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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  November 29, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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have to get the booster, sooner or later we will see cases of the new variant in the united states. dan: there is still a lot we don't know about the variant. how sick it makes people or if it is more easily transmissible. so far, scientists are not sure if it can evade detection through testing. kristen: our reporter explains how officials are handling an early response and why one doctor believes we may be better off than other areas. reporter: dominating the headlines across the world, the latest variant of concern, the omicron. confirmed cases in more than a dozen countries, but not in the u.s. >> with every new twist and turn in this pandemic, including with the oma con variant, we will do what we do, which is we learn about it, we follow the science, and we adjust as needed. reporter: despite the havoc the
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delta variant has caused in the u.s., some fear that the oma con variant could be worse -- omicron variant could be worse. the unvaccinated account for 75% of cases. for this reason, an infectious disease expert says the bay area may be better off. >> we may be better protected than most, but i worry about some regions that are going to continue to see a run on hospitalizations, calling out the national guard to help. over and over again we will see this pattern emerge. reporter: despite a worrisome outlook, the doctor believes the fast response time the world is having to the variant could make this a false alarm. this doctor says a fast could benefit us now. >> we learn about what works and we will continue to apply what works, including vaccination and boosting and testing.
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ventilation and masking. all of the things this community in particular has done an excellent job at, and i am sure we will continue to. kristen: control strengthened its booster recommendation today out of concern for the only con variant. they announced all americans should get booster doses. adults 18 and over should get a shot six months after their second dose of pfizer or moderna vaccine, or two months after johnson & johnson. a travel in effect for south africa and seven neighboring countries because of the omicron variant. travelers from those countries will not be allowed in the u.s. regardless of vaccination status, unless they are american citizens, in which case they can return. for than 40 countries have enacted some sort of travel ban in response to the new variant. dan: even though the omicron variant has not been officially detected here, now more than ever, bay area school districts
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encouraging errands to get their kids vaccinated, especially between ages of five and 11. our senior education reporter is in the newsroom with what is being planned. reporter: schools and students come to mind immediately when you hear about a new variant. but schools have been in this position before with the delta variant. what they learned was that even if you follow the proper -- is that if you follow the proper procedures, infection rates remain low. kids among the groups with the highest vaccination rates in san francisco. 90% fully vaccinated. with this new variant, san francisco's health department says it's time to focus on the five to 11 age group. 46% of them have received at least one dose, more than 20,000 kids. >> we want that remaining percentage who have not yet gotten their kids vaccinated to do that.
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furthermore, we want anyone who is 18 and up who is eligible for a booster to go ahead and do that also. reporter: san francisco unified had previously said the mask mandate will stay in place for the remainder of the school year. >> we are continuously in touch with the department of public in on a daily as needed basis to make sure we are following all of the protocols we need to keep students stay. reporter: san francisco encouraging parents to get children tested. for the christmas break, rapid antigen tests to be given to those who want them. >> we know when families gather or travel, that can increase risk. reporter: oakland unified requiring students 12 and older to be vaccinated by january 1. the district's vaccine outreach program continues. >> we've been calling families, emailing are families directly to give them the latest information about the vaccine and the importance and efficacy,
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etc., and giving them resources as to where they can go to get vaccinated. reporter: the district encouraging students in elementary, middle and high schools to create vaccine information posters. those that get vaccinated will be entered in a raffle to win tickets to the warriors and a's games. oakland is following the same vaccine playbook used earlier this year by the government -- governor and city officials, where people were giving cash cards and other incentives to get the vaccine, remember that? apparently it works. dan: going forward, will every student in oakland be required to get vaccinated by january 1? reporter: not every student. those 11 and younger are just starting to get the vaccine and it will require time to get fully vaccinated. the requirement is for those of 12 and older but the district will work with them if the student gets the first shot
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before january 1. they will be allowed to come back to school knowing they will get the second shot that month. dan: thank you very much. kristen: the oakland mayor promising action today to help deal with the increase in violent crime in the east bay city. the pledge comes after a 28-year-old was shot and killed on grand avenue yesterday afternoon. police say the shooting took place after davis confronted someone he thought had broken into his car. davis was visiting from southern california. the mayor says the city must fulfill the pledge of a public safety measure approved by voters in 2014. >> we will be bringing to city council a revised hiring plan to show voters we will keep that promise. that we will not only a jet -- - budget a police department over 670 officers, but in fact maintain those minimal staffing levels. kristen: according to the
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oakland police union, there are 677 sworn officers in the department right now, the lowest number since 2014. oakland police also searching for a car believed to be used in last week's shooting that took the life of a tv news security guard. it is a white 2004-2008 acura tl with no front license plate. police released this surveillance photo of the car. they believe it was used during an attempted robbery last wednesday. a retired police officer was shot while guarding a chron 4 news reporter. he died at the hospital. his casket was draped in an american flag and wheeled to a van. there is a reward for information leading to an arrest. dan: after a week in which more than two dozen of their stores and other operations were targeted by roving bands of sometimes violent thieves, cannabis is this owners want the city to step up with more
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protection, including oakland police. our reporter is on the story. >> we don't want to get shot, we don't want to get killed. over cannabis, it is more dangerous than it was before it was legal. reporter: cannabis business owners say they have seen enough, roving bands of thieves, sometimes violent, pillaging stores and grow operations. >> i have to admit that i bribe because i am scared for my business in oakland. it pains me to have conversations about alternatives moving my business. reporter: cannabis business owners say they lost more than $5 million in product in the days leading up to thanksgiving. besides greater police protection, they want immediate relief from the high taxes they say they paid to the city and county. >> it is important we look at how the tax revenues from the cannabis industry is going
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toward specific resources that support the industry. whether that means having a dedicated officer or more that really problem solves on behalf of cannabis businesses. >> i presume they will increase security and make efforts to work more closely in oakland's instance, or closely with the police department. reporter: other community leaders argue a community with a violent crime problem should not be diverting scant resources away from police. >> right now, that is not the number one priority. we need as many police on the street as we can because kids think nobody cares about them. reporter: some business owners say without more protection, they may be forced to leave. >> effectively, the city of oakland is pushing us out, pushing cannabis businesses out of the city. kristen: a tow truck driver faces a list of charges today
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after a wild ride that had witnesses stunned. video captured him going the wrong way yesterday at a toll plaza. it started when the truck stopped and refused to move. you can see the driver ram into a chp cruiser and then speed away. he crashed during pursuit and was arrested. the tow truck driver and a chp officer were treated for minor injuries. no word on why the driver sped away from officers. dan: next, elizabeth holmes back on the stand. who she is blaming for the problems at their nose -- ther anos. and the big change in the leadership at twitter. why jack dorsey is stepping down. spencer: are you ready for december warmth? it is coming our way. i will have the forecast
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kristen: startling testimony from theranos founder elizabeth holmes. she said she was raped while a student at stanford and she dropped out and put all of her energy into theranos. she also testified she had a relation -- romantic relationship with the former company president, and he both coached and controlled her. holmes is accused of 11 counts of fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud for allegedly swindling investors out of millions of dollars in her blood testing startup.
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at 5:00, we will have a full report. dan: silicon valley continues to see more medical use of robotic systems for surgery. advancing health is an important part of building a better bay area. we take you inside an operating room to show you why one doctor is celebrating a special milestone today. reporter: this woman is helping her surgeon marco milestone at sequoia hospital. she's having her gallbladder removed with robotic surgery. >> the 100th -- and i am very confident. reporter: we will be in the operating room as a pioneer robotic surgeons sits at what resembles a gaming console with hand and foot controls that nip you late robotic arms. >> it gives us more agility and it mimics what i do with my own
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hands, and the 3d visualization helps with depth perception and gives us a wider field of view. reporter: this is the fourth iteration of the da vinci system could the doctor says recovery is faster and there is less risk. in the case of gallbladder surgery, there could be complications with a common bile duct shared ivo liver. >> -- shared by the liver. >> what we improve upon is we have dye injected and gives us the ability to highlight those bile ducts bright green. this is state-of-the-art technology, but with all robotics and technology, it will continue to evolve. what we see today will be revolutionized tomorrow. reporter: this system cost sukhoi over $2 million with help from fundraising. the doctor is part of a group that provides access to the robotic system to uninsured
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patients. while augmented reality and artificial intelligence are on the horizon, the chief medical officer is not worried about the need for surgeons. >> there were probably be more types of robotic systems, certain things were about to do well, but i think we will always need surgeons, because at the end of the day, when you have to change the plan, you need somebody who can think real time and do it safely. dan: fascinating. i have a childhood friend who does a ton of robotic surgery in the seattle area. it is fascinating technology. kristen: a lot of promise in that area for sure. who has taken a look outside or just enjoyed the great outdoors right now? dan: it is stunning. spencer: absolutely stunning, almost like spring. we are almost in december. let's look outside right now and i will give you a look at our current temperatures. here is a view looking onto the bay. you can see bright and sunny.
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63 degrees in san francisco, mid 60's in oakland, 68 in morgan hill. 54, i don't know how i got that cool for the bay. must be some fog. when we look at the golden gate, we see a thin layer of mist. 66 in nevada, 68 in concord. 66 in livermore. we are looking out at sunny skies. mostly clear tonight. may see some areas of fog that could develop over the central valley and spill through the delta, but skies will be clear above. sunny and mild days for the next few days, and we can expect increasing clouds and a little bit cooler weather over the weekend. notice a patch or two of low clouds and fog near the coast and some in the central valley. some high clouds may be well, but generally clear skies overnight and sunny skies again tomorrow. overnight low temperatures will
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remain mainly in the mid to upper 40's, right around the bay, upper 40's, 50 the low in oakland. 50 in san francisco. tomorrow in the south bay, 72 at san jose, 74 in morgan hill's. on the peninsula, 70-71 degrees in most locations. mid 60's on the coast, downtown san francisco with a high of 67. in a north bay, low to mid 70's. 73 in santa rosa. in the east bay, highs of 70 at hayward and union city. oakland, 69. the inland east bay will top out in the upper 60's to low 70's. we have a rainfall outlook for the next seven days and as you can see, rainfall potential is zero in the bay area. basically for all of northern and central california. there may be rain around portland and seattle as high pressure dominates the picture and that ridge of high pressure
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is steering the jet stream well to the north. for the next seven days, we expect no rainfall in the bay area at all. maybe a quarter of an inch around reading and that is it. that is not the bay area, obviously. here is the seven-day forecast, sunny skies through friday, high temperatures inland, low to mid 70's for the next three days. 72 degrees around the bay shoreline for the next three days. minor cooling on friday but we are talking about a high of 70 inland instead of 72. into the weekend, increasing clouds and the dry pattern continues but it will cool down a few degrees. mid to upper 60's inland, mid 60's are around the bay shoreline. that pattern continues into early next week but still no rain. enjoy the beautiful weatherul wl will be with us a while. dan: that's all we can do. next, the system that is pulling carbon out of the air. we will take you to a facility
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4:23 pm
for one of them into the first for the other. dan: we are focusing on the climate and environment as part of our effort to build a better bay area. as we continue our series earth on the edge, our reporter shows you how carbon capture works. reporter: there is hope. just as we have used science to power our world worth fossil fuels, we are now using science to stop the damage it has caused. in this case, through technology called carbon capture. >> the hope is to reverse climate change. simply speaking, it is a clementine machine that allows us to go backwards. reporter: going backwards sounds weird. here is what he means. this is called orca, it is a dream that this founder has been working on 14 years. >> it has the world's largest
4:24 pm
capture and storage facility. meaning it takes in atmospheric air containing co2, it filters the co2 out of the air. reporter: think of it as a huge air filtration system, it sucks and air and then filters out all of the carbon. they say in the first year of operation, they believe this facility will pull 4000 tons of carbon out of the air. it is tough carbon in perspective, but we all learned in grade school that trees are good for the earth. they convert co2 or carbon into oxygen. >> when you see orca, it is on a land plot of roughly 2000 square meters. on this plot you could plant around 200 trees and they would capture for tons of co2, or we can capture -- four tons of co2, or we can capture 4000. reporter: the world has lost norma's amounts of trees. -- enormous amounts of trees.
4:25 pm
drought and wildfires. more trees are lost. this cycle gets faster with each day. we need ideas like orca, but why put it in iceland? >> for two reasons, the first is access to green energy. we can use that for our process. also, iceland that has an affinity for to you -- for co2, it can turn it into stone and lock it away forever. reporter: even though the facility is near the top of the world, it is cleaning up your pollution no matter where you live. reporter: -- >> emissions reach iceland. and it will have a cooling effect globally. reporter: the important point,
4:26 pm
if this place is successful, you will see a lot more of them popping up in other parts of the world, including quite possibly the united states. the bottom line is it is these kinds of ideas that will help bring our world society into a carbon neutral place. something the world desperately needs, something we need as soon as possible. california is investing money and manpower into this technology. china too. perhaps this is the beginning of a revolution. great minds are responding to our climate crisis. yes, there is work to be done, but in that, there is also hope. kristen: series. dan: next, the mad dash for holiday gifts and early signs we may be turning the corner in supply chain crisis. kristen:
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>> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc 7 news. dan: cyber monday is here, with deals shifting online today. remember there is the lingering issue of the supply chain crisis that has led to empty store shares -- shelves and long waits for items to arrive. reena roy has more unhealthy white house is stepping in -- on how the white house is stepping in. reporter: deals are all over. americans expected to spend between 10.2 and $11.3 billion on cyber monday. >> the notable discounts we have been seeing our toys, at about a
4:30 pm
20% discount, and computers often times as low as a 13% discount. reporter: this year, supply chain problems affecting shoppers and businesses. president biden meeting with ceos of various companies monday, addressing the ongoing issues. >> i want to hear your ideas on how the federal government can't continue partnering with you all to keep shelves stocked so american consumers can get what they need. we have seen some progress in that effort with a number of containers sitting on docs by down -- docks >> we will have a better holiday season than last year. we have seen good progress and reaction from international carriers to address the concerning issue at the nation's largest port complex. reporter: many retailers opting for an earlier, gradual and digital set of holiday discounts. >> sales have increased compared
4:31 pm
to even last year in the year before and i think that's because people are anticipating the supply chain issues and so they are buying earlier, retailers are giving deals earlier. reporter: for the first time, online spending on black friday and thanksgiving did not exceed the previous year's and some analysts say it may be due to the earlier discounts and supply chain concerns. reena roy, abc news. kristen: it is cyber monday and retailers are promoting deals on all source of products, hoping to boost holiday sales. we asked bay area consumers cyber monday even a thing anymore? reporter: cyber monday is here, or is it? >> everyday is cyber monday now, if you know how to navigate, you can find what you're looking for. reporter: people shopping online every day now and deals rolling out earlier and earlier every year. >> i went shopping in october. reporter: why did you do it so early? >> there were a lot of sales
4:32 pm
already. reporter: still, retailers like amazon embracing the condition -- the tradition. >> you can see today things up to 50% off and if you are a prime member, you can save up to 80% off. reporter: an economics professor says it makes sense for retailers to pump up this day because shoppers are ready for it. >> people are expecting to spend up to $12 billion this monday alone and the prediction is sales will be up 8%-10% this season in november and december. lots of shopping is going on. reporter: cyber scammers are also out. we met a woman who googled some sunglasses, clicked on a link, paid for the sunglasses and found out the hard way it was not a legitimate retailer. >> when you looked at the top of the menu, they did not sell glasses at all.
4:33 pm
i never got the glasses, of course. reporter: the tip is, be more direct when making a purchase. >> do not click on email ads or promos, go directly to the site to get those deals. reporter: amazon expecting a lot of clicking today, predicting they will sell 1600 items per second. these cyber monday deals expire tomorrow. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. kristen: after cyber monday comes giving tuesday, or the day of giving, which is tomorrow, a day when many nonprofits have incentives to make your dollars a further. if you are looking to donate, visit abc 7 list. dan: a change at the top of twitter. co-founder jack dorsey stepped down today as ceo. he posted a statement on his twitter page, writing that after 16 years of serving in positions from co-founder to ceo, it was
4:34 pm
finally time to leave. he added he has worked hard to ensure the company can break away from its founders. he will be replaced immediately by twitter's chief technology officer. joining us live is our guest. hard to think about twitter without jack dorsey, in his announcement to employees, he said companies that are companis led can point to failure. that is true of any company, the person who started it is not always best for the future. do you expect changes at twitter? >> it will be interesting to watch. if you think about what happened at microsoft and apple and google, which are all now companies not run by cofounders, they are run by people who are seasoned employees, executives who then were tapped to replace either the co-founder, or in some instances, even past that,
4:35 pm
they have done incredibly well. tim cook did change some things but he kept a lot of what was important the same. apple is now one of the largest tech companies in the world. you look at google and they are growing like crazy still. microsoft has turned from a company known for infighting into a company now seeing -- seen as one of the premier business software makers, all thanks to the fresh blood, even though these were people who were there quite a while, they gave new ideas and got things going in different directions. dan: as a jack dorsey said, maybe it will make a difference. he was an enigmatic character in silicon valley, not as high-profile as elon musk or mark zuckerberg. he also navigated issues with donald trump and ended up barring him from the platform. tell us about his legacy that he
4:36 pm
will leave at twitter. >> i think one of the toughest things is while jack dorsey spent a lot of time growing twitter into the force it is in politics and entertainment and sports, in news, there is also a lot of negative that has happened the last few years. if you look at every thing from january 6, the attack on the capital, and go backward, you have president trump and the moment we realized we had someone who had control of the nuclear codes but was considered to be too dangerous to be on twitter, and everything before that, and there are a lot of questions about the hairy issues of how do we manage community, how do we keep harassment from growing out of control, how do we deal with disinformation and misinformation spreading like crazy on the platform. all of these questions were things that jack dorsey still doesn't have big answers to. but he tried to push the company
4:37 pm
in some direction around that. dan: he will still be the ceo of square, but that is less high-profile. does he have any other passions in life? does he pop up somewhere else like elon musk did after paypal? >> if i was to put money on it, i would say cryptocurrency is something to keep an eye on. he has a lot of interest in it, it is on his twitter profile. it is something a lot of people in the tech industry are interested in and now he is a billionaire who is free from half of his work so he can fill it with that. dan: he has time to kill. thank you so much. appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. kristen: the holiday shopping season in full swing. season in full swing. have you started your shopping? i saw you toss the kites on high... improved vision coverage. so you can focus on every little detail. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits
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and comes in original prescription strength. salonpas. it's good medicine. ♪ ♪ comprehensive dental coverage. so you can enjoy movie night to the fullest. one of many cost-saving medicare advantage benefits from scan health plan for 2022. call today, or ask your agent about scan health plan. kristen: time for the four at 4:00. drew is joining the conversation today. merriam-webster's year of the year 2021 is not much of a surprise. editors selected the word "vaccine." searches for vaccine shot up 601% over 2020. the editor-in-chief says medical but also a political
4:41 pm
cultural story. they chose pandemic is the word of the year last year. did anybody think there were others worry? >> i'm trying to think. it makes sense vaccine is the word of the year, i'm sure it will be searched even more with omicron. i'm trying to think of words i've heard a lot this year. certainly denver structure. [laughter] -- certainly infrastructure. [laughter] i think it is a good choice. >> it is a logical choice. most of us trying to get -- most of us. kristen: booster could rival it in the later part of the year. dan: that's what i was thinking. there's always a little joy when you order something online. after hitting the buy button, some of us refresh the page to find out when it will arrive. a psychotherapist says even the smallest positive future event
4:42 pm
can motivate us when we are feeling down, especially during the pandemic, which has been filled with unexpected disappointments. having something to look forward to help some people to feel whatever is going on at the moment is not going to last forever and reassures us that things can improve. an interesting concept, and certainly orderly -- ordering online more prevalent because of the pandemic. i shop a fair amount online, sometimes for mundane themes i don't -- things don't have time to find. it is ridiculous when you get home and you see a package, even if it is so poor whatever it is, it perks you up a little bit and it feels like christmas. >> i am with you, i think tracking the package. i ordered pants and for two weeks, i'm looking at right now, it has been stuck in l.a., from the east coast, and it says the package has been delayed and will most likely miss the
4:43 pm
original expected date. every day waiting for a new update and i haven't gotten one. >> technology makes it fun because we can track things now. spencer: i fall into that category, i order things online for my grandkids on the east coast and i'm consul he tracking to see when the packages will arrive. i order a lot of my wine from mail order places as opposed to going into wine stores and i'm always tracking those packages because i don't want the wine to be exposed to temperature extremes. dan: it's like christmas when that arrives. kristen: i agree. drew: he gets really excited exd when the wind arrives. dan: while my are in l.a.. [laughter] kristen: u.s. airports that new pandemic era records for air travel over the thanksgiving holiday weekend. the tsa says is great more than 2.4 million passengers yesterday, double last years
4:44 pm
total, and about 85% of the volume screened same-day in 2019. yesterday's total broke the pandemic error record set last wednesday, when two point 3 million people passed through security checkpoints. nearly 21 million people traveled by air over the holiday period. about 89% of pre-pandemic levels. domestic travel is pretty much back, almost back. not international. but what they are watching now is omicron. what do you think? drew: i did not travel this year. i was just talking to one of our producers, she traveled this year and she said it was a breeze. i also noticed, i have traveled recently, and more people are realizing tsa pre-check, it is not as fast as it once was. it's almost as long. dan: dozens of fans
4:45 pm
tribute band are back home after being stuck behind a wonderful of snow -- wonderwall of snow in the u.k. it kept them from leaving a pub 200 miles north of london. the public manager says the group managed the situation just fine. >> we got karaoke, we had people helping to clear tables and wash up, everybody was on board. dan: the group has slept on couches or on the floor of the inn in yorkshire. snowplows finally reached the pup today, allowing everyone to go home. i guess if you are going to be trapped somewhere, a pub is not a bad spot to be. they are tough in the u.k. spencer: i was thinking the same thing, a pub it not a bad place to be stuck in a blizzard. in my new york days, i was stuck
4:46 pm
at a pub in new jersey because i was in a snowstorm and the roads were closed and i cannot get home. dan: did you spend the night there? spencer: i did. drew: how was it? spencer: free hot cocoa, free irish coffees and all of that stuff. dan: you made the best of it. kristen: i think they will all be best friends for life now. d■rew:it sounds kind of fun, if i got snowed in at a pub... dan: even if your pants were in l.a., you would be fine. [laughter] [laughter] drew i did some early shopping this year. one for you, one for me. awww. i love it. i got us a little something, too. yeah? yep. one for you and one for me. i love it! oh! actually, that was.. i love it! i like red. current eligible gmc owners get over 25 hundred purchase allowance on 2021 gmc sierra light duty crew cab models
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dan: a transgender oakland woman is making history on jeopardy. amy schneider has won eight games in a row, earning her a spot on the tournament of champions. she is the first trans-person to qualify, winning four consecutive games or more. the tournament is next fall, but before that, she will be back on jeopardy tonight to try to continue her winning streak. so far she has won over $295,000. you can watch jeopardy weeknights at 7:00 right here on abc 7, followed by wheel of fortune at 7:30. local products. kristen: yes, we have to talk to her when her run is over. i hope it is a long run. i think we have a long run of sunshine. spencer: wonderful segway. that's what we have coming our
4:50 pm
way. we will have mainly clear skies, but some high clouds will pass by with patches of fog, overnight lows mid to upper 40's. highs tomorrow much like today, under sunny skies again, mid 60's at the coast, up to 70 around the bay, low 70's inland. you can see the prediction was correct, through friday, we will have sunny skies and mild to warm conditions. the cat wednesday, to simmer first, mid 70's inland, but it will cool down a little over the weekend, and no rain in sight. just lovely weather. kristen: thank you. when we come back, the great christmas light fight. dan: it is back for a ninth season, i'm morgan, and there's more to me than hiv. more love, more adventure, more community. but with my hiv treatment, there's not more medicines in my pill. i talked to my doctor and switched to fewer medicines with dovato. dovato is for some adults who are starting hiv-1 treatment or replacing their current hiv-1 regimen. with just 2 medicines in 1 pill,
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check to see your new lower price. covered california, this way to health insurance. enroll by december 31st. kristen: coming up tonight at 8:00, cma country christmas, followed by the great christmas light fight. then stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. the great christmas light fight is back on abc for ninth season, and tonight, the episode will bring viewers to the bay area. a family from santa rosa is featured for their railroad themed display. we talked with the show cohost for a look at what we can expect this season. >> tell us what to expect. >> this year, because of what is happening in our world, i feel like people want to see christmas lights. they wanted to feel good, they want that joy in their hearts,
4:54 pm
and this year, it is in such a big way, people are telling stories and the show does not disappoint. we say year after year is bigger and better, and this year you will see some stuff that is fantastic, it is amazing, it is over-the-top, and people are storytellers. people are creating life-sized amazing things within their homes that their neighbors and community get to see and put smiles on their faces and we get to share it. >> i love it. what would you say has been your favorite part about this season and getting it ready? >> my favorite part is we did get to film during a tricky time in everybody's lives, so we got to connect and hear awesome stories about why everybody does it, not just hear the awesome stories, but we got to get deep and personal and see the how to, because it's not just pretty lights. so much work goes into it.
4:55 pm
we are self-professed diy geeks, so we left to find out how everything is made. >> that can be inspiring for people at home, maybe feeling like i don't know if i can do that, but maybe i can take a little bit of something from what i am seeing in these stories. what do you hope people take away from watching this season? >> i think it is a big part of the heart and that's what you will see, it is evident this year. i had the luxury of shooting in the bay area and we saw some of the most creative diy moments we have ever seen on the show, from life-sized mechanical arms, and trains and cookie factories, and when you see people make these out of old car parts and mechanical machinery, it is so fun, because you know they are doing it for the right reason,
4:56 pm
and all of the kids, it puts smiles on faces. it put a smile on my face. >> i'm so happy you got to go to santa rosa. we are excited to see that episode. you guys got to go across the country. are there any things that surprised you when you saw a home or decorations where you are like oh my goodness, what is happening? >> luckily we've been able to go pretty much everywhere all over the country and see these unbelievable displays. i remember one in particular that has stayed with me, it blew my mind in a way i have never seen anything like this before, a display where they took a notion of chinese lanterns but they were the size of disney castles that you can walk into. imagine a lantern lit up, but these were beyond life-sized and it was so spectacular. >> i love it. we are so excited to see the
4:57 pm
show, see the season, and we appreciate you making time to talk with us and we are happy you came to the bay area. >> it was fun. we had a blast, you guys did great. >> awesome. have a great day and we are excited to see everything. >> thank, you too. kristen: you can see the family's display tonight on the great christmas light fight. it airs at 9:00 right here on abc 7. don't want to miss that. you can get our live newscast, breaking news, weather and more, with our abc 7 bay area app. just search abc 7 bay area, and you can download it now. that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 is next.
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5:00 pm
announcer: building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions. this is abc7 news. >> i know i join all oaklanders in decrying the recent spate of gun violence in our city. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf announces plans to address shortages in the city amid a string of violent crime. >> tonight, a family is in mourning after a young man was shot and killed in oakland over the weekend. he was trying to stop a car burglary on grand avenue near the lake merritt pergola. his death is the city's 127th homicide this year. abc7 news anchor spoke exclusively with eric davis


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