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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 24, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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form. it is going to be feckless. reggie: that is me. we should good morning, america for our viewers in the west. on this wednesday morning, the race to thanksgiving is under way. bracing for the holiday rush, airports expected to be back at prepandemic levels while millions more hit the road facing the highest gas prices in years. president biden's big move to bring them down. will it make an pa sn? the best and worst times to travel for the holiday weekend. security tightened outside the courthouse. the fates of three men charged with murdering ahmaud arbery in the hands of the jury set to begin a second day of deliberations. christmas parade tragedy. the suspect appearing in court for the first time as we see video of him after the deadly incident and new details about a sixth victim.
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new revelations in the death of brian laundrie, the only person of interest in gabby petito's murder. breaking overnight. >> liftoff. >> a bold planetary defense mission, the first of its kind. why nasa is sending a spacecraft to crash into an asteroid. down to the wire. the clock is ticking on shopping for thanksgiving. the ceo of kroger joins us live with how the grocery chain is handling shortages, rising prices and panicked buying this holiday. the best black friday deals you'll want to jump on from gift cards to gifts for your kids. plus your chance on a big ticket item for grown-ups and the doorbuster deals dropping tonight, so good that you'll lose sleep over them. countdown so liftoff. after michael's big blue origin announcement, this morning what astronaut scott kelly is telling him to do when he blasts into space. ♪ a lovely day ♪ and giving thanks.
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the college football player running back to give back for thanksgiving. plus, he's back. the inspiring announcer fighting cancer. >> i can't believe i'm sitting here. >> dick vitale's emotional courtside return with a message that will have you saying, awesome, baby! ♪ good morning, america. you got to love dick vitale. >> absolutely. >> what a man he is. it's great to be here with you on this day before thanksgiving. it's also great to be here with cecelia and whit at the desk. >> great to be with you. as we're having this conversation millions of people across the country preparing for that big holiday. take a look at this. two of the busiest airports in the nation, miami and dallas, travel across the country making a huge comeback after last year. >> we want to show you a live look above new york city thanks to our wabc chopper. it's t-minus right until the
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holiday travel rush begins. >> that's pretty much a guarantee. our team is covering all the travel angles from weather, the skies and also the roads. trevor ault starts us off at laguardia airport here in new york. good morning, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. so the crowds are starting to file in right now. these are all the early risers here at laguardia airport and while it's not yet crazy the security line is about 25 minutes, it is expected to get longer and longer. we are expecting this to be one of the busiest if not the busiest departure days and airports insist they are prepared but people are counting on that as so many people are now heading home for the first time in two years. this morning, america's airports bustling as the thanksgiving travel rush is under way. >> we feel good. nervous for her, her first time flying. >> reporter: tsa expecting prepandemic passenger levels, more than 2 million flying today alone, the top destinations, orlando, anaheim, new york and dallas and travelers already seeing lengthy lines as pandemic
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restrictions ease. >> especially with the holiday they should have more staff on board. >> reporter: those crowds will be putting the system to the test. just weeks removed from southwest and american airlines abruptly canceling thousands of flights, though both the tsa and every major airline having bulked up staffing insist they're ready for the rush. >> one of the interesting things is the eight busiest travel days since the pandemic began are all going to happen between november 19th and november 30th. >> reporter: naturally experts say if you're traveling, you should leave yourself extra time to get through security and maybe consider avoiding peak travel times typically in the afternoon. >> book that first flight of the day if you can. if you don't mind getting up early, you're much less likely affected by a big cancellation event if you're flying out at 7:30 in the morning than you are at night. >> reporter: as busy as it's expected to be, it's probably going to be busier for the return flights home, saturday,
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sunday, monday. in fact the 2.5 million passengers expected to fly on sunday is the single highest total since the pandemic began. cecelia? >> we are bracing ourselves now. okay, trevor, thanks. we're going to turn from the air to the roads. drivers are dealing with the highest gas prices since 2014. president biden announcing that move to tap into the country's strategic oil reserve promising lower prices soon. erielle reshef is live now with more on this. erielle, you know this, critics are saying this is just a short-term fix. >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, cecilia. those price drops can't come soon enough for the 48 million people that are set to hit the roads this thanksgiving according to aaa, many of them on their way right now. some paying as much as $3.40 a gallon to fill up. that's the national average. but some out in california spending as much as $4.70 to fill up this thanksgiving. the good news, the president's move to tap into strategic oil reserves could cut the price of
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gas by up to 15 cents. the bad news is, of course, this won't happen overnight. the administration acknowledging this could take several weeks to take hold and just to put this in some perspective on average, the u.s. used about 18 million barrels of oil per day last year so some analysts are skeptical this could offer any long-term relief. cecilia? >> okay, erielle, i know you have the magic answer. so for folks who want to hit the road when should they leave? what's the best time? >> reporter: so the best time if you're heading out today is after 9:00 p.m. the worst time is between noon and 8:00 p.m. if you are heading out on thanksgiving, try to do it before 11:00 a.m. and if you're trying to flee your family maybe on saturday or sunday, try to do it before noon, cecilia. >> good tips there. okay, erielle, thanks. let's take a live look at what the roads look like over the los angeles area. scott has the bird's eye view. >> reporter: good morning from los angeles. we're looking at some of the
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worst traffic conditions ever. i'll show you the 5 freeway as you make your way through east los angeles. at this hour, you can only imagine what traffic is going to be like when we get into the afternoon get away commute. according to aaa this could be the worst traffic on record in the southern california area. it's going to be gridlock in the afternoon. what authorities want people to realize, pack that patience, be careful. what's most important is to get to your destination safely. whit? >> scott, thanks for that look from above. of course, the weather is a major factor in holiday planning so let's turn to ginger with the thanksgiving forecast. ginger, good morning. >> reporter: whit, we're looking at idaho where the roads are covered with snow.
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you see those nice dry words on a map there, that's not something you see often. certainly not the day before thanksgiving. one problem spot, the santa ana winds. gusts up to 55 miles per hour. in los angeles, santa barbara, nearly san diego, couple spots have to look out for dry conditions and high fire danger. overall really decent, whit. >> we'll take that, ginger. we will have much more on how you can plan for the holiday coming up in just a bit. michael? >> we turn now to the verdict watch in the trial of the three men charged with the murder of ahmaud arbery. the jury getting back to work this morning after deliberating for about six hours on tuesday. steve osunsami is at the courthouse in brunswick, georgia, tracking the latest. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. at one point it looked like the jury wanted to continue working a little later into the night but they decided instead to continue their deliberations this morning. we know this morning that there is one black member of the jury and we also know that the jury
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foreperson is one of the younger white women in the group and this jury will decide the fate of the three men accused of murder in a case where race matters just so much. the peaceful but regular demonstrations outside the courthouse have led to tighter security and it's why the judge moved jurors to a quiet room that doesn't have exterior windows. they will decide if travis mcmichael, his father gregory and neighbor william "roddie" bryan are found guilty or acquitted on nine charges including murder, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. the three pleaded not guilty. >> doesn't matter who pulled the trigger. under the law they're all guilty of malice murder. >> reporter: the law allows for someone who is an accomplice to murder to be punished just as severely as someone who committed the homicide if you can prove the actions of both people led to killing and the
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minimum sentence for a murder conviction here is life in prison. it's why william "roddie" bryan was also charged with murder. he recorded the disturbing cell phone video showing the moment when travis mcmichael is seen shooting and killing 25-year-old ahmaud arbery in february of last year. while he didn't have a gun prosecutors say that bryan helped chase the young black man using his truck before the deadly shooting. >> mr. bryan played a substantial and necessary part in causing his death. he is responsible for the murder of ahmaud arbery. >> reporter: in her final closing arguments before deliberations the prosecutor also called the defendant who fired the fatal shots who testified a liar. >> do you think this travis mcmichael who took the stand was the same travis mcmichael from february 23rd? you think they're the same person? or do you think this is trial preparation? >> reporter: mcmichael told jurors that it was the unarmed victim who attacked him saying that he was acting in self-defense. >> if he would have got the shotgun from me, then it was a life-or-death situation. >> reporter: all three charged say the shooting was justified
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under a then citizen's arrest law where at a neighborhood construction site where arbery kept appearing and raising suspicions, police say he is never seen taking anything or committing a felony, which is required in the old law. if the jury fails to reach a unanimous verdict today, the court is planning to be closed tomorrow and they're expected to begin deliberations again if that happens on friday. cecelia? >> okay, steve, thank you so much. we turn to new developments in the christmas parade tragedy in wisconsin. the suspect making his first appearance in court as the news broke that another victim, an 8-year-old boy, had died bringing the death toll to six. alex perez is in waukesha with the latest on this, good morning, alex. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia. we are learning more about that youngest victim. he was desperately fighting for his life. he was with his brother enjoying the parade when the chaos began. this morning, new details on the suspect accused of plowing his suv through crowds at a
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christmas parade, darrell brooks shackled in court tuesday as we learned a sixth victim, a child, had died. >> i wish to notify the court sadly that we learned of another death of a child. >> reporter: that youngest victim, 8-year-old jackson sparks according to a statement from his parents released by the family's church, he and his older brother tucker seen at a family gofundme page were both critically injured in the attack but the family says tucker by the grace of god is miraculously recovering from his injuries. police say the suspect mowed down and killed five others and injured 62. in a criminal complaint authorities calling brooks' actions an intentional act to strike and hurt as many people as possible and that when an officer observed brooks, he was looking straight ahead directly at him and it appeared he had no emotion on his face. three of those killed, members of the dancing grannies group, all friends of sharon mallard
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who was marching alongside them. > it was a total shock. i think when it first happened it was like disbelief and then it was just like instant, what can i do? >> reporter: these doorbell camera images of brooks show him after the incident knocking on a door. >> i called an uber and i'm supposed to be waiting over here. i don't know when it's coming. can you call, please? >> reporter: police then arriving, arresting him. >> put your hands where i can see them. >> whoa, whoa, whoa. >> hands up! >> reporter: and brooks is being held on $5 million bail. he has not yet entered a plea. he's due back in court in january. whit? >> alex perez with those sad developments this morning. thank you. now to that breaking news overnight, the nasa mission that sounds something like out of a sci-fi movie, a rocket on its way to crash into an asteroid and try to actually knock it off course. kaylee hartung is tracking the latest on this trial run and that's the key, it's a trial run in preparation for a potential
7:14 am
threat down the road. kaylee, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, whit. this is a test. i repeat this is just a test. it's nasa's first ever planetary defense mission and the goal of this crash is to knock this massive asteroid off its path which scientists say could prevent a truly catastrophic natural disaster one day in the case an asteroid threatens the planet. overnight nasa launching the d.a.r.t. mission, double asteroid redirection test. this spacex falcon 9 rocket took off from southern california and in about ten months a space craft the size of a vending machine will crash right into an asteroid about 7 million miles away from earth at a speed of 15,000 miles an hour. now, this mission amounts to target practice and the asteroid they're targeting is a rock the size of a stadium, 525 feet across, it's called dimorphos. it is not on a collision course with earth. after it takes this direct hit,
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nasa will track it to see if it's knocked off its course. if this works scientists say this technology could save the world one day. guys? >> kaylee, we appreciate that you reminded us it's only a test. just in case, fascinating work there. >> we have more space news. this headline just coming in, the reaction has been pouring in to michael's big announcement that in less than three weeks, but who is counting, he will be lifting off in the next blue origin space launch. mark your calendars, everybody, december 9th, that is the day. >> so many people have been reaching out. i got your reaction when i walked into the studio this morning, cecelia. so many have been reaching out and have been really excited for me. one of them is gio benitez who is here with us right now and he's going to tell us what it takes to go to space. good morning, gio. >> oh, michael, listen, we are excited. we got the countdown right there. t-15 days. that's just to make you really nervous. you'll soak in all the love but the training gets going the week of the launch. let's go ahead and look at the
7:16 am
time line. you will arrive in the west texas desert sunday, december 5th. training will begin that monday and you're going to begin that special safety training. it's like getting on a plane for the very first time. you're thinking about finding the oxygen masks, using that safety belt. you use the safety belt. >> a few times. >> then you'll continue the training into tuesday you're going to go through a sort of launch simulation where you'll be in your seat and be in this replica. we showed you that yesterday. you will hear the roar of the rocket. you'll really feel that vibration. it'll be very, very powerful. not quite what it's actually going to feel like when you actually lift off but, ooh, that's going to feel like something. you ready for that one? >> when you said, whoo, it kind of scared me. >> all right. wednesday, you'll finish off that training and then on thursday morning, december 9th, boom. you are going up and you are lifting off. now, lots of people, they are sending you lots of messages of love and support but i found one
7:17 am
really interesting and quite funny. let's put it up on the screen right now. there it is, heidi klum is commenting on that instagram post about going to space. are you really? or are you pranking us like you did with closing the gap in your teeth? >> oh, yeah. >> my girl heidi. >> i fell for that one. >> heidi, i promise you this is real. the teeth thing -- it's not april, so it's not april fool's. >> yep, absolutely. and, listen, michael, we have a few messages from astronauts that know a thing or two about going to space and have advice for you. scott kelly spent a year in space and leland melvin, also an nfl player, take a look. >> i understand you're flying in space soon. got some advice, first is doesn't take a whole lot of force to move around, probably 100 times less than you think. then look out the window. i would focus on that.
7:18 am
the view should be great both going up in space, coming back down, just look out the window. good luck. >> congratulations, man, can't wait to see you in space. for a minute i was the only nfler that went to space but you'll be eclipsing that. the only other thing that i wanted to do was to get my dogs in space and so maybe you can sneak enzo on new shepard. these two were trying to get up there. hey, boys. they were trying to get up there. get enzo up there. have a great time and enjoy the ride, brother. good speed. >> i appreciate both you gentlemen. thank you for that. we're kind of tight here. let's go to ginger. >> sunny cities sponsored by instacart.
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announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. reggie: good morning. the chp says it is immediately increasing patrols on freeways near major shopping centers in response to recent retail theft in the bay area. the agency has an organized retail task force that helps investigate crimes, make arrests, and recover stolen merchandise. yesterday, the governor ordered the chp to expand its presence to give shoppers and workers a sense of safety. it is a big day for getting on the roads. >> if you like it is the calm before the storm. we had an earlier stall on the south golden gate bridge. what a beautiful morning. take a look here. the stall has been moved and traffic is flowing nicely into
7:24 am
san francisco. we have a stall on the western side of another bridge by san quentin. it looks like there is a normal backup behind the tow process. reggie:
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-with this holiday set to bust your wallet, your neighborhood grocery outlet is the destination for savings of 40 to 70 percent on all your holiday needs. mike: good morning. we still have the possibility of frost out there. recent temperatures in the east bay, north bay, and mendocino county. i think there is a chance of even colder temperature tonight. there is a fire danger today, tomorrow, and friday down in socal. around the country, a little wet weather for detroit, chicago, kansas city, st. louis, dallas, and also st. louis -- seattle. look at these temperatures. 60's to 70's and dry. reggie: coming up, the black friday countdown. some of the best deals that our life right now. we will have another abc 7 news
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or free drive up, — and leave with your holidays in the bag. order today, get it today at target. [end music] ♪ it's the most wonderful, it's ♪ it's the most wonderful, it's the most wonderful time ♪ >> is this too dangerous? definitely not this one. >> welcome back to "gma." we have been counting down to "hawkeye" on disney plus and now the wait is over. the marvel show is here and so is the star, hailee steinfeld. cannot wait to chat with her in our next hour. >> very excited about that. but first the headlines we are following right now including the big thanksgiving rush. america's airports, well, they are already bustling with travelers. the tsa is expecting prepandemic passenger levels, more than 2 million people are flying today alone.
7:31 am
both the tsa and the airlines both saying they're ready for the rush. also, 17 white nationalist leaders and organizations have been ordered to pay $26 million in damages over the violence that happened in charlottesville. also the latest on the smash and grab scenes. police announced nine arrests for the people who rushed and looted that louis vuitton store. the district attorney saying these are not petty thefts, this is not misdemeanor conduct, this is felony conduct and those suspects, well, they are now facing felony charges. turning to this awesome moment last night. you know the line, espn's dick vit vitale had an emotional courtside return. ucla versus gonzaga but it was vitale's return amid his cancer battle that had everyone talking and take a look at what he had to say. >> i didn't want to cry.
7:32 am
i can't believe i'm sitting here. this is a big thrill to me. i never dreamt that i would be courtside again and the game is the big thing so let's get this game going. let's watch some basketball. >> you can see it. this is a man who loves basketball. loves life. vitale tweeting, to be honest, on october 12th when given the cancer diagnosis i never thought that i would be at courtside. to all of you in any battle don't ever believe in can't. just a great -- incredibly emotional. you can see the support from the fans. great to see him back. we have a lot more ahead including the ceo of kroger joining us with the lowdown on food shopping today. and we're on the black friday countdown as well. becky worley with us all morning with top deals and how to get them. that's all coming up later on. now to that revelation in the gabby petito case about brian laundrie, the only person of interest in her killing. victor oquendo is in miami, florida, with the latest for us this morning. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, michael. determining brian laundrie's cause of death took time.
7:33 am
it has been more than a month since his remains were discovered. there was an autopsy and a forensic anthropologist was brought in. now we know it was suicide. the cause of death for brian laundrie revealed. a self-inflicted gunshot wound. the attorney for the laundrie family telling abc news, chris and roberta laundrie were informed the cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and the manner of death was suicide. laundrie was the subject of a weeks' long manhunt following the murder of his girfriend, gabby petito, during a cross-country road trip the couple took together. ♪ laundrie's remains were found in a florida nature reserve in late october and were identified bidby dental records. >> investigators found what appears to be human remains along with personal items such as a backpack and notebook belonging to brian laundrie. >> reporter: the contents of the backpack and notebook have not yet been revealed.
7:34 am
laundrie still named as a person of interest in the fbi's investigation into petito's death. the fbi not indicating whether or not that will change. gabby petito's family opening up about the loss of their daughter last week on "the dr. oz show." >> i cry every night. i stare at pictures. it's hard, but i feel like i need to stare at them and go through them just for the memories. just it's difficult. it's really difficult. >> reporter: the petito family not issuing a further statement of laundrie's cause of death saying they were asked to wait for the united states attorney's office to make a determination on whether any additional individuals will be charged. and the laundrie family attorney adds that brian's parents are hopeful these findings bring some sense of closure to both families. whit? >> all right, victor, thank you. we'll shift gears and turn to the supply chain issues across the country with thanksgiving less than 24 hours away. we are joined now by kroger's ceo rodney mcmullen from a store
7:35 am
in newport, kentucky, breaking down where things are and whether relief is in sight with all of these backlogs and slowdowns. rodney, good morning. good to have you. >> good morning. >> thanksgiving is a day away here. what products are you seeing people buy this week and are there any last-minute shortages on items that people need to be aware of? >> yeah, if you look at the things people are buying it's the traditional things, turkey, ham, cranberries, all the celebrations to go along with it. the one thing that's kind of unique is people are buying things for their pets and if you look at turkey flavored pet products are also going really fast. >> we've seen reports -- >> shortages -- >> sorry. go ahead. >> we're still in great shape on products. plenty of turkeys, hams and people may have to substitute if you want fresh cranberries to cranberries in a can, things like that. >> you said you're in great shape. we have seen reports across the country that shoppers might not be able to find things like pies or the exact size bird that
7:36 am
they're looking for. we're also learning that some chains even limiting purchases on as you noted there cranberry sauce and jars of gravy. are you seeing any of that in your stores, though? >> yeah, we are just asking people to buy what they need. so so far we have not put any limits in place. our supply chain team really did a fabulous job of getting extra facilities, extra product in advance. so it's really paying off right now for our customers. >> so what can customers do today if they can't find a product they're looking for? >> well, we feel very confident that you'll be able to find something. so you may end up having to get a different size turkey, obviously if you're just now waiting to get a turkey you'll probably want to get a fresh turkey as opposed to frozen because it will take a little while to thaw out. still plenty of substitutions available as well. so you may need asparagus versus brussels sprouts. so plenty of opportunities. >> you might need flexibility. what are your stores actually
7:37 am
supply shortages, some of these price hikes to try to keep prices where people are comfortable with them? >> yeah, we've really been working with our suppliers to try to push off cost increases as long as we can. if you look at turkeys, we actually bought turkeys earlier in the spring before some of the cost increases went through. so we're able to pass some of those benefits on to the customer along with standard promotions and stuff. but we're really working with all our suppliers to really try to minimize the effect on customers and also we have our own brand products where customers are able to substitute and save money and same great quality. >> so for some tips for people to do smart shopping out there, are there dos and don'ts you would recommend as they head into the stores? >> stick to your list. you know, always -- i think that's a great thing to do. when you look at organic fresh
7:38 am
products are still really strong and people are able to eat healthy. and, you know, when you think about a thanksgiving meal for ten people you can easily get it for less than $50, so it's less than $5 a person. so it's an incredibly high quality meal and you're with family and friends so it's just a great celebration event too. >> stick to the list. that's key once you start going off you can have issues. rodney, thanks for your time this morning. cecilia, over to you. coming up, everybody, the one and only becky worley is getting us ready for black friday with strategic savings. i'm told she's in the command center. don't miss some of the deals on great gifts. stay with us. with us. stay with.
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all right, we are back now with the countdown to black friday. consumer correspondent becky worley is joining us now with great deals right now. becky, let's start with the texts that's the headliner for this time of year. >> that's right, cecilia, we're sending michael to space but i'm here from the strategic savings command center and tech is massive at this time of year. all the deals i'll mention are live now. let's start with ear buds, they're a hugely popular gift. apple airpods, the second generation, $114 at target right now. that's $15 off. if you want something a little more on the budget side the amazon echo buds which are very well reviewed are on sale for $69. that is nearly half off, guys. >> all right, already delivering
7:43 am
from the command center. what about inspiration for the kids and some of the deals on the big ticket wish list items? >> okay, let's go with inspiration for kids. macy's has a slew of puffer coats marked down to $15, that's $70 off. going to move over to tweens. a tie tie kit, 18 color, tons of rubber bands. you can tie-dye up to 36 shirts. you have to buy your own shirts but the kit is $11 at walmart. we've already seen it sellout at amazon. so this is a hot gift. let's switch to a big ticket item for adults. the peloton bike, the essential bike is $1,495, $150 off and it includes shoes, weights, ear buds. they say it's the only discount they plan to offer this year. so if you need it, now is your moment, guys. now is your moment. >> that's a nice little bundle there, becky. they say that this is the year of the gift card. do we have any deals popping up on those? >> i love a good gift card deal.
7:44 am
it's like free money. walmart, a nintendo gift card for your favorite gamer, its value is 50 bucks but you pay $45. at best buy we have a $50 eats card is target, $75 gift card, get a $10 gift card. just saying. >> it's a bonus bundle. >> so much coming out of the strategic command center. becky, thank you. coming up in the next hour, becky is not going anywhere. she is back with up all night savings. we'll tell you why tonight might be the best time to buy some of these must have items, michael. coming up, it is our wednesday, day before thanksgiving, "play of the day." we'll be right back. thanksgiving, "play of the day." we'll be right back. adults ag as experts warn of the effects on well-being
7:45 am
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7:48 am
♪ back now with ou ♪ lovely day ♪ back now with our player of the day. university of michigan sophomore running back, blake corum, blake among the first college players to sign a name image likeness deal earning him money while playing college sports. he used some of that money to buy 100 thanksgiving turkeys for families in need and we're going to say good morning to blake. blake, good morning to you, my friend. >> hey, good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing great. i'm doing great. i hope you're doing great as well. tell us what inspired your event giving back to give thanks.
7:49 am
>> you know, growing up i've always wanted to give back and, you know, my parents always taught me, you know, believe in god and god always gave and so i give back. you know, when i was young i wasn't able to give back because i didn't really have money but i gave back by holding football camps but now since the ncaa has allowed us to use mid image and lickness i've been able to accumulate a little bit of money and wanted to help the community out and give them good thanksgiving meals. >> your parents taught you well, man. you said your goal is to help the next generation live out their dreams. >> exactly. >> what does that mean to you? what's next in your mission for that? >> you know, i really love the the youth athletes, student of - athletes, whatever it may be, just need someone to inspire them a little bit. just a little bit of inspiration to reach their dreams and so if
7:50 am
i can just help one, two, 100, it doesn't really matter, i just really want to help the youth chase their dreams, whatever i can do and so throughout the year i'm going to be giving back. i'll be getting into the community, have a christmas giveaway, and just do small events throughout the year just to bring the community together because that's what it's all about. you know, it's way bigger than football. like i tell a lot of people, football is my passion, but giving back is my purpose and so if i can use my platform to help others, that's what i'm going to do. >> i love that you say the youth and looking at you, he's a youth himself but i love it, man. no matter how young you are you can give back. wanted to give you a little early happy birthday and thanksgiving. happy thanksgiving as well because they fall on the same day tomorrow and want to wish you well because you're playing ohio state on saturday. >> that's right. >> good luck, blake, with all of that my friend. appreciate you joining us and
7:51 am
being such a great example. >> hey, thank you. coming up we have chef george duran's tricks for the perfect thanksgiving turkey and jessica seinfeld serving up great sides. they'll both be live. jessica seinfeld is serving up some great sides. they'll both be live. coming up, we've got the
7:52 am
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wow... absolutely beautiful. this season is too big for just red and green. it's the all-idays, and we're bringing alla the color. ooooh, this is lit! what's up snow people! black friday starts thursday online! get 50% off your purchase only at coming up, we've got the story of a couple who had twins via surrogate and now they're forced to fight to adopt their own biological children. stick around for that. your local news and weather, next.
7:55 am
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7:56 am
>> good morning. we're going to check out the traffic. >> it is a getaway day. not quite yet. mostly this afternoon, because look at the bay bridge. they had metering lights this morning and traffic never slowed. right now, we are looking good. we had an earlier stall eastbound, but that has been cleared. >> if you could guarantee traffic later today like that, that would be great. 65 to 70 degrees with unlimited sunshine. it's going to be colder tonight. 30's and 40's. the coolest day is tomorrow.
7:57 am
mid-60's to near 70 today and saturday through next week. >> coming up, turkey tricks to make sure your bird is perfect for the holiday meal. we will have another update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the thanksgiving travel rush is under way. airports expected to be back at pre-pandemic levels while millions more hit the road facing the highest gas prices in years. president biden's big move to bring them down. will it make an impact soon? the best and worst times to travel for the holiday weekend. fighting for their family. why this michigan couple is fighting to adopt their own biological twins. what they want other parents to know about their emotional surrogacy battle and how they're finally moving forward. ♪ i'm burning up ♪ turkey tricks. with less than 24 hours until thanksgiving, chef george duran is sharing his secrets for the perfect bird from the gravy to
8:01 am
the stuffing and when is the best time to brine. ♪ ticktock on the clock ♪ get ready to stay u late. we're counting down to black friday with all night savings from toys to tech, the doorbuster deals that are about to drop and the ones that may not last. hailee steinfeld is crashing into times square this morning. >> you're hawkeye. >> taking aim at some bad guys with marvel's "hawkeye." ♪ a whole new world ♪ and our wish has been granted. the broadway cast of "aladdin" is performing live turning times square into a whole new world and they're saying -- >> all: good morning, america. ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ a place i never knew ♪ good morning, america. we're not the only ones looking forward to that broadway performance. we have a lot of people here on broadway outside of "gma."
8:02 am
it's always great to see the crowds come back especially around the holiday season. >> yeah, starting to feel the holiday spirit. they're looking chilly out there. >> scarves, gloves. we go from "a whole new world" to out of this world. i've been taking a spin through playlists looking for the right song. ♪ rocket man ♪ >> that's you. >> i got about four good ones cued up for the next couple weeks. just stay tuned. >> i have a feeling they're coming. i can take it. i had a great conversation with you, whit, about why you feel like it's important. >> number one, i'm a coward and so is cecilia, so we're afraid to go but i actually think in this new phase of space exploration you need people, public figures to communicate with the american people on a regular basis to share part of that experience so we're excited you get to do this from the safety of our own swivel chairs but it's great and i'm looking forward to it.
8:03 am
>> i appreciate that. thank you. i'm sure i'll hear a lot of "fly me to the moon." >> on the list. now we turn to -- we are tracking the very latest on the big thanksgiving rush. our team is covering all the travel angles this morning, first, let's go back to trevor ault at laguardia airport here in new york. good morning, again, trevor. >> reporter: good morning, again, michael. yeah, just in the last hour we've really watched this place start to fill up here at laguardia. a lot more people as part of this thanksgiving travel rush and credit where it is due to the employees here, while the lines are getting longer they are still under control. tsa has been preparing for what's expected to be pre-pandemic levels of travel and there have been some lengthy lines at a bunch of different airports all across the country. these crowds are going to be putting the system to the test because, remember, we are just weeks removed from southwest and american airlines abruptly canceling thousands of flights, though both the tsa and the airlines say they've both upped
8:04 am
their staffing and they insist they are ready for the rush, in fact, united's ceo says the eight busiest travel days since the pandemic began are all happening between november 19th and the 30th. we are in the thick of it right now. now, this actually might not be too much of a surge, though, because tsa says they have screened more than 2 million people every day for the past six days, that has so far gone off without a hitch. we're hoping for the same thing over the next week. if you are part of those crowds flying in week, experts say you should leave a little bit of extra time to get through security if you can swing it. the early morning flights are going to be easier, both in regards to security and they will be less likely to be canceled too so that's a good idea. as busy as it's going to be today, the busiest ones are going to be the flights home, saturday, sunday, monday. it's just a good idea to plan on some extra time, michael. >> this weekend, get there early. give yourself some time. trevor ault, thank you so much. we're not done yet, because
8:05 am
millions more are hitting the roads and drivers are, of course, dealing with highest gas prices since 2014 so let's go back to erielle reshef with more on this. good morning again, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, cecilia. this price cut can't come soon enough for the 48 million people who are set to hit the roads this holiday season according to aaa. many are on the roads already. some paying as much as $3.40 a gallon to fill up. that's the national average but some out in california spending as much as $4.70 to fill up. the good news is that president biden's decision to tap into the strategic oil reserve could cut the price of gas by 15 cents. but the bad news is, of course, this is not going to happen overnight. the administration acknowledging that this could take a couple of weeks to take hold. if you are one of those people heading out on the roads today, the best advice, do so after 9:00 p.m. the worst time to travel today is between noon and 8:00 p.m. if you're heading out on thanksgiving try to do it before 11:00 a.m. if you're making the great escape on saturday or sunday, do
8:06 am
it before noon. >> we're taking notes. thanks. cecilia, now let's go back to ginger tracking the latest forecast and, ginger, possibly some good news at least in the big picture, right? >> it really is, aside from the subzero windchill that we're standing in and feeling all the way to atlanta we have a quiet map for this busiest holiday travel day. i cannot tell you the years past i've covered there's always some kind of wind for macy's or something going on in the northern plains like a blizzard, not this time, but we do have lake-effect snow and you will see that in the lee of some of the lakes. check that out. western new york, covering the decks, some of the roads but aside from those it's just about the cold this morning. pittsburgh feels like 24. philadelphia is feeling like they're right around freezing, so also have to just quickly show you that map and there's the one that we say we are grateful for today. a couple of things coming through on thursday itself. houston could have its wettest thanksgiving on record, but, hey, some rain, we can do this, michael. >> all right, thank you so much, ginger. coming up, the story behind one couple's emotional surrogacy
8:07 am
battle and what they want other families to know about their journey. and becky worley is not done yet. she's getting ready to stay up late with doorbusters you want to be on the lookout for. also ahead, if you want the perfect turkey, chef george duran is here to help out and jessica seinfeld is here with how to get your sides just right. we'll be right back with more "gma." stay with us. ♪ bring it on home ♪ what's strong with me? i can find strength in a rest day. what's strong with me? there are some nights i sleep so well... i'm ready for anything. find out what's strong with you with daily readiness on fitbit.
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every moment together is a gift. la vie est belle. lancôme. at macy's, the fragrance destination. ♪ welcome back to "gma." so glad you are all with us this morning. so tomorrow, tory johnson is here on thanksgiving day to bring us great "deals & steals"
8:12 am
all from small businesses so we're looking forward to that. >> get the credit card ready. we want to turn now to our "gma" cover story. one family's fight to adopt their own biological children. all month long "people" magazine is celebrating national adoption month by highlighting the many ways families can grow through adoption. erielle reshef is back with mre. good morning, erielle. >> reporter: good morning to you, michael. the myers say they had a plan in place to get custody of their biological children, but their bby twins were born prematurely before those custody proceedings could wrap up. they say they never could have imagined how complicated this journey would become. this morning, one michigan couple fighting for official custody of their own biological twins. >> since they got out of the nicu we have had them with us every second but we are still -- we are still not listed on the birth certificate as their parents. >> reporter: tammy and jordan myers telling "people" magazine that they had their babies eames and ellison via surrogate last january but laws surrounding
8:13 am
surrogacy in their home state require families to legally adopt their own biological children. >> we had a meeting with an adoption agency to start the process and she looked at me point blank and said, well, you are not the mother. >> we have to go through background checks and home inspections and a lot of rigorous things. >> reporter: with the babies home with them the myers say their surrogate lauren has been by their side even as their emotional battle drags on in court. >> hi, what are you doing? >> reporter: for tammy and jordan the dream of growing their family came to a devastating halt in 2015 when the couple, parents to older daughter corryn found out tammy had breast cancer. >> with my cancer, it was highly hormone positive so carrying a second baby would likely bring my cancer back. >> reporter: tammy froze her eggs and the couple eventually had their biological babies via surrogate they met through a family friend. and though their attorney informed them they may be forced
8:14 am
by michigan law to adopt their own babies, they never imagined the uphill battle to come. >> they just immediately ruled on it that i was not going to be looked at as the father and that we are going to be forced to go through a full adoption with the babies. it's a huge hit. >> reporter: with no county court willing to issue parental rights the myers' options became limited. >> we knew that worse case scenario they might have to do a full adoption but we really didn't think we would get to that point. >> reporter: now, as little eames and ellison turn 1, the myers are hoping to put the paperwork behind them and finally move forward as a family. >> i don't really have any regrets. i think if we had known that it would be this big of an uphill battle, we may not have done it and that's something i don't even want to consider. >> reporter: no regrets there and, of course, two precious babies to show for it. the myers say that if you are contemplating surrogacy, you
8:15 am
should consult with an attorney who can go through the paperwork with you and you should be prepared for any scenario, michael. >> we see that, erielle, thank you so much for bringing that to us. opening a lot of eyes to that. be sure to visit for more on this story. cecilia. you'll be jealous. are turning to the best black e- friday savings ever. the one and only becky worley, she is back and we are counting down in bed because we are talking about deals that will be worth staying up all night for. >> up all night. i got to see those slippers. hold those up so everybody can see them. i got mine. you got yours. >> we are set. >> i got the coffee. >> what are you starting with. >> thanksgiving is historically the day when the most deals go live, right? so when those websites turn over the prices is usually midnight, 11:00, 3:00 a.m., so that's why you might want to put the coffee on, stay up. an example of a deal, over at, they have their ancestry dna and it's at $49. that's $50 off and goes live
8:16 am
tonight at midnight so you can find your family origin, maybe find people you didn't even know you were related to online. i don't know if that's a good thing. >> good gift for the person who has everything. >> and a kid gift. another one, at kohl's, board games, 50% off. examples like kattan and ticket to ride and all these fun ones that you can play, 50% off happening tonight. >> so the thing abisall th you . so what do we do? start a watch list. >> you can start looking now. for example, home depot advertised that they were going to have the roomba $694 one of the highest rated ones, get housekeeping done while lying in bed. that will go live for $179 saving 70. it went live and triggered a bunch of other stores to drop their prices. it could go even lower. another example, at costco, they have their nutribullet, it's
8:17 am
$69, that's $30 off, and that will go live sometime tonight. >> i love you. all i see are the eyelashes on your eye mask right now. i needed to point that out. >> i'm going big. >> timing is everything. you mentioned deals that have already gone live. more we need to be on the lookout for. >> over at walmart they have the apple watch 3. it's on sale for $109 and you're going to save 99. that deal, i'm not sure how long that will last. it could go all the way to black friday or could be done tomorrow. you never know. >> there's always the toy. the toy. the wow toy. is a toy going to end up on one of these lists? >> yes, so, at kohl's, they have the land rover ride on toy for $149. now, this is half off so it's not quite as luxurious. and i have to tell you, it's the only thing that would get me out of bed because we have it right here. >> are you going? you're doing this? >> i'm in. i'm in my robe. >> please take it away. i'm surprise the slippers fit in there. >> 149 bucks for this. it's awesome.
8:18 am
>> bye. >> bye. >> i'm going shopping? >> thanks, becky. >> we are rounding up deals to help you save this black friday. you can find all of them on our website, of course, whit, we got a car that will take you home after the show. it's waiting for you. >> we need a live camera on broadway to catch becky worley as she storms through times square. great stuff. all right, cecilia, thank you very much. we are turning now to opportunities for young girls when it comes to science, technology, engineering and mathematics. a new study finds that children as young as 6 years old think girls are less interested than boys in s.t.e.m. janai norman joins us with more on this stereotype and how parents can help close the gender gap. janai, we both have daughters. tell us more about this effort. >> whit, i was just going to say you have two girls at home, i have one at home as well as my son. in fields like math and biology, women are earning just as many degrees and stereotypes are so powerful
8:19 am
that they're impacting what girls are actually interested in. they are still pervasive, negative stereotypes like girls aren't interested in science. these beliefs are not only untrue but have more of an impact than previously thought. a new study from the university of washington and university of houston finds that children as young as 6 perceive that girls are less interested than boys in engineering and computer science. >> the reason why these stereotypes are important is because they influence girls' interests in these fields. >> reporter: researchers surveyed 2500 students in first through 12th grades. >> so are you interested in doing the searching activity, the ones girls are much less interested in than boys are, yes or no? >> no. i want to do the other one. >> reporter: and use lab experiments like this one to complete their findings. >> the more that girls believed in these stereotypes, the less interested they were themselves in computer science and engineering. >> reporter: and these patterns play out in the job market.
8:20 am
while women make up nearly half the workforce they account for only 25% of computer scientists and 15% of engineers. with fewer women in these fields, there's a narrower perspective driving innovations plus women could be missing out on opportunities that are high status and well paid. >> a little disheartening to know that at that young of an age those ideas are already implanted on their minds. >> reporter: jennifer porter's daughter rebecca took part of the study and she was one of the few girls that went against the grain. >> okay, so, are you interested in doing the searching activity, the ones girls are much less interested in, yes or no? >> yes. >> reporter: showing curiosity in the activities that she was told girls wouldn't have interest in. >> she doesn't always just go with the flow. she's definitely got her own opinions. >> we can do things boys can do and we can do it better. >> reporter: and researchers say
8:21 am
parents can help close the gender gap by introducing girls to engineering and computer science early. >> what i hope is that parents and teachers won't limit the opportunities that we give to children and then we can start sending girls the message that girls enjoy computer science and engineering. >> reporter: the researchers sa stereotypes can have such a strong impact on at an early age. we got to keep two things in mind, attitudes and access. watch out for cues for gender roles and how we say things and do things as well as the types of books and toys kids are exposed to, so those are things we can keep in mind. >> so interesting to hear about it. my daughters are totally into science and we encourage it. my daughter is teaching the boys to do stuff. ff, teaching me ho- >> my daughter can hang out with your girl. >> that's right. there will be other influences to worry about there but, janai, thank you very much. let's head over to ginger. >> good morning. also the movies they watch because for me "twister" seeing helen hunt and that character even though that wasn't in real
8:22 am
life made me want to be a scientist and that's what i became, so how about that. accuracy-wise, "twister" is pretty bad so don't look at it for the science. looking real quick at santa monica. a great deal for thanksgiving travel. in california, you do have red flag warnings that are up. you do have santa ana winds. you've got that heat, offshore flow compressing, see, science is fun, compressing, heating and bringing gusts up to 5 we're down to the final 24
8:23 am
hours to get our turkeys prepped and ready. this morning, chef george duran is giving us his tips for how to cook the best turkey. george, thank you for joining us this morning. we are down to the wire, my friend, but do we still have time to brine? >> absolutely. you have to do it this second. do it now because you want to brine it for about an hour per pound of turkey and the way to do it very si mix your salt, which is about two cups of salt for two gallons of water, half of a cup of sugar in there. this is like the go to. just go ahead and pour it in there. >> this is your go-to recipe. >> a basic two cups of salt with two gallons of water, let's pretend there's more water, let it boil, add ice and aromatics. this is where you choose what you want, onions, herbs, lemons, whatever it is, put it in the bag and let it marinate till tonight, you put it on a baking sheet into the
8:24 am
fridge open air so you get a nice, crispy skin when you cook it. that's really important. tonight you remove it from the wet brining over there. >> and you have an important tip for planning ahead when it comes to the gravy. >> if you wet brine and use drippings for gravy that's a salty bird, all of those will be super salty so wash it before you put it in the fridge and then cook it. >> i like that. that's a pretty good one right there. how about stuffing? how do you stuff the turkey? how do you do it properly? >> a lot of people are worried it's done but the stuffing has juices that aren't fully cooked. make sure you have 165 degrees in the stuffing. if not and the turkey is already cooked, put it in the microwave still fully cooked. they hate to dig out out. use a cheesecloth. put it inside the cavity then pop in your stuffing and then when you're done cooking, just
8:25 am
pull out that cheesecloth and you're going to have the entire stuffing pulled out. >> eddie is over here, our stage manager, he's going, yeah, that's how you do it. he buys it from a deli sliced up already. >> come on, eddie. >> we're going to move on to cooking. how do you get the perfectly crisp skin? >> yeah, there's numerous ways to get that. that's drying it in the fridge before you cook it. you can also rub some oil or butter on top of the skin. that's really going to make it nice and crispy but also you can dry brine it as well with salt. if the breast cooks before the thigh, take aluminum foil and mold it before you put it in the oven and once that breast is fully cooked it will be perfectly shaped like a crown, place it on top and let the thighs cook. when you take it out of the oven, everything is cooked to perfection. are you coming over for thanksgiving? >> after this, i am. i love it. is there a safe way if you're in a time crunch, but you're in a time crunch, how could i -- >> i forgot to put the bird in the oven. that doesn't happen but if it does it's called spatchcocking.
8:26 am
have you heard of this? you can do it with a turkey. remove the backbones, flatten it out a baking sheet and that will cut cooking time in half guaranteed. >> won't look the same but cooking time is in half and it's still delicious. george, thank you, my friend. you can visit for more last-minute tips. want to thank george for his he gave us this morning. coming up, "hawkeye" star hailee steinfeld is live in times square. we'll be right back.
8:27 am
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning. i am kumasi aaron. checking in with sue for a look at the traffic. sue: good morning. the heat is on other roads. we get busier this morning. this is emeryville. 80 westbound is one of the busiest in the bay area. look at this. they turned the metering lights off. it was on for two hours this morning and we never saw a difference. the getaway freeways would be 580 to i-5 and anywhere 80 west and eastbound beginning to slow already. kumasi: thank you.
8:28 am
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mike: live with kelly and ryan is coming up. >> would talk with jeremy renner about his new show hawkeye. mike: we will be frost free at 9:00. this will be issued again tonight with colder temperatures. if you are traveling around the states, quiet pretty much everywhere. watch for the high fire danger today, tomorrow and friday in socal. seven day forecast dry and very warm this time of year. kumasi: we have another abc7
8:30 am
update in 30 minutes but you can always find the latest on the app and we continue with good morning america. ♪ i've been hoping ♪ welcome back, everybody. next guest with us, hailee our- steinfeld, she's an oscar-nominated actress, multiplatinum-selling singer and now she's starring in the new disney plus series, "hawkeye." hailee. >> hi. >> welcome to the show. >> thank you. >> it's great to see you. >> you too. >> we want to thankyou for being here the day before thanksgiving. >> of course. >> we hear you have a big, big family celebration planned and that's some dancing maybe. >> yeah, our family never fails to end in some kind of dance party of sorts and thanksgiving is a big thing for us. there are quite a few of us so, yeah, i can assure you dancing will be happening.
8:31 am
>> all right, we won't put you on the spot. you were close. that's tomorrow. >> i wasn't going to do that. [ laughter ] >> we want to ask you about "hawkeye" because we're so excited. you play kate bishop, this is your first live action marvel. we heard you in "superman" -- >> "spider-man." >> what does it feel like to part of the marvel universe? >> the most surreal feeling. every moment i feel like maybe it helps set in. it's immediately followed by something that just makes it feel that much more surreal and then it's this never-ending cycle but it feels so amazing and i'm so honored. it's just what an incredible thing to be part of and to play such an amazing character, i feel very lucky. >> we have a clip. let's take a look and chat afterwards. >> picture this. in purple. >> oh, wow. what's that on his head? >> it's your head. wings. like a hawk.
8:32 am
that's on your forehead. that's for hawkeye. >> wow. not happening. >> of course, jeremy renner was here monday, he told us he actually gave you some advice about joining the mcu. something to do with hydration and stretching. >> but, of course. it's one of those things he absolutely told me and i was just going like, yeah, for sure, absolutely and until i started, i realized that that was, in fact, some prime advice that i really took into consideration. >> just from the physical nature of the acting. >> yes, yes. >> and the scene. >> and just the mental side of it. just everything sort of being thrown at you and you having to constantly be at the ready, stretch constantly, hydrate, two things i definitely did throughout. >> we know your fans are super excited because you've got new music coming out. you have been busy. what can you tell us about it? >> that i have been very busy
8:33 am
working on it. i'm very excited about the music i've been working on. i sort of had the chance to, you know, really focus on the music and the music alone, you know, it's really been happening sort of simultaneously to my acting so i'm excited. next year will spend a little time in the music space. >> stay tuned. >> stay tuned. you definitely have been so busy, abd i'm just curious, being involved now in the marvel universe, this role seems very physical. >> yes. >> was it more than you expected? >> you know, maybe. i don't know that i knew exactly what to expect, right? i had -- i -- knowing this character, being a highly skilled archer and swordswoman and martial artist skilled in other forms of combat, i knew it was going to be physical but i think taking every day as it would come, it was maybe more than i initially thought but i was ready. i was prepared. i had been training for some time leading up to and i had a great time with it.
8:34 am
>> did you say i'm going to do all my own stunts? >> that's exactly what i said. >> then immediately regretted that decision. >> well, hailee, we always love seeing you. >> thank you. >> thank you for coming in. happy thanksgiving to you and your family. get those dance moves ready because we are ready. >> send us the videos. >> you got it. >> we are ready to watch "hawkeye" premieres today on disney plus. check out hailee steinfeld, everybody. coming up, we're smashing potatoes for thanksgiving with our girl, jessica seinfeld. we'll be right back. ♪
8:35 am
8:36 am
(sound of rain) ♪ ♪ ♪ every home should be a haven. ikea.
8:37 am
smells so good in here right now. we are back now with our countdown to thanksgiving. tomorrow everybody knows this is the big day and we have got holiday solutions from the one and only jessica seinfeld whose new cookbook, with a big round of applause, just came out. welcome back. we are just talking thanksgiving. i know i am guilty of this, of overbuying when we're trying to plan for a crowd and a dinner so if you buy too many potatoes that's where we're going to start, emergency 911. help me out here. >> well, first of all, potatoes keep for a long time so i think people tend to overbuy them, but especially around thanksgiving, what we can do is turn these into treasure if they're on your counter. we'll turn them into gold. they're yukon gold potatoes.
8:38 am
i love yukon gold because they stay together, we're pressing them and call them roasted smashed potatoes. why don't we do that. >> walk me through it. >> press them. >> traditional mashed potato. >> you don't want to kill them. crush them to death. >> and so you're using -- we're using a spatula here basically. you could use your hand. >> i feel like i'm nervous this will fly away. >> that would be fun, though. take your oil and you want to get it in there because once you get it in there -- >> so lots of olive oil is the trick. >> it'll go into the oven and it'll roast at 400 for about 25 minutes and get really golden brown. >> and you want to do this on a sheet pan. >> yeah, and then you'll flip them over and do the other side, and then we're going to move over here. >> ooh. this is the final product. this is what they look like. >> since my book is called
8:39 am
"vegan at times," which is all about eating more plant-based meals, less meat, less dairy, we're going to put some iron on this plate in the form of spinach. >> top them. we'll plate them. >> and queso which -- >> what's in that? >> not real cheese, queso made with raw boiled cashews, you just throw them in the blender and you add chipotle, adobo, salt, pepper, water and it turns into this paste. it's amazing. >> it looks beautiful, too. >> you keep this in your fridge. >> this is a side but could be a full meal right here. >> definitely. i would make these for thanksgiving except what i like about this is, because you've kind of -- you're over your cranberry and your turkey and all those flavors, by saturday i would make these with our leftover potatoes. change the palate. >> has it been hard getting your husband jerry and the family to go vegan at times? >> no, it's been easier than i
8:40 am
thought because the recipes in this book are all foods that you would want to eat. i don't think anyone in my family would think this was vegan. >> you don't look at this and think vegan. >> everything is really rich and delicious and satisfying and really easy to make and it's not made with foods that are complicated and all the ingredients are available across the country. >> you had me at queso. i hear something sizzlin down here. what are we cooking up? fritters? this is like the sweet potato. >> sweet potato and cauliflower fitters. we know cauliflower is so good for us. >> so this is a cauliflower rice situation? >> you put it in the food processor and pulse it. these are fritters. so, yeah. >> they are. the audience is really participating. you want these a golden brown. >> thank you for flipping. we're putting all of our spices in. >> what are you putting in? >> cumin, cayenne pepper, salt, pepper. >> the cumin you like in this
8:41 am
because of the smoky flavor. >> yeah, it's just like a warmer, i think, and i will make these for hanukkah and your typical fritter has tons of eggs in it. we're not doing that, we're adding flour. >> that helps it stick together and bind. >> that's right. >> if you don't like cilantro. >> parsley. >> i'm a cilantro fan. >> yes. >> can't go wrong with cilantro. >> my husband is not. he hates it. never have it in my house. parsley instead. >> look at this, guys. all the recipes, everything you want. look at this, thanksgiving, this is really -- we're ready to go here. >> here we go. we can make one. >> guys, you can eat, it's all coming up. thank you so much for being here. we'll pop on in and move on. the cookbook, everybody, jessica's cookbook "vegan at times" is out right now. we'll eat these and head over to ginger. >> see, i knew we were sisters, cecilia, i love cilantro too. we talk about broadway. disney on broadway is celebrating the holidays with a great black friday sale. on "aladdin" and "the lion king," we just saw that with the
8:42 am
kids, so good. it is available right now through cyber monday to get tickets. just go to forward slash double the magic for the details and coming up here on "gma" we'll have a special live performance of "aladdin" like you have never seen it before. they're taking us on an incredible magic carpet ride. let's get a check a little and this year so many families are gathering for thanksgiving after skipping last year due to the pandemic so this morning, our chief medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton here to tell us how we celebrate safely. we've got our table made and it has rapid tests on it. i need to know as we do this and we're all planning to have folks over, what are the general
8:43 am
safety rules for 2021? >> first acknowledge that there are people with considerable amounts of stress this holiday season about the pandemic, you know, this is our second thanksgiving during the pandemic, so there are some steps that i think people can take and the tests antn arreall because they're much more readily available. they can be kind of pricey, they can be about $24 in most retailers for two tests, but the tips really to kind of increase that safety buffer is, yes, you can ask people to do these rapid tests right before they come into your gathering or party. you know, masking, obviously when not eating or drinking. especially if people are high risk or if they feel more comfortable. distancing when possible. so maybe you're not going to cram people in around the table like we used to, and then lastly, if you use these tests and you get a positive result, believe it. act on the positive and do not go in or stay home obviously if you're feeling sick with anything, not just covid. >> so do it before, don't make it like part of the meal.
8:44 am
>> it's not for the dessert course. >> airflow is key. if you have the table set and people are spread out and doing this. >> ventilation is critically important. now, obviously, in some parts of the country you can gather outdoors weather permitting. in other parts that's not a realistic option so, yeah, you want to open doors or windows safely if possible, at least too those fans over the stove, they work. those should be turned on. hvac, the fan should be on on, not auto, and then those air purifiers definitely work and can help so it's all about the airflow. >> i love that you are coining terms so you coined something called meal dynamics. >> that's not a medical term and nor is it a cooking term but meal dynamics means maybe rethink how we actually serve the meal and instead of, you know, everyone family style helping themselves, do a buffet, have one person preplate the meals and then, you know, don't
8:45 am
you love this, ginger, where our glasses are labeled so if you put it down -- >> this i need every year. whose is this? >> remember, it's not just about covid but it's about g.i. virus, some safety tips from a medical standpoint but enjoy it. we have a lot to be grateful for. >> i am looking forward to thanksgiving and will be absolutely employing some of your meal dynamic tips. >> thank you, my dear. >> thank you, jennifer ashton. thank you to everybody and happy thanksgiving and a safe one to everyone. coming up, are you ready, a spectacular performance, "aladdin" taking over times square. don't go anywhere.
8:46 am
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>> that's a perfect lead-in to "aladdin," the cast of "aladdin," the show, is approaching its eighth anniversary and right now we've got the first-ever television broadcast of "aladdin," "aladdin's magic carpet flight." here's the cast of broadway's "aladdin." ♪ i can show you the world, shining, shimmering, splendid tell me princess when did you last let your heart decide ♪ ♪ i can open your eyes take you wonder by wonder over sideways and on a magic carpet ride ♪
8:49 am
♪ a whole new world don't you dare close your eyes ♪ ♪ a hundred thousand things to see hold your breath it gets better ♪ ♪ i'm like a shooting star i've come so far ♪ ♪ i can't go back to where i used to be ♪ ♪ a whole new world every turn a surprise ♪ ♪ with new horizons to pursue ♪ ♪ i'll chase them anywhere there's time to spare let me share this whole new world with you ♪ ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ a whole new world ♪ ♪ that's where we'll be that's where we'll be ♪ ♪ a thrilling chase a wondrous place for you and me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪
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so much goes into who i am. hiv medicine is one part of it. ask your doctor about dovato-i did. ♪ >> announcer: you know what friday is? yes, it's black friday and where can you find the best black friday "deals & steals"? >> tory, you are the best. >> announcer: live only for "gma" viewers. up to 75% off with free shipping. it's "good morning america's" black friday "deals & steals" blow-out. >> announcer: now with so much hope for a brighter tomorrow filled with sunshine, it's time to -- >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: and we're celebrating traveling all across the country. >> "rise & shine." >> "rise & shine." >> announcer: so celebrate with abc's "good morning america's" great "rise & shine" tour. ♪ that is the big thank you to the cast of "aladdin" for that incredible performance. >> thanks for watching, everybody. we got something coming. wait for it.
8:56 am
but, wait, there's more.
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8:59 am
>> this is abc 7 news. >> good morning, everyone. checking now with sue for a look at traffic. hi, sue. >> good morning. we're getting busier out there. this is 880 and the oakland airport exit and it's moving nicely. a couple of problems. we've got a pothole emergency pothole eastbound 80. you're looking at green sensors which is good. but expect traffic to get much busier especially afternoon this afternoon. mike? >> thanks for the warning. let's take a look at this. look at this the entire sacramento valley just about in the north bay taking out of the exceptional downgrade into extreme. that's good news. traveling, "chicago," kansas city, st. louis, dallas, detroit, and seattle, wet. >> thank you, mike.
9:00 am
>> thank you, mike. time for live with kelly an it's live with kelly and ryan. today, star of the new series, "hawkeye," jeremy renner. plus a gelman dad and a gelman daughter serve up a tasty side dish, as we wrap up live's family thanksgiving. also, your thoughts and comments on another edition of the inbox. all next on live. and now here are, kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. [applause] ["permission to dance" by bts] oh, hey deja. how are ya? oh, is that bts? i don't know. i think it is. -may i? -yes. all right. hey! happy hump day, everybody. it's wednesday, november 24th, 2021. this is it. this is the big day where you stretch your stomach out and you get in shape.


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