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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 8, 2021 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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this holiday, ask your doctor about xiidra. umph! >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. >> i have the folks were trying access abortion across the country know they have a rent in us in california. dan: state lawmakers are working on a plan to make california a sanctuary for those seeking reproduction care if the u.s. supreme court overturns roe v wade. ama: news, live on abc 7, hulu live, and wherever you stream. at least 26 states across the country plan to ban abortion in some form if the u.s. supreme court oks mississippi's ban on abortion past 15 weeks or overturns roe v wade altogether. a decision that is expected next summer. that is why california state
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lawmakers are considering a plan to create a sanctuary here for those seeking abortions. reporter: a group called the california future of abortion counsel says if roe v wade is overturned, the number of out-of-state patients coming to california for an abortion could increase drastically. potentially 3000%. the group is calling for additional funding to make sure both californians and those who live elsewhere will be able to receive easy access to care. with the future of roby weight on the line, today the california future about -- future of abortion counsel released a new report with 45 recommendations for expanding access in california. it roe is overturned, the state will become an abortion sanctuary, a place for both californians and those who live elsewhere can easily receive care. >> what the future of abortion counsel is doing is ensuring
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that california is truly a reproductive freedom state. reporter: jessica is the executive director. one of the 40 organizations that make up the california future of abortion counsel. >> if roe is overturned by the supreme court, we will see abortion access completely eroded in about 26 states. we anticipate, in california, that we could see an increase of up to 3000% in patients whose nearest clinic would now be in california. reporter: to help accommodate these out-of-state patients, the report recommends increased funding, including some public funding to help pay for travel, lodging, transportation and other expenses. the report also recommends removing barriers that make it hard for california residents to receive abortion care, such as high deductibles and co-pays.
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in a statement, governor newsom said, "in a time when reproductive rights are under attack in the country, california is stepping up to speak the moment. we take seriously the recommendations of this report is california continues to lead the nation in protecting such rights. -- in protecting such rights pair quote -- your quote. reporter: he said they are playing to increase their staffing as they expect an increase in patients coming here to california. ama: there are lawmakers behind this report, what are they saying echo reporter: governor newsom does backdate recommendations. he told the associated press california will be a quote sanctuary. i took spoke with state senator tony atkins, who helped author this report. part of her goal is to help
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people be prepared. >> we know what that means. people are going to do what they need to do. people are -- did get did get healthcare they need. we need to be prepared for that, practically. whether we want to be a beacon or not, a sanctuary or not, we do need to be prepared. reporter: ack and says it will be up to lawmakers to put forth legislation. it could be something governor newsom includes in his budget proposal next year. ama: thank you. dan: let's turn to the latest and covered 19. 11 of the people infected with omicron variant in an east bay outbreak are kaiser oakland medical center employees. all tracer infections 20 out-of-state wedding. all were fully vaccinated and had received booster shots. a walk-up vaccination and testing site in downtown oakland has abruptly closed. the nonprofit that run the clinic says is shut down because
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of vaccine supply issues and staffing issues. new data shows the pfizer vaccine may only partially protect against the omicron variant. the company ceo says the booster appears to offer greater protection. ama: we had some just author today. dan: awfully foggy and dreary. sandhya: this is going to continue, through the night into tomorrow morning. let me show you alive picture remark sfo camera. it is a great one right now. no delays reported. visibility is low in fairfield, down to one mile. we are dealing with fog, cool conditions and damp conditions. some of this moisture is below the radar. we have seen about three hundredths of an inch in santa rosa, trace amounts in oakland, hayward. you see that moisture off the coast, which means body shower starting tonight at 7:00 as we go into 11:00, they will still be around into the wee hours at 2:00 before the system moves out
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. we get a short break before another storm comes in. that one is sure to drench us and dumped quite a bit of snow on the sierra nevada. i will be back with a closer look at the atmospheric river coming up. dan: today, a redwood city courtroom killer scott peterson was resentenced for the killing of his wife. she was first reported missing on christmas eve 2002. his trial began on november 1, 2004. four months later, a judge sentenced him to death. last august, after several peels, the california supreme court overturned his death sentence. a reporter has covered the case since the beginning, nearly 20 years ago and was one of the few reporters inside the courtroom today. reporter: face-to-face with his late wife sacco family for the first time in nearly 17 years.
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scott peterson look them in the eye and a redwood say port room as they busted him for killing lisi peterson and her unborn son, connor. 19 years ago today, you were in the midst of planning her murder. she trusted you. she believed in you. earlier, her sister amy angrily told peterson, it makes me sick to be before you now. even though the death penalty has been lifted, you will be penalized in this life and after. after the family spoke, the judge resentenced 49-year-old peterson to life in prison without possibility of parole, bringing an end to his long stay on san quentin sacco death row. he's been in jail 18 years -- reporter: he was listening intently as lisi's family was giving her statements.
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he appeared to become emotional at times, and answered a couple questions from the judge, but he never gave a formal statement. quacks one of the things that upsets him is it this concept he did not want to have child. and the fact he would never harm her and connor. his attorney said he wanted to make a statement but the judge would not allow it. quacks he will stay at the san mateo kind jail awaiting a hearing for his appeal a new trial based on alleged juror misconduct in 2004. his family has maintained its innocence, but hers has no doubt about what he did on christmas eve 2002. no matter what happens in the future, sharon said, lisi and connor will always be dead. and you will always be there murderer. ama: closing
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criminal fraud trial against former there now ceo -- holmes returned to the stand for the seventh of final day. our reporter was in court and has the details. reporter: today, elizabeth holmes got her last chance to make an impression on the drape. prosecution and defense using those final moments to ask her questions about some of the most compelling evidence of this trial. last on her way out how she thought it went. how do you think your final day of testimony went acco -- iago little to say about her final hours on the stand. today, the government and defense wrapped up their questioning, signaling the trial is one step closer to a verdict. quacks everyone who is standing -- there was a small stifled chair. reporter: she explains closing arguments are next, followed by
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jury deliberations. >> the evidence is now complete. the judge, in a somewhat unusual mood -- move are giving the lawyers quite a bit of time to prepare the jury instructions. reporter: could that give the defense a slight advantage acco >> it may give some advantage to the defense in this case. reporter: i key argument is holmes truly believed in the success of her product. but a retired biotech executive says the lack of solid evidence proving that success could hurt her case. she got her phd in chemical engineering, the same department of which homes dropped out of. >> in my mind there was no technology. she is trying to make the case she believed in it, still. in my mind, there was no basis for that. everything they did were things that were known before, they just combined things other people knew how to do. reporter: legal experts question
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whether her other defense will hold true to the jury. that hurt x controlled and sexually abused her. >> it's fun to be elizabeth holmes versus the twain nine witnesses the government put on. after the break, discussion over change in grading policies. how few bay area school districts are responding. ama: $500 fines for water wasters.
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wake up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ please don't take my sunshine away ♪ you may pay as little as $10 per prescription. ask your healthcare provider about rybelsus® today. ama: over the summer, public schools in california gave students a chance to change a letter grades to pass or no pass. after the schools acknowledged some schools -- students had difficulty adjusting to online learning. dan: senior education reporter
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explains why. reporter: some schools will tell you that online learning left many kids unmotivated. once they return to in person learning, and their grades seemed to reflect that. >> a lot of high school students are struggling. it's been a hard year. reporter: some educators think this is the appropriate time to drop d and f grades. oakland unified is considering this proposal. the schools or director says it makes sense to drop the day but give the appropriate rate if the student fails. >> degrades are not valid for college. obviously, if students don't master the material, shouldn't "for class. reporter: educators of argued that many so-called d students are problem because they only work enough to avoid getting enough. both director davis and others say knowing a student is not mastering the material gives teachers the opportunity to develop an early intervention
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program to help them earn that see grade. >> it is important to give students specific feedback to help them improve. reporter: san francisco unified says it is not changing its grading policy and oakland is not planning to vote on this in the near future. oakland says right now, it has other pressing matters like balancing their budget. >> reporter: many educators see this as an opportunity to raise awareness of the current grading policy that many call a persistent problem is in our education system. ama: the the the they could help damaged coral reefs across the globe. after the break, we will show you this lab
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dan: a new arrival at the california academy of sciences could play an important role in rescuing the world's coral reefs
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from climate change. their baby coral, born in the academies state of the edge spawning lab. for millions of years, these coral reefs have provided critical refuge for sea life or the planet. with ocean temperatures steadily warming from climate change, bay area scientists are racing to learn how to rescue the reefs. >> their 2.5 days old at this point. swimming around. reporter: in a lab at the academy of sciences, we are keeping an eye on a new born generation of coral of eli. there that organizations -- building the skeletons it will develop into living coral reefs that we are familiar with. correspond once a year. normally only in the ocean, until recently. >> this was the first lab in the u.s. to be able to do this, in situ, in the lab, with
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artificial lighting. reporter: the spawning l lks something like a dark room and precisely mimics the light and temperatures of the habitat where the corals were originally collected. >> the lighting in our lab is synced to the lunar cycle is in australia, where our corals came from. reporter: it was set in motion four years ago by assisting curator albright and her team, who watched and waited at spawning time, not certain what would happen. >> they texted me and said you are not one to believe this, everything just spawned. there were 15 after the first year, everything went crazy. reporter: that excitement is giving way to a new cycle research, designed to help protect the world's threatened coral reefs from climate change. they're literally testing the limits of the coral's adaptability. the key is temperature change. the academy team plans to expose
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different group of larva right to varying degrees of warming, from normal to extreme for 24 hours. >> the goal will be to see whether the corals that survived stress as larvae come more heat resilient once they are coral colonies. reporter: she says academy researchers also plan to sequence the genomes to see if specific specimens are better suited to surviving warming ocean temperatures. it is part of an effort that launched about four years ago. >> what we can do is ask and answer some advanced scientific questions that you wouldn't be able to do elsewhere and then translate all of that too on the ground efforts to coral reefs. reporter: and perhaps help protect these fragile and essential ocean creatures. dan: the academies also hoping for another milestone in the future. that would be if this bond coral
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matures and creates a second generation. ama: we will also see how much rain we are going to be getting. dan: let's hope we get a fair amount, we need every drop. sandhya: we are going to get quite a bit of rain, but not until this weekend, into early next week. what we are seeing now is a little drizzle, isolated showers. later tonight, we are expecting more. take a look at our tower cams. they are all cloudy, a few drops on our golden gate bridge. live doppler seven, the moisture is falling below the radar team. you're not seeing a whole lot right now. that will be changing, drizzle, spotty showers and fog through tomorrow morning. cold friday and saturday nights, there will be some frost. looking like the coldest nights of the season so far. the atmospheric river, week to moderate, sunday through tuesday will make -- bring significant rain. combination of spotty showers and drizzle, under .1 inch.
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watch out for visibility and what runways. it is very spotty, very light. midnight, we still have that. as you going to 2:00, some showers in the north and south bay. the winds pick up behind the system, is going to be a blustery thursday. in the mountains, a winter weather advisory until 4:00 tomorrow above 5000 feet. expecting up to four -- 14 inches, a couple inches expectep lower than that. be asked -- prepared for tropical difficulty. we are talking five or six feet plus between sunday through tuesday for some of those resorts. the snowpack statewide is 15% of where it should be. here's a preview of the atmospheric river, sunday gets here, it starts to get windy and wet in the mountains, picking up snow. that continues through tuesday. as you check out the rainfall estimates, over four inches in
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this area. most other areas between one and three inches plus. in the rain shadow, some places will pick up less than that, this is an early estimate of what we are expecting. your morning temperatures will be in the 30's, 40's, bundle up, grabbed the umbrella. there will be isolated showers and drizzle to start off the day. it is going to be windy to breezy, highs only in the 50's, a lot of son. if you want to go out and get -- do a lot of shopping, level one early tomorrow morning, cold frosty mornings friday through saturday. that storm moves in sunday, becoming a twos -- a two on monday, tuesday is one, but we are tracking the potential for high elevation snow on tuesday, possibly the highest elevations locally. it might look like winter soon. ama: state regulators are
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considering tough new measures to help curb water usage. according to the los angeles times, the state is considering finding water wasters as much is $500. officials say the drastic measures are being considered because of the ongoing drought. the residential conservation efforts have fallen short of governor newsom's request for 15% reduction in usage. dan: staff crate tantalizing club they closed an all-time nba
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♪cough cough ♪ ♪ sneeze sneeze ♪ [ sneezing ] needs... ♪ plop plop fizz fizz ♪ [ loud fizzing ] alka seltzer plus cold relief. dissolves quickly... [ loud fizzing ] instantly ready to start working. so you can bounce back fast with alka-seltzer plus. now available for fast sinus relief. ama: a reminder, you can get our life newscast, on your app. search abc 7 they area and download it. brazilian soccer legend pelé has been hospitalized and is undergoing chemotherapy treatment for tumor in his:. that is according to a spokesperson at the hospital. he is in stable condition and expected to be released in the next few days. the 81-year-old underwent surgery to remove a tumor from his right: in september. dan: another icon, tiger woods is returning to tournament golf. today, the 15 time major
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champion tweeted he will play at the 2021 pnc championship is in orlando with his 12-year-old son. the pair will hit the green at the rich carlton -- ritz-carlton golf club next saturday. this will be the first time he has competed since being seriously injured in that rollover accident in february. ama: finally, steph curry's assault on the all-time record for most three-point baskets continues tonight. dan: he is 15 treys away from 2973 three-pointers. it is unlikely he will break it at home tonight against the former trailblazers. he could cut into the total enough to get feminine self shot at breaking the record this saturday against the 76ers. you can watch it here on abc 7 beginning at 5:30. not tonight come perchance saturday. ama: you never know, he can do amazing things. world news tonight is next.
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. our exclusive tonight inside the cdc. what they're seeing with this new variant in the u.s. right now. and tonight, pfizer now revealing new data on its booster, up against the omicron variant. saying the booster does appear to restore protection to its highest level. tonight, dr. anthony fauci saying this new data allows him to breathe a little better. tonight, our dr. jen ashton inside the cdc. what they're seeing across the nation. and what has the cdc director most concerned? also, dr. jha here tonight answering your questions. if the boosters are, in fact, this effective against this new variant, what about children and the current timeline? also tonight, the trial of former police officer kim potter now under way.


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