robbery unfolding. 80 to 100 people minutes before closing washing into the store. two store employees were assaulted. one was pepper sprayed amanda was shopping. >> i was panicking. i just knew it was a lot of people i didn't know why they were here eagle in people said go to the other part of the store. >> we received information that people with masks were inside the store. >> the suspects made a quick getaway. >> this is a terrible crime. i'm horrified to see this happen. it could happen anywhere, but especially in walnut creek. >> the mayor says security measures have been increased at broadway plaza. more police officers and street closures. >> this is a coordinated activity. we realize this is an organized group of people working
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together. they're using whether it's e-mail or social media to communicate with each other. >> in may 2020, broadway plaza was vandalized and looted following the death of george floyd. and luxury retailers like it louis vuitton were vandalized and looted by a group of people. police are now investigateing whether the crimes are connected. >> only the people involved know the answer. >> that would have been so scary being a customer here and a worker here, my god. >> shoppers admit, they're uneasy about the brazen crime. >>s that beautiful community. you should haven't to fear walking down the freaking street you shouldn't have to worry about a gang of people running here and stealing materialistic stuff. >> the mayor calling for stiff .s for those arrested. >> we will be encouraging the d.a.'s office to charge them with the highest crimes possible. and ideally they will be spending a long time behind bars. >> some of the suspects could
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face felony gun charges. now, a sign on nordstrom's door tonight says the store has closed early out of an abundance of causing. we're live in walnut creek i'm cornell bernard. dione: the cvs was closed today because it was looted last night. we saw the glass had been shattered on one of the doors. a sign was posted telling customer it is store expects to reopen monday morning. a -- several marijuana dispenries were target overnight. there was a report of an armed robbery and shooting along pendleton way near the airport at around 12:30. the suspects were confronted by two security guards and there was a gun battle. another security guard confirms shots were fired. >> on my way out, i heard gunfire back and forth, back and
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forth several. there was a guy laying on the ground. >> oakland police have not released details on injuries. only saying that "officers contacted several victims." they did say one man was taken into custody. what a crazy scene. also in oakland, the side show at 90th and macarthur was caught on video. oakland police chief plans to hold a news conference tomorrow to talk about this illegal side show activity plus, homicides, shootings, robberies, looting and a police shooting that all happened this weekend. it also appears thieves went after the target stores in hayward this one on rim road as well as hisperina boulevard. when abc news stopped by the store, there was visible damage to one of the doors that was covered up by cardboard. so far no word on any arrests?
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>> moving on now, if you are fully vaccinated there is no reason why you can't enjoy thanksgiving with your family. that's the message from the country's top doctor as we head into the holiday season. americans are lining up for booster shots to get some extra protection. about 70% say they plan to spend the holiday with family and friends from outside their own home. >> if you are vaccinated and hopefully you'll be boosted too and your family is, you can enjoy a typical thanksgiving meal, thanksgiving holiday with your family. there's no reason not do that. >> now, even so, dr. fauci urged americans to get a booster after is surge of infections. new infections are on the rise in 38 states. about 60 million eligible americans still entrant vaccinated. and you might need a mask if you are celebrating thanks giving in santa cruz county. an indoorman date takes effect in midnight.
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and it covers homes. if people are getting together they should mask up regardless of their vaccination status. businesses are required to follow guide liens starting tomorrow. obviously, though, you can take your mask when you're eating or drinking. taking a live look at san francisco international airport. definitely dark out there. but it is clear. definitely good news for those traveling for the holiday. but numbers from the t.s.a. show it has been busy. another two million people passed through security checkpoints just shy of the pandemic record set on friday the numbers are near prepandemic level and it is expected to be busy on sunday beings the busiest day as everyone heads home following thanksgiving. for those heading home to tahoe, a couple of the ski resorts have pushed back the opening dates. heavenly mountain and north star won't open until after thanksgiving weekend the weather just hasn't corporated in recent weeks with
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milder temperatures. unless the forecast changes dramatically, resorts are going to have to rely on snow-making machines. just ahead action solemn reminder to share the road the service remembering those who have been struck and killed in bay area roads and the message to all drivers. plus, it's been nine months since tiger woods was in a car wreck that left him with major leg injuries. today he posted a video to show how much progress he's made. >> we are wrapping up a sunny and warm weekend and those warm temperatures will continue tomorrow. we'll have all the details if you're traveling this week whether locally or across across the
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>> two people had to be rescued at dead man's point in san francisco. the fire department says they were in a small boat and got stranded. one person made it. the other made it to a rock. both are going to be ok. today is the world day of remembrance for the more than one million people killed in traffic accidents each year. commune -- community members
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remembered wilma chan. she was killed while out walking her dog. >> nobody should be dying on our streets because they're walking their dog across the street. nobody. not one person. dion: meantime, another event was held in san francisco in front of city hall. 25 people have been killed in traffic crashs in the city so far this year people attending this event urged city leaders to make difficult for drivers to speed. tigers woods is making progress on the golf course. today he posted video of a practice session on social media. woods hasn't played golf in a golf tournament since his accident in february. you can see in the video, woods is wearing a black live on his right leg and takes a swing with a basket build the golf balls the 15-time major champion suffered serious leg injuries when his carrolled over in an accident near los angeles.
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just ahead, one of the fan voted awards around. the american music awards and cardi b b making her hosting debut. we'll get a preview of what to expect and a spectacular sunday in the bay area. but how is the holiday looking? we are up next with your accuweather forecast. >> after a monday night masterpiece, how about a showcase? 49ers a second straight dominant performance. and down go
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dion: tonight americans will have the final say on who uintaites american music awards. they'll be voting on a rather unusual platform. tiktok. cardi b cardi b is the host of tonight's show which will take place in los angeles. abc news reporter elena gomez is live. >> i'm excited about, like it, yeah, me. [laughter] >> cardi b's excitement is justified, the five-time ama winner is no stranger to the show. but when she hits the stage this year, she's make her debut as host r. i'm excited. i don't know why i'm excited. but i'm just excited. i'm just like it -- maybe i'm excited to wear tall clothes that i have because i'm giving
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fashion! >> in addition to fashion, it's also a night filled with the music industry's a-list. cardi b is looking forward to reconnecting. >> i want to see my friend bad bunny. i haven't seen him in such a long, long time. so i'm excited to see him. my daughter loves b.t.s. hey, do you know my daughter love y'all? my daughter love y'all! >> with help from a song about getting her driver's license, olivia rodrigo was pulling up with the most nominations. seven in all including artist of the year. the weekend is right on olivia's bumper. h goes into the show with six nomination. and news kids on the block and new edition will share the stage for the very first time the iconic groups have never performed together until now. ♪ >> and at the top of the show, the smooth shows of bruno mars and anderson pack make their
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a.m.a. performances. they're also up for three awards. dion: should be fun. the american music awards is your front row seat to all of these performances and much more. you can watch all of it on abc7 at 8:00. another check of the thanksgiving week forecast and picture perfect, drew. drew: we were 2-2. warm temperatures some of that warm weather will spill into the holiday week coming up. tonight, with clear skies. great visibility. san francisco to sparkling this evening. you can see the east bay hills in the background, those clear skies will cool off pretty quickly. will be a chilly start to our monday. certainly have the breezy if not off-shore winds. we had wind gusts well over 40 miles an hour the winds are backing off tonight. and they will continue to weaken we'll keep the off-shore come
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poe innocent. and that means tomorrow afternoon will be another warm november day. right now look at the off-shore breeze keeping san francisco on the mild side. 65 still in the city right no. so for november that is a pretty warm evening. 63 in san jose. we are cooling off. 55 right now in nevada. overnight tonight plenty of stars, no marine layer along our coastline. clear skies. again, it gets chilly out there. 30's and 40's first thing on our monday. take a look at live doppler seven along with satellite high pressure is simp waited across northern california and that will keep us sunny and continue to act with that warmer pattern that's through tomorrow afternoon. future track, by midday, a really great day to grab lunch. temperatures into the 60's be noon. we do expect temperatures in the upper 60's if not lower 70's once again. tomorrow is a carbon copy forecast.
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70 your high in oak land. 68 in the city. 70 in santa rosa. warmer in the south bay. 72 in san jose. a really nice day along the coastline. a lot of sunshine. 6 the high in half moon bay if your holiday travels begin tomorrow, we have no weather concerns. some high clouds streaming from southern. northern california, it's total sunshine we remain storm-free on our monday. and really the next few days, there's in wet weather to talk about in california if you're traveling monday, tuesday, wednesday or thursday across the entire state, it's really mostly sunny skies. a little breezy in southern california tomorrow with the red flag warning on our monday. those winds relax by tuesday. and wednesday especially on the holiday thursday, you are good to go if you are traveling. we have a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the 60's and 70's. if you're taking to the skies, especially on wednesday. look at the travel forecast across the united states. some explain the midwest stretching down to texas. but that's about it for
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inclement weather. we do this there will be minimal airport delays on that busy travel day on wednesday. here's the the acue seven-day forecast. well above average. we'll cool off slightly on tuesday. keep that sunshine midweek. thanksgiving if you're eating outdoors, you're good to go. we'll keep that pattern into the weekend next weekend. >> now, abc7 sports with chris alvarez. chris: the 49ers showed flashes of the 2019 super bowl people in their win over the rams. today in jacksonville, same formula. droll clock. wear down your opponent. is it a pool party. deebo samuel, get him ball and get out of the way. san francisco opened the game on a 20-play 87-yard drive. 13 minutes and 05 seconds. longest time since 2000 but they settle for a field goal. back to 25 yards. and into the end zone. 10-0 san francisco.
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plenty of fans making that trip to jacksonville. ensuing jaguar possession. trevor lawrence the number one overpick gets to he can fault jr. warner recovers. it's a turnover. and that led to this. jimmy garoppolo. six yards. seven catches. 85 yards and one nice stance. 176 and two touchdown first jimmy g. 20-3, nine at recess. deebo had nine total touches. 94 all-purpose yards, and just a little bit later on that same drive, fourth and goal, get it to george kittle who scored a touchdown. and that's three in as many games. 27-3. and a big spike. san francisco had the ball for over 38 minutes. and on defense, florida native, nick bosa two sacks today. he has a season high 10. niners win 30-10. they're 5-5 and the team is finding their groove over the past couple of weeks. >> these past 14 day, i don't
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want to say change our team, but we're moving in the right direction, i'll say. we have to keep going. it's -- there's a lot of football left to be played. >> everyone's trying to solve these problems and we literally said we've got to stop turning the ball over and we've got get turnovers on defensive special teams and that's what we've een been saying the last couple of weeks. >> it's coming together into the back season. and we're getting hot. that's just who we are. we've been trying to find that identity, trying to find ourselves and it's starting to show through. chris: in minnesota, late fourth quarter, vikings down one. here comes the establishment he turns it up to jefferson. vikings up seven after the two-point conversion. very next offensive play. rodgers gets it all back. valdes-scantling. le rodgers four touchdown in a season high 385 yards through the air making it look easy. minnesota marches down the field
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and joseph hits the game-winning field goal. vikings win 34-31. minnesota will be at levi's to take on the niners. and they're in the thick to have had wild card race the niners bringing their three-game-winning streak here two home against raptors. dubs lead big 20 early in the gail up 12 after one. highlights coming your way at 11:00. look walton is out in san francisco the kings firing their head coach after a 68-39 in two-plus, seasons. alvin gentry takes over as the interim head coach. college hoops. stan ford, women at gonzaga that's lexy and lacey hall's parents. anxious in the crowd. tied at 58-58. and-one. stan ford would lead by one. walker, three ball is good. gonzaga up one. and cardinal made a free-throw so con gaga's kalin throng.
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and stan ford survives 66-62. busy sports day, dion. a little bit out of breath after that niners highlight. that was crazy. department that was awesome to see in the news department, sadly for not as a happy reason. just ahead, heart takes on many forms the man we're about to introduce you to, certainly exemplifies that see how he hi, my name is cherrie. i'm 76 and i live on the oregon coast. my husband, sam, we've been married 53 years. we love to walk on the beach. i have two daughters and then two granddaughters. i noticed that memories were not there like they were when i was much younger. since taking prevagen, my memory has gotten better and it's like the puzzle pieces have all been
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dion: coming up on abc7 news at 11:00, getting away for thanksgiving. a preview of the holiday travel rush what travelers can expect. botonists says that a fifth of the sequoias have been lost many to wildfires in california. now, new measures to protect the historic land marks. join me for abc7 news at 11:00 tonight. jordanian artist mohamed samara uses sand and shadows to make his paintings. instead of a plan canvas, he adds a paste of sand and glue that is left to dry the textured canvas represents
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land. he like its to paint people's shadows on top of the layered sand the shadow reflects the person's unique character according to him. take a look at that. thought-provoking. that's it for this edition of abc7 news at 6:00. i'mion lin. for all of us here, we thanks for joining us. we will see you right back here at 11:00. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] [ sneeze ] are you ok? oh, it's just a cold. if you have high blood pressure, a cold is not just a cold. unlike other cold medicines, coricidin provides powerful cold relief without raising your blood pressure be there for life's best moments with coricidin.
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♪ >> hey, bay area, it's time to share some amazing stories and feel good. we could all use some inspiration right now, and you've come to the right place. this show is all about good food, good people, and good living. on today's show, a mother and son duo inspiring others. >> we created "randall the blue spider goes surfing." >> mail moments from a pro. >> it's that human connection that a letter brings to you. >> beautiful knot art. >> i love the process so much and how it felt while i was doing it that i just kept doing it and doing it and doing it. >> a teen's wish comes true. >> it doesn't only benefit me. it benefits all of us. >> but first, decadent seven-layer fudge. ♪


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