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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  November 25, 2021 7:00am-9:00am PST

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whole day for breaking news and everything going on, but thank good morning, america, for our viewers in the west. on this busy thanksgiving day, the big holiday rush and western fire alerts right now. critical fire danger in the west. the red flag warning in effect in southern california. this fire fueled by strong winds forcing evacuations. this morning, could the power for nearly 150,000 customers be cut on this thanksgiving day? thanksgiving sprint. it's the biggest travel week since 2019. the holiday rush picking up speed this year as millions of americans take to the skies and hit the road with gas prices still climbing. guilty. all three men convicted of murder now facing life behind bars in the killing of
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25-year-old ahmaud arbery, cheers and celebrations erupting outside the courtroom. arbery's mother weeping in relief. she joins us live this morning. the president's health. what we're learning this morning about president biden's recent physical. troubling trend. covid cases and hospitalizations on the rise as families all over the country gather for the holiday. fedex fail? hundreds of packages mysteriously found in a ravine. with online shopping ramping up, who is to blame? holiday safety alert. how to get your family out of a burning home safely and why sleeping with your bedroom door closed could make all the difference. ♪ the final countdown ♪ holiday shopping already surging before the biggest online shopping days of the year. this morning, some of the best deals out there right now. plus, our "gma" turkey day
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tradition. our team of all-star chefs here live cooking up last-second saves for thanksgiving. ♪ bring it on home ♪ and a little holiday magic. what made this guy's face go like this. this isn't your ordinary kiss cam. plus, we're rocking into thanksgiving with the ultimate surprise from dwayne "the rock" johnson. >> what the heck is this? get out of here, bro. oh, my gosh. >> for a navy veteran who gives back to his community with all of his heart. ♪ good morning, america. what a thanksgiving story that is. we can't wait to share it. so happy to be here with my friends, will and whit, and so happy you're watching from home with us right here on this thanksgiving holiday. >> have excited. happy thanksgiving to all. ginger is in philadelphia this morning at the nation's oldest thanksgiving day parade. looks like she's having a great time enjoying the festivities.
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>> definitely looking forward to that. we have food coming up later in the show but we have a busy morning and a lot to get to including the reaction to that dramatic verdict in georgia. all three men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery found guilty of murder. this morning arbery's mother, wanda cooper-jones will join us live in just a few minutes. >> we have a lot of questions for her this morning, and that family. first right to that critical fire danger in the west. winds up to 77 miles per hour in southern california posing a threat. this is why. some power companies could shut off power for more than 100,000 people on this thanksgiving morning and kaylee hartung is tracking the latest. good morning, kaylee. >> reporter: hey, good morning, cecilia. these really gusty santa ana winds are an unwelcome guest on this thanksgiving. we are under red flag warnings for high fire danger in southern california through friday. overnight you could understand why with these gusts of winds more than 70 miles per hour in some parts and these winds, they are so strong they are fueling a
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fire in riverside county, even pushing that fire to jump a fire line and forcing evacuations in the middle of the night. and really complicating the day for thousands of people in southern california, more than 100,000 people, the threat of their power being shut off as these power companies try to stop any downed power lines from caused any more fires. whit? >> all right, kaylee hartung for us, thank you so much. turning to the thanksgiving rush, while many are waking up in your final destination millions more are getting ready to hit the road and drive to that turkey dinner. gio benitez joins us from the west side highway in new york for what americans can expect for the rest of the traveling holiday weekend. gio, good morning. >> reporter: whit, good morning to you and happy thanksgiving. as you say, most people are already at their final destination but you are still going to see some traffic today. your best bet is to get on the road before 11:00 a.m. and then you're going to have to start planning out your travel back home. sunday is expected to be the busiest travel day since 2019. the roads are going to be very busy.
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you're going to want to start driving home before 12:00 noon. in the air the tsa expects to screen more than 2.4 million passengers at u.s. airports on sunday. that is more than at any other point in the pandemic. now, to avoid gridlock, to avoid massive crowds at airports, i would say travel very early or very late at night. that's the best way to do it but other than those high gas price, will, we are looking pretty good so far this week. >> gio, lots of people moving around the country. you are on top of it all. happy thanksgiving. and we have cooperative weather that should make for a pleasant thanksgiving as you travel around or at your final spot. we'll go to ginger tracking the latest. good morning, ginger. >> reporter: will, i don't get to smile like that on many thanksgiving forecasts because we usually have some big storm, but right now it's pretty minimal. right here we'll take you to colorado where they did pick up snow.
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what that looks like on the roads across the nation is beautiful. imean, yes, from houston on up through kind of the midsouth you'll have rain showers developing today, maybe a rumble of thunder. but, my goodness, cecilia, really looking great. we will have the sunday forecast coming up in just a bit. >> ginger, thanks so much. we turn to that relief outside that courthouse in georgia after all three men charged in the killing of ahmaud arbery were found guilty of murder. let's go right to the courthouse in brunswick and alex presha. >> reporter: hey, cecelia, this case centered on race and in many ways defined this south georgia community. for many people the verdict was a starting point for the healing process. >> we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: with those words a georgia jury announced their juchlt judgment. >> william r. bryan, guilty. >> reporter: all three found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery. >> to tell you the truth i never
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saw this day back in 2020. i never thought this day would come. >> reporter: arbery's mother wept in relief. >> whoo! >> reporter: his father's cheers pierced the courtroom. all three were found guilty of felony murder, travis mcmichael who pulled the trigger killing arbery, the sole defendant found guilty on all charges including malice murder. >> these men are sorry for what happened to ahmaud arbery. they are sorry that he is dead. >> reporter: mcmichael, his father gregory and neighbor william "roddie" bryan now all face up to life in prison. the guilty verdict coming 21 months after the 25-year-old arbery was chased down and shot to death while jogging. the case sparked widespread outrage after this cell phone video became public. in it we see arbery's final moments. the prosecution argued arbery was targeted because he was black. >> don't take out your firearms to chase somebody down when you don't know what it is they are really doing or why they're really doing it and i think
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that's an important part of what this case is about, about assumptions and implicit bias that we either acknowledge or don't acknowledge but we need to watch it within ourselves. >> reporter: over the course of the 14-day trial much had been made that a nearly all white jury would determine the outcome of the racially charged case. in the end it took them just 11 hours to come to their decision. >> let the word go forth all whites and 1la ithe deep y of 11 south stood up in the courtroom and said that black lives do matter. >> reporter: the verdict felt across the nation, a first step in the road to what justice looks like for the arbery family. >> not just blacks, we don't want to see nobody go through this. >> now, quez, which you know him as ahmaud, i know him as quez will now rest in peace. >> amen. >> reporter: prosecutors are seeking life sentences without
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the possibility of parole for all three men. their defense teams plan to appeal. whit? >> alex presha for us, thank you so much. we are joined by ahmaud arbery's mom, wanda cooper-jones and her attorney, lee merritt. good morning to both of you. miss cooper-jones, i know it's been an incredibly difficult time, a long agonizing wait, almost two years for you and here we are thanksgiving morning. can you put into words how you are feeling and what this verdict means for you and your family? >> today is thanksgiving and i'm really thankful. my family and i are thankful for the verdict we got yesterday. >> take us inside the courtroom. you were there every step of the way during this trial listening to those horrifying details, watching videos over and over again. and then yesterday when the verdict is read, can you describe that moment for us? >> when i heard the judge read the charges and immediately after every charge he said the
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first guilty, i said to myself, we finally got justice for ahmaud. we finally got this and i was very, very thankful, very excited, i mean, really no words to explain all the emotions that i was going through at that time. >> as we noted earlier there were just one black juror in the trial. you expressed concern about that before. did the verdict surprise you in any way? >> it didn't really surprise me with the verdict we got because i sat there every day, i heard the state present their evidence. i was very, very confident that they did a very, very good job of presenting the evidence and i knew that if the jurors took the evidence, went back and deliberated over the evidence that was presented, that we would get justice for ahmaud and we did. >> lee merritt, i'd like to bring you into the conversation. i know you've been a part of a number of painful cases in
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recent years, but, because of this case, georgia repealed its citizen's arrest law, passed its first hate crime law. do you think this case has the power to inspire broader change across the country when it comes to criminal justice reform? >> absolutely and i think the inspiration comes from wanda cooper-jones. she laid out a blueprint for all of america from a people empowerment standpoint that a single mom with a fight in the determination could inspire a nation of this, that rarely happens in the south. >> lee, how would you characterize the role race played in this case, both inside and outside the courtroom? and what, if anything, have we learned about the state of race relations in america during this process? >> well, we know that ahmaud was targeted because he was a black runner in a community that thought that his presence there was inappropriate. and we saw during the case the prosecution made a decision not
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to center on race but center on the criminal nature and what i appreciate about the prosecution's strategy was that they said ahmaud arbery was a citizen in the united states running on a free road and that alone entitled him to life not by virtue of any protected class that he belongs to but we all enjoy these rights as citizens of the united states of america. >> miss cooper-jones, if you could speak to the three men convicted in the murder of your son, what would you tell them this morning? >> i would just simply tell them that their bad decisions has impacted two families, my family and again their family. not only did the mcmichaels lose a son, they lost a grandfather and that will be impacted by his grandchild. so i lost a son, but they lost three generations there. >> thank you so much to the both of you this morning for taking the time. miss cooper-jones, we are thinking about you and your
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family and wish you a happy thanksgiving as well. >> thank you. >> thank you. cecelia? we'll bring in abc news chief legal analyst dan abrams. happy thanksgiving, dan. i keep thinking of that image of ahmaud's father in the courtroom and the emotion you saw after those 11 hours of jury deliberations. were you surprised by anything in this verdict? >> not really. i think that the verdict was actually pretty quick, meaning when you think about the fact you're talking about a 14-day trial, you're talking about three defendants and nine charges. the fact that they came back in basically a day tells you that there wasn't a lot of dissension on that jury either about this verdict. >> guilty of 23 of 27 counts, if you could take us through the different verdicts and why the jury decided the way it did. >> i think they basically assessed culpability and said travis mcmichael who is the one who fired the weapon was the most culpable, convicted of malice murder and all the other charges. greg mcmichael, the son convicted of 8 of the 9.
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he was the one who initiated the event but didn't actually pull the trigger. then william bryan, the guy who was in the back, he was convicted of six of them. he wasn't actually involved in going to get the gun, but he was there and helped sort of imprison ahmaud arbery on that road. he was convicted of six of the nine. so actually when you think about the facts of the case, the jury's verdict makes a lot of sense. >> all three men are facing life in prison. what do you expect to happen? how much discretion does the judge have? >> the judge has a lot of discretion whether there will be parole. it seems guaranteed that at least they'd be in prison for 30 years without parole. the question could they have life without parole? you might see mixed like the verdict. you might see the highest one, travis mcmichael, life without parole and might see some eligibility for parole for the other two. >> thanks, dan. for more on this story, tune in tomorrow for a special two-hour
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"20/20" special "nowhere to run: the ahmaud arbery story" airs right here on abc at 9:00 p.m. will? turning now to new details on president biden's physical. he is in nantucket for thanksgiving and that's where maryalice parks is with more. good morning, maryalice. >> reporter: will, good morning. president biden is the oldest serving american president, last week he had a 3 millimeter polyp removed during a colonoscopy. overnight the president's physicians gave an update saying it was tested and identified as benign but potentially precancerous. that's the whole reason to get a these. the president was told to get another colonoscopy in a few years. all of this seems pretty routine. doctors also looked into the president's gait. his walk has been stiffer lately. they said there was no neurological issues causing that and they also examined how he seems to have to clear his throat a lot. whit? >> maryalice parks, thank you so much. turning to the fight against covid and cases and hospitalizations are on the rise once again.
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trevor ault has more on the new concerns. trevor, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, whit. make no mistake, this is a thanksgiving worth celebrating but we have to note the fact that we're heading into the holiday weekend in the midst of some alarming covid-19 trends. nationally over the past two weeks, hospitalizations have climbed about 15% and of those patients more than a quarter of them are younger adults between 18 and 49 and the u.s. is slated to hit 800,000 covid-19 deaths by mid-december. doctors are pointing to the fact that still about 40% of adults are unvaccinated and a lot who got vaccinated earlier are seeing waning immunity. the booster help should help to stem that tide. we don't mean to be all doom and gloom. the fact we got there is because of the prominence of the vaccine. it's why we can return to traditions like this. last night the streets were packed to watch the floats get inflated and everybody who ccat aof peoplvewere c rurtohe u tritions, guysbe
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guys? >> trevor, thank you so much. a thanksgiving story we all love. we turn to dwayne "the rock" johnson to bring us holiday cheer and tears on this thanksgiving morning. the global superstar surprised fans at the screening of his new movie but had a very special surprise in mind for one very special person in the crowd. take a look. >> i want to show you something real quick. i got this. i wrote this for you. it's a little thing. >> what the heck. thank you for your service, brother, enjoy your new -- what the heck is this? >> that is navy veteran oscar rodriguez. he was clearly overwhelmed when dwayne gave him his own personal truck. the rock was moved by oscar's
7:18 am
story. he's a veteran who takes care of his 75-year-old mom. he's a personal trainer, a leader in his church and runs a charity for abused women. >> you're making me tear up a little. beautiful thanksgiving story. >> the rock, he does things like this from time to time. this is not the first time he surprised people, but what a huge impact it can have on someone's life. >> thank you. we're still following a lot of other headlines including thanksgiving day shopping, supermarket king stew leonard joins us live later on this morning. becky worley is on the hunt for pre-black friday deals. there she is. but first let's go back to ginger. >> reporter: have you ever been to the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the nation? i'm taking you there with the millersville marching band, with clifford and beyond. you can see back to pac-man. we're about to have fun. please stay with us and for now let's get those rainy cities sponsored by instacart.
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mike: happy thanksgiving. i appreciate you being with us. chilled sunshine this morning through 9:00, and mild sunshine with high clouds coming in. an extended period of dry weather. where temperatures could sit with record highs. 68 in antioch to san jose is our spread. my accuweather seven-day forecast -- look at the stretch of 7 we got a lot more for you. our thanksgiving feast here coming up and we will be right back. >> do we get food? >> yes. why is la roche-posay recommended by over 90,000 dermatologists worldwide? because we bring you effective skincare
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boots for the family, tvs and more. now through saturday at target. [ end music ] >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, everyone. final preparations are underway for glide's thanksgiving brunch in san francisco. this is the second yea food is being prepared inside, boxed up, and served outdoors. breakfast will be served from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m. london breed, chief nicholson, and chief scott will be helping to prepare the meals. they are hoping to prepare
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mike: happy thanksgiving. if i was home right now, i would be heading outside to give my wife her first soda of the day and dressing very warmly. temperatures are colder this morning than yesterday. we are in the mid-30's, at least our reporting stations, to the upper 30's. some neighborhoods in the east valley will be freezing cold. napa and american canyon, nearly 20 degrees cooler than this time yesterday. outdoor activities on this thanksgiving, everywhere will be really peaceful. it's chilly this morning, so dress insulators and pull them off as it gets warmer. today and tomorrow, or coolest days. low to upper 60's. look at the stretch of 70's away from the coast and dry all seven days. kumasi: coming up, with thanksgiving being the top day for home cooking fires, a demo
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we want to give you a live look. there it i welcome back to "gma." we want to give you a live look. there it is. the thanksgiving day parade if philly. 102-year-old tradition and it is back after skipping a year due to covid. i can see right there it's a packed benjamin franklin parkway. look who's there. it's ginger. we'll check in with her soon. really excited to see them back. >> clifford the big red dog, it's going to be a party. we're going to turn to the top headlines we're following, including that verdict in georgia. all three defendants found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery. it took the nearly all white jury 11 hours to come to their decision in the racially charged
7:31 am
case. also right now another smash-and-grab robbery in california. thieves targeted a nordstrom in l.a. district attorneys in the northern part of the state are forming an alliance to hold thieves accountable after a string of these flash mob robberies in which more than a million dollars of merchandise has been stolen. experts say organized crime rings are to blame. also, fedex says it's investigating and cooperating with law enforcement after as many as 400 unopened boxes were found thrown off a ravine in alabama. it's not clear exactly how or why they ended up there. the company sent a truck to then collect those boxes and deliver them to where they're supposed to go. and take a look at this. a kiss cam at the orlando magic game last night. at first you think it's a regular kiss cam. look closely. the guy's jaw dropping because the words, congrates, you are going to be a dad popped up and there you see the reaction, the moment. >> that's great. >> those are dad tears. i know those dad tears. guess what, a lot more to come, james. >> for 18 years.
7:32 am
>> exactly. yes, i do. a lot more ahead including a "gma" safety alert. the potentially life-saving steps to escape home fires. your whole family needs to know them. first, cecilia. we have some big news if you are a last-minute shopper for thanksgiving you're going to need to listen up and hear this. we have everything you need to know thanks to the one and only stew leonard jr., ceo of the stew leonard supermarket chain joining us from a store there in norwalk, connecticut. happy thanksgiving, stew. thanks for being with us this morning. >> happy thanksgiving to everybody listening and to you too. how are you today? >> thank you. we're doing well this morning. i want to ask you about a major trend that sounds like you're seeing at the store. looks like folks are getting ready for bigger gatherings this year. >> yeah, well today is a big day. we've been working really hard at stew leonard to get ready for today. but you know what happened this year? we went from this size turkey last year during covid and what
7:33 am
you're seeing now, we went to this size turkey right now so the gatherings have definitely gotten bigger this year. >> you got the big bird there. so folks who are last-minute types, will they find one of those birds if they come into the store? >> we have plenty of turkeys, okay, so don't worry about that. you probably won't get the size you want. it's going to be bigger than you want because a lot of the smaller ones have sold out already. but you know what, i'd also like to mention, you don't have to be too nervous about the cost, because this is the most inexpensive meal of the year right here. $2 a pound range type turkey. you know, you're paying a lot more than that for your rib roast for the holidays coming up, or even your fourth of july barbecue. relax. it might cost you $1 per head, $2 per head for the guests you have around the thanksgiving table. >> yeah, when you divide it up by everybody there it ends up
7:34 am
being a relatively inexpensive meal. but, we've been talking about this, inflation being a big problem and families are paying a lot more. are there things if they're making last-minute lists they might expect to pay more for this year? >> well, you know what, a couple of the big rock star items, you know, the center cut meats like, for instance, here's a rib eye. okay, so if you go to any new york city steak houses and stuff, this is like the steak to get, okay. this one steak right here costs as much as this whole turkey. so the meat prices especially for those center cut new york strip, rib eye, porterhouse, those have gone up in price but if you want to have a hamburger it's the same price as last year. we haven't raised our prices on, like, butter. we haven't raised it on milk. we haven't raised it on a lot of the staple items that the moms and dads need. and, you know, with our farmers
7:35 am
right now what we did was we really just split any price increase with them. we're trying to absorb as much as we can and make it as easy as possible for the customer. you're not going to get sticker shock this year at thanksgiving. >> that is good news, stew. you got us smiling because my friends at the desk warned me you would hold up a giant steak at some point during this interview. so you have lived up to your reputation. i got to ask you -- oh, you're cuddling a steak there. >> the embrace. >> hey, stew, i don't want to interrupt your cuddle session but for those with a last-minute list, any tips? >> well, you know, i think the first thing is that really be thankful today. you know, we're caught up in selling turkeys. there's a lot of people that can't be eating turkey today. they're running into tough times. we got through this tough covid year here with -- you know, the vaccines are back. i think we should really just
7:36 am
sit back, forget about the dollar or two it costs you, sit around and look and say how lucky we are to have our families together and let's be thankful for where we are in america today. >> excellent words on this thanksgiving. thanksgiving to you, your family and all your shoppers there. whit? >> nobody snuggles with a rib eye like stew. >> thank you very much. enjoy your turkey. >> thank you, stew. all right. now to the countdown to black friday. new numbers show consumer spending up 1.3% in october due to the commerce department and adobe is out with online shopping data giving us a snapshot of the current state of holiday sales. becky worley is in times square with the very latest. becky, good morning once again. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, whit. yeah, the thanksgiving trend of stores being open seems to be reversing. big chains are closed today. walmart, best buy, target, not opening their doors but online sales are surging. new data revealing it's already been a busy holiday shopping season.
7:37 am
this morning, data from online analytics company adobe shows americans have done a whopping amount of holiday shopping. since november 1st through tuesday the 23rd spending hit $72.2 billion online representing 20% growth from last year. >> the concern that consumers have around shortages and not being able to get their products in time for the season, that's really driving a lot of the spending. >> reporter: for parents that comes in the form of early toy purchases. that category seeing the strongest spending with online sales up 256% since september. then it's joined by video games, groceries and books. >> consumers are having to deal with an online inflationary environment that they typically don't have to deal with during this time of the year. so they are seeing weaker discounts. they're seeing shortages and that's driving them to spend a lot earlier than they ever have been. >> reporter: while adobe reports out of stock messages have risen 261% compared to the
7:38 am
pre-pandemic holiday period in 2019, it says we've yet to see the biggest online shopping day of the year, cyber monday, expected to hit a new record at $11.3 billion in online sales. hottest gifts so far, the oculus virtual reality headset and also nerf toys and the airpod pros, whit, big sellers. >> big sellers, the popular products. can we get the deals? >> reporter: there are deals. the oculus $379 right now at sam's club. that's 50 off plus a $50 gift card thrown in. that's a member price. apple airpods pro, $159, that's $90 off at amazon. that deal is going to go fast. and finally nerf, those toys are hot, the hyper rush blaster, $24, save $6 at walmart and you get the safety goggles. >> all right, becky, thank you so much. we'll talk to you soon. she'll run down all the top deals a little later on this morning. will?
7:39 am
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7:43 am
demonstration, showing us how to get out of danger. >> reporter: with cooking fires peaking, experts warn do not try to fight a fire yourself, get out and then call 911. here at the delaware county emergency training center, underwriters laboratories built us this model home. and under the supervision of the philadelphia fire department, we're going to light it up to teach you how to get your family out safely. everything in this room is synthetic. that means it is made out of oil. the sofas, the carpet, all of that burns. now 30, 40 years ago, everything might have been naturally made. now it's going to be much more flammable. back in the day you had 17 minutes to get out. now you only have three minutes which is why it's so important to get out fast. working smoke alarms are critical to giving you those pressu precious moments. >> don't worry about the pictures on the wall. don't worry about your keys or wallet. get out of your house and then call 911. >> reporter: the room quickly
7:44 am
erupts. it's cooking right now through the couch. we move back. with the safety of my respirator i stay inside to demonstrate just how dangerous it can be if you wait too long to leave. 400 degrees and the air is obviously unbreathable. just a few breaths without a mask would knock me unconscious. in a situation like this stay low and go. the lower you are, the cooler it is and the cleaner the air is so i'm going to be walking out of here on my knees. i make my way outside and enter back in through a door specifically designed for this demonstration. all to show you how sleeping with your bedroom door closed could give you potentially lifesaving minutes if a fire breaks out in the middle of the night. now, the majority of deaths in house fires occur in the middle of the night. you might be sleeping. you wake up. you notice something is wrong. first thing to do, touch the door. is it hot? is the handle hot? if it is, do not, do not open this door. keep it closed.
7:45 am
it's your fire shield. it's going to keep you safe. outside this door is a thousand degrees. don't open that door. if you're trapped call 911. they're about to put this fire out. once the fire is out, our expert shows us why it's important to close before you doze. this bedroom had the door open. >> soot all over the ceiling. the pictures are melted. >> reporter: our room with the door closed. >> wow, you can see how it buckled out. >> you can see the big difference between burned up in the hallway, pristine in the bedroom. >> reporter: incredible. one survivable. the other experts say may not be. for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, sharon hill, pennsylvania. >> potentially lifesaving information right there. coming up next our thanksgiving chefs are here. they'll be answering our last-minute questions and yours more importantly. >> food. >> can't wait. >> can't wait.
7:46 am
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back now with the chef to save your holiday with our annual thanksgiving 911. melba wilson, lorena garcia and ryan scott. they are here. let's get right to it. guys, happy thanksgiving. thanks for being with us. our first question comes from rory on facebook and it's for melba. he said a common but scary problem, my turkey is frozen, help me, chefs. what do i do to get it on the table in time? >> this is something i hear all of the time. but what you're going to do is take your turkey and you're going to submerge it in what,
7:50 am
room temperature water. that's what you're going to do. it's only going to take two to three hours to totally defrost but, you got this. >> you got this, rory. ryan, no pressure. kate on instagram is writing i overbaked my cookies. what can i do after i was just baking them? >> it's everybody in this room. even these people have overcooked cookies. this is normal, ladies and gentlemen. so what you do is build a little caramelization. make a little crumb like this, add some butter to that then you have a no bake crust that goes in the bottom of the pan and canned cheesecake and have a pie that's done in a second with burnt cookies. >> let's sneak one last one in here. julia on instagram needs help with sides
7:51 am
potatoes are always tough to cut into. any suggestions? >> such a great suggestion. you need a fork. this one for potato and sweet potatoes. leave the skin on. you just poke it. you can steam it, boil it, bake it and you'll have the perfect sweet potato. check it out. >> we are not done yet. we have a lot more from our chefs coming up. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the magic is calling you to the walt disney world fiftieth anniversary celebration. ♪ ♪ can i get a hamburger? make it plain. extra ketchup, but no pickles. actually, pickles. one vanilla cone.
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good good good good good i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. here's mike nicco with a look at our thanksgiving forecast. mike: thanks for being with us. if you are traveling around the state, even through the holiday weekend, everything will be fine. if you increasing high clouds and the high fire danger with rees he conditions in the great wine. if you are heading down to the southern part of the state, at least for your friday, they have critical fire conditions. let's take a look at our forecast. the 60's today and tomorrow are some of the coolest temperatures in our forecast. mid 60's along the coast and will hit 70's starting saturday, and just keep going. when you get into the low 70's on sunday and wednesday, those are getting your record highs kumasi? kumasi: coming up,
7:57 am
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8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. thanksgiving sprint, it's the biggest travel week since 2019. the holiday rush picking up speed this year as millions of americans take to the skies and hit the road with gas prices still climbing. this as a red flag fire warning goes into effect in southern california. could the power for nearly 150,000 customers be cut on thanksgiving day? guilty, all three men convicted of murder now facing life behind bars in the killing of 25-year-old ahmaud arbery. cheers and celebrations erupting outside the courtroom. get ready to gobble up the deals. becky worley is on the hunt for the biggest savings this thanksgiving morning. from door busters to must have
8:01 am
tech, to something for the kids to get you a jump-start on the black friday frenzy. delicious thanksgiving day "deals & steals." tory johnson serving up big savings of 50% off and all from small businesses. and our all-star lineup of chefs are coming to the rescue answering your last-minute thanksgiving questions from a frozen turkey dilemma to the five-minute hacks every home cook needs and they're saying -- >> good morning, america. >> we will say it again. i don't know what that sound was. good morning, america. we're also going to say happy thanksgiving. so great to be here. our chefs are upstairs and ready to rescue your turkey day dinner. they have all your questions answered this morning. >> we were soaking the turkey, right. the frozen turkey at room temperature. all the tips coming up.
8:02 am
also, in a great "gma" tradition, we are live from two of the country's most popular parades. ginger in philadelphia. the oldest thanksgiving day parade in the country is back this year and she's got plenty of friends. >> here in new york, rob is on the macy's thanksgiving day parade route with big balloons there on the lookout for santa which reminds us, it's just 30 days until christmas. we have black friday deals to help get your holiday shopping done. right to the latest on the thanksgiving rush that is happening right now. ginger, of course, tracking the very latest including that critical fire danger out west. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, cecilia. happy thanksgiving, everyone. we do have a southern california issue happg d that is high fire danger in riverside county. one of the fires there that was blowing with those winds, unfortunately, we have red flag warnings and critical fire danger all the way through friday. we could see gusts from 55 to 70 miles per hour so really intense conditions, on top of all that they have to shut down power for some folk, up to 200,000 could
8:03 am
be without power. for everyone else on this thanksgiving, some rain from houston all the way up through indiana. you can see showers but we could not ask for better travel conditions and, of course, on sunday when everybody is trying to come back we have a little storm trying to make its way through the northeast. looks like a mix of rain and snow but overall still looking relatively benign. we love seeing that on a holiday. this is all happening, by the way, guys, the tsa, whit, did 2.3 million people, biggest by far screenings. >> exactly, people getting back out there going to visit family. thank you so much. we want to switch to another story we're following this morning. of course, the verdict in the trial in the killing of ahmaud arbery. all three defendants found guilty of murder and other charges. back to alex presha at the courthouse in brunswick, georgia. good morning again. >>epte goomorng,yeerday ouide te
8:04 am
sutee a thvi miracle for many here they're hoping that this is a starting point for the healing process. >> we the jury find the defendant travis mcmichael guilty. >> reporter: with those words a georgia jury announced their judgment. >> greg mcmichael, guilty. william r. bryan, guilty. >> reporter: all three found guilty of murdering ahmaud arbery. his father's cheers pierced the courtroom. his mother wept in relief. she spoke with whit johnson earlier this morning. >> when i heard the judge read the charges and immediately after every charge he said the first guilty, i said to myself, we finally got justice for ahmaud. we finally got this. >> reporter: all three found guilty of felony murder. travis mcmichael, who pulled the trigger killing arbery, the sole defendant found guilty on all charges.
8:05 am
>> these men are sorry for what happened to ahmaud arbery. >> reporter: mcmichael, his father gregory and neighbor william "roddie" bryan now all face up to life in prison. the guilty verdict coming 21 months after the 25-year-old arbery was chased down and shot to death while jogging. the case sparked widespread outrage after this cell phone video became public. in it we see arbery's final moments. the prosecution argued arbery was targeted because he was black. >> that's an important part of what this case is about, about assumptions and implicit bias that we either acknowledge or don't acknowledge but we need to watch it. >> reporter: much had been made a nearly all white jury would determine the outcome of the racially charged case. in the end, it took them just 11 hours to come to their decision. prosecutors are seeking life sentences without the possibility of parole for all three men. their defense teams plan to appeal. whit. >> all right, alex presha for us, thank you. for more on this story tune in tomorrow for a special
8:06 am
two-hour "20/20" special, "nowhere to run: the ahmaud arbery story" is airs at 9:00 p.m. eastern on abc. coming up, becky worley, here she is in the "gma" strategic savings command center. it's basically the nsa of times square. she's got our shopping guide. >> exactly. yes, of course. and our thanksgiving chefs are ready to answer your questions from a traffic jam in your oven to rescuing a dry turkey. don't miss their hacks to save your holiday dinner. we're celebrating thanksgiving with two parades. ginger in philadelphia, rob in new york. the parades are back and better than ever as you see. we will be back with a whole lot more. ing back. that's why, in difficult times, we provided one hundred and fifty million meals to feeding america. and now through the subaru share the love event, we're helping even more. by the end of this year, subaru will have donated
8:07 am
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♪ baby, you ♪ good morning, america. whoo-hoo! >> yes, ginger out there making friends, thanksgiving parade, philadelphia. welcome back to "gma" on this thanksgiving day. we're so glad that you're with us. looks like they are having fun, of course, we're on parade watch today. we've got new york, we've got philadelphia, all that is fun. more on that later on and tomorrow on "gma," daniel dae kim joins us. looking forward to what we'll talk about now, the big thanksgiving tradition online shopping, the one and only becky worley is back with us from our strategic savings command center with some of the hottest deals you don't want to miss. all right, becky, we'll talk online shopping. so many of us have come to rely on this during the pandemic. is it changing the prices we're >> rorr:s testbo hdingll thi th it about online shopping because many of the big chains
8:12 am
are closed. discounts may be a little more modest given supply chain issues but want to kick us off with deals in the 50% off category. we'll start with this kid's play kitchen, $99 at walmart, 100 bucks off. for the bigger kids, this dell 27-inch monitor for a serious gamer in your life, very well reviewed, $329, that's $260 off plus you get a $50 dell gift card. kind of like 50% off. i was told there would be no math. >> we know tech is huge. amazon is here with their devices. are the deals better now or on cyber monday? >> i tend to buy kindles, alexa on thanksgiving. get it by cyber monday. alexa devices are roughly half off. the echo is normally $85. i think it's $44 off.
8:13 am
now for kindles, 10-inch fire tablet is $75. normally $150. one deal i can reveal to zhu that the newly released amazon fire tv, this is the first tv that amazon has made, their 65-inch omni model will go on sale on cyber monday, not today, on cyber monday. that will be $599. you will save $230. >> okay. >> now, i'm looking to save big on small kitchen appliances so where might i be able to do that? they are, of course, a staple of doorbuster deals. >> save big on the small appliance. you found a real ring for that. target, okay, they're famous for the gadgets. they have a $10 mini waffle maker, that's $5 off and an already low price, pretty well reviewed. upscale, nine-function six-quart instant pot is $59 at macy's, $60 off. something that's not been widely discounted since the great sourso pandemic rush is a kitchenaid stand mixer. that's $219 at best buy, you
8:14 am
save $280, and i've got one bonus deal for you guys. this is the unagi scooter, okay? ready for this? i made a big exit on yesterday's show so this thing is $589. it is $200 off at best buy, not so bad. >> in heels no less. >> yes. >> the brakes work before you hit the wall. >> great. >> you always make an exit and entrance. keep going. check out our full guide to shop by scanning that qr code and heading to our website, right now over to rob at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. happy thanksgiving, rob. >> happy thanksgiving, cecilia. we are back. i got to tell you, it was a madhouse just walking the
8:15 am
streets on the upper west side of manhattan. spectators are back. last year we ran the parade but had no spectators. they expect pre-pandemic levels. over 2 million expected to attend. the jolly green giant all lit up in that morning sunshine. temperatures will be nice and 1 of 28 or 15 floats in the parade. there is a turkey down there with one of several turkeys, myself included and 15 big balloons including baby yoda, special entrance here and, ginger, i hear you have a special guest, a "gma" fave down in philadelphia. good morning to you. >> i was going to say, rob, baby yoda is nothing on carson kressley because we are so happy to have you. >> thank you. i think i even look younger than baby yoda. >> agreed. >> but that's just me. >> can i tell you, he's here, this is kind of home, this is -- >> yeah. >> hometown parade. you're co-hosting and now the nation can see it on hulu. >> yeah. >> for the first time. >> isn't that great? >> are you nervous? >> no, no, this is like coming home and with all my peeps say, hi, everybody. i'm from here so i love coming back every year.
8:16 am
it's a tradition and a great way to spend thanksgiving. >> we are so, so happy. the unicycles have begun just for you. i want mike: happy thanksgiving. i appreciate you being with us. chilled sunshine this morning through 9:00, and mild sunshine with high clouds coming in. an extended period of dry weather. where temperatures could sit with record highs. 68 in antioch to san jose is our spread. my accuweather seven-day forecast -- look at the stretch of 7ucci" star jared leto explaining his dramatic physical transformation for his role paolo gucci. i talked to him about dancing with lady gaga and all that
8:17 am
oscar buzz. >> can you keep a secret? >> father, son and house of gucci. >> reporter: "house of gucci" dramatizes the real-life saga of love, greed and betrayal behind one of fashion's most iconic empires. >> gucci is my name too. >> reporter: shining among the film's cast, a virtually unrecognizable jared leto who plays hapless cousin paolo gucci. >> i never knew anything about the gucci story and i was shocked. i think people will be really surprised when they see the film. >> what was the process like becoming your character? >> it was intense and unforgettable. the physical transformation, of course, is a big deal here but the most important is the heart, the soul, the spirit. he celebrates life through the choices he makes and through the clothes that he wears, he's a bit of a dandy and he's a lot of fun. >> al pacino plays your father. >> you are gucci. you need to dress the part. >> but chic.
8:18 am
>> what was that like working with him and developing that bond? >> it's funny, on the set the first day i went up to him and was in character and i think i said papa and he looked over at me and was like, yeah and just kind of, you know, walked away and i said, oh, oh, god, who is this crazy italian guy, but -- then someone leaned to him and said it's jared and he turned around and looked at me and he goes, my son, my son. >> lady gaga, fantastic. you guys have any musical moments on set? >> you know what, we danced together. >> good-bye, 1930s. hello, '80s. huh? >> you took it right out of my guts. >> that was fun and unscripted as well and lady gaga was, you know, committed beyond belief
8:19 am
and she was just a terrific partner to have. >> you're getting oscar buzz for this already. how does that land with you? >> the fact that people are walking out of the early screenings and laughing and having fun with the character and falling in love like i did having the heart broken and going along on this emotional roller coaster, it's plenty for me. >> "house of gucci" is in theaters now. cecilia and whit, what do you have cooking upstairs? >> we got food. we're so excited. you know that means -- hear the sirens? did you hear the sirens? there they are. annual thanksgiving 911. you've been sending us your cooking questions. chef melba wilson, lorena garcia and chef and partner of chica miami in las vegas and aspen, ryan scott. they'll give us their expert advice and straight to our board to see who is up first. who's up first? i believe it's you, melba. i believe it's you. we are starting with a turkey day question from nancy. she's on facebook. here we go. ready?
8:20 am
my family loves turkey legs we always get extra to serve with the turkey. seasoning suggestions. >> turkey legs are amazing. it is crazy expensive right now and it's even hard to get so what you want to do, the legs, great substitute. so what i do is i take my butter, put a little bit of my cajun seasonings in here and i make a compound butter and then what we'll do is take this butter, pour it all over the turkey. we're done. 45 minutes to an hour. >> love that. well, looks great. that's preparing. let's go to the wall one more time to see who is coming up next. >> dealer's choice. let's jump to lorena.
8:21 am
a video message from seena. let's take a look. >> hi, my family's favorite thanksgiving dish is macaroni and cheese. can you please share your favorite recipe with us? >> okay. tell us more. >> this recipe that i have, i call it -- [ speaking foreign language ] you're going to fill it on top. so have your basic roux which is butter in a flour, equal parts. you'll have your half and half. you're going to add a little milk and right into it with the cheese. you can use any cheese you want that melts. i love this. i think it does really, really well. and of course, if you have a delicious -- it can be american. it can be cheddar. ing go right into it. i like to put a little bit of smoked ham then you'll go with salt and pepper, of course, a little bit of garlic powder, a little bit of pepper and then the macaroni. you're going to mix it all in. >> the response from the gallery today.
8:22 am
>> then once everything is completely melted, everything is completely combined, you're going to take panko, butter and parmesan cheese and put it right on top. >> make it rain. >> you have your dish. >> i don't know about you personally but our crew is very hungry. do we have a siren? do we have a siren? there it is. who could it be? who can be up next on our board? ryan, we got a question for you. riley on facebook is asking, i don't have any room in my oven to cook desserts, i can relate to this. what is the other option? >> i got you covered. chocolate chai air fry doughnuts. this is how hungry the crew is. add milk and egg into flour. watch. oh, my god. >> they love flour. >> and raw sugar too. look. you guys are really hungry, by the way, cocoa powder. what. cecilia and i like butter, a little butter goes in there.
8:23 am
you take a wooden spoon and mix the batter together making a dough thought batter with just the ingredients you have in your house already, chocolate chips, pop it in and then you mix that together. it comes together like this. really great mix. you scoop it and then what you do, because you don't have any room, air fry it for 20 minutes. >> they really like the air fryer. >> they're taking this home. somebody is getting a gift. the doughnuts come out nice and crispy, toss in a little more butter and take the chai mix, cinnamon, ginger, and this doughnut tossed in butter because we're all light, butter, cheese, hello and this doughnut, cecilia, oh, girl, take -- it's spicy like all of us here this morning. >> oh, yes. >> i'm coming back to that plate. trust me. we do want to go to the board one more time here. here we go. who is up next?
8:24 am
okay. and it's melba. all right. we had to sneak in another turkey question because this is very important and this one up here, this is from jennifer on instagram wondering what can i do if my turkey is dry after i carve into it. >> oh, my god, dry turkey, jennifer, i have the answer for you, to the rescue, cranberry sauce. yes. cranberry sauce, definitely, definitely. what we'll do is take orange juice, sugar, a little bit of water, we're going to bring that to a boil, see that? can you smell that. >> smelling it. >> it's butter. it is butter and fresh cranberry, there's nothing like fresh cranberry, come on, cecilia. >> not like the kind in the can, the jelly cranberries? okay. >> you got it. you got it. you got that. so you see that, first of all, it's starting to smell. delicious then we'll put, what, orange zest. orange zest. put that in there. we'll let it cook for about 10 to 12 minutes and then put it in the refrigerator, let it cool. voila.
8:25 am
delicious. >> so easy. >> no more dry turkey. >> there you go. >> saving us this morning. we're not done with you. all these recipes, you'll need them. especially this one here, >> i'm coming to the doughnut plate. >> we'll answer more questions in the next half hour. we're not done. coming up "deals & steals." we have great ideas from small businesses. stay with us.
8:26 am
8:27 am
>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: good morning, morning, , i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. happy thanksgiving. the great highway in san francisco is closed between lincoln way and -- boulevard through the weekend. it will remain closed as part of the pedestrian and bike only days from noon on fridays to six :00 a.m. on mondays. this weekend, the city's parks and recreation department is launching a new food truck program to get plant-based sandwiches and organic coffee from vendors who are
8:28 am
there's never been a better time to switch to xfinity. get the fast and reliable internet you deserve for only $19.99 a month for 12 months for an epic deal this holiday season. and score 12 times the speed for the same price when you add xfinity mobile. that's more speed and more value for the same price. switch now to xfinity internet to power all your devices and get started for just $19.99 a month. plus, see how you can get $200 back during our black friday sales event. click, call or visit a store today.
8:29 am
mike: thanksgiving morning, one of the coldest of the year. we have the foster advisory's out for 9:00, but i am seeing temperatures jump up a couple of degrees. i think the worst of it is almost behind us. in a half hour or so, if you want to be perfectly protected, rohnert park was -- last hour. high clouds and sunshine with temperatures in the low to mid 60's, and look at saturday through wednesday.
8:30 am
record highs -- close. kumasi: you can always find the latest that ♪ so fill your plate, fill your dreams ♪ oh, welcome back to "gma" right here on this thanksgiving morning. so glad to be here with all of you starting your holiday with us. right now we go to will. he's got "deals & steals" for us. >> hey there, cecilia. i'm so thankful to be with tory johnson here with thanksgiving day "deals & steals" from small businesses. while you're getting dinner ready feast your eyes on the products and go right to the deals by pointing your cell phone at the qr code. hello, tory. >> you got a little head start on this. >> i did. i can confirm this -- >> first time doing "deals & steals." you needed to taste test. >> this delicious popcorn. >> this is a fairly new company
8:31 am
that makes some of the very best popcorn and their secret is that they flavor wrap the kernels so that's what you get in each of these bags. typically with popimportant if you want to flavor it you douse all of your flavor stuff on top. >> not these one. >> with this, you get the most out of this in every single bite. it comes with a popper and two flavor packs if you choose the holiday collection. which one is a favorite. >> i'm liking the salted umami and cake pop. >> the sweet one. it's a really sweet deal. the kit of your choice is $20. >> oh, what a deal. my sister-in-law is obsessed with popcorn. i'll have to steal this but won't tell you. we have silicon tools. >> we do. this is gir. stands for get it right, and
8:32 am
that's what they do. two different types, first the lid covers, they turn any bowl into a storage container so you put the lid -- just kind of suctions right on it so instead of using plastic wrap or aluminum foil you can use this in the microwave, can use it to cover a dish for storage and then they make their tools and what's awesome about these, it's one solid piece. no seems which makes it easy for cleaning. and they happen to feel good and work great as well. colors are fabulous. the sets start at $19. >> whether you say vase or vase, this one is unbreakable. >> which one do you say? >> i think think say vase. >> okay. this is amaranth. i threw you off. >> you did. >> what's cool about this. unbreakable vase that will allow you to keep your flowers fresher for longer and that's because -- so typically you put them in here and when you want to trim the stems it's difficult but with this it would just screw off separately like this so you could add water, trim the
8:33 am
leaves, put it back in and flowers look fabulous so if you want to extend the life of flowers this is the gift to give. they start at $25. >> how good is that? blankets here, i've been eyeing these for awhile. >> feel how soft it is. it is thula tula made in south africa. rich in cultural history with the looming type that they use, the fabrics are sensational. the patterns are vibrant, gorgeous. these make a beautiful gift. we have throws, indoor and outdoor blankets. a huge assortment you'll find online. machine washable and high poe allergenic and start at $44.50. isn't it soft. >> stocking up on my holiday shopping. if you pardon the pun i'm about to use, what makes this fanny pack so hip. >> look at you. you'll get to do deals every day. this is bandi. one is made in america. all of this is hand sewed right here in this country and sleek. it will hold a cell phone, cash, credit card, whatever you need
8:34 am
to go on the go and it's sleek. no bulkiness that's added to it. big variety of options from this company. it's a fabulous woman owned company. your choice, $17. >> and so cool looking too. very useful. and finally, a little self-care. self-care is self-love. what do you have. >> mei apothecary. all about giving us a glowy, dewy complexion with easy to use tool, rollers, they're designed to be easy and fun to use, make you feel great. they start at $6.50. >> i have one of these but i don't know how to use it so maybe we can offline about it. >> we will. we will. >> got the whole thing. and we partnered -- thank you so much, tory. so thankful to be with you and we partnered with them for the great deals. get them on our website and tory has our biggest digital gift guide with over 30 brands, at least 50% off that will help you tackle your whole list, again, scan the qr code on your screen or go to our website to shop
8:35 am
them all right now. coming up, more on our thanksgiving 911 chefs upstairs. [ sirens ] ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
♪ i'm on fire ♪ we are back now on "gma" with our team of thanksgiving experts. we have owner of melba's restaurant here in harlem, chef melba wilson, lorena wilson, chef and partner of chica miami, las vegas and aspen and chef ryan scott from ryan scott catering.
8:38 am
we'll go straight to the headquarter board and we have reached the time of the morning when we're doing away with the siren and have a turkey, gobble, ryan, you are up. i believe we're going to lorena first, sorry. >> the gobble, gobble threw her off. >> nicole on facebook is wondering what is the best way to make brussels sprouts tender and crispy. i know you have an answer. >> i'm all about crispiness, the first thing you'll do is take your brussels sprouts and cut them in half and make a pork belly with a little macadamia and lemon zest, crispy brussels sprouts. let the fire do its job. super important you put a little bit of butter and olive oil. put the brussels sprouts face down and let them there still they're nice and crispy. once nice and crispy add the bacon or pork belly.
8:39 am
a little bit of macadamia nuts. >> okay. >> right? it's going to give it -- then also a little bit of lemon zest. you can -- >> yes. >> you can finish it off. i love it. a little bit of honey if you have a little spiciness and sweetness. >> you know we do. >> just like that. crispy, sweet, spicy, all the notes. another recipe super, super delicious. check it out. a little bit of butter and garlic, then you are going to add artichoke. you can use it as a side. you're going to put in the artichoke. look at that. that smell. you can use frozen spinach. less moisture. what you want to do is take the moisture out. the cheeses, we have a little bit of cream cheese, a little mozzarella cheese, uh-huh. how is it going? and a little bit of parmesan cheese. yeah.
8:40 am
>> for the win. >> of course, you always can adjust with a little bit of crema and you'll mix it all in till it's nice and combined. you can put it in a baking dish or leave it in your saute pan, finish it off with a little bit of more parmesan cheese. >> with authority. yes. lorena. >> look at this. >> the finished product. >> dive into this. look at that. >> beautiful. i just want that right now. okay, that's great. i'll come back to you later. don't you worry. lorena, fantastic. where is our gobble, gobble. there we go. we got it. let's go to the board. who is up next? ryan. okay, ryan. we've got a unique dessert conundrum. this is from jordan. take a look. >> all right, jordan. >> i like to use my insta pot for all types of cooking. is there a good dessert recipe i
8:41 am
could whip up? >> he's got a lot of insta pots there. >> yes, he does. >> that's super easy. one of my favorite things is butterscotch so we'll take -- here we go. a little bit of cream that goes over the top of butterscotch. so here's the deal. chocolate chip, butterscotch chip, peanut butter chips, make sure that the liquid comes up to heat. comes up to a boil and let it sit for two or three minutes, 12:00, have a glass of wine, good to go. come back to it and add vanilla and salt goes inside here. salt in pastries take them way over the top. the equalizer when it comes together. temper in some eggs. this is how you make that pudding, that custard. can't dump it all together. it will look like oatmeal and don't tag me. you put it in an insta pot. try it. big fat hands like i do and then it takes 20 minutes, it cooks, it's done.
8:42 am
cecilia, come over here. then you can -- oh, oh. >> you had me at butterscotch. >> all you got to do is eat it. you can layer it up and do it. don't forget, guy, one more dish. take that left over canned pumpkin or pumpkin pie slice and make my pancakes and a little bit of apples in a can in the sauce at the top and give one to melba because she has been staring at me all morning long. >> counting the clock on you. i know. okay, you guys, i think we may or may not have a siren or a gobble or something. melba, you will bring it home from the headquarter board. >> i'm sorry. i'm over here eating. >> you can do both at the same time. >> cara on instagram is asking, a question so many of us have every year, that is the difference between wet and dry brine? >> it is all about the turkey on thanksgiving. there's sides, desserts, but the turkey is the star of the show. so let's say that you don't want
8:43 am
to do a wet brine. that will be overnight or take two to three days, you can do a dry brine which i personally love a dry brine. paper towel, pat that little girl dry or little boy. >> dry is the key. >> it has to be dry, right? if you have time put it in the fridge for about two or three hours, okay. and then take your ingredients, we have rosemary, can you say rosemary. >> rosemary. >> we have thyme. >> time. >> we have oregano. >> oregano. >> and we have kosher salt. >> kosher salt. >> that is going to break down the protein. >> you put a sugar in a wet brine? >> no. >> for how long? >> put it on here and take it, already mixed up here. >> running out of time. >> and you'll leave it on for a couple of hour, put it in the oven and, bam. >> don't forget that. all these recipes on and back
8:44 am
to ginger in philly at the parade. cecilia, i got kind of a choice booking here. yes, you are seeing mrs. claus and santa claus in the flesh 30 days before christmas kicks off. we've had such a tough couple of years, what are the wishes of you all for the season? >> well, i would love for all of our children and families to have a healthy and safe and very happy holiday season and i want to thank them for being so good this year. >> that's a good sign. >> absolutely and as we come into the most magical season of the year, i would like also peace, happiness, love for one another and cookies for me. >> okay, rob, you heard these wishes but you want to text me yours? i'll get them in, don't worry. >> absolutely. >> all right, you got a direct line. i love it. i love it. happy thanksgiving and early merry christmas. you know, as soon as they're done in philadelphia they'll use their magic to get here and roll south for the thanksgiving day
8:45 am
parade here and they're not going to be the only ones saying, ho, ho, ho, 1 of 28 floats here, he means business, that's for sure. beautiful weather as we get the start of the thanksgiving day parade. we're always worried about the wind. these big balloons, yoda, baby yoda included. wins not good for that but look great, temperatures mild and this is the first time since the pandemic we're going to have spectators. over 2 million, 95 years they've been doing it. only world war ii shut it down. did it last year and ack with a vengeance this year. mike: happy thanksgiving, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco. increasing high clouds this afternoon. now while we are out here at the thanksgiving day parades having a great time i'm sure you're with your family or at
8:46 am
least i hope so preparing the meal and this segment is sponsored by dollar general and our megan ryte got a chance to go there to find out how to do an affordable yet tasty thanksgiving. ♪ >> reporter: it's time for thanksgiving. a day of gratitude, family and, yes, food. if you're looking for convenience, affordable access to your holiday favorites our sponsor dollar general has it all and registered dietitian and spokesperson mary alice cain is here to show you how to put together a nutritious meal. >> we have dollar general's better recipes, showcases three today but there's a whole line of them. they're a great way to lighten up some of the holiday classics or really any recipes year round. so let's start with our entree. >> we all think of the same options for thanksgiving. but this is an alternative. >> this is a great alternative. the pecan crusted salmon. so this salmon is a great lean
8:47 am
protein to add to your holiday menu offering. what we're going to do is coat it with a really yummy honey mustard glaze and then we'll add some crushed pecans on top. >> so we can't just have an entree. have to go to the side dish. what do we have here? >> this one is so good. a green bean casserole. instead of a cream based soup we're going to make our own homemade cream sauce. by doing that we're able to control the saturated fat, the sodium and adding in walnuts. adding in those healthy fats in a really good crunch to this dish. >> now we're ready for dessert. a sweet twist on apple pie. >> the pear and apple crisp focusing on portion control today so it's all about having your individual ramekin of dessert and add in first, dried apples. we've also got some canned pears. and then last we have some dried cranberries. if you have fresh produce you can use, go ahead and throw in those fresh apples, fresh pears. if your local dollar general carries fresh produce, wonderful, if not, the canned,
8:48 am
the dried, those work just great. >> works just as well. from the fruit filling to the crumble. >> what we have first are fiber rich heart healthy whole grain oats and we've got a little bit of brown sugar. you don't need that much because this dish is already going to be sweet enough with the fruit. >> reporter: after we crumble, we assemble then bake at 400 degrees for 20 to 25 minutes. >> all right, megan, here is that finished product. how good does that smell? >> they smell amazing. they look incredible. thank you so much for showing us all these amazing recipes. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: for "good morning america," i'm megan ryte. >> thank you to megan and thank you to our sponsor dollar general. if you want that recipe you have time to cook and go to "gma's" facebook page. the break.coming your way after-
8:49 am
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welcome back. our chefs have been hard at work all morning long and before we go they have final last-minute hacks so let's get to melba first. what are your best kitchen tricks for today? >> it's all about gravy. gravy hides a multitude of faults, okay, so we'll start with drippings from the turkey, all right. so we'll put that on the side. butter, melt your butter. we're going to add in some flour, let this bad boy brown, okay? put a little thyme in there, right? throw it all in there. beautiful. beautiful. and then we're going to add some stock. stock, yeah, there we go. there we go. add the stock. stock it up, baby and you'll whisk it. put the drippings in there, yay. >> here come the drippings. >> here come the drippings, a little bit of salt and, what,
8:52 am
fresh parsley, baby. fresh parsley. >> parsley for the smile. >> look at that color, beautiful. >> now if you come over to our dessert table, ryan, what are your tricks for dessert. >> thank, honey. >> we're really bonding? >> at the store nobody can get brown sugar but you can make it real quick if you have granulated sugar. watch. a little bit of molasses to one cup, you put one teaspoon of molasses and watch this, ready, girl? watch this. >> butter? >> not butter, not cream. you just made brown sugar. brown sugar. if you want extra drawn brown sugar add another teaspoon. want half and half, you actually -- this sounds weird. a little milk and cream and you have half and half. >> what you got? >> peel your garlic super fast, cut the head of the garlic, put it in the microwave for 15
8:53 am
seconds and squeeze the garlic and the cloves are going to come right off. the second one, if you want to take your flavor off the hands of the garlic, a little bit of water and with a metal spoon. >> all clean. thank you all, of course. get these recipes on our website. we'll be right back. stay with us. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ i didn't have to shout out for help. because you didn't have another dvt. not today. one blood clot puts you at risk of having another, so we chose xarelto®, to help keep you protected. xarelto® is proven to treat and reduce the risk of dvt or pe blood clots from happening again. almost 98% of people did not have another dvt or pe. don't stop taking xarelto® without talking to your doctor,
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what a what a great morning we've had. we want to say thank you to all of our crew. our chefs for coming to the rescue this morning. >> bringing it. >> to ginger and rob out there . fu morni, erody. hay thksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. >> to ginger and rob out there at the parade. fun this morning, everybody. happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account
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and complete required activities. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: i'm kumasi aaron from abc 7 mornings. happy thanksgiving. we want to get right to mike with a look at our forecast. mike: happy thanksgiving to you, and also to you. thank you for joining us. high clouds, a deep blue sky, temperatures are rapidly warming for outdoor activities, whatever that may be. if you are traveling around the state or all the way through sunday, high clouds, sunshine and pretty dry. but we've got the santa ana kicking in in southern california, while tahoe, no new snow. about 50. 60's today and tomorrow, mid 60's to low 70's and dry saturday through wednesday. kumasi?
9:00 am
kumasi: it's time for "live wit" kelly and ryan." have a great day and happy thanksgiving. thanksgiving. deja vu: it's live with kelly and ryan. today, actress and author, julianna margulies, also a visit from one of our favorites, ali wentworth. plus, we get a lesson in the popular sport of pickleball. all next on live. and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest. that's what i read between the lines. -exactly. -hello! -you like it? -yeah, it's cool. -oh, thank you! i'm talking to deja, we're having girl talk. oh, i thought you were speaking to me. you're speaking across the studio. ["pompeii" by bastille] -there you go. -hi! hi. jump right in there. i do like the fact, see, deja and i were having girl talk across the room and ryan naturally thought i was talking to him. well, because you're standing next to me,
9:01 am
when we're walking out.


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