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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 23, 2021 1:41am-2:00am PST

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a time capsule tucked away beneath a robert e. lee statue in virginia for 130 years has finally been opened. conservators were surprised to find a handful of random items, including an almanac, novel and silver coin. an 1887 article said that it contained civil war memorabilia and a rare photo of abraham lincoln in his coffin.
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so he is he society he so another one may still be out there. pressure is on prosecutors to overturn a certain life sentence against a truck driver convicted in a deadly crash. truckers are continuing to boycott the state. meantime, millions have signed a petition calling for leniency as others rally for change. this morning the calls for justice growing louder for a truck driver sentenced to more than a century in prison for his role in a deadly highway pileup. >> today's rally is not an attempt to overshadow the heartbreak loss of life. >> a judge sentenced him to 110 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of causing this fiery wreck. newly-released video shows the moments after the crash in 2019 where four people died. aguilera medeiros claimed his brakes failed while going 85 miles per hour. >> your honor, i don't know why i'm alive. >> his sentence prompting
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immediate backlash with 5 million people signing a petition online supporting him. even the judge said the sentence was too harsh but his hands were tied because of sentencing laws. >> when you hear a judge say this is not the sentence i would give, you have a problem. >> on wednesday, supporters gathered in denver, calling on the governor to reduce the sentence. >> it is harsh and does not represent due process. >> and aguilera medeiros' mother asking the governor to show mercy, saying she hasn't been able to speak to her son. as we first reported yesterday, the district attorney has filed a motion to reconsider the sentence and a hearing has been scheduled for monday. investigators looking into reports that tesla drivers can play video games while driving. the probe is focusing on passenger play, the issue developed last year. and preparations are under way at the l.a. coliseum. it will soon host a nascar race.
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crews are building a racetrack and the race is set for early february. i can see it. there's a lot of history there in the coliseum. >> is it too early for popcorn? >> i don't think so. coming up, grab your popcorn. we have the ticket to the hottest streaming movies. and then a live attempt at breaking a gingerbread record right here in studio. are you watching guinness? you're watching "world news now." and honest bidding site. this kitchenaid mixer sold for less than $26. this i-pad sold for less than $43. and this playstation 5 sold for less than a dollar. i won these bluetooth headphones for $20. i got these three suitcases for less than $40. and shipping is always free. go to right
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that's ♪ i am a tv savage ♪ ♪ i am a tv savage ♪ from disney plus to netflix to hbo max and even abc news live, santa's bringing a whole sleigh of new programming to watch over the holiday break. >> will ganss joins us with a christmas crash course. grab those ham-flavored candy canes, right? >> not the ham-dy canes.
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we left those yesterday. we included some of the best 2021 had to offer so you can catch up on all your binge watches before award season kicks in. 'tis the season to binge. >> two scoops sir? >> two, make it three, i'm not driving. >> binge watch, that is. whether you have time off of work or quarantining on the coach, fandango's nikki novak has what to watch on your winter break. for the whole family, kids included, "encanto". >> one of my biggest recommendations is "encanto", 2 drops on disney plus. you can watch it at home in your pjs. of course when i say music by lin manuel miranda, need i say more? >> a lot of stairs, but at least i'll have a friend. no, you flew away immediately. >> if you're looking for a movie that checks adventure and action and acting boxes, check out "dune" on demand. >> not only do fans love it, but
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it's got that critical acclaim where it's going to be in the best picture list this season. >> as for nikki's personal favorite of 2021 -- >> my very favorite, "the french dispatch" by wes anderson, i'm a huge wes anderson fan. every single frame, you could take a screen shot and hang it on your wall. it's all a masterpiece. >> now it's time to talk tv. looking for a spooky series? "yellow jackets" is all the buzz. >> soccer team that were in a plane crash in the '90s, and it jumps forward 25 years later and shows you who survived the plane crash, it has super natural elements. what do you want to add to it? >> it kind of is a little like the tv show "lost" meets the movie "midsummer" meets "hunger games" a little bit. there's a lot going on, but it's just edge of your seat viewing.
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"yellow jacket" streaming now from showtime. on a much lighter note, if you're ready for a guilty pleasure. >> "emily in paris", season two. i know you watched season one. >> you know i did. >> you're getting more french by the day. >> he did "sex and the city," created the series set in paris, a young marketing executive played by lily collins. >> "emily in paris", seasons one and two, streaming now on netflix. also new and even further away than paris, the book of boba fett. >> the first episode is dropping on disney plus december 29th. it is a spinoff of "the mandalorian," which is a spinoff of "star wars." >> as for comedies -- >> if you haven't watched "insecure", it's having its series finale, five seasons, the tenth episode is airing later this month, and it is just a
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brilliant series, of course, starring and created by issa rae. >> it is streaming on hbo max as is "hacks." >> "hacks", with jean smart, she is just a comedy legend. >> you need to do something about this, jimmy. >> fabian, need you to go to the computer store! >> it's the fastest i've binged anything all year. >> if that's not enough, the new "matrix resurrections" movie is streaming on hbo max. fans can stream all of "hawkeye", and the beatles "get back" from peter jackson getting great reviews. those are on disney plus. >> there's so much out there, and i'm still just recovering from "squid games". >> if you want to ramp up the drama, go for that show "yellow jackets." it's creepy. i mean, "squid game" was creepy, too, but this is another level. >> my tv stays on disney plus with three young kids. lots of great suggestions.
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>> i have no kids and my tv stays on disney plus. looking forward to the "book of boba fett." coming up, challenge accepted.
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accepted. ♪ ♪ the time has come for me to♪ the time has come for me to disappoint my elementary school art teacher with a "world news now" holiday challenge. >> that's right. earlier this year, a chef in australia set a new world record, assembling a gingerbread house in less than two minutes. so can we beat him? we all have our parts, we have our house, this is what it's supposed to look like, ready? >> let's put the clock up on the screen. i believe the record is 1:58. and away we go. >> go! >> okay. >> yeah, i'm already, what -- how do you glue it together? >> that's what the icing is for, andrew. >> yeah, i know, but where do you put it? >> you can cheat and look at me. i'm a pro at this.
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>> i think i broke it. it's already not -- >> how did you break it already. >> nothing's coming out! this is not fair. >> failure to launch over there. >> who got this? >> oh, wait, this might be the roof. >> one of the tips i just read on buzzfeed is to use the icing on the inside of your house to help hold it in place as well. >> that is actually really good advice, because you're supposed to let these set for like two hours or something, right? >> we have 1:58. >> mine will not stand up. okay, here we go. >> i mean i can finish a gingerbread house. unfortunately, my tools are not working. >> it's not opening? >> no, i don't have scissors. if i squeeze it any harder, it's going to explode everywhere. >> let me taste it. it's actually really good icing. >> the good thing about the tv audience is you don't know what the back of my house looks like. >> what are these?
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>> sir -- >> those are very hard candies. >> have you just given up, andrew? >> yeah. >> you can't just quit. >> ooh! okay. >> i was given a defective -- >> 30 seconds, all right, we have some action over here. >> how are you guys doing over there. >> i'm just going to decorate it. oh, my gosh. i have a humongous glob of icing all over the desk. it's really good, though. >> this does not want to work. i'm just eating the candy. >> i'm doing better than i actually thought i would, to be honest with you. >> can you see this? mine's not that bad. >> is yours standing up? >> yes. >> i need to see this. let me see, will. oh, my gosh. how did you -- >> hello! we've got a house here, people. >> we have a house. we have a clear winner. >> i have a lot of candy and gingerbread.
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♪ get comfy and join us for live with kelly and ryan: a very new york christmas! today, a holiday classic song performed by international superstar josh groban, and some of your favorite celebrities share holiday gratitude, including kevin hart, victoria beckham, and anthony anderson. sit back and enjoy a very special choir comprised of first responders. our friend steve patterson hits the streets in search of new york city's must-see holiday sights. plus, the amazing, legendary rockettes are here to perform. and we'll announce the winner of our deck the homes holiday contest. all next on live: a very new york christmas! [triumphant holiday music] ♪


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