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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  November 26, 2021 5:00am-6:00am PST

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variant causing concerns, the hat -- the action that health officials plan to take today. >> shoppers out late and up early trying to score black friday deals, but do you really need to shop in the store to find the best savings. >> being -- bring on the holiday lights. the christmas tradition returning starting today. good morning, happy friday, it is november 26 and you are watching abc 7 mornings live on abc 7 and hulu live. >> i am so glad you are all with us, my first time back in six years, thank you for bearing with me. mike: is not midday live. >> just checking, i am a little early. mike: do not set your clocks ahead. >> it is a lot colder. mike: i bet the commute was better. >> yes. mike: it is nice seeing you
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kristen, thanks for being with us. let us talk about what is going on. we have a frost advisory, mainly just mendocino county. high temperatures have kept our temperatures up, and we have some tule fog blowing a little bit offshore bringing some of that into the delta and also the east bay valleys. you can see it as he looks south from walnut creek towards 24, it deftly gets fuzzy. 42 to 52 at 7:00, low 60's with more sunshine at noon with high clouds returning keeping us in the upper 50's to mid 60's. kristen: we have breaking news from san francisco, northbound 101 that is where one person has died after a single car crash on the freeway. this is around 3:00 or 3:30 when it happened. some lane started moving you can see that there is still a
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backup. we will stay on top of this breaking news and bring you more as we get it. this is northbound 101 at hospital curve. kumasi: now to the pandemic, health officials taking action on the new covid variant causing concern. the world world -- the world health organization will discuss the variant found in south africa and decide whether to give it a name. the united kingdom announced travel restrictions from south africa and five other african countries starting today. south africa's health minister says the variant has a high number of mutations and is causing a rapid spread among young people. >> you you you you you people start to move it will be all over. kumasi: south africa had reported 200 cases a day but it jumped to 2500 yesterday. kristen: let us look at sfo,
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covid concerns are not stopping people from traveling. nationwide that -- the tsa scen2 million passengers on wednesday exceeding expectations. 88% of pre-pandemic thanksgiving traffic. 2 million people a pass through every day for the past seven days. if you are driving some of the worst times to be on the road are this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon. the best times to drive are this weekend the forenoon. kumasi: if you are not traveling a lot of you will be shopping in the number of people planning to do it in person is expected to be closer to pre-pandemic levels. amy hollyfield joins us live in -- joins us live to let us know what it looks out -- looks like out there. amy: this best buy just opened and some things never change. it is black friday and there is a lighted -- a line of people,
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but it has been modified. the first person in line says he got here at 4:00 for a 5:00 open and there were days where people would sleep on the sidewalk all night long. we are not seeing that anymore. the sales clerk telling us that this is all been on sale for the past week. they have a qr code so people will walk up, scan this to find out what the black friday deals are today. so we are getting very savvy. i do have a shopper with me, greg, thank you for talking to us. he lives here and he will tell us what time you got here, and what was your plan. >> 15 minutes before, we came for tv's, the annual thing i do with my mom, and things have changed, it is a lot different. amy: you have done this before? >> every year. amy: you did not have to camp out, have you done that in the years past? >> we have come at midnight,
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where you have to be in line and ready to go, so now it is a little bit different. amy: are you happier here? >> i saved 250 on atv. we have our eyes on atv. amy: i am not holding him from the deals, mom is getting the tv. thank you for talking to us and i know you want to look at the tv. would you put one aside for me, my husband's birthday is coming up. i do not want to talk about that, i am a cowboy's fan. that is the situation. the sale and adjure saying that ps5 is already gone and they do not have x boxes. maybe do research before you leave the house. no lie now, everyone is inside no lie now, and everyone is sought -- is inside and black friday is underway. kumasi: a lot of shoppers got s head start last night. the line outside of the gamestop store was really deep.
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hard-core deal seekers what they were lining up for, gaining colts -- consoles like the xbox and game station five. gamestop started black friday shopping on thanksgiving day. shoppers said they decided to buy closer to home. >> it has been pretty crazy. we have been around this area for a long time, so i feel like this is the safest place i could go to. kumasi: a lot of people we spoke with said they sacrificed their thanksgiving day to stand in line to buy gifts for their loved ones, not themselves. kristen: so they tell us. this morning, cecilia talks to the best buy ceo about supply chain issues. the ceo says they have more inventory than last year and are well situated for the holiday shopping season. >> there are some products a little bit harder to find and
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that is always true during the holiday, things like gaming consoles are constrained or certain mobile phones, but for the most part there is a ton of great gear. kristen: you can see her entire interview with the best buy ceo including her tips for the holiday shopping season coming up at 7:00 a.m. on gma. right now on our website we have a whole section dedicated to holiday shopping and you can find tips and tricks and information about dangerous toys and how to give this others -- to others this season at kumasi: san jose -- san jose'sss christmas in the park is kicking off. earlier we got a sneak peak. sts ith park transformed into a drive last year because of the pandemic. it was so popular that the organizers decided to re-create it in addition to the traditional event. it will feature light displays, synchronized to music. the free event includes a new 65
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foot tall walk-through christmas s pretty cool. kristen: i love that event, it is beautiful. mike: get your tickets, at them quickly. at least a drive-thru one, the other one is free. let us look at what is going on. in the east bay is where some of the thickest fog is forming. 40, san ramon. and a lot of us in the low 40's. and then you get around livermore and concord. 43, lafayette and a 47 in pittsburgh. down to the north bay, low to mid 40's with peninsula in the mid 40's all the way down into san jose. 41, los gatos. but many mild spots in the low to mid 50's. let us look at how different it was then yesterday and this is why we do not have to worry about frost, five to six degrees warmer. for the east bay, a lot of
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sunshine, we go from 45 to 55, a 10 degrees jump, and then up to 60 at noon. mid 60's and warmer than average, and then look at how we quickly drop with a few high clouds gatheringknowf ut ook athat is gng commute or if u are just on the roads, everything is good. how about our sky condition? high clouds this morning and then you see the sandwich of sunshine if you are taking a break for lunch and then hike crowd -- high clouds roam in towards the evening hours. a gorgeous sunset. put it on social media. we will look at the weekend forecast coming up. kumasi: thank you. making it easier to shop and play in san francisco. the area offering free garage parking. kristen: the kids who fed others
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kumasi: in today's gma first look, authorities in cities across the country are scrambling to control the increasingly bold and coordinated flash mob robberies. here is abc news reporter. >> smash and grab warning, dozens of suspects are on the run after a string of brazen heists hitting retailers, the latest becoming part of a new terrifying pattern. >> we recognize one of the characteristics is that this is not one or two suspects, these are multiple suspects. >> over the last week multiple department stores and luxury brands targeted nationwide like this oakland clothing store where 30 people ransacked hats, shoes, and clothing off of the shelves. i was before thanksgiving day, police say robbers used their spray to set -- to assault --
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bear spray to assault a security guard. coming up at 7:00 a.m. we will tell you what authorities are doing to keep stores and shoppers safe. kristen: san francisco is offering two hours of free parking at city-owned union square garages in an effort to encourage you to shop. car access will be limited at night because of the recent string of organized retail thefts. the free parking will be available through the end of the year at the sutter-stockton garage, the ellis o'farrell garage in the union square garage. you can expect to see more officers patrolling. 1500 is how many thanksgiving meals that merited health -- merited house will provide. this is part of a drive-thru event. the organization share this video with us. recipients got a boxed, hot inks
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giving meal complete with salad and dessert. it was a real labor of love. >> today alone there have been 75 volunteers between the kitchen and distributing the food. but there have been more than 1000 people involved preparing in advanced. we are primarily a volunteer agency. we are coming out and helping other members of the immunity. kristen: it gave out 753 -- 750 free meals and handed out thanksgiving food boxes two weeks ago. kumasi: some oakland students made sure to do a good deed before sitting down to their own dinners. castle not high school students and staff -- castlemount high school students and staff serve meals. all of the mayor was prepared this week and dished out buffet style. >> three days leading up to the date we were actually at the high school doing prep work for
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three days straight. and then we serve in west oakwood on thanksgiving day, so students helped with the prep work and today. kumasi: it is an annual event and is is -- and it is expected to serve 400 people yesterday. kristen: the spirit of giving continues into next week. tuesday is giving tuesday, a day to promote the power of philanthropy. if you would like to make a donation, abc 7 has created a list of organizations helping to build a better bay area. you can find a -- find a list on our website [laughter] /-- many organizations will stretch your dollar further with matching funds. kumasi: this is our second holiday season in this pandemic and people say that they still have so much to be thankful for. among those things celebrating with more people than last year. here is ryan curry. ryan: in san francisco many were
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out enjoying their holiday, so he asked people the golden question, what are you thankful for? >> i am thankful for the beautiful day, it was a great day for a run and i'm am grateful for my husband. ryan: they are in town for the weekend. they used to live in san francisco but recently moved away. there is their first trip back since the pandemic started. >> we are getting some sense of normalcy back. ryan: traveling seem to be a popular theme. we met up with the boyer family in the marina district who traveled all the way from the south. they are for -- they are thankful for a chance to meet new people. >> i am thankful because we are meeting people and i feel like the people are more grateful because everything is opening back up. ryan: traveling and seeing loved ones are a few common things people told us they are thankful for, mostly because we could not do much last year. going forward people say they
5:17 am
are hopeful that we can continue to recover and also learn to be nicer to each other. >> the resilience will pretty much continue as long as we are able to love and basically just joined together. ryan: whether it is traveling, seeing loved ones were playing in the park, a message for people is to enjoy the little things. >> it is part of that moment of the year where you take the time to recognize the little things that you take for granted, you know what i mean? and basically say, a little bit of a walk in the park is something that you can take for granted, but be grateful for. not a lot of people have that opportunity. kumasi: that is true, we have ta much to be grateful for. kristen: and, our weather is one of the things, especially if you like it mild. mike: we are calling kristen are
5:18 am
black friday who had to get up early to catch her, thank you for being here. kristen: get me before i am gone. mike: a lot to be thankful for, all three of us are here together and covid free, so on and so forth. you can see how quiet it is out there, mostly sunny and comfy, so we are thankful for some really quiet weather and it could be worse like what we are seeing in socal, with the fire threat. partly cloudy tonight, mild with patchy fog, and this weekend will be bright and even warmer, a couple of degrees warmer than today. the storm track is well to the north which is unfortunate because we have fire in socal and then flooding rain in the pacific northwest. guess who is in the middle? we are, and we have benign weather. 63, richmond. 68, santa rosa. san jose, 70.
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livermore and oakland, 67. a couple of degrees milder with most of us in the low to upper 50's and a few low clouds along the coast and a little bit of the tule fog trying to sneak in. around the country you can see a little wet weather in seattle and portland. we have wet weather around boston and new york and lake effect snow possible around buffalo and syracuse, that is it, it is quiet across the country. you can see this string of 70's possible and even mid to upper 60's along the coast. you can watch morning low clouds and a mixture of sunshine in high clouds which goes into december. kumasi: after months of scrutiny the man who heads up instagram says he will testify before the senate next month on allegations that the platform harms young users. adam is the most senior
5:20 am
executive to agree to testify since internal company documents were leaked. they show that the company's own researchers said that instagram can negatively harm young user's mental health and body image. metta denied the allegations and he will testify investigating the social media platforms sometime in early december. the city of berkeley will offer free access to two mental health apps for anyone who lives, works, and goes to school there. they can utilize the my strength and headspace apps without charge. my strength helps people with anxiety and depression. headspace helps people with meditation and mindfulness exercises. city officials says the pandemic has been a trying time and so by offering these apps for free, residents can focus on their mental well-being. kumasi: coming up the seven
5:21 am
things to know this morning. kristen: the story behind this viral surprise, the couple caught on camera talking about the heartwarming moment. kumasi: taking a live look outside at 5:20.
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kumasi: 5:22 and if you are just joining us here are seven things to know. a new covid variant is worrying world health experts. the world health organization is eating to discuss the strain that could be more infectious and potentially elude vaccines. kristen: dow futures are down 800 points because of fears of the new variant. travel related stocks are being hit the hardest. kumasi: shoppers are up early looking for black friday deals and they are back in person this year. 64 percent are expecting to shop in stores compared to 51% last year. mike: dress for the 40's and watch out for fog. i want to concentrate on the weekend with the average high around 61 or 62. look at the mid 60's to mid 70's by sunday. kumasi: a deadly start to black friday on the roadways, one person died after a single car crash on northbound highway 101
5:24 am
along hospital curve in san francisco and there is a big back in the area. kristen: a health alert for your dogs, there is a dog for flu outbreak in southern california. that's our pleading with owners to get a flu vaccine before they travel for the christmas holiday. the perfect exemptive to burn off thanksgiving calories and get some fresh air. the east bay regional park district is celebrating green friday. all thieves are waived including parking and boat launches. kumasi: a thanksgiving tradition was reborn in the south bay for the first time since 1956. the state spartans brought holiday football back to the bay area. >> i am thankful for the fans and for everyone who made this possible and most importantly i am thankful to be here. kumasi: they faced off against their rivals, the fresno state bulldogs. there was a lot on the line for both teams including a trip to the ballgame for san jose state. fresno state won 40-9.
5:25 am
kristen: we are hearing the story behind the viral video of a wife surprising her husband with a pregnancy announcement at an orlando magic basketball game. it happened wednesday night when james and taylor bailey popped up on the gas camera. james' reaction was later a sportscenter highlight on espn. >> my husband has always dreamed of me telling him in a really cool way, so i thought it would be neat to get on the kiss cam. >> shortly after it happened, the messages started pouring in with we saw you on sportscenter, we saw you on this and that. kristen: taylor planned the whole thing in secret, bringing her parents along for the surprise, but none of them thought the moment would go viral. i think this is wonderful for them and i am so excited. but i think it is only advisable only if you both were totally on board and were hoping and
5:26 am
planning to have a kid. you know, sometimes it takes time to process that and you might want to do it -- kumasi: you don't want to do it in front of tv. kristen: in front of 50,000 people and then millions of fans who are watching. she had to have known. kumasi: coming up at 5:30, the thanksgiving tradition still going strong six years later. we are catching up with the strangers who became like family after an accidental test -- text. kristen: today is the perfect day to set up the christmas tree, a few things you want to be aware of. kumasi: we are taking a live look outside at sfo, a lot of people traveling either to or from the bay area. 5:26.
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call the barnes firm to find out what your case could be worth. we will help get you the best result possible. ♪ the barnes firm, injury attorneys ♪ ♪ call one eight hundred, eight million ♪ >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. kumasi: now at to pre-pandemic holiday traditions. but morning of fears of a winter surge. the new variant found that might be more dangerous than delta. kristen: a live look from four of our tower cameras you can see not a lot of traffic, but it is 70 degrees for the end of november. mike tells us the two warmest days in our seven day forecast. kumasi: making your black friday game plan. here is a live look at shoppers
5:30 am
this early morning looking for deals on the holiday gifts. good morning, right? kristen: hard-core. kumasi: especially after thanksgiving, but you need a good workout. this is abc 7 morning live right now on abc 7, hulu live and wherever you stream. kristen: let us check in on the weather. mike: the surprise of you being here with us at 5:30 in the morning, thank you for doing that. here is a look at the weather, you can see the tule fog with a little bit of an offshore breeze with fog developing in the north bay and east bay valleys. you can see concord and livermore down and some of that is leaking through into hayward. visibility was down to five. that is something we will keep an eye on. notice that everybody is pretty much in the 40's. going into san francisco at 50 at 7:00 and high clouds out there now are gorgeous.
5:31 am
they are gone by noon for the most park and we are hitting the 58 to 63 degree mark, and here comes more hightemperatures inhd 60's, and i ois eveni shopping,o mid 50's by 7:00. kumasi: we are seeing on -- staying on top of this breaking news. this is a live look at northbound highway 101 at hospital curve. that is where we have learned that one person has died after a single car crash on the freeway. you can see that it is slow and we learned that some of the lanes are moving within the last hour or so. there is still a backup so we will stay on top of the breaking news and share more information as we get it. kristen: there is export narrow concern from leading scientists about a new covid variants detected in south africa. the world health organization is holding an urgent meeting over the possibility that this highly mutated strain might be more
5:32 am
infectious than the delta variant. it might even allude protection from vaccines. andrew dan burton brings us latest -- andrew dymburt brings us the latest. andrew: a new variant was detected earlier this week in south africa and more than 20 cases have been reported. that is largely among young people. the mutations represent a big jump in evolution and worry that it might be better at evading the body's defenses. >> the early indications is that it might be more transmissible than the delta variant and the vaccines that we currently have might be less effective against it. andrew: no cases have been detected in europe but officials are taking no chances. they you can announcing that starting today it will ban flights from six african nations as european countries announce new restrictions as cases surge. the czech republic ordering bars
5:33 am
and clubs to close at 10:00 p.m. the netherlands reintroducing mask mandates and ordering bars and restaurants to close at 8:00 p.m. covid surges are not a problem overseas, 35 states have noted an increase in the past two weeks with possibly stations climbing in half the country. >> we have half a dozen icu patients waiting for beds. andrew: despite the surges, revelers at the thanksgiving day parade showing little concern. >> everyone is masked and vaccinated and we feel safe. andrew: some good news out of long island, new york, an er forced to close because not enough staff was vaccinated will reopen. the governor announcing that state health officials have managed to alleviate the staffing issue. kumasi: southern california edison says that power will likely be restored to 75,000
5:34 am
customers later today who had their power cut on thanksgiving in an effort to prevent wire -- wildfires as santa ana winds whipped over the countryside. shut off were possible for another 100 40,000 customers in seven counties. red flag warning's went into effect wednesday morning. the national weather service says it will remain in effect through 6:00 p.m. today due to strong gusts and low relative humidity. >> i suppose that i would rather have excess wind and low power -- and no power rather than to be burned out. kumasi: edison says that power is usually restored from 3:00 to eight hours after -- from three to eight hours after dangerous conditions. kristen: it is black friday meaning that we turn our attention to shopping and scoring deals. stores are hoping that people will come back in person after sitting out or going strictly cyber, but the way deals are structured are different.
5:35 am
amy hollyfield joins us live from mccarthy ranch marketplace to see how things are being done and how long they have been going. amy: good morning. look behind me, it is a black friday line that we have become accustomed to seeing. this one is different, these people just walked up and they are waiting to get in because the story is full. it opened at 5:00, but they did not camp out all night. those days have come and gone, it looks like, because the first person in line this morning got here at 4:00 a.m. and waited an hour to get inside. even the manager at the best buy is telling people that there is no line -- no need to get up early and be the first one here anymore, pointing out that the deals they have today have been in place for a week. some customers said they did not know that, they are here out of habit and have done this every year and they are here again. they remember when this used to be a day of huge crowds and long lines but it does not quite look like that today. >> i think because we are
5:36 am
allowed to do online shopping now, i think that has diverged a lot of mass crowds away, but i am still so old-school, i like the whole festive feel of touching that deal in person. amy: shoppers here tell us that they like the deals that they see. one man says he thinks he will save about $250 on a television. the manager telling us that there are deals on laptops. we have watched a lot of tv's walk out of here. they are out of xboxs and ps5, so if you are looking for those you are out of luck. the other deals look good. and, no long lines like years past. reporting live, amy hollyfield. kumasi: happy shopping. shopping. the ceo of macy's is staying bullish about the shopping
5:37 am
season. he things his company would not be affected quite as much i the backlog. >> we are at the beginning of the pandemic and we were working with overseas suppliers and moved up ship dates. we are using different ports in addition to what we do and l.a. we are working with all of our partners. kumasi: you can hear more of this interview coming up next on gma. kristen: in southern california at some boston market customers were forced to change their meal plans at the last minute when they tried to pick up their prepaid turkey dinners. they arrived at the location to find the store closed. and, a shocking sign read no employees showing up today, we are unable to fill the orders, we are sorry. another sign offered an alternative to buy food at another location. boston market said it is investigating why this happened and refunding and apologizing to every guest affected.
5:38 am
ghirardelli square will flip the switch on its holiday lights. the party starts at noon at the waterfront attraction. folks will be treated to a special outdoor holiday market. these trees designed by the academy of art students will be making a comeback. they were a big hit during the pandemic. at 5:00 is when the entire square will be lit up in the holiday lights. organizers say that there will be a special surprise as well. black friday alternative, the fee is giving you a chance to enjoy the outdoors for free. this -- the smiling face of two strangers that became family, the annual tradition in its sixth year that started with an accidental text. first, let us get a check on the weather. pretty nice for shoppers. mike: it is going to be nice, here is a look at how cool it is. 46, richmond. union city, 45. remount is the cool spot.
5:39 am
you can see fog developing around castor valley. we will definitely keep an eye on 580, 238 and 880. temperatures are pretty much in the 40's. that is save oakland, albany, and san francisco. no threat of freezing cold temperatures like we had yesterday morning. east bay, the average high is 61. we should be there at the door at noon. 57, 10:00. 62 to 65 from noon until 2:00. 64 at 3:00 and then down to 53 during the evening hours. as far as any of your outdoor activities, it will be great to the coast and the bay, exercising, and shopping as we have talked about. we have clouds this morning and then look at the sunshine to the better part of the day and here come the high clouds into the evening hours. if you are worried about the air quality because it will be warm,
5:40 am
right now it is
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kumasi: the east bay regional park district is celebrating green friday for the seventh straight year as an alternative to black friday shopping. it is making it a free park day to encourage time in nature. it is free to enter all district parks including at arden blood historic farm. activity fees include parking, dogs, horses, boat launching and fishing are also waves today. he does not include state fees for fishing licenses and watercraft inspections. glide in san francisco 3000 meals. the church has been helping people enjoy a traditional celebration and meals for over 50 years.
5:43 am
the event was held outdoors under tents. there was breakfast and a thanksgiving brunch. >> this is what thanksgiving is about, ebbing thanks and giving back, and about being with the community that we serve. kristen: the san francisco mayor attended the event to prepare on the go meals to vulnerable neighborhoods throughout the city. volunteers will be -- were able to go out into the community and deliver 200 meals to people living in enchantments. you can give where you live this holiday season. this coming tuesday is giving tuesday. it is a day to promote the power of the philanthropy. if you will -- if you are able and would like to make a donation abc 7 has created a list in organizations that can help make a better bay area. you can find the list on if you want to help, the day of giving is a great day to do it since many organizations will be able to stretch your dollar
5:44 am
further with matching funds. kumasi: a thanksgiving tradition that started with one accidental text is going strong six years later. an arizona woman meant to text her grandson about thanksgiving plans but when she mistakenly messaged another young man strangers became family. breanna whitney has this year's update. >> year six, can you believe it? >> not at all, i feel like i am getting older every second. breanna: it has become a tale and tradition as old as time. >> it feels good. breanna: by now the world knows the story. wanda accidentally texted jamaal for thanksgiving dinner. she thought she texted her real grandson. that year they got together for the holiday, inking it would be a one-time thing, and now they count their blessing that it was not. breanna: how old were you when it started? >> 17 and i am turning 23 next
5:45 am
month. breanna: you are getting recognized in public. best buy, and verizon. >> anywhere were there is young people they recognize. breanna: what do you think it is about the story that people come back and they are asking for, they want to know updates on your lives? >> i have asked that question and i get the answer that it was a feel-good story, and i guess there is a lot, but people want a feel-good story. breanna: the two has celebrated more than thanksgiving. christmas, birthdays and exciting new opportunities. >> all of this will help me what i really want to do in life. breanna: give everybody the update, what are you pursuing? >> i am starting to pursuant acting career. breanna: if you have your own talk show can i be on it? >> but wanda and jamaal have experienced loss together too.
5:46 am
her husband passed away from covid last year, their first year spending thanksgiving without him. wanda credit social media for helping her through it. >> i get so many people giving condolences and their -- they are so genuine and so uplifting. breanna: this story almost never happened, had wanda not responded when jamaal jokingly said he would come over for a six -- a thanksgiving plate that first year and yet here we are in 2021. at times the world can feel divisive and heavy, that this story is so simple, it knows no boundaries of race, age, or background. this is pure friendship, admiration, and love. what if you had never done that? >> never texted him back? then i would've missed out on a wonderful relationship, this changed my view totally of the
5:47 am
younger generation. and now that i reflect back on all of these years, i did not change their life, they changed mine. kumasi: year, and as their relationship gets deeper, the story gets better. kristen: she said she has gotten so much from this relationship and he talked about going into acting and i wonder if this has given him the confidence for that. that is amazing. kumasi: we are here for it. mike: disney plus, let us go, let us see it. the adventure. i'm glad we circle back to that every year. kristen: we had the heartwarming story and now we will warm our bodies with temperatures that are climbing. mike: it is hard to shop for cold-weather close, but the deals are out -- cold-weather clothes, but the deals are out there. san rafael, temperatures in the low 40's.
5:48 am
mostly sunny, dry and mild. brighter and warmer this weekend and november is going to end on a dry note and we will sing that same note as we begin december. this area of high pressure, while it is going to wobble herein there and allow a few high clouds to come through, the bulk of the storm track is well to the north, and it is causing flooding. we are dry and southern california has the fire danger. there is uouecoutf at pattn. mostly sunny and comfy. go out and enjoy it, do not feel guilty. just conserve water the best you can. also, santa rosa. we are looking at and feeling temperatures in the low to upper 40's with a few clouds near the coast. there is your fire danger, and the increasing high clouds across the northern third of the state. this is going to continue the red flag warning with the
5:49 am
critical fire conditions. while they are not as fast as they were yesterday they are still at critical levels. back here at home, about 68 and 70 tomorrow and then 66 to 72 for sunday, tuesday, and wednesday, our warmest days. kristen: there is another vaccination push going on in southern california. the message is directed at dog owners. there is a major dog flu outbreak happening and vets are pleading with dog owners to get their pets vaccinated against it especially this time of year. the president of the spca ala says the strain of canine influenza is airborne and extremely contagious. infections can last 10 days and they are not common -- and although not common, dogs can die. >> a dog with a compromised immune system can be very serious or a dog with respiratory problems. so, what you want to do was talk to your veterinarian. kristen: it requires two shots a
5:50 am
month apart. that fear with dogs going into boarding during holidays and mingling with other dogs the flu can spread much easier from pat to pat. kumasi: a pooch at a doggy daycare just had to see her sister. peanut jumped on the back of a worker to peek at her sister who was placed in a different pi group. -- a playgroup. they are separated because peanut is large and the two will do anything to catch a glimpse of each other throughout the day. kristen: that was pretty high on the cute factor. kumasi: she just got a check in and make sure she is all right. kumasi: rethinking retail, the brick-and-mortar stores of brack -- a black friday past may be coming back to stay in different ways. kristen: it could be the final holiday shopping season for two stores that used to be staples. kumasi: if you are looking for a new
5:51 am
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kumasi: many of you might be getting ready to set up your christmas tree and some picked them up before sitting down for thanksgiving dinner yesterday. >> we were coming in earlier, that is a good thing. might as well enjoy your tree. kumasi: clancy's christmas trees in san francisco was open to shoppers on thanksgiving. experts say you should buy early because of a shortage blamed on supply chain issues and climate change. if you cannot find a real tree that you like, finding a fake tree could cost more this year. >> consumers are going to see this year as a 10% to 30% increase in price depending on the tree and retail and depending on how big the tree is. kumasi: experts say that fake
5:54 am
trees are in high demand this year and you should also shop sooner rather than later. kristen: cyber security experts are warning about a rise in scams involving gift cards. they are expected to be some -- to be popular because of the supply chain crunch. it is on track to be the worst year yet for gift card scams. they want you to member that gift card should never be used for payment especially to someone you do not know. scammers tend to like gift cards because they function like cash instead of protected payment options like credit cards. kumasi: this could be the [-- black friday ever for two of the most reached -- famous retail brands, sears and kmart. when they merged they worth -- there were 3500 stores but now you only five 21 sears stores left in -- only 21 sears stores left. the last sears store in the bay area is at sun valley mall and the closest kmart is in freedom
5:55 am
in santa cruz county. kristen: if you are staying home, disney has a deal for you. new and eligible returning customers can get hulu with out ads for just $.99 a month for a whole year, that his savings of 85% along with your favorites there also shows that you cannot find it other places like the our america series, escape to alcatraz and unsolved about the effort to solve hundreds of cold cases, disappearances in the houston texas area. the deal is available through sunday. so, get it now. mike: i was curious and i was looking at the traffic information, there is a red area, a real slow spot eastbound on 80 around the emeryville curve, so maybe there is a lot of people waiting to get into that target area over there. just something i thought i would throw out.
5:56 am
last week versus this week, look at the change. we are out of the exceptional, still in extreme what we are out of exceptional, but without any rain in the forecast is probably not going to stay that way. let us hope that things change eventually. here's a look at your shopping forecast, 30's to 40's and near 50 out the door. low to mid 50's at 8:00. 59 to 64 at noon and our brightest time at 4:00. 60 to 68 degrees. the 70's and limit -- in livermore and even more sunday, we will get rid of the 70's just temporarily monday. kumasi: thank you. apple's artificial reality of the future. the new headset release packing a serious power punch. kristen: a global day of action against amazon. workers in several countries threatening -- threatening to freeze your shipments to make their point.
5:57 am
kumasi: bay area shoppers testing out the will -- the water on thanksgiving. kristen: we give you a live look outside in san francisco, and also the bay bridge where traffic is very light. financial planning is finding your home away from home. ♪ and, it's designing a plan to help get you there. start a relationship with citi and earn a cash bonus when you open a new eligible account and complete required activities.
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6:00 am
these lines might look familiar. back to in person shopping this year. shipping concerns are weighing heavy on minds. >> business has been crazy. i feel this is the safest place. kumasi:'s -- kumasi: strikes in some areas may spark delays. kristen: one cherished christmas time event opening for the season once again today. kumasi: good morning to you, it is friday, november 26 after thanksgiving. we are thankful you are watching abc seven mornings. -- abc7 mornings. mike: good morning it is 6:00 in the morning.
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