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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  December 29, 2021 1:06am-1:41am PST

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madden's exuberance as a broadcaster endeared him to players and legions of football fans and was the face of one of the most successful sports video games of all-time. and former senator harry reid, who passed away today from pancreatic cancer at the age of 82. the soft-spoken nevada democrat was one of the longest-serving majority leaders and a political force. that's "nightline" for this evening. catch our full episodes on hulu. we'll see you right back here, same time tomorrow. thanks for the company, america. good night.
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>> tonight the bay area reacts
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to the death of john madden. remembering the larger-than-life coach and friend. reporter: covid cancels the san francisco fireworks show. sandhya: tracking the wintry mix and the chill. abc 7 news at 11:00 starts now. >> building a better bay area, moving forward, finding solutions, this is abc 7 news. ♪ >> i gave everything i had. really it is basically that simple. reporter: he was a joint on the sidelines with the personality to match. >> we are going to kick out there. reporter: legendary raiders coach and television not -- announcer, a name synonymous with the videogame. john madden has died at the age of 85. >> i've never worked today in my life. i went from player to coach to broadcaster and i'm the luckiest guy in the world. dan: good evening.
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tonight, the sports world is remembering a fixture of the nfl for decades. john madden coached the raiders for 10 seasons, winning super bowl 11. he went on to win any awards as an analyst. he died unexpectedly today. abc news anchor chris alvarez is here with a look at his legacy. larry: chris: passing away at the age of 85. at the day and night, tribute to been pouring in. he grew up here in the bay area. madden eventually became a hall of fame super bowl winning coach of the raiders then transitioning as a broadcaster, spending three decades. the namesake for the ever popular mayan the ball -- madden football video games. reporter: he invited you made it safe. you don't have to play to love the game. let me tell you about it in a
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way that makes you feel safe and comfortable and invited. i think that is the way he was on the radio. wanted to teach. it was always fun and engaging. >> half century of football, levering it either on the sidelines, broadcast booth. and much more with the videogames. you talk about making a mark, the commissioner said, he was all-american. very touching. chris: jerry rice sent in his condolences, and rest impeach -- rest in peace coach. coming up later, more on the life of john madden and his impact. plus the sharks played tonight. dan: he was so well-liked, so
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respected. degrom -- he grew up in the bay area. our reporter spoke with people who knew him throughout the years. reporter: with john madden's passing, the bay area has lost one of its own. you grow up in daly city where he and his teammate dominated. >> we were part of a group that played the three major sports at the time. football, baseball and basketball. reporter: he gave us a glimpse inside his high school yearbook. he is pictured here wearing number 34, madden and 54. although the two lost touch, he could not shake madden's outgoing fun-loving spirit. >> the more i think about all he has contributed and achieved in the sport of football and beyond , it is a sad day and a big loss for the bay area. reporter: 4k cbs reporter
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emeritus -- he exchanged test messages on monday. >> it was a relationship i had no business being in. reporter: he said he did his first broadcast with madden in the summer of 2000. in the years that followed, there morning collins became a favorite among listeners. >> to me, john is still a part of me and all of us. he was a bay area guy got to live not one dream, but two or three or four. reporter: dreams that opened doors for others. former aide or atkinson attribute in his career to madden. -- former radar atkinson. >> we had an unbelievable conversation. he was responsible basically for me making the team. reporter: and in pleasanton, where he retired, he spent several years as coach of a bocce ball tournament.
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they weigh in on the legacy. >> such an iconic figure. he created -- there is an nfl game about him. >> i'm not an las vegas raiders fan, i am of john madden fan. he was an incredible coach. he will go down in history. dan: we is the abc 7 news app to push an alert when news of madden's death broke today. demo the appc will be the first to know news like this breaks. due to covid, there will be no new year's eve fireworks in san francisco. the city cancel the show today. our reporter is live in the city. an understandable decision, i suppose, another blow to local businesses. reporter: some were looking forward to seeing the sky over the embarcadero explode with fireworks to celebrate the new year. it is not happening again, all due to covid. >> i think it is a huge bummer. reporter: for the second year in
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a row, there will be no new year's fireworks in san francisco bay. the city canceled the show due to the ongoing surge of covid cases and the omicron variant. department of emergency management tweeted after closely monitoring local health indicators, the decision to cancel as a proactive measure that will protect san francisco and essential from one workers. >> we respect the decision, we just don't like it. reporter: bars and restaurants on fisherman's wharf were counting on extra business from thousands of new year's revelers after a tough two year struggle with the pandemic. >> i respect those people in the public health department. we have to abide by the rules. it just hurts. reporter: the red and white fleet has sold tickets for new year's eve fireworks cruise. the fleet spokesperson told us off-camera it is reassessing the situation and may issue refunds to passengers. >> i think people were really
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looking forward to seeing fireworks. reporter: pier 39 ceo said he decided last month to close his eateries early on the 31st. >> we made the decision, crowds might not still be the thing, let's quote not -- close at 9:00. let our staff for up and get home. reporter: she came from england, hoping to see some san francisco fireworks. >> there's part of me the things why should we be stopping big events like this that make us happy. >> i think it's a good choice. you don't want to make people in one area. i think it is a good idea. reporter: city leaders urged everyone to stay vigilant to help stop the spread of covid. they say limiting or canceling large events like fireworks may be a tough call, but all done in the name of health and safety. live in san francisco. dan: although the fireworks are no go, you can still catch all
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the spectacular elements of those fireworks with the abc 7 app. the app is available for apple tv, android tv, amazon fire tv and roku. here is why there's so much concern. inferences go reporting alarming spike in covid cases as the omicron search continues. the department public health is the seven-day positivity rate tripled last week. it is now 7%. according to ucsf, a large part of that is people that have so -- no symptoms. their rising three times faster than the delta summer surge. california's test positivity rate is approaching 10%, a number we have not seen all year. just today, california became the first state in the country to top 5 billion reported cases. for perspective, we 40 million residents. let's move onto a storm watch.
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abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. sandhya: winter is living up to its name. let me show you live doppler 7. once again, it is active. this is a welcome sight as we get to street level radar, you will notice there is mixed precipitation around lake shore drive, clear lake area. as a get into the north bay, lucas valley around larkspur, san rafael, we are seeing showers right now. the roads are wet across parts of the bay area. the level 1 system for tonight and tomorrow. let me show you the computer animation. as we head into the overnight, it is going to continue to snow on mount hamilton in the lake county hills, mendocino county. 9:00 tomorrow, moderate pockets of showers coming through. temperatures
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sandhya: when we will get a chance to dry out. dan: we don't see snow in the spots too often. penguin in napa county got a dusting. someplace fell in santa rosa, the fire department took this video at about 800 feet in fountain grove. snow fell for the second time this week on the santa cruz mountains, a few miles southeast of the summit. you can track the cool temperatures and rain, check out our live doppler 7 radar a time you wish. you will find all on the abc 7 news bay area app. attending an upcoming party comes at a price, but the hosts are willing to pay. what guests will receive in addition to an invitation. a south bay club spot hasn't ever -- the struggle against the snow.
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we have updates on road conditions in the sierra and the challenges people face as they try to get back to the bay area from their holiday break. all of that ahead for you. here's a look at was coming up tonight on jimmy kimmel live. >> thank you business. >> three, to, one. [applause] is that all you got, don't touch anything.
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dan: in the north bay, a family in marin county is planning to host a new year's eve party and will chill out about $1500 to make sure everyone is safe. that mine will go to pcr tests for every guest. abc 7 news reporter tim johns talked with the family. >> we decided is worth the risk of doing it. reporter: with new year's a few days away, andrew angus and his family are determined to throw a fit -- party at their marin county home. >> we think we can do this safely. reporter: it is possible, he says things to an at-home test processing test -- cat he bought. >> you get the sample, stick it into the cartridge reporter:, it syncs with my phone. reporter:reporter: the process takes about 20 minutes, much faster than waiting for pcr tests at regular testing sites. he has created a spreadsheet for guests to come get their test
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on. >> we wouldn't do this if we had rapid antigen test, with a pcr tests is going to be better at asymptomatic infection and early infection. reporter: the testing regiment is causing -- regimen is causing costing the family $1500. >> it's been a stressful year, a big and important year for our family. first all come together with our friends is important for us to do. reporter: health officials are recommending people cancel new year's parties. >> we are seeing out there upper exeter -- occurring even in gatherings where everyone is vaccinated. that is something we need to have our eyes wide open about. reporter: given they have posted other parties outdoors successfully, he is confident there are being as possible. >> i think we are going to be living like this for a long time. getting used to how we do things , met the risks. -- limit the risks is important.
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dan: let's go now to the south bait where the children's discovery museum is offering to help families get vaccinated and visit the museum for free. it is happening on sunday, january 2 and the 23rd. you have to do is show up one of those days, get vaccinated, and the museum will give you a free pass. you can use it the day you are vaccinated or any time six months. mask rules are changing in several bay area counties. contra costa join five other counties that require everyone to wear a mask in indoor public places, no exceptions. they are colored red on this map. the counties in yellow allowing exemptions for certain controlled environments like gems and offices. that is the exemption contra costa eliminated today. if you have questions about covid vaccines and mask rules, you can ask our vaccine team, had to the abc 7 website/vaccine and click on the
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big blue box. former senate majority leader harry reid has died after for your data with pancreatic cancer. his wife lisa statement saying the former nevada center -- senator died peacefully today, surrounded by family. to weeks ago, las vegas r its airport in his honor. democratic senator represented the silver state for decades. he was the sixth longest-serving leader in the senate of either party. there is no shortage of so on the ground. that is causing problems for motorists in the sierra. tapley tahoe has effect -- activated its emergency road center. bumper-to-bumper traffic crawled along highway 50. some service stations are out of gas and food is hard to come by for people trying to get back to the bay area. >> i'm in this car and there is literally no moving. >> allowed the gas stations we
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went to were all out of gas. >> chevron, 76. dan: i-80 reopened to passenger vehicles tonight after caltrans cleared the highway. commercial trucks and semi's are being held applegate. other vehicles can travel to the nevada state line from covax. it is been very challenging as tahoe area got several feet of snow. abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is here. sandhya: it is coming down as we speak. i want to show you live doppler 7 right now. we will talk about that still in a moment. let's get to what is happening in our backyard. we are seeing moderate pockets of showers. sonoma, napa, napa road. also tracking the showers moving toward pacifica and into san francisco at 12:11 tonight. we are seeing a mix of rain-snow around lakeshore drive. much more than a mix.
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it is heavier snow, freezing fog going up to the mountains. statewide, sierra snowpack is at 159% of average. last year it was only 52% at this point. definitely huge gains. record-setting snow reported over the last week. december is going to go down and the record books. winter storm warning until 10:00 tomorrow. up to two feet expected for the peaks with difficult driving conditions. best to hold off as we look at a live picture. you can see there snow on the ground. here's a look at the forecast. snow and gusty winds tomorrow. that is going to be the worst of your travel days. we are looking at lingering clouds, drying out thursday through saturday. i think you will have an opportunity to had out there without the treacherous conditions. best to hold off and get up there when it is safe to enjoy the snow. let's look at the reservoir levels. there between 49% around lake
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shasta, about 71% lake or. we haves -- lake orville.le.le.. temperatures right out in the 40's and 50's. not quite as cold as last night. a few raindrops on the lens. makes of showers and snow through tomorrow. cold and frosty mornings for the weekend. we are expecting wet weather early next week. level 1 for tonight through tomorrow. showers with brief downpours. still over higher peaks. possibility of hail. it is chilly out there. 3:00 in the morning, you see the snow over mount hamilton. don't be surprised tomorrow morning if you do see this downpours going into 10:00, around noontime, widespread rain and then scattered, isolated showers from the afternoon into the evening. .1 inch 2.5 inches for most of you. -- .1 inch to .
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>> abc 7 sports, sponsored by river rock casino. chris: for every football fan, in some way or shape or form they been influenced by john madden. life and legacy of the 85-year-old icon being remembered. he made his mark as a hall of fame super bowl coach, winning with the oakland raiders then transitioning to the broadcasting booth. also the namesake of the popular videogame franchise. >> what a life. what an incredible figure in american sports. obviously, a legend in the bay area both for being a resident and also what he did with the raiders and for sports broadcasting. our thoughts go out to the family. what a life he led. >> he made things fun. he made the sport of football more fun than it really is.
1:36 am
bocce ball, even lunch, everything was more fun and john madden was around. the commissioner said it, there's ever going to be another john madden. chris: the 49ers with this nice tweet for john, the san francisco giants saying madden was a bay area giant. the warriors saying he was one-of-a-kind, rest up coach. to the court tonight. turn fullback for the warriors. they trail by tween four. welcome back andrew wiggins, his first game since clearing protocol. with a steel and a score. exhibit 21, 15-51 -- steph it's a s entered loving it. great pass to gary payton, the
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second gp to slaves at home. battling and scores, up to come up final seconds. -- dubs sharks and coyotes friendly i guess, playing goals is one, third. -- third-period word, as annette tied things at seven, forcing overtime. it went to a shootout. sharks when
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the towel washed with downy is softer, and gentler on your skin. try downy free & gentle. dan: that is our report. we appreciate your time, as always. right now on jimmy kimmel live, ripoll --rupaul
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back now with new details about a deadly hit-and-run incident near ft. lauderdale, florida. police have arrested shawn greer who they say confessed his role in the deaths of two young girls. four other children were also injured. authorities say greer drove off a road and onto a sidewalk where he struck the children. he remains in custody. turning now to a new warning for parents of young children who use amazon's alexa.
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one mother says alexa gave her


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