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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  December 8, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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disappearance 20 years ago and was one of the few reporters allowed in the courtroom. >> face to his late wife's family for the first time in nearly 17 years, scott peterson looked them in the eye as they blasted him for killing laci peterson and her unborn son. 19 euros ago today by you were in the midst of planning lacey's murder. laci is dead because she trusted you. earlier, laci's told peterson, it makes me sick to be before you now. even though the death penalty has been lifted, you will be penalized in this life and after. after the family spoke, the judge resentenced peterson to life in prison, bringing an end to his long stay on san quentin's death row.
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>> he has been in prison 18 years for a crime he did not commit. that is a heavy load to bear. >> in the front row of court,, peterson listening intently. he even appeared to become emotional at times and answered a couple of questions from the judge but never gave a formal statement. >> one of the things that really upsets him is this concept that he did not want to have a child. he wanted to talk about that into the fact that he would have never ever harmed laci and connor. >>'s attorney says he wanted to make a statement but the judge wouldn't allow it. -- juror misconduct. his family has maintained his innocence, but laci's have no doubt about what he did on christmas eve, 2002.
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no matter what happens in the future, laci and connor will always be dead and you will always be there murderer. larry: elizabeth holmes trial will get underway at week from tomorrow. today, the founder of the failed blood testing startup finished testifying and the defense rested. holmes is facing 11 counts of wire fraud and conspiracy to commit wire fraud. each count carries 20 years in prison. kristen: covid-19, kaiser is reporting 11 cases among staff at its oakland center tied to an out-of-state wedding. the hospital says most are the omicron variant. new data shows the pfizer vaccine may only partially protect against omicron, but the company's ceo says a third dose offers protection. it has been one year since the first vaccine was administered to someone outside clinical trial.
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91-year-old margaret keenan said anyone who is not vaccinated should "just do it." we spoke with dr. peter ching hong about the third dose and its protection across -- against omicron. >> when you get a booster it is like turning back time. it is like back to the future, so to speak. back to the original time or the vaccine was 95% effective. of course we do not have a number yet because we do not have human data but it does suggest that by getting a booster you raise your antibody levels so much it is going to overcome any mutations in that spike protein. kristen: the doctor says he feels very protected with the booster. larry: abc news got a rare look inside the cdc emergency operations center has officials keep a close eye on the variant. experts say it may be more transmissible but appears to be less severe.
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though, much more research is needed. >> we have concerns about this new variant in terms of transmissibility. we do not know what it is going to do in terms of severity. even if it is not is not is nott if we have many many people who get it, we have a much larger denominator and we could be within a problem of divvies -- disease severity anyway. larry: this number is a concern, nationwide daily deaths are up 57% in the last week. hospital admissions are also up 10%. those numbers are expected to continue going up in colder months. covering from covid has been a long-term process for some of those who caught the virus during the beginning of the pandemic. zach fuente is introduces us to a bay area organization trying to shed light on the struggle and yet the more resources. >> covid symptoms can be
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debilitating for many who test positive. the cdc says most people to test positive get better within weeks, but some experience symptoms for months. they call it post-covid or long covid. it can happen even if the initial covid experience was mild. we are finding that many people are having symptoms well past the time they would expect to be over covid. >> margot is with the nonprofit brief california. right now, they are looking to hear from people experiencing long covid symptoms. the cdc the symptoms could include fatigue, headache, difficulty concentrating, shortness of breath, cough or more after four or more weeks of being infected. >> sometimes people hesitate to report these things to their health care providers because they feel silly saying kind of a brain fog.
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>> brief california says there servi is anonymous. -- survey is anonymous. it walks you through the symptoms to help determine if you are considered a long-hauler. they also give them the data they hope can be used to vacate. >> we do want to be able to report back to the county looking at this long-haul problem and to the community to say here is what we found. >> they also hope the survey and their work sends a message to anyone suffering from long covid symptoms. >> one of the big things we want people to know is they are not alone. >> to find a link and resources available now come ahead to the bay area brief california's website. >> involving some parents who knowingly sent a covid positive child to class had been referred to law enforcement and the das office for review.
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around 75 students at neil cummins elementary had to quarantine over thanksgiving after being exposed to the student. failure to comply with health orders could result in fines or prison time. larry: san francisco's shared spaces program group. frustrated business owners are receiving -- right now, no fines are being imposed. ryan curry spoke with city officials as well as business owners who hope the city gives them more help. >> park let's are here to stay. the board approved a plan to keep them. some businesses are being forced to make changes. sac schwab says he spent building his park let. >> our current understanding is we have to pull it back 20 feet. >> the cities tour shared spaces program says they need to meet
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fire safety requirements and they cannot hinder street traffic. business owners have until the summer to make changes but they are now receiving notices of violations. >> our goal is to help everyone understand all of the things that might need to be fixed so everyone has maximum time to plan. >> the city wants to keep parklet around but issued this long manual going over the new rules. trop says he will adjust his parklet for safety reasons but he is still recovering from pandemic losses and says he needs more time. >> prices have skyrocketed. there is no contractors available. they are going to start fining us. we need more time. >> some of the notices already have citations attached. the city's director says the city is not accepting money for the fines. >> the city is not collecting any fees or fines. our city codes and laws require that we have to cite them. >> the program does allow
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businesses to receive $2500 to help with the changes. schwab says he will need more than that. >> the $2500 at a minimum needs to be per parking space you currently have permitted. the general consensus is -- dollars to build a parking space. kristen: turning to whether, let's give you three looks outside. san rafael and san francisco tower cameras. you can see it is all gray. sandy patel is here with possible rain in the forecast. sandhya: we have showers in the forecast. let me show you a live picture from san mateo. you see the raindrops on the lens. we have been dealing with drizzle. visibility from south beach, hard to see anything. drive carefully, watch for slippery roads. live doppler seven not picking up moisture below radar but we have a little bit in the east
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bay. concord reporting light showers towards walnut creek. here is the system. it is weak. it is going to lack moisture but we are expecting showers to pick up towards the late night-early morning hours. 7:00, really spotty going into midnight, we will have more coverage going into 2:00. early tomorrow morning, those showers move out of here. it is a level one on our impact scale. spotty showers and drizzle through tomorrow morning. under .1 inches with poor visibility. stronger storms on the way. larry: talk to you in a few minutes. social media and mental health both front and center today with instagram's ceo testifying before a senate subcommittee wednesday as lawmakers question the apps influence on younger users and called for federal oversight. >> we are in diametrically
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opposed goals. the goals of parents and the goals of your company. >> we try to keep relevant to all as possible and we also invested in people safe. larry: yes yes yes introduced new safety features including setting time limits. kristen: the new effort to protect women seeking abortions. says curry racist towards history. who killed jfk, a look ♪ ♪ ♪
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and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. larry: california wants to be a sanctuary state. if roe v. wade is overturned, advocates are preparing for what is next. kristen: as our lives -- reports, governor newsom calls on the state to strengthen abortion laws and make california an abortion sanctuary for people seeking care from out-of-state. >> with the future of roe v. wade on the line my it california future of abortion council released a new report with 45 recommendations for expanding abortion access in california. most notably, the group says if
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roro would become a sanctuary, a place where californians can easily receive care. >> what the council is doing and active reproductive justice is doing is ensuring california is a reproductive freedom state. >> jessica pinckney as executive director of access reproductive justice, one of the organizations that make up the california abortion counsel. a group started by gavin newsom. >> if roe were overturned, we would see abortion access gutted or completely eroded in about 26 states across the country. we anticipate in california that we could see an increase of up to 3000% patients whose clinic would now be in california. >> to help accommodate these extra patients, the report recommends increased funding, including some public funding, to pay for travel, lodging,
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transportation and other expenses. the report recommends removing barriers that make it hard for california residents to achieve -- receive abortion care such as high deductibles. in a statement, governor newsom said, "at a time where women's health care is under attack in this country, california is stepping up to meet the moment. we take seriously the recommendations of this report as california continues to lead the nation in protecting fundamental rights. kristen: governor newsom says the increase in crime across california is unacceptable but action is being taken. newsom addressed the issue during appearances today on the view and gma three. he touted increased efforts across the state to fight crime, especially smash and grab robberies. he understands why californians are uneasy. >> i could give you facts, but there's feelings as well. if anything, feelings matter more. do i feel safe? do i feel protected?
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we are calling it out. there is no excuse. we do not condone that behavior. we are arresting, but it is not unique to california. property crime has gone up in many states. red states, not just blue states. violent crime and property crime is higher in texas than it is in california. >> newsom discussed california's fight against covid and the new omicron variant, saying state policies work and should be a model for the nation. >> those states that have followed the science, encouraged boosters have outperformed. not just from a health perspective, but economically. the state of california did better economically than florida and texas and the u.s. as a whole. i say that to impress upon you they go hand in hand. >> newsom's appearances are part of a media tour to promote his
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new children's book on dyslexia, which he has struggled with since childhood. larry: the warriors are set to take on the trail blazers as steph curry gets ready to make history, closing in on the all-time three-point record. chris alvarez has a look ahead to the game and the three-point chase. >> fans might want to get their popcorn. stephan curry with one more home game against the blazers and he is 16 three-pointers shy of the all-time high mark. it would have to be an historic night to do this here at home. klay thompson has the record for most at 14. if anyone can do it, it is stuff. >> i think steph and a lot of voice is like michael jordan in that there are so minnen -- there are so many moments, they bleed together.
4:19 pm
maybe that is the true sign of greatness. >> i am trying not to let it creep into how you play. just enjoy the journey to get there because it does mean a lot to me. >> if curry doesn't break the record tonight, his next game and trance to do it is saturday night in philadelphia. tonight. i will predict saturday in philly. kristen: better to do it saturday night when he is on abc7 anyway. larry: save it for saturday. [laughter] sandhya: no breaking the record with rain. i want to show you what it looks like right now on live doppler seven. we are blanketed with clouds, fog and a little bit of drizzle
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and isolated showers. a live picture from the golden gate bridge camera, cloudy and 54 in the city. 56 mountain view. san jose 57. it is cooler as you look from our san jose camera. the shark tank under gray skies. mid-50's to fairfield and even livermore. along the embarcadero, gentle wind. it is cloudy along the san francisco embarcadero. drizzle and fog through tomorrow morning. cold friday and saturday nights. possibly the coldest of the season so far with patchy morning frost. there is an atmospheric river coming our way. right now it is weak, possibly moderate. today and tomorrow morning, watch for showers and drizzle. visibility is poor. roads will be red. -- roads will be wet. tonight, light stuff at 7:00 p.m. hit-or-miss situation until late tonight.
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between 11:00 and 3:00 is when we are expecting more coverage. it is not going to be widespread. it is gone by the time you are ready to lunch. rainfall totals are not a lot. most areas zero. in the mountains, a winter weather advisory tomorrow. if you earth are thinking about going to the mountains, winter weather advisory with snow above 5000 feet. we are expecting this to drop briefly and there could be inches at low elevations. plan on carrying those chains. up to 14 inches above 6000 feet. the atmospheric river is going to deliver rain in inches. anywhere from two to three inches in the bay area. rain shadow locations will receive less than that. your morning temperatures, colder than it was. 30's and 40's with fog and showers. for the afternoon, mid to upper 50's. still on the cool side.
4:22 pm
windy. we will call it brisk for thursday is her check out the seven-day. level 1 early tomorrow morning. showers and windy conditions. friday and saturday, this is going to be feeling like winter because it is going to get cold and then a level 1 storm comes in sunday but it becomes a two monday. that is when we are expecting stronger wind, wet weather. look at tuesday, there is potential for higher elevation snow. off course, we will keep you posted but at this point, it is just the potential. it definitely looks like significant snow for the sierra. larry: we need it all. when is a bank more than a bank? the new community center in oakland, one of 16 in the nation and we will show you what it is about. kristen: a different kind of community. fa
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♪ so i think to myself ♪ ♪ oh what a wonderful world ♪ larry: focused on building a better bay area and that includes racial equity in finance. a major u.s. bank is making a big investment in oakland with her branch like no other which helps provide opportunities for entrepreneurs of color. cornell barnard has over story. >> 1, 2, 3. [applause]
4:26 pm
>> it is unusual to see this much excitement at the opening of a bank could >> you have such bank. >> you have created a place that is going to create community. >> mayor libby schaff at the dedication of chase's -- built by local artists. a place to help entrepreneurs of color start and grow businesses. >> in this community center we are going to be focused on financial health education, helping people do budgeting and savings. building credit. >> chase says it is committed to racial equity by supporting small business dreams, which can seem impossible at times. >> 60% of the income african-americans make are spent on rent. >> the bank says that as an opportunity to help. >> covid and the murder of george floyd taught us something we already knew. when bad things happen, it hurts the poor community the most.
4:27 pm
>> we asked jamie dimon why invest now at a time when violent crime is rising and businesses are often targeted by vandals. >> bank needs to be part of a community. we have to lift up parts of society we do not lift up. j.p. morgan -- a quality effort recall path forward and we are devoted to lifting a people >> jerry kill's company was helped by the initiative which helped him grow. >> if you exist in a box and you do not know there is a world outside the box, how do you get out? >> chase says it plans to help six new branches like this one across the country. kristen: leanne: holiday meals are on their way to the less fortunate in san francisco. the glide foundation began delivering 5500 bags of food to 19 separate partners. due to covid, this is the second straight year glide has had to deliver the food instead of
4:28 pm
handing out bags, as it had done for decades and tenderloin. larry: they do a great job helping. coming up, stunning new claims about the jfk assassination. >> he was not killed by oswald. we know that. it may be too late for justice in this case. kristen: who really killed jfk? an in-depth investigation. larry: the i team's dan n some days, you just don't have it.
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patients using salonpas patch reported reductions in pain severity, using less or a lot less oral pain medicines. and improved quality of life. that's why we recommend salonpas. it's good medicine. kristen: an author has written a book based on his years as a jfk
4:31 pm
assassination researcher. he first went to dallas to investigate for life magazine. we have turned that book into an original documentary, "jfk unsolved: the real conspiracies." >> it turns out the bay area is a hotbed of jfk assassination research. i interviewed several key figures. josias thompson brings a a of knowledge and experience to the kennedy assassination. he was there in the 1960's, interviewing key witnesses such as skinny holland, a railroad manager standing on this overpass with a panoramic view as the gunfire came. >> for the fourth shot, he said the sound was different. the sound was different, like it was the difference between a rifle and a .38. and then write it under these
4:32 pm
trees come out from the trees maybe eight or 10 feet out, he saw smoke. >> holland thought he saw smoke from a rifle blast. >> it was not as loud as the first two. it came from my left. from behind a picket fence. there was a puff of smoke that lingered out of the green trees from the picket fence, eight or nine feet off the ground. >> that contradicts the official government position that a single gunman, lee harvey oswald, fire the only shots from the texas school book depository. for his book, thompson also turned to what are called assassination buffs who bring their own life experience and passion to the issue. >> there's a lot of people like myself whose attitude is, dam it, i want to know. retired studied films from the four home movie cameras that were rolling at the time of the shot and
4:33 pm
tracked the debris field. the blood, bone and brain matter from the president and two distinct directions. >> the shot came from the front. it did what we are talking about. within a second, a second bullet also struck. you put these two data streams together, a lot of things fall into place. >> we plotted the evidence, showing how the debris hit motorcycle officers on the left of the president's limousine, not those on the right. how the second shot send blood and debris as far forward as the hood ornament. >> two specific debris fields? >> the same thing happens in both. kennedy's head goes along the trajectory of the bullet. >> josiah thompson p compelling case that jfk died in a crossfire. you will hear another key figure from the bay, the secret service
4:34 pm
agent who climbed to the back of the president's limousine to rescue the first lady. kristen: can't wait to watch. you can watch "jfk unsolved: the real conspiracies," on our streaming platforms. saturday at 9:00 p.m. after the warriors game and on hulu beginning next week. larry: part of building a better bay area, highlighting others working toward the same mission we have here at abc7. the brand-new san francisco standard has a team of journalists, the goal to serve everyone with a stake in the future. abc 7 news is excited to announce a partnership.
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>> polls show the majority of people feel the city is headed in the wrong direction. a skeptic might look at your resume and say, david has been around for a while. isn't it time for fresh leadership? what would you say to someone like that? >> san francisco is the wealthiest city in the country, yet it has inequality that rivals rwanda. the time has come to see someone like me who has been pushing for change for a new approach that actually creates a bright future for every san franciscan including low income and middle class people. in government, it really is about not what you talk but what you do. i was the first person in 2016 proposed a safe injection site. likewise, when it comes to homelessness, i am the one who moved forward and created the first navigations center in san
4:36 pm
francisco. it was so successful that a lot of skeptics realized that we needed to have housing and connect people to services. i think people who look at my track record and look at what i have been advocating would say, it is time to give this individual the opportunity to lead, especially lead at the state level because the issues we are talking about requires state intervention. larry: tomorrow, we hear from san francisco city college trustee csl b. you will find the interviews on our bay area connected tv app, available for apple tv, android, amazon fire and roku. kristen: clubbing and covid, it is not just california lawma
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larry: finland's prime minister apologizing for going clubbing after she came in contact with a positive covid case. she said she was initially told that because she is fully vaccinated she did not need to isolate after her foreign minister tested positive. she was later sent a text message advising isolation but says she did not see the text because she left her work phone at home. she said she should have used better judgment. on a personal note, it reminds me of my brother in law who will
4:40 pm
go out on the dance floor knowing when his daughter is dancing and scream, "i love the club," in a fake foreign accent. the rules are confusing. we have seen mask off. i think everybody around the world has had enough rules and regulations. >> i do not know. yeah, common sense. this isn't day two of the pandemic. if you knew you were exposed -- i don't know, you just should know. i can't. [laughter] >> i think she is getting a lot of attention on social because of the fact she is younger than most leaders of nations. so, there is a lot made of that. we do not have leaders you would expect to see at a club necessarily. certainly not star a past couple of chief executives.
4:41 pm
-- certainly not some of our past chief executive periods -- >> your closing in on two years of covid and there are a lot of boards that only makes sense in the covid world. babel combined some covid are words like quarantine. some of the words for 2021 include delta and omicron. you are hearing a lot about the latter. how about hot vax summer? and of course, jab and jab. which vaccine or booster? pfizer pappy or modernity mammy. which ones have you used? >> i am not sure i have used any of those last ones. i tend to not use
4:42 pm
you are a cool kid. sandhya: i have not used those, but i think pappy and mammy kind of fit some of our bills. >> we have gotten a mix. i am surprised boosted is not there. >> there are so many. we have the litany of covid derived words we could go with at this point. i had never heard of some of these, i have to say. this could be for a much younger demographic. >> clearly. [laughter] >> they are the ones on the giants floor -- on the dance floor. >> im unhip because it's actually poppy and mommy. >> i was thinking that, but i wasn't sure. i was thinking hey, papi. larry: when you thing about
4:43 pm
oreos, you might think milk. but nobody thinks of wine, except spencer. oreo is teaming up with barefoot wine for a cookie blend. the wind will be available on their website and we are told you will get hints of chocolate and oak as well as blackberry and dark cherry. the oreo bundles come with two bottles for $25. strikes me that this is not a big alcohol consuming panel. >> my first thought was i was disappointed that it was not an oreo that tasted like wine. >> with this panel, that is what we would opt for. >> if you like dessert wine, this is something you could enjoy. larry: the combination could be quite good. >> why is this on wednesday?
4:44 pm
shouldn't we do this as a tasting thursday? [laughter] >> yes. larry: now we are talking. >> now she tells me to move on. you would think christmas cards would be a thing of the past. apparently, millennials are bringing the tradition back in a big way. according to the greeting card association, nearly 1.6 million cards are sent out on the holidays. that's it? traditionally we think of millennials as issuing snail man , they are sending more than baby boomers. retailers say sales are up 14% this year from 2019. resource and if you do holiday cards? -- raise your hand if you do holiday cards. [laughter] >> why am i not surprised? >> i always think i should, but i don't. larry: we don't have time for
4:45 pm
this conversation, but this is the debate my wife has. we get the cards and it is like look -- and i am like ok. >> recycle bin. >> she wants to spend hours picking every photo and i am like, the guy in the house is going to go -- oh yeah, ok. >> i have a question, if you send someone a card three years in a row when they do not send you back, do you continue? sandhya: if they are close friends, i continue. i will say that i love getting the holiday cards and i love sending them. one year, our daughter decided to order the cards. she said let's do it, we are not going to get it done. the day before christmas we were stamping and sending. >> we do not send them, but we put them up as decorations. >> you and i are not going to be doing that the day before christmas. right?
4:46 pm
winning. that is it for the four at
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talk to your child's eczema specialist about dupixent, a breakthrough eczema treatment. larry: the world might be foreboding if you are looking at outside. >> i was going to say it matches your personality. [laughter] sandhya: it is cloudy outside. there is a weak system bringing
4:49 pm
fog and drizzle. we turn to showers toward the next few hours. tomorrow morning, early morning, damp roadways. by the time we hit 8:00, showers are gone. we see hefty snow totals in the mountains sunday through tuesday with the atmospheric river. we are talking 5, 6 feet and more for some resorts. that will boost the statewide snowpack. tomorrow, bright skies with temperatures in the 50's. as we look at the seven-day, windy with early showers. cold frosty mornings friday and saturday. get your decorations or whatever you want -- need to do done because the river moves in. there is the possibility of rain and snow mixing in tuesday. larry: a new class at stanford university is taking online and remote learning to a new level.
4:50 pm
dustin dorsey has an inside look inside the vr goggles at this innovative education method. >> it is said reality may leave a lot to the imagination. at the stamford virtual human interaction lab, virtual reality makes imagination limitless. >> so cool. >> it is a situation -- so sita can get these mental repetitions. >> the latest use, virtual reality learning. students were given headsets to use for the virtual class that explored vr's many uses while using the technology itself. the first all vr class at the university. >> it makes a ton of sense. >> a lot of people in general have not experienced vr, so this course was like, that opportunity to try everything you have ever wanted to. >> from exploring the ocean to leading the offense of the cardinal football team
4:51 pm
>> you have learned how to read a defense. >> this class experienced all virtual reality to do. >> we could not have done this before and now instead of seeing a zoom grid, we are just together in a room. >> the class brought students together and brought distance-learning to a whole level. the team hopes this model can shape education in the future. >> the pandemic made us question how learning takes place in general. a lot of educators are trying to find unique and new ways to help students learn and help students feel connected. >> vr may be the answer. kristen: ralph lauren is jumping into the metaverse with a kid friendly game. the partnership is a holiday
4:52 pm
experience that lets you participate in activities and customize avatars with ralph lauren clothing. the items are expected to cost over 300 ro- about three dollars. larry: nathan -- has created a gallery full of lego art. this is an exhibition called the art of the brick. among his creations, a t-rex and more than 70 others. >> one of the newest pieces is called decisions and it is the culmination of the entire exhibit shouldn't. it is one of the larger pieces i have worked on. it hangs from the ceiling, but is part of the floor. that is a piece i think speaks to a lot of people. larry: talk about labor-intensive. decisions was made from 112,000 lego bricks. you can see it at one grant street in san francisco.
4:53 pm
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4:56 pm
will smith is doing just that in the new series "welcome to earth." >> i asked the best modern day explorers, take me to the ends of the earth. they said, we can go further than that. >> will smith is surely one of the brightest stars in the hollywood galaxy. but, 3000 feet under the sea, he is simply a tourist. and we share his sense of wonder. >> we down here, y'all. >> any time diving in the sea, it is exhilarating and nerve-racking. >> dr. armand is his escort. >> if something goes wrong, nobody is coming to help. >> the dangers are obvious, but the team has years of experience. will kept a level head. >> at first he was fearful, and pretty honest about that fear. it was wonderful to work through
4:57 pm
that experience with him and really help him overcome that fear. >> watching him, we share his marble at these wonders. >> look at that. what is this? >> duane fields made -- met the star. >> goes to show that how much experience or fame you have, there is so much this world has to offer. >> i hope you know where you're going. >> the disney plus series has hs larger purpose beyond simple entertainment. >> we are showcasing the beauty you can't help but want to see for yourself. and wanting to see it, you will love it. if you love it, you will protect it. kristen: "welcome to streaming now on disney plus. that is it for abc 7 news at four :00.
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this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i have the folks were trying access abortion across the country know they have a rent in us in california. dan: state lawmakers are working on a plan to make california a sanctuary for those seeking reproduction care if the u.s. supreme court overturns roe v wade. ama: news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. at least 26 states across the country plan to ban abortion in some form if the u.s. supreme court oks mississippi's ban on abortion past 15 weeks or overturns roe v wade altogether. a decision that is expected next summer. that


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